Update #1 (17OCT18):  The new ZeroGov T-shirt is live! Get it here. Publisher’s Note: I could give a shit about Kavanaugh’s bona fides, I know if was nominated by either party, he will simply be a rubber stamp for the Federal government’s maintenance and expansion of power and a continuation of the war against individual liberty. But I am thrilled by the communist mewling and caterwauling over the contretemps it has caused. The same thing happened when Thomas and Bork threaten ted the socialist apple cart in the last century; eerily, the same sexual hysteria and unsubstantiated accusations illuminated those great national discussions. Kavanaugh will be just as awful as Roberts who suddenly became a raging socialists’ apologist once he donned the poisonous robes of the Supremes. Strange that the #metoo movement actually means "pound me too". Go figure. I do look forward to that miserable commie rat in human guise, the notorious RBG, to assume room temperature and watch the madness unfold again. Just saw two brilliant “Irish” movies this month. The first was ‘71 and the other was Black ’47. ‘71 is about the Troubles in Ireland and it follows a British soldier and his travails as he is separated from his unit and has to make his way through Indian country. It pulls no punches and portrays the moral ambiguity that informs every guerrilla conflict when the rising starts to rebel against the occupier. Black ’47 takes us back 124 years to the southern island when the British version of the Soviet Holdomor during the potato famine proves that the 700 year occupation of Ireland has done the indigenous inhabitants no favors. The British Empire has always been a celebrated vampire nation in the annals of imperial misconduct. Both films are beautifully lensed with ‘71 the more claustrophobic of the two and the broad gray vistas of Ireland a scene-stealer in Black ’47. The protagonist in the latter movie is a deserting Irish Ranger returning to his devastated homeland. Hugo Weaving does a great star turn as a British soldier who starts to see his path has always been immoral and wrong. Both are brutal but vivid in the raw portrayals of men bent on revenge with no hope of redemption. I had never heard of the Ribbonmen before, a new addition to my guerrilla bestiary. Ribbonists were most active between 1835 and 1855 and in the Tithe War (Cogadh na nDeachúna). Great movies. In other news, I no longer profess to be a libertarian, I am now a collapsitarian. Please continue to provision and train like you are in mortal danger. The Mango Emperor has given you a few years to catch up. -BB “Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or loneliness. It consists in daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words.” - Mahatma Gandhi “We are, each of us, alone. And this is the first law of masculinity. And it is the most important law. Your value is equal to the value which you bring to the tribe. We are not equal. You are not special. Respect is earned, not given. Your brothers will not love you unconditionally for who you are, just being yourself. They will criticise you, push you to your limits, bring out the best in you, and give you their respect when earned. And this isn't shocking at all. This is common knowledge to any man. Your childhood is over. The boy is dead. It's time to be a man for the rest of your life.” - Jack Donovan The Kavanaugh circus has once again focused all of us who are morally sober to see the unhinged and absolutely barking mad behavior of the current crop of economically illiterate communists. Every generation has their own brain-dead collectivist army here in America since Lincoln put us all on the plantation. The latest variant of this happens to be a resurrection of the zombie Temperance Union battalions of alcohol prohibitionists switching to their version of the “he said-she said” variety of sexual encounters where estrogen fever-dreams become reality. In this case, the Democrats broke out the big guns and dragooned all the government supremacist floozies they could muster. Amazingly, none of the amnesiac women-folk could get their stories straight. None. Not for want of trying. On a more serious note, it is time to remind all the men in your life whether family or friends that there is a serious threat to every facet of their lives. I have been practicing the Pence Rule for ages. The stunt-double for Race Bannon from Johnny Quest has famously said he will never dine or be alone with a woman who isn’t his wife. He’s right. Don’t even do it at work or anywhere for that matter, no exceptions.

He seemed more dead than alive but, when asked ‘Where is the Army?’, Assistant Surgeon William Brydon managed to reply: ‘I am the Army.’ Publisher’s Note: For those of you who haven’t noticed, socialism is here already and has been the lifeblood of US governance since the middle of the nineteenth century. All of the SJWs, Democratic Socialists and all the other government enthusiasts are late to the party. The only difference between socialism and fascism in practice is the name on the asset seized or controlled. Just because Nabisco and General Electric aren’t US Foods and US General Electric doesn’t mean they aren’t controlled by the government. Fascism uses taxation and regulation to vertically and horizontally control every aspect of a firm’s behavior.  If you contest this notion, name one single component in the American provision of goods and services in the above-ground economy that isn’t regulated, just one.  For the longest time, certain collectivists in the American intelligentsia figured out that if you give producers an illusion of freedom and keeping their investments, they will produce better and under an open socialist or communist regime, the riches reaped through theft and confiscation by the government is always considerably less.  The universities didn’t get the memo though and the K-PhD programming factories started to go off-message and press for more direct forms of theft that are less elegant and in the end, less lucrative than the current fascist framework. If you aren't paying attention to the slow motion holocaust in South Africa, you are...

  “Hoplophobia is a mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons, as opposed to justified apprehension about those who wield them.” “Remember the first rule of gunfighting ... have a gun.” - Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper (1920-2006) Publisher’s Note: I just finished James Hornfischer’s book on the Pacific War from 1943-45 and it was a great with a few flaws. I consider him one of the best naval historians alive. The Fleet at Flood Tide: America at Total War in the Pacific, 1944-1945 Narrative history in the tradition of the pre-New Left historians. He suffers from Clancyesque triumphalism but it is worth the read nonetheless. I mentioned in a post earlier that I was trying to make my way through the entire 1988-2018 library of the Military History Quarterly (this is the more popular hardback magazine series you may have seen. This is not the Journal of Military History which is published as an academic journal by the Society for Military History). It has been a slog but progressing. I have also embarked on making my commutes to work more productive by listening to ProfCJ’s consistently excellent Dangerous History Podcasts. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Not only because I co-hosted his Irregular Warfare series with him but because it is damned good history that cuts through the nonsensical court history drilled into non-professional and professional historians alike by the government subsidized college mind laundries. My T-shirts are selling like hotcakes and I and my youngest daughter thank you (she gets all the profit through the largesse of her loving father). My forum is back up and running so please join in. It is like the 18th century Green Dragon Tavern but electronic. One dare not go there to fellate the King. The forum is larger once you join than non-users see on the ‘net. I’d like to request that anyone who has read my book or both that are currently published please write a review no matter how slight. The Mango Emperor has given you an opportunity to update your armory and train on the tools of liberty, don’t waste a minute. -BB     Most everyone who has read my screeds know that I hold the Constitution in low odor and consider it one of the greatest human slaver documents ever written; it took the Declaration of Independence, gutted it, reversed course and embraced the worst forms of centralization popular at the time and even borrowed from Roman governance in the past. It took the worst offenses of the Crown in London, localized them and started mimicking those very notions early in its career as the liberty destroyer in America. But let’s get down to brass tacks on weapons ownership in particular. The Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee anything even though it couldn’t be clearer in its intent. Copperud avers: "A well-schooled electorate, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read Books, shall not be infringed.' But clearly, American jurisprudence in the last century has seen fit to reduce the right to a privilege heavily regulated, taxed and socialized to something little better than indecent exposure to the feminized urban elites who view such ownership with disdain and disfavor. “If you give a dime to any “gun rights” organization doing special pleading with the owners of the tax plantation and they help craft legislation and not eliminate laws and statutes, they are the king’s men and don’t give a rat’s ass about individual and private small arms ownership.  Exhibit A is the 1934 NFA, 1938 FFA, 1939 US v. Miller, 1967 Mulford Act (CA), 1968 OCC & SSA and GCA, 1986 FOPA, Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, Gun-Free School Zones Act (1990), Brady Act (1993), AWB (1994), on and on and on.” There is no political elite in the history of mankind who champions the unfettered ownership of weapons. Both parties in the US have been hostile to private ownership and no one wing of the uniparty is better than the other. The myth is that the Grand Old Politburo is the stolid booster of such ownership. Please recall who ran the Offal Office in 1986 and the consequent efforts by both Busheviks to regulate and eliminate important aspects of private weapons ownership.
   Publisher’s Note: Continuing to upgrade the tools in the armory and you should attend to yours, the short interregnum provided by the Mango Emperor may come to an abrupt end if the Demwit Socialists take over from the flabby fascist dimwits in the Grand Old Politburo. Please take note that when the GOP held both houses of ill repute and the Offal Office in 2000-2006, they managed to ramp up spending, increase debt and stumble into money laundering operations planet-wide for the military-industrial complex. Now with the political brothels under the thrall of the GOP, they have done nothing for liberty. No surprises. The voting booth should reconfigure the ballot lever to a dildo and require the Helots to use their mouths to make the selection of their next master, it also provides a keen preview of things to come for the voter. If you aren’t attending to training and acquiring the right tools for the coming Endarkenment, you are doing your children a disservice. Turn off all cable and satellite, cancel the newspaper subscriptions and don’t ever watch a newscast again. Why do you think they call it programming? Why are any of you surprised when your urchins visit over the summer or holidays on return from whatever phase of programming they’re undergoing at university and they talk like they are emissaries from Mao’s Cultural Revolution? You have only yourself to blame. T-shirts available here. The ZeroGov forum is open for business if you want some scintillating conversation. -BB The New Criterion recently published this: To return to the question posed at the beginning: is socialism a hate crime? The record speaks for itself: socialism is a hate crime, a doctrine of tyranny, mass murder, and human suffering on a vast scale. What should be done about it is a different matter. The important thing is to identify the crime.  Indeed, socialism and every other government creed is a hate crime to humanity. The milder forms of government extremism (redundant?) like the Constitutional and limited government fetishists in the end are guilty of the same cargo cult adoration. This is why there is a small but prescient meme parade on social media of throwing communists out of helicopters as an homage to Pinochet’s notion that communists are not only irredeemable as a pestilence in civil society but the danger out of the philosophical starting blocks of the communist mindset poses an existential threat to any human ecology. No matter where the government supremacist creed has landed it has grown like a poisonous kudzu to absorb and threaten every facet of civilization at the altar of political preference selection. I have said it before and it deserves another mention, politicians are violence brokers and nothing more and the western variety of the disease through vote counting and democratic deliberation yields the slow roll to the cannibals’ pot for every human trapped in the political boundaries of the latest franchise You can’t eradicate cannibalism by eating the cannibals; there is no better analog for what voting is. This is an especially disturbing time of year as I drive around here in Arizona and see the zookeeper candidate signs littering the landscape and their mewling pleas clogging up the airwaves (thank goodness for audio-books). creatures with the intellectual wherewithal of real estate agents (possibly the most intellectually stunted “professional” group next to teachers [K-PhD], coproaches and urinalists).
Training is a process, not an event.” – Claude Werner “Either learn to drive a rifle or ride a rail car.” – Bill Buppert Publisher’s Note: The blog is at 95% and I am still black-listed by Verizon and ATT on cell but not WiFi. I remain blacklisted on all DoD websites. I would suggest that anyone who is opposed to human slavery will find themselves harassed by providers on the ‘net. Just a fact of life.  The forum is now accessible, but we had to create it from scratch. We will start to add sub-forums on the forum like the old version on request. You’ll find in the forum tab, go ahead and join.  ZeroGov t-shirts are on the horizon.  I have several avocations and one of them is as a layman observer and listener of jazz to include the Great American Songbook which was probably born around 1911 with Irving Berlin’s splendid and sublime Alexander’s ragtime Band. Four.years after in 1915, the greatest song interpreter of the twentieth century was born, Frank Sinatra. One of the few benefits of WWI was the birth of the American jazz music industry after 1918 into a commercial empire. I have been enjoying the 100 song retrospective by the musically erudite and eloquent Mark Steyn.  I have also enjoyed one of the best single volume treatments of the jazz oeuvre in But Beautiful by Geoff Dyer.  Some of the most vivid jazz criticism I have read of late.  On the home front, I have concentrating on optics upgrades with Vortex Viper scopes and shifting the pistol RMR configurations to 7 MOA amber-dotted dual illumination devices by Trijicon. Update 8-13-2018: ZeroGov T-shirts are now available on Amazon for 22 debt-bucks shipped.  The always scintillating John Meyers has written another ball-buster of an essay. -BB It’s surreal. If the average liberty adherent went to sleep in the late 80’s and woke up in 2018, they’d be flabbergasted. Conservatives love Russia and Liberals hate it. Liberals are in favor of free trade and Conservatives are in favor of Protectionism (i.e. taxes). Democrats want to abolish a department of government while Republicans fight vehemently to boost its funding. Lefties on the fringe are arming themselves and a conservative populist president is responsible for one of the biggest budgets and deficits in history as well as the more gun control than the entire eight years of Obama.  There seems to be validity to the unnamed law that says ‘the new president will always be worse than the last.’ The proprietor of Attack the System, Keith Preston, a website dedicated to a big tent, ‘pan secessionist’ approach to curtailing Leviathan made a social media post that sums up the current state of affairs.  He commented that the next civil war in these united States would be a giant food fight between one side hurling Starbucks Latte’s and the other tossing Chic Fil-A sandwiches. At this point I cannot find fault in that argument. Change my mind. The topic of a looming domestic conflict is popular to speculate about in certain circles and the very real threat of dealing day to day with criminal violence is a motivator to train.  The folks in the survival milieu tend to be very good at amassing piles of stuff but often the skillset to employ the equipment can be lacking or suffering from severe Dunning Kruger syndrome. Which brings us to the topic du jour, structuring practice at the range particularly for a group of dedicated folks. The following is merely written as a set of contextual suggestions and/or a detailing of things I have found beneficial. Why Group Range Days?  The opening quote of this article by Claude Werner may seem self-evident, however it is lost on many. Some folks approach the Tactical Art of Gun-Fu with a definitive mindset. “I’ve taken that class!” or “I got my CCW permit already, I’m good.” The common refrain of the Retreat Sniper is “I’ve hunted all my life.” Le Sigh. Skills must constantly be worked to just maintain your skill level. Even more work must be done to increase performance. Training is a process, indeed. We can accomplish quite a bit of work in the shooting arena by ourselves. Working fundamentals, turning techniques into skills and honing those skills to competency can be done on one’s own time. So why should we also seek practice sessions in a group environment?
  Publisher’s Note: For those of you silly enough to have watched the collectivists in the media melt down in the past 18 months over the reign of the Mango Emperor, this is nothing new. The deep state urinalists have been doing this discrediting of Grand Old Politburo Rezidents in the Offal Office since the first Nixon regime. Ted Kennedy tried to enlist his Soviet contacts and handlers in the 1980s to destabilize Raygun’s proceedings. I say again, please stop watching any media outlet on TV, the internets or whatever portal you employ. Only read opinion pieces. This gives you the distinct advantage of establishing and calibrating a single most accurate picture by knowing your bias filters arrayed against the stated bias filters of the opinion piece. Then use Mortimer Adler’s syntopical mode of reading by analyzing three or more related essays or long form journalism from a source whose bias you can identify. I used to love to read Alexander Cockburn’s Beat the Devil column in The Nation because he would engage in savaging his own lefty colleagues just as adroitly as his attacks on the individualists. I loved Christopher Hitchens’ brutal and eloquent “Hitch-slapping” of his opponents both collectivist and individualist. Now they’re both dead and I mourn their passing. Glenn Greenwald comes close to the mantle but he is far too well mannered. In addition, cut the cable and satellite. Yesterday. You are funding your own cultural suicide. Stop giving money to your hangmen. All communists want you dead. Don’t read newspapers. I celebrate every death of a newspaper. Don’t read any ‘net sites that have locked out comments. Fuck. Them. When I transferred providers for my blog, my Simple Machines forum disappeared without a trace sort of like the CRU climate data in London. Gone. I always had a low-density membership there and wonder now at resuscitating the forum corpse and simply using the comments on the blog for the rhetorical sparring. Let me know what you think as the readership here. My site is also having access problems on Sprint and Verizon unless you use WiFi, my cyber-ninja tells me he has ninety sites he maintains and mine is the only one "blacklisted" like this. Go to the range, get your kit in order, make peace with your creator[s] and use the time the Mango Emperor has afforded you to get ready for the coming Endarkenment. My lovely younger daughter has started a T-shirt business and offered some custom T-shirt for ZG we are designing, and I wanted to test the waters for demand. I will only produce the premium shirts at about 22 each. My email is on the site if you search so send me your inclinations on those. Yes, it does seem like a vanity project of sorts. But I always go above and beyond when my children start some kind of entrepreneurial enterprise. This is the tenth anniversary of my popular Secession Tales series on LewRockwell before I was excommunicated in 2008. Please be advised I have nothing whatsoever to say out of sorts about Lew, his site, his rules. I still visit there and thank him for what he has dome for abolition and anarchy. Enjoy. -BB "Power attracts the corruptible and absolute power attracts even worse".   Buppert's Corollary to Acton's Axiom   "Good Morning, Governor, how might we…" "Mr. President, I realize you are a busy man so let’s get down to brass tacks…we are calling the ball and withdrawing our support of your Administration and the Federal government in DC. Effective immediately, we have coordinated to place all outgoing receipts to the IRS in a caged account here in Boise…" "Governor, you can’t do that…" "Please don’t interrupt while I am speaking as we are from this point onward peers in the family of nations. I hope you have reviewed the diplomatic instruments we sent by courier last night to Department of State which delineates the terms of our divorce." "I did receive those and you have no earthly idea the can of whoop-…" "Please, sir, maintain the decorum of these proceedings so we can move forward to an amicable separation. I give you my personal assurance on the safety and well-being of all Federal personnel we have detained for immediate repatriation to the remainder of these United States. Any non-law enforcement Federal personnel who wish to remain behind will be permitted to do so." "I hope you have thought through the consequences of what you are embarking on."
Publisher’s Note: Just returning from visiting my eldest daughter in Oregon. A beautiful state but I would never live here, we entertained moving to the Rogue River area in 2003 but were fortunate in moving to Sandpoint, ID instead. On another note, we were gob smacked by the number of weed stores in Eugene alone. And, of course, as I predicted the state would swoop in and tax the shit out of it, regulate the dog balls off of it and encourage a black market to take up the slack once the MJ started to price itself out of conventional prices in the underground. The local communist weekly covered this here: “Oregon has 571 licensed marijuana retailers, which comes out to one for every 7,385 Oregonians. There’s roughly one for every 4,425 people in Lane County, and retailers are just about as common as cracks in sidewalks. With a market that is becoming increasingly saturated and competitive, the dire financial situation of some retailers shows that the cannabis industry is evolving and moving into the mainstream.”  Read the article to get an idea of the regulatory feeding frenzy by the usual government suspects to tunnel their regulatory tentacles into the corpus of this local business. The visit reinforced something that has been bugging me for years. I know that root causes for complex problem sets tend to be multivariate and have a complex ripple effect to and from the nexus of the observed phenomena. If you want to severely reduce the influence of communism, government supremacism and deep throating of the deep state by ordinary humans, get the government out of education… If you have not been to the range in a month, you are underperforming. -BB  “Higher education is the only product where the consumer tries to get as little out of it as possible. —Arnold Kling, “College Customers vs. Suppliers”  “When students celebrate the absence of education, it's tempting to blame their myopia on immaturity. Tempting, but wrongheaded. Once they're in college, myopic, immature students can unilaterally skip class whenever they like. Why wait for the teacher's green light? For most students, there's an obvious answer: When you skip class, your relative performance suffers. When your teacher cancels class, everyone learns less, leaving your relative performance unimpaired.”  "We're mediocre at teaching what we measure, but great at teaching what we don't measure" is comically convenient... Should we believe teachers are better at achieving unmeasured afterthoughts?”  “Incidentally, the marriage market is probably the strongest reason to pay for expensive private schools. Going to Harvard may not get you a better job but almost certainly puts you in an exclusive dating pool for life.”  Bryan Caplan, The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money  There is the Deep State and the deep state. The former is the credentialed nomenklatura both in the bureaucracy and politically appointed robed government employees numbering approximately 3300 making over 200k a year to rubber stamp the expansion of the Federal government in the star chambers. There is a reason more than 90% of cases are pled down and over ninety percent of all Helots who seek a jury trial are convinced in a system that overwhelming favors the ability of the government incinerate any lone defendant that dares defy the system. Then you have the 1.8 million Federal “workers” (my friend refers to most of these workers as being on assisted living), part of the 12-million-member mob of government employees in the US today. Of these you have at any one time between 7,500 and 8,000 employees occupy Senior Executive Service (SES) positions across the U.S. government. Career SES employees comprise approximately 90% of the government's SES workforce (with non-career SES employees comprising 8.5% and limited appointees comprising 1.5%). Vermin like Peter Strzok and his confreres at the FBI are an example of this untouchable class in the Federal hierarchy. That is the composition of the Deep State. The deep state is the vast oceans of government employees at every level to include the myriad remora organizations and the vast army of apparatchiks at schools from the K-12 mind laundries to the communist finishing schools known as universities. And then what Stalin and his ilk would call the useful idiots, the family, friends, and neighbors who actively support government violence at every level to include the 19,000 police departments from the local to the federal level that provide the muscle for the government to hit, steal and terrorize to fulfill its single mission of occupation and zookeeping. Tens of millions of former humans whose allegiance to the Stockholm Syndrome and the Milgram phenomenon followed by a police state chaser inform every advocacy they spew and mewl about. In Vichy France, they were known as collaborators. I would suggest that a large part of this fealty and weaponized feelz are a result of the vast “education” complex in the US university education outside of STEM. Nothing galvanizes the communist movement and its invasion of every crack and crevice of moral society than the vast alien enterprise of professors in the “liberal arts” who have no grasp of real economics, history nor a modicum of decency or morality with access to the vast legions of skulls full of mush and tender inexperience. The infestations of these credentialed collectivists are a virus on humanity. Bryan Caplan wrote a book recently that speaks to this with alacrity and crackling wit.

Publisher's Note: Welcome aboard the new, improved and more secure ZG. As the years have moved forward, the site has become subject to a variety of mishaps and attacks on occasion. I've updated and secured the site on a far more robust server. Still working on getting the forum linked up and synched. Digital Ocean has been an expensive curse and I highly recommend if you use them, abandon them immediately. Forum is still down right now. On 7 July, we celebrated our ninth year and 482 posts after being excommunicated by Lew Rockwell at LRC in that same year. I still wish Lew the best and you should make LRC a daily sojourn.-BB In July, I briefed a presentation to an academic society annual symposium in Kalifornia. I am a co-chair of the Irregular Warfare and Special Operations Working Group in the organization. Here's the abstract: Sisyphus Rules: The Antifragility of the Insurgency Enterprise * Operations research needs to acquaint itself with the limits of modeling and the pitfalls of insufficient and misguided asymmetrical evidentiary bars. The West has been combating insurgencies of one stripe or another for hundreds of years and it has occupied center stage in all military efforts in the new century. The insurgency and counterinsurgency (COIN) dialectic provides a scheme t o map the strengths and weaknesses of the intersection of the two methodologies. Historically, the insurgency has been much more adaptive to COIN efforts and overcoming the conflict dynamics to favor strategic compression on the part of the insurgent. The COIN...

Publisher’s Note:  I took a stab at modifying the 1776 American Declaration of Independence to present standards of governance, moral malpractice and cowardice; I discovered that much would be left out on the cutting floor and severe alterations to verbiage would be necessary to keep the Homo Sovieticus Booboisie in America from filling their pants and gibbering in abject fear at the prospect of freedom with risks and costs not underwritten by their neighbors. I had to erase over half of it and wipe out any reference to any behavior absent government permission. So I had to move on to the more fitting document for human bondage and perpetual government, the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence continues to be a masterwork of brevity and directness in its promise to sever ties and formalize a divorce.  There is no sizable sector of America today that would even have the temerity to sign it much less live up to it. Well, maybe at an abolitionist meeting but I digress. So I scrapped that project and found a document more in keeping with the modern 21st century American mood. Now the Soviet Constitution is something that most Americans can cotton to with the slightest modification in verbiage.  I chose the latest of three variants from 1977.  I have included a link to the original text at the bottom.  All I changed were the descriptors and none of the prospective language. On another note, in a nation that has institutionalized theft and torture and turned it into rule and color of law, I figured the Supremes would get around to the codification of taxing inactivity, which is the secret sauce in the recent ruling.  On page 193 of the infamous  decision, Thomas says the most important observation in all the pages of painful and obtuse totalitarian apologia for ObamugabeCare: "As I have explained, the Court’s continued use of that test “has encouraged the Federal Government to persist in its view that the Commerce Clause has virtually no limits.” Morrison, supra, at 627. The Government’s unprecedented claim in this suit that it may regulate not only economic activity but also inactivity that substantially affects interstate commerce is a case in point." The latest Chief Justice Roberts Goebbels-gargling for the Offal Office to keep National Socialist healthcare afloat came out just a few weeks ago to make this 4th of July in 2015 even more ridiculous if anyone still believes this is a free country. When Roberts isn’t teaching creative writing to the Executive Branch, he’s lording over the finer details of totalitarian architecture at the Supremes’ monster factory. In essence: “In this instance, the context and structure of the act compel us to depart from what would otherwise be the most natural reading of the pertinent statutory phrase . . . Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. If at all possible, we must interpret the act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter.” You can’t make this up. Most of the ahistorical tax Helots automatically associate the 4th of July with the wretched Constitution anyway. Constitution Day is in September but why wait when the DI has been so famously and ingloriously betrayed in every aspect of its essence and message. The majority in that decision would applaud the Soviet Constitution not that the earlier American version was any shakes when it came to liberty. The Fourth of July is the same day in 1863 that the defeats at Vicksburg and Gettysburg snuffed out any hope of the South prevailing in its divorce proceedings during the Second American Revolution and the Lincolnian juggernaut would take the Constitution to its final stages of expanding and securing a place for the leviathan state in North America. Happy Dependence Day, comrades. -BB PREAMBLE to the 1977 Soviet Constitution slightly modified to American standards: The Great November Democratic Revolution, made by the workers and peasants of United States under the leadership of the US Government headed by its Presidents, overthrew capitalist and landowner rule, broke the fetters of oppression, established the dictatorship of the voter, and created the American state, a new type of state, the basic instrument for defending the gains of the revolution and for building government intervention and democracy. Humanity thereby began the epoch-making turn from capitalist to government intervention. After achieving victory in the elections and repulsing free market intervention, the American government carried through far-reaching social and economic transformations, and put an end once and for all to exploitation of man by man, antagonisms between classes, and strive between nationalities. The unification of the American Republics in the Union of American Democratic Republics multiplied the forces and opportunities of the peoples of the country in the building of government intervention. Social ownership of the means of production and genuine democracy for the working masses were established. For the first time in the history of mankind a democratic society was created. The strength of government intervention was vividly demonstrated by the immortal feat of the American people and their Armed Forces in achieving their historic victory in the Great Cold War. This victory consolidated the influence and international standing of the American Union and created new opportunities for growth of the forces of government intervention, national liberation, democracy, and peace throughout the world. Continuing their creative endeavors, the working people of the American Union have ensured rapid, all-round development of the country and steady improvement of the democratic system. They have consolidated the alliance of the working class, collective-farm peasantry, and people's intelligentsia, and friendship of the nations and nationalities of the US. Sociopolitical and ideological unity of American society, in which the middle class is the leading force, has been achieved. The aims of the dictatorship of the voter having been fulfilled, the American state has become a state of the whole people. The leading role of the US Government, the vanguard of all the people, has grown.
Publisher's Note: Another guest post by the indefatigable John Meyers. I have taken a departure for a bit from the more philosophical ruminations one is accustomed to seeing here to focus on establishing training and preparedness baselines for the coming Endarkenment. Things are getting sporty and the communists will not relent in employing every means to rob you of your self-ownership. Prepare accordingly. -BB “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” - Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle Instructor: John Mosby Course outline from site: “This is a beginner to novice level class on how to run your gun effectively under tactical field conditions. Beginning with basic square range work out to 200+ meters, it focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship and effective gun handling as an individual, before moving into working with a partner. This class requires a fighting rifle, a minimum of four magazines (for magazine fed rifles), and some method of carrying those magazines effectively.” Background: I previously organized Mosby’s Clandestine Carry Pistol course last summer in Western NC. Due to its wild popularity and by shooter demand, we had him back for his carbine course in May 2018. The class maxed out very quickly on announcement of the course and I stopped keeping an alternative list for slots if anyone backed out, when it reached 10. Personal Objectives: As with all courses I take, I was seeking to better my personal skills. In particular, in my work in hosting/organizing classes, I also want to better the local community’s skillset as well. I have taken a number carbine courses over the years and spent most of my training time working a rifle. I wanted to get another set of experienced eyes on me and looked to ratchet up the efficiency in my own application of tactical rifle craft. I am a fan of RDS (red dot sights) and LPVO (low power variable optics) for their respective applications. I have however been putting more time into focusing mostly on the LPVO as a ‘do all’ optic. Knowing Mosby is also a fan, I chose to run an LPVO exclusively during the class. Course Work: Of course with most former and current SOF guys, it was no surprise to me that fundamentals were the main focus of this class. After the medical and safety briefing, we headed straight to the range. Mosby went over philosophy on press checks and make ready procedures. The serious nature he brings to his make ready procedure was instilled in the students very effectively. We then went into a discussion about the types of stops in a gunfight. Mosby recited a Jack Donovan quote that stuck with me “Respect your enemy, but have enemies worthy of respecting.”