Publisher’s Note: The Massachusetts capitol building has two real crossed muskets raised above a hallway entrance. A few years ago, some genius decided that trigger locks were needed on them, and were in fact installed.

That’s the apex of intelligence in the MA legislature and government.

This is what you face. In its distillate.

Make your peace with death and the state no longer has control over you. Ever.

For this to work, make the taking very expensive.

Ah, the Grand Old Politburo mask has slipped and they’re playing footsie with class warfare by moving the shell game around for the Theft Code. No such thing as a RINO, the Republicans have been Marxists since they greasily extruded from the ass-end of the political process in 1854. Then you hear these apparatchiks braying about the Middle Class, remember the heroic Marxian necro-mongers coined that gem.

Taxation is theft no matter how you dress the pig.

Christmas is coming and my friend Kenneth Royce (aka Boston T. Party) recently penned the third volume in Modules for Manhood. I highly recommend it for any of your colleagues or young men you may be acquainted with to prevent any estrogen poisoning from becoming fatal.

This weekend the Village Armorer and I will be attending a three day urban rifle and pistol course to wring out old bones, hone skills and face malfunction with a smile on our face. Round count will be approx 1300 rounds for the weekend. Every day will be a good day.-BB

Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.

-Camille Paglia

Younger women have no problem in reconciling beauty with ambitions as a professional woman.

– Camille Paglia

I like Paglia, she is one of the few self-avowed leftists like Alexander Cockburn and Christopher HItchens who can employ logic and stunning rhetorical leaps in argumentation unlike 99% of their collectivists confreres. The rest of the government supremacist stable is filled with huffing and puffing from the usual self-righteous gasbags whose arrested development froze them as five-year old demanding the world should instead of is. And especially if others wield the wood shampoo and the sjambok to make their friends and neighbors obey.

Sex scandals in the swamp and the hills of Holly-weird, oh my! The media has been saturated with moral reprobates being caught in exposure of their licentious and predatory behavior toward women. Miss Michella McConnell, the current Senate Majority Dominatrix and its estrogen-laden counterpart in the house is now battling what appears to be substantive allegations of sexual misconduct toward the fairer sex. Paul Ryan may overtake Jennifer Miller as the most famous bearded lady in America.

Mind you, much of this may be the ancient practice of the vaginal quid pro quo that has dominated many power trysts in history. Nonetheless, the combination of attractive and ambitious young women with corpulent male-minus power brokers well past their prime, the elixir of power has a way of making the drawers drop in certain quarters.

I suspect there are very few men on the Hill who are actual men in the traditional sense of the word because none of them have stepped forward to admit their misdeeds and resign.

I’m amused that our flaccid rulers are calling for Sexual Harassment Training! One would think they have mastered that syllabus thus the outcry. No further education required.

Don’t expect it. Most are women of both sexes who have the natural inclination of most of the female gender to make government massive, protective and in the end, overpowering. There is a gender gap in liberty if you haven’t noticed.

There are strong women out there but they tend to follow their own star and counsel and don’t need to gather around the pot on the fire to stoke ugly rumors absent the target of their approbations being there. They also tend not to wear their imaginary victim-hood on their sleeve.

America be that exceptional nation in which the destruction of masculinity has reached such an apogee that when the time comes to crack down by the feminized Nazgul aspirants in Mordor on the Potomac, the rivers of blood will match the NIle. The second wave of Homo Sovieticus may be a trail of tears indeed.

Nonetheless, I’ll bet there are some genuine cases where the unwanted advances were rebuffed at every juncture yet still pursued. As I ask with cases where the heroic badged Orcs in the USSA maim and murder women and children in the course of their “duties”, the solution is elegant and easy. It is an age-old obligation on the part of her male relatives and husband to remedy the dishonor brought to the house the woman comes from. Unlike the warped sensibilities of certain religions where the woman who is raped is held accountable, in this case, the assaulting malefactors pays the boatman.

Fewer and fewer of these men remain and the future doesn’t look bright but the glory of empire is that it never lasts, it tumbles into dust and disappears.

A Medieval solution as it were; one our Norse ancestors would recognize as wergeld.

No distinction was made between murder and manslaughter until these distinctions were instituted by the re-introduction of Roman law in the 12th century.

Since this is not a free country, I can advance that line of thought no further. I leave the possibilities to the fertile imagination of all of my male gentleman readers. I know what the metro-sexuals are chortling over when one talks of settling scores and exacting revenge. It’s enough to make an urban hipster fill their pants in quaking fear at the thought much less action taken.

Once you realize your government’s sole purpose is to reserve murder of you and your family as its sacred task depending on your lack of fealty and obedience, everything sort of falls into place on why governments throughout the ages have been so murderous at home and abroad.

PSA to commies nation-wide: keep pushing and you will discover that Newton’s Third Law is ironclad even in your Marxist wonderland.

BTW: Strong women and shield maidens! Talk to us and identify yourselves.

I leave you with TE Lawrence who ironically as a homosexual would have never tolerated the descent in masculine virtue that s hailed today as the new era:

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.”

Full Disclosure: I am not a Christian and don’t allow one passage in an ancient book translated over and over again to paint my impression of you. I have no animus whatsoever against flexi-sexuality (much less cumbersome than the alphabet soup), what you put in your mouth and other parts of your body is your business. Just don’t ask me to pay for anything, force language requirements and don’t force me to like what you do on penalty of law. Just leave me out of it entirely.

Resist. Rinse. Repeat.

Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.

– Camille Paglia

Publisher’s Note: The Antifa festivities the MSM hinted at never transpired on Saturday, 4NOV17 but a young male did commit murderous mayhem at a church. You’ll notice that all the mass shootings this year have occurred at venues in which the demographic was distinctly rural in nature meaning conservative residuals. As soon as the first body hit the floor in the church, the blood dancers in the political establishment and their media parrots starting beating the war-drums again to restrict or prohibit the private possession of small arms. You need know only one thing. The commies and their usual suspects that fellate them throughout the media are only opposed to the PRIVATE ownership of small arms. They want their beloved state to have unlimited access to weapons of every variety.

I don’t want them to pry them from my cold dead fingers. I want them prying them from the dead hands of government employees sent to seize the private arms. Keep in mind that the festivities starting the divorce from the UK were due to a weapons confiscation raid out of Boston on a chilly April day in 1775.

For those new to the site, the Village Praxis series refers to knowledge dumps we perform to provide primers and instruction for members of our clan in the Village. We have adopted Pantsuit Negan’s infamous notion of a village and put a more individualist spin on the idea.

When I lived in north Idaho, chainsaws were vital but since moving to Arizona, all my chainsaws were traded for recip saws with wrecking blades. My middle son and brother-in-law and his sons are all wildland firefighters so they have quite the intimate relationship with chainsaws and their use. I never looked back. John was kind enough to get in the spirit and help the village out with some substantive chainsaw advice.

Enjoy. -BB

In continuing with Buppert’s series on tools and with the Lumber-Sexual craze still in full swing, I offer this essay about chainsaws. I’m not a professional timber faller, but I’ve cut firewood my whole life and been an amateur logger and arborist for just as long. So others mileage may vary, this is just one mans advice from his own experience and from interactions with true professionals.

It’s been said that a man never loans out 2 things, his wife or his chainsaw. The chainsaw(s) is a vital component of any homestead big or small, suburban or rural. It can be used to cut firewood to heat your house self sufficiently, clear brush, clear a tree of a road, house, outbuilding or fence. It can be used quite extensively on rough timber frame construction, barn building and clearing pasture or a building lot or fence or road right of way. Every homestead should have at least one capable of these tasks and at least one back up.

I live in the backwoods of the Southern Appalachian region surrounded by thousands of miles of improved and unimproved roads through it all. Rarely do I venture without a saw to cut my way out or my way home.


We’ll get this out of the way right away. As far as I’m concerned there are only 2 brands of saws. Husqvarna and Stihl. Others exist but are less prolific and less than desirable in my experience.

Stihl or Husky is usually a debate like the Glock or Smith and Wesson M+P debate. Both work. They are just about equals and what isn’t, generally amounts to user preference. Do you like solid orange or white with orange trim?

In general I’m a Stihl user simply because it was the first saw I bought. But I’m not dogmatic. Husky’s run and they are just as reliable. I became used to the parts and the inner workings of Stihl and there were more Stihl dealers locally than Husky dealers for the Husky pro line saws. This is no different than why I have more Glocks than any other handgun. Because I bought them first, got used to them, got used to the parts and got a crap ton of extra mags. I still see no reason for me to step away from them now.

Pick Stihl or pick Husky and you’ll be good to go.


As with most things, we need to understand the context and usage. What will this be used for? If we live in a suburban neighborhood and generally will be trimming small peach trees for instance and that’s about it, we can get away with a homeowner type small chainsaw. I have not used a homeowner line of chainsaw in probably 20 years, so I wont be commenting much on them.

For the more serious user, who will be cutting firewood to heat their house or for their supplemental heat, or someone who wants to be capable of cutting a tree out of the road or off their garage, I’d suggest the Farm and Ranch line of saws from both Husky or Stihl at minimum. For the more serious user, the pro series of saws are the way to go, especially if anyone would possibly be falling timber or bucking logs into firewood blocks above a 20” diameter or if they ever entertain the idea of ever using a chainsaw milling attachment like the Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw mill.

Saw Recommendations

Casual user: who cuts a little bit of firewood needs it to trim trees, or cut a tree out of the road or off a fence: Stihl or Husky Farm/ranch line of saws. Stihl MS290/291 or Husqvarna 460 Rancher. A homeowner series saw from either company would suffice as a back up if you can’t afford 2 of the saws above.

Semi-serious homesteader who heats primarily with firewood and cuts it themselves, is clearing fence line right of ways or lots, felling, or dealing with wood over 20” diameter on a regular basis and other such uses: Stihl or Husky pro line saws. Stihl MS260/261/026 series is as small as I’d go, MS360 series size saw is more ideal. It will run a slightly bigger bar and will pull chain fast. A perfect combination may be a Stihl MS440 saw with 20” and 25” bars, and a back up MS260 or MS290/291/029 with 16-18” bar.

Full bore homesteader in a rural area with acreage, who may be falling marketable timber, clearing new ground, heating primarily with wood, may run an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, burns 3-5+ cords of wood per year that they cut themselves and bucking big wood: Stihl MS660/661/066 or Husky 390/395XP series saw. A secondary saw may be a MS440 type series saw or 360. If one can afford a 1300$ retail chainsaw, I’d assume they can afford and extra saw or 2 smaller saws for lighter duty like all day cutting of small firewood or arborist work. (I’ll leave out top handle saws, as they are fairly niche for the topic at hand.)


“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”
Mark Twain

 “In great and dangerous operations one must not think but act”
Julius Caesar

We can thank Herodotus for the quote in the title

The Antifa commies have threatened to make 4NOV2017 the beginning of kinetic festivities for anyone who thinks government should be smaller or not there at all. Ironically, that is the same day in 1921 that Hitler’s SA started rumbling their way to the top in Germany.

Is it real? Who knows, but if the moronathon known as party collectivists in the USSA make the declaration, just consider it a training opportunity.

I have a confession.  I am a geardo.  I love kit in all its varieties from camo to bags to clothing to slings and everything in between.  I just upgraded my Level II EDC bag to a new Maxpedition Versipak S-Type EDC in Khaki.

So it may be time to review your safety gear for the weekend just in case.

My readers know that the primary handgun for our clan is the Glock. If you tote another handgun of any type and know what you are about with it, go with the Gods.

You never leave your house anticipating a head-on collision or an untoward event of any kind but you will discover that if you prepare ahead both mentally and materially, your chances of coming out alive and intact will increase exponentially.  It takes approx three thousand repetitions of a process to make it a battle-drill which you don’t “think” through such as drawing and firing a handgun. BUT…it takes approx ten thousands repetition to unscrew a bad habit when conducting social work.  Gear helps but don’t fall into the trap of thinking the gear will suffice without associated training and familiarity with equipment. Henri-Louis Bergson: “Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”

In the shooting community, a man’s ability to field a very expensive rifle in the field is inversely proportional to his ability to employ it with skill.  My modified Glocks consistently outperform two to five thousand dollar 1911 pistols because I have invested the time in training and at the range to ratchet up my skill level to a higher standard.

A brief explanation of the “levels” of Everyday Carry (EDC). I categorize my EDC into four levels according to the capabilities that particular system can provide. I’ll only detail the inventory of the Level I and II today.

Level I: The smallest and lightest of all the kits with the least amount of capability.

Level II: A modified version of what was my 2nd generation Level III. Similar in capability to my current setup but based on a bag which limits its size and capabilities. One could say this is my “true” EDC, since it’s the system I carry 95% of the time I’m not at work.

Level III: Everywhere I go, it’s never more than an arms reach away and strapped to my back whenever I’m walking if circumstances allow it.

Level IV: This is my BOB/EVAC bag. It’s not an EDC since it never gets carried, but is always ready to be picked up on the run in case I need to abandon my home, it has equal capabilities to my Level III in many areas but with much more capable kits for the types of needs one could have in an evacuation scenario. It is amazing the level of detail shown but it proves out one axiom I learned in the military:  meticulous preparation is a large part of good luck.  Over the next few months I would like to expand this series and approach the various “kits” one may need and some of the organizational schemes out there to make these functional and ultimately useful in a crisis if the need arises. Keep in mind that it is simply the gear but your ability to employ it skillfully and effectively.

I also have a variety of other kits for my vehicle, home and work that serve as additional layers of preparation.

My Level I (Work) carry for work is Casio Pathfinder, wallet, notebook, Zero Tolerance 0562CF Hinderer folder, keys with tools, flip phone, pager, Streamlight Stylus Pro and Maxpedition wallet.

My Level I (Leisure) is all of the above with a modified G19 in AIWB (lanyard w/ trigger cover) or a G-Code RTI OWB and Bladetech or G-code twin magazine holster.

My Level II (W) is a Maxpedition Versipak Fatboy S-Type in khaki with a variety of tools I carry to work to include a GSW/IFAK kit, Leatherman Wingman, iPod Classic, O-Light and 32oz Nalgene It also holds my notebooks and Kindle DX. I’ve re-purposed 2x iPad 2 covers for my graph-scaled steno pads along with other various items I use on a daily basis.

My Level II (L) is the same with the addition of gun gear and an augmented IFAK kit.

I have been using Glocks (Generation I-III) in CONUS and overseas since 1991.

There are two levels of mods for the Glock. It comes at a low price point because there are so many aftermarket items for it.

Level I:

  • Stainless steel guide rod
  • Glock OEM 3.5# connector
  • Aftermarket night sights (metal)
  • Extended slide release
  • Modified take-down plate
  • Grip plug
  • Vickers floor plates
  • Vickers Slide Racker
  • Blacklist or S3F threaded barrel
  • Gripper Slide Cut by Battlewerx

Level II:

  • Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight
  • Streamlight TLR-1 HL

I have a minimum of ten magazines per Glock to include both OEM and Magpul.

Your mileage may vary but I highly recommend that you be extraordinarily cautious this weekend and equipped to meet any communist threat that happens to come your way. I pray to the Gods it is a false alarm in a world of fake news. Just consider it good training.

Jeff Cooper’s rules may help.

Resist, Rinse. Repeat.

“A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.”
– General George S. Patton

Publisher’s Note: You are reading a pre-Samizdat publication the Department of Fatherland Security says is an example of a “non-violent dissenter” in the USSA.

There is a reason the government has a vested interested in controlling and monetizing all “education” in America K-PhD. This is why you see so many urban hives using a pre-fabricated ballot measure to push the need for pre-school so they can press the indoctrination level closer to the infant stage.

The reason is crystal clear:

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”
― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

There is a reason your children go for a four(+) year non-STEM degree and in most cases leave college as Marxist space aliens devoid of critical thinking skills, the ability to use their hands in a trade and addicted to screens all their waking hours. Stewart Brand: “The sociologist Elise Boulding diagnosed the problem of our times as “temporal exhaustion”: “If one is mentally out of breath all the time from dealing with the present, there is no energy left for imaging the future.”

In other news:  A result of this thinking is the wholesale misapprehension that the police are your friends. They are not; they are the bloody spear-point of all political will. Every coproach on the beat [who the police beat?] is an armed Leninists in the end. They have one sole function: to threaten or employ violence to ensure that every human shambling on the tax plantation stays in line, obeys every edict chosen to be enforced that day and provided a calibrated feeder mechanism for the “just-us system” to keep the gulag system at capacity.

There is talk on the jungle telegraph of Antifa commies celebrating the 4th of November by rioting or killing. Fascinating that choose the same day in 1921 that Hitler created his precious thugs in the SA. Why not choose the 5th of November to commemorate the Gunpowder Plot?

I would also suggest that the communist is not only the enemy of humanity but an existential threat to every man, woman and child on the tax plantation. They are weaponized drones of state aggression from the starting blocks.

Resist. Rinse. Repeat. –BB

“We are convinced by things that show internal complexity, that show the traces of an interesting evolution. Those signs tell us that we might be rewarded if we accord it our trust. An important aspect of design is the degree to which the object involves you in its own completion. Some work invites you into itself by not offering a finished, glossy, one-reading-only surface. This is what makes old buildings interesting to me. I think that humans have a taste for things that not only show that they have been through a process of evolution, but which also show they are still a part of one. They are not dead yet.”
– Stewart Brand, How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built

Isaac Davis (1745 – April 19, 1775) was a militia officer in the American Revolution. Davis led the first attack on the British Regular army during the American revolutionary war, and was the first to die in that battle.

He was captain of the Acton Minutemen, and his men were possibly the best-trained and equipped militia in New England. A gunsmith, he provided every man with a cartridge box to aid in rapid fire and a bayonet for hand-to-hand combat. His company assembled twice weekly for drills and marksmanship.

Books are the most valuable resource next to tools to remake the world that is collapsing around us. I indexed the Dan Forrester Memorial Library here. [I updated and added Stewart Brand’s list of 70 essential books on that post.]

A Note on Selecting Quality Tools

My wife refers to me as “un-handy-man” (my superhero name) for good reason but nonetheless, I have had to occasion using tools and managed to accumulate a mostly useful collection for both home chores and minor gunsmithing [Skip, the Village Armorer, will be scribbling a basic gunsmithing tool-set essay soon]. Fortunately, the modular nature of AR platforms and Glocks makes home ‘smithing rather easy.

I have been a Stewart Brand tool aficionado since an early age but unfortunately matched by an innate talent to be an artist with my hands nor have terrific spatial relationship skills.

Tools should not be an expendable item. Your spending is limited by your fiscal imagination.

With the coming Endarkenment, the collection and acquaintance with the use of tools will pay many dividends.

I recommend paying more upfront for a quality item than buying a cheaper tool over and over again due to breakage. That being said, “used” does not always equate to cheap. Due to sine waves in home construction, many high-quality, “name brand” tools are available in pawn shops and second-hand through garage sales, craigslist, and the classified section of your newspaper. I highly recommend checking the second hand market first before purchasing new. Some items may be worth the retail price- Used saw blades may be dull, and therefore unsafe, and while one can spend some quality time with a mill file sharpening them, it may be worth it to you to buy new.

And I highly recommend a sliding drawer toolbox that is twice the size you think you need.

As far as selecting hand tools, one can easily tell the difference between a well made tool and its cheaper cousin. For example, hold a Craftsman or Snap-On wrench in one hand and a cheap Wall-of-China-Mart wrench in the other. You will notice the difference in weight. Such a difference could be due to the material types (steel vs. aluminum) or that the cheaper tool is thinner and made with less material to save costs in manufacturing. Hand tools should fit comfortably in your hand, have a corrosion resistant finish such as chrome, and have a certain heft due to the robustness of their construction.

That being said, imported does not necessarily mean poorly made. See the tool in person; ask your friends and do some research before making an investment. I do not buy from Sears and think the Craftsman brand has been shit for years. You can pay half the cost for the same life time warranty at Lowes and Home Depot. I have had a good experience with the Lowes Kobalt brand, which are made in China and a disappointing experience with a set of “Made in the USA” Stanley screwdrivers.

Tool List- The basics

Safety Equipment

Safety glasses

Leather or Kevlar gloves

Hearing protection

Hand Tools

A set of flat head and Philips head screwdrivers

A set of combination (box and open end) wrenches

A set of socket wrenches

A set of hex keys

Mill File

Round file

A 16-ounce claw hammer

Utility knife (plenty of blades)

Carpenters Pencil- the flat shape keeps it from rolling away.

Vise grips



Pliers- both fixed joint and needle nose


Wire strippers


“We congratulate the American people upon your re-election by a large majority. If resistance to the Slave Power was the reserved watchword of your first election, the triumphant war cry of your re-election is Death to Slavery.”

– Karl Marx, Address of the International Working Men’s Association to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America

Publisher’s Note: Bushevik I struggled through a speech in the last day with ominous and sonorous bleating about the inhospitable nature of the new Ring-holder in the Offal Office. For eight years, he stayed mum (if only he had remained so) under his ideological twin’s tenure in Mordor Corporate Headquarters. And now the First Mumbler has ponderously held forth in his unique Special Olympics rhetoric to say things like “[b]ullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone, provides permission for cruelty and bigotry and compromises the moral education of children.” Like most of the Left and their collectivist apologists on the fake spectrum of the Left-Right@, the irony is rich; absent bullying, how could any government remain in power for a day?

Please continue your preps, please learn to shoot, learn to reload and get your skills ready for the coming contest. Either you learn to drive a rifle or ride a rail-car. In this case buy rail-cars worth of ammo to put by to make it harder for the usual suspects to rush you into the boxcar. The choice will be that stark. -BB

There is no such think as a Republican in Name Only (RINO), they have forever been the addled and mentally deficient little brothers Menshevik to the big brothers Bolshevik in the Democrat party. Lincoln birthed his party by swimming in the oceans of blood of his countrymen.


The Republican Party has always been the party of big government with a brief and wispy interregnum under Calvin Coolidge. I had even been deluded once to thinking that Grover Cleveland was a contender for smaller government but he is the father of the Interstate Commerce Commission, a ponderous idea and monster that has given enormous power to the leviathan state. It demonstrates how the political nomenklatura can take a single sentence from the Federalist’s precious slaver document and make it into the monstrosity that bestrides every man, woman and child today (not to mention the unborn progeny saddled with the debt through “implied consent”) under the Interstate Commerce Commission and its tentacles in every orifice it reaches.

Hugh Hewitt, a bloated big government Republican who does a three-hour spokes-budgie stand-up routine on AM radio recently posed as a thinker and offered up the wisdom of “ammunition control”.

To wit: “If people buy a lot of ammunition in a short period of time, this should trigger a red flag with law enforcement,” said Hewitt on the NBC “Meet the Press” show on Oct. 8”.

Herschel did a terrific analysis of this neoconservative bilge-water from the bloated talk show host. As a non-shooter, Hewitt is holding forth on things he knows nothing about and violates two cardinal rules of liberty.

  1. Tell me your position on private weapons ownership and I know exactly who you are morally and philosophically.
  2. If you fellate the police state, your interest in liberty is fundamentally zero.

Hewitt is no lone wolf in this; excepting Ron Paul, there is no reliable liberty-minded politician on the national stage. But then again, liberty can’t be accomplished through the political process. You can’t eradicate cannibals by eating them and that’s what the political process is.

Political parties are disease vectors. They are hybrid cocktails of the Milgram experiment and the Stockholm Syndrome with a strong police state chaser to set the virus in place. The virus is used to render an otherwise healthy ecology of spontaneous order into a shambling and largely inefficient engine for a select group of controllers to benefit at the expense of the whole. It is no more complex than that.

As evil and morally depraved as the Democrats are, at least they have the chutzpah to be rather open about their Stalinist tendencies even though they do dress the language nicely. The GOP is evil but puts on a face that is wholly the opposite of what it practices in actual lording over large swaths of Helots on the tax plantation.

Burn this into your mind: No politician in America favors limiting or prohibiting the gun ownership and access of government employees and those with special privileges granted by the ruling class to arm themselves. They are opposed to the private ownership of firearms. Every gun law on the books from the local to the Federal level have one purpose: to infringe, abridge and deny the non-government keeping and bearing of weapons. The Second Amendment merely guarantees a pre-existing natural right.

That is the goal. Wholesale eradication of weapons in private hands.

So I will quote myself at length and why Hewitt is not unique but cut from the same cloth as the Republican invertebrates that feed at the bottom of the vast swamp of DC. This is a party that has been at the vanguard of restricting and eliminating private weapons ownership.

The 1934 NFA federally regulated machine guns, suppressors, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors, and “destructive devices which included grenades and hundreds of items the ATF added at their leisure bureaucratically to a ban list or highly regulated. This was the first notion at the Federal level of using the imprimatur of sporting purposes (not the 1968 Gun Control Act as is popularly imagined) such as this from the text of the wretched bill: “Any firearm with a bore over 0.50 inch except for shotguns or shotgun shells which have been found to be generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes.”

No Republican opposition.

You will also note that America’s preeminence as a firearms innovator, especially in automatic weapons, dropped precipitously after the heavy regulation and ban on garage innovation occurred. The development of the M60 machine gun is Exhibit A.

The Federal Firearms Act of 1938 (FFA) imposed a federal license requirement on gun manufacturers, importers, and persons in the business of selling firearms. This created the infamous FFL controls on commerce.

No Republican opposition.


“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

– Mohandas Gandhi

Publisher’s Note: Herschel over at the Captain’s Journal has been doing yeoman’s work in updating his readers on the Vegas massacre and the aftermath of calls for national disarmament. I recommend my readers go over and check out what he has posted. I’ve been following his blog for years.

In other news, Pinochet’s airborne solution to the communist and Marxian problem set is more and more appealing to me everyday. Communism happens to be an idea so virulent, it violates the Non-Aggression Principle by its very existence. Pinochet was an authoritarian bastard but he did provide a unique solution to the Marxist infection. Pinochet notions on weapons control was interesting. I don’t endorse Pinochet’s military rule but I am fascinated by his narrowly focused solution to the Marxist necro-monger virus.

Per the quote above, I am conflicted about Gandhi’s statement and no it has far more permutations than meet the eye but it will illustrate the main point of this fusillade.

In that passage, Gandhi avers to India’s Arms Act of 1878, which gave Europeans in India the right to carry arms but didn’t allow Indians from doing so, unless they were granted a license by the British colonial government. The full text of what he wrote is: “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest. If we want the Arms Act to be repealed, if we want to learn the use of arms, here is a golden opportunity. If the middle classes render voluntary help to Government in the hour of its trial, distrust will disappear, and the ban on possessing arms will be withdrawn.”

Of course, Mohandas was being coy. Our friend, John Ross, was more direct: “The downside to gun control is genocide.”

In the end, despite the serial bleating hearts mewling about the gun crisis, they are being even more disingenuous because weapons disarmament folk want one thing and only one thing. The dissolution of private firearms ownership; for the government is their godhead and they want it replete with every armament known to man to include the rather simple center fire arms that the police. They do want the great unwashed and un-uniformed or un-badged masses to possess such things. They know that liberty, like war, is all about angles. They know that one single well-placed round in the inflated head of an empty suit adorned in the robes of office can change the political dialog abruptly.

Coupled with Buppert’s Law of Military Topography and the violence brokers have themselves an existential pickle.

“Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated”

So what to do:

Don’t plead with your political occupiers for a solution.

Do gun up, buy every gun and components you can lay your hands on. Go to the range.

Rinse. Repeat. Resist. -BB

So in the wake of the Vegas debacle, all the usual grave dancers are merrily trying to resurrect the joys of population disarmament.

No gun laws should be on the books and per my previous article, I don’t think the Second Amendment does a fucking thing to protect private gun ownership, which even the NRA is shy about. Gun control is part of the NRA’s DNA.

The wunderkind at the NRA, the nation’s largest disarmament lobby, have jumped the sharked, locked their jaws on the nether regions of the nearest politician and declared that ”bump stocks” should be regulated and banned. They needed a sign language translator to transmit the message since their mouths were busy at the time of the announcement. The NRA has been a key player in every article of Federal firearms legislation since 1934 to include the 1934 NFA, 1939 FFA, the refusal to submit an amicus curie brief in the 1939 US v. Miller decision, the 1968 GCA, the 1986 FOPA, NICS, on and on and on.

With friends like this…

My message is incredibly simply and I will aver to the estimable L. Neil Smith to wax poetically on the verities of my notion.

There isn’t a single law or sentence penned that restricts private weapons ownership that holds any moral water to me. No compromise, full stop. I remember being a FFL dealer in the 1990’s to get firearms at cost. I got so disgusted with the whole process and seeing how the ATF sausage got made, I surrendered the license after several years and stored all the 4473s they insisted I keep in a shredder. Never again.

I am encouraged by the resistance even commie states like NY and CT are experiencing with their pre-confiscation registries for cosmetically offensive weapons.

I advocate for not a single law in everything but on this notion, the laws are always repellant to liberty.

May I remind you of a force calculus when armed folk resist such tyranny?

During the post-WWII troubles in Northern Ireland under UK occupation, there were probably a peak of 500 active IRA (and assorted other variants like Provos, Real IRA, Continuity IRA, Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) and such) paramilitaries that comprised trigger pullers and IED personnel. Of course, the auxiliary support to these paramilitaries numbered in the tens of thousands. The UK and satrap Irish forces numbered as much as 55k to rout these small resistance bands.

The history tells us that the UK did not succeed.

Vegas has some parallels possibly in the Omagh incident in Northern Ireland. I highly recommend reading some articles on the subject and viewing some of the new documentaries. GCHQ apparently had live recordings of the bombers on their way to the destination, of course.


“Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated”.

Buppert’s Law of Military Topography

Vegas shooting…

Too early to speculate on anything but one thing. Many of the injuries sustained in the aftermath of the shooter’s demise on a floor of a Vegas hotel will be non-gunshot wound related.

Is he a left wing nut-sack or a right wing nut-sack? Look at the demographic of the target and that will ready the clue-bat. Does anyone doubt that if any of the bipedal budgies in the MSM discovered a Republican affiliation, we’d know it by now?

Mass shootings are no worse here than in gun prohibitionist Europe:

“In fact, as figures from the Crime Prevention Research Center show, “there were 55 percent more casualties per capita from mass public shootings in [the European Union] than U.S. from 2009-15.”

Now the blood dancers of both wings of the Vampire Party will be gathering around their boiling kettles of Marxist to call for mass disarmament of one flavor or another. The usual invertebrates from the kabuki performers in the National Rifle Association will come to many agreements on the worst legislation possible.

The Second Amendment means nothing. Its tortured and twisted language construct has allowed the violence brokers in the political classes to institute massive volumes of rules and regulation restricting human defense activities across the board.

I’ve written about it before.

The Republican wing of the Marxist junta in America has been waging war on private ownership of firearms since Lincoln first squatted in the Offal Office.

The state is only opposed to the PRIVATE ownership of weapons.

As one can surmise, there is no political solution to weapons ownership. Self-defense predates every government solution ever devised. It’s written in the DNA.

Whatever political machination you see on the glass teat as human parrots squawk and play at arguing with each other, none will entertain the only moral solution: not a single gun law survives tomorrow morning.

Sometime back there was a brief flash in the pan to make contemporary taxpayers pay for the slavery imposed on blacks until the passage of the Constitutional amendment granting their freedom from chattel slavery but not releasing them from the tax and regulation plantation that is America.  Hence the new era slave would be codified in the Fourteenth Amendment. The reparations movement sought to redistribute current wealth to any Americans who could prove their ancestors were in chains and they would be granted reparations or a payment for restoration into the original condition they were seeking.

I am always unsympathetic to any forcible wealth transfer and especially one that would be fraught with the peril of fraud and the creation of yet another nightmarish bureaucracy charged with imposing tolls on living and breathing human beings to be vacuumed out of their wallets and tucked into others’ coffers after the government takes its usual sizeable “maintenance fee” to administer such a program.

There was one laudatory effect of such a proposal though; nothing focuses people’s attention more than the potential hijacking of their wealth or rights for specious political reasons such as the latest economic illiteracy and fiscal cliff diving that characterized the wholesale takeover of healthcare by the government and the imposition of national socialist healthcare.  The reparations movement did the same thing, nothing would have focused the national race conversation more than the shenanigans I just described.

The addition of yet another government theft scheme to rob from Paul to pay Peter. But then again, what else is government for besides filling mass graves with the unwilling and recalcitrant.

Now we are facing down The Amphibian and all of Trump’s apparatchiks in the fight to keep guns in the hands of private citizens (or subjects depending on your point of view).  Oh, you haven’t heard? Wait for it.

The usual suspects in the media are clamoring to extinguish all such rights in the march toward turning America into a curious amalgam of modern Great Britain, the former USSR and more regrettable aspects of tin-pot dictatorships around the planet that are terminally frightened by well armed citizens.

So repeal the goddamned Second Amendment. Just do it.


Publisher’s Note: The Amphibian in DC continues to prove that there is no such thing as a RINO, Republicans have always been Marxist big government boosters since the Lincoln regime in the Offal Office. 

Ironic that the athletes whose jersey numbers may be IQ indicators take a knee because they want bigger government instead of less; it may be yet another bellwether of the absolute stupidity of both the players and spectators of professional sports.

Yet again, all of my readers have been given a limited reprieve to stock up, arm up and train up. You can either drive a rifle or ride a rail-car, you choose. 

Bolshevism is alive and well and currently parading as Antifa, I am hoping their relocation to Colma, ten miles south of San Francisco happens sooner than later. The new Reds have no idea that the Deep State supporting them right now will be more than happy to evict them from this mortal coil in a heartbeat once their useful idiocy has expired. 

Our village is currently moving from .40 S&W as the primary fuel for pistols to 9mm. .40 will not be eliminated entirely due to the battlefield pickup potential in urban enclaves for ammunition. We’ve also sought to improve the non-discreet battle belt configurations and improve on the low visibility heavy pistol belts for Michael Collins wear.

The armory improvements continue apace and I strongly advise you get you “gray man” game up to speed. The next conflict will be a return to what Michael Collins would do to resolve occupation difficulties. 

ZeroGov is now a malicious website according to two different “secure blocking” modes when I was in a cafe the other day.

I must say that communism is one of the few creeds that violate the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) by its very existence and instantiation under any circumstances. In this case, I may be able to suspend my abhorrence of strategic bombing. You could make the case that most universities in America are viral bio-weapons labs producing some of the most toxic destructive devices in the history of mankind. Apart from disease, the professoriate and its concomitant bipedal budgies in the media are the most deadly human software virus in the world. The pandemic of imposed dirt-naps and enslavement of subject populations know no peer in sheer destructive power.

A great resource on fire accelerant residuals for the home chemist is here.

When it comes to the failed COIN frameworks of the West, one needs to read Robert Taber’s masterful War of the Flea. I recommend this review as an introduction.

I also recommend this interview with Dr. Douglas Porch who really eviscerates many of the sacred cows of Western counterinsurgency mythos and nonsense.

Read Matt Bracken’s latest novel if you haven’t, “The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun”. Compelling with combat scenarios that make you smell the cordite. –BB 

“In every war, no matter how great a government’s power, its rule is never absolute. In every war, no matter how allegedly righteous the cause, the effort is never total. No campaign has ever or will ever be fought with the leadership united in favor of it and with the rank and file unitedly behind them.

Always there is a disgruntled minority that opposes a war for a multitude of reasons such as reluctance to make necessary sacrifices, fear of personal loss or suffering, philosophical and ethical objection to warfare as a method of settling disputes, lack of confidence in the ability of the leadership, resentment at being called upon to play a subordinate role, pessimistic belief that victory is far from certain and defeat very possible, egoistic satisfaction of refusing to run with the herd, psychological opposition to being yelled at on any and every petty pretext, a thousand and one other reasons.

No political or military dictatorship ever has been one hundred percent successful in identifying and suppressing the malcontents who, typically, conceal themselves behind a veil of silence and bide their time.”

Eric Frank Russell, “The Wasp”

Sometime in the near future…

The Antifa bus convoy was a motley sight indeed. Ever since the entire movement had evolved from the now relapsed Occupy movement, the Soviet Bolshevik flavor of the adherents had become more apparent in both their garb and street theater. They’d even co-opted the militia element with armed rebels posting on the web and creating video docs of training with firearms in remote locations. The red bandanas and hammer and sickle were becoming far more common than before mixed in with the masked heroes parading about.

The Red militias appeared to be just as corpulent and motley as the conservative variant that appeared in the 1980s and 1990s.

The three buses and various vehicles came to a stop outside the small remote town of Courtville in southern Utah. A tiny memorial to Chief Walkara who was a licensed slave trader in the territory, was located near the town square. The Antifa were expanding their guerrilla theater to the rural enclaves now emboldened by the spectacular success and cover provided by the media in big cities across the country.

Charlie glassed the colorful convoy and whispered into the mike: “On their way.”

He got a squelch in reply.

The staties had set up a cordon but were half-hearted at best. The Mormon community was intensely gun-shy about engaging the Antifa crowds in Utah. Salt Lake City had seen some action but the local police tended to turn the other cheek and let the Antifa agitators have their way. The police briefly stopped the convoy but apparently the “permits” onboard were good to go.

The buses continued into the tiny town and rallied ‘round the square where the statue to the aboriginal chief was standing.


Publisher’s Note: John just attended MG’s class. Here is his assessment. -BB

Instructor: John Mosby

Course outline from site:

Focused on the use of the pistol for the underground, this course focuses on basic gun-handling under combative conditions, as well as the necessary mental and combative skills needed to protect the gun, and fight your way to the gun.

Two days of this course are straight range time, before moving into gym work with combative and FoF iterations. This is an extremely physically demanding course, and involves violent physical contact with other students. If you leave without cuts, scrapes, and bruises, I’ll be surprised.”


I was the organizer/host for this class and here is some background. The local community and I have concentrated largely on carbine work for the past several years.  A lack of realistic training priorities dawned on me several years ago at a carbine class where I saw guys in full kit, leaving the class and locking up all their guns and separating the ammo and not even having a concealed carry pistol on them. They were ready for the Red Dawn carbine fight but not the fight at the local Stop n’ Rob on the way home. To this day it still reminds me of this Craig Douglas quote: “If you are in prison with 10 dudes, and you can’t keep 5 of them out of your ass, then the last thing you need is another carbine course.”

I’ve followed Mosby from the beginning. I believe I first saw the blog when it was on BlogSpot and was only 5 posts old. I quickly realized this guy knew what he was talking about and I dug his writing style. The skull stomping of sacred cows focus was what kept me reading and keeping tabs on the blog. The Derp in the preparedness world has always been deep. He was probably the first guy to seriously take that on.  I soon realized that there is no way they are going to allow that blog to stay up (I ended up being wrong) and made it a habit to save all the posts onto a hard drive for later reference or if things went dark. Sometime in all this I found out we had a mutual friend.

My greedy self-interest was at play but I also believed there needed to be a wake up call to get people in the area to get training on their most applicable tool available to them, the pistol, in the context where they’d need it the most.

Personal Objectives:

I have taken a couple of pistol courses in the past aside from a state sanctioned CHP/CCW course, one many years ago and one earlier this year.  While I consider myself pretty competent from an accuracy/speed/efficiency standpoint with a carbine, pistol has always been my weak point. I cannot carry a carbine in my back pocket when I’m off the homestead.

I sought Mosby’s course work in particular because I knew it was going to be a wake up call for accuracy with a side arm for me personally. The most recent pistol class I’d taken was more of a “performance” based class with 10”x18” (slightly smaller than C zone) and Alpha (approx. 6”x11”) size targets focused on putting rounds fast into those areas from an open holster. It didn’t matter if one round was in the top 2’ o clock corner and the next in the bottom right corner of that Alpha or modified Charlie, a hit still counted. That is not the type of focus of this class, accuracy on small targets that mimic human anatomy was. But, as Mosby says, accuracy is very important, but the bullets must arrive on time. We’ll touch on that accuracy focus in a second. My main objective in the class was to over come the astigmatisms (I still have issues even with tinted Rx lenses) in both my eyes and get my eyes and mental processing working on the type of sight picture needed to make these types of shots.

I also sought this course out particularly because of the introductive combative work as I have no real formal training at such, even though I follow nearly all the content that is put out by folks associated with the ShivWorks Collective such as Craig Douglas, Paul Sharp, Larry Lindeman, Cecil Burch, and Chris Fry.

Course Work:

I’ll attempt to walk the line of giving away everything and saying “just take the class!”

Class was held 25-27AUG, in Western North Carolina, the same weekend as the Friends of Pat event at Alliance, Ohio, which honored the late Pat Rogers.

After everyone’s gratuitous ragging on Mosby for his pimpmobile rental vehicle, the class started out with a safety brief by the range owner and signing the appropriate waivers.

We then moved to the range and we started out with Mosby’s safety brief. Some of which echoes others in the community. For instance he pointed out the life safety rule that “all guns are always loaded” is silly. Mosby then inspected his gun, slide back, looked at the chamber and mag well and showed that indeed his gun was unloaded. Ah the intuitively obvious that is lost on so many. He elaborated that what we really need to do is focus on the condition of the weapon at all times, instead of the more childish notion that “all guns are always loaded.” I knew immediately the class was going to be good after this opener that had everyone thinking critically already and challenging range dogma.

There was a brief lecture period on grip, types of stops in a gunfight and an introduction to Mosby’s 3 Implicit Task Skills of the Gunfight, among other things. Mosby is an advocate of performance based training methodology, which makes each student compete against themselves to get better vs. just achieving an arbitrary standard that covers large swaths of people. To illustrate in another manner, if I can pull 455 for 5 reps on the death lift platform at 180 body weight, that is great, but I cannot then expect someone who has never lifted at a body weight of 140 to do the same thing. Further, I need to get better tomorrow than I am today.

Next followed a standard walk back type drill. We started at the 7 and walked back to the 25. A 5 round course of fire was fired at the various ranges. I knew Mosby was a fan of index cards so I expected this to be the target. We were not so lucky. 3×5” cards torn in half were the targets. Ok, bad, but not so bad. But, you aren’t aiming at the entire card ½ card; you are aiming at just one corner. I learned to like the taste of humble pie.

Mosby’s version of the fundamentals of the pistol adhere to a fairly new school of thought in the gun world that is boiled down to grip and sight package, similar to John McPhee and many others. In case you aren’t aware you need to ‘GRIP THE FUCK OUT OF THE GUN’ you learned it in this class.

The draw was covered and used the common 4 count methodology which imbeds the ability to fight from retention positions if need be. His take on trigger management may be heretic to some but Mosby riffs with guys like Ernest Langdon, Mike Seeklander, Frank Proctor, John Chapman, Rob Leatham, etc. Pinning/trigger reset is detrimental at speed for the type of work done with a pistol at these distances in a self-defense situation. The trigger doesn’t really matter if grip is correct whether you reset in recoil or pin/reset.

The draw was worked using a great technique from an administrative / teaching perspective. We started with dry fire. This was repped using a technique to slowly increase the speed and efficiency of each shooter.  Even though some folks were running open and some concealed, I do not believe anyone was slower than a 1.5 second draw to first shot when he was done. The improvement was amazing. Just when you thought you were done dry firing, each shooter shot a draw to first shot live fire, on the timer. In the mean time, the rest of the class did the same rep dry. Needless to say everyone got in dozens and dozens of reps on the draw stroke.

Cadence/rhythm was covered. Often reduced by some self-defense oriented instructors as ‘gamer stuff’ Mosby explained in context why it was important and why it needed to be worked.

Next up were multiple target engagements and this work culminated in a VTAC 1-5 drill with each student going under the timer. Targets were still small. 75% of all the shooting work done was on targets as big or smaller than a 5×8” head box, most was done on much smaller targets. I’ve always had the 1-5 drill as a mainstay in carbine work, but this was my first time running it with a pistol, let alone on the small targets used in class. I have astigmatisms in both eyes that even with corrective lenses I have trouble with iron sight alignment especially on target transitions. Red dot is not a problem. Inefficiencies with seeing my sights showed through again when running this drill.

Reloads and philosophy were discussed. Slide lock and Mosby’s version of the tactical reload with retention were demonstrated and done dry fire for many reps on the timer. I had a position on the far right side of the range and I was able to get a view all the way down the line. Seeing the line go from slow and bungled reloads to efficient and FAST reloads in a 15 minute or less dry fire session was a beauty to behold.

A few of the drills ran were proprietary Mountain Guerrilla material. One involved running multiple round strings under timer with ‘dudes looking at dudes’ pressure while also performing other tasks simultaneously.  These were gold and will be added to the practice regimen.

We then began the force on force portion of the class after a 3 part pat down process common in such situations. An introduction to Combatives was begun with a brief lecture riffing on Craig Douglas’s “Managing Unknown Contacts” (MUC) module. We quickly got to introductions to the Fence, techniques for defending against punches and attacks, getting the gun out while entangled, and we got hands on. I was Mosby’s punching bag for many of the demos.  We then ran into a brief run down of fighting from the ground and we all got some reps in with our sparring partners. The rest of this day was finished off with a good Q+A session and the motivational energy coming from the students in the class was high. Mosby explained teaching the combative aspect was slightly outside of his lane and the combative module was largely used to give a brief over view and show folks that they needed to seek other avenues to get the reps needed to become proficient with the skillset.

A METT-TC/Mindset/Situational Awareness lecture was given. To me this was just about worth the admission price. This was something many needed to hear. Often we’ve seen folks who understand what METT-TC is, but they lose focus of how that planning process applies to their daily life. They are stuck in Red Dawn or Military Raid mode and stay focused on that instead of how it is applicable to them right now. As was the custom, hot washes and Q+A’s were great and full of no holding back Mosbyism’s. Sacred cows were grilled into great tasting burgers.

Techniques for “virtual acceleration of the draw stroke” were discussed with a back drop of get the job done “sooner rather than faster.” When asked for a training triage template, the priorities of work from Mosby’s perspective for the every day citizen was medical, combatives, pistol, rifle, then team tactics. All to often it’s the exact opposite, particularly for folks of the prepper bent. And… Guilty! This has been something I’ve changed over the past few years.

One other myth busted was that competition, be it shooting or combative, will get you ‘kilt in da streets.’ A pretty good discussion took place. One thing that popped in my head was Paul Sharp’s take on this topic, in reference to competition having rules and the real world not having rules. Some folks think that in the real world, they’ll be able to beat X opponent because they can break the rules and restraints of the competition. Paul Sharp says basically, “cool story bro, but the rules are holding me back as well. If you can’t beat me here, what makes you think you can beat me on the street?”

The final day started with decision-making drills. Frank Proctor’s 3rd Grade Math was used. I was the first to run the drill since Mosby knew I had taken a Proctor class earlier this year. I’ve run the drill with carbine many times but never with a pistol. Without giving away the Mosby twist, he has a very good way of incorporating No Shoots in the drill. My failure was the example we all needed to use our brains first and foremost, but I was stuck in the range paradigm when I shouldn’t have been. Targets were 5”x8” paper on USPSA target’s.

The final exercise of the class was a proprietary Mountain Guerrilla drill that incorporates problem solving coupled with engaging targets in a VTAC 1-5 sequence all while avoiding no shoot targets in the process. This drill is gold and will be a mainstay in the repertoire. I’d read about it in his books, but didn’t quite grasp its power until first seeing it and then running it.

The remainder of the class was spent running 2 qualifications / standards tests to show people where they stood. A 5x5x5 and Hackathorn’s “The Wizard.” These were not shooting work/exercises, these were essentially pop quizzes to see where we were. I’d shot the 5x5x5 with pistol several times before but was using the top half of an A-zone, a target size favored by KD4 for other applications. I have always been able to clean it every time I ran it. But of course if it were easy, it’s not worth doing. Our target was a vertical 3”x5” card.  We then ran the Wizard that I’d seen the course of fire before, but have never run. 1 student was able to pass both standards tests and congrats to him. He won a free book.


I ran two guns I carry daily. Summer, in a tee shirt, is almost exclusively a G19 in an Eidolon or Raven VG2 (less likely these days). Gun is stock save KD4 Ameriglo’s and KD4 style stippling at index points and under the trigger guard. Fall/winter with more clothing on is a G17 w/ U-boat in a VG3 w/ claw mod. Sevigny Carry sights w/ front fiber, red.  Stippling.

Raven Copia mag pouch

Liberty Tree Tactical belt

Overall Impressions

This was a great class. We learned and we know what we need to work on.  I’ve never seen some of the people I knew at the class so motivated. Talk of building new pistol bays to setting up range practice days weekly was had by nearly all. The accuracy standards were a wake up call to me personally and showed where I need to focus my practice. Mosby’s andragogical approach and teaching methodologies were spot on.

My only critique of the class was that I would have liked to of gotten a few more reps in on some of the drills. Lower round count classes are great and are usually heavy on the knowledge bombs, but I do like to get some reps in. (I’d be surprised if anyone fired over 300 rounds in the 3 day class) This low round count approach does however let you focus on taking the material learned at class and incorporating it into your own practice sessions.

As to Mosby himself, the dude is squared away. His course work and POI was solid. The guy is humble. He may or may not want me to say this but he flubbed up a couple demos. But you know what? He told the class what happened and what he screwed up in the process. He did not do as I’ve seen some guys do…miss shots and say “ok, so I purposefully pulled those last 2…” In person Mosby is the same guy he is on the blog. No punches pulled. He definitely will tell you how he really feels for instance on some ‘legal’ issues, etc. that no other trainer in the firearms industry would touch with a 10 foot pole. This guy could easily be the high level traveling road show trainer everyone wants to take a class with.

A few random last notes. I have heard from some folks over the last year asking what happened to Mosby’s blog posts and why aren’t they more frequent. Well, to be frank, he has reached what I consider the post political moment that I think both he and I have come to essentially around the same time but from slightly different angles. As was written in Forging the Hero, “We don’t need a Revolution. We need to be a revolution.” (Note the use of capitalization) He is too busy living it instead of writing about it, flat out. To echo similar sentiments, there will not be another 1775/76. The South will not rise again. You won’t vote yourself out of this, but you can control what you can control, your own life and your own actions.

I’ve had some issues with some of the factions of what I guess we can consider the Alt Right with their identity politics and sacrificing freedom for aesthetic preferences. If you think Mosby is the type of guy you are going to recruit to your 1488 meeting because he values community and his tribe, then you have no idea what you are talking about.

Everyone who carries a pistol daily needs this class, end of story. If you cant get him to come to your area and get a class put together, shoot me an email if you are within driving range of the Smoky Mountains and we’ll get him back.


Publisher’s Note: The Amphibian announced that we are doubling down on the failed Afghan enterprise hence more blood and treasure will be spent but the sophisticated money laundering operation for the USG foreign policy establishment and the Pentagram will be satisfied with the Pyrrhic outcome. Scott Horton’s new book demolishes the imbecilic reasons for staying. Tom Woods, Jr: “A lot of people think of the war in Iraq as the bad war, but Afghanistan as the good and justifiable war. That convenient view does not survive Scott Horton’s careful and incisive demolition

They should heed Buppert’s Law of Military Topography: “Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated”.


Thanks to Matt Bracken (I’m reading his latest novel), I now know that the Saudi flag reads: “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

The Isis flag reads: “There is no god but God,” and the white seal reads “God Messenger Mohammed.”

Again, more tertiary but scintillating evidence that Saudi Arabia remains ground zero for Wahhabist Salafist Sunni jihad in the ME.

Neither of the parties that claim to represent voters in the USSA will do a thing to stop the invasion. Politicians are simply serial killers with legal cover for their hobby. They take murder to the next level as statist necro-mongers.

The war will come home. If you think Trump gave you a four-year respite, think again.

Now the usual suspects are targeting Confederate monuments. I’m conflicted because I despise all government monuments but we are a Confederate household and Stonewall Jackson’s blood runs through my children’s veins through my wife’s heritage. The easy answer is to take the thousands of monuments and repatriate them to private property where the statues can be protected by fences and gunfire.

Now once they start discussing razing all the monuments to government slavery in DC and everywhere else outside the curious time zone of 1861-65 to the ground, the discussion will be more entertaining and factually accurate (at least consistently so). The War of Northern Aggression was merely the last gasp of the Anti-Federalists in trying to check the unlimited power the Federalist Constitution gave to the central government in the US.

Lincoln’s Marxists won and sealed the deal by getting everyone on the federal plantation with the Fourteenth Amendment.

One of my favorite books on J.E.B. Stuart is Cavalryman of the Lost Cause by Jefferey Wert. –BB

“If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

– William Shakespeare

The Antifa crowd started to mill around the Confederate statue, yelling obscenities and chanting nonsensical nursery rhymes posing as political discourse.

Some of them were sporting the red hammer and sickle regalia that had become the fashion of late tipping the hand of real intentions.

Flags of many varieties were waving from old guard CCCP banners to black Daesh flags. Many faces were covered and most dressed in red or black.

Jason and his cohorts had arrived on the same bus as the Soros supported Antifa and the smaller contingent dressed as Klansmen. They had been ribbing the faux Nazis the whole trip as they were revving to the rap ballads bleeding out of the speaker system in the stuffy interior. They had answered the ad by “Crowd Hire” for $25 an hour.

Jason turned to Henry. “You ready?”

He smiled back. “Yeah”

As the bus slowed and stopped, the bus disgorged its carnival of communist clowns onto the hot hardball. Jason walked to the third under-carriage cargo bay and rotated it open and started helping hand out the ball bats and helmets to the designated crews that were going to be “be-bopping” the crowds. He grabbed the duffel he had stuffed in there and then started handing the water bottles out to folks who wanted them. He removed another pack of water and took some of the more rambunctious protesters aside and whispered to them that these were the “hot bottles” with a smile and gesture of throwing them. The Gatorade flavors tended to have the same coloration as diesel or gasoline, which was convenient. He handed out black kerchiefs that had lighters tied in them to the same folks who took the Gatorade.

He didn’t hand them to anyone over the age of 21 because he wanted to avoid alerting the confidential informants and government agent actuals he knew were milling about. He knew the agents would be stupid enough to take a swig. He’d already identified six of them by their obesity, age and general awkwardness.

Henry did the same on the other side of the bus.

They had others comrades working in five other buses. None of them had cell phones, just FRS radios that they squawked in pulses per a previously agreed code.

Jason’s FRS chirped three times. Jason signaled to Henry and nodded.

They both wandered into the crowd.