Communism 2.0: It Ain’t Over Yet by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note:  I have been scarce in writing since I have been on vacation. I have reading some good books that I will be talking about in future posts.

Less than 612 shopping days until the next empty [pant]suit shuffles into the Offal Office. Prioritize your training and your purchases with that in mind.

Remember, a gun cannot be violent, therefore, there is no gun violence. 

Tick tock.

One benefit of the new millennium is the communists have become much more bold and confident in their control to advance their deepest held beliefs in the public sphere. The faculty lounges are filled with disenchanted feminists who waddle into the professors’ lounge, park their brooms on the rack and step over to the cauldron with other miserable wretches to conjure new ways to make government supremacism a reality. I can’t making any of this shit up and it is hard to understand that my tax dollars were thieved to subsidize this kind of Marxoid swill.

Hence Comrade Sophie Lewis has articulated out loud what many totalitarians in the last hundred years have daydreamed about: abolishing the family to sunder capitalism. Rosemarie Ho [irony abounds] interviewed her about last month:

“I sat down with her over a cup of tea at The Nation’s offices and talked about why rethinking gestation is central to an emancipatory politics, how we can use surrogacy to subvert oppression, and what kinship beyond possession, beyond capitalism, beyond patriarchy could look like.”

They talk this way, they really do.

If you can read the entire article without an air sickness bag, good luck.

And keep in mind, a publisher edited this and went to the trouble to publish and promote this.

I’m so sick of this pseudo-scientific crap, these social analyses pulled so easily from the ass of the Neo-Marxist. Pretentious fabrications like “heteronormativity.” This is why I pull away from socialism and communism. Marx and Engels have nothing to offer our age.

I stand my my notion that private guns are infinitesimally less damaging than government guns informed by shooters who believe this poisonous alien bile.

If you want some incredible insight into the communist project, Dalrymple’s tour guide of hell on Earth from thirty years ago offers a raw and personal insight that is hard to beat and eminently readable.

On a personal note, my youngest boy rotates back to the states in three months, can’t wait. We have a lot of lost time to make up. He is a world class shooter. His squaddies call him Jason “Fucking” Bourne. Range time!

Skip, the Village Armorer, is up at the Overland Expo showing off his extraordinary Toyota Landcruiser and trailer build. Custom fab and very thoughtful engineering. -BB


I would have never guessed I would be fighting against the mass appeal of communism again in my lifetime [I am in my late fifties]. Mind you, my definitional standard for what makes a communist may be more broad than the accepted constructs by “polite society”. I suggest that every government supremacist no matter their perceived affiliation along the cleverly manipulative falsehoods of the bidirectional nonsense of left and right ends up in the same continuum as the aspiring communist sympathizer. There are individualists and collectivists but nothing in between, all collectivists are naturally interventionists and through their simpleton conceptions of employing violence to form society, they set the conditions for leviathan states that snuff out every aspect of liberty and freedom informed by atomized moral volition.

The alt-right clown posse even flirts with the alt-Marxian visions of the national socialists and the Mussolini-style state corporatists.

By employing political frameworks that put homicidal violence brokers in empty suits in positions of power over vast swaths of humanity, they shape the conditions for the gulag states that modern education and technology enables.

I have said before that if the federal government in the US were forbidden from stealing a single dime from its supplicant populations it would wither and die and further, if it was unable to transfer a single ruble of its stolen booty to the vast government enstupidation factories from K-PhD, communism would die on the vine in the west as a “rational” framework in a generation. The education complex in America is the primary communist software virus hothouse in the US if not the west.

All the privation, starvation, death, caging and destruction of communism is a feature not a bug.

For one to be a champion of communism in 1919: existentially naive and stupid but mildly excusable.

2019: Criminal intellectual negligence and a death fetishism. Communism is a cargo cult.

Politics never delivers freedom because one can’t eradicate cannibals by eating them.

The nationalists tend to have it backwards and they are presently repelling most collectivists but gaining a following as an alternative but they are not a path to freedom.

Yoram Hazony wrote an interesting treatise on this very notion in The Virtue of Nationalism:

“The nationalism I grew up with is a principled standpoint that regards the world as governed best when nations are able to chart their own independent course, cultivating their own traditions and pursuing their own interests without interference.”

Eminently readable and much better argued than the nativist economic illiteracy of Pat Buchanan but misses the mark. His biblical notions for ordering states is also rather odd. But unlike so many of his confreres, he sees the value in individuated community forming their own micro-polities along racial or philosophical lines. Yet the Middle East and Africa have proven that forced integration of either of these ideas can be lethal to the health of the people trapped in the nationalist entities.

Hazony does differentiate nationalism and imperialism:

“For centuries, the politics of western nations have been characterized by a struggle between two antithetical visions of world order: an order of free and independent nations, each pursuing the political good in accordance with its own traditions and understanding: and an order of peoples united under a single regime of law, promulgated and maintained by a single supranational authority.”

Scratch the alt-right and you find Crusader ambitions against most outsiders resident in their perceived mythos.

Harzony further avers on the distinction:

“…small institutions like the family or the squad, consisting of individuals bound together by mutual loyalties developed over long years of shared hardship and triumph, are the bedrock of all political order. It is out of such small units that larger-scale political institutions of every kind are built. … The mutual loyalty of individuals to one another is the most powerful force operative in the political realm. Feelings of mutual loyalty pull individuals tightly together, forming them into families, clans, tribes, and nations.”

One could leverage this in the apolitical ambitions of micro-enclaves of anarcho-[fill in the blank] but human evolution out of the noose of the sate isn’t enticing enough yet on a large scale.

I am reminded of Neil Stephenson’s “Burbclaves” from his book, “Snowcrash”, each of which subscribed to a particular nation or country, by contract. Citizens of a specific nation, such as “Mr. Li’s Greater Hong Kong”, would have unrestricted access to a Burbclave which also subscribed to “Mr. Li’s Greater Hong Kong”, while not being able to freely enter a place subscribed to, say, the “United States of America”.

Harzony makes an interesting attack on Ludwig von Mises where he extrapolates that Mises wanted the world to be a classical liberal free market at gunpoint but this is certainly not an ambition of von Mises in his writing nor philosophical constructs but part of this is the institutional blindness of one so weeded to violence as the primary brick and mortar of all human societies , he lacks the moral imagination to know otherwise.

My point is that no matter the approach to nationalism it tends to aggregate power in the one percent and by this I don’t mean the wealthy, I want wealthy people in a society because they tend to employ more poor people than poor people do.

The one percent I mean is the violence broker class of the elected vermin in the US as an example, there are over half a million of these empty suits and pantsuits polluting the halls of local to Federal level offices nation-wide. Consequently, they are supported by millions of government employees (I use that term advisedly since the term worker would be wildly inaccurate, most of these creatures are on assisted living with a guaranteed paycheck) whose salaries and project are funded through the vampire state that taxes, borrows or inflates the monopoly currency to ensure they can exist.

It is truly a double-edged sword, I thank the Gods every day that the politicians are so monstrously stupid, economically illiterate, short sighted and prone to such colossal failure in everything they do. One would be hard pressed to point to a single government program in the US for example whose existence made life better for anyone outside government employment. What is indisputable is that all innovation in human history starts in a single mind absent a gun to the head to provide the good or service.

Thought experiment: if the government-built cars, computers, cell phones, on and on with government employees, would they be technically and materially superior to what the freed market can produce.

Of course not.

In the end, communism is a human software virus that has been responsible for more human misery and death that freed markets could ever achieve.

Resist communism at every moment.

Always better than red in the end.

7 thoughts on “Communism 2.0: It Ain’t Over Yet by Bill Buppert”

  1. Bill:
    Great essay and thank you for finally outing nationalism and the alt right clown posse ,as you put it, as no path to liberty

  2. The Commies are coming out in the open and getting right in our face now. That’s good.

    Sadly so-called conservatives cling to Republicans and corporatism, a fancy name for fascism. Big Corporate has now built the Warfare State, Police State, Prison State, Security State and Surveillance State.

    Give the devil its due, globalists are clever and patient.

    While we are counting shopping day, only 43 more days until the band regurgitates Greenwood’s ‘Proud to be an American’ and all the sheeple stand.

    Makes this old coot’s blood boil.

    1. I dissuaded all my lads NOT to join, my youngest is a free moral agent and I warned him of the enterprise.

      He was less surprised than most at the leviathan socialist monster he tied his horse to…

  3. David Letourneau

    Some very bad definitions here where everyone that intrudes on another’s freedom is a communist. Under Buppert’s definition even the far right is communist. We are loosing control of the language when even right wing thugs are communists.

    I would like to present a better definition: As a wise man explained to me some years ago, “There are sons of God, there are sons of monkeys and there are sons of bitches. The sons of bitches are those who know better what you should do than you do.”

    Without devolving into left and right, communism and fascism, it is actually quite simple. We are either free as human beings able to make our own decisions or we are not. While man and nature are creations of the cosmos, the nation state is a creation of man’s mind, so to give power to such an entity is to surrender one’s sovereignty to another’s imagination. As long as I am not intruding on another’s person or property then do not intrude on me.

    1. Left and right is misdirection and legerdemain, there is individualist and collectivist and all collectivism leads to communism , I simply cut to the chase.

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