I welcome all constructive feedback on Zero Gov.

In theory, of course; in practice, I may become giddy or sulk.

If you have something to say about a particular posting on Zero Gov, please feel free to use each entry’s comment function. There’s a little character-recognition puzzle before posting a comment to discourage spam-bots. If you must use the “anonymous” toggle, please sign the comment with your name or pseudonym. (Choose one in eighteenth-century style, like “Tiberius” or “A Country Farmer”!)

I’m a bit dubious about anonymous postings in general, but having several anonymous people at once gets confusing.  I will, on occasion, edit comments for GRAMMAR and SPELLING only.

To send messages or questions about notions of liberty, history, guns, preparedness and this blog, visit my forum.

You may email me at thirdgun AT hotmail DOT com.

I’m delighted to hear what folks are looking for when it comes to liberty, preparedness and history. I can’t promise I’ll have anything to say in response, though.   Please bear in mind:

  • I’m happy to receive news about upcoming events, media, books, etc, but I don’t have a firm schedule for announcements or reviews.
  • Yes, I comment on modern and ancient politics but I am affiliated with no formal political Party, not even the Libertarian Party. I will continue to prattle on about politics until our ability to do so is suspended which I actually anticipate in the future.
  • Cross examination is the engine of truth and I accept all reasoned barbs and arrows.  This site challenges so many assumptions and things people take for granted that it can at times be overwhelming so please let’s advance together in a civil discourse.
  • Whether you are a religionist of the Christian, Jewish or Muslim variety or everything in between, I have zero interest in your particular affiliation unless it relates to how it affects the mortal coil we live in. I am a deist and not a religionist of any conventional stripe.
  • While I am a great fan of satire, personal attacks on me will simply make me yawn.
  • I love cats, they are nature’s most able anarchists.