Publisher's Note:  I wrote the Foreword for my friend Jim Rawles’ latest book, Land of Promise, which is now available for order on Amazon. This is the global release day for the book, December 1st. He is really stepping up his game. In other news, I have just completed all six parts of a series I did with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast on Irregular Warfare.  Indeed, we started with one part anticipated and ended with six and potentially more. We are pretty proud of the end product. Please be sure to stop by my forum if you get the opportunity especially if you disagree with the notion of living free. There are far more sub-forums than the two visible to the general booboisee once you join. My books are available on Amazon and I would love some honest reviews if you have the time. –BB  
“We must ask, not whether an anarcho-capitalist society would be safe from a power grab by the men with the guns (safety is not an available option), but whether it would be safer than our society is from a comparable seizure of power by the men with the guns. I think the answer is yes. In our society, the men who must engineer such a coup are politicians, military officers, and policemen, men selected precisely for the characteristic of desiring power and being good at using it. They are men who already believe that they have a right to push other men around - that is their job. They are particularly well qualified for the job of seizing power. Under anarcho-capitalism the men in control of protection agencies are selected for their ability to run an efficient business and please their customers. It is always possible that some will turn out to be secret power freaks as well, but it is surely less likely than under our system where the corresponding jobs are labeled 'non-power freaks need not apply'.”

- Friedman, David. The Machinery of Freedom Guide to a Radical Capitalism 2nd Edition, Chapter: "The Stability Problem"


  1. a state of society without government or law.
  2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.
  3. a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.
  4. confusion; chaos; disorder: Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith.
Again and again, people are shocked and frightened by even the hint of the elimination of large swaths, wholesale portions and the complete abolition of government at every level.  I do not advocate for reduction or cost effectiveness, I advocate for the complete withdrawal of government and its attendant violence out of lives.  I have mentioned before that there is no such thing as limited government; that is simply the hothouse for the future prosperity of the expansion of government after the last totalitarian enterprise has collapsed of its own contradictions. I do advocate self-government but that is the only self-limiting government in human affairs. Mind you, this is a dystopian vision in which the individuals, businesses and entities will fail and even perish but is nothing compared to the bureaucratized slaughter that has been the story of man for time immemorial under the illusion that GOVERNMENT COERCION AND VIOLENCE IS THE SOLE ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF HUMANITY. I want to take the time today to illustrate why anarchy is no stranger in human affairs and is, in fact, the ordinary everyday principle by which most of us conduct our business. Turn the usual question on its head: the state is the unnatural shackling of your friends and neighbors to the verities of the ruling classes and their armaments to enforce obedience and create fear for non-compliance. John wakes up in the morning and prepares to go to work in the house he purchased for an extraordinarily inflated price due to the fiat currency, building regulations and property taxes forcibly extracted from him to turn the community’s children into shambling illiterate and innumerate morons who will respond obediently to the beat of the government society they are yoked to. In spite of this, John elects to pursue a career to bring the forty percent of his total earned income home and do the right thing with it.  He is a middle class American struggling to make ends meet.  John is proud to be a producer and resents mightily the high taxation and regulatory tangle that has become life in America. He goes on to eat his healthful breakfast, which is the direct opposite of the Food and Drug Administration’s soothing recommendations to ensure he does not truncate the end of his life.  After breakfast, he takes the prescription drug illegally stored in an unmarked container on his way out the door.  The children are home-educated so there is no necessity to wake them up from their slumber.  He is eager to ensure the government does not get their claws into his children to turn them into to the aforementioned urchins of the state. He grabs his briefcase and pack and heads out to his truck.  Under Arizona law, he is practically unrestricted in his travel with a weapon and ensures that the Glock stored in the truck is fully operable and ready for social work knowing that the cops are far more interested in ticketing drivers than catching genuine criminals.  By their nature and incentives, the police cannot protect him in 99% of circumstances and he is on his own.  He dials the cell-phone and sets up his meetings for the day and ensures his lunch appointment is still on.  He pulls the truck onto the unimproved road and drives to the highway to head for work.  He drives as he wishes on his private road but knows that once he has hit the pavement on the government built road he will be in constant danger of being stopped by the armed tax-eaters for violations as minor as having a license plate light out to provide the impetus for a fishing expedition by the constabulary to exact new monies or escort him into the prison system. When he gets to the intersection, the entire signal system is inoperable due to a power outage but he simply waits his turn and eventually motors onto the interstate.  He is a polite driver not because of the law but because he realizes that cautious and defensive driving is in his own self-interest.  A woman on the side of the road is having to change a tire so he stops to render assistance.
Publisher’s Note: The continuing crisis in the Eurasian landmass has finally bridged the gap between traditional Europe and the bubbling Western cauldron of unintended consequences that is the modern Middle East with the recent Paris shootings. This may be the 4GW answer to the attempted invasion of Europe in 732 at the Battle of Tours by Emir Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi Abd al Rahman. The non-state combatant seeks to make its enemy strangle itself through over-reaction, domestic expansion of the warfare/surveillance/terror state of the beleaguered entity. It has certainly worked for the meager investment to bring down the towers in New York in 2001. Regrettable and stand by for more of the few freedoms you have left to be shoved in the shredder to protect you from the mess that the US and its Western satraps has created since the turn of the twentieth century. Whatever noise and fury you hear from the usual suspects on how to prevent such a thing from occurring again, keep in mind what the solution set has delivered for the American fatherland since the 9/11 incidents in New York and the Pentagram. There are only two possible solutions: Cease and desist all meddling in other people’s lands and absolutely unfettered access to small arms of every type at the atomistic level. France’s totalitarian gun prohibition and culture of obedience to authority created the perfect circumstances for the Helots to be maimed and murdered at will by purposeful combatants. Don’t expect either of these methods to prevail. In other news, I have just completed all six parts of a series I am doing with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast on Irregular Warfare.  Indeed, we started with one part anticipated and ended with six and potentially more. We are pretty proud of the end product. I wrote the Foreword for my friend Jim Rawles’ latest book, Land of Promise, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon. He is really stepping up his game. My books are available on Amazon and I would love some honest reviews if you have the time. –BB  
“In the quiet spaces opened up by the prolonged, undistracted reading of a book, people made their own associations, drew their own inferences and analogies, fostered their own ideas. They thought deeply as they read deeply.” - Nicholas Carr, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains
 You are an enemy of the state if you don’t remain connected all the time. Like airplane fuselages on American flagged carriers and Federal installations, your benevolent government wants you monitored at all times and subject to unlimited search and seizure of person and property at every juncture if they wish. The pocket radio, a Belmont Boulevard, appeared on the market in 1949. Unlike the odd Communist world fascination with loudspeakers at every block throughout the other evil empires, the device revolutionized commerce. Once the Walkman debuted in 1979, one could now complement the portability of receiving radio transmissions with recorded music on the cassette medium to be succeeded by CDs later on. I would mark the middle of the twentieth century as the beginning of the end for mass purposeful reading of books, newspapers and magazines in America. It has simply gotten progressively worse since then. Reading doesn’t take place until you take your eyes off the page; in other words, reflection and contemplation are important cognitive processes. Genius has been defined as an interdisciplinary connection of heretofore unrelated data points or conjecture. Critical thinking is hard but not complex. In essence, critical thinking is thinking about thinking to improve your thinking through better thinking. A lifelong project best started at a tender age. The four levels of reading championed by Mortimer Adler provided one with a critical thinking toolkit to assess and quite literally change the world around you through the act of absorbing someone else's worldview and perspective through your own critical lens and confirmation bias.. I think it is no mean coincidence that reading happened to coincide with the rather thoughtful revolutions against the state that took place when the Enlightenment started to reduce the edifice of the church/state monopoly that had been the way of human civilization for thousands of years. The practice of “silent reading” became the transformative event in human society. Nicholas Carr:
“Even the earliest silent readers recognized the striking change in their consciousness that took place as they immersed themselves in the pages of a book. The medieval bishop Isaac of Syria described how, whenever he read to himself, “as in a dream, I enter a state when my sense and thoughts are concentrated. Then, when with prolonging of this silence the turmoil of my memories is stilled in my heart, ceaseless waves of joy are sent me by inner thoughts, beyond expectation suddenly arising to delight my heart.” Reading a book was a meditative act, but it didn’t involve a clearing of the mind. It involved a filling, or replenishing, or the mind. Readers disengaged their attention from the outward flow of passing stimuli in order to engage it more deeply with an inward flow of words, ideas, and emotions. That was—and is—the essence of the unique mental process of deep reading.”
Deep reading is what gave us most of the benefits of modern society today much like the very notion of an individual mind is what gives substance to ideas..

Publisher’s Note: Another year rolls by and the gory parade begins of all the maimed and murdered young men and woman who fought overseas to prove empire and sustain the military-industrial money-laundering complex emanating for the corridors of coercive power in DC. I spent most of my adult life in the Legions and like Smedley Butler left an unbeliever and disgusted with the whole wretched enterprise. Stand by for all the bad music, war fetishism, and convoluted apologia for bringing most of the troops back. I say most because no serving human in the military machine ever makes it back completely alive. Some return near whole but many return the worst for wear and haunted by the things they’ve done and witnessed in obeisance to political directives. Want to support the troops? Bring them soonest. It appears USSOCOM has approximately 7000 soldiers deployed to 84 countries (probably more if the rulers were more transparent in their machination) and active conflicts engaged and emerging in a dozen hot-spots around the globe as the American empire takes its intensely violent brand of world policing to different parts of the globe. And please spare me the pathetic mewling of a lack of patriotism for failing to get excited about maiming and killing men, women and children planet-wide so the mandarins in Mordor can play macabre chess with flesh and blood human pawns. None of this imperial madness is new, Caesar was doing this against the Bituriges, Carnutes, Belgae and countless other tribes in the latter part of the Gallic campaigns in France to enrich his own personal treasury in preparation for his emerging consulship in Rome. He would posit "rebellions" and "uprising" to rationalizes more trespasses against the local population and mass looting of indigenous; mostly strip-mining hard assets and enlarging slave trains to Pax Romana. The USSA has been at active war with the world since 1893 after the extermination campaign against American aboriginals was close to its bloody conclusion in the USA. Chris Sullins wrote a very touching essay in 2009 on this subject as a fellow vet. And, yes, Jack Spirko, still hates my guts. Any assignations of sadism on the part of some soldiers is not isolated to the US, warfare through the ages both East and West has been a stage for the psychopaths of every nation to ply their twisted trade. War is certainly about power and control but ultimately all wars are fought over slave plantations and the jurisdictions for politicians, being violence brokers themselves, to maintain and expand larger taxpayer feedlots. Read it and weep and realize that your entire government education was a lie. -BB   “Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service” or “thanks for protecting our freedom.” What!  I hear this familiar refrain again and again every November.  I am appalled whenever this unthinking salutation is proffered. I am a retired career Army officer and like USMC General Smedley Butler before me, I find these sentiments to be hogwash. The only service rendered was to the American political power structure in the dishonorable hands of the Democrats or Republicans; the former, despite their protestations to peace, have gotten America involved in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Starting with the shameful expropriation of the Mexican territory from 1846-48 to the War of Northern Aggression from 1860-65; the United States went into hyper-colonial overdrive in 1893 in the Hawaiian Islands and has not stopped since. The entire history of American arms on Earth has been a shameful and expansionist enterprise culminating in the first ever post-WWII (the Japanese attack on American territories in the Aleutians during the War to Save Josef Stalin and the minor coastal skirmishes in Oregon) attack on American state soil in 2001 .  I am frankly astonished at the length of time it took for a substantive attack of any kind to be initiated on American soil with the breadth, ferocity and long sordid history of American mischief and mayhem abroad. The sheer number of military expeditions the US has embarked on over time is breathtaking.  One worthy notes there have been 234 military expeditions from 1798-1993.  Another posits 159 instances of the use of United States armed forces abroad from October 1945 through December 2006. “This list does not include covert actions and numerous instances of US forces stationed abroad since World War II, in occupation forces, or for participation in mutual security organizations, base agreements, and routine military assistance or training operations.”
Publisher’s Note: I spent most of my adult life in and around the military as a uniformed officer or contractor. The most well-funded and technologically advanced armed forces on Earth in its recorded history is fortunately for liberty and freedom overseas, an unmitigated disaster of Biblical proportions. For liberty at home in the USSA in concert with the Department of Fatherland Security, the US military makes you no safer and far more prone to increasing the size and scope of the statist apparatus to extinguish individual liberty and freedom wherever it may be found. Are the conditions being set in America for an insurgency? No, the behavior of the central government is setting the conditions for multiple insurgencies on US soil as we speak. I discussed the frailties and foibles of conventional warfare here. In other notes in the margin, I am not paying any attention to the political races at all. I don’t have a dog in the fight. As a non-voter, the only attraction to go to the polls would be to cast a “none of the above” vote that has the teeth of a majority vacating the office for the prescribed term. In other words, if the Offal Office could be vacant for four years, maybe the country could recover but that is impossible because limited government has always been an illusion. You are better off mowing your lawn with your teeth than voting. Any voting other than lobbying is simply an irrational act. Voting makes the assumption that your neighbor is your property and your children are collateral for government mischief. In other news, I have just completed all six parts of a series I am doing with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast on Irregular Warfare.  Indeed, we started with one part anticipated and ended with six and potentially more. I wrote the Foreword for my friend Jim Rawles’ latest book, Land of Promise, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon. He is really stepping up his game. My books are available on Amazon and I would love some honest reviews if you have the time. -BB   Counterinsurgency (COIN) is an incredibly sexy topic that makes rock stars of former soldiers like Petraeus, Kilkullen and Nagl as they wax ahistorically on the latest advance in besting incipient and advanced insurgencies planet-wide. The insurgencies tend to two goals: either the carving out of a portion of an existing nation state or the wholesale replacement of the besieged government with yet another variant of the same virus, yet another state. The history of the 20th century is littered with the postcolonial wreckage of embryonic states throwing off the extra-territorial seizures by European and Asian hegemons alike. Insurgencies are, in essence, armed and unarmed bids for self-determination. If you have any doubts insurgencies can be peaceful, I would urge you to examine Gandhi's sataygraha campaigns and the non-violent resistance movements planet-wide. I would posit that black and gray markets are forms of insurgency. When one examines the literature for COIN since the end of the War to Save Josef Stalin, one is treated to a veritable scholarly tidal wave of nonsense that rivals the scientific illiteracy of climate change, the voodoo of Keynesian economics and the undocumented conspiratorial legerdemain that haunts so many minds on so many political assassinations. With few exceptions like the magisterial work of Douglas Porch, the bandwagon is loaded with academic frauds and grasping political idolaters who wish to find the next best thing to neutralize insurgent threats to existing governments. One sees the alleged innovations of the “new” COIN manual sponsored by Petraeus in 2009 and the raft of new theories inundating the public arena through the good offices of the defense intellectuals and contractor hangers-on that assist in making the “defense” enterprise overseas the most sophisticated money laundering operation for the military-industrial complex that ever existed. Using Occam’s Razor, let’s try to distill the object of COIN: to neutralize and/or destroy any armed resistance to an existing government, usually a state that has been installed by a Western or Asian hegemonic power. External involvement of other countries meddling in the COIN efforts of a domestic government usually reveals the “client-state” relationship at its most basic level. One is hard-pressed to find any historical involvement in these efforts since 1893 (Hawaii) on the part of the US wherein the aggrieved state wasn’t created and vetted by the West by design. Porch does a splendid job destroying one of the primary memes that animates much of the COIN glad-handing and self-congratulatory Goebbels-gargling that passes for rational discourse in the West; the observation that the Brits wrote the book on effective COIN in modern applications usually citing the “success” in Malaya or lesser efforts like Aden or Oman. It’s all rubbish. The British pioneered concentration camps during the Boer Wars (the Germans would do the same in Namibia in 1904-07) which may have provided them the idea to float a police state over a country ravaged by insurgency and call it good. The very notion of a concentration camp demands a fairly sophisticated bureaucratic apparatus to build them, maintain them and most tragically of all, fill them. All of which require police state methodologies that would put a smile on any Western bureaucrat’s face.
Publisher's Note: My posting has been erratic of late because I recently returned from business overseas and have been absorbed in reconnecting stateside and tending to all the necessities of reunion after a prolonged absence and having to seek new opportunities to leave the cave and sustain the household. Please enjoy the following screeds on the only freedom that really matters when all is said and done - opting out locally, philosophically and existentially. Yet another fictional narrative series on possible futures in the USSA like the last two posts which were excerpts from my forthcoming novel.. I inaugurated the first of several conversations about secession several years ago.  The first essay is published below and the accompanying essays are linked below that.  Mordor on the Potomac can NEVER be reformed.  You can send good people but they will be sucked into a system of corruption and servitude that is unrivaled in the last thousand years in the magnitude of treasure and blood expended outside of large conflicts.  Buppert's Corollary to Acton's Axiom is that "Power attracts the corruptible and absolute power attracts even worse".   Rare is the ruler in any annal of history whose psyche is not possessed of a severe psychopathy or sociopathy; they rule and seek to do so because they wish to control others ultimately through any means necessary.  Five millennia of chronicled history is unimpeachable - government, whether secular or religious, is the source of ALL slavery and the fount of most violence leading to the abattoirs like Nazi Germany or the USSR.  We are on the road ourselves. The wars we now engage in AfPak, Yemen, Iraq and all the other neo-imperialist shitpits planet-wide are simply more expenditures of blood and treasure on top of the War on Drugs, Poverty, etc.  The Soviet Union was quite vicious but at least they were honest about their form of government.  We are bombarded by the government/media complex on the freedoms and liberties we enjoy.  What?  The attack on 9/11 and our war on Islam is not a response to their antipathy toward the aforementioned freedoms and liberties.  They have simply reacted to decades of war on the Middle East.  We were told they hate us for our freedoms but that charge is more fairly leveled at our own government. The final deSovietization of these united States will only occur when the American fractures, dissolves, devolves and calves off into the inevitable regional enclaves which have been created already through spontaneous order.  Remember that all the analysts were caught flat-footed when the USSR collapsed in 1989.  It can happen here so you had better prepare for the worst because it is coming.  That is not one Black Swan approaching, it is a flock. The America in the Inland West is significantly different in culture and temperament from the Soviet-lite states of the Northeast.  This country was born in a divorce from the United Kingdom and a secondary revolution in 1860-65 to right fissures that had long been festering and it is time for the country to file for divorce again – from Washington. In other news, I have just completed all six parts of a series I am doing with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast on Irregular Warfare.  Indeed, we started with one part anticipated and ended with six and potentially more. I wrote the Foreword for my friend Jim Rawles' latest book, Land of Promise, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon. He is really stepping up his game.  My books are available on Amazon and I would love some honest reviews if you have the time. I spoke on this very topic of secession at the Porcupine Festival for the Free State Project in Lancaster, New Hampshire on Friday, 22 June 2012 as Keynote Speaker.  -BB   "Good Morning, Governor, how might we…" "Mr. President, I realize you are a busy man so let’s get down to brass tacks…we are calling the ball and withdrawing our support of your Administration and the Federal government in DC. Effective immediately, we have coordinated to place all outgoing receipts to the IRS in a caged account here in Boise…" "Governor, you can’t do that…" "Please don’t interrupt while I am speaking as we are from this point onward peers in the family of nations. I hope you have reviewed the diplomatic instruments we sent by courier last night to Department of State which delineates the terms of our divorce." "I did receive those and you have no earthly idea the can of whoop-…" "Please, sir, maintain the decorum of these proceedings so we can move forward to an amicable separation. I give you my personal assurance on the safety and well-being of all Federal personnel we have detained for immediate repatriation to the remainder of these United States. Any non-law enforcement Federal personnel who wish to remain behind will be permitted to do so." "I hope you have thought through the consequences of what you are embarking on." "Mr. President, we have had over two hundred years to give the rulers on the Potomac a chance but that time has expired. Effective immediately, all so-called Federal lands now belong to the nation of Idaho and we will dispose of these lands at our leisure. In the interest of burying the hatchet, we will not seek compensation for the seizure, abuse and tenure of Federal practices on the aforementioned land and call the balance even." "Those are my lands, Governor…" "In actuality, they belong to neither of us, sir. On to other business, I have alerted my National Guard forces to establish checkpoints at all the main arterials in and out of Idaho. All National Guard forces deployed overseas will return home in the next 48 hours. I would also caution you on the use of military force to convince Idaho and its citizens to forcibly return to the yoke of the Union. Idaho has a well-deserved reputation as a rather well-equipped state in firearms possession and use. As Yamamoto said, you may find a rifle behind every blade of grass." "Are you threatening the president of the United States?" "No, sir, I am simply making an observation about the hazards of one country invading another." "You are land-locked, Governor and wholly dependent on federal subsidy for a great deal of employment and infrastructure in Idaho."
Publisher’s Note: Previously, I published a fictional narrative of a very personal nature that painted a grim picture of the possible outcomes police aggression and over-reach in America will look like. I suspect the future holds a much more macabre reality on a larger scale of the insurgency against statist police militarization and misbehavior that is recognizable by anyone in America who is paying attention. On reflection, large swaths of American history are influenced by the machinations and misbehavior of government policing mechanisms like the twenty years of tax and regulatory enforcement by the British Regulars in colonial America and the two Fugitive Slave Acts (1793 and 1850) that created the formative police state in America before the Second American Revolution in 1861. This isn't about the misdirection and illusion of the national election of the latest gaseous meat-puppet running to purchase the Offal Office. Want a barometer of political delivery of freedom? Pay attention to the real practice of politics on the streets of America by the enforcers of armed bureaucratic will, the badged thuggery. That's the true measure of liberty, not your ability to elect yet another feedlot owner in the next quadrennial serial killer beauty contest. Nation-states are nothing more than rather sophisticated plantation combines scattered around the planet. These Orcs string razor wire over their storm fencing at their police compounds for a reason and hunker down behind bullet-proof glass for the same reason they are so quick to maim and kill; they are frightened and invested with the license to kill, a particularly bad combination for citizen safety. The future implications are obvious. I dig the delicious irony of labeling themselves so often as "public safety" bureaucrats as they are blissfully unaware of the Reign of Terror by Robespierre in revolutionary France imposed by the Comité de salut public (Committee for Public Safety), the closest pre-modern forebear to state security apparatuses like the Cheka, NKVD and FBI. I would like to press home that I wish this to remain a work of troubled imagination but I fear that the government domestically will keep pushing until the following fictional account becomes a bloody reality. I had promised this chapter would take on a proportion even more dramatic than the last one. There are literally thousands of angered and maligned former vets with very special skills who could pull off much of what I describe in not only one city but many simultaneously and I assure you the police are not prepared and they will respond in a fashion that will bring even more of the same. The most obese occupation in America have all the best kit at tax Helot expense but neither the skills nor discipline to use them to effect. There is a reason they sell regular production "tactical" pants for police with 60' waists. Five feet... This is yet another sample chapter from my novel in progress. In other news, I have just completed all six parts of a series I am doing with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast on Irregular Warfare.  Indeed, we started with one part anticipated and ended with six and potentially more. I wrote the Foreword for my friend Jim Rawles' latest book, Land of Promise, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  My books are available on Amazon and I would love some honest reviews if you have the time. -BB   “Jim, what did dispatch say about that accident up ahead?” “Three miles ahead near mile marker 43.” “Call that in that we are on the way.” **** Wiley listened to the portable police scanner, the older gentleman who had manhandled the steel cover strategically on the overpass that night with his son had a father who was an engineer like himself and had observed the Operation Plumbbob tests in 1957 as a test administrator and had told his young son the story of a 2000 pound steel cap that had been launched into the air during the Pascal-B portion of the test. It gave him an idea. In the opposite direction. The manhole cover dropped approximately 45 feet from the overpass and weighed about 150 pounds, it cratered into the front windshield of the patrol car and pasted the driver and his companion, they were both dead within minutes. The occupants saw a blur and faded to black in a millisecond. The patrol car actually lost 15 miles per hour in an instant with the impact it was so severe. Three months ago, Wiley had been stopped for a broken tail light by the very same cops he had just killed. That night they had stopped him for a minor traffic violation and before everything was said and done, he and his wife had been beaten and tazed and he watched as his wife was mauled by both men for coming around the car to defend her husband. She was still traumatized by the event. Wiley would not let that stand. He was not alone. **** The news was peppered with frothy reporters and other government apologists getting on the “war on cops” bandwagon. Even though the historical incidence of cops killed in the line of duty had increased, the ratio was still seriously skewed on the number of dead Americans on the streets at the hands of the cops. The ratio had rocketed from about 30:1 to 55:1 as frightened cops started shooting and tazing even more innocents than previous records. For the first time since the 1930s, cops were actually facing a nascent resistance to their occupation on US streets. One could see the emerging trend line of distrust of the police with the 1972 Drug War ratcheting up the war on civilians and the inevitable perverse incentives that slowly militarized and polarized the cop on the street against the ordinary civilians they were allegedly protecting. The police bombing of the MOVE headquarters in 1985, Waco, Ruby Ridge and then finally 9/11 had opened the floodgates for government abuse of even the most mundane variety being escalated to mortal consequences for the slightest resistance to the authority of the police forces. Newton's Third Law was going live with a vengeance. **** Decker turned to Rourke, his features hardened in a frown. “Alright, Bill, it looks like we have a green light, everyone is in position.” Bill Rourke: “Roger, I think every infil and exfil is covered.” They hunkered down in the cramped confines of the tunnel below the busy street above. The street wouldn’t be busy for long because the police were cordoning off the parade route for the funeral for six cops slain at Decker’s hand in a raid gone bad a month earlier. “Decker, once we go, there is no going back.” Decker nodded morosely.
Publisher’s Note: In the near future, weapons confiscation laws are going to get worse as the blow-back against police misbehavior, over-reach and perennial escalation start to force reactions that the maximum state has not anticipated. This is part of a chapter drawn from the novel that I am currently writing, The Cancer Club. Per my previous posting, I had mentioned the fictional account creates a sharper narrative to draw some of the lessons out that would otherwise be lost in a dry supposition of what the future may hold. This is one of two fictional accounts I’ve created, this first one personalizes a singular event while the second one will speculate on what a complex attack against police forces in the US may look like in the not too distant future in which the casualties and death toll are much higher. These are works of fiction and any resemblance to persons alive or dead is a mere coincidence but any similitude to a close future when the government assumes it can maim and murder at will may be a keener harbinger than any one should be comfortable with. I have mentioned in the past that the US government has done itself no favors with the global wars it has waged that has trained thousands of young men in the myriad miseries of warfare, especially urban fighting. I offer this as a small taste of things to come as the police discover that Newton’s Third Law applies in their sphere too. Consider this a cautionary tale of the undiscovered country in front of all of us. In other news, I will be completing the last half of our four-part series on Irregular Warfare (Part I and Part II) with the estimable Prof CJ at the Dangerous History Podcast this weekend. I promise a proper intellectual thrashing of the ever-fashionable COIN-dinistas who have wrought destruction and mayhem globally. -BB Ed “Chilly” Hernandez had been on the Tucson PD force for eleven years and four years on SWAT. After a National Guard deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, he had been selected to be on SWAT and then commanded a team. He was heavyset but fit and had craggy features that had seen lots of sun in the Arizona desert. He stood in the ISO room and looked around at the five men gathered around the table. Manning had been stretched thin with the increasing frequency of "high risk" warrant service. “John Decker is the subject of tonight’s dynamic entry. Per the directive that just came down, we are hitting a number of violators who have been flagged on the DHS list for weapons offenders. He appears to have four unauthorized rifles and two pistols that we are charged with confiscating. He is a military veteran and possesses a CCW for the state of Arizona so we have to consider him armed and dangerous.” He continued. “When we stack, we’ll roll in a four-man stack and Ron and Chico will cover overwatch in the rear.” He turned to the two men he just mentioned. “Ron, need you on the rear of the house in overwatch with Chico. I need a green light from you once in position. We will be rolling at 0200 and I hope to breach no later than 0245. Questions?” Chico: “Yeah, what did this old guy do wrong or are we just confiscating his guns?” Ed sneered at Chico. “Shit-can the NRA bullshit, Chico and do what you’re told. We don’t make the laws, we bust the heads to enforce them. Alright, lads, time hack on my mark.” He stared at his watch and hesitated. “Now, 2335. Okay, lots of preps before we roll. Questions?” He entertained a few questions and they scattered. The men left the team room and scattered to their bays to prepare for the operation. Chico hung back. “Hey boss, I think this is really fucked up. I read through the warrant and it is fucking boilerplate. How many of these have been issued, seems like a mimeograph order.” “Chico, let me know when you want me to kick your ass off the team because of your silly notions. Otherwise, get to it.” Chico frowned and stepped out to get his gear prepped and the vehicles ready. They were rolling in a department MRAP and he had a checklist as long as his arm to get it ready to move. He moved to the back area where the MRAP was parked and put the lights on in the vehicle park. They silhouetted the hulking vehicle. 14 tons of mine resistant armored hardware, the department complained about the fuel mileage but wait until they got the bill for annual maintenance. He lowered the powered rear ramp and stepped inside to PCI the vehicle and get it ready to roll. Despite its size, the interior was cramped and not comfortable by any standard. Chico set to work. *** John slept fitfully in the chair, woke up and rolled over to the couch. His watch read 0217. As he laid down, he rolled on his right side and winced as the holstered Glock made the change rather uncomfortable. He leaned into the couch and closed his eyes. He drifted off again. *** All the men on the SWAT team gathered around the vehicles, the MRAP and a chase van. “Alright, men, secure your gear and let’s mount up. Everyone should be clear on the snatch and grab.” Some of the men rolled their eyes at the insipid use of military argot for the night’s crime mission. Ed had always been a hard-ass who liked his job a bit too much. The men grumbled as they struggled aboard the transports and radioed in their departure. The advance patrol unit was already near the apartment complex to recce and make sure all preparations were complete. The trucks rolled out in one smooth convoy out of the TPD Operations Complex underground parking and continued for the short journey to Decker’s house. *** Decker’s eyes flashed open when he heard the neighbor’s dogs go nuts, he didn’t live in the best area but he paid attention to canine alerts. He usually didn’t hear from the bedroom but the living room was much closer to the small yard next door. His hearing just wasn’t what it used to be. He was a terrible housekeeper and did not realize that the pile of clothes in a basket next to the door would save his life in the next few minutes and change it forever. He heard the dog yelp next door and go silent. *** Ron cleaned the knife off on the dog’s coat after he slit its throat. He squelched his mike twice for the all clear. He hated dogs and took pleasure in killing the mongrels. He had left a trail of their bodies scattered around Tucson. He smiled as he slipped the knife into the sheath and Chico frowned at him. Chico whispered: “That’s fucked up, man, stop smiling like the Cheshire cat. You just creep me the fuck out, psycho.” He grimaced and turned to the apartment in front of them. Ron gave him the finger and settled into a low prone at the back of the apartment complex. He and Chico were the rear security team so he pressed his cheek into the stock of the surplus M24 the department had gotten from the DoD. Chico sidled next to him and dropped his NODs in place. Ron wasn’t wearing NODs relying on the night vision on the gun platform, another gift from the Pentagon through the 1033 program to TPD. He spoke into his mike: “All clear, chief.”
“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Publisher's Note: Just finished Part One in a four part series on Irregular Warfare I'm doing with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast, take a listen. -BB The federal government apparatus in America has de facto and de jure federalized all police forces. All the cheap talk by the race hooligans of every pigmentation is fatuous and disingenuous at best. It's done already. There is no political actor in Washington who has even challenged the narrative and script that every government supremacist edict in America descends from the Feds. From the blunted secession movements like Vermont and Texas to the Drug War to the increasing militarization of the thin black and blue line, one thing becomes crystal clear: the police in the 19,000 departments across America are simply the pointy end (if not intellectually dull and diminished) of all politics. This isn’t simply an American phenomenon. It’s planet-wide and historically correct that absent these armed and uniformed thug forces, no political bad actor could deprive one human being of their liberty and individual volition. The news and the interwebs are packed with stories and analysis on the emerging violent and capricious police state that is blanketing America. I have written extensively as has the brilliant William Grigg on the morbid details of the police state in all of its grotesque and totalitarian glory. Now we hear the usual suspects in the government media complex mewling and writing in panic at a "war on police". No such war exists, yet. As of this date, the cops have stacked up 846 corpses murdered this year in the streets (this number does not include what I suspect is a much larger corpse-count in the vast Federal and satrap gulag system across the country). I have to make my standard disclaimer that I think this is highly suspect as a lower number due to mis-, under- and non-reporting by the authorities on these Helots murdered across the country. Of course, a British newspaper has to provide the numbers because the fiscally strapped Feds can’t bother with maintaining such a database. Be very careful combing these numbers, 43 Helots were murdered by police wielding “less than lethal” tasers during this same year and that number just so happens to be a little more than the number of line of duty deaths for cops in America for the year by their own admission. 29 cops have died as a result of criminal mayhem directed toward their person; the remaining figures have nothing to do with this to include 9/11 illnesses and vehicular pursuit. By their own admission, gunfire deaths are down 26% this year. Yet for every cop dead, approximately 30 civilians die for each one. Also keep in mind that the police will blame others for their own firearms mischief and apparent suicides will be ruled as “negligent discharge” to protect the insurance coverage of fallen armed bureaucrats.
Publisher’s Note: I thought to conduct my annual savaging of the Constitution on this day. My colleague Paul Bonneau thinks thrashing the slave creed is the wrong idea.  We have a gentleman's disagreement. Happy Constitution Day, fellow Helots. So government is restrained and smaller now? Constitution Day is the annual homage to one of the most devilishly clever instruments to make a slave people think they are free in Western history. The political coup occurred a mere three years after the divorce proceedings from the United Kingdom in 1783 where thirteen separate nations sat across from the King’s legation in Paris. Imagine such a legation of vassal states today after fighting the central power in DC. We can only dream. The land of the free and home of the brave under current Constitutional constraints solved the question of individual sovereignty at the individual and state level with Lincoln’s clarification on Constitutional totalitarianism in 1865 and further cemented it in the years to follow. The 13th Amendment removed chattel slavery and the 14th Amendment promptly put every human on the landmass in eternal slavery and obeisance to a strong central government. America is just one big happy plantation now. A quick thought experiment is in order. If the Second Amendment has any meaning, how does one explain the Constitutional imprimatur and stamp of approval on the 1934 NFA, 1939 US v. Miller, 1968 GCA, 1986 FOPA, 1989 Bush prohibition on the importation of cosmetically offensive weapons and the very existence of the BATFE? All government approved and enforced; move along citizen, no infringement here. The answer is elegantly simple: limited government is impossible and the rulers do as they please using the document that destroyed the state’s individual presumptions and nationalized the edict and issue of executive regulation to the atomistic level. The Federalist project was a means to effectively manage tax cattle and when possible invade the rest of the planet with the contagion the document created to put every human being under its power on a permanent feed lot for the zookeepers in government to harvest as they wish. There's a handy chart in my original LRC essay that compares the two documents here. One additional observation: is it not instructive that in every case where an individual seeks redress against government abuse, they never use the body of the Constitution but the anemic Bill of Rights the Federalists objected to? Read Hamilton’s weak arguments against the Bill of Rights in Federalist #84 for a clue where these scoundrels were headed. Hamilton, who may be appropriately labeled the Original Gangster in the pantheon of home-grown violence brokers who have labeled themselves politicians is Exhibit A in why government should never exist in the first place. Boston T. Party was a great inspiration to the ideas here. I count Boston as a personal friend and his contribution to the jeremiads against the infernal Constitution are much appreciated. Boston’s brilliantly titled Hologram of Liberty (revised in 2012) is now available on Kindle. Gary North does a great job tackling the germination the leviathan state in the USSA here. The government tyranny you witness everyday is what the Anti-Federalists warned you about. But what do they know? Constitution Day is not a day of celebration but a day of mourning for what could have been. Every tyrant of every stripe across the USSA smiles when they see the American booboisee clamoring to get the Constitution recognized in whatever fictional representation that haunts the aggrieved party advancing the idea. Everyone is getting it good and hard, have no doubt. –BB
“By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.” ~ James Madison “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” ~ Lysander Spooner
Today, 17 September 2014, is Constitution Day. There will be paeans, abundant commentary and church-like observances of the glories of this document in making us the most blessed nation on planet earth. This essay suggests a contrarian thesis. The Constitution is an enabling document for big government. Much like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain is a fraud. In this case, for all the sanctimonious hand-wringing and the obsequious idolatry of the parchment, it sealed the fate of our liberties and freedoms and has operated for more than 200 years as a cover for massive expansion of the tools and infrastructure of statist expansion and oppression. Among the many intellectual travels I have undertaken, this is one of the most heart-breaking I have ventured on. I want to acknowledge the compass-bearers who sent me on this journey: Kenneth W. Royce (aka Boston T. Party) and his seminal book, The Hologram of Liberty and Kevin Gutzman’s Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution. For most of the political spectrum in America, the document represents their interpretation of how to make this mortal coil paradise. Even in libertarian circles, it is taken as an article of faith the Constitution is a brilliant mechanism to enlarge liberty and keep government at bay. That is a lie. The document was drafted in the summer of 1787 behind closed doors in tremendous secrecy because if word leaked out of the actual contents and intent, the revolution that had just concluded would have been set ablaze again. They were in a race against time and did everything in their power to ensure that the adoption took place as quickly as possible to avoid reflection and contemplation in the public square that would kill the proposal once the consequences of its agenda became apparent. They were insisting that the states ratify first and then propose amendments later. It was a political coup d’état. It was nothing less than an oligarchical coup to ensure that the moneyed interests, banksters and aristocrats could cement their positions and mimic the United Kingdom from which they had been recently divorced.
Publisher’s Note: Many worthies, ordinarily self-professed “special operators,” (I never knew so many could exist) have been making much of the American if not Western expertise in building, fighting and dashing enemies with unconventional warfare (UW). This is a myth. Per UW, modern post-WWII US special operations forces never do long dwell-time partisan/guerrilla creation and improvement. Foreign Internal Defense (FID) does not a guerrilla make. They didn't even do it in Vietnam (six month rotations in and out). The 39th Special Forces Detachment, 1st Special Forces Regiment was apparently tasked with this mission in Berlin for partisan activation but demobilized in 1984. The mission never materialized. Of course, some secret squirrel government apparatchik can huff and puff it’s been done but it’s a state secret, don't you know. Yeah, right. I find it most interesting that counterinsurgency dominates all the statist literature on how to prosecute these conflicts. Think of this much like the foolishness of counter improvised explosive device (IED) task forces and think tank bloviations on how to technically defeat mine warfare which has been in existence for millennia. Why haven’t the mandarins bothered to nominate massive brain trusts and expenditures of tens of billions on counter-rifle warfare or such arcana? As a matter of fact, when things get really sporty in the coming Endarkenment descending on the USSA and the Slave Forces (SLAVFOR) start fighting against the inevitable insurgency that is germinating in the states, watch how well that works out. I assure you it will be much like the bloody Kansas and Missouri conflicts in the South before the War of Northern Aggression where Federal involvement built and motored a southon resistance from scratch with scorched earth tactics. You should read the interview I appended with the fascinating German General Hermann Balck, which I refer to below in the essay. He proposed that a way to make mines work even better is to emplace dummy mines at a ratio in excess of 50:1 to drain enemy time and resources. Food for thought for the coming festivities. In order to contest an insurgency, one must understand why they occur and what machinations make them remain afloat and expanding despite the massive influx of First World military technology, manpower and vast treasure. Well, the answer is rather simple: invasion foments insurgency and the more of the former the more robust the latter in response. The West for all its trillions spent, tens of thousands injured and time and resources utterly wasted can’t seem to grok that rather simple fact. Want to win a counterinsurgency? Pack up and leave. No Muslim insurgency since the end of the War to Save Josef Stalin has been defeated. Enough of that, I owe the readership a list on 4GW but today we’ll tackle a top five list of readings in the conventional spectrum and I will not endorse Clausewitz despite his titanic presence in these strategic circles that discuss warfare. Here's the bottom line: the US has not won a conventional conflict much less an unconventional conflict despite the trillions spent and the wholesale creation of one of the largest and most technologically advanced armed forces in the history of mankind since the end of the War to Save Josef Stalin.-BB I have tackled reading lists for military matters before that I crafted. So I wanted to update the list with a more focused addendum that discusses how and why mass conventional armies operating on the full spectrum of conflict behave in success and defeat. There are plenty of serviceable unconventional/4GW/guerrilla lists out there but I think my readership deserves one I would recommend. That will be forthcoming after completing this one. But first, I’ve crafted this top five list on a more conventional military perspective of military reading for Second and Third Generation baseline military theory and practice because if you don't know that, you can't fight 4GW; how can you guerrilla if you don't know what are centers of gravity, command echelonments and logistical needs for SLAVFOR in both meat-space and decision cycles? There are many other concerns in addition to these. I've spent a little time in combat zones and can claim no great laurels whatsoever but I have had my eyes open and opened. Much of IRB/IRA leader Michael Collins' success is that he had a fair amount of former veterans of the British Army in his flying columns. Not special operators (isn't every vet nowadays?) but regular mud-boggers who had seen the grinding death-machine of the British Army in France during WWI. Collins was a titan in guerrilla warfare in the 20th century but many of his methodologies were born of observing first hand how conventional units behave. It's been December of 2001 in Afghanistan for nearly 14 years, ground-hog day from the Chief of Staff of the Army to the lowest Afghanistan National Army private. The day the last Western boot leaves Afghan soil, Kabul will come under siege and fall in a month. Again, trillions wasted to make the military industrial complex flush with money and the region awash in corpses and mayhem after the Western incursion.