The ZeroGov Forum: An Amphitheater for Abolitionist Ideas by Bill Buppert

“I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”

-H.L. Mencken

Publisher’s Note: I’m currently updating and revising my compilation of essays to which I will add an additional 300 pages (approximately) to the current book on Amazon and it will still be available at the very cool low price of $2.99. It is currently only available as an eBook. Amazon has revolutionized the world in more ways than one by circumventing the government supremacist gatekeepers in the big publishing houses. Once my esteemed editor is finished, I will plug it into Scrivener and compile it properly. I also maintain a Twitter presence at @Zero_Gov and you’re welcome to follow.

I have become an “occasional regular” (is there such a thing?) with my abolitionist friends at the Freedom Feens. Michael Dean is Feen6 and he runs a “teaching hospital” for high quality audio podcasting. I recommend listening. -BB

Zero Gov has a forum.  The blog is a terrific vehicle for…a one way conversation.  Mind you, I love the replies and welcome them but the forum allows readers and editors to be much more expansive and interactive. Unlike the brevity haiku of Twitter or the seemingly one-way scribblings on a blog, it allows much more Socratic drilling and deep philosophical exchange. There are 31 sub-forums once you become a member not the two that appear for guests.

I am hoping that most everyone will channel Socrates and discover that, at times, the questions are more informative than the answers.  We have a variety of boards created and posted now and hope this provides the impetus for the creation (or potential elimination) of boards and other areas of interest as traffic and discussions merit.

This is the abolitionist project and we are on the cusp of shifting the paradigm and convincing our fellow humans that ownership of another against their consent is wrong any way you shake it.  Our modest mission is to philosophically terraform the planet one disobedient serf at a time. As I have mentioned before, William Wilberforce started this fight and we will continue the battle against initiated violence and its largest protagonist, government. Government being monopolistic, individually non-consensual entities that need host populations to sustain themselves and harvest the host to benefit looters and parasites. All the noise about alien invasions is silly compared to the psychopaths among us who have convinced their fellow humans to don the chains and manacles and dance merrily to their tune.

I would ask that we conduct ourselves with gentlemanly comportment and keep the insults instead of arguments to a minimum.  We invite every creed and philosophical touchstone into the conversation.

Our tendency is to be non-interventionist freed [sic] market individualists whose influences tend to be Rothbard, von Mises and Spooner so that will most likely be the characteristic meme on the board but I invite the “other” anarchists, minarchists and even government supremacists to come and test your rhetorical mettle. I am hoping this enterprise creates new friends and goes even further to test veracity and philosophical depth of the abolitionist dao and possibilities for a stateless society.

Please visit the forum and see if it suits your fancy.  Be sure to advise us on any recommended changes.

You can access the forum here.

Or you can hit the Forum tab at the upper margin of the blog homepage.

“People crushed by law have no hope but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous…”

– Edmund Burke

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  1. highlanderjuan

    Bill, FaceBook has your site blocked. I whined and complained, but may not have resolved the problem.

  2. I just linked a post and it seems okay, though it also seemed to drop off the feed almost instantly; could be other reasons for that. It’s still up on my wall and linking okay. If someone wants to double-check, officialobjectivism dot com goes straight to my fb page.

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