American Policing and the Coming Domestic Insurgency by Bill Buppert

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Publisher’s Note: Just finished Part One in a four part series on Irregular Warfare I’m doing with ProfCJ at the Dangerous History Podcast, take a listen. -BB

The federal government apparatus in America has de facto and de jure federalized all police forces. All the cheap talk by the race hooligans of every pigmentation is fatuous and disingenuous at best. It’s done already.

There is no political actor in Washington who has even challenged the narrative and script that every government supremacist edict in America descends from the Feds. From the blunted secession movements like Vermont and Texas to the Drug War to the increasing militarization of the thin black and blue line, one thing becomes crystal clear: the police in the 19,000 departments across America are simply the pointy end (if not intellectually dull and diminished) of all politics. This isn’t simply an American phenomenon. It’s planet-wide and historically correct that absent these armed and uniformed thug forces, no political bad actor could deprive one human being of their liberty and individual volition.

The news and the interwebs are packed with stories and analysis on the emerging violent and capricious police state that is blanketing America. I have written extensively as has the brilliant William Grigg on the morbid details of the police state in all of its grotesque and totalitarian glory.

Now we hear the usual suspects in the government media complex mewling and writing in panic at a “war on police”. No such war exists, yet.

As of this date, the cops have stacked up 846 corpses murdered this year in the streets (this number does not include what I suspect is a much larger corpse-count in the vast Federal and satrap gulag system across the country). I have to make my standard disclaimer that I think this is highly suspect as a lower number due to mis-, under- and non-reporting by the authorities on these Helots murdered across the country. Of course, a British newspaper has to provide the numbers because the fiscally strapped Feds can’t bother with maintaining such a database.

Be very careful combing these numbers, 43 Helots were murdered by police wielding “less than lethal” tasers during this same year and that number just so happens to be a little more than the number of line of duty deaths for cops in America for the year by their own admission. 29 cops have died as a result of criminal mayhem directed toward their person; the remaining figures have nothing to do with this to include 9/11 illnesses and vehicular pursuit. By their own admission, gunfire deaths are down 26% this year. Yet for every cop dead, approximately 30 civilians die for each one.

Also keep in mind that the police will blame others for their own firearms mischief and apparent suicides will be ruled as “negligent discharge” to protect the insurance coverage of fallen armed bureaucrats.

How do you know a cop is lying? His mandibles are moving. So I take all of these tabulations from the police with a grain of salt. It is in their interest to unnecessarily pump up their numbers. Remember, this is one of those curious lethal occupations where ALL investigations of misbehavior are overseen by the malefactors themselves in concert with a legal system that needs to protect the primary input vendor to keep the legal-incarceration complex running at peak capacity.

Many observers have been watching for a shift in perception of the presence of police officers and it appears more Americans are waking up to the fact that the obese buzz-cutted, military-clad Officer Friendly preying on communities nation–wide are not the legendary peace officers of old (which I would suggested never existed). Some are speculating and egged on by the police community itself and its Leninist unions that a war on police is afoot. I would say that is not the case now but we are at the cusp of that becoming a reality.

It was the police that beat Gandhi and his non-violent followers in both South Africa and India.

It was the police, both Reichssicherheitshauptamt and Gestapo, who rounded up Jews, dissenters and other non-desirables in Germany and occupied countries to process them for incarceration and liquidation.

It was the Soviet Cheka, NKVD and KGB police organizations that ensured a reign of terror and government absolutism was enforced throughout the USSR.

Every one of the members of these wretched organizations claimed the same weak-kneed morally bankrupt excuse for doing their political masters’ bidding – just following orders.

Cops push and push and push. James A. Baldwin put it succinctly: “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”

A storm is coming.

The conditions for an insurgency to emerge are many but two of the primary ingredients are legitimacy of the government and the perceived and real grievance by the mass base. One can suppose that the black community in the inner cities has been under siege for far longer than any of the other enclaves in America but ever since the national security state came into its own in 2001 in the War on Terror, US policing has taken on an even more savage offensive against all Americans with the increasingly militarized escalation-domination rubric that has informed every cop’s behavior in 19,000 police department occupying the country from stem to stern. You can go elsewhere for thousands of videos and same number of essays and articles explaining in fine detail the anecdotal and increasing evidence of the police being the singular existential threat to all human liberty.

An additional ingredient for success is who controls the narrative and now despite the MSM’s triumphalist monotone symphony on the virtuous statist police procedural even when the cops break the law to bring the perpetrator to justice is cracking under the strain of so many countervailing micro-videos and man-on-the-street cameras that are showing the media for the orchestrated state fellators they are. The emperor has no clothes. Lee Greenwood’s lousy song is being revealed to be the tired riff on the Soviet Internationale it always been.

I simply want to observe that Newton’s Third Law per action and reaction is ironclad in many societal frameworks and this is one of those. When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. I suspect we are nearing this point in America in reaction to the barbarous policing regime extant across the land.

The tipping point for random and deliberate acts of retaliation on police forces is real. There are seven million Americans presently on probation, parole and in a cage from the local to the Federal level, most for non-violent offenses and illegal vegetation. Now every one of those humans has extended families that are affected by the one person snared in the legal system. The cops are simply the violent concierges conducting a new-fangled fugitive slave patrol to keep the cages filled and the population cowed to obedience to the state.

As a student of irregular warfare, one finds astonishing parallels in history and contemporary conflicts where the policing mechanism of a dominant polity created the condition for the insurgencies to flourish. That is in motion in the US as we speak. Historically, the “iron fist” reaction has never slowed down an insurgency and simply swelled its ranks. If the police in America do go “full retard” and get their war-face on to tackle this emerging phenomenon, there will be no retreat and the resistance will increase in size and the escalation-domination-kinetic complex that informs all American policing methodologies is going to lead to the emergence of some rather sporty activities for which they are not prepared.

The police may wear the sexy combat kit with all the gifts rained on the departments by the Federal government to be “dressed to kill” but a large part of successful military action depends on training that realistically clones the anticipated conditions. This has not been the case. Every cop in America today wants to get their “operator” on and be there when the rounds fly to defend Team America from the terrorist hordes but the glimmering realization is that I stand a far greater chance of being struck by lightning twice and consumed by a Great White shark than being involved in a foreign-borne “terrorist incident”. But then again, I stand a much better chance of being maimed and killed by a cop than a private criminal in America today because I carry a gun as a “turd” civilian.

After all, Michael Collins did not strike a blow against the soldiers but English state police at the Castle in 1920 on Bloody Sunday (the first one not 1972).

There are currently approximately a million state badged enforcers in the thin black and blue line and they have yet to encounter stiff resistance to their nation-wide terror campaigns. They even boast of a being a “wartime” department during the latest spate of police shootings where in turnabout they appear to be the hunted. And remember that if any of you have seen the movie The Great Escape, those fifty murdered British/Dominion airman weren’t liquidated in cold blood by the Wehrmacht or the SS but the Gestapo and Kripo, German police organizations because the cops will do what their political masters order them to do. That is what all police forces are designed to do.

This is just the beginning.

When one peruses the historical case studies of insurgency, you discover that police forces were important trigger mechanism to create the conditions for resistance and rebellion. As the most visible and palpable representation of politics from on high, the police are proud in America to proclaim the Nuremberg Defense as sufficient cause for all action and behavior on their part. These aren’t simply reactions to military over-reach but most start with policing authorities weaponizing political will of the dominant statist faction which has been the bifurcated government supremacist party since Lincoln’s consolidation of the American plantation in 1865.

Several years ago, one middling former government apparatchik, Christopher Dorner, of modest martial skills froze the entire state of California in fear and had the law enforcement apparatus wetting themselves in terror and opening fire on innocents who matched neither personal nor vehicle description of the alleged fugitive.

I can’t predict what the trigger mechanism is but the vaunted state media-education sycophancy project to put a smiley face on police brutality, Goebbels-gargle the hero worship meme and bow and scrape before the police union menace is wearing thin on large swaths of the target population. Why did Governor Scott Walker exempt police and firefighters from his union destroying law?

Lone wolves like Dorner et al is not the only threat looming on the horizon nor singular individuals or family members seeking revenge for jailed, maimed and murdered family members. There are millions of veterans in this country who have seen the elephant unlike most of the self-entitled constabulary stalking the land. Much like the Irish Rising and hundreds of embryonic rebellions in history, the strike of the match may be lit by something completely unanticipated.

If the police raid the wrong house gunning down dogs, shoving naked woman about or otherwise ravaging private property, they may spark a reaction they aren’t prepared for by individuals who know what they are about. There are still people in the land for whom dishonor is a capital offense.

I am hoping none of this materializes but I have never seen a starker tinderbox in America since 1860 than the perfect storm of maximum government, unaccountable police who maim and murder at will and emerging economic calamity that can be traced directly to the state’s doorstep.

There’s a storm coming.

There is no better way to illustrate this than to fictionalize an account of what the maelstrom may look like in the near future so my next post will be just that illustration.

“Stop resisting” the impulse to do the right thing. Your children deserve better than any of us have done.

“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”

James A. Baldwin

42 thoughts on “American Policing and the Coming Domestic Insurgency by Bill Buppert”

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  2. A “border patrol” vehicle cruised through my AO last night. You know, the green stripe on white painted Tahoe’s of the “U.S. Customs and Border Protection” variety.

    And, just for kicks, my AO is nowhere close to any neighboring country that borders America.

    1. I live approx 40 miles north of the Mexican border and we have to travel through a suspicion-less checkpoint every time we go to Tuscon and it just gets my blood up to have to do that all the time.

      1. There is a thing called a 100 mile exclusion zone, beginning inward from our international borders. Within that zone, you might as well be at a customs border crossing kiosk far as the federal regime is concerned.

        Look at states like NH., VT., and Maine, 100 miles penetrates better than half the state.

        That’s like what happened in Berlin and the iron curtain for all intents and purposes.

        What’s next, the Berlin wall?

    2. they are not” border patrol” any more! They are the” voter patrol” looking for undocumented unregistered democratic voters! So just smile as your country is taken right out from under your nose and given to a nobler breed ! Thanks to obama and the regressive libs.

      1. Funny you say that. Must be some truth in it.

        If you look at the actual numbers of voters in elections it is pretty low turn out. Voting is giving your consent to be a slave to the state.

        What is not voting then?

        Aside from the cloven liven and cultural marxism, (i.e. human extinction movement), perfectly good uses for alien invaders, the state is kind of running out of consent, and it needs a new breed of suckers and serfs. So you could say opening the borders to aliens is a win win for the state.

        Its the soft cultural marxist form of pogrom by proxy of illegal alien against those of us who have withdrawn our consent to remain slaves.

      2. as much as i LOATHE him whose name i won’t speak for everything he hasn’t done as well as what he has done; we can’t lay the immigration mess at his feet. the treasonous republicans have done no more to fix it than he has. their masters in the chamber of commerce demand the low wage slave labor the immigration crisis breeds. we are being sold out to the highest bidder by BOTH parties.

  3. My guess is the pot will start to boil for any 1 of 4 or 5 reasons, but then all 5 will get cooked…surprised it hasn’t started already. Sporting times ahead, friends!

  4. Seems to me it is predicated on fear and consent, a rather fragile construct of totalitarianism dependent on a carrot and a stick. The donkey is the police themselves, the carrot is the rice bowl of employment by the state and their special privileges.

    Cops ain’t stupid. They know what side their bread is buttered. It’s a symbiotic system of prostitution all the way up the tyrannical food chain. As long as the convenience of this system exists cops are going to be the whores of the sonofabitches running things.

    Where they go wrong is their lives and their activities ARE closely connected to the very people they terrorize.

    Once things go south on them in retribution for their trespasses, there is no place to run to or away from the consequences.

    They have homes and family like everyone else, they are well known for the most part. Where they go wrong is they will have deliberately, with malice and forethought, alienated the very people who where their only true allies.

    You can’t make a worse kind of enemy than that.

    Their escalating belligerence in the face of their escalating use of force and violence only exacerbates a tempest in a teapot.

    They forget who it is that pays their livelihood, who it is who trusted them to at least make good faith effort to do the right thing to begin with.

    Pretty soon, there is an inflection point which will be crossed and beyond any redemption here.

    It probably won’t matter how many toys or training cops have.

    They’re toast plain and simple. They will need M1 Abrams tanks and A10’s for close air support, Hescoes, and FOB’s. And even then, it won’t be enough.

    These cops are some kind of stupid if you ask me.

    This country ain’t some third world shithole the size of a postage stamp called the ‘Stan. Which by the way, the pimps running these cops, didn’t do too well in that theater of operations.

    Neither did the Soviets, and those guys threw everything including the kitchen sink into that occupation.

    Shit starts for real, “law” enforcement is going to last about as long as a fart in a hurricane in America.

    The thing is, the Amerikan Nomenklatura and their bosses, the psychopaths running things are going to have to resort to desperate measures if they think they can retain control.

    I think the militarization of civilian police is not an end in itself. Any self-respecting tyrant worth his salt has to know far more serious means are going to be required in a country this size, with the amount of arms and material in the hands of the people, in a land where liberty and primal sovereignty is an ancestral, cultural, and institutional known.

    I think what’s going on with cops is they are being used as tools no less than all the other useful idiots in play right now.

    Something much larger is in the wind.

    I believe the purges taking place within the US military are a precursor to fundamentally transforming it into a domestic occupation police state force to be sic’d upon the population.

    Cleanse the .mil of its Christian Judean orientated cadre and leadership, turn it into a cultural Marxism version of the SS, invite in foreign “peacekeepers”, induct a suitable group of illegal immigrants with political,
    religious, criminal, and violent tendencies, with promises of citizenship and land, and begin the system Kulak’s in America. (I see that is taking place now).

    The cops right now are an appetizer, an interim step in the agenda of the human extinction movement in power right now.

    They suit the time and moment, to be sacrificed on the alter of the Fabians as the useful proxies they have been transformed into.

    Like all the tools of the cultural Marxists, they always fail to perceive who the enemy really is.

    That is why they make great useful dupes.

    1. “..Cops ain’t stupid. They know what side their bread is buttered. It’s a symbiotic system of prostitution all the way up the tyrannical food chain. As long as the convenience of this system exists cops are going to be the whores of the sonofabitches running things..”

      Careful Doug you’re insulting prostitutes, one of the few groups of people that are far more honest than ANY of the parasite class and their enablers and they actually WORK for a living!

      The cops WILL overextend their aggression/threats beyond what we’ve seen so far…that much is certain.

      When they encounter people who have had enough and have nothing left to lose, then they will know terror as never before..and there’s not enough of them to ever even begin to handle let alone stop an insurrection.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!

      Northgunner III

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    1. The more there are of those pissing them off, the better.

      Whats going down is a two way street. Though how many and who figures that out is the $64,000 question.

      It not what they control that they fear, its what they can’t control that scares the sonofabitches.

      The equation is pretty straight-forward. It is wholly dependent on consent and compliance no matter how odorous and egregious the system of slavery is.

      The object is not to enslave everyone, only enough, and of specific character to obtain results.

      Where the bastards go wrong is relevant in the question, are they willing to die for their agenda and ideology?

      The same cannot be said of true liberty held by freemen.

      The motive power and primal nature of liberty is in itself self explanatory. It is in itself righteous, naturally. There is no need for compelling the action of liberty, it just is, or it isn’t. There is no middle ground here. You are free, or you are not free.

      Michael Collins understood this balls to bones. It is why he was such a warrior. Like Popcorn Sutton. Rebellion in such men is second nature. It nourishes and sustains something within.
      You can’t deny such men. They never say die, they never quit.

      What are badged armed leg breakers against such indomitable will?

      What are the lunatics and despots and their diktat behind the police state?

      For all its appearance of power and force, for all its application of violence and threat there of, it is all an illusion, cunningly employed to hide the reality through time it is always a small handful of individuals who wield the power to maintain this system of coercion through making everyone afraid, and going after those who are not afraid.

      It is those who are not afraid who are their own worst enemy. Its not the state. By that I’m saying long as we who are not afraid remain isolated and alone, we can be picked off piecemeal and end up in Solzhenitsyn’s gulag burning with soul shattering remorse for what we could have easily done otherwise.

      That is what this is all about. Our indomitable spirit verses the state.

      This is what it is coming to.

      The moment just a mere hundreds of people become a plurality who refuse to comply, who openly defy the illegitimacy of the state, defy its actors really, it redefines the equation entirely.

      For all its ponderous lies, resources, propaganda, of arms, of force, just its physical and political size, it becomes an empty husk of criminals and tyranny. The state is a leaking dyke. This leaky damn of tyranny is perilously close to failing as all tyrannies must. We are participating in the death throws of the state. We are all committed now in one fashion or another.

      The police are the fingers in that dike of tyranny.

      That dyke has sprung enough leaks where violent force has become a necessity in order to jump from one leak to another quickly enough to substitute the lack of enough fingers. Sure it looks like application agenda using force, sure there are numerous tools who look like people who are resisting, those are astroturf. It is the real grass roots which will determine the outcome.

      But when your a tyrant, everyone looks like an enemy, some are useful, some convenient, but one enemy, only one, it is an existential enemy.

      The agenda and ideology of those running things, it is fundamentally flawed by dent of its very nature. That is a good thing, a great thing, it means it can be beat, easily, because tyranny is its own worst enemy. It is rotten to its very foundation, where liberty is bulletproof bedrock.

      It only takes a tiny shove at its foundation and these sonofabitches and their agenda fall like dominoes.

      Where they use crisis as a means to create illusion, the means of liberty is an existential threat of crisis for that illusion.

      1. Doug said: “The moment just a mere hundreds of people become a plurality who refuse to comply, who openly defy the illegitimacy of the state, defy its actors really, it redefines the equation entirely.”

        That moment came at Bundy Ranch. That was a watershed moment, disproving the conventional wisdom that Americans would never stand up and risk their lives by digging in their heels and saying not just no, but Hell No! with rifles to back it up. And the .gov goons blinked and backed up, because if they hadn’t, it would have kicked off the “festivities” in a way very much in favor of the resistance – with a firefight that would have resulted in many .gov deaths and at least a momentary defeat, which would have caused a very real split in the military, with at least half of them siding with the resistance. Not since the Battle of Athens, TN, had Americans stood up like that.

        And a very real precursor to that was the civil disobedience of the veterans at the WWII Memorial in DC, lead by WWII vets themselves. That was also a critical moment.

        And the spirit of resistance, with rifles in hand, was also present at the less dire, but still important stands at Sugar Pine Mine, OR and Lincoln, MT where, again, veterans stood ready to fight if necessary, against abuse by .gov minions, and the minions again blinked and backed off.

        Interesting times.

        Stewart Rhodes

        1. I hate to tell you but people who the government sees as “organizers” have been rounded up and Federal government has shown it’s looking to investigate and charge many people at the Bundy incident.

          They shot that guy in Oregon with ZERO consequences. After seeing the truck take fire and him step out (To give them a target rather than they riddle the truck with bullets) and yelled to them “Kill Me” so they wouldn’t kill everyone it’s pretty clear they don’t care.

          Angry white so called “terrorists” did one big incident (OKC) in response to incinerating children and pregnant women at Waco. Yet the “homegrown” terrorist is treated like a rabid venom spitting King Cobra (100% lethal) and the Islamic extremist must be treated with kid gloves because they are a shade of tan and it’s “their religion”.

          You can fire Christians from their jobs and fine them out of businesses if they DARE claim that things known to be against their religion they won’t participate in is against their (Progressives) idea of ‘civil rights”. They can’t “profile” the Muslim though, that would be discrimination.

          Our only luck is most of the morons in charge couldn’t figure out how to find their own ass in the dark with 15 working flashlights and a search party on hand.

          These idjits run up against a vet who fought in Fallujuh or Ramadi house to house turns on their asses it’ll be like the fictional Colonel Troutman in “Rambo”. “Be sure to bring lots of body bags”.

          God help them if they kill someone they truly care about the plans and equip for months or a year beforehand to strike for maximum vengeance.

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  8. Australia has followed America down the same path, we have militarized our police and govt “rentacops” including the “revenue protection services” dogs that ride the rails giving fines to “fare evaders”. (why does a parking inspector need a fuckin GUN?!!) We even changed our customs department to “boarder force” armed them up and patrolling the streets looking for “anyone who crosses our path” to quote their press release. umm we are an Island!! they can only get in through YOUR checkpoints dickheads.. l firmly believe that the governments are deliberately trying to cause an uprising so as to “cull the peasants”. The rest will be placed into “residential containment facilities” so as not to “infect” the landscape the ruling warrior elite want to inherit. oh, and these thug coppers, they will be the sonderkommando. locked in with US!!!!
    p.s. you would think that with the “Rodney king” thing, the HEAD of the department would be like “guys, everyone has a camera and your being watched, for Gods sake. DON’T GET CAUGHT” …. shows how much they give a rats..

  9. As a cop who has worked a total of nine years at two departments, I’ve yet to directly encounter any unethical behavior toward citizens from my colleagues. I’ve seen and heard of a few who were fired for unethical or illegal behavior, but never had the displeasure of working directly with them. However, my experience has been that the administration of one department was corrupt and incompetent. I no longer work for them for those reasons. I always try to err in favor of the citizenry and treat them with a light touch: even the repeat offenders. I police in a mid-sized southern town where even most of the habitual criminals will wave, and occasionally smile. However, because of articles such as this, I know that perception is reality, and the tide is turning against the police. It is for those reasons that I am soon resigning as a peace officer. I’d rather leave while it’s still easy to do so. There is a spirit of lawlessness sweeping the world and I fear that we’ll one day wish for these relatively good old days.

    1. Look at it from another perspective, the whole idea of the state is unethical from the standpoint of liberty. “Law enforcement” is an extension of the usurpation of power, and use of that illusion of power over others by a political class.

      It is increasingly being understood law enforcement is the armed branch of the state. Its purpose is to enforce administrative tyranny. To extract wealth through threat of and use of violence.

      Not for nothing, let’s be frank here, if the existence of civil police departments was rooted in altruistic principles and values of liberty and freedom, the consent of people, why is the billions of dollars of their wealth, extracted through the devices of forfeiture from fines from parking tickets to asset confiscation exist to begin with?

      Do you know of any instances where fines are lowered, eliminated, or the “laws” and regulations which create this form of extraction of peoples property, are eliminated?

      Do you know of where this wealth is destined ultimately once it is washed through the system? Is it invested back into the society which created it in a meaningful manner which creates more wealth?

      It is a never ending orgy of creation of methods to separate me from the fruits of my labor, my money. Laws upon laws upon laws, growing ever closer, encroaching ever deeper and intruding ever closer to the most intimate components of my life and liberty.

      And you dear Sir, as an officer of the law are the instrument used to enforce compliance and slavery to that extraction of my wealth.

      You are christened with special privileges to use anything up to deadly force to impose the will of the state upon me if I refuse to comply.

      Whether you choose to do so, doesn’t matter, you represent an instrument of tyrannical power of the state, regardless of your beliefs and principles, long as you wear that badge. I’m not picking on you, I’m trying to point out to you something you as a police officer are immune from long as you belong to that fraternity your badge represents.

      There is something deeply and inherently very wrong with this state of affairs.

      Tell me, how many of your superiors in management, their associates, politicians, judges, officers of the court, those who run our governments, get a free pass on the things I as a simple working Joe are subject to?
      And would these worthies ever be threatened with force or violence by you or anyone else in uniform for scoffing these petty laws and regulations meant to extract others wealth?

      This is a bad path we are leading down my friend. The state never backs down, it never gives up, it never forgets, it will not tolerate refusing to consent to its powers. It uses force and violence to make people comply. That a law or regulation could be wrong or immoral simply cannot be tolerated either, even for the sake of better judgement until a principled determination can be worked out.

      Without a man with a badge and a gun to enforce what the state wants, it is nothing. How can the state project its will and power if there are no police?

      If police are the device of projecting that power of the state, does it stand to reason if the state has become corrupt and tyrannical, people who refuse their consent to that tyranny and corruption see police as the linchpin in the power of tyrants who run the state?

      1. If police are the device of projecting that power of the state, does it stand to reason if the state has become corrupt and tyrannical, people who refuse their consent to that tyranny and corruption see police as the linchpin in the power of tyrants who run the state?

        That is powerful medicine, Doug.

        1. May be, but that is the Truth Bill.

          And that is the problem.

          There’s a hundred million or more people in this country, their country, who whistle past the graveyard of that truth.

          And I for one sometimes don’t know what troubles me or pisses me off more, the fucking criminals running this joint, or the useless fools who ignore the fucking criminals running the joint.

          Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the two.

          The lines of complicity are almost non existent sometimes.

          In fact, sometimes I wonder really, who of the two are running the joint.

          And brother, is that a conundrum of biblical proportions or what?

          I’ll say this too, at some point this tempest in a teapot is going to escape. If these people above don’t cut the shit and act like they got a stake in, and a responsibility for the shitstorm they are creating, when that gotterobamarung gets loose all hell is going to break happen.

          What’s going to happen is going to make the blood and carnage and misery of the Northern war of aggression look like a fart in a fucking mitten.

          I think you’re going to get your abolition, with a vengeance.

          Maybe that is our destiny. Maybe we got to go through hell before we find a little bit of heaven in this country free of the fucking tyrants.

          Maybe it is the lesson we deserve as a people.

          God only knows ain’t nobodies fault but our own for the mess we have made of it.

          Maybe it is part of evolution of the species.

          We got to learn the best of what we are the hardest way. Certainly is enough who belong to the human extinction movement.

          Regardless, cops, tyrants, useful idiots, the state, somehow I believe Liberty wins.

          Abolition is the only logical choice.

          Eventually we figure it out.

      2. I agree completely. Hence, my impending resignation. There is a difference between peace officers and law enforcement officers. Corporately, I can think of no instances where fines have been lowered or eliminated. However, individually, I do it every day to the chagrin of my superiors. For example: my traffic stops are for legitimate reasons and usually end with a warning. Again, corporately, you are right. The system is a corrupt mess designed to extract wealth. I have injected God and Christian ethics into every citizen encounter. There has to be some type of law, but not this out-of-control steamroller we currently have. And just do you guys know: cops will out one another on illegal and unethical behavior so fast your head will spin. Don’t let the media con you into looking through their liberal soda straw at all police. Reiterating: the system’s corrupt and the only thing for it is a societal turning back to Jesus or a bulldozier.

            1. It’s inevitable considering how far down the rabbit hole it has gone.
              Nothings so bad it ain’t good for something.
              Wiping the slate clean is sometimes the best remedy.

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  13. W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German STASI, Marcus Wolf (Jewish), to advise/design Homeland Security He was followed by “dual”citizen creeps Chertoff and Napolitano. Why? To set up a tyrannical Police state to lord over the American people. You are surprised that you are being treated like Palestinians ……. when your GUARDS are trained by their OPPRESSORS ?
    FEMA-CAMP-GAZA is a PREVIEW for all “PREPPERS/PATRIOTS/OWS/TeaParty” …. ALL independent thinkers.
    just WHO is training your FEMA police/guards? it is the mindset and brainwashing your police have received.
    Wake up and smell the JADE HELM …. you are NEXT.

    1. All so very true.

      This is by design that we see cops stand down and let Antifa have their way at protests, that laws are passed showing preference for illegal aliens over citizens, and the numerous other crimes of the state against We the People. Didn’t Trump just fund more of this police state activity?

      Having watched reports on what’s going on in Israel and Palestine has opened my mind immensely to how this is coming down, and that it’s also being practiced here in usa. Mind boggling doesn’t even begin to describe the apathy coming from Americans, they could care less since they never see themselves as the next victim, until it’s too late.

      So we slowly spin down the drain and disappear among vast numbers of other lost cultures and civilization who didn’t see it coming either.

  14. Bill, this piece cuts to the quick. I still know some men of honor and integrity who have worn a badge, such as Sheriff Richard Mack (who describes the drug war as really being a war on the Bill of Rights), and Sheriff Denny Peyman (who arrested a corrupt judge in his chambers – cuffed and stuffed his ass into a ratty old patrol car) and who truly walked the talk of being a “peace officer” and treated the people in his community with respect, compassion, and decency. And another man of honor and integrity is John Karriman, a police academy instructor in Missouri who still tries, though he realizes it is a losing battle, to instill concepts of honor and decency into police cadets. But as John Karriman himself notes, the profession of police draws to itself bullies and sociopaths who enjoy power over others and who will do as they are told, with pleasure. That is who it draws and that is what the system wants.

    Police who don’t enjoy power, who don’t just enforce whatever “law” is passed, who actually try to just keep people from harming each other, are rare as hens teeth, and are the very tiny exception (especially among the “new breed”), as is now more clear than ever, to an increasing number of Americans.

    The police in this country are rapidly losing the respect and good will of the people, and especially among military veterans I see a shift happening, with the veterans seeing the police as their enemies. And that is no just among the libertarian/anarchists. Even for those who still believe in government, and even those who are still drug warriors, they too see the police as occupiers because the state has grown to impact them too. Gov power that used to be felt only by the fringes of society is now felt by all, except for the top of the ruling class. And many of those who are now feeling the yoke are of the warrior class, which has been greatly expanded and trained up by the “war on terror.” All those Iraq and Afghan combat vets …. As you note, this will not end well for police.

    I know that some police in some small town departments are seeing the writing on the wall and are actively working to be “peace officers” and reaching out to the veterans in their communities. to work together, with the veterans serving as the “posse” when needed to stop actual bad guys. I know that from first hand experience. But they are still the exceptions.

    Stewart Rhodes

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  18. Let us know what you think…

    I wonder at how many posters or lurkers are UC Feds and other than civilians.. here, there and everywhere. If you haven’t vetted your “friends and acquaintances” yet now might be a good time.

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