Catalog of the Snowden Revelations

This page catalogs various revelations by Edward Snowden, regarding the United States’ surveillance activities.

Each disclosure is assigned to one of the following categories: tools and methods, overseas USG locations from which operations are undertaken, foreign officials and systems that NSA has targeted, encryption that NSA has broken, ISPs or platforms that NSA has penetrated or attempted to penetrate, and identities of cooperating companies and governments.

The page will be updated from time to time and is intended as a resource regarding Snowden and the debate over U.S. surveillance.  Comments and suggestions thus are welcomed, and should be sent to

1. Tools and methods


2. Overseas USG locations from which operations are undertaken

3. Foreign officials and systems that NSA has targeted

4. Encryption that NSA has broken

5. Identity of ISPs and platforms that NSA has penetrated or attempted to penetrate

6. Identities of cooperating companies and governments


Voting is a pernicious form of violence that is counter-intuitive until you discover what the ballot box does in democracy. It takes a narrow menu of option that rely on a tacit acceptance of the rod and gun as the pillar of maintaining an orderly society. There is no visible exception to the rule and democracy seems to attain a critical mass of interested parties at the atomistic level (unlike the highly effective means of focused lobbying) who decide that raiding the wealth and resources of their friends and families and neighbors at gunpoint through the endorsement of a government system is an effective means to make living at other people’s expense. Whether the homebound shamblers drawing SSI or the highly paid government civilians or contractors, the entire system is built on theft and voting is the majority nod to the criminal act.

Voting legitimizes all the excesses and sociopathic tendencies of the state and condones the barbaric practice of authorizing the tax man at all levels coming into your neighbor’s house and stealing 35 percent of their resources on a monthly basis and if the homeowners resist in any demonstrable fashion, they get a boot on the neck and maybe a surcharge for daring to question or resist the thief and his army.  Government is a highwayman and the voter is the waylaid traveller who appears to smile happily at having a gun screwed to his temple and his pockets emptied.  He then proudly wears the cheap sticker on his jacket that reads: “I Was Robbed and I Voted for It!” Then he can stumble around the polling place afterwards and have high fives with other worthies who perform the same dysfunctional behavior.

Many more talented and thoughtful writers have examined all the intricacies of why voting is all of the above and worse. Simply Startpage voting at and you find a huge variety of great perspectives on withdrawing from voting entirely. The George Carlin video is priceless.

Carlin: ….I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain”, but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain.”

I complained incessantly to my sainted bride when we had the misfortune of living in a home-owner’s association (HOA) in our last house. She said shut your trap and run for office to get on the board instead of simply complaining and it was my most visceral lesson in the uselessness of voting and the fact that the tyranny of HOAs is the lowest hanging fruit in the cancer garden of political life where the usual suspects use the state to advance noxious and ant-private property rules and regulations. I was Dr. No but when you are the only negative vote with four ayes always countermanding, you might as well mow your lawn with your teeth to accomplish something…anything.


This is the first in an itinerant series of essays to put practical effects to resistance in the coming bad times. Reader contributions welcome. -BB
[Great note from Ben Stone, the Bad Quaker: One of my listeners has an off shore company that runs a private network. I have a device (Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6) that is incapable of being used as a traditional cell phone. It will play MP3s, surf the net, and allow me to connect to the private network mentioned above. Once connected to that network, I can “call” anyone else on the network, so long as I know their code. This code is not saved by the device. The call is mil-grade encrypted. The service for this network runs about the price of a traditional cell service when spread over the course of a year. It’s my understanding that using this network, in conjunction with a VPN like Cryptohippie (run by Paul Rosenburg, another friend), a call through a Verizon hot spot cannot be tapped, recorded, or traced.
Here is their web site, but keep in mind, the site doesn’t tell the whole story.
“Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”
So reads the text sent to thousands of protesters in Ukraine located via cell phones (most likely to within five meters of their location with phone on hip). The usual suspects in the government immediately passed new laws on various behaviors now prohibited as a result of the violent protests that have been wracking the Ukraine recently. This included a ban on wearing helmets and masks to better prevent spontaneous protesters from foiling facial recognition scanners for the government apparatchiks. Pretty soon maybe they will be able to simply ban large groupings of people but this may become problematic when waiting in the endless lines world-wide for government services ranging from DMVs to post offices to every other assorted queuing regime that is the curse of all non-private sector “service” providers.This should be a wake up call (pun intended) for all the subjects in the USSA to realize precisely how the ubiquitous communications devices will serve the totalitarian aspirants in every political office globally. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Snowden and his confreres, the depths of surveillance depravity and sheer expense in the West to vacuum and store all human electronic traffic is no longer in question which means what to do about it.The first thing you do is read everything at the best communications and sousveillance site on the ‘net at Signal Corps and start to practice better communications hygiene for you and your family and friends. Once the entire rotten totalitarian fabric of the USSA starts to come apart at the seams and the real unpleasantness begins, comms will be the very lifeblood of effective resistance and rebirth of the fractured elements of the smoking ruins after the Federal leviathan has committed global seppuku through economic malpractice and fascist/socialist over-reach.

The battery in my dumb phone recently died and I have yet to replace it and have been examining the options to leave the liberty-hating cell colossus of Verizon. The telecoms are now wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Federal law enforcement mechanism.

My search for another dumb phone will continue and any recommendations are welcome. Hell, I would be fond of a pager but they no longer exist and landlines are practically extinct residentially (none in my home) and pay phones are becoming very scarce.

The concept of burner phones holds great appeal as long as one can purchase for cash with no owner signature for receipt and used for special occasions. Of course, the NSA is even tracking that through various means it can employ:

“As Sanchez points out, news that the NSA is using the phone database to look for patterns of burner use would have fewer civil liberties implications than some of the agency’s other activities; however, the revelation shows again how the agency will use the metadata it has amassed for new or unexpected ways — and that there is a lack of clear rules for how it can or can’t probe the metadata.”

Hell, the US Post Office is photographing all mail covers. Do your part by putting all return addresses on the reverse side of the envelope. Also, if you receive any mail at your physical address you should strongly reconsider that.

“The Postal Service on Friday confirmed that it takes a photograph of every letter and package mailed in the United States — about 160 billion pieces last year — and occasionally provides the photos to law enforcement agencies that request them as part of criminal cases.”

“It’s done by machine, so there’s no central area where any of this information would be,” he said. “It’s extremely expensive to keep pictures of billions of pieces of mail. So there’s no need for us to do that.”

Right, that’s what the moronathon known as the TSA said about the Porno Scanners.

The intelligence means to do so is very rudimentary and is simply the crafting and maintenance of association networks which are highly effective when employed to track activities of apparently disparate individuals. One can do it on a blackboard, computers or the common “big boards” in the noxious police procedural dramas that have polluted the networks for decades.

My Nokia “candy bar” phone I used in Kabul will alert the NSA in the USSA if I install a new SIM in it and it will get very special attention at the agency as a new phone with associated uses in Afghanistan and the Philippines. That is how simple the process is. But then again, it appears to be common news that every phone in ‘murka is now logged, recorded and tracked; all this to ostensibly prevent an event so rare and esoteric that I stand a greater chance of being mauled by an albino Yeti than suffering in a foreign-inspired terrorist attack. I use the sobriquet “foreign” because current police practices in the US constitute for all practical and linguistic purposes terrorism.

What to do?

The most extreme answer is don’t have a phone and only carry a burner with no stored numbers to use infrequently and dispose with every use. For most Americans, this is impractical especially due to the sorry state of electronic addiction I am witness to every day as I see the shamblers wandering about my environs in neck down, slack-jawed attachment to the tiny screens illuminating their pasty faces. The young are especially addicted, much to the satisfaction of the Orwellian bureaucrats in the various sectors of giant gov.

Like Boston says though, privacy is not only inconvenient but hard work that demands discipline most don’t desire nor attend to.

If you have to have a cell phone, use it sparingly but the domestic and work-related “requirements” in the modern connected era may preclude most from selectively activating their phones at predetermined times to check messages and traffic. Something you will find quite refreshing when it comes to email.

If you have lunch or conversations with like-minded dissenters and genuine members of FREEFOR, leave your cell phones in the car.

Cell phones can be stored in a fridge, a “dead zone” bag or a martini shaker (Bond would be proud). This prevents them from being used as remote listening devices by the usual suspects but does not prevent them from being location markers depending on storage vicinity.

A practical test would be a phone free weekend to see what alternatives may emerge. Acquisition of portable HAM radios? For us here in Arizona, we may be able to use one time pads and primitive cryptography on Marine Band which has far less traffic in the desert. The Russians are seeking typewriters for creating documents and old time printing press technology may bear new reexamination. Fred Woodworth has been publishing The Match (I have subscribed since the 1990s) via non-electronic means for decades so the technology is still available.

The state can be foiled by the individual.

I look forward to readers providing more tips and techniques on foiling and monkey-wrenching the Orwellian cocktail the rulers are now serving at the bar.


Yet another indication that the Regime and its subsidiary political apparatchiks in the various localities across the US are becoming nothing more than legions of auxiliaries to the Federal law enforcement leviathan. The Torrance, CA cop (I will bet dollars to donuts he is an overweight human), Brian McGee, has been cleared after ramming a vehicle not fitting the description of Dorner’s vehicle nor sporting the same pigmentation as the alleged cop killer. The smaller and whiter Mr. Perdue was on his way to a surfing break when the state thug rammed his car and fired three rounds through the windshield.

A number of observations become apparent.

  • The Torrance PD is rather ill-trained in its ability to distinguish between a purple Nissan and a black Honda although the apparently trigger happy McGee may have gotten skin tone and car color confused.
  • McGee’s shot group of three rounds was rather impressive by cop standards because they did not hit any other vehicles or pedestrians but failed to hit the innocent driver (another change of pace). Once Americans wake up to the clear and present menace to their well-being cops are everyday, they may accrue advantages in the future unpleasantness.
  • McGee could not have had positive ID before he opened fire because of the distinct differences in race and characteristics of the victims here. Nor did he have positive vehicle ID.
  • The internal investigation found no wrong-doing, big surprise there and one simply has to look at the track record of cops investigating each other and you can make the same bakery bet I alluded to earlier.

This is quite simply a declaration of war on ordinary Americans by every police department in America, all 19,000 departments.

One stands a greater chance of being struck by lightning or devoured by a Great White Shark than being involved in a “foreign terror” incident on American soil. The Russian government repeatedly warned the boobs at Fatherland Security of the brothers allegedly responsible for the Boston bombing. I say “foreign terror” because the usual government misconstruing of language is apparent in their desire to brand abortion protesters, ecological cadres and right-wing nut jobs to include the heroes of Duck Dynasty as domestic terrorists when the primary threat to every American is the cop at the local to federal level.

No political bad actor could deny a single man his freedom or liberty without the police to enforce his psychopathic designs on humanity.


I just saw Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg loosely based on the book by Luttrell, the title character and least injured of the four-man crew haplessly and uselessly brutalized and sacrificed in the Afghan hinterlands in 2005 for yet another American neo-imperialist briar patch. As all autobiography is essentially fiction, realized as an heroic paean to the author, one has to suspend their disbelief with some of the morality plays on the screen like the argument about killing the two young sheepherders and the old man in the initial scenes that preface the rest of the movie once the SEALs are in Indian country. No one will ever know if Luttrell was the voice of humanity calling for the preservation of the indig’s lives even at the expense of operational security.

The movie itself is rather harrowing in the details of a military chase movie that is as gritty as the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan and the intense small unit fiascoes in Blackhawk Down with the same kind of almost existential agony portrayed in the French production called Special ForcesThe parallels in story lines between the French film and this one is rather close; a small elite unit is placed in circumstances that exceed the skill sets of the most rehearsed and talented warriors.

SEALs do not have a solid reputation in the SOF community for light classic infantry skills and I was puzzled by the lack of Rally Points, alternative ORPs and the apparent complete absence of a comprehensive E&E plan. Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) and Strategic Reconnaissance (one of the five core SF disciplines) TTP and methodologies are deeply embedded and practiced by the Army in my experience. A terrific USMC After Action Review of the mission can be found here. One could also assume that a light infantry platoon with robust extraction options could have achieved this mission profile.

You may have millions of dollars invested in your training but if you are not equipped for a particular mission, don’t use that asset no matter how shiny and cool.

Point of view is so important in these films. I often think that the war fantasy movie Red Dawn from the 1980s would have been critically acclaimed by the usual government supremacist applause if it had been grainy black and white (like Battle of Algiers) in Spanish set in the steamy jungles of Central America while a brave force of Communist guerrillas battled a coalition of European invaders. John Milius, the director and writer of Red Dawn, was an unapologetic anti-communist and this set him quite apart from the collectivist rabble that made up the majority of the pod-thinking in Hollywood then and now.


Publisher’s Note: Jim has been a friend and correspondent of this blog since its inception and his philosophical ruminations have had a tremendous influence on me. He was kind of enough to pen this gem, Enjoy. -BB

What is slavery?  Let’s not get distracted with convoluted definitions.  At essence, slavery is the forceful (aggressive, compulsory, coercive) subjugation of one person or group of people, by another person or group of people.  This is always done with physical force or the threat of physical force.

Why is slavery wrong?  Slavery is wrong because it treats the two parties as inherently different with respect to each other, and they are not.  In the relationship between ruler and ruled, the ruled party is treated as chattel and the ruling party assumes the role of directing the ruled party’s actions.

What is equality?  In human social interaction, being equal does not mean being identical.  No two people are identical.  Equality means that with respect to other humans, and in interacting with them, the moral stature of each is identical in the absence of any contrary evidence.  This is because in relevant respects, they are both free-willed autonomous individuals.

What are rights?  It doesn’t matter what rights are.  What matters is that they are the same for each person, again in the absence of any contrary evidence.  This is what it means to say, “All men are created equal.”  Slavery is an instant denial of rights, because it instantly denies the equal rights of the two parties.

How can slavery happen if each person has equal rights?  Slavery doesn’t “happen;” slavery is done.  Slavery is one party denying the equal standing of the other party, and it can only be done through forceful coercion.  Without that, the ruled party may walk away from the ruler and the slavery doesn’t occur.

Why is the threat of slavery–or aggression or compulsion–wrong?  As all humans are creatures of free will, the declaration of the intent to impose physical aggression against another, is tantamount to actually doing it.

What is agency?  Agency is the voluntary agreement between two or more people, that some will act on behalf of the others.  Because it is voluntary, the party on whose behalf the acting is done, carries the same responsibility for the act, as the party doing it.

Can I not have the responsibility for enslaving another person, by having an agent–or even millions of agents–do it for me?  No.  Responsibility is something that is attendant with the state of being a free-willed individual.  Because agency is itself a voluntary choice, the responsibility does not disappear.

Can I pretend that I don’t have responsibility for enslaving others if I have agents do it for me?  Yes.  Being creatures of abstract conceptualization, any person can imagine anything at all, including counterfactuals.  Denying responsibility for an act by virtue of agency, is an example of such a counterfactual.

So how can I eradicate slavery in my life now?  Simple…be neither ruler nor ruled.  If you have the physical power to enslave others, don’t use that power.  If you are going to be enslaved by the physical power of others, prevent it.

Why shouldn’t I enslave others?  It is always wrong to use your mind to deny that which is, and the person whom you can enslave has the same standing socially, as do you.  To enslave that person is an admission to yourself that you are something other than a rational, identifying creature and this is necessarily harmful to you.

How can I stop others from enslaving me?  You stop them however you can.  Ideally, you might persuade them.  Less than ideally, you counter them with more powerful defensive force.  For starters, you can read the post below and understand what it means, and recognize that you have tremendous stopping power against others…likely far more than you imagine.  It still may be the case that you will be overwhelmed physically, but nobody promised you a rose garden.

How does that stop slavery forever?  “Forever” in your life means as long as you live.  If you choose to “live free or die,” and you decide that it is “better to die free than live as a slave,” then you will never ever be ruled.  And if you choose to honor the fact that other people are the same sort of creature as you, then you will never ever be a ruler.

These are all lovely thoughts, but how do thoughts accomplish anything?  They don’t.  It’s the action that arises pursuant to those thoughts that accomplishes things.

Okay, I want to eradicate slavery in my life now and forever, so what do I do? Just do it, that’s all.  You can easily choose not to enslave others…don’t engage violence or aggression against them, or threaten it, and they won’t be enslaved.  You can also choose not to be enslaved by others, to the best of your ability.  You can arm yourself, you can train yourself, you can work with others, you can devise defensive mechanisms…you can do whatever you are able to do, to stop others from enslaving you.

Does this guarantee that I will never experience slavery in my lifetime?  Yes, for as long as you live.  Does it guarantee that you will never die?  No.  Everyone dies and like everything else in your life, whether you admit it or not, the choice to rule or be ruled is just that—a choice.

Do you actually want to eradicate slavery in your life, or do you want to pretend that you do?  If the latter, then keep yapping and go vote.  If the former, then just do it!


I hate and despise stop signs in America and the indiscriminate and totally ineffective placement thereof throughout the US arterial systems for vehicles. I am a big fan of yield signs and roundabouts and fascinated by some of the Netherlands experiments in removing all road signage completely. That just so happens to be the norm in countries around the world. The veritable abundance of signage and direction is almost exclusively a First World disorder that is led by the US and the UK.

Aside from the impossibility of ever seeing a police car come to a full stop at a stop sign, the veritable abundance of these control signals not only serves a vital revenue function for the police state but it informs and reinforces an almost Pavlovian response to traffic signals universally and reinforces the obedience to remote authority. One can go on very few rural thoroughfares and far fewer urban arterials without receiving a bombardment of detailed road instructions on just how fast you can go and just how much you must stop. One can only speculate on the untold waste of fuel and time over decades that has been exacted on human productivity by yet another vestige of central planning and control by the corrupt rulers in the central government and their puppet regimes in the states.

It has also provided a vital service to fat cops everywhere by provisioning a risk-free business opportunity to exploit the scofflaw who dares to refuse a full stop at two in the morning on a deserted rural four way stop. Much like drunk driving, a non-crime the state can exploit to fill its coffers and increase the insurance premiums of its victims with the maximum physical exertion on the part of the cops to be a short stroll from their vehicles to the latest extortion victim of bad laws.

A slight detour: Rant on. If fat cops are not an epidemic, why would it be profitable for LA Police Gear, one of the many purveyors of tactical chic for the thin (in name only) black and blue line, to sell pants with a 60 inch waistline? 60 inches! There is a reason so many were clinging desperately to the outside of the armored vehicles for the shameful display of police arrogance in the wake of the Boston bombings, they could not possibly fit inside the confined spaces of most military vehicles unless crane-lifted into the back of a five ton cargo truck. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a five-foot circumference around the middle much like the overweight statist employees in the government teachers unions when they go on strike and gather in pods around political edifices desperately waving signs bearing the message that all of us need to pay even more for the sludge they fill children’s heads with across the fetid plain. Surely there are genetic markers for obesity but the lion’s share of the cause is a lack of discipline and the inability to control food intake. Rant off.


Publisher’s Note: I am presently on recce in the Deep Pacific exploring the expat opportunities for leaving the USSA since my return from Afghanistan and will return to Amerika briefly before settling our affairs and departing for a much longer sojourn abroad. My posts will be even more sparse than usual. –BB

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

– Lysander Spooner

I am probably one of the only humans on Earth to be reading all 2400 pages of Spooner’s six volumes of complete writings and I have yet to find anything I fundamentally disagree with yet he is the exception rather than the rule in any discussion of the Constitution in America. It is the primary source for one of three book projects I have in the works for 2014. I stand by my notion that the Constitution is one of the most brilliant government slave ownership manuals ever penned by humans in history.

My wife brought this article to my attention.


As most of you know, I live in this freedom sterile zone near the Mexican border (for now) and have had to live in a hyper-saturated LEO zone that would make the East Germans blush with envy and anticipation.  There is even a permanent ICE/BP road block (not the quaint notion of a check point which is allegedly voluntary). You blow this without stopping for the black- or green-garbed (eerily matching the color motif of both the Nazis and the East German border guards) armed thugs and they will run you down.

Now the robed government employee, Korman, has declared de jure and de facto, the pretense of probable cause and reasonable articulable suspicion does not even need to exist for the police to seize your electronic property.

“District Judge Edward Korman made his ruling in New York on Tuesday, more than three years after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit. The ACLU claimed that – since Americans put so much of their lives on their computers, cell phones, and other devices – border officials should have reasonable suspicion before sifting through someone’s personal files.”

 The article further avers:

 “The trouble is, the ACLU noted, that almost two-thirds of the population (197.4 million people) live within 100 miles of the US border. New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and dozens of other major metropolitan areas fall under the so-called “exemption” zone.”



The pillars of the abolitionist community in the US and the world are deceptively simple and not much different from the anarcho-capitalist community with minor variations. The philosophical precepts do not require the enormous gyrations, intellectual sleight-of-hand and economic illiteracy that seems necessary to justify the collectivist regimes ranging from communism to socialism to democracy. One of the reasons for the relative simplicity is the necessity to provide a description of effective individual human action at the most atomistic level with an eye to self-interest and long-term return on behavior.

The Buppert Variations require three standing notions for an effective (not necessarily efficient) means to preserve free moral agency and self-determination:

  • A total prohibition on all initiated aggression through force or fraud
  • The absolute sanctity of self-ownership and the inability of a state to force non-consensual action at the individual level
  • The supremacy of voluntary and volitional contract law to bind parties to action with zero implied consent to for more vague “social construct” legerdemain like the Constitution

The Larken Rose Laws are even more compelling in a more visceral and less legalistic perspective.  One of my colleagues, John, broke it down to this elegant but powerful list summary:

  • You own yourself.
  • You have a right to defend yourself.
  • It’s justified to defend yourself no matter who is aggressing against you
  • It is time to defend yourself from an out of control government at some time BEFORE the cattle car door slams shut.

I would suggest that Larken Rose is the most effective and potent voice for freedom in America today. The first list is more prescriptive of how the abolitionist society that forbids all slavery in all its permutations is operative while the Rose List describes the necessary embryonic conditions that force the function to follow. He delineates in sparkling simplicity the conditions that precede the liberation of all humanity from the fetters of the state.


I have returned from a year-long sojourn in the storied and legendary foothills of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan making good specie from the latest money laundering operation for the Western military industrial complex.  Afghanistan is the most recent victim of a long American tradition of meddling, maiming and killing women and children and providing proof of concept to iatrogenic effect at a galactic level.

I will be spending the holidays with all six of my children at home at the same time so this will be a particularly joyous Christmas for us. When I departed for the Lewis Carroll-inspired adventure in Kabul in January, I had assumed that things would be seriously awry and that the bureaucracy would be a sight to behold. I was not disappointed by a very expensive effort to fully embrace the axiom: to establish and defend mediocrity wherever it may be found and to institute where it is absent.

Not only was the fabled American Strategic Deficit Disorder on display for the world to see but the amount of money wasted on everything from infrastructure to troop levels and training and everything in between.  There is no strategic roadmap for getting the Afghan National Army and its ancillaries up to speed even after a dozen years and trillions of dollars slung down the rat-hole and into Karzai’s crony complex.