D-Day 1944: The Expiration Date for Western Individual Liberty and Freedom by Bill Buppert

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. My father soldiered in WWII toward the end of the conflict and with the advent of VE Day in April 1945, was getting ready to ship to the Pacific to invade mainland Japan. Fortunately, that got turned off and he instead exercised Patton’s horses in Germany and returned to the states in one piece.

On reflection, despite the nonsense about the Greatest Generation and other such self-congratulatory back slapping, the end of the war quickly devolved into a bipolar world which would eventually find hundreds of millions living in slave states in the East and slave state aspirants in the West vying to see who could outdo the USSR in economic illiteracy and the adoption of socialism as the formative building block of government and society. WWII supported the grand illusion that immoral means could yield moral ends, an impossible moral equation.

The American political world after WWII or the War to Save Josef Stalin to more accurately identify why the conflict took place, used the “Communist menace” to buttress the incredible growth of the American and West European state. At least the French, British and Italians were honest enough to have significant voting blocs of self-avowed communists in their countries while the same were hounded in America despite the child-like reverence for the power of the state demonstrated by both major parties in America. Ironic that the Soviets had penetrated the Roosevelt White House so thoroughly in WWII. As the Democrat party started to evolve into the Socialist International after 1968 and the Grand Old Politburo stumbled behind with its incoherent statist/progressive agenda, the US became the Olympic Gold winner in the new era after the USSR simply just fell apart, getting the Silver Medal to build the bigger state.

The US was a hairs-breadth away from staying out of what was essentially the next phase of WWI if Lindbergh had defeated the odious and bloody-minded FDR in 1940. The America First Committee boasted almost a million members and wielded considerable influence. After eight years of clownish performance and a slobbering devotion to socialist and fascist ideas, FDR still secured the majority of the vote from the American booboisee and quickly set the ground work to get the US involved in the European war and the Pacific war in the larger sense.

One can see that if WWI had not been entered by the US, the whole sordid chain of events that led to the advent of WWII may have been avoided. The sealed train to Russia to inaugurate the conflicts of the Red and White armies that would fight until 1923 would not have transpired and the ambitions of Hitler world have been crushed before they even started by the limited victories of the Central Powers and the absence of a Versailles Treaty that cruelly set the conditions for future slaughter and mayhem.

The subsequent seizure of the White House by avowed socialist revolutionaries in 1933 would march hand in hand with the rise of Hitler and Mussolini learning at the knee of Josef Stalin and his more murderous but frankly more honest campaign to enslave his nation and others.

The entry of America in WWII in concert with the Communist menace in the USSR, married at the hip, to make the world safe for the savage collectivism that was the joint vision of the Allies to include Churchill and De Gaulle was a vision fulfilled. At the time of the landings at Normandy celebrated on this day, it was a mere sideshow compared to the gargantuan land borne fights that had savaged the Germans and Soviets alike since the launch of Operation Barbarossa in 1941. While the Allies diddled in the Kasserine Pass being schooled in failure and loss and mounted glacially-paced campaigns in the Italian peninsula, the Germans and Russians schooled each other in the crushing of armies of men, hundreds of thousands of soldiers locked in mortal combat that would see plenty killed and millions injured and wounded away from the small sideshow at Normandy.

Not one American should have ever stepped foot on the European continent unless on a tourist passport. The rippling effects of the foothold and the eventual “liberation” of Europe from the National Socialists would merely usher in Hitler’s vision absent the liquidation of certain undesirable groups such as Jews, gays and Slavs. One would be hard pressed to look at the NSDAP platform of the Third Reich and not find most of its ambitions accomplished in the European states after the war and the rocketing to prominence in the modern socialist entity of the European Union.

From the civilian bombing campaigns to repatriation of Soviet émigrés to Operation Keelhaul and its analogs (like the Blaiburg Repatriations) to the savage Allied occupation of Germany in the aftermath, WWII put the final stamp of approval on the maximum state and its evolution in post-WWII Earth. Niall Ferguson calls it a “war on the world” but more accurately it was a war to snuff out individual autonomy and liberty.

WWII gave America the withholding tax, rationing, perceived legitimacy of Keystone Keynesian economics, price controls, imprisonment for biology and genetics and the nationalization of the economy. It provided the gargantuan life support to the brutal and homicidal regime in the USSR and the means to use that regime’s post-WWII ambitions to start building a welfare/warfare state in the West that would outlive the foe that gave it life.

The aftermath of the war would on the one hand insist orders weren’t enough to absolve crimes against humanity for the losers but pardon the murderous bombing crews and give a lank check to Allied barbarity against the Europeans after April 1945.

This not to say Hitler was an admirable man; he was a sullen and existentially cruel psychopath who provides the clarion example of just how bad democracy can be. Had the US not stepped in, the collectivist forces of the National Socialists and the Communists would have battered each other senseless without giving one advantage over the other but Stalin’s assisted victory made the world safe for Communism in the Eurasian sphere and collectivism planet-wide. The Nazi’s killed millions of innocents and the Soviets did the same; the serial killers club had simply gone to war with itself.

One need only look at the numbers to see that the entry of the Allies in the Western theater in Europe was merely a slight feint compared to the gargantuan enterprises in the east. The Soviet-Japanese war in August 1945 would reveal just how lop-sided a contest it was for Russian victory. But the USSR could not have had any of that if not subsidized substantially by the West.

In essence, on this day in 1944 70 years ago, a sizable Allied force was securing a beachhead to race the Russians to victory in Berlin to see who could get the most spoils. Roosevelt’s intimate relationship with Stalin should leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth but Churchill was no better in his manipulation and flirtation with the Soviet premier.

I would suggest that we can take a moment to reflect on the losses (some say sacrifice) of the tens of thousands of young Americans who died during the conflict and especially during the near-fatal Allied general officer malpractice that would be Arnhem and Ardennes in the next six months of the war. In the end, the war simply accelerated the socialist evolutionary turn in the American state and allowed the USSR to have a new lease on life after nearly expiring in 1940.

June 6th is not a day of memorial or celebration but the anniversary of a wake to pinpoint yet another fork in the road to create the maximum state in the West and give a new lease on life for dictators yet unborn.

Smashing the State: Three Book Reviews by Bill Buppert

Books are the staff of intellectual life and the thousands published every year always deliver a few gems usually from indie or small presses. For the longest time, the big city publishing houses acted as gatekeepers to ensure the public didn’t get the deep critiques of the sate that the last twenty years have delivered in spades whether through original works or the Ludwig von Mises Institute gargantuan efforts to populate known space with the forgotten or neglected great works or the efforts of the Liberty Fund project.

These are three of hundreds I have read in the past few years and I will be sure to host some more reviews in the future.

The Permit by William Scott is a father’s fictionalized catharsis after the murder of his son, Erik Scott, in Las Vegas by local cops on 10 July 2010. One can read the account and see that the Corners Inquest justification for the murder of Erik was simply another fabrication by police across the country making them literally above the law with a license to kill. I have discussed many of the horrific aspects of the police state in America elsewhere and will not belabor this review. I have to say that my anti-police state bias certainly set up high expectations when I jumped into this novel. I am halfway through the first draft of my first novel and find myself both a reader and a student of the craft as I read now.

The fictionalized circumstances of Erik’s death at the hand of the local gang in blue in the book is difficult to appreciate absent a background in the actual murder by the thugs in black and blue so I recommend you take the time to apprise yourself of the actual events before reading The Permit. Scott tells a compelling story with some fantastical coincidences that demand much suspension of disbelief and a last chapter or epilogue that I found simply inaccessible. Altogether, a satisfying experience with some well-fleshed characters and plenty of one dimensional characters who serve as mere set pieces in story arcs. The deepest and most tragic figure in the story is the fictionalized father whom Scott indulges with what appears to be plenty of autobiographical ventriloquism.

I won’t spoil the story by describing any of the plot turns and surprises but the main premise of a Federal government agency taking matters into its own hands by taking on the corrupt Las Vegas Metro legal tangle with both cops and politicians on the take simply beggars belief. The imprimatur of a White House authorization to maim and kill members of the law enforcement community to “fight corruption” is a rich premise but would not stand up to scrutiny. The barbaric nature of the police community in the US is a direct result of the increasing Federalization of cops and crime, rapid militarization and the evil War on Drugs that makes America home to twenty five percent of the incarcerated population with five percent of the world’s total population.

But a novel is necessarily granted flights of fancy because fiction riffs off reality and tightens and compartmentalizes the narrative of intertwined lives. I am in the middle of my first work of fiction and novels are complex creatures that demand a tremendous amount of work and attention to detail. They are living beings that start to write themselves in different ways than your initial outline decided. The character arcs are alive and take on a compass point of their own.

For those who enjoy techno-thrillers with a dollop of anti-authority musings, The Permit is for you. For those who realize that government is never the answer, you will be disappointed that while the Federal government appears to do the right thing in the book, the cavalcade of calamities that is Metro Las Vegas and American policing across the land is a direct result of the central government creating the very monster they attempt to contain in in this novel. I salute Mr. Scott and his loss and hope this book inspires people to not only consider the murder of his son but the larger implications of tolerating the monstrous state of American policing.

A personal friend of mine penned Modules for Manhood: What Every Man Should Know (Volume 1 of 3) by Kenneth W. Royce so I wanted to extend full disclosure for this brief review. Kenneth, also known as Boston T. Party, is a prolific author and his revised Boston’s Gun Bible has been on my nightstand for nearly thirteen years as a fixture and influenced thousands of dollars directed per his recommendations for my armory and training. I own everything he ever wrote (I even have a rare hardcover edition of Molon Labe). Over the years, whenever Ken and I find ourselves at conference, we tend to hang out together as the resident graybeards in a increasingly younger crowd at libertarian events.

Those who hang out at Art of Manliness, enjoy the “blood and virtue” ideas of G.A. Henty and other Victorian authors and are generally dismissive of the state of American, if not global manhood today, will thoroughly enjoy this book. As the father of three sons, I see the exquisite and critical need for books like this. Ken, through the use of his own text and drawing from a vast array of appropriate quotes. The scope of the book is ambitious and it is the first of three volumes.

He riffs off of Colonel Jeff Cooper and his admonitions for young men. From the works of the Stoic authors to Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton in the nineteenth century to modern authors like Ken and Brad Miner’s terrific The Compleat Gentlemen, Ken has a deep well to draw from. Some may be put off by his extensive use of quotes but I have always found it encouraging because it forces me to look at the root documents if I am interested of the folks he is quoting.

I was especially encouraged by his introduction of enneagrams to a larger audience and the use of the tremendous treasure trove of wisdom throughout the ages. Some folks are bothered by Ken’s unique numbering system but I think more authors should adopt his scheme. It make the book far more accessible for the casual reader who elects to read those things pertinent to his inquiry instead of simply cover to cover.

I have purchased a copy for each of my sons and may do the same for my daughters so they better understand what they are missing out on with the last three generations and their essential maleness but complete absence of manhood. The metrosexual trend is disturbing in the least and a civilizational extinction event at its worst. For those who pay attention, this may the start of a new curative. There simply is not enough space to list all the paths one can be led down to improve yourself through reading this book.

Ken makes the keen observation that the modern male is the perfect subservient cattle that the government needs to maintain and expand its power. Manhood may be the best way to stop big government from winning.

On a minor note, the number of grammar and spelling mistakes is a bit discouraging but having published myself, easily remedied in the electronic book milieu that I suspect will dominate publishing in this century. I would encourage Ken to publish this on Kindle.

Marc Stevens’ Government Indicted by Marc Stevens is also penned by a personal friend who I hold in the highest esteem, not only a fellow jazz spectator but a keen observer of the collectivist chaos that is Vichy Amerika. The book is a philosophically thick almost psychedelic trip through the power lens common to libertarian analysis.

What makes the libertarian commentariat so incisive and intellectually devastating in its examination of small and large problems alike is the notion that power hates a vacuum and no matter what the minarchist or collectivist nostrum to solve it, psychopaths rush in to fill the void.

Marc hosts a nationwide radio show where he takes on the court and legal system and takes the robed government employees to task. Marc has no law degree otherwise he would probably be a collectivist drone after that communard obedience vocational training called law school.

He asks the essential question: is the system arbitrary or based on facts? His answer is a categorical assertion that the entire system is a house of card built by psychopaths to allow one group of people to exist at the expense of others employing the intellectual fairy dust of American jurisprudence which he shows to be based on a foundation of shifting sand and fallacious premises.

Like James Bovard, he uses actual cases and painful anecdotes by the bushel to make the point that the American system is rigged against freedom and liberty. Marc’s primary task appears to be the destruction of the credibility of the state, particularly in America. One could contend he views the state as a psychopathic entity, which can’t help but cause destruction, it is built into the system’s DNA. This may account for the cyclical destruction of all nation states over time.

Marc’s solutions are too many to detail and most are relevant but I maintain a healthy skepticism that jury activism and using the legal system against itself will work its magic over time. I don’t accuse Marc of being a Sovereign but it skirt that lunatic territory closely and I remain unconvinced at its efficacy. The other solutions for delegitimizing a psychopathic society to a free and voluntary society is compelling.

I recommend his book with the few reservations except for the editing difficulties.

A few minor annoyances are typos and grammar mistakes, which can be easily remedied once this book comes out on Kindle much like I commented on Boston’s book. The electronic publishing and self-publishing industry is a revolutionary event for liberty oriented authors because the collectivist gatekeepers at the traditional publishing houses can no longer block the dissemination of ideas injurious to the prison sates dotting the globe, including America.

These three books should be in any respectable liberty library.

Support liberty and the future, support these authors.

The Permit (Checkmate Justice) by William Scott

Modules for Manhood: What Every Man Should Know by Kenneth W. Royce

Marc Stevens Government Indicted by Marc Stevens


Killing Abroad and At Home: Why the VA is Broken by Bill Buppert


“Bureaucracy destroys initiative. There is little that bureaucrats hate more than innovation, especially innovation that produces better results than the old routines. Improvements always make those at the top of the heap look inept. Who enjoys appearing inept?”

- Frank Herbert

My father died last year at the ripe old age of 86 and spent plenty of time negotiating the halls of the Tucson Veterans Administration (VA) for various ailments he suffered later in life. He was entitled to VA treatment after his service during the War to Save Josef Stalin when he was posted to Germany just before the end of the conflict. These WWII vets are dropping like flies and it won’t be long before few are even wandering the VA corridors much less this mortal coil.

My Dad did not die because of the VA directly and I suspect he was just ready to go and shift off to his reward after a lifetime of health neglect. But I can count many times where he was misdiagnosed mistaking congestive heart failure for pneumonia or assigning him a mountain of pills for which no one on Earth knows the complete side effects much less the rippling implications of mixing them together. He lived in spite of the VA and simply had a robust constitution.

There was no malevolence on the part of the staff or the medical personnel at the VA. The VA is simply another enormous federal government bureaucracy that loses sight of its mission, and suffers tremendous administrative bloat to shuffle papers from one end of the facility to another; it practices the sclerotic and sovietized penchant for institutional sloth and inefficiency that is the hallmark of government globally. Well-meaning people staff the bright and shiny facilities but the tether to the state does nothing to put this to good use. Much like every federal bureaucracy that lords over the trapped citizenry in America, it cannot possibly achieve its mission otherwise it would lose its relevance. Harry Teaseley’s seven laws of bureaucracy give a keen road map on what is wrong with the state in effecting reasonable change or administration:

Rule #1: Maintain the problem at all costs! The problem is the basis of power, perks, privileges, and security.

Rule #2: Use crisis and perceived crisis to increase your power and control
Rule 2a. Force 11th-hour decisions, threaten the loss of options and opportunities, and limit the opposition’s opportunity to review and critique.

Rule #3: If there are not enough crises, manufacture them, even from nature, where none exist.

Rule #4: Control the flow and release of information while feigning openness.
Rule 4a: Deny, delay, obfuscate, spin, and lie.

Rule #5: Maximize public-relations exposure by creating a cover story that appeals to the universal need to help people.

Rule #6: Create vested support groups by distributing concentrated benefits and/or entitlements to these special interests, while distributing the costs broadly to one’s political opponents.

Rule #7: Demonize the truth tellers who have the temerity to say, “The emperor has no clothes.”

Others in the libertarian commentariat have invested great amounts of ink in showing examples of everything Teasley describes.

The VA is complex not because of the mission but because of the means it employs to achieve it. Some of the more urgent care needed has months-long waiting lists and the appeals process would make Kafka blush. The VA fiasco is a harbinger of things to come once the government further strengthens its grip and sinks its talons through the Obama sponsored national socialist healthcare initiatives that have sailed through the bowels of Mordor on the Potomac.

Much like the mediocre Company employee claims at the Central Station in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, real hope is an illusion. “The atmosphere of officialdom would kill anything that breathes the air of human endeavor, would extinguish hope and fear alike in the supremacy of paper and ink.”

The booboise bureaucratis that is the modern federal employee has no imagination nor anything but perverse incentives in his workdays (a charitable assignation at best). Not only are they not charged with achieving a workable mission that would eventually close the doors of the tax vampire enterprise they labor in but they are institutionally committed to mediocrity by necessity and culture.

Jerry Pournelle put it succinctly: “In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control, and those dedicated to the goals of the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.[Pournelle's law of Bureaucracy]”

Like ninety nine percent of all state bureaus run by the mandarins in DC, the free market (where it still exists in North America) can take care of all of it with much greater alacrity. Unfortunately, the majority of the population is still suffering a waking fever dream where they insist that society can only be formed through initiated violence and the government gun is the best way to achieve this.

The VA is simply the latest in a long cavalcade of calamities that is the US government in action. One wonders at the captains and pilots of the USS Idiocracy that simply sail forward oblivious to the damage they do. Two solutions come to mind immediately but I would not hold my breath for their implementation.

First, the supply issue for the VA is to stop creating future clients by curbing the mad militarism that has haunted US foreign policy since 1893. Stop sending these soldiers, airmen and sailors overseas to participate in the mass subjugation, maiming and killing of peoples in countries who cannot possibly harm the mainland US any more effectively than the mandarins in DC do already. There is an estimated quarter million humans returning from operations in the Middle East who have been brain rattled and no one in the US knows the long-term effects of the impending crisis. The amputees, PTSD and injury caseload is massive after the latest festivities in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa. More than 900,000 soldiers have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan but “in March [2013], the VA abruptly stopped releasing statistics on non-fatal war casualties to the public.” I remain unconvinced this number is accurate either way because of the fact that ALL veterans who leave the service are entitled to five years of care after departure from the military. The amount of book-cooking the government engages in is legion so these numbers are suspect whether less or more than actual.

Second, the VA employs almost 15 percent of the total Federal workforce (I use the last term charitably) with 332,000 employees in the second largest department and costs an enormous amount of money. By the way, that is one employee for every three of the newly added Iraq/Afghanistan treatment roster brought to you by Team Bush-Obama in the ME. Today, there are 153 VA hospitals, serving 5.7 million patients.

“The President’s 2015 Budget includes $163.9 billion for VA in 2015.  This includes $68.3 billion in discretionary resources and $95.6 billion in mandatory funding.  Our discretionary budget request represents an increase of $2.0 billion, or 3.0 percent, over the 2014 enacted level.”

What would be the problem with turning this into a cash voucher system to service all the veterans currently enrolled? Especially if the USG can start minding its own business and stop the monstrous work of creating new VA clients everyday with the American war on the world. One realizes this would not fit in the evil plans of the national socialist healthcare system recently adopted but the use of government issued vouchers for cash to use free market doctors would encourage innovation, zero out waiting lists and raze bureaucracies. But those very reasons would, of course, militate against it ever happening.

Hell, what would be the problem of letting these vets go to all the flag-waving churches and charity groups in the US with hat in hand and asking them to foot the medical bill? After all, these folks are among the most vocal cheerleaders of sending these men and women in harm’s way to increase the American Empire Project abroad.

The VA is merely the latest klaxon warning that government bureaucracy is not only ineffective, inefficient and wasteful, it is evil and deadly.

Want to honor the troops? Bring them home, keep them home and let the market take care of them. The only moral and legitimate fight is defense of your own soil.

“By exiling human judgment in the last few decades, modern law changed role from useful tool to brainless tyrant. This legal regime will never be up to the job, any more than the Soviet system of central planning was, because it can’t think. The comedy of law’s sterile logic–large POISON signs warning against common sand, spending twenty-two years on pesticide review and deciding next to nothing, allowing fifty-year-old white men to sue for discrimination–is all too reminiscent of the old jokes we used to hear about life in the Eastern bloc.

Judgment is to law as water is to crops. It should not be surprising that law has become brittle, and society along with it.”

- Phillip K. Howard, Death of Common Sense: How Law is Suffocating America

Lest We Never Learn A Lesson by Travis Wilson

Publisher’s Note:  Memorial Day is another fabricated holiday to remember the exact opposite of what the day should represent. This is the day that should inspire millions to march on DC and every other satellite occupation facility throughout the USSA with tar, feathers, pitchforks and righteous indignation and threaten the rulers with the exact same empty promise they give to veterans and the other willing. The recent revelations of ineptitude and incompetence at the Veteran’s Administration that manifests in every corner of the world that the government touches should be the signal flare that makes everyone take pause. DC won’t fix the VA but it will pile the maimed and wrecked human cord-wood that return form the nasty imperial project planet-wide and shove them into institutions that will most likely kill and subject them to slow death.

Like Veteran’s Day it celebrates the specious and imbecilic argument that the American war on the world will ensure a more stable existence and place on the globe for American when it does just the opposite and lulls the American sheeple to smile benignly on the death machine that is the Department of Defense. But then again all politics is a death cult and this is merely another manifestation.

Travis is a rare and signal writing talent whose contribution today bring terrific illumination to the twisted and wicked legend the state has shrouded institutionalized killing and slaughter in.

Support the troops, bring them home now. -BB

Stop praising veterans for maiming and killing millions who have never lifted a finger against the USSA,;Memorial day is here again. A day set aside by the government to acknowledge all the troops who have died in service to the government, to remember their sacrifice to uphold the want of the expanding empire and to ensure domestic tyranny is broadcast internationally. A day to recognize those that protected opium fields in Afghanistan, oil fields in Iraq and Kuwait, who intervened in matters not involving them. A day to yell “support our Troops, just don’t allow them to come home!” This is a day that people get their panties wet for the stars and stripes and all of the men and women, sometimes children that have been killed in duty to the Government of the United States. That sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? Think about it though, is it true? Do these service members serve you, or do they serve the government? When was the last time your orders to the “Nation’s Service Members” was answered?

Smedley Butler, one of the most decorated US Marines penned this essay “War is a Racket”.

“WAR is a racket. It always has been.

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

In the World War,] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.

How many of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle? How many of them dug a trench? How many of them knew what it meant to go hungry in a rat-infested dug-out? How many of them spent sleepless, frightened nights, ducking shells and shrapnel and machine gun bullets? How many of them parried a bayonet thrust of an enemy? How many of them were wounded or killed in battle?”

Butler saw this after his years in service and this was written as a warning leading up to World War 2. He saw that through war peace is not ventured towards but thrust aside like a broken toy by a child. Butler wrote his feelings of despair for this nation and all others so conceived to annihilate others for the interest of the governments in control. “So…I say, TO HELL WITH WAR!

Lest We Forget

There are a lot of reasons people adore this day. Maybe a family member or friend died in the struggles of war, maybe a person lost friends, brothers, or even their own sanity, fighting for a lie, deceit and ultimately what was never to be had.  I have always questioned the motives of soldiers. you would ultimately have to agree with the ways in which the system works to be a part of it, in any capacity.  Why have you resigned your self to die or to kill based on any amount of information? Why have you sign away not only your life but every right to your own body? Why have you allowed a few people who call themselves your government dictate what you will do, who is your enemy, who is allowed to live and who must die? Why have you let your mind be deceived to belief the great lie that stifles peace and breeds more war?

What if we did forget? What if we have forgotten how to be humans by being brutal savages to others? What if we have forgotten the value of life? What if we have forgotten how to be civilized and how to resolve differences without force, without killing one another.

I say we have forgotten. And damned if anyone is willing to stop and think, maybe the way to peace isn’t in dropping bombs, it isn’t in destroying villages halfway around the world but by working towards peaceful ends to mutual problems. I am called idealistic, Utopian, a dreamer to think that people in other lands would be interested in peace with us. Well no, I don’t suppose after generation after generation has grown to be controlled by this country, threatened and harmed by this country they would very much like to resolve to peace, it is the bed our government and their strong-armed subservient drones have made for the rest of us to lie in along side them.

Lest We Forget

This day is set aside to remember those who have died in duty to their government. But what do we do to remember those that have died because of our government soldiers. What of the Vietnamese villagers killed at the hands of our troops? What of the Syrians, the Kuwaitis, the Iraqis, Koreans, what of all those killed by policies set by our government and enforced by their troops? Have you ever set to think about those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for those that claim to pay a sacrifice? It is the subjective value of life that is a real hurdle for some to get over? The ability for some to value the life of one person over that of another and to justify their death in relation to some unknown and unseen meter of safety in on country over another. In all instances life is lost, it is the real test of a personal philosophy to drop this hypocritical value of life.

Lest We Never Learn A Lesson

What will this nation and all other nations be if they never learn form the horrors of war?  What is to become of children brought up in a perpetual state of hate for foreigners? What is to be said of the eternal conflict between lands, waging battle after battle until but a few peoples remain to be enslaved by the larger of surviving regimes? What if we never learn our lesson?

Remembering and Honoring are two different things.

I can remember my grandfather and his stories of the Korean War he served in. I can remember his talks with me about his sacrifice and his realization of what it was worth. I can remember him telling me about the blood transfusion after being shot and the lifetime struggle with the disease it left him. I can remember him telling me to not honor his service but to remember that sometimes it isn’t worth losing yourself to gain a few dollars. I can remember the day we put him in the ground. No flag draped casket, no military band, No folded flag, no mention of military honors, not because he had none but because that wasn’t who he was, it was just what he did and what he had to live with and regret.

If you want to remember the troops, bring them home. Shut down the military industrial complex, shut down the 300 bases in 190 countries, stop fueling future conflicts with hate for prior ones, stop sending men to kill and die for a corrupt government and stop trying to impose a tyrannical empire over the world for the blood lust of those who claim superiority and control.

McDonalds and the Minimum Wage by Jacob Bowen

Publisher’s Note:  ZG has undergone a major overhaul to improve functionality and make it more bulletproof for the coming Endarkenment. The sites are now live after much work by the system administrator, KC. In other matters, I am writing a novel and preparing for PorcFest XI where I will be giving three speeches and a half day seminar in NH in June.

I would love to meet some my friends and contributors there. Recently, a group of McDonald’s employees have taken to the streets to protest their admittedly poor wage. Now, there are both reasons why their wage is poor and ways to increase it. The ways to increase the wages, however, will either be bad news for McDonald’s workers or businesses everywhere.

But first for the reasons. Why are the McDonald’s workers paid such low wages and really fast food workers everywhere? Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all, there is an immense labor market for the workers at fast food restaurants. It is a low-skill job that can be completed by virtually every able-bodied person. That means that there is little need for the companies to make their job competitive. There is far too much supply for the wage to be high. Notice how the higher skill a job requires, the less people there are to hire for it, and how the wages are generally higher for these jobs. Another major reason is a lesson in economics to anybody who doesn’t have much of an understanding. Wages are not arbitrarily set, including the minimum wage (although minimum wage is not set for the same reason that wages are in a market). Wages, particularly hourly wages, are set in such a way that employees are paid by their predicted worth to the company. This idea is not infallible considering you cannot reduce labor to a variable I’ll refer to as a “unit of labor” (as it has been referred to by at least Keynes and likely other economists). Individuals are going to differ in their productivity. However, this is generally how wages are determined in any market. If you were to do the math, in 2013 McDonald’s employed about 1.8 Million people and made about 28.11 Billion USD in sales/revenue. That means, that each unit of labor would be responsible for 16,000 USD (rounded up) in sales/revenue. This number will be important later so keep it in mind.

Now, there are two ways in which the wages of these people can be raised. The first is to reduce the possible labor market. That would mean that McDonald’s would hire less people of greater skill. This, however, does not guarantee higher wages especially in areas of recession where a job will be taken even if the wage is poor. Another possible route would be to further automation so that the labor would have to be more skilled so that they can handle the technology. This, again, is not a guarantee but is more likely than the first scenario to produce higher wages. Another option, that is dangerous, is to force the company to pay higher wages through unions and legislation. This is dangerous because it further changes the scale of value for labor. As it stands, a person working at American minimum wage would make (assuming full time every week for every week of the year which of course doesn’t happen) $15,000 in a year (rounded down). Notice how this number is very close to the amount of revenue per employee. A raise to $15/hour work under the same circumstances as the prior calculation would mean that the employee would make $31,000 (rounded down) in a year. This is almost double their expected productivity. This is not a good for a market. Such a policy would obviously favor the very large industries that are capable of paying the costs even though it deeply cuts into their yearly sales/revenue.

John Brown Gets His Gun by Bill Buppert

“All men dream but not equally.  Those that dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that is was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.”

- T.E. Lawrence

I maintain a catalog of inspirational speeches and they speak to me like the epochal union of literature in music and literature in opera or the powerful poems that set fire to our hearts. I love great speeches and have a collection of some of my favorites whether Shakespeare’s Henry V homage to the “band of brothers” or Charlie Chaplain’s speech or Churchill’s magisterial speech condemning the Amritsar massacre in India in 1919 which may very well have paved the way tangentially for the liberation of Eire from the English manacle in 1922. It may have been Churchill’s most masterful speech.

John Brown’s short but powerful and poignant speech is one of the finest in English letters and helped to set the world on fire in the worst way when instead of liberating the slave, the Lincolnian war on Southern secession put every human in the tax jurisdiction known as the USA in shackles that have grown heavier and more oppressive by the decade since. I don’t hold John Brown personally accountable for the tragic conflict from 1861-65 in the USA. Like all history, the causes and effects and the eddying concourses from many sources that joined to effect those very things make a complex tapestry especially in retrospect and professional hindsight.

John Brown fought a fundamentally different fight from the abolitionist campaigns of the likes of Garrison and Douglass. John Brown took a violent fight to an evil so great in his mind that all his campaigns against the slave power were justified. He was that most dangerous man that TE Lawrence spoke of: a visionary who dreamed during the day. Hence, the following speech by John Brown at his trial before he was hanged. Brown was the kind of man you simply don’t find in humanity today. Many would applaud his absence but I would think more men like Brown would inspire the changes that need to be made now. Brown was neither a military genius nor a competent rabble-rouser who could inspire others to follow his lead and actually spark the change.

In the modern American landscape, the prison state is here and firmly entrenched. The servitude in America is ingeniously dressed as freedom when in stark Orwellian terms, it is a nation where everyone excepting the outlaw is a vassal and employee of the enormous Federal state that lords and rules from the former swamp in DC. Brown faced a similar evil before the War of Northern Aggression, a nation North and South that lived in a Constitutional steel cage that codified slavery and in 1850 established the fugitive slave law to put the full faith and credit of the US government behind the ownership of other human beings in perpetual chattel slavery.

Brown weaponized ideas and knew that voting at the ballot box would not free the four million men, women and children in chains; the bottom-most rung of chains in the increasing web of control and corruption that emanated from DC. Brown did in a few months what decades of abolitionist scribbling did not attain. He brought the entire question to a head in living technicolor fully animated by his Old Testament sensibilities.

A proper condemnation of Lincoln is well outside the scope of this essay and many others in the commentariat have dealt with that malevolent and murderous specter that haunts America to this day.



John Brown’s speech:

In the first place, I deny everything but what I have all along admitted, the design on my part to free the slaves. I intended certainly to have made a clean thing of that matter, as I did last winter, when I went into Missouri and there took slaves without the snapping of a gun on either side, moved them through the country, and finally left them in Canada. I designed to have done the same thing again, on a larger scale. That was all I intended. I never did intend murder, or treason, or the destruction of property, or to excite or incite slaves to rebellion, or to make insurrection.

I have another objection; and that is, it is unjust that I should suffer such a penalty. Had I interfered in the manner which I admit, and which I admit has been fairly proved (for I admire the truthfulness and candor of the greater portion of the witnesses who have testified in this case), had I so interfered in behalf of the rich, the powerful, the intelligent, the so-called great, or in behalf of any of their friends, either father, mother, brother, sister, wife, or children, or any of that class, and suffered and sacrificed what I have in this interference, it would have been all right; and every man in this court would have deemed it an act worthy of reward rather than punishment.

This court acknowledges, as I suppose, the validity of the law of God. I see a book kissed here which I suppose to be the Bible, or at least the New Testament. That teaches me that all things whatsoever I would that men should do to me, I should do even so to them. It teaches me, further, to “remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them.” I endeavored to act up to that instruction. I say, I am yet too young to understand that God is any respecter of persons. I believe that to have interfered as I have done as I have always freely admitted I have done in behalf of His despised poor, was not wrong, but right. Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children and with the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I submit; so let it be done!

Let me say one word further.

I feel entirely satisfied with the treatment I have received on my trial. Considering all the circumstances. it has been more generous than I expected. But I feel no consciousness of guilt. I have stated from the first what was my intention and what was not. I never had any design against the life of any person, nor any disposition to commit treason, or excite slaves to rebel, or make any general insurrection. I never encouraged any man to do so, but always discouraged any idea of that kind.

 Let me say, also, a word in regard to the statements made by some of those connected with me. I hear it has been stated by some of them that I have induced them to join me. But the contrary is true. I do not say this to injure them, but as regretting their weakness. There is not one of them but joined me of his own accord, and the greater part of them at their own expense. A number of them I never saw, and never had a word of conversation with, till the day they came to me; and that was for the purpose I have stated.

Now I am done.

Orson Welles recitation of the speech is masterful and knows no peer short of witnessing John Brown himself.

I am not a religionist so his appeals to higher power in the supernatural coil leave me underwhelmed but his conviction did not simply come from his religion. His notions of right and wrong were animated by everything he saw around him in his country. The comfort of watching an entire people chained and controlled like livestock had been taken for granted by everyone not in those conditions; they knew that change was difficult and would come with inconvenience and the burden of having to work a little harder to look in the mirror and question the image staring back at them.

John Brown looked in the mirror and came up with an answer that led to his trial and his death. He sought an immoral means to bring about a just end and paid the price.

He would no longer take the easy wrong over the hard right. He would no longer bow to the power of might makes right nor to brook the shabby rationalizations of a political document whose coup in 1791 localized the tyranny the colonials originally fought the UK for eight years to unshackle themselves from. Brown knew that pacifism was nothing more than an elegant slow-roll self-extinction event. Brown had internalized the violence that was chattel slavery and decided that action would trump the decades of writing and speeches that Garrison and others had labored under.

John Brown wagered his life and lost but he was not overseas murdering the inhabitants of a foreign land that had crossed the geopolitical machinations of a cowardly ruling class or a criminal predator plying his malum in se trade in the night. Brown was not an over-fed badged statist predator protecting and serving good and hard the unwitting population that expected better treatment. Brown fought a war on his own soil to right his perceived wrong.

John Brown made his peace and started his war. America would never be the same. His death would animate the conversion of many pacifist abolitionists into something different.

Murder begins where self-defense ends.

I Am Simon Jester: Grokking the Underground by Bill Buppert

Barbed_wire.svg.hiBack in February, I was invited to speak at the Liberty Forum sponsored by the Free State Project in NH. I did this talk and two more on Zero Government and the Police State USSA respectively, I will post these once production and publishing is complete by LF. I will be speaking at PorcFest in June. I will be giving three speeches and a seminar on Irregular Warfare.

Here is the video of my first speech.

I Am Simon Jester

I spend considerable time talking about non-violent resistance and its utility in the coming Endarkenment in the USSA. My experience in the Legions during most of my adult life gave me significant insight on the mechanics and landscape of violent resistance and rebellion. I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. America is not a free country and the entire legal system is rigged against freedom of expression when it comes to discussing defensive mechanisms and the dominant ecology of the SLAVFOR (as opposed to FREEFOR) so that information remains safely tucked in my skull until the glass needs to be broken during the inevitable national emergencies the future holds for all of us.

Prepare, steel your mind for the coming unpleasantness and realize it is not a matter of if but when the political ruler’s Janissaries will be pounding on your door or stealing you in the middle of the night. SLAVFOR will not stop until their Orwellian vision is fulfilled.

You may not be interested in they way they work or stick your head in the sand but they are paying very close attention to you through the vacuuming of every conceivable electronic transaction including this screed you are reading right now. They use association matrices to tip off who and how humans will be targeted.

It all comes down to the decision you make on the price of your obedience and what you are willing to pay to stand on your refusal.

John has a long mustache and the chair is against the wall sooner than you think.

Notes in the Margin:I continue to recover from my heart attack in April but am now nearly 100% recovered from that surprise pre-extinction event. I take very good care of myself but in this case, I lost the genetic lottery which is a predictor for 50-80% of your physical ailments. I have just completed chapter 10 of my novel (roughly one third complete) called The Cancer Club which goes to the editor in September. The book is about a cranky group of widowers with terminal diseases who decide to make their deaths a bit more festive to strike a blow against leviathan. -BB

Resist. Rinse. Repeat.


Befehl ist Befehl: Why Cops Are Morally Wrong by Bill Buppert

“The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.”

- COL Jeff Cooper

Befehl ist befehl means orders are orders which is the usual explanation given for barbaric behavior by Nazis on trial after WWII. The malefactors were hanged who attempted this defense yet this quaint notion is the bedrock of all US police behavior and explanation for its excess.

Officer safety is part of the evil trifecta that enables much of the police violence and

have taken all these things to task in past essays, so I won’t bore you with the details. The remaining legs in this are police unions and qualified immunity, which many in the commentariat have handled with alacrity.

It bears repeating, absent police forces, no political bad actor can deny one freedom or erase any liberty from any individual or group. The police exist to serve and protect their political rulers no matter how much they naysay to the contrary. The aforementioned trifecta is the deal with the devil to ensure that the police have a license to kill and guarantee all investigations are conducted by themselves on themselves. Imagine how the economically illiterate bedwetters on the left would scream if corporations were left to investigate their own supposed transgressions. This is why police, robed government employees and their sycophants in the entire legal system are immune to justice, a moral compass and restitution to victims of the wretched system in place in the USSA.

National Socialism died in Germany in 1946 at the Nuremberg trials but the key components of the trials that enraged so many humans planet-wide at the conclusion of the War to Save Josef Stalin was the insistence of both low and high ranking Nazis alike that they bore no responsibility for their actions because they were merely following orders. The original trials started in 1946 but were followed by other trials:

All of these Allied legal trials very specifically targeted the barbaric behavior of the Nazis while excusing any such behavior of the Allies such as the gruesome and murderous strategic bombing campaigns world wide by the Allies. The duplicity and wink and nod to Soviet crimes was especially nauseating but at least the Germans were held to account in spite of the double standard imposed by the West.

The crimes were grouped in three categories in international law: crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The superior orders defense so beloved to the criminals on trial was ruled as inadmissible and this was further complicated by the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which did give some interesting escape clauses to governments which sought to skirt the meaning and isolate the indefensible superior orders defense to genocide and crimes against humanity. This may be the international get out of jail free card for governments that need to provide legal coverage for the ravages and immoral behavior of their constabulary.

I happen to think the superior orders defense is ludicrous and merely excuses willing barbarians in the conduct of their mayhem. But this very notion of superior orders is the standard defense for the police brutality, malpractice and savagery that is everyday business for the US law enforcement apprartus.

What does this brief history lesson in power politics and the hanging of the deserved have to do with American policing? Officer safety. This notion means that any ”officer” who feels threatened or in danger may kill whoever they perceive to be doing so and get away with it with the fully faith and backing of the Federal government and its puppet regimes in the states. This murder and mayhem has easily ramped up and accelerated to unprecedented levels since the ironic War on Terrorism began after 911. That unfortunate event has Bin Laden and his entire crew of misfits cackling at the incredible success they have foisted on the American people and the West by making the West strangle itself and extinguish its individual liberties by its own hand.

Nuremberg Principle IV states quite clearly:

“The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

Police behavior in the US in concert with the American legal system has embraced this to protect its agents and praetorians in the conduct of their everyday duties. Again, the impossible moral equation is supposing that immoral ends can midwife moral ends but this is the wickedly evil calculus that animates most government activity in the US.

Those Germans dangling at the end of a rope after WWII died. If they had been dressed in the absurd garb of modern American cops, they would have not only have gotten away with their crimes but would have had the full support and entire legal system to defend their indefensible behavior against all comers. They probably would have been adorned with medals and applauded for their barbarism.

Terrorism is politically motivated violence against non-combatants and innocents and that is the very definition by which all governments maintain and expand their power. There is no mean coincidence that police in America behave like an occupying force enforcing laws that have no place in a free society whether the illegal vegetation laws or ordinances against consensual behavior that ensure America has the highest per capita prison population on Earth. Much like the military industrial complex for which overseas martial adventures are sophisticated money-laundering operations, the same applies to the government-legal complex that gums up the US economy, ensnares innocents in a host of malum prohibitum laws and justifies the mass surveillance activities of a government that seeks total control over its tax cattle.

The entire rotten American judicial system and its badged janissaries derive their disproportionate power from a number of sources but the most important is the absurd notion that the bodies stacked up like cordwood in the US gulag system or the room temperature corpses littering the roadside as frightened cops use deadly force are excused because some are more equal than others. In this case, the cops who initiate violence for a living are given carte blanche to maim or extinguish anyone who dares to make them feel unsafe. When one looks at the mortality rate of this policing profession, the numbers speak to an extraordinarily safe profession despite the mewling of the presstitutes fellating the state fawning admiration over their protectors. They are excused because the poor overweight and cognitively challenged “thin black and black line” is merely following orders. They are merely enforcing the law. They don’t make the law, they simply administer it good and hard.

These worthies don’t interpret the law nor establish a moral compass to test its virtue, they do what they are told. Whether one agrees with the tremendous moral indignation that animated the Nuremberg trials or not, the forum asked a very keen question: “Can the agents of the state be excused from the conduct of morally indefensible behavior because they were following orders?”

The answer then was a resounding no and remains a resounding negative to anyone who looks at the trail of tears known as American policing across the fetid plain as armed government employees fine, kidnap, cage, maim and kill depending on the level of resistance. Nearly seven million humans in the US are on probation, in cages or on parole. Those unfortunates have families that number in the tens of millions and they are getting mighty tired of watching the news every night or the thousands of videos on the internet that portray a police who maim and kill with abandon. Rarely are they held accountable and the predictable response of the killers investigating themselves and justifying the mayhem is Exhibit A in why the American legal system has no moral authority whatsoever anymore.

What’s the answer?

In the best of worlds, the total abolition of state police mechanisms period but until humanity can wrap its arms around the problem and wean itself from the collectivist fever dream, this is merely the ideal. Since there are no good cops, this would be the optimal solution. Modern society is simply yielding to the worse people in charge to protect the frightened from a few bad people.

Several things can be done now:

  • Immediate requirement for all police to be wearing functioning video cameras during the conduct of duties.
  • Immediate surrender in the drug war and the instant demolition of all Federal drug laws.
  • The revocation of all malum probihitum laws at the Federal level. As a matter of fact, no Federal enforcement power over the states whatsoever.
  • The immediate disarmament of all statist law enforcement officer indefinitely.
  • Elimination of all government unions and the abolition of all police unions.
  • Bonding and ensuring of all individual officers on their own dime so taxpayers no longer foot the bill for the absurd lawsuit payload of most large departments. No more qualified immunity.
  • Officer safety is no longer an excuse for maiming and killing the citizen.

That would be a good start and I am sure plenty of other suggestions can be offered to diminish and eventually eliminate the existential threat to human liberty – the cop.

If any un-badged citizen were to conduct themselves as cops do on a daily basis, there is not enough cell space to house the miscreants. It’s time to hold them to the same standards as the Nuremberg lawyers did in 1945-47. Following orders is no excuse for bad and lethal behavior.

Bad laws were meant to be broken.

“After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.”

- William S. Burroughs

Fear is the Liar by Jim Klein

Publisher’s Note: Jim Klein wrote this short but pithy response to this essay published on STHF: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/the-reason-why-there-will-be-a-second-american-civil-war-american-citizens-are-soon-to-become-an-endangered-species_05012014. I highly recommend SHTF as a website source. Jim is the Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at zerogov.com and the senior graybeard. Enjoy. -BB

Obama has almost nothing to do with any of this.  How could he…he’s got almost nothing to do with anything.  You could say he’s single-handedly the Commander-in-Chief, and so theoretically has sole control over the strongest military in the world, but even that doesn’t amount to so much these days, for the reasons the author noted.  Besides, that guy could no more command a military than I could design a space shuttle.

We’re here because virtually everyone wants us to be here.  If you took a sincere vote door-to-door, nearly every person would say, “I don’t really want this and I know there’s some deep problem, but the idea of doing anything differently is so overwhelming and frightening, that I choose to stay the course.”

That’s it, isn’t it?  As uncomfortable as people are, they’re more afraid of what it could be otherwise.  That’s what keeps them going.  That’s what happens when you’re emotionally driven—the fear is greater than the want.

What gets me is the plain denial.  It’s no secret what Tyranny is, and it’s no secret to where it leads.  Always.  No exceptions.  How could it not?  Even if we had no evidence, the logic of it is plainly clear…Tyranny can’t stop, for then at some point it would be defeated.  It must grow.  Since the essence of Tyranny is to incentivize thuggery–thuggery on behalf of the State where it gets removed from Individual Responsibility–how could it not continue to grow?  What in the world would cause it to stop?

That’s the logic of it.  It stands on its own, but unsurprisingly the evidence supports the logic 100%.  Evidence always will, when the logic is tight.  Correspondence, we might call it.

So most everyone knows where this goes, and everyone even knows that the next time is inevitably worse than the last time.  We can pull data point after data point to demonstrate in plain reality what has happened.  We know about the lack of production, we know about the unfunded liabilities, we know that there is an immense force sucking away every drop of production that’s left, into the service of the “Public.”  We know who does the actual sucking and what they actually do with that wealth; we know about the contracts and the subsidies and the Free Shit Army and the retirees and on and on and on.  It never ends with places to distribute the loot.  Even now, they’re working on ever more, from immigration to more war on terrorism, to starting WWIII.  Anything to keep the Machine ever-growing.

But none of that matters to people.  What matters is what they feel, and what they feel is terror…the kind of terror that freezes you into inaction.  Terror, terrorism, Tyranny…it’s all the same; it’s a way to incapacitate free-willed thinking humans.  It’s done by denying the “thinking” and enhancing the “feeling.”  And by doing that, it causes otherwise rational people to ignore what they know and go with what they feel instead.

I think that for an organism that has a mind capable of abstracting the nature of the reality in which it finds itself, that’s a huge error…one that can only possibly, at some point in time, lead to the death of that organism.  Seems to me that the choice amounts to, “Wake the fuck up and do something about it,” or “Ignore the facts and try to pass the time feeling as comfortable as possible, and wait to see how death will come.”

Anarchist, Libertarian or Voluntarism: Why I Use One Word Over Another by Travis Wilson

Publisher’s Note:   I welcome Travis’ energetic and scintillating attempt to refine the definitions of the stateless society he and I are trying to make a concrete idea for humanity. I use the term abolitionist now but he makes a string case for his choice. Enjoy. -BB

I have been thinking about the meaning of these words and of their reaction in society lately. There seems to me to be a very large majority of people who have a negative connotation to two of them and not so much knowledge of the last. So it is here that I will begin.

What Anarchy is and what it is not.

The vast majority of the public will react negatively to the use of the word anarchy. Through false description and definition imposed on them through government run schools and reinforced by media and social entertainment they have been lead to believe that only bad things could happen in a world with no government. Thunder Dome would become reality in their minds. Would it really though, would they allow that to happen in their presence, would everyone just go around murdering and looting?

“Anarchy is all around us. Without it, our world would fall apart. All progress is due to it. All order extends from it. All blessed things that rise above the state of nature are owed to it. The human race thrives only because of the lack of control, not because of it. I’m saying that we need ever more absence of control to make the world a more beautiful place. It is a paradox that we must forever explain.”

Jeffrey Tucker

It is generally described to be a world with no government. The term goes deeper than that though. It leaves a world with no central government and not without rules. Rules would still be in effect throughout the world, it would only be the enforcement of those rules that would change. Webster defines Anarchy in the typical false way as its main definition (: a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws). This is the definition that most people are taught as the truth but further definitions by the same source state (a: absence of government //b: a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority//c: a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government) These are definitions that most self-proclaimed anarchist would somewhat agree upon.

The automatic connotation of Anarchy being a bad thing is something we must overcome. The changing of definitions is something that must be done through actions rather than words. So how do we expand the idea of peaceful anarchy and destroy a negative connotation to the word? To be sure this is a monumental task and one that would require the utmost care in its expansion. The idea that there are no rulers but rules still remain isn’t an easy sell for most people. The idea of self-reliance and self-control frightens people, and it should. They have lived in complete servitude to a government for too long. By relying on an outside entity to control the personal and economical habits they have castrated themselves from the ideas of freedom, free will, free choice, personal responsibility, and self- sufficiency.

Anarchy doesn’t have to mean the things that it is believed to mean now, and it will take some real positive work to bring a positive thought to the word. Through peaceful cooperation and discovering new ways to subvert the power of the state in our everyday lives we can bring the world to anarchy and not be a fearful thing.

Are you libertarian enough?

Within libertarianism there seems to be a litmus test that some will use to determine ones placement in the vast collection of the term. It is truly a broad term and a very much inclusive term and as such most people have a hard time defining it or determining their place within it. Libertarians believe for the most part in smaller government, some believe in constitutional government some do not. The term generally includes both Voluntarists and Anarchists in the definition, though there is some debate on that in my mind as well as others. But I like to leave that topic to self-discovery and the subjective view of the issue. The degree of your libertarianism is of much debate and discussion among other self-described libertarians and the actions and theory that you portray has a great deal to do with how you are perceived.

Some will say that certain traits within libertarianism are dangerous to modern life; Non-intervention foreign policies, pro-choice on abortion, ridding the country of drug laws and allowing uninhibited use of hard drugs, open borders. Those are the types of issues most Neo- Conservatives and Neo-Liberals will vehemently attack with illogical fallacies and hyper sensitive emotional responses. Now everyone is entitled to their opinions, I would have to recommend further education in these issues to gain a better understanding of the positions held by Libertarians.

Libertarianism is popular, and this can be a bad thing. Why do I say this? It has been increasingly apparent that some people will do whatever it takes to grasp or remain in power, even so much as to pretend to hold beliefs they certainly do not. It doesn’t take much looking to see the false prophets of the liberty movement and the libertarian creed. Now the Libertarian I am talking about is the philosophy, not the party. The party is just a vehicle for those who hold the philosophy, and of course those that falsify their claim to it.

Leaning libertarian. This is one of those terms that make no sense to me at all. I just don’t see how anyone can lean in the direction of philosophy but not accept it or live by it. I feel that those that claim to be “leaning” are those that are merely using the followers to their own self gain, what that gain may be is different among people, but the use of the followers remains the same.

I believe in a Voluntary Society.

What is Voluntarism? It is the belief that all actions of individuals should be free from coercion or force, they should be voluntary. The creed of Voluntarism is to allow all voluntary means so long as they do not interfere or impede on the rights of others and so long as the actions are not forced or coerced in any way.

Voluntarism does allow for governments to be formed but they may not touch or try to overtake those that reject their influence or control. This is a hard concept for many. True voluntarism should not prohibit those that wish to be governed to their choice. Those that wish to be governed and those they elect or choose to be the governors should have no say over the lives, property or actions of those that choose to live outside of that governance. Someone told me once that this is just a copout, an easy way to not address the issue, but I say this, if everyone chose to define themselves and their philosophy around the voluntary acts of individuals we would see the downfall of most forms of political control and governments around the world, with no need to say that these aspirations are anarchistic at all, and well beyond the goals of most libertarians.

So why say Voluntarism instead of Anarchy or Libertarianism?

From prior experience using all of these words I have found the greatest ability to progress the ideas and message of individual liberty by not using the word Anarchy for the simple reason as it invokes an automatic negative thought in the minds of the masses. The same is true of the word Libertarian. In the minds of Democrats and Republicans alike there is a negative connotation associated with the word. To be able to speak to those who hold these feelings against these words or labels we must move past the blockade of the definitions, we must find another route.

By choosing to use the word Voluntaryist rather than Anarchist or Libertarian it lends the speaker the chance to express the ideas without the over shadowing of the connotations of the latter two words. This is one way that we can progress conversation with others on like-minded goals or solutions to current problems. This is how we can influence the progress to goals and see real change in the power structures around the world.

Twitter: @patriotpapers