State of Fear: Disease to Power by Bill Buppert


 Publisher’s Note: Yes, I am having a hell of a time with popcorn watching two ancient government supremacists, Comrades Bernie and Joey, slugging each other with handbags to out-Bolshie the other nitwit to get the CP-USA blood crown. But Dumb and Dumber will benefit from an economy wrecked again by government interference.

The tech overlords continue to advance in the hustings. Amazon, in July of 2009, remotely deleted a couple of novels on thousands of Kindle e-readers due to a copyright issue. Ironically, the titles were 1984 and Animal Farm.

Long time readers of this site know I have talked about the landmark 1939 US v. Miller Supremes decision that all but confirmed the ownership of military pattern weapons as a common feature of 2A affirmation since the founding lawyers penned the Constitution. The bottom line is that the robed employees insisted a reduced length shotgun was not a military weapon completely ignoring the use of trench shotguns in the first part of the greater world war to make the world safe for communism.

Garand Thumb [aka Plaid the Impaler] does a great video on the weapon here.

As an amateur historian, I am always seeking new sources and as tax slaves on the plantation, sometimes it’s worth investigating where we can get a little return on our dollars from the Leviathan.

Military history resources at the Infantry School (MCOE), the JFK Special Warfare School and Leavenworth are worth a look.

Maneuver Center of Excellence Libraries MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library This will also take you to the Army University resources.

Assessing Revolutionary And Insurgent Strategies (ARIS) Studies Lots of grat case studies here.

 US Army Center for Military History Another great resource, I am certain some of my readers can alert Zerogov on other resources out there.

I am a member of the Society for Military History out of VMI, the quarterly Journal of Military History is a tremendous dead tree magazine; I have a collection that stretches back to 1990.

Everything the government touches turns to shit, James Williams does a terrific analysis of how violent state intervention in health and medical care has destroyed a once great private system of the best medical care on Earth. But the market is finding a way to circumvent the circular firing squad that is government regulation.

 “In the meantime, the world of medical practice is changing. In 2020, doctors in private practice are rare birds, but the number is growing. More and more primary care physicians are spurning the government/insurance/hospital-corporation cabal (the healthcare equivalent of what Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial Complex in the 1950’s) and returning to a direct-pay system for their patients. Since patients are essentially paying cash for most primary care services anyway due to high copays and deductibles, they are starting to say they will pay a premium to have a GOOD family doctor or internist work with them and their families. This is taking the shape of things like concierge medical practices, where folks pay a set fee monthly to have access to first-rate personal medical care from a doctor they trust and who will commit to them for the long term.”

Am currently sharpening knives using a great stone from

Had a great weekend with my youngest son who is a shooting phenomenon; he has both the genetics and the will to be a world class shooter. He left this morning to return to his duty station with the USMC clown posse in Calizuela.

I am now the proud owner of a Vortex Razor Gen II-E 1-6 LPVO on my boom stick. Range report is pending.

Get to the range. -BB

“People sometimes quote Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the influential financial writer, by describing the pandemic as a “black swan” event. But it’s something else he wrote in his eponymous book that I find more enlightening. Imagine, he asks his readers, someone who has the foresight to warn against a coming disaster. People listen and take precautions. Then nothing happens. Did he just save the day or waste everyone’s time and resources?

We would never know. But he would, in a free society with a free press, get a lot of blame and criticism, however unfairly.

The only way you could know for sure is if no one listens and disaster strikes. He is proven right, but then you are dead. In a democracy, politicians always have an eye on the next election. A few of them may be smart cookies and foresee a disaster like the Covid-19 pandemic.”

– Alex Lo, South China Morning Post

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the latest step in a process that has progressively turned Italy into a fully quarantined country. Shops are mandated to be closed at all times, with the exception of pharmacies, food stores, and newsstands, as the government wisely considers information a primary need. All non-essential jobs have been temporarily stopped. People who still go to the office are requested to prove the absolute necessity to do so by signing a certificate that must be submitted and vetted by the police. Transgressors face up to three months in jail and a fine. Going out for physical activity is permitted, provided it’s short and solitary. Schools and universities — which have been shut down since March 4 — will be closed at least until April 3, but the date will likely be extended.”

What the journalistic vermin at the Boston Globe won’t tell you is that the socialist health care system in Italy was doomed to fail from the start, of course. Nor will they tell you that the Italian government is throwing the elderly over the transom and denying them care.

Rationing, you know.

But don’t worry the commies at Snopes are saying that triage is necessary with limited resources. If I landed from Mars, I would know from the Collectivist Noise Network and MSLSD-DNC that the lack of government control of healthcare is what is making blunting the impact of the Coronavirus so…difficult. And that just because it originated in Bernie’s second (third) favorite country on Earth doesn’t make it so.

I am not going to sound the doomsday gong and I do think the summer will burn the virus out as they always do. I am surprised the global warming fraudsters haven’t touted that as a side benefit. But no, that would intersectionally cannibalize the twisted narrative of toxic statism.

Follow the money:

“Why has a panic developed over this disease? Here we can again learn from Murray. He taught us to follow the money, and in this case, drug manufacturers and developers of vaccines stand to profit if they can frighten enough people. We all remember the “swine flu” panic of several years ago. Doctors developed a vaccine to prevent people from getting the alleged disease, and this vaccine killed many people. When Gerald Ford was president, there was also a “swine flu” panic, and you can watch Murray laughing at the panic here. If he were with us today, he would be laughing at the fearmongers, warning us about the dangers of vaccines, drugs, and quarantines, and reminding us that the main danger we face is the tyrannical and predatory state.”

Government inevitably seeks expansion of power no matter how morbid and bloodthirsty the means.

Hence the widespread and irrational panic.

It serves the state…

Toilet paper? Just buy a bidet for your toilet for forty bucks from Amazon. Problem solved and the forest will thank you.

Buy ammo with the savings…

Use this as a time to test your preparations and conduct a gaps analysis. Examine your system of systems, refine your ideas against what you are observing in family, friends and neighbors. Inventory physical holdings, assess skills shortcomings and adjust and plan appropriately.

7 thoughts on “State of Fear: Disease to Power by Bill Buppert”

  1. This ” event” is amusing, frankly I quit watching the boob tube, how do we know their lying? Their lips are moving. As you have suggested we HAVE, Beta Tested the plan, well the plans, did discover a glaring hole, which seems odd, to me at first.

    The issue is defensively directed, and I thought I had this covered with layers of old mil ammo pouchs, and newer slick top systems. While I already understood this, apparently we didn’t war game it enough.

    Plates, and carriers are present, older TA-50 with two and four mag pouchs are aplenty. Yet I find both to be cumbersome, any work done in any house should be fought on the floor. We’ve used the African Farmer models, regarding defending ones home, as one of our models.
    Shooting from Windows, and ammo bearers working the hallway which access the length of the house.

    Without sand bagged positions, this is a fools errand. While we have 1000 Sand bags, we don’t have the soil/ sand to forfill this important task. We recognized this going in. Over the past 20/30 years the plan has modified multiple times.

    In the beginning the plan was to instantly bugout to the ranch. Over the years we’ve grown comfortable, and don’t see the utility of bugging, without cause. I don’t see this Coroma thing as so,etching to bug out over.

    We have had a evening around the table out at the ranch regarding time tables, basically who, what, where, when, why and how, a transisition will be made, effectively. When are the RV,s moved into position, to support the ranch.

    The ranch is in deed the short term solution, 200.000 achers 500 pair of cattle and fertile farm land, one road in, one road out, and fairly easy to control flows, with a few trees dropped across the county road.

    Those choices need to be completed with the stake holders, we are family, but were relatively ” new” family. Their’s a century of ownership involved, and not all times were good times. Some old wounds to be overcome.

    Yet, it’s not yet time to abandon our own home. I doubt this event will trigger such a response. So for the foreseeable future, we’ll play the game, use our time to make fine adjustments, tweek shit, sit back and watch the world go by.

    The other logistical issue I’ve run into, is ” How many Mags” is to many mags, loaded. Sounds like a silly question, yet, is five mags enough, or maybe ten. What if poop really hits the fan, and your need twenty, yet only have ten loaded? A hell,of a notion, but a very realistic question.

    Think we all know having to load mags in a blow out, is just poor time management. So I opted for forty mags. After that forty, I guess I switch calibers, and started on the next caliber, which also has forty mags.

    God help me if I need to go to the forty .308 mags. That’s going to be a very shitty day. Of course it’s unlikely, but then so was a beer flu likely to,shit the world down, aswell.

    As usual great article Bill.


    1. Dirk!

      200,000 acres! Wow.

      Store all ammo in magazines (preferably PMAGs); back off one round to 29. The South African farmer model demands a meter (approx waist high) of sandbags or their equivalent around the entire periphery of the house or under every window (attackers tend to consider the window or door a bullet sponge). Surplus manhole covers are just dandy too.


  2. This is my ” about to be my Son in Laws place,.” A Homestead family in this area. Awesome people.. His I’m,ediatley family all live on the ranch. While I do have 1000 sandbags, not nearly enough to,accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

    FNFAL. Is the flavor chosen by these folks. A dam fine choice in my opinion. Happen to have a nice collection myself.

    I’ve had my long gun range in this area, since 1991. Another associates ranch. John died this past november unexpectedly. So we’re pulling our long range targets. Been given the green light to identify and set up another extreme long range here on the SOL’s ranch.

    Sadly it took us many many years to get our last range to the level we had achieved. Truly a tough range to shoot. Lots of opportunities to measure incorrectly, example would be think the targets at 660y, when in fact the targets at 840y. On a second ridge behind the first.

    We’ve had many an amusing moment when world class mil shooters arrive, and size us country bumpkins up. Get lazy in their trig, and miss after miss after miss. Actually think it isn’t anger but their embarrassed their getting spanked by a bunch of 50/60 year old guys with average kit.

    End of the day, down at the tavern, down the road, we show the fella’s side shots,of each target,,and terrain, which shows 100s of yards in differences. We have no shame, we drank the owed beers usually with tears in our eyes from laughing.

    Their can be zero rules, except kill the target. One way, or another. The boys coming up from NAS Fallon Nv, had told he next sat coast group of our dastardly deeds. On a whim, I has shortened the target, after hints were being made that ” They” Were on to our lil tricks.

    We drank their ice cold beer that evening, as these boys, realized the had been had again!.

    Hope to achieve the same level of stressors or better with this new course. 30 ar500 targets, closest is 540y, on out.

    Lastly, the thumb units FINALLY arrived this afternoon.


  3. Ha. Had me at “watching two ancient government supremacists, Comrades Bernie and Joey, slugging each other with handbags to out-Bolshie the other nitwit to get the CP-USA blood crown.”

    Love your blogs, old friend.

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