Book Review: The Guerrilla Gunfighter Volume 2: Preparedness Rifle and Carbine (With Notes on the Virginia Gun Festivities) by John Meyers

Publisher’s Note: As John avers in his excellent review below, the Virginia kerfuffle will be much ado about nothing in January 2020. Non-compliance with existing law is legion in the inland West of the USSA and even the Sovietized states like CT and NY have seen very little compliance with pants-wetting weapons prohibition laws and ordnances.

The real fight will be mass registration if no grandfathering is offered, that will be an undiscovered country. All thinking humans know that weapons registration is the necessary step to confiscation so it will be fascinating to see how forced registration of cosmetically offensive long guns in concert with an absence of grandfathering will pan out. Comrade-Governor Ralph Wescottovich Northam appears to be taking one of the bolder steps in weapons prohibition that even Calizuela has not tried. I will stand corrected if a reader could name a state that has required registration of long guns with no grandfathering, That is the flashpoint.

I live in Arizona and I am a Life Member in our AzCDL which was patterned after the excellent VCDL and we are one of the relatively freest firearms ownership states in the vast US plantation. Join VCDL even if you don’t live in Comm[unist]wealth of Virginny.

You will note that the NRA has been absent in the entire debate in VA, the nation’s most prominent gun prohibition lobby knows where its collectivist bread is buttered.

Interestingly, Northam is a pediatric neurologist by trade and has gone so far as to endorse post-birth abortion. So his Stalinist monster serial-killer credentials are gold-plated like all of his government supremacist colleagues. Once a man doesn‘t accept that life is true and sacred from conception, there are no boundaries to the murder they will commit.

Weapons regulation is deep and wide in the USSA:

The 2A is worth the paper it’s printed on. The 2A is a sham to protect weapons ownership. It has no teeth whatsoever. If it did, how could the 1934 NFA, 1938 FFA, the decision in US v. Miller in 1939, 1968 GCA, Nixon’s pogrom against handguns, the 1986 FOPA, Bushevik I’s ban on foreign cosmetically offensive weapons in 1989, the NICs, the AWB all the way to the conservative zombie Scalia’s Leninist bromide about “dangerous and unusual weapons” be protection of private weapons ownership? On and on and on.

I am very interested in the range and weapons training prohibitions in the new CPUSA efforts by the incoming despots in the VA House of Delegates (cute name). The key is the definition of “furtherance of civil disorder”; looking forward to the sage opinions of the robed cross-dressers at every level. These statutes will, of course, will not apply to any armed government bureaucrats.

And always keep in mind this is a communist war on private weapons ownership in America; the vision of the government supremacists is total monopoly on long gun violence. The Federal government and its state subsidiary apparatchiks will continue to keep the weapons industry humming in the USSA to support it legions of coproaches and equip the armed forces in their perennial pyrrhic defeats planet-wide. The American imperial project has never had an interest in victory; the constant war is a sophisticated money-laundering operation for the military industrial complex in concert with a national government penchant for strategic deficit disorder hence the trillions spent on weapons systems that don’t work, cost too much or are an operational anachronism once fielded.

The new Ford carrier fiasco is Exhibit A: a carrier that cannot reliably launch or retrieve aircraft and whose weapons elevators are systemically non-functional on a consistent basis. Congress was so happy, they ordered another one.

ComNavOps has done a good job detailed the Ford nonsense.

The AGW hoax continues: carbon dioxide is 0.04% and humans may generate 3.0% and Earth flora and fauna the remaining 97% (source: UN IPCC). Have you noticed every time the planet is in peril, only higher taxes, more regulation and less liberty will save the world?

Old but good: Never be ashamed of your opposition to slavery or your belief in unfettered commerce between peaceful humans. Don’t let the vampires project their species’ culture on you.

381 shopping days until the next government supremacist meat puppet stumbles into the Awful Office.

Speaking of practice, I have gone exclusively to ReFactor targets and they are really increasing the effectiveness of my training. No, I paid for the hundreds of targets I get from them out of my own pocket, prices are very reasonable once you buy fifty or more. I have never accepted advertising on this site in its entire existence. Their Essentials Shooting Guide is a great component of kit. I took mine to the local office supply store and got it spiral bound.

Dry fire is essential. On pistol, if you don’t have perfect presentation out of the holster on the draw from your EDC, you have missed a key fundamental.

Get to the range. -BB

Virginia. The cradle of classical republican virtue and breadbasket of American enlightened liberalism. It is the alleged start of the Party in 2020. This remains to be seen.

This book review seems timely. The dynamics of the “Patriot” movement have been interesting to me and the events of the last several days have been no different.  I would like to point out quickly that a pet peeve of mine is the employment of the term “boogaloo” in a 4th Generation War context in any kind of way that isn’t mocking the people who constantly use the term. The folks using the term generally have very little knowledge of what they are discussing. In fact this theory might be on the verge of becoming a law at this point. But I digress.

Starting with the impeachment of the Orange Messiah, the “Boogaloo Boi’s” vowed to have their civil war. Fast forward a little and just this past week I’ve seen the Lumpen-Patriotariat go from the rhetorical donning of plate carriers, caching weapons, forming militia’s and advancing to Virginia to fight to State goons, Fed gun confiscators and to put the democrats in concentration camps to rallying behind the regime for yet another foreign conflict in defense of global hegemony in the waning days of Pax Americana. The people who voted Trump because he was going to pull us out of the Middle East have traded their helmets with dual tube NOD’s (night observation devices) for flag lapel pins and yellow ribbons. While recently declaring time to revolt against the regime, they are back at their default position of inflicting “good” government on others. The reaction to the killing of Qasem Soleimani by the Supreme Ruler of the World is of no surprise.  The devotion to the State and national government always comes before freedom.

All these events obviously had me thinking of the employment of a rifle in defense of life and liberty. Virginia was of particular interest to me because it seemed to be the first example of these proposals coming to one of the less restrictive (comparatively) gun states.  The Assault Weapons Ban’s (AWB) in place have generally happened in places with severe restrictions were already in place.

As usual there was lots of saber rattling on both sides. I think the difference we are seeing these days is Beto unleashed the precedent that politicians can make threats back in public at the serfs that they used to only mumble behind closed doors.

In response to a proposed North East/Left Coast style AWB in a fairly free (as free as you could be in these united States) state of the upper South, large swath’s of Virginia counties declared themselves 2a Sanctuaries. While this is an entirely symbolic gesture that possesses no teeth, they are at least a statement. I guess.  And this is leaving aside that everyday in these same places hundreds of gun laws are enforced on the populace ranging from civil asset forfeiture to illegal carry to the entire FFL apparatus and regulatory structure in place.  In this sense the 2a sanctuary is a charade. All these events had me thinking of the lack of teeth behind these resolutions and onto the actual application of using a defensive rifle should the time arrive.

I received Mosby’s latest book on the employment and application of the carbine last year as soon as they became available. As was the case with the previous title, when Pastor Joe of Viking Preparedness put out a recommendation on the book, the demand curve went crazy putting stress on the publisher and slowing down shipment of orders.

As has been the custom of late, the book has a green cover. When I first saw the subtitle, “Preparedness Rifle and Carbine” I’ll admit I snickered. “What is Mosby doing? Trying to play to the Doomsday Prepper crowd?” I shrugged that off pretty quick, knowing that he knew better.

As I skimmed through some of the book and caught a few key passages that nail down the context he is hitting at. Then it dawned on me that “Preparedness Rifle” may be the most accurate term to describe how guys like him or I employ these rifles in common use, other connotations be damned.

As a resident of Appalachistan, (I live in the Smoky Mountain region) these rifles are often employed daily or weekly, aside from the near weekly practice we tend to do with them, both live and dry fire.

While the Threeper bravado of carrying a truck gun in order to leave an active shooter situation, run 200 yards back to the truck, remove the six Bugout and Sustainment bags and unchain your rifle and don one’s kit, to run back into the fray and extinguish the threat is largely fantasy, having a truck gun for other situations make more than perfect sense. If you live in a rural area with predators and you maintain livestock, having a rifle to take out that coyote harassing your kid goats when you pull up to the homestead is essential. Smoking that bobcat with two chickens in its mouth from 100y might be situation you need that rifle to handle.

Every truck from September to March in this area has at least one rifle in it during the various hunting seasons. It’s just how it’s done and pistols aren’t a feasible option.

In a self-defense from two legged critters context, if you pull up to the house to see your door kicked in when your headlights flash it and the local constabulary is 45 minutes away in the valley, having that carbine with a 1500 lumen weapon light (WML) would be nice, eh?

It’s not always about the “Boog.” It’s mostly about likely scenarios where we might need to employ these tools. Maybe if you live in an urban or suburban area or in a non-permissive / restricted gun state, these scenarios don’t apply to you.

To head off the snide comments calling me a shill, yes, I was mentioned in the acknowledgement’s section. I saw it when I received the copy I paid for and ordered just like everyone else. This review is NOT in payment for a free book.

To folks who have taken a class with Mosby, the core principles and concepts he discusses in the first chapter will be nothing new. Which also means that the folks who haven’t taken a class, can get all that info for the price of a book vs. several hundred dollars in course fees, and several hundred more in ammo cost, lodging, travel costs and gear for the class. I’m not going to pretend that the book is the same, as you won’t get the in-person delivery of the material, the ability to ask questions and engage in a two way conversation, and then see the application of those principles in real time, but it’s WAY better than nothing. It’s the next best option to a class.

As usual in AAR’s and reviews, I’ll attempt to straddle the line of giving everything away and repeatedly saying “you have to take the class!” or “you have to buy the book!”

A very coherent introduction on the importance of the fundamentals of marksmanship comes first. Shooting is shooting. No such thing as advanced techniques, just the application of fundamentals in different situations. Hash Tag Truth.

Next his four core principles of gun-fighting are laid out in detail. For a new shooter or someone who has no real formal training, these first couple chapters touching on this stuff is probably worth the price alone to have in book form. Although I’m sure he touches on much of it on the blog in various forms and essays, having it right at your fingers in print would seem advantageous.

A couple chapters dealing with mindset have appeared in other volumes of his books. I was sort of disappointed with this. To his credit, they are well written and the material is solid and there probably isn’t any use in trying to relay the same material again just using different words.

Rifle set up and components are covered in pretty good detail. I always loved Boston’s Gun Bible. I think the mindset and rah-rah 2A cheer-leading stuff in the last third of the book is unparalleled even though it’s become dated. A 1990’s era survivalist lens shades all the commentary on gear choices and most folks have tossed all this out. This aside, I always enjoyed the way Boston covered this stuff in his book. Mosby’s modern recommendations remind me in a small way of the detail the old Gun Bible had.

There is no brand whoring. We have to recognize that in the firearms industry, trainers/instructors are a venue for a gun/gear manufacturer to get their guns in front of end users. They get paid or at least free guns and gear to run in their classes, which results in increased sales for the companies. It’s great marketing. I don’t fault companies for doing this in the least, but recognize when you see a big name running X gun all of a sudden, then a year later they are running another gun, it’s a result of them getting a paid endorsement to do so on a yearly contract. Usually around Shot Show we see all the new endorsements starting to flow.

What matters is quality and performance. But it does always make me laugh when you see the trends from year to year. Instructor Joe Tactical gets a deal with STI, then everyone who follows him has a 2011 when the year before Glock 17’s from the aftermarket custom shop du jour were the only combat capable weapon. You won’t see this with Mosby. The recommendations are more along the lines of pick a reputable piece of gear that works and use it. If brand names are mentioned there are usually several options given as being vetted.

There is an obvious favoritism toward the Low Powered Variable Optic. (LPVO) I was initially somewhat skeptical of this before taking his carbine class. I had two of them and shot them quite a bit but I still went back to my Aimpoint on my go-to rifle. What I realized was that the LPVO was a do all type of optic and suited my context way better than a dot, and I didn’t even know it. I could forsake the weight of the LPVO if I could positively actually ID stuff and see much better. They don’t make you shoot better they make you see better. I thought they were more suited to long-range stuff, but after I figured out my astigmatisms (I have to close my non dominant eye to get a reticle, unless I am running a reticle with a day light bright red dot in the center) with the optic when running them up close and fast, I was convinced. After I switched to a higher-end LPVO with a very forgiving eye box, (and day light bright red dot) I was able to get dot-like performance in unconventional shooting positions finally. I owe my confidence in this type of optic to Mosby. I still have a dot gun in the house for handling home defense. And that is mostly because I don’t want to fork out the extra cash for another LPVO for that dedicated rifle.

From here basic manual of arms, loading/unloading of the guns, and zeroing is covered. Then onto stance, ready positions and context, recoil mitigation, natural point of aim, and basic shooting positions. Running the trigger and handling multiple threats and shot strings is covered all while placing the techniques in context of the situation at hand.

One of the most important parts of all this is the cognitive processing aspects of shooting.  Whether you are running a USPSA stage or searching your house, it’s all about that super computer, otherwise known as your brain. Even a well-known Threeper blogger places an emphasis on target discrimination and processing as being of great importance. More proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Drills and exercises placing emphasis on processing often get criticism from the peanut gallery as being laced with training artificiality. “You won’t have someone calling out targets to you in a gun fight!” or “You’ll never be attacked by that many people or people all lined up like that!” The thing is, the high level guys who do this stuff real world and studied it have figured out that the same cognitive processes used to solve CQB problems for instance, distinguish shoots/no shoots/”don’t shoot yets” are the same processes used to effectively run a USPSA stage or solve any number of “flat range drills” that involve complex problem solving.

Moving onto mechanics and keeping your gun running is touched on in detail. Yes there are pictures. In fact a few of the processes he talks about have resulted ideas for my own spin off articles in the future.

He touches on the various reloads and techniques to do so eloquently. There is probably some controversial techniques interspersed that the Tac Timmy’s may have a conniption over, but you’ll have to get the book to read them.

The last chapter touches on fighting in a team context and field craft. This is a short overview and not an in depth discussion on the subject. It is boiled down to what is necessary given the context of the preparedness rifle.

The book ends with two addendums (which are posts from the blog) that are extremely relevant to material of the book.

The book is a very good reference work for sure. At this point, its not extremely ground breaking material that I haven’t heard in one form or another. But what is advantageous to the book is it’s all conveniently put together in book form. To be clear I have taken 25+ classes, and have been training regularly for a number of years. For the SHTF minded person, they could have several copies of this on hand and could hand it out to a group leader who needs to get their people trained up, but doesn’t have time or experience to do it themselves. It’s a very good start.

I’ll air a grievance I have with the book. The book, as far as I can tell, is largely aimed at relatively new shooters. That’s not saying someone who has been shooting or training will not get immense utility out of the volume. But what I would have liked to have seen was some extensive “sample work outs” for what folks could do on range days. There are some drill examples interspersed in the volume. But I think a newer shooter, one that doesn’t have a lot of formal training or someone whose brain is wired a certain way would probably want to see some drill outlines on how to develop the skills talked about in the book.

The book DOES detail the processes and techniques that teach you what you need to know in regards to how to set up your practice, but I think that will be lost on many of the more beginner level shooters.  I’m not suggesting the book should be similar to Stoeger’s Skills and Drills book (that is a mostly just a collection of drills) but maybe an appendix with some work outlines would be beneficial.

In short this is a mature and practical book on the carbine. While the Reluctant Partisan Vol. 1 is great at detailing the role of the Guerrilla and rifle employment, this volume is more applicable to ones daily life, particularly if you need to employ a rifle if you live in a rural area. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Tying this back to the Virginia Shenanigans, everyone can calm down a bit. I don’t hold a crystal ball, but the events will probably not happen the way the Internet thinks. I tend to believe if any draconian laws do get passed, it will mostly be repeats of CT, MD, and the other gun control efforts in those states. Lots of saber rattling and threats, but door-to-door raids are unlikely. If they do happen in limited capacities, the State comprised of the usual apparatchiks and the media will do their best to demonize their targets, even if they are squeaky clean and the gun world will side with the regime. They will be deemed domestic violence offenders, kiddy diddlers or violent extremists. Look at the reactions to the recent raid on the Insta-famous meme lord as an example how it will be, just writ large.

There will also be lots of Irish Democracy.

While there is lots of talk about molon labin’ and the like, the reality is a lot more complex. If we assume a grandfathered AWB will become law in the state, there is essentially little to resist.  Being allowed the keep the weapons already owned will essentially quell any thoughts of resistance in the vast majority of people. Gun folks will most likely declare the “compromise” as a victory and go on with the new normal. The “Coming Insurrection” is largely based around the pretense of direct resistance against offensive actions by the state. If there is no offensive action, the entire case of legitimacy and grievances by resistance forces would largely be lost. The gun culture its self would not defend offensive actions against decision makers, law enforcers, politicians, judges or media. Virtually no one save a few miscreants will support those actions and the perpetrators will be treated as terrorists.

The main problem confronting ‘Murkan-Spartan warriors is the current acceptance of the existing gun control regulatory superstructures in place already by nearly all. I’m talking about the Federal Firearms Licenses, background checks, 4473’s, NFA registry and the myriad of laws and regulations surrounding it. Great, you hold onto your grandfathered rifle. You don’t register it. But you also can’t buy anymore to outfit your children, neighbors or new “group members.” The legal penalties of riding around with an unregistered weapon for their “truck gun” will probably outweigh the cost of not having it. Training with your unregistered weapon at public shooting ranges will become risky. 2a sanctuaries, just like Oathkeepers, effectively enshrine the current draconian restrictions and thousands of gun laws as being “constitutional” and in compliance with freedom. It’s a no win.

When the guns do get taken while you get pulled over on a traffic stop and they find your illegal, unregistered, truck gun, the confiscator won’t be speaking Russian or wearing a blue helmet. The blue helmet analogy profited by the Lumpen-Patriotariat in my view is nothing but a way to de-personalize the actual enforcers of the laws they claim they will break, and keep their fantasy alive.

There is not much you can control in that equation. You can control your own competency. Instead of talking, get on the range. This book will help you on the journey. Get it at Mountain Guerrilla.


Montani Semper Liberi.

About the author: John Meyers traces his Appalachian ancestry back nine generations to the 1750’s. He lives with his family on the high ridges of the Smoky Mountains.


13 thoughts on “Book Review: The Guerrilla Gunfighter Volume 2: Preparedness Rifle and Carbine (With Notes on the Virginia Gun Festivities) by John Meyers”

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  2. “..I guess. And this is leaving aside that everyday in these same places hundreds of gun laws are enforced on the populace ranging from civil asset forfeiture to illegal carry to the entire FFL apparatus and regulatory structure in place. In this sense the 2a sanctuary is a charade…..”

    Bill congratulations! It seems that you and I are the only ones on the planet that see these gun rights organizations and people for what they really are:

    Hypocrites and the very least, and treasonous SOB’s by all appearances. I will never join the NRA, (or any other “pro gun group”) that is until they get serious and call for the repeal of all gun laws. Literally screw these “Sheriffs” that have been the foot soldiers for the NWO’s Satanic and unconditional war on guns and war on drugs, hoisted upon us by the United Nations.

  3. War provides the perfect pretext for the loss of Liberties.

    My guess is that the Iran business will take the wind from the sails of the Virginians, and facilitate more confiscation. No-one wants to be labelled ‘anti-American’, during a period of conflict.

  4. You mentioned in your post:

    “Speaking of practice, I have gone exclusively to ReFactor targets and they are really increasing the effectiveness of my training”

    That caught my attention as my range training time is limited and valuable.

    If possible, could you provide a specific list of which Refactor targets you have found most useful in this regard as they have a lot of targets for sale?


  5. I have to admit that my initial thought before reading JM’s very good review of Mosby’s latest was “I wonder if he Is comp’d somehow?” Glad you took that on directly.

    I’ll agree that most of the “gun rights” groups are really scurrilous rats who’re focused on lining their own pockets and could give two shits about “our rights”.

    The overall response that is seen, is IMO, a product of the Internet. Many of these folks would never say in public or to “proper” company (let alone their wives) the crap they throw up on the .net.. None the less, there are many folks out there that should be cultivated and influenced, not derided and mocked.

    We should load up those who fall in line with those like Gov. Ralph and Mayor Mike who are the real bad guys…. implementing and leading the dissolution of what rights we retain (you’re right on that in spades) with disagreement, scorn and disgust.

    I don’t think we’ll see a sudden conflagration where the well known foes are rounded up and treated as treasonous dogs should be, but face a real possibility of seeing our remaining freedoms squeezed and crushed by an anaconda like State that controls so many aspects of our lives they we won’t realistically be able to resist…

    It’s hard for Joe Six Pack to accept going to jail, losing his job, house and likely family too for “the cause”. That may sound negative, but I think it’s a real and possible outcome.

    Good commentary and review. Not everyone is a sunshine pumper…

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  7. John: Awesome commentary and book review. My two cents worth: It does not matter if the Second Amendment is written and/or reprinted on expensive parchment or cheap toilet paper. The Second Amendment grants us nothing. It merely codifies or states a pre-existing God-given right. Once the current war over the Second Amendment goes from political to kinetic, then and only then will we see the POWER of the Second Amendment..

    Again, the Second Amendment grants us nothing. Rather, its purpose is to inculcate in the minds of American citizens a timeless reminder that we have the absolute right to own and carry the means of effectively protecting ourselves against predators, be they individuals or governments..

  8. The most important consideration is choosing when one is willing to die for what they believe in. Tyrannical governments are not going to let you live “freely” unless you play by their rules. And this is a power move. If this escalates to a shooting war forget about normal commerce and coffee at starbucks. “They” are banking on small numbers of casualties and full compliance. Draw your line in the sand and understand what that means.
    Good Luck

  9. Grandfathering: as practiced generally — pacifying people to take away from others without resistance. Further enslaving your grandchildren without a fight.

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