What Would You Do? by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: Voting has always been the tyrant’s trump card, I have written on this before, just search voting in my archives. There is a reason every totalitarian on Earth from Stalin to his cohorts in the communist club adores the franchise. Whatever depredations and misery are visited on the plantation dwellers, the serfs can only blame themselves, they signed up for it.

The Democrats (CPUSA) retained a voting architect from Calizuela to engineer the gerrymandering of the districts to favor the election of socialists to power in the legislature in Virginia hence the new power realignment under Comrade-Governor Blackface Northam. Communists always play for keeps.

“The link should take any intrepid readers straight to the beast, but it gets sort of thorny. At the heart of the observations made by Grofman and his conspirators though, are some 1982 re-districting regulations that mandate any new district map to “prove” it will not inhibit “protected” classes from casting more votes. To prove this, a bunch of experts like Dr. Grofman draw up theoretical predictions of the voting patterns and decide whether their evidence indicates more or fewer minority votes will be cast– and crucially according to Dr. Grofman himself, whether more “minority preferred” candidates will be elected. What is a “minority-preferred” candidate? Let’s ask the experts!”

These united States have always been an abusive relationship where the subject population is the battered wife.

Divorce may be the only viable option.

Train like your life depends on it. -BB


“The downside to gun control is genocide.”
John Ross, Unintended Consequences

How could you set a “continent aflame”?

What would the Bielski brothers do?

What would Americans left behind do?

What would Robert de La Rochefoucald do?

What would Michael Collins do?

What happened to Sir Henry Wilson?

What would Lettow-Vorbeck do?

What would Nate Champion Do?

What would John Mosby do?

What will William T. Anderson do?

What would William C. Quantrill do?

What would James H. Lane do?

What would John McNeill do?

What would Jack Hinson do?

What would Francisco Abad Moreno “Chaleco” do?

What would Agustina de Aragón do?

What would Joaquín Ibáñez, Baron de Eroles do?

What would Martín Javier Mina y Larrea do?

What would James Mowrey do?

What would Kenneth Chinran do?

And finally, what would Henry Bowman do?


12 thoughts on “What Would You Do? by Bill Buppert”

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  2. Another American Jude who can’t spell his own name.
    f in old German is double S, meaning Grossman, not Grofman which has absolutely no meaning.
    Just like how they fuck up Steen and Stein, ask Harvey W.

  3. When you have the powers aligned agin’ ya, just what is a man supposed to do….

    The folly in Virginia presupposes that the blackface baby killers actually give a shit what you think. HINT, they don’t. Like I have said before, 54 years of R rule in a western state gave that state some of the worst 2A law we have ever known, at that time. While we can kid ourselves and pray that Orange Man will save us, we have people like Holder who have been working at this bullshit for a (long) lifetime to usurp our way of life and our culture.

    And they are not done. And the boogaloo will not stop it! They need no better excuse to put us in boxcars.

    Learn to drive that rifle, bitches! it is the only chance we have. And watch you ass. The commies have all learned that skill, paid for by you.

    Paid for by you….. Henry Bowman, indeed.

    Look up Committees of Correspondence. it may be our ONLY chance, Brothers.

    Hint, don’t use email for that!!!

  4. Bill great list of who’s who. My hero from my valley the Gray Ghost and the Bielskis Belaruss Nazi killers .

    We know what they would do, same as Bloody Bill. Show them steel

  5. Soil makes all the difference. Smedley Butler recognized that. This old coot (me) doesn’t give a rat’s ass about blue soil. I wouldn’t fight for it. I wouldn’t fight on it. But I’d give my life to defend my soil on my soil. This applies to defending the soil of my tribe as well.

    I believe partition is the best route. If they pursue we shoot them and throw them in the septic tank. Got no problem with that.

  6. “Divorce may be the only viable option.”

    Is the only viable option short of a genocide.

    “Train like your life depends on it”

    Actually, it does.

  7. Bill – excellent reading list. I hope you are using an Amazon referral to collect a fee for sending buyers to them. You might like the various protagonists in Ken Royce’s book “Molon Labe” from roughly 2004. Good read.

  8. I recall a quote by Bill Buppert, ”what the empire does abroad eventually comes home”. I don’t think I have it exact,but close I think… It’s true, I don’t quite recollect when cops began aggressively doing no knock house raids, but I’m certain that hardly ever happened when I was a kid, seems it really caught on with police departments about the time we started our forever wars, 1990’s. It’s remarkably similar to what we did in Iraq. I hated doing it in Iraq since more often than not we just terrorized women and kids, there ain’t anything manly about it. And enforcing red flag laws are no different than what we did over there.

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