Unfuck Yourself by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: The Boogaloo or the Big Igloo has finally caught the attention of the usual suspects on the left as they start to sound their expected language alarm. The clown posse at the ADL is filling their pants and clutching their pearls. Again.

Part of my progeny is traveling in to join us for Thanksgiving here at the Circle A ranch and a family marksmanship clinic. Oh, happy days.

We even have a Team Buppert T-Shirt [no, not that one]. This is an inside joke in the family because I tell my lads every morning when you wake up, the operative question is: “Why do I still suck?”

We are not a religious family by any conventional standard except my middle son is on a serious theological quest to embrace Christianity.

Gods help him. My tombstone marker will read: “Next…”

Wardruna is a better soundtrack for this life and whatever comes after.

This will be a short screed this fortnight since I have invested a lot of time planning and resourcing my range clinic. In other news, just booked training with a course in April with a round count of 1k each rifle and pistol. Yeah baby.

Just finished a book on the “butcher and bolt” raids of the SAS/SBS in the War to Save Josef Stalin titled “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill’s Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze and Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops” by Lewis et al. Unlike Milton’s book of similar title, it closely follows the exploits of the Mad Viking, Anders Lassen. A ripping good yarn.

Ah, the force calculus…

The Big Igloo is going to be very interesting indeed; make peace with yourself.

Get to the range. -BB

“Everyone by a supreme law of nature is master of his own thoughts.”

 – Baruch Spinoza

 “It’s the one thing they can’t do. They can make you say anything—anything—but they can’t make you believe it. They can’t get inside you.”

 – Julia, Nineteen Eighty-Four

 “All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”

 – George Orwell

“I find it difficult to believe that words have no meaning in themselves, hard as I try. Habits of a lifetime are not lightly thrown aside.”

– Stuart Chase

 Oceania is now the USSA and the critical mass of humanity from sea to shining sea is becoming the veritable acolyte and defender of all things Big Brother. If you pay the least attention to the latest proceedings by the moral midgets in the Congress, you discover that the power of critical thinking is waning and evaporating at light speed. Between the K-PhD communist indoctrination complex and the government supremacist state stenographers in the media, enstupidation has accelerated to a degree I never thought possible so quickly. I am thankful my sainted bride home educated our urchins and they are all well aware of what is going on.

What can you personally do about it?

In the end, our sole span of control is ourselves and nominally the families we have created.

Here’s a quick list of what you can do in no particular order to control your world better and make sense of a life well lived.

Government Schools

Families don’t let their children [or grandchildren] go to government indoctrination complexes and should strongly dissuade any older children to go to college unless it is a STEM degree. If you do, you may never get them back.


Reading is fundamental and you should be reading books (real or Kindle) to expand who you are and your place in the world. I cycle through one fiction and two non-fiction with no limit on the sequence of the latter. It’s not that fiction is bad for you, I would contend that Gore Vidal’s books on the “Narratives of Empire” are better and more accurate than most of the PC drivel you’ll get in college. Burr is a personal hero of mine and his treatment of that great duelist is fabulous.

You should read syntopically meaning a type of analysis in which different works are compared and contrasted. Read different authors on the same topic, interrogate what you reading actively; as you read more on the same subject, you will start to consciously and unconsciously make threads and connections. Genius is found in interdisciplinary connection. I also suggest you read Mortimer Adler’s brilliant but tedious book: How to Read a Book.

Mass Media

Reduce TV consumption; we have not had cable or satellite since 1996. We did this to lessen the harmful communist viral menace from being transmitted into the home while rearing our children. We do stream and I admit we watch too much, one to two hours an evening during the week after I plop on my couch after a long slog at the day job.

Get Thee to the Range

Figure out a range budget to shoot your weapons. Not only is shooting a vital part of the upcoming Big Igloo, it is damned fun as a sport. Be consistent. I will not live long enough to learn everything I need to master from pistol to F-Class shooting.

The News

Don’t ever watch the news or read a newspaper again. Ever. This is the parallel disease vector for collectivism in concert with government education. Only read opinion pieces and long form journalism whether it renders your confirmation bias moot or reinforces belief. You get the single most accurate picture by having a keen appraisal of the bias filter in your head and the one between the ears of the author you are reading.

Critical Thinking

Exercise critical thinking which is simply thinking about thinking to improve your thinking through better thinking.

Cargo Cults

Are you a member of a political party? Quit and don’t look back. You can’t stop cannibals by eating them, don’t participate. In the end, a thorough house cleaning of any party affiliation will let you see the state for what it is. Race, class and gender and other identarian Marxoid nonsense is a cloaking device for power.

Ask yourself this: could a violence broker [politician] harm you if they couldn’t hit and steal.

EVERYTHING at the Federal level and the state/county/local satraps is about taxing and regulating EVERY aspect of the human condition to the delusional utopian wastelands they wish to create.

Hmmm. Ask yourself this while you are whining about Federal incompetence: is the local and county political complex in your little berg a paragon of effectiveness and incorruptibility?


Last but not least: love the one you’re with, whoever you are with. What I love about the Christmas season is that most everyone seems to embrace the abolitionist creed of love thy neighbor and leave me the fuck alone.

In the end, it is all about thinking for yourself, practicing the non-aggression principle and leading an examined life.

Remember, fashion is, by definition, conformity.







35 thoughts on “Unfuck Yourself by Bill Buppert”

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    1. Great stuff BB Gun! Always enjoy. Been there, done that 😉 Acceptance of TINVOWOOT has been the most liberating experience ever! Been clean since ’12.

      Happy turkey, IdahoJoe deep in The American Redoubt

  2. Wardruna? Are you out of your pagan mind? For Thanksgiving even? Not that I mind.

    I didn’t know there was anyone here who listened to anything from Nord Europa. There’s just way too much good musik coming from there these days, I hope you also acquainted with Faun, Manegarm, Heilung, Nightwish, etc.

    Enjoy, and thanks for all the good words.


  3. Garry F. Owen, Trooper

    Having read the ADL article on the upcoming spiciness, I was amused to find that, once again, writers rarely look beyond their own lifetimes and culture. To wit, “Boogaloo” is a Latin American music genre of the 1960’s, not an invention of the Electric type of the 1980’s. To further pants filling and pearl clutching, I suggest we adopt the Flamingos’ classic, “Boogaloo Party” as our official theme song. One can find it on YouTube. It has a beat, and you can dance to it.

  4. Even STEM studies are **no** guarantee that your offspring won’t graduate with socialist leanings. Example: My daughter, graduate in software engineering. Several years into a very well-paid career, surrounded by very well=paid twenty- and thirty-somethings in a city well-known for its bed-wetting liberal traditions, she’s well past almost any influence I can bring to bear.
    Maybe she’ll grow out of this.

    1. Purdue University, once a bastion of engineering excellence, recently hired a dean of engineering from Smith College. Her priorities are a laundry list of SJW claptrap, including an overdose on toxic masculinity and white patriarchy in engineering and her plans to fix all of that.

      I’m an engineer, and my advice to anyone who wants to be a real engineer is to avoid engineering school, start a technical business, and learn engineering online in an ad hoc fashion as the information is needed. If you want to be a “professional engineer” (ha!) and work for government, get a degree, but for most engineering you’re now better off without spending five years in a university and you’re way better off working than accumulating student loan debt.

      1. Agreed per the intellectual rot that has destroyed the humanities is creeping into STEM; I work with new engineers every day and it is alarming.

      2. This old coot (and retired engineer) believes that is sound advice.

        Engineering degrees like others are becoming fraudulent. The future will belong to those who can actually design and build things..

        1. The youngsters have all the hard work done for them, all the tables are calculated and printed out for them by the generations before them and yet they think they have to re-invent the wheel to make a name for themselves. Look at their finished product, in most cases it doesn’t work and then they want to blame the boomers because they didn’t learn or do the homework right.
          We had a huge highway project here over the Continental Divide that lasted for years, it was failing before they finished it. The geologists and engineers FUBAR’d it to the hilt. I had a bit of geology and engineering 30-40 yrs ago, even I can walk thru and explain why every section failed.
          I’m watching my young archaeology friends switching to “climate science”, not aware of the huge student debt they’re taking on for a worthless degree, they refuse to believe they’re being led astray by half competent teachers.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Bill! Best wishes and Holiday blessings to the fam and Yourself. We are greater thorough our associations.

  6. Okay Bill–cut one’s self completely off from the world… then look at everything through a toilet paper tube.

    This is the mistake of most conservatives. They hunker down with their bibles–study scriptures, pray and snivel and wait for Jesus to come floating down and save them–and some actually pray to be ‘persecuted’ and taken away on the trains.

    Yeah, this is the way to live, right on.

    In fact a lot of conservatives live this way and cannot figure out why the leftist-retards run circles around them.

    And the reason is we are too busy studying the bible, going to church and working our asses off, chasing the ponzi dollars… while the leftists are out there full time thinking up way to fuck and screw us.

    We spend out time consuming material which is only propaganda to the conservative choir and trying to figure out ways to ‘convince the other side’ about the logic and reason of ‘our side” (which is a waste of time BTW).

    We conservatives have few outlets of media and little knowledge on how to manipulate and propel ideas and it is not a good idea to tell conservative to further withdraw and hide.

    I think if you and others should look at this new way of looking at things as shown in the videos of John Mark…





    1. Shinmen,

      This is not a conservative site; the conservatives are just as morally and intellectually lost as the commies, just a slightly different form of collectivism and government supremacism.

      Bibles and Christians? Not my cup of tea…



  7. Thanks for this bit of clarity and inspiration (to suck less).

    Fun Fact – ETS now makes good transparent magazines with a lifetime warranty and I just bought a couple of more 30 round 10mm mags (been whining for those since 1993) and a couple of 40 round (yes, FORTY ROUND) 9mm Glock compatible magazines. Should be a lot of fun at the range, for run and gun competitions and other sportiness.

    1. https(colon, double forward slash)www.etsgroup(dot)us/ has a coupon code “DAN” (15% off)for the Dan Bongino show…..Every little bit helps. They stole my idea with the tritium inserts in followers. All my good ideas get stolen.
      The 40 g lock mags are AWSOME!!!!!! The 30 10 mm are so welcome. I be happy.

  8. Hello Bill….your insights are appreciated and the hard knocks are coming…..may the great spirit have mercy on us all….Happy Thanksgiving to all your kith and kin……..

  9. Bill,Bill, Bill, you sir, are a National Treasure!. Rarely do I discover such interesting vision. Boogaloo, boogie woogie, The Tilt, The Wave, are amusing names attached to a serious matter our People must address.

    I for one don’t look forward to what’s to come. Yet I understand the nessitty of The People taking their country back. Our family will spend tomorrow giving thanks to all the good in our world. We look forward to spending quality time with our new daughter in law, and her family, all 60 of them, in a curious town above 5000 ft in elevation. Lakeview Oregon is a diamond, the citizens hardy patriots, situated in a sort of natural mountainous turf worthy of defending.

    Bill, we just sometimes see different things, in the same world. We see far more good going on in Our world then bad, but then we live on a mountain with folks who simply don’t care what DC inc, says, or does.

    We’ve understood for the better part of twenty years, to not stress over what we don’t control.

    Life is good, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


  10. Hey Bil
    Thanks for another entertaining column.
    I have a serious book suggestion for your Christian leaning son and yourself for that matter.

    I had had a decade of pondering WTF was wrong with the “christian church”
    and was considering writing a book on my conclusions….. when as often happens to me,
    I discovered that someone else had written that book in 1984! And it mirrors the independent conclusions that
    I have come to here in 2019.

    Red Beckman’s “The Church Deceived”

    1. True Christians know that the only book they need is the non-copywritten Bible, the KJV Bible. And they know that they do not need brick and mortar buildings or even a pastor.

  11. Bill,

    Really enjoyed this little screed. We both know Christians and bible believers tend to take thumpkins because they are easy marks these days. Hell, mainly now because they tend to be “white/toxic masculinity, and all the things the ruling class hates. Have to have the enemy for the state to focus the ire of the sheep when necessary.

    Speaking of religion, of which atheism is one, I have met another zealot atheist here in our tropical location. Nice guy but like one we met in the past quite the religion hater in general. He smokes cigars so I am reserving my total judgement for now. LOL.

    Studying the language daily to try and become a better neighbor. Having fun though.

    Not really certain where I want to be in the coming endarkenment.

  12. Johnny Paytoilet

    In much agreement! Several years ago, I’ve finally obtained an amateur aka ham radio license & currently studying for the EXTRA class. I’m very surprised on how much knowledge I now have in electronics, mathematics, physics & even the various atmospheric sciences because of this undertaking. Plus, the opportunity to design, build & operate my own equipment. Also, I’m getting into radioteletype & CW (Morse Code) too. Keep in mind, all of this is going to be very helpful in the coming collapse when regular communications are cut off by you know who.
    One last thought. There have been literally thousands of US trained & native born engineers who have been replaced by H-1B holders from Asia. Something to think about if you or somebody you know is planning on shelling out $100,000+ for a STEM degree.

  13. Just dropping by here for the third or fourth time.

    Rochelle Gutierrez, U of Illinois, will wreck mathematics education, so STEM will not be safe.

    YouTube or Google the name.

    Former high school Mathematics teacher

  14. mike from canmore

    a couple of points.

    the humanities courses that STEM students have to take to get their degrees are where many either can’t deal with the cog-dis or simply assume due to their youthful inexperience that the other fields are just as rigorous as their own.

    also STEM fields have higher incoming grade averages. A higher grade is more indicative of willingness to follow instruction than thinking ability.

    for some STEM fields a degree is not needed and you gain little (other than connections and a network of people you meet) from attending. eg. Math, comp sci. the fields that benefit more from a formal education are those where you get access to labs which would be cost prohibitive to replicate on ones own.

  15. Clown World is all about the lul’z. It is going to be great fun to say I told you so and rub their faces in shit!
    When they come asking for help or supplies tell them to go down to the government office or ask a vibrant diverse enricher.

  16. For music I recommend The HU, a Mongolian Metal Band. You don’t get more metal than a Mongolian singing the praise of Gengis Khan

  17. Reading – Ensure your children learn to read with phonics. It wll let them piece break up and piece together new words, and pronounce them correctly. The ‘whole word’ nonsense taught now is the main reason reading scores are so low to the advantage of the communists. Reading is an important step in critical thinking.

    University STEM – Not much indoctrination when I was in STEM classes about 1990, but other req’d classes were full of it. To my shame, I vastly underestimated the March Through the Institutions in the last couple of years, everything is infected now..

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  19. One disagreement…..do participate in politics on the local level, but only support those that support the dismantling of the SWAMP. One must fight on all fronts.

    1. Ain’t happening, I live near the Detroit of the Desert, Tucson, which has so much local and county corruption it is simply a tiny reflection of the Federal mischief.

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