Disease and the Will to Power by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: I have been carrying on my life as normal during this latest wholly owned subsidiary of government madness. I continue to go to work and I have used this as an opportunity to conduct a gaps analysis on my preparations. One of my life-long friends has been sharing our home with us when he and his wife escaped their expat location overseas just in the nick of time (days before they locked it down).

Use this time to do the same and get to the range.

If you get the “stimulus [to inflation]” check, use it for guns and ammo.

A short PSA for the government:

You wearing a gun right now? If not, unfuck yourself.

Get proficient, spicy time is coming. -BB

“A lesson I learned from this ancient culture is the notion of megalopsychon (a term expressed in Aristotle’s ethics), a sense of grandeur that was superseded by the Christian value of “humility.” There is no word for it in Romance languages; in Arabic it is called Shhm—best translated as nonsmall. If you take risks and face your fate with dignity, there is nothing you can do that makes you small; if you don’t take risks, there is nothing you can do that makes you grand, nothing.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder

I’ll keep this short because I have been very busy contending with the idiocy of government from the local to the federal level and everything in between.

The wise Peter Hitchens sums it nicely:

“But even I would not have dared to predict the mass house arrest under which we are all now confined.

I have found the origin of this bizarre Napoleonic decree – a few clauses in the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, which I confess I had not even heard of. It just goes to show how careful you have to be with the wording of the laws you pass.

If the TV this weekend is full of pictures of people sunning themselves in city parks or escaping to the high hills, there will be plenty of zealots and politicians ready to call for yet more restrictions, subjecting all of us to collective punishment.

Perhaps we will emulate the French or Italian states, which have returned to their despotic origins and reduced their populations to a sort of cowering serfdom, barely able to step into the street.

I wonder whether there might also be restrictions on what can be said and published. I can see no necessary bar to this in the law involved.”

He further avers:

“But as a former resident of the USSR, I can tell you that this sort of endless meddling by petty authority in the details of life, reinforced by narks, is normal in unfree societies – such as we have now become for an indefinite period. It is, by the way, also a seedbed for corruption.”

Read the whole thing.

This is not a pandemic.

CDC Data 2019-20 Flu Season


There are an estimated 38 million to 54 million flu illnesses, versus 103,000 COVID-19 cases, so COVID-19 is less than 1% – at worst, 0.3% to 0.2% of the number of influenza illnesses. In other words, 368 to 524 times more influenza illnesses vs. COVID-19. And the number of this year’s influenza illnesses is somewhat lower than the average over the years. And remember, these are illnesses, not “tested positive”, which means zip.

This is an ancillary upper respiratory complication in the large majority of cases that replicate some earlier flu variants.

You will find that the actual death numbers are low. You will also discover that the science behind this is incredibly compromised as is all science in the west today thanks to the cognitive infection of federal and government funding of science. This is especially true in the current climate (pun intended) of the virulent Neo-Lysenkoism of “climate alarmists”.  Not to mention the “scientism” or things that have the cosmetic attributes of science but without its rigor. These poorly educated reprobates have no grasp of empiricism, scientific methodology and an infantile worship of flawed models in everything they do.

You have to ask two questions to get at the heart of this:

Why are the elderly dying? They are dying because like humans for eternity before them, they have natural expiration dates. What you are seeing is some of the same cognitive malpractice you see in climate alarmism. The conflation of correlation with causation and a tendency to bend evidentiary rules so that one can cherry-pick premises to fit the conclusion formed before investigation began.

The old and frail are dying of comorbidity. In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional conditions co-occurring with a primary condition; in the countable sense of the term, a comorbidity is each additional condition. Rare is the end of life one primary cause but rather a bundle of conditions and ephemera racing to score the coup de grace on the usually witting victim. Unless I expire in a fight in peacetime or wartime, I have a very good sense of my body mechanics starting to slow down or function less effectively.

In this case the elderly are dying because that is ultimately their career path whether we like it or not. In this case, it would be instructive to see the autopsy reports and I will bet a brick of .22LR that all of them had failing health or pre-conditions of less than optimal function. Keep in mind that less than ten percent of all assigned COVID deaths occur below the age of sixty. And this data is coming from the voodoo clown circus known as the World Health Organization.


“Beyond that, Italy also has the fifth-oldest population in the world; the United States ranks sixty-first. We already knew from data released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control that COVID-19 preys overwhelmingly upon the old and infirm, with death rates dramatically higher for those aged seventy and older. Further, almost all the elderly dead in that study had “comorbid” conditions of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or hypertension.

Similarly, a March 17 study in Italy found that the vast majority of those who had died in that country thus far were over the age of seventy, and virtually all had comorbid conditions; in fact, half of those who died had three or more. Almost nobody under the age of fifty has succumbed, and almost all who have also had serious existing medical conditions. This may reveal something about Italy’s healthcare system, but it’s not a portent of America’s future.”


And keep this is in mind:

“It’s important to note that seasonal flu, which causes outbreaks every year, should not be confused with pandemic flu, or a global outbreak of a new flu virus that is very different from the strains that typically circulate. This happened in 2009 with the swine flu pandemic, which is estimated to have killed between 151,000 and 575,000 people worldwide, according to the CDC. There is no flu pandemic happening currently.”

I am reality based in my assessments and if it turns out I am wrong because the evidence dictates otherwise, I will gladly change direction but right now, it appears to be another clown show run by the state and all their willing supplicants and boosters.

The second question is easy to answer, cui bono? Who benefits from this, of course.

The government.

You can see economically illiterate overreach everywhere. From your local communist mayors shutting down businesses, like Detroit South here in Tucson, where the petri dish of collectivism and the progressive cult has turned the city and its burgs into Plissken Acres complete with failed roads, high crime and the highest property taxes in the state. At the Federal level, the national CP-USA has consummated its sloppy wet dream of tempting the Mango Emperor to the dark side with ill-advised and economically unsustainable bailouts.

The term we used to describe this in the military was slamming your dick in the cash register.

So you can get gas and go to the grocery store and other retailers but you can’t sit in a room and eat food because…

A primary transmission vector may be shit.

Thus since we know that ONLY restaurants have public restrooms since no other retail outlet or vendor has restrooms, only they should be closed.

And if there is any retail venture in the USSA that lives on the razor’s edge for survival, it is food venues that serve eat-in customers but why not order them all closed because fuck you, that’s why.

The government, as usual, has turned a crisis into worse proportions than originally conceived. Do I assign this to conspiracy? Of course not, not where incompetence is always the right answer. The only conspiracy that occurs is covering up for who or what was responsible for the latest miles-long train of traveling dumpster fires rocketing down the track.

The collectivists have collectively gone mad [h/t to Phillip].


I am not a medical doctor nor an epidemiologist but I do wonder at the quarantine and self-isolation effects on herd immunity, only time will tell.


23 thoughts on “Disease and the Will to Power by Bill Buppert”

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  2. Hi, Bill. Greetings from mildly infected and massively over-reacting Ohio.

    News today from France says that their government passed a little known regulation 13 January 2020 that says chloroquinone is a poison and mandates prescriptions before it can be sold in pharmacies. (France has traditionally allowed pharmacists to sell antibiotics and nearly anything else not requiring careful supervision because they have a different infestation of doctors.)

    Now, today, studies from France, Australia, Belgium, and the USA show persistent 90% cure for confirmed positive nCoV2019 who are asymptomatic if treated (under supervision) with hydroxychloroquinone and azithromycin (z-pak) both of which are generic drugs of little benefit to the big pharma profit mongers. Why, then, did France up the restrictions on chloroquinone? As a means of providing benefits to big pharma and restrict treatment.

    Macron’s government should be brought down for many reasons, and this one is yet another. Socialism kills, as we all know.

    The good news is that a five-minute test from a nasal swab can now establish infection and a simple six-day treatment can cure it. Cure, that is, in 90% of early cases, which show as *negative* for the virus after completing the cure. And this treatment has been known since 13 January 2020, at least, and was probably known by whomever released this virus.

    The evidence of gene tailoring in nCoV2019 is extensive. It contains splices from HIV. It is 1000x more effective at binding with the human genome than either SARS or MERS. That is three orders of magnitude better, a jump that cannot be expected in a billion years of “evolution.” This thing isn’t natural and I’d be inclined to suspect Fort Detrick rather than Wuhan’s biocontainment 4 facility as its proximate source.

    Health care theatre in all public spaces has now joined security theatre at all fascist airline serving public airports as the order of the day. None of the current economy-crashing dictates are necessary and all of them are pushing hard for an economic “reset.”

    Be watching for NESARA and GESARA which are the Luciferian (cult of St. Germain or Gadrael or Satan) mark of the beast currency system. They are talking openly of eliminating cash because “surface contamination.” lol

    Meanwhile in Africa and the Middle East and as far as Pakistan, plagues of locusts.

    Price controls which cause millions to starve to death are the “third horseman” of the Revelation of St. John. Nasty buggers, those horsey men.

    Teams should be training together. Much work remains to be done.

    God bless you and your family. May you live as long as you wish and live free as long as you live.

    1. Hello, Bill and Jim! Yours truly also here from mid-state O-HI-O! Our 84 year old neighbor, who has severe rheumatoid arthritis, has been taking Plaquenil for years–that’s the brand TM $$$ for hydroxychloroquine.

      She has just been informed by her Pharmacist that: “Uncle Sam has just bought all we have, in the pipeline, and all that WAS scheduled to be sent to us.” The Pharm is covering his keaster by telling the arthritic gal that: “Well, the pills you’ve taken should stay in your system for 40 days and THAT should be enough time for this thing to resolve and you get back some pills.” Or not.

      Another friend we have has recurrent kidney stone attacks, so his MD GP recently wrote him a script for a few hydrocodones–just in case. The Walmart Pharmacy here flat out REFUSED to fill it. It’s the “opiod crisis here in Ohio,” dontchaknow.

      I guess my neighbor lady and pal with kidney stones will have to buy their meds “on the street,” where there are drugs aplenty, cash only, if you please, no bitcoin or M/C (yet.)

      Or, they can ask one of the local high-schoolers, currently out of study during covid19 vacation for any drug they need AND it will be supplied to them. No problem. The local HS hooligans have been operating manifold drug sales for years without interruption by “authorities.” Ever see HS parking lots with new BMWs or MBs? C’mon over. Business seems good. Police give the uber-wealthy parents a wink ‘n a nod.

      This is all in a community whose median (half under/half over) family income is north of $150k. Million dollar homes here now are common place. Ours was bought 40 years ago for about $100k. Realty and sales taxes here are nothing short of horrific. It’s needed to support an army of local GOV drones and their literal palatial buildings and accouterments.

      Every year dozens of new F-350 pickups with all the trimmings and with antennae and commo to match Area 51 rigs (we’ve dubbed them “fishing trawlers”) prowl the streets looking for “violations” of village laws/rules/regs/zoning, They cite residents and gather fines to support GOV here. The 84 year old neighbor lady got a $300 “ticket” for tying a balloon on her mailbox for a yard sale.

      Cops. firemen, zoning inspectors, City Hall hangers-on all expect this slow waltz to the retirement pension “happy hunting ground” to continue forever. It won’t.


  3. HI Bill, nothing has changed here on the mountain. I enter stores, buy building supplies,,food and drink. Us old farts meet at the mail box, swap lies, and talk of what shuck, and jive, this event really is.

    Two Trillion dollars, Imagine that Two Trillion, what a disgrace. Sold out for whatever reason. Am amused by the stories told regarding who/what’s alledged to be happening. The mil recall throws me, I simply don’t see how this plays into this party.

    I don’t pretend to understand, well actually I’m just to the point I simply don’t care. I’m going to do, what it is, I’m going to do.

    You mention the 1200.00 being spread about. We won’t see it, which is how I want it. I’m not interested in the fiat money. Weapons and ammo are stacked deep enough. Give our ” cut” to those who really need it. Wife will likely donate any monies received, to the local food bank. As honorable charity as the next, I reckon.

    Good article,


  4. It’s sad to see yet another misleading comparison of an entire year’s flu statistics with the first couple of weeks from the exponentially growing COVID-19 pandemic that is just getting started in the US. Look to Italy and Spain for a preview of coming attractions. We no longer need to trust the exhausted, desperate frustrated Italian doctors begging people to take this deadly disease seriously because it is not the seasonal flu. Now, we can get the same message from doctors in New York and New Orleans.. Humans have some immunity from the seasonal flu strains but not SARS-CoV-2.

    When the seriousness of COVID-19 can’t be ignored two weeks from now, I hope you’ll have some remorse for downplaying the danger, because what we think determines how we behave, and that can be very dangerous, not only for those spreading the disease because they’re ignorant of the danger, but also for those who are taking precautions but are infected anyway because the disease has become so widespread.

    The message we should be spreading: The USA was F’d in the A by the CDC. They were criminally negligent in allowing two months of community spread in the US, not developing info for doctors treating COVID-19, and not supplying test kits.

    1. Do you have a rational reason for pointing to Italy and Spain as predictive of our experience and not, say, South Korea?

      Do you know when WuFlu first hit our shores?

      Have you ever heard the criteria for inclusion in the WuFlu case count? Are you aware they include “presumptive”, i.e. unconfirmed, cases?

      Have you ever heard the criteria for attributing a death to the WuFlu virus when there is co-morbidity? Have you ever heard anyone in the press ask for clarification of either of these issues?

      Your conclusion that the comparison between flu and WuFlu is misleading is not rational. Your skepticism appears to require nourishment.

    2. “The USA was F’d in the A by the CDC. They were criminally negligent…”

      The CDC was so insistent on the necessity of pursuing the political agendas of reframing criminal violence and gun ownership as “disease vectors” that it paid inadequate attention to actual diseases.

      Similarly, we are greatly hampered in our current responses to this disease by the fact that “state patient zero” is close-mouthed and/or outright lying about its response procedures, failures, and successes. This is precisely the sort of adversarial information-gathering for which our three-letter spook agencies were presumably founded, yet instead of performing this job, they are too busy cataloging the contents of your and my phone calls for political thoughtcrime.

  5. Its ugly and worse than the flu. Add to that the hype of the commercial media agitprop and attention whoring politicians . What you get is a financial cluster fuck and deprivation of rights that establishes precident for future collectivists to use even harder up the digestive tract

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    Glad to see so many positive comments from our host and several of my old sparring partners. Good to see we can all come together and agree on some things. The fact we all see thru the media BS is gladdening.

  7. I am a ICU nurse in Florida. The C-19 virus is only getting started and we are already stretched in capacity to deal with it. We have been having deaths Bill. People who come in with fairly innocuous symptoms who over a span of a few days go in to severe distress, wind up intubated and then die before the lab results even come in. This is worse than the flu. Let me stress that, IT IS WORSE THAN THE FLU. Those of us in the front lines dealing with the disease believe that there are more deaths than what the news is saying. Comorbidities are not killing these people. Cytokine storms are. As a nurse I am very concerned about it.

    1. For those unaware, a cytokine storm is where one’s own immune system goes berserk. This “virus-activated” immune response can be deadly, causing severe respiratory distress and the subsequent shutdown of multiple organs. be cognizant that these storms are not unique to the new virus.

  8. How does raising a conscripted Army, Locking the healthy in there homes ,manufacturing a panic , and limiting civil rights while “postponing” all elections combat a virus? They don’t. BUT they set the stage for the rise of the new Hitler very well indeed..

  9. I am not a doctor, and I am not going to try to “prove” any of what I am about to say. We all ultimately believe what we want, anyway.

    It is given that:
    1. Governments are willing to kill their own citizens when there is something to be gained (power, money).
    2. Governments will never admit #1, and supplying deniability is one of the most important functions of the “intelligence community”.
    3. Government is more important than you, hence the existence of secret courts, black budgets, classified everything, and non compliance with FOIA.
    4. Government is completely unresponsive to its “citizens”, witness blatant and yet unpunished criminality by government actors for decades.
    5. The financial system was collapsing in September of last year; severe stress in the bank “repo” markets are a rock solid indication that big banks don’t trust each other, meaning assets owned by banks are trash and everyone knows it.
    6. Covid-19 is a bioweapon.

    So the question you ask is the obvious one: cui bono?

    We have to rid ourselves of these people, because the NEXT bioweapon, after this one doesn’t achieve massive enough culling leading to neofeudalistic world government, will be much more effective. We know they are capable of it, they being mostly sociopaths. And with unlimited funding, surely they have such a weapon ready to go, with an antidote for themselves also ready.

    We know them by their deeds. Isn’t that so?

    1. SWR,

      I agree with 1-4 and I would suggest all government fiat currency systems are on the tipping point of collapse the more they hamper free markets per #5.

      As to the virus being a bioweapon, I have no evidence but would not put it past any government to develop them and then fail to contain their monstrous children.

      Their deeds prove that government may be the most deadly virus in mankind’s history.


  10. There is acceptance by GISAID and the NIH of number-cruncher data.

    By April 15th, the number infected in the US is expected to be 260 million.

    The number of deaths is expected to be 305,000.

    1. Desert Rat:

      By April 15th, the number infected in the US is expected to be 260 million.

      The number of deaths is expected to be 305,000.

      From your lips, I will highlight your prophecy on the prediction, we’ll check back in on 15 April 2020.

  11. Formally based in Detroit South/Tucson or as I call it, the “wretched hive of scum and villainy” Mos Eisley, we’re blessed to have moved closer to Pinal county.

    Regina and her petty band of tyrants disgust us and can go to hell.

  12. We may in fact remember this as the year when thousands of authoritarian politicians first realized that real societies and economies are way more complex than a game of Sim City. I myself am curious as to what effect it will have on our own Marxio-educational establishments of higher education, when barely anyone graduates this year to fill their freshman lecture halls, while their current enrollment balks at paying the five-year rate for four years of indoctrination.

  13. I agree with the points being made in the article, and you and our families are literally in this together. IMO the world is being played and the majority are happily stumbling along into a communist state without a whimper. I also agree with #5 by SWRICHMOND. I have been following those cash injections being done quietly every night to mitigate the bad acts done during the day. The PTB are plundering whatever liquidity is left and at the same time crashing the world economy, setting us up for total domination. The populace is being led into government dependence which has been the goal, forever. The dumbing down via government education is complete. Our institutions of “higher” learning are cesspools filled with communists who complete the indoctrination started in the state schools of the youth. What is next is anyone’s guess. I expect we need to be dealt with at some point.

  14. If someone died in a collision and a covid-19 test on the body was positive, the report to the government will be that the victim died of the virus.

  15. The world is trying to catch up with North Korean communism.
    The cage will permanently be smaller and the leash permanently shorter.
    We see the enforcers around the world thugging only on the peasant class that will not fight back.
    No effort will be made to go after the gangs or the refugees shipped in by the government as they will fight back.
    The $1200 that some will get costs everyone $18,000.
    Such a deal.

  16. This is the next scam to break the middle class, bankrupt the country and make everyone dependent on .gov. They will soon tell us the healthcare industry must be socialized to meet the threat of the “next” pandemic. They are lying outright. I visited two large hospitals in Phoenix today, checked the emergency rooms and they are quiet as church mice. Also, where did all these signs about keeping 6 feet apart miraculously come from which are now showing up in all the shopping centers. You cannot tell me this is not a planned takedown of the system as we know it.

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