American Stasi: Evil Is as Evil Does by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: When the vermin at the communist NY Times do a puff piece about the woes of Comrade Wayne LaPierre in the nation’s most influential weapons prohibition organization, you need no further confirmation that the NRA is not only captured but an active partner in private weapons control and future prohibition in the USSA.

Once again, I find myself in an airport and my site is blocked; I should take it as a compliment to the threat the usual suspects think I am.

The VA gun prohibitionist bills came from somewhere whether in state or out. Copy-paste legislation is a real phenomenon. USSA Today did a project on this from a communist perspective. Read and learn. My question is two-fold: is the VA legislation unique and if not, what other states are doing the gun prohibition copy and paste and who is writing them?

Found another absolutely stunning critique of laws and law-making from 1939 by Fred Rodell [h/t to Anne-Marie] that I recommend to anyone interested. A reader who read my analysis of the silly notion of “rule of law” recommended it.

While I recommend Tim Weiner’s history of the American Stasi, I highly recommend this book about the private burgling of a domestic Stasi field office in 1971 in Betty Medsger’s book, The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI, about the citizen repatriation of hundreds of secret Stasi documents much to the chagrin of Miss J. Edgar Hoover and the Deep State.

IG Report. There is a lot here but the media’s half-baked conclusion of an exonerated FBI is pure fantasy.

Leave no brass behind…

In other news that need no further explanation:

“Now, after a years-long battle of trying to hold the officer accountable for shooting at a minivan full of children, Farrell has learned just how big a failure the system is. A federal court, this week, has sided with the officer who opened fire on the family, claiming he did not violate their constitutional rights when he endangered all their lives by opening fire on the minivan – over a speeding ticket.”

388 shopping days until the next empty suit shambles into the Offal Office. -BB



“The goal of socialism is communism.”

–Vladimir Lenin

“They might not love Big Brother, but they knew he was part of the family now.”

– Tim Weiner, Enemies: A History of the FBI


Deep State apparatchiks have used the FBI as a domestic NKVD/KGB and Stasi ever since its germination; the very birth of the FBI was partially based on the apprehension of “anarchists and leftist radicals” at the beginning of the twentieth century who had started targeting state violence brokers. Ironically a mere year after the most socialist president next to Lincoln occupied the Offal Office.

Starting at the beginning of the twentieth century, the administrative state saw a junction of accountancy technology, international colonial expansion, explosion of urban areas and the monopoly of cartel banking culminating in the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 provide a hybrid cocktail that needed a national police state chaser to weave all the new totalitarian components together via national enforcement authorities. The Federal Bureau of Prisons had to be created in 1930 to start housing the kidnapped Americans who started to fall afoul of the raft of malum prohibitum laws for which the only victim was the state like the Volstead Act. Prohibition was the new flagship at the national level to see how the newfound Federal power could be deployed against the taxed and regulated subjects in the plantation known as the USA.

And in case you’re interested, no “law enforcement” entity has ever disappeared in the US, they are simply transferred or absorbed into another bureaucratic rat’s nest.

List of former agencies and units of agencies:

  • Bureau of Internal Revenue, Narcotic Division (1921-1927) (transferred to Bureau of Prohibition)
  • Bureau of Prohibition, Narcotic Division (1927-1930) (merged into Federal Bureau of Narcotics)
  • Federal Narcotics Control Board (FNCB) (1922-1930) (merged into Federal Bureau of Narcotics)
  • White House Police Force (1922-1930) (became part of the United States Secret Service. It was renamed the Executive Protective Service in 1970 and then the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service in 1977)
  • Steamboat Inspection Service (1871-1932) (merged into Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation)
  • Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation (1884-1946) (functions split between U.S. Customs Service and U.S. Coast Guard)
  • Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) (1930-1968) (merged into Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs)
  • Bureau of Drug Abuse Control (1966-1968) (merged into Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs)
  • Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) (1968-1973) (merged into Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement (ODALE) (1972-1973) (merged into Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Office of National Narcotics Intelligence (ONNI) (1972-1973) (merged into Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Bureau of Secret Intelligence (BSI) (1916-1985) (replaced by Diplomatic Security Service)
  • United States Treasury Police (TPF) (1879-1986) (merged with the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service)
  • United States Customs Service (1789-2003) (functions split between U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service (1940-2003) (INS) (functions transferred to three new entities – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.)
  • Library of Congress Police (LCP) (1950-2009) (merged into the United States Capitol Police)
  • Hoover Dam Police (1931-2017) Merged with the Department of Interior

If one were a Federal coproach, plenty of opportunities are available for employment in another socialist entity once pink-slipped. One would be hard-pressed to see any of the thousands of malum prohibitum laws vanish from the books.

You will note the decades-long media campaign to portray squeaky clean coproaches at every level to hide the nature of the American Stasi and its 19,000 subsidiaries across the fruited plain. Ever wonder why “internal affairs” cops are universally portrayed as rats and scum. Ever wonder how the formulaic police procedurals on the big and little screens so cannily and handily sew up cases so airtight?

I have a friend who works here locally as an expert witness in DUI trials and his stories of the “crime labs” seem to infer that only the most scientifically illiterate and mentally addled are employed there. Again, I thank the Gods that the coproaches and their tentacled bureaucracies are so low information, fat, poorly skilled and pathetic in marksmanship. Liberty would be in much graver danger if the government broke the code on hiring and retaining crafty and skilled “law imposement” operators.

At the top, the only way to fix the FBI is to raze its Soviet-inspired Totalitarian Industrial bunker in DC, fire all the staff and block any of them from ever being in law enforcement again; but I dream.

 The infamous Form 302 [License to Lie] has probably been used to illegally put tens of thousands of Americans in cages or worse for decades. Imagine trusting government agents in unrecorded conversations to faithfully remember and infer truthful statements that are accepted as gospel in the vast star chamber complex known as the “just-us” system in the US.

“Asked why 302s are still standard operating procedure, the bureau is coy. “The electronic recording of non-custodial interviews is not required,” the same FBI official said in an email exchange. But that covers a lot of suspects and witnesses, as any number of FBI targets can attest, including Michael Flynn. Although the current DOJ written guidelines call for video or audio recording of interviews of persons under arrest, it also includes this caveat: “Interviews in non-custodial settings are excluded from the presumption.” And “non-custodial” is an interesting term of art.”

The FBI doesn’t require recording because it makes fabrication more likely and accessible.

Paging Richard Jewell….

The FBI has been a state security apparatus since its formation under Comrade Miss J. Edgar Hoover; it has one mission: to be the violent enforcement arm of the national state to ensure that it enforces malum prohibitum laws, boosts the national security state mythos and to do the dirty work of the violence broker elites in Washington.

They are yet another enforcement arm of big government whose motto is “Fuck you, pay me.”

Tim Weiner does a great job digging up the wretched history of a wretched institution, here are some excerpts from his book.


“The attorney general also spelled out some of the authorities the FBI would use under the Patriot Act, which passed the Senate that same day: capturing e-mail addresses, tapping cell phones, opening voice-mails, culling credit card and bank account numbers from the Internet. All of this would be done under law, he said, with subpoenas and search warrants. But the Patriot Act was not enough for the White House. On October 4, Bush commanded the National Security Agency to work with the FBI in a secret program code-named Stellar Wind.”

“The president and the vice president wanted the FBI to execute searches in secret, avoiding the strictures of the legal and constitutional standards set by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The answer was Stellar Wind. The NSA would eavesdrop freely against Americans and aliens in the United States without probable cause or search warrants. It would mine and assay the electronic records of millions of telephone conversations—both callers and receivers—and the subject lines of e-mails, including names and Internet addresses. Then it would send the refined intelligence to the Bureau for action. Stellar”

“The answer was Stellar Wind. The NSA would eavesdrop freely against Americans and aliens in the United States without probable cause or search warrants. It would mine and assay the electronic records of millions of telephone conversations—both callers and receivers—and the subject lines of e-mails, including names and Internet addresses. Then it would send the refined intelligence to the Bureau for action. Stellar Wind resurrected Cold War tactics with twenty-first-century technology. It let the FBI work with the NSA outside of the limits of the law. As Cheney knew from his days at the White House in the wake of Watergate, the NSA and the FBI had worked that way up until 1972, when the Supreme Court unanimously outlawed warrantless wiretaps. Stellar Wind blew past the Supreme Court on the authority of a dubious opinion sent to the White House the week that the Patriot Act became law. It came from John Yoo, a thirty-four-year-old lawyer in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel who had clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas. Yoo wrote that the Constitution’s protections against warrantless searches and seizures did not apply to military operations in the United States. The NSA was a military agency; Congress had authorized Bush to use military force; therefore he had the power to use the NSA against anyone anywhere in America. The president was “free from the constraints of the Fourth Amendment,” Yoo wrote. So the FBI would be free as well.”

“On June 20, 1951, less than four weeks after the Homer case broke, Hoover escalated the FBI’s Sex Deviates Program. The FBI alerted universities and state and local police to the subversive threat, seeking to drive homosexuals from every institution of government, higher learning, and law enforcement in the nation. The FBI’s files on American homosexuals grew to 300,000 pages over the next twenty-five years before they were destroyed. It took six decades, until 2011, before homosexuals could openly serve in the United States military.”

“So street-level FBI agents turned secrets into information, and senior FBI leaders brought that information to reporters, to prosecutors, to federal grand juries, and into the public realm. That was the beginning of the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency. Without the FBI, the reporters would have been lost.”

“But Freeh’s [Clinton era] FBI managed to bury the fact that its most highly valued source on Chinese espionage in the United States, a politically wired California woman named Katrina Leung, had been spying for China throughout the 1980s and 1990s. All the while, she was having sex with the special agent in charge of her case, a top supervisor of the FBI’s China Squad, James J. Smith—and occasionally with a leading FBI counterintelligence expert on China, William Cleveland.”

“But no one wanted to embarrass the Bureau. The case festered for years. Not until after Freeh’s departure was it clear that the Chinese, Russian, and Cuban intelligence services all had penetrated the FBI in the 1990s. So had a member of the world’s most dangerous and least-known terrorist organization. His name was Ali Mohamed. Al-Qaeda had a double agent posing as an informer for the FBI.”

“Fitzgerald and the FBI agents who worked with him in New York all knew that Ali Mohamed was working for al-Qaeda. They decided to arrest him then and there. Two years later, he pleaded guilty in open court to serving as bin Laden’s first deep-penetration agent in America and a key conspirator in the embassy bombings. Then the United States made him vanish; no record of his imprisonment exists. He was an embarrassment to the FBI.”

“Under Cheney’s direction, the United States moved to restore the powers of secret intelligence that had flourished for fifty-five years under J. Edgar Hoover. In public speeches, the president, the vice president, and the attorney general renewed the spirit of the Red raids. In top secret orders, they revived the techniques of surveillance that the FBI had used in the war on communism.”



16 thoughts on “American Stasi: Evil Is as Evil Does by Bill Buppert”

  1. “….need no further confirmation that the NRA is not only captured but an active partner in private weapons control and future prohibition in the USSA….”

    The 1968 gun control act was fully supported by the NRA proved that to me 50 years ago.
    Their continueing support of it as evidenced by recent statements of the head NRA moron Ted Nugent on the Alex Jones show. Nugent should be tried for treason for what he said about our rights.

    Don’t expect the NRA to stand against this Satanic United Nations war on guns to do anything but continue to sell us out.

    FWIW the NRA’s Facebook page was changed so that readers can not comment because of my posts about their involvement in the 1968 gun control act. IF they were not part of the Satanic anti-gun agenda they would have considered the repeal of that tyrannical law rather than censoring the truth.

  2. Good stuff Bill. Getting tougher and tougher to live in these here, United States. Yet, I manage to pull it off. Saw a cop just three weeks ago. Was the second vehicle I’d seen on the high mountain highway in roughly six hours of driving.

    We drive old cars, ” well maintained” listen to Vintage audio gear ” tube”, we have a tv, that’s now 15 years old. Non smart unit. My cell phones aroumd her somewhere, I stumble on it every know and then. But my computer sits right next to me, so I can read You, and WRSA.

    Anybody here or on WRSA, is tagged, dont shit yourself, you/ me were tagged. We all get special handling, processing. Your govt is fucking scared to death of you, men like you!. They know what you speak is truth.

    Lastly only a fool would underestimate the capabilities of local law enforcement, their up your ass 9 inches, aswell. For every lazy dozen, their are three hard charging investigators, who come by their hunting skills naturally. Their instinctive hunters, they are very dangerous men.

    Fortunately most of that crew, see the shit sandwich growing in these United States, understand the consequence to follow.

    Good article, Bill it’s even worse then you portray!.

    Happy New Year to you, the family.


  3. Hugh, I’m amused. Without simple rules, our world would feed on itself. I’m even more amused that the general majority of the population agrees to the notion of said laws.

    Not knowing your ” history” only reading your informed observations, but I’m in no hurry for a ” strong man” culture. A world where only the strong prevail. I have zero illusions of where that leads, anarchy, is in the best interest of maybe 2 million folks.

    This I know, the warrior class with eventually sell their skills to the oligarchs, the billionaire class, it’s a logical conclusion. I’m no longer a warrior, I’m 63, and I’m not interested is prostituting? my family, friends into serfdom, what’s that examples. How about Black water, Triple canopy, for a couple. These companies, their ” staff” are already in a king maker status, globally. Imagine their footprint here CONUS.

    I’m ok with rules, in fact most are common sense in everybodies best interest. What’s coming is going to be a real learning curve for the blood thirsty folk, itching for a fight. The fights coming, no denying it. While picking ” a side” sounds easy Peasy, it’s not. This gig will become a multi headed gig.

    Those of us whom choose to fight for the content of our constitution, will find the learning curve very steep. It simply won’t be us VS Them, but us VS them, and the culls who will try to profit and plunder.

    Who knows, it may come to that. I pray not, I’m one who isn’t looking for a fight, yet I see the forest thru the trees, understand the dynamics being dealt.

    So until the festivities start I’m one who will stop at stop signs, not burglarize others homes, rape or kill without cause. Life’s simple until we chose to,complicate it. Make good choice, good things happen, poor choices, have associated consequences.

    My local target packages are complete, my hiddy holes are gtg the bamboo telegraph in place, a leaderless cell, who may or may not affiliate with others, depending on ideology, goals.

    The other amusing thought is, while the attack on the 2nd amendment, may be the trigger, it’s not what the real fights over. I’m amazed at the people whom simply haven’t thought it thru, past the initial battles to keep and bear arms,,,,,,, no it’s a lot bigger then that.

    This ain’t something that starts at noon tomorrow, and ends in precisely two weeks. No, once it starts, it’s for all the marbles. It only ends with the death of a select five thousand or so folk, world wide.

    Understand this culling, will need to happen again and again, in the future. It is the nature of some men, to think their more important then the rest of We The People. That they deserve more, have earned more, will take from others until their put down DRT.

    Had an interesting email,exchange Friday with one of the 80% lower companies. Told me they simply can’t keep up with lower and jig orders. I find that fascinating. Shoot, shovel, strip your optics, drop your stick and move away, while cleaning GSR, with Clorox wipes.

    Pete, over on WRSA, has come up with a cult classic, “1000 DORNERS” !. I love it. Hey it’s ” A Way” not the only way.

    Happy New Year.

    1. Skip who is says “Let the non-aggression principle be your rules of engagement.” I agree. It is not the only rule that works great, but it is a very good rule. Self-defence I support, aggression I’m against.

      There are some people who think they are not only better than all the rest of us, and not only think they ought to run our lives, but they also apparently think there are about 7 billion more of us than they can make use of as slaves.

      No, there is no two week war coming. There is a conflict that has its roots in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” which Voltaire thought was a terrible book. Voltaire called Rousseau “the enemy of humanity.” So it goes back into the 18th Century. And it continues until, as our host says, abolition is taken seriously.

      If we mean to free all the slaves, we have to end all the slave holding. That isn’t going to be fast, it isn’t going to be easy, it isn’t going to be cheap. But it does seem, to me, worth doing.

      Nope, not looking for a fight. But I’m pretty sure a fight is going to come looking for me.

      1. Good evening Jim, I’m not one to use fancy words and clever, overviews. I read and enjoy what Hugh , and you write often. I’ve become a fan, not a follower of Bills, for a few years now.

        Seems to me were all all saying nearly the same thing, using different words. I’m not someone who try’s to justify what’s ahead by what happened in the past.

        I agree were headed down the rabbit hole, it’s deep dark and unpleasant.

        I’ve come to my conclusions via an entirely different long windy road. Yet my view pretty much aliens with Hugh’s Yours, Bills, the others here seeking knowledge, tips, and when applicable leave a nugget of knowledge.

        Regardless of how each of us come to the positions we speak of, I concur that ” the fight is coming for me” .

        In rereading my two posts, I think my word soup, was/is to point out the obvious. That the coming festivities is simply not about overreach of govt,regarding the 2nd amendment.

        Jim, many here don’t even think the constitution is a legit document. Which is where I differ, I see daily that it is in fact the constitution, the Bill of Rights, that is slowing the communist left, weather we agree on the doc or not, is really moot, that the constitution IS doing what it’s suppose to, even with the advent of Case Law, which is as you know their way around or thru the constitution, it still trips em up almost daily, somewhere in the United States.

        So back to my origional thought, the fight coming will be triggered by perhaps the communist attempting to stomp on the second amendment, however the real fight is far bigger then that position.

        Jim, I’m not one to quote the framers, or some of our earlier wise men. How we got here is obvious, how we rectify the issue is valid, been pointed out by those framers even back then.

        You Hugh, Bill, and many others here are far more eloquent in your delivery, I appriciate it, ” if I didn’t” I wouldn’t be here.

        It’s interesting to me, that a couple years ago I participated in Bills Forums, and tried to follow the logic, the wisdom, I ended up leaving simply because I’m different from those who socialize their, while I agreed with much, I didn’t agree with all, which was the point of joining. And I down right disagreed with much.

        I’m retired law enforcement, 25 years. A smallish county of 60/70 k, in a land mass roughly the size of many NE, states. Mountain folk, Farmers, Ranchers it’s been a good fit, for my family, we fit in like a good comfortable old leather shoe.

        If ive offended you, my apologies, not my intent. Often I write, to push myself to trust but verify my own positions. I’ve deleted far more comments then I’ve ever posted.

        Virginia, if I were going to Va, it would be as a single, with my own packages. Did I mention I’m a retired cop?. What 25 years on the streets and working dope taught me was everybody talks.

        There isn’t a crew or militia out there, whom are not compromised. Face it, our Govt, is scared shitless of freemen, with their own ideologies, goals, dreams believes. they spend millions yearly penetrating these groups, they back story them to great lengths. Without deep pocket resources and a computer hot shot, they will not be caught, until their testifying against you in a court of law.

        Many years ago I had an old Hells Angel Tell me this. “Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.” His name was Otis Buck Garrett, out of the Oakland Chapter. We took him for several pounds of crank, no,fuss, no muss. Shut his yap, took his lumps.

        He was right, he is still right. If I’m going down, it will be because I screwed up, not someone gave me up.

        Jim thank you,for your response, I’m not always right, life is the lesson. I don’t mind critique, or being called for my words.


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  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Good read.Thanks! Let me be down-‘n-dirty like Patton and not eloquent like Washington:

    “Shit’s gonna fly. Will you be the SHITOR or the SHITEE?”

    Plan accordingly.

  6. Don’t fool yourselves, all cops are the enemy of freedom. Welfare recipients with a badge who will murder you and you family for a paycheck.

  7. For those who read:

    The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade
    by Alfred W.McCoy

    Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning by Andrei Martyanov

  8. Hey Bill, great article as usual. I was wondering, do you ever worry they will try to come after you? Not just physically, but by making up some charges or all the other scumbag ways they attack those they don’t like? I mean your site is known, do you think you will be on the list when stuff starts getting more heated? I’m in a group, we train hard (will be this Saturday). and I get concerned about that, we don’t do anything “illegal”, but I read an article recently written by a guy who was heavily involved in the militia movement back in the 80s/90s who went over how the gov targeted them, infiltrated them, blackmailed members, paid informants, made up charges, planted illegal weapons on properties, and numerous other evil crap. He came down to saying don’t get involved in such groups and stick to your family or very close friends. I’m not in a militia, but we aren’t all best friends or family either, some in our group live 30 miles away in another part of the county (but are active members and known by other members in the group for 20+ years). We are however getting to know each other more and more and going to each others houses and meeting family members, helping each other with projects and the like. I got introduced by a neighbor family who are VERY self sufficient and lived here all their lives, they know the guy who started the group not long after we moved here, but it’s new people that concern me.

    I know I’m running my mouth, but I figure none of this is that important and they know most everything about us if we are “targeted”. I often think of these things, I’ve always been paranoid by nature being “anti authoritarian” but I also want to be wise, methodical, and even keeled about what I should and should not worry about. Not to mention what all my priorities should be, I know firearms training is one, food/water, ammo, firearms purchasing, but what else. I can defend myself well, but I’m a tech guy, I’m not a warrior as much as I think I am. I will defend my family to the bitter death though and will do whatever it takes. I don’t want to be accused of being a keyboard warrior, but I am a thinking, learner, and trying to learn new skills. I’ve recently gotten it into my mind that I need to get to where I manufacture more of our stuff and have the tools to do it, blacksmithing, 3D printing, machining, and I’ve already been doing furniture making for fun. I get overwhelmed sometimes, so much to do, so much to purchase, so much to be concerned about when you take your own life into your hands.

    Do you or anyone else in your group/community have any thoughts and suggestions on those things mentioned?

    1. Devin,

      I have run my blog and commentary under my own name because it is the honorable thing to do and assume the risk of saying things that makes our plantation masters fill their respective pants.

      I think you and I may have even been in ID [2003-2007] at the same time; my middle son still lives in Cd’A.

      If you want to see the perfidy of law enforcement in the area for politically incorrect transgressions, look at Ruby Ridge and the railroading and fraud involved in the Edgar Steele saga.

      We do not live in a free country so just assume that every provocateur who asks you to commit violence, modify weapons or make explosives is a coproach or a osvedomitel [доносчик]. You should be paranoid in being anti-authoritarian because you are the field hand that knows the emperors rocking on the verandah have neither clothes nor mint julep but simply a whip. Trust but verify, even your own blood can betray.

      Read Clare Wolfe’s book:

  9. Yes sir, you are an honorable man, who doesn’t hide your identity behind some silly moniker. “…like the Feds” won’t figure that out”.

    We may not always agree, however there’s enough “sunshine” in your words, which brings me back for more.

    Please keep up the good, frank, honest work.

    Happy New Year.

    “…here’s to hoping you Heathens, kinda sorta maybe recognize the event referred to as New Year. LOL


  10. My right to self defense comes from that fact that I’m alive – not a god, a man or men and certainly not a piece of paper that loses relevance with every day that goes by!

    Surrendering personal responsibility for things which can only ever be personal is a big part of how we got to this stage of decline.

    The FBI has been known variously as “the feebs”, “the feebles” or “the famous but, incompetent” in CT circles since the early 90s – nothing has changed! Can they make life difficult to impossible – of course! That’s where OPSEC and PERSEC come into play.

    Two can keep a secret when one is dead.

    The are no bad shots at 10 feet!


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