“That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which we will have.” – Henry David Thoreau

How a driver parks demonstrates the character of the individual.

Parking is the clearest form of self-government, anarchy, and voluntarism, because rooted within the individual, are Immanuel Kant’s work on Deontological Ethics, known as Kantianism, which seeks to set the moral example for others out of obligation and duty, however, not through force.

In anticipation of the counter-argument, the parking lines are not government, they represent social cooperation. Reserved parking for special interest groups and parking meters on “public” land are an extension of the state, but it is the collection and violent propensity to enforce malum prohibitum law that is the state, it is coercion and force.

Now go out and look at the parking situation in your neighborhood.  If you double-park in a crowded parking lot because you believe you are entitled, you are the reason people believe government is necessary.  You ARE the problem! The same goes for drivers who park over the line. Inconsiderate equals non-cooperative.  If we want to see voluntarism, we must first learn how to park.

Despite the economic collapse, with the holidays in full swing, and businesses and shopping plazas at their busiest, observe people’s parking habits… it’s an indication of whether they are ready for Voluntaryism.

The true anarchist is the model for others not the exception; for it’s the exception in society that people believe they need government in the first place.

The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all. – H.L. Mencken

If this describes your parking behavior perhaps you should first assess your own behavior… show people you can live free of government and encourage others to do the same.

There is a day coming when the convenient lapse of the average person’s memory will lead them to believe they need a government to replace the one that is collapsing along with their fiat dollar, rather than the culprit for this mess staring us in the face. Will they also see a band of anarchists and voluntaryists setting out to maintain services and voluntary cooperation in the government’s absence?

When most people envision a world free of government, sadly, they do not share our spontaneous voluntary dystopian vision. They picture the unfortunate result of poorly educated men who plan to rove the streets like the gang of thugs we call government today… one thug commented to me once, “I will take what you have, I will shoot you in your face! When the government is gone, there is no law!”

It is this lack of intellect we must engage, and ironically, the individual mentioned above works for the government.

Prepare yourselves for this thuggish new world indeed, but in the meantime, learn how to park! The alternative is to see the same thugs back in business within a decade.

“The ultimate consequence of protecting men from the results of their own folly is to fill the world with fools.” – Herbert Spencer

Publisher’s Note:  Russell is one of my favorite freedom voices in the blogosphere.  His perspective is well-informed and incisive.  He and I have unknowingly been charting parallel courses in advocacy of secession as the only means to achieve true freedom.  He was gracious enough to provide the following interview. Be sure to visit his always scintillating blog at DumpDC.  Enjoy. -BB

  Russell, tell us about the journey.  Are you a native-born libertarian or is there a road you took to get there?  How far did you go?  Have you arrived at the logical conclusion of ethical anarchism?

I grew up in a Christian Republican home in West Michigan, son of a building contractor. Being Republican was like being Christian…I didn’t know anything else. But by late teen years (’69-’71) I was questioning everything. That didn’t endear me to my father. But despite the doubts, I stayed Republican until about 1996, and Christian until about 2009. I am now a Deist Anarchist Secessionist.

I moved from West Michigan to the Atlanta area in 1992. We luckily landed in Cobb County, the most Republican county in the state. Soon thereafter, I began attending the every-other-Saturday Cobb County Republican breakfasts. Every statewide or national candidate for anything had to pay obeisance to the Cobb group. I got to meet lots of interesting people. But then, in 1994, my 6th District Congressman, Newt Gingrich, leapt from back-bencher to the Speaker of the House. We were all giddy. In the months after that, I got to see first-hand that all it was about was who got to hold the Federal checkbook.

During this time, I was reading voraciously.  Bastiat, Mises, Tom Payne,  Rothbard, Hazlitt, Lysander Spooner…and the list goes on. The more I read, the more disillusioned I became with politics. But the hungrier I became for real liberty.  I left the Republican Party.

I found the Libertarian Party.  They said all the right things, wrote the right things…but didn’t DO all the right things. It was like herding cats. The Libertarians didn’t seem capable of agreeing on anything. And the more I became familiar with the National Libertarian leadership, the more I felt like they simply looked at politics as the answer, not liberty. I left the Libertarians too.

In the ensuing years, I read more and more. In May of 2009, I started a blog simply to vent my own spleen about my thoughts about liberty. I had come to the irrevocable conclusion that the only way to solve the problems in the United States of America was secession. But I was not resigned to secession as merely one tool among many. I was convinced that it was…and is…the ONLY possible solution to restore individual liberty and property rights on North American soil.

You and I have both written on secession and I am so grateful for the voice you give to it.  Tell us why secession is the only virtuous form of voting.

You’re welcome, Bill. First let’s define secession. It is the act of withdrawing from an organization, union, or especially a political entity.  The very act of secession demonstrates individual liberty, since it is a physical manifestation of the Unalienable Rights of Free Speech, Ownership of one’s Labor, Property Rights, Right to Contract and Free Association.  If a person or group of persons cannot freely secede, then they are slaves. There is no middle ground. We must acknowledge that there will be consequences from the withdrawal. But the act of secession is sacrosanct. It refuses to keep participating in the membership of the entity from which it seeks to withdraw. So its virtue is found in its act of withdrawal…the final vote, so to speak. And the post-secession liberty is instant. Whatever burdens, whatever court decisions, whatever taxation, whatever regulation that exists in the old organization no longer hold sway or jurisdiction over the secessor. You. Are. FREE.

What is your response to those who claim that a fractured united states will quickly become a satrap or wholly owned subsidiary of larger foreign powers.

How often do you get to use the word “satrap” in a sentence? Good show! My opinion is that it’s entirely possible that some states or regions could align with a seemingly benevolent master…theoretically. Those who would do so would likely be of the socialist world view, so for them, the politics wouldn’t change much, only the flag on the podium of their church. (Did I say that?)

But let’s be very real here. Secession is NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN without a cataclysmic trigger. There is no political will in America for secession now, nor will there be, even during hyperinflation and bank runs. There will have to be an economic collapse in America before secession will begin to rise. And the INEVITABLE economic collapse will turn much of this nation back to the 18th Century. But unlike the 18th Century, there will be massive crime, massive starvation, massive death and disease, with the cities the locus of the carnage.  Eventually, one or two of the states will turn to secession as they try to simply survive. But I expect that most of the 50 states will just sit and wait for Washington to tell them what to do next.

Do you think that there is a powerful government media-education complex initiative that makes the word secession a four letter word in polite circles?

I think that the government education system since the 1860s has been dedicated to turning people into subservient worker drones. Think about it. If you were the state and Federal governments, given the task of educating the very people who are supposed to control you…what would YOU do? Teach them how to control you strictly, or just omit or alter a bunch of information? Over a hundred years or so, the societal memory of liberty’s rights and responsibilities would wane into the past…which is exactly what has happened. The few that remember what liberty is supposed to be are laughed into derision and thought kooks…or terrorists.

The stars align and the nation formerly known as Mordor on the Potomac is no more, what will the political landscape in America look like?

Grim in the beginning. There are a couple ways this could go. First, it could go the way of the Soviet Union in 1989. The second mightiest nation in earth’s history simply dissolved in a few short months. The Red Army did not hold the USSR together. And the Ruble wasn’t the world reserve currency. The Federal Reserve didn’t exist in the USSR. The IMF wasn’t in Moscow. Washington has insurmountable CRIMINAL problems that make the Soviet Union look like kindergarten by comparison. If America goes this way, secession may be more widely accepted. But the economic collapse still must happen. The second way it could go is for Mordor to try to hold America together, even if it takes an army of Orcs and Uruk-hai (our troops and mercs) to do it. The nation would settle into civil war, and the Federales would find a rifle behind every blade of grass (paraphrasing Admiral Yamamoto, 1941.) IEDs and 4th Generation warfare would be the order of the day. Guys like you and me would be early targets. My money is on the first example.

How do you suppose the break-up will look geographically?  For instance, I suspect the northeastern states will become much like their Pacific brethren and form socialist republics that will give the Russians cramps from nostalgia.  What do you see the map becoming?

I believe that Texas will secede first. There may be a Northwestern confederation of states that secede…Montana, Wyoming, Idaho. Maybe New Hampshire and Vermont will secede. Alaska and Hawai’i are good candidates due to their distances from DC. And North Dakota already has a state bank, so they are the only state in the Union that already controls the Power of the Purse. Most other states will just wait for DC to tell them what to do next. And even if it means some one-world government, the remaining states will just kneel and lick the hand of their new master.

Give me the top three reasons why America will no longer exist in the next ten years and tell me why you think the best efforts of the Federal government to keep itself together will fail.  If you disagree with that notion, tell me why.

Perfection. The earth would need perfection in money management. Every bondholder worldwide would have to sell their government bonds with perfect timing so as not to cause a bond market meltdown. Statistically, that is not possible. Someone somewhere, either a bondholder or a bond issuer, is going to default. That could cascade the economic collapse. Think Europe. Which economic entity has the shorter fuse or the least wiggle room? I submit that it’s Washington.Almost no one truly knows how much debt Washington has. Washington cannot stop spending and doesn’t really want to. Washington only has one arrow left in its quiver…massive money printing. Eventually, hyperinflation will kick in that will make Zimbabwe’s collapse look orderly.Eventually, the world will reject the Dollar as reserve currency. I don’t know what it will turn to, but the debacle of the Dollar has to end soon. I don’t think it can last another ten years. I don’t think it can last another five.The second part of your question is amusing. What you may describe as “best efforts” is likely vastly different than DC’s definition. Normal people would support DC living within its means. Washington cannot retreat. Washington cannot stop itself, and the states are sofar powerless to stop DC like they should. So what eventually happens to an engine running wide open, past the redline? It either flies apart or runs out of gas. The engine of DC will do both.

I think we both consider government to be a sophisticated organized crime syndicate.  Once the break-up occurs, what will stop us from adopting more of the same?

Nothing. But secession could. Remember what we’re proposing here. We are proposing a drastic downsizing of governance from a 50-state nation to a single sovereign nation of a few million people. Small government is always easier to control. The leadership and supporters of secession in any state will be a small percentage. But a small percentage of Colonials whipped King George’s ass. Leadership is everything.

You and I have both been writing blogs for some time and I happen to be a severe skeptic of the Constitution as an engine for freedom and liberty.  I get a tremendous amount of grief for this notion but each day passes and seems to confirm my worst suspicions.  Even Chuck Baldwin’s son is having a contretemps with the very documents whose name graces his father’s political party.  How do you see the Constitution?

The US Constitution is a hologram [thanks to Kenneth Royce aka Boston T. Party]. Looks like something, but is merely an image. Lysander Spooner wrote the epic book <i>”No Treason,”</i> which takes apart every possible argument for the validity and lawfulness of the Constitution. The Constitution has been dead pretty much since its ratification. The Articles of Confederation were vastly superior. And for a state that secedes, I recommend starting over, not using any portion of the US Constitution for a template for a new nation. I have actually invented a new form of governance for a new nation, modeled after a corporation. It melds individualism with the representative republic. The article about it is at my website archive.

What advice do you have to have for folks who are preparing for what I consider the inevitable break-up of the united states (afterwards, we will christen it the untied states)?

Keep preparing. Turn lots of your Federal Reserve notes into silver coins and bullion. Buy as much ammunition in various calibers as you can. It will be crucial for barter. Stock your shelves for at least a six month supply of food. And start to discuss NOW what you will do when neighbors, friends or even family show up at your door after the collapse. You cannot take in everyone. If your stores would support a family of three for six months, and you take in another three family members, you’ve just cut your stores to three months. And start thinking NOW about your threshold for pulling the trigger on someone. I promise you that no matter where you see yourself along that continuum, reality will call you to change your mind or die. Some very sobering decisions await you.

But think of what it would be like to live in a new sovereign state where the money was backed by precious metals. There would never be inflation. The wealth of the world would flood into that new nation, seeking a haven. The best and brightest would want to live there. Unemployment would not exist. All business would boom. The prosperity would be the greatest in the history of the world. That state would make Galt’s Gulch a living, breathing reality.

Thanks, Bill for this chance to share my passion for secession. Secession is the only hope for individual liberty and property rights on the planet. Who will be first?

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I’ve written before on the meaning of Romans 13, that chapter of the Bible which includes the admonition to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” That chapter does not mean that Christians are to be ultimately beholden to their governments. In context, it is an indictment against violence, and a statement about the duties of government.

But today’s church ignores this. Today’s church is often a cheerleading platform for the state and the military as much as for God and for charity. The clearest examples of this are the flags which often stand behind the pulpit: the stars and stripes of the united states, and the Christian flag developed in the late 19th century. This represents a dangerous conflict of interest: are we to regard our allegiance to God as equal with our allegiance to the government?

The traditional separation of the church from the state in this country serves not only to keep religious law from interfering with the laws of the land, but also to protect religions from the state. Remember, the early Puritans, the ‘Pilgrims’ of the Thanksgiving story, fled England to escape the British crown’s oppression of their faith. While kings and governments are ordained and permitted by God, our universal submission to them is not; witness the children of Israel, resisting Pharaoh, and King Herod’s fear and persecution of Jesus.

When we stand the battle flag of our country in a church, we endorse an unholy union between the church and the state. No longer can we say “Go ye therefore unto all the world;” no, we say “Worship the government of this country.” We endorse all the wars and taxes and evils committed in the name of the state, claiming that they are done in the name of God as well.

The Bible tells us that we are in the world, but not of the world (John 17), and that man cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). When we place the flag of any nation in our churches, we make a statement that we are of the world, and that we choose that state as a master, not only for ourselves but for our entire church.

So fly the flag, if you wish, in your home. Place a flag bumper sticker on your car. But by flying the flag in church, you set up another master as equal or superior to God, and you must be wary of that.

“The truth, indeed, is something that mankind, for some mysterious reason, instinctively dislikes. Every man who tries to tell it is unpopular, and even when, by the sheer strength of his case, he prevails, he is put down as a scoundrel.”

~ H.L. Mencken

A friend of mine walked up to me one morning looking very upset. He was looking like he needed to get something off of his mind. I asked him what was wrong, and he said in a half joking, half serious tone, “well apparently I’m not a citizen of this country!”

Before I continue with the story I have to tell you the amazing tale of this man’s father. He was a soldier in WWII, and he fought at the battle of the bulge. In a German artillery bombardment, he had one of his legs blown off. As he lay there severely wounded, German soldiers approached him. Seeing this man was still alive, they raked him with automatic machine gun fire at point blank range. I’m not too sure how this man got out of there alive, his son told me that he didn’t remember much after he was shot up by the Germans, only that he remembered waking up in an American field hospital and thankful to be alive. He served with the 101st Airborne Division. Years later he was a foreign correspondent for the Voice of America. While covering the Vietnam conflict, his son, my friend, was born in Thailand. After he came back from Vietnam, he went to work for a newspaper out of Colorado.
My friend came into work one morning to find that a confidential letter had been slipped into his toolbox. It was a letter from the records department informing him that his social security card copy they had on file for him was illegible. This department was in the middle of an internal audit, and they needed him to provide a copy of his social security card that was readable. Returning home that night he retrieved his card and found that his copy had become worn over the years, and concluded it needed to be replaced. He ventured down to the local social security office to see about getting his battered card replaced, and that’s when the fun began. It seems the local bureaucratic tyrant takes his job a bit too seriously. My friend instructed the socialist security bureaucrat that he needed to replace his card. He explained that the card that was on file for him at his employer was illegible, and his current card was unable to be recopied. He said the bureaucrat became very upset about this and he said, “you tell your employer that they are breaking the law by copying social security cards, you tell them I said so! You tell them the Federal Government says so!”

After the bureaucrat was done ranting and needlessly flexing his petty power, he asked for my friends name and social security number. After he punched in his name and socialist tracking number, he looked up at my friend with a shocked look on his face. At this time the bureaucrat motioned to another bureaucrat to come over and observe his computer screen. They both looked at each other and then they went back to looking at the screen. The bureaucrat that was “serving” my friend looked up at him and asked him if he was born in this country, and he responded with a no. The bureaucrat then preceded to tell him he is not a “legal citizen”, and that in fact he is an “illegal alien”. My friend explained that he was born in a military hospital, and that his father was a government employee when he was born. The bureaucrat said he didn’t care about any of that, and he would not help him anymore until he produced a specific piece of paper that was given to his parents in Thailand over forty years ago. He explained to me that he has no idea where this paper is, and he has no idea what to do.

While he was telling me this story, I could see this man’s reality collapsing before him. Everything he thought he was, and everything he thought he knew was just assassinated by some tax sucking bureaucrat. He actually said to me, “Chris, if I’m not a U.S. Citizen, then I don’t know what I am.” I guess a lifetime of paying taxes, and unquestioning obedience doesn’t earn you the right to wear the title of of “citizen” in this country. He explained to me that he was sure that his old man had paved his way for him with his blood, and that was enough to cement his citizenship.

At this point I wanted to tell him that he wasn’t the only one one who was not a citizen. I wanted to tell him none of us are citizens, there are no citizens. The Supreme Court has ruled that the government has no obligation to protect you, therefore you have no obligation to pledge your allegiance to it. A citizen is supposed to be afforded protection for his obligation of allegiance. Since the robed government employees have ruled that the government has no obligation to protect, that makes the government nothing more than a very large protection racket. Inhabiting a specific land mass does not obligate a person to any government, no more than a person would be obligated to pledge their allegiance to the local warlord or other gang of thugs. The word citizen has a political implication, and the very word lends credibility to the idea of a government. Just as monarchies had their subjects and serfs, democracies have their citizens. The words have changed, but the circumstances have always remained the same. There is only free men and slaves. A citizen is only a different form of slavery. Free men choose their obligations, citizens have them forced upon them. Slaves are made in such ways, even if they are enslaved with good intentions.
In the first installment of this story, I had a conversation with a former sheriff’s deputy, and we both agreed to pick the conversation up later. Well, since that time we have had many short conversations, and I have learned that he is a man that would follow almost any order that was handed down to him. We discussed gun laws, and what he would do if he was given the order to confiscate firearms. He said he would be reluctant to follow such orders, but he would do it if he had to. I also asked if he would turn in his personal firearms, and he said he would because he believes the system has provided him the avenues to right these injustices, and to regain lost freedoms. He said in order for this to remain a nation of laws, the law has to be followed, good or bad.

I asked the former deputy how much corruption and crime he had witnessed in his long stretch in law enforcement, and he told me he had witnessed his fair share. I asked him if he ever did anything about it, because in order for his logic to hold the law would have to be applied to all men at all times, or it indeed becomes a nation of men and not of law. I told him if this was the case then the law becomes subjective, and it is as good as having no law. I asked him if he ever arrested people for the same thing he saw his fellow officers doing, and he was reluctant to answer. I knew now I was dealing with a man who cared nothing for the law, and that this was only a paycheck to him. I asked him if there was any order he would not follow; I asked him if he would have been one of the ones who helped bring about  Nazi Germany. He said there is no way that would happen here. Unfortunately history is not on his side.

“I know no class of my fellowmen, however just, enlightened, and humane, which can be wisely and safely trusted absolutely with the liberties of any other class.”

~ Frederick Douglass

“Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service” or “thanks for protecting our freedom.”

What!  I hear this familiar refrain again and again every November.  I am appalled whenever this unthinking salutation is proffered.

I am a retired career Army officer and like USMC General Smedley Butler before me, I find these sentiments to be hogwash.

The only service rendered was to the American political power structure in the dishonorable hands of the Democrats or Republicans; the former, despite their protestations to peace, have gotten America involved in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Starting with the shameful expropriation of the Mexican territory from 1846-48 to the War of Northern Aggression from 1860-65; the United States went into hyper-colonial overdrive in 1893 in the Hawaiian Islands and has not stopped since. The entire history of American arms on Earth has been a shameful and expansionist enterprise culminating in the first ever post-WWII (the Japanese attack on American territories in the Aleutians during the War to Save Josef Stalin and the minor coastal skirmishes in Oregon) attack on American state soil in 2001 .  I am frankly astonished at the length of time it took for a substantive attack of any kind to be initiated on American soil with the breadth, ferocity and long sordid history of American mischief and mayhem abroad.

The sheer number of military expeditions the US has embarked on over time is breathtaking.  One worthy notes there have been 234 military expeditions from 1798-1993.  Another posits 159 instances of the use of United States armed forces abroad from October 1945 through December 2006. “This list does not include covert actions and numerous instances of US forces stationed abroad since World War II, in occupation forces, or for participation in mutual security organizations, base agreements, and routine military assistance or training operations.”

Good God, if I were a Martian who landed on Earth ten years ago and found myself attending government schools, to include college, and watching television for any additional cultural education,  I would not be aware of any of this.  The constant drumbeat emanating from the State is the Orwellian chorus about America making the world safe for freedom and liberty and never using force abroad except in self-defense.  The history proves otherwise.

America, next to Rome in the Western world, ranks as one of the world’s most aggressive nation states when one examines the evidence.  A country sheltered from the tempestuous and constant warring on the European continent by one ocean and the turbulence in Asia by another ocean yet it simply cannot mind its own business nor resist the temptation to maim and murder abroad for expansion of political power and control whether for mercantilist or colonial aspirations.

One can even see that the brutality practiced by American soldiers abroad is not recent but a long-standing tradition.

Afghanistan, now:

All told, five soldiers were charged with killing civilians in three separate episodes early last year. Soldiers repeatedly described Sergeant Gibbs as devising “scenarios” in which the unit would fake combat situations by detonating grenades or planting weapons near their victims. They said he even supplied “drop weapons” and grenades to make the victims appear armed. Some soldiers took pictures posing with the dead and took body parts as trophies. Sergeant Gibbs is accused of snipping fingers from victims and later using them to intimidate another soldier.

He also pulled a tooth from one man, saying in court that he had “disassociated” the bodies from being human, that taking the fingers and tooth was like removing antlers from a deer.

Sergeant Gibbs said he that was ashamed of taking the body parts, that he was “trying to be hard, a hard individual.” But he insisted that the people he took them from had posed genuine threats to him and his unit.”

Philippines, then:

“Like many of their officers, American troops also showed incredible callousness toward the Philippine civilian population.  A man named Clarence Clowe described the situation as follows in a letter he wrote to Senator Hoar.  The methods employed by American troops against civilians in an effort to find insurgent “arms and ammunition” include torture, beating, and outright killing.

At any time I am liable to be called upon to go out and bind and gag helpless prisoners, to strike them in the face, to knock them down when so bound, to bear them away from wife and children, at their very door, who are shrieking pitifully the while, or kneeling and kissing the hands of our officers, imploring mercy from those who seem not to know what it is, and then, with a crowd of soldiers, hold our helpless victim head downward in a tub of water in his own yard, or bind him hand and foot, attaching ropes to head and feet, and then lowering him into the depths of a well of water till life is well-nigh choked out, and the bitterness of a death is tasted, and our poor, gasping victims ask us for the poor boon of being finished off, in mercy to themselves.

All these things have been done at one time or another by our men, generally in cases of trying to obtain information as to the location of arms and ammunition.

Nor can it be said that there is any general repulsion on the part of the enlisted men to taking part in these doings. I regret to have to say that, on the contrary, the majority of soldiers take a keen delight in them, and rush with joy to the making of this latest development of a Roman holiday.[16]

Another soldier, L. F. Adams, with the Washington regiment, described what he saw after the Battle of Manila on February 4-5, 1899:

In the path of the Washington Regiment and Battery D of the Sixth Artillery there were 1,008 dead niggers, and a great many wounded. We burned all their houses. I don’t know how many men, women, and children the Tennessee boys did kill. They would not take any prisoners.[17]

Similarly, Sergeant Howard McFarland of the 43rd Infantry, wrote to the Fairfield Journal of Maine:

I am now stationed in a small town in charge of twenty-five men, and have a territory of twenty miles to patrol…. At the best, this is a very rich country; and we want it. My way of getting it would be to put a regiment into a skirmish line, and blow every nigger into a nigger heaven. On Thursday, March 29, eighteen of my company killed seventy-five nigger bolo men and ten of the nigger gunners. When we find one that is not dead, we have bayonets.[18]

These methods were condoned by some back at home in the U.S., as exemplified by the statement of a Republican Congressman in 1909:

You never hear of any disturbances in Northern Luzon; and the secret of its pacification is, in my opinion, the secret of pacification of the archipelago.  They never rebel in northern Luzon because there isn’t anybody there to rebel.  The country was marched over and cleaned in a most resolute manner.  The good Lord in heaven only knows the number of Filipinos that were put under ground.  Our soldiers took no prisoners, they kept no records; they simply swept the country, and wherever or whenever they could get hold of a Filipino they killed him.  The women and children were spared, and may now be noticed in disproportionate numbers in that part of the island.[19]”

And countless incidents small and large in between from the only nation state in the Western world that not only endorses the use of torture but makes it an official means of projecting power abroad.

I have often remarked that cops are the only reason freedom and liberty is and has been in the hazard in America, and unfortunately, the same standard applies for military power abroad.

The only just war is one fought to defend one’s own soil from invasion.  There is no other.  Every other conflict reeks of statist opportunism and yen to expand tax jurisdictions and the power to rob others of their wealth and resources.  Some may mistake this for a pretense of the Left.  Not only do the progressives and the collectivists in America have a rich history of cheer-leading wars such as WWI and WWII but they also wish to employ military-style violence domestically to achieve their government supremacist dreams.

The notion that foreign wars and entanglements are wrong still emanates from a sparsely populated philosophical quarter that has no majority presence in the academy or the government–media complex.  It is a true voice in the wilderness.  That voice has one signature message:  you cannot thank a veteran for your freedom because they have actively done nothing more than endanger its very existence.  In fact, American military power abroad (and increasingly, at home) has made civilians more unsafe than they have ever been.  The threat not only emerges from aggrieved victims of American brutality abroad but a government desperate in bad times to ensure that not one dollar of military expenditures is reduced.  America is now a national security garrison state.  Think about that the next time you take a flight.

Veterans don’t need gratitude but a self-realization on their part that the machine they worked for was never an engine for liberty but a device whose single purpose was aggrandizement of American political power at home and abroad.  And that political hammer always extinguishes liberty and never expands it.

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?”

– Gandhi

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The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms willfully delivered firearms into the waiting hands of the Mexican drug cartels. You may speculate as to their reasons for doing so, but these activities were certainly illegal and immoral. Knowledge of this operation, called “Fast and Furious,” reaches at least as high as the United States Attorney General’s office, and therefore the current Attorney General, Eric Holder, should be made to answer for his wrongdoing.

Holder is a Democrat, as could be expected in a Democrat’s administration. This leads some Republicans to blame “the Democrats” for BATFE’s wrongdoing.

Arizona’s SB1070 is perhaps the most racist piece of legislation authored so far in the 21st century. This bill allows unreasonable search and seizure without basis at the discretion of police officers. Arizona State Senate President Russel Pearce, recently removed from office in a recall election, was a lead sponsor of this bill.

Pearce is a Republican, as might be expected in a state full of Republican voters. This leads some Democrats to blame “the Republicans” for Pearce’s wrongdoing.

George W. Bush was president during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and the first part of the latest market downturn, so these things are his fault, and by extension the fault of the Republican party. Barack Obama was president during the implementation of the latest bailouts, the NATO invasion of Libya, and the economically ridiculous “Cash for Clunkers” program, and so of course everyone who carries a (D) ought to be burned at the stake for those crimes.

“The Republicans” want to ban gay marriage, boo and hiss. “The Democrats” want to increase taxes and redistribute wealth, for shame. And if only we’d all see the evil of one party or the other, then the right people would gain power, and we’d see real change and Utopia, right?

The Occupy movement, much like the Tea Party before it, has been co-opted and turned into a partisan distraction. Popular anger is inappropriately redirected against the other half of the population, rather than against the ideas of government which have brought us to this state. By continuing to blame figureheads and people instead of institutions and ideas, we guarantee that the future will be as bleak as the present. I weep for future generations.

I just got finished reading two books on the emergence of American empire in the Pacific.  The War Lovers by Evan Thomas and The Imperial Cruise by James Brady both treat the influence of Theodore Roosevelt as the sin qua non of America’s imperial ambitions come to fruition at the end of the nineteenth century.  In 1898, we defeated the Spanish in their colonies in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines after the imaginary pretenses for the war were arranged.  We occupied and colonized these island nations and the barbarity visited on the Philippine peoples during these long conflicts was brutal and horrifying.

Here are some letter excerpts from 1899 and the war only got worse over time.

Private Fred B. Hinchman, Company A. United States Engineers, writes from Manila, February 22d:

“At 1:30 o’clock the general gave me a memorandum with regard to sending out a Tennessee battalion to the line. He tersely put it that “they were looking for a fight.” At the Puente Colgante [suspension bridge] I met one of our company, who told me that the Fourteenth and Washingtons were driving all before them, and taking no prisoners. This is now our rule of procedure for cause. After delivering my message I had not walked a block when I heard shots down the street. Hurrying forward, I found a group of our men taking pot-shots across the river, into a bamboo thicket, at about 1,200 yards. I longed to join them, but had my reply to take back, and that, of course, was the first thing to attend to I reached the office at 3 P.M., just in time to see a platoon of the Washingtons, with about fifty prisoners, who had been taken before they learned how not to take them.”

Fred D. Sweet, of the Utah Light Battery:

“The scene reminded me of the shooting of jack-rabbits in Utah, only the rabbits sometimes got away, but the insurgents did not.”

Ellis G. Davis, Company A, 20th Kansas:

“They will never surrender until their whole race is exterminated. They are fighting for a good cause, and the Americans should be the last of all nations to transgress upon such rights. Their independence is dearer to them than life, as ours was in years gone by, and is today. They should have their independence, and would have had it if those who make the laws in America had not been so slow in deciding the Philippine question Of course, we have to fight now to protect the honor of our country but there is not a man who enlisted to fight these people, and should the United States annex these islands, none but the most bloodthirsty will claim himself a hero. This is not a lack of patriotism, but my honest belief.”

Burr Ellis, of Frazier Valley, California:

“They did not commence fighting over here (Cavite) for several days after the war commenced. Dewey gave them till nine o’clock one day to surrender, and that night they all left but a few out to their trenches, and those that they left burned up the town, and when the town commenced burning the troops were ordered in as far as possible and said, Kill all we could find. I ran off from the hospital and went ahead with the scouts. And bet, I did not cross the ocean for the fun there was in it, so the first one I found, he was in a house, down on his knees fanning a fire, trying to burn the house, and I pulled my old Long Tom to my shoulder and left him to burn with the fire, which he did. I got his knife, and another jumped out of the window and ran, and I brought him to the ground like a jack-rabbit. I killed seven that I know of, and one more I am almost sure of: I shot ten shots at him running and knocked him down, and that evening the boys out in front of our trenches now found one with his arm shot off at shoulder and dead as h___ ; I had lots of fun that morning. There were five jumped out of the brush and cut one of the Iowa band boys, and we killed every one of them, and I was sent back to quarters in the hurry. Came very near getting a court-martial, but the colonel said he had heard that I had done excellent work and he laughed and said: “There’s good stuff in that man,” and told me not to leave any more without orders. Well, John, there will always be trouble here with the natives unless they annihilate all of them as fast as they come to them.”

Leonard F. Adams, of Ozark, in the Washington Regiment:

“I don’t know how many men, women, and children the Tennessee boys did kill. They would not take any prisoners. One company of the Tennessee boys was sent into headquarters with thirty prisoners, and got there with about a hundred chickens and no prisoners.”

Theodore Conley, of a Kansas Regiment:

“Talk about dead Indians! Why, they are lying everywhere. The trenches are full of them……..More harrowing still: think of the brave men from this country, men who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Cuba, dying in battle and from disease, in a war waged for the purpose of conquering people who are fighting as the Cubans fought against Spanish tyranny and misrule. There is not a feature of the whole miserable business that a patriotic American citizen, one who loves to read of the brave deeds of the American colonists in the splendid struggle for American independence, can look upon with complacency, much less with pride. This war is reversing history. It places the American people and the government of the United States in the position occupied by Great Britain in 1776. It is an utterly causeless and defenseless war, and it should be abandoned by this government without delay. The longer it is continued, the greater crime it becomes—a crime against human liberty as well as against Christianity and civilization……..Those not killed in the trenches were killed when they tried to come out……..No wonder they can’t shoot, with that light thrown on them; shells bursting and infantry pouring in lead all the time. Honest to God, I feel sorry for them.”

F. A. Blake, of California, in charge of the Red Cross:

“I never saw such execution in my life, and hope never to see such sights as met me on all sides as our little corps passed over the field, dressing wounded. Legs and arms nearly demolished; total decapitation; horrible wounds in chests and abdomens, showing the determination of our soldiers to kill every native in sight. The Filipinos did stand their ground heroically, contesting every inch, but proved themselves unable to stand the deadly fire of our well-trained and eager boys in blue. I counted seventy-nine dead natives in one small field, and learn that on the other side of the river their bodies were stacked up for breastworks.”

E. D. Furnam, of the Washington Regiment, writes of the battles of February 4th and 5th:

“We burned hundreds of houses and looted hundreds more. Some of the boys made good hauls of jewelry and clothing. Nearly every man has at least two suits of clothing, and our quarters are furnished in style; fine beds with silken drapery, mirrors, chairs, rockers, cushions, pianos, hanging-lamps, rugs, pictures, etc. We have horses and carriages, and bull-carts galore, and enough furniture and other plunder to load a steamer.”

The Massacre of Bud Dajo March 7, 1906. American troops with modern weapons slaughtered 800 Islamic natives.

Mind you, this is only the second year of the conflict and the war on men, women and children became a war of annihilation where hundreds of thousands of Philippines died at the hands of American arms.  There was one incident where the “water cure” (water-boarding) killed 134 out of 160 prisoners it was used on.  There were orders to kill all males over the age of tem in certain sectors of the islands.  The horrors visited on the “Pacific Negros” (the descriptive argot at the time) were vast and unapologetic in their ferocity.  I shiver to think of the brutality visited on them by the Japanese in WWII to make them welcome us back as saviors.

Of course, we discover that Roosevelt’s “honorary Aryans”, the Japanese, were given the green light for imperial expansion by none other than Roosevelt in a secret treaty which encouraged the Russo-Japanese conflict in 1905 that laid the paving stones for the Japanese adventurers in China and later the Pacific that precipitated the next world war.  Roosevelt had considered the Chinese to be barbarians and mongrels that deserved nothing less than colonization by their betters around the world.  Remember that during this time in America, the Chinese were subject to the viscous Chinese Exclusion Act which not only led to countless Chinese deaths in America but demanded open trade to China but a prohibition on most Chinese goods in America. Roosevelt was a creature of his time and the white Aryan meme was a consistent motif in American public life and permeated the foreign policy of the burgeoning imperial nation unleashed in the 1890s.

This is a stark reminder that whatever the government schools or the government-media complex spews and vomits forth as news and patriotic mewling to rally ‘round the flag, it boils down to one thing:  America’s planetary imperialism has a long and dark history.  This is not to lend credence to the usual suspects in academia hailing from the left who preach the “race/class/gender” mantra as the only way to interpret history for these same scoundrels are the apologist and cheerleaders for Obama’s wars around the Earth.  How often do you see any anti-war rhetoric at the Occupy Wall Street rallies?  With few exceptions, these are the same academics that cheerlead the USSR in history and rush to defend the Democrat monster presidents who got us into WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

American exceptionalism is a myth.  The last hundred and twenty years proves that our capability to directly slaughter innocents or abet the murder thereof by proxies is a winning formula for the foreign policy machinations in DC.

Nation-states are serial killers of the worst variety and America is no different.

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Publisher’s Note:  I spent my entire adult life until 2003 in the military.  The last half of my career was saturated by doubt and philosophical dissonance mixed with the moral cowardice of failing to simply resign.  Soldiering was what I knew.  The incomparable Fred Reed writes in a few words what many feel but cannot articulate.  Much like cops are the enabling arm of the state, the military is the muse through which politicians can mouth platitudes while having murderous works conducted in their name.  When folks discover I am a veteran, they rarely hesitate to thank me for their freedom to which I have to laugh and heap scorn on their misdirected goodwill.  You would be hard-pressed to find any conflict America has participated in that did not make the world safer for bigger government…anywhere or anytime. -BB

I read frequently among the lesserly neuronal of the supposed honor of soldiers, of the military virtues of courage, loyalty, and uprightness–that in an age of moral decomposition only the military adhere to principles, and that our troops in places like Afghanistan nobly make sacrifices to preserve our freedoms and democracy. Is not all of this nonsense?

Honor? A soldier is just a nationally certified hit-man, perfectly amoral. When he joins the military he agrees to kill anyone he is told to kill, regardless of whether he has previously heard of the country in which he will kill them or whether the residents pose any threat to him or his. How is this honorable? It is cause for lifelong shame.

It is curious that so many soldiers think that they are Christians. Christianity is incompatible with military service, if any Christianity is meant that Christ would have regarded with other than repugnance.

The explanation of course lies in the soldier’s moral compartmentation. Within his own tribe or pack, these usually being denominated “countries,” he is the soul of moral propriety—doesn’t knock over convenience stores, kick his dog, or beat his children; speaks courteously, observes personal hygiene, and works tirelessly for the public good in the event of natural disasters. A steely gaze with little behind it and a firm handshake amplify the appearance of probity.

In conflict with foreigners, he will burn, bomb, rape and torture indiscriminately. His is the behavior of feral dogs, which humans closely resemble.

Sacrifice? GIs do not make sacrifices. They are sacrificed, sacrificed for big egos, big contracts, for the shareholders of military industries, for pasty patriots in salons who never wore boots. They fight not for love of country but to stay alive, and from fear of the punishments meted out to deserters. If you doubt this, tell the men in Afghanistan that they may come home on the next plane without penalty, and see how many stay. Troops are as manipulated as roosters in a cock fight, forced to choose between combat and the pot.

See the rest: https://www.fredoneverything.net/Oo-rah.shtml

“Now something must be done about vengeance, a badge, and a gun”
-Zack de la Rocha

The picture above is probably the most powerful picture I have seen in a long time. As my mind dissected this picture, I had a thousand thoughts, and not one word. I had read the caption under the picture so I knew this young man’s name was Scott Olsen. I know he is a 24 year old Marine Veteran, and he had served two tours in Iraq.
This man is laying bleeding from his head in the arms of people he has probably never met. He has part of his military uniform on, perhaps a uniform he was issued. It looks like he has some kind of military pack on. The pack is splattered with blood, and his hair is matted into the blood on his forehead. This Marine is badly in need of medical attention. As this young man lay horizontally in the arms of strangers, his unbuttoned camouflage blouse had draped to either side of him. Under that blouse was a black undershirt with a white dove pictured on it. I stopped and focused on that dove for a minute. The photographer had managed to place it almost directly in the middle of the picture. My eyes were stuck on that dove as I wondered what events had taken place in his life that drove him to be an advocate for peace. Words can not accurately describe the power of this picture, so I won’t even try. If it was up to me, one of these pictures would be handed out to every returning soldier with these two words, “welcome home.”

All of these thoughts quickly disappeared when I thought to myself, why is this man not on a stretcher? Why is this man being cared for in this manner? Why is he being carried around like this?

 Then I watched the video….
That is a War Zone.

That young man was in a war zone. Many things have been said about the OWS protesters, and they have been called many names. I’d like to add one more name to the protesters who got this young Marine the hell out of there: Heroes.
It’s not everyday that your average American works up the courage to run into a situation where flash-bang grenades are being used; where tear gas canisters pop all around them; where they are being fired upon with rubber bullets and bean bags by those who have sworn to protect them. To watch that video is to witness bravery in action. I do not want to give commentary on the video, because like the picture above, it speaks for itself. Please take notice of the flash-bang grenade that is thrown by a member of law enforcement into the crowd of courageous folks who went back into harm’s way to try and rescue this man.

One word came to my mind when I watched that video: chaos. Chaos caused by jack booted thugs under the authority of the state. Chaos is the reason most folks I talk to reject the stateless society. They are unable to see that it is the state that causes chaos. Authority without accountability is chaos. It’s always the same excuse, chaos will ensue if we have no government. To those who would say this, I would ask this question; what the hell do we have now? It sure ain’t order.

If there is one thing the OWS movement has been good at it’s pointing out the real occupation force in this country: American Law Enforcement.
This essay was written from occupied territory.
“Badges don’t grant extra rights”

Editor’s note: Chris has a sense of serendipity, and has supplied another insightful essay while Bill and I are occupied at Libertopia. If you’d like to contribute an essay, please email them to kaiserleib@gmail.com. We may edit your essay for mechanics, but never for content. -KL

“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.”
~Frederick Douglass

This essay is a follow-up to my last essay that was posted here at ZeroGov. I don’t think I properly got my point across, and I do not want to appear as a man who does not take freedom seriously enough to take the time to explain how it would work. Please allow me this opportunity to explain myself a little further.

I have read many books, essays, and such explaining how the people will have to be shown concrete alternatives to the state apparatus before they have the courage to abandon it. They will have to be shown how they would travel, and not just traveling by automobile, an explanation has to be given for air travel and air traffic control also. They need to be explained how they would receive justice in a free society, or shown examples of how justice has been handled in the past and present absent the state. Certainly the problem of pollution cannot be left up in the air when trying to explain why a free society would be better. These are only a few problems that exist now, and will undoubtedly exist in a voluntary society. Somehow we will have to show working alternatives to every one of these problems before the people throw off the shackles they have placed upon themselves. And this is the reason why we will fail at this monumental task of trying to explain freedom, although our minds are free, our bodies are not. We can build in our heads, but we lack the right to build with our hands.

The abolitionists of the past did not know of companies like, John Deere, Kubota, or International Harvester. They would never witness the invention of the tractor and all of the wonderful implements that can be attached to them that make life on a farm so much easier. They would never witness the fabulous invention known as the internal combustion engine, or the introduction of hydraulic systems that make all of this technology possible. They were not concerned with any of this, they did not care about what would replace the slave; they only fought to end the horrible institution of chattel slavery. This is the root I was trying to strike with my last essay. I only wish to abolish slavery. I see something as wrong, I should not have to devise a working model as an alternative to this wretched practice. Is it not enough to expose the slavery in the system to get my fellow humans to throw off their shackles? Do I have to tempt them with new systems? Chattel slavery, although practiced for many, many centuries, is now seen as a horribly immoral institution. Slave owners of the past were not presented with cost benefit analysis, or return on investment sheets. The moral argument was presented, and it was supported with the fact that man is a self-owner, no matter the color of his skin.

When comparing slavery and the state, some may think it’s a bit over the top, or is meant to invoke emotion. I assure you that the comparison is accurate and correct. To be a self-owner, one needs to believe in self-ownership. If one believes in ownership, then one also believes in possession. Let me give you an example: let’s say you find someone’s keys in a parking lot, and you pick them up. At this time, you are in possession of the keys, but they are not yours. The owner comes along and makes a claim on his property; he can stake an ownership claim. You being the good and helpful person you are gladly hand this man his keys, because he is the true and rightful owner. Let’s turn the tables, you have lost your keys, and you find a man in possession of them in a parking lot. As you approach this man you give him your gratitude for finding the lost set of keys, but instead the man runs away. He runs because he understands that you are the rightful owner, and he is merely in possession of the keys. It is not his property and he knows it. He is the wrongful owner.

Humans understand this concept with just about all property, except for their own bodies, and more specifically their labor. This principle also, and most importantly, applies to your body. Either you own it, or you are only in possession of it, and someone else can make an ownership claim on it. The law of the excluded middle works for ownership. Your labor would not exist without you, so it is only logical that it is yours. Either you own yourself and therefore your labor, or you don’t. There is no middle ground here. The difference between chattel slaves and 21st century slaves can be measured in degrees. Just as slave owners staked ownership claims on their slaves, the government stakes an ownership claim on you. The two masters are exactly the same in the fact that both wish to only extract your labor, the state just found a more efficient way of doing it. By claiming ownership of your labor the state has staked an ownership claim on to your own body.

Let’s go back to the guy running off with your keys. He now has to be on the look out because he is afraid that you will come looking to collect your property and violence may ensue. He still knows that he is only in possession of them and he is not the rightful owner. If you catch him, you will not accept only one key, or two keys, no you want the whole ring of keys, they are yours. The only way this man can keep your keys is through force, or the threat of force. He can pull out a gun to try and defend his possession, but the reason he has to pull the gun in the first place is because he is not the owner. This is the exact reason why the state has to employ the use of force to extract your property, they are not the rightful owners of it. The only rightful way property can be exchanged is through voluntary interaction; this is the only true way ownership can be transferred. Just as the chattel slave owners used shackles and chains, the state uses the same thing, but they have tricked us into putting them on ourselves and our neighbors. A happy slave is a more productive slave. The reason Marxism will never work is because it uses the negation of ownership as it’s principle; possession. The reason why capitalism does and forever will work is because it uses ownership as it’s principle. It’s time for us to abandon the middle, just like Marxism all of the lite flavors of it will also not work. It is false.

I’ll tell you the reason I do not feel the need to have to explain how freedom might work. Look back at the last couple of hundred years. Look at the explosion in technology. Look at the advances in the medical field. Look at the marvels taking place in the computing world. My goodness, look at the Internet itself. Everywhere we look we see human genius at work. This boom started to happen right around the same time chattel slavery was abolished in many countries. Do you think this is a coincidence? When men could no longer own other humans, and force those humans to labor, they had to come up with alternatives. Necessity is the mother of invention, and when you own slaves, there is no need for invention or innovation. This is the reason why I consider myself a 21st century abolitionist, I only have to look to the recent past to know that the abolition of slavery leads to amazing things. This is why I do not spend time explaining freedom, I spend my time explaining slavery. Along with being an abolitionist, I am also a capitalist. I have been fond of saying, “I have my ideas, but they are mine.” If you need some advise on how to live your life without the use of slaves, I’ll start a business called the “Freedom Consulting Firm”, and then you can pay me for my ideas.

When my son was very young, he would grab his toys from his cousins and say “MINE!”, we can grasp these concepts at a very young age. It’s time for us to look at the state and simply say, “MINE!”

“The labourers have the most enormous power in their hands, and, if they once became thoroughly conscious of it and used it, nothing would withstand them; they would only have to stop labour, regard the product of labour as theirs, and enjoy it. This is the sense of the labour disturbances which show themselves here and there. The State rests on the – slavery of labour. If labour becomes free. the State is lost.”
~Max Stirner