Arguing Zionism When All Hell is About to Break Loose… by Skip Lyttle

Just one exercise in packing your suitcase when the water is up to your chest, but I’m certain our readers can come up with dozens more. There are two schools of thought I generally agree solves this dead argument. For the sake of this exercise I will label the first, the Minarchist approach to Zionism, and the second, the Anarchist approach to Zionism. Both will be attacked because they lack the neo-conservative philosophy of “might makes right”.  Ironically, neo-conservative ideals imitate National Socialism, despite their quoting of Genesis:12 at you when they hear you criticize Zionism.

I’ll address the Minarchist approach, which is purely libertarian in nature, first. The US foreign policy was intended by Jefferson to be “humble” and was one of non-interventionism but don’t confuse it with isolationism, most neo-conservatives make that false claim towards Ron Paul and they are often philosophically the most ignorant of Jefferson’s approach to foreign policy in the first place since they reside ideologically much closer to Alexander Hamilton (spit) and the Federalists.

A non-interventionist approach would dissolve the US of all foreign entanglements including Treaties, which would include the creation of Israel. If Jefferson were even capable of living in these days and spent a glistening day studying how we bastardized his experiment, he would take the US to task on this very issue. The fact is, the US foreign policy is an embarrassing mess by Anti-Federalist standards, but possibly on-par with a Federalist’s vision.

Following this Minarchist approach, the US would have to un-do the lingering mistakes throughout history and make apology where needed. When you realize you made a decision, whether it was based on bad information, you still make amends. This isn’t about appearing weak; as a man, you know that when you are wrong, you want to take responsibility for it. The argument posed that the US would somehow appear weak for assuming that responsibility is a unique Federalist slant, anyway. Our country is faced with a great many mistakes so that process would need to begin yesterday.

In the conclusion of the Minarchist/libertarian approach, the answer is to un-do anything that was a mistake including entangling alliances and a meddling foreign policy, chiefly, that is the entire Middle East, but certainly not limited to the it.

If this was the best that could happen, I would be pleased, but you know there is no way in hell neo-conservatives would allow the mere contemplation. Even the liberals famously imitating International Socialists would see their special interest clients breaking down their doors. This is what I will call this the moderate or middle of the road approach. It has a logical reason and is based on the principles of non-interventionism as defined by Jefferson himself. It would shrink government in very large proportions which is exactly why it will NEVER happen. the middle of the road approach… it has a logical reason and basis based on non-interventionism as defined by Jefferson himself, it would shrink government in very large proportions which is exactly why it will NEVER happen.

Because the “middle of the road” Minarchist approach is impossible and unthinkable, I’m going to present to you what will inevitably happen anyway. A government collapse. The state is an organism that grows endlessly and devours until it has destroyed itself in the name of progress. We all can see that the path we are on is completely unsustainable. And so what is going to happen? Is it is going to fail? When people see that it is going to fail, the smart ones anticipate the failure. Before they can anticipate the failure, the state’s apparatuses stand in the way of any resource reutilization or economic realignment. We have been in this cycle for some time now. it just won’t come crashing down all at once, its crashing in a rhythmic birthing pain of something coming…. a crackup boom, chaos, anarchy, or as some of us would prefer, spontaneous order, but it is happening all the same on its own schedule, Mr. Bernanke.

People are seeing their way to the exits, physically and/or economically, despite the fact that the majority of Americans are distracted people, thinking all we need in the White House [Mordor on the Potomac] is THIS guy, or THAT guy. Have no fear, order is underway and the government and the Federal Reserve are doing everything they can to prevent it. Their controls are failing because some people know when danger is approaching. It reminds me of the story of the kid that reported the iceberg on the Titanic while the Captain turned a throttle the wrong way. Sometimes systems are too complicated to save. Unfortunately, Keynes isn’t here to see the failure of his economic model and despite our best efforts to point it out, most people aren’t seeing it either.

My anarchist solution is that humans never hand over the reins and whip to another state-form ever again. Frankly, we are exhausted. Many of us have nothing after a lifetime of work because of the state and its machinations of banking, Federal Reserve System, et al. When this fails, and it will fail, I hope that everyone has learned their lesson about asking someone to do something (good or bad) with their neighbors’ money and resources under the threat of violence. I hope it never happens again.

Everyone wanted too much and it broke. This is not too hard to understand. But we need to realize that we are slave to no one once it does break. If not, the name of our master will merely change and the reins and yoke will remain, perhaps even heavier and less mercilessly. Only a fool would want that, but people are scared of life without promises, even though inside they know the promises are paper-thin, they want them. They feel naked without them. The job of an anarchist is to convince people to stop asking for promises, drop their yoke, and begin life. It is insane to want liberty and be responsible for our own actions. It is crazy talk and it makes people uncomfortable to hear it. Just look around at my audience.

This is the red pill…

This is the real reason why the argumentation for Zionism is flawed…. it, like all state institutions, will fail. It is unsustainable to attack Palestinians at a rate that creates more terrorists and  just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and everywhere else we put boots or missiles on the ground… it will fail. It is like the bailouts or quantitative easing. They are all flawed and will meet their own natural demise and in this case, proportionate to the number of flawed and failing solutions, so does the rate of the collapse also gain in speed. They are riding with a brick on the pedal, hysterically waving at every “No Exit” sign on a dead-end road. It is coming. It’s beautiful and painful, but it is truth. So prepare and plan. In your spare time encourage others to do so as well. Zionism and statism are small-minded and short-thought… they are crumbling and will fail. In my lifetime, the world will look different. Are we ready?

“I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor… and surviving.”

– Colonel Kurtz, Apocalypse Now (1979)

6 thoughts on “Arguing Zionism When All Hell is About to Break Loose… by Skip Lyttle”

  1. Good essay, Skip. My fear… Anarchists are few and far between.

    The next generation is seeking answers. Most of them were born into this mess, while the older generations did experience some degree of freedom, we didn’t.

    Most of the Ron Paul kids consider themselves to be some kind of anarcho______. There is hope. The voluntary society movement is growing, I know many, many young anarchists.

    It will not be so easy for the Federalists this time. Because, let’s face it, the radicals were right. Which then makes you wonder, who were the REAL radicals?

  2. pelletfarmer

    Great article, Skip, and important. Maybe the Mid-East is far enough away that enough Americans will be willing to dip their little toe into the water. I sure wouldn’t bet on that, but one never knows. For now, everyone is too busy with the death philosophy, and success is the worst thing they fear…they love the pain, and abhor the beauty. And truth? Shoot, they won’t even acknowledge it exists.

  3. “The state is an organism that grows endlessly and devours until it has destroyed itself in the name of progress”

    And therein lies the entire story. Sadly, I expect the majority of people, who’ve been conditioned through decades of public skrool indoctrination and TeeVee, to goose-step to whomever is the Dear Leader and their babbling as though it were manna from heaven. Only a few ( when has it been different? ) will have got the message ahead of time and prepared themselves for the coming firestorm.

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