It’s that time again.

Today is the 252nd anniversary of the “shot heard ‘round the world” at Lexington and Concord. The British regulars who started the fracas were following an age old government tradition of seizing powder, munitions and property for a pretentious King who had assumed such wide distribution of the tools of resistance should be available only to the government approved groups such as soldiers despite the danger on the frontier. We celebrate that time of defiance against tyranny when for sixteen years (1775-1791), all thirteen colonial provinces and the thousands of rural polities that exited outside or alongside the framework enjoyed a freedom they had not previously had and after 1791 would become enslaved once again under the totalitarian doomsday machine known as the Constitution.

The lobster-backs and British taxing regime would be replaced by a domestic variety of even more extreme virulence whose sole safety mechanism was a constant western diaspora trying to escape the clutches of the “Republic”.

The whitewashed history since then has lionized the inauguration of the divorce from the United Kingdom on this day and mistakenly links these events to all the “freedom” enjoyed under the Constitution. The Federalist coup in 1787 that reestablished an English-style yoke of central planning, national taxation and slight tinkering with indentured servitude to a kinder and gentler tax and regulatory apparatus did no more grant individual freedom than the Romans gave to conquered lands.

The Declaration of Independence, whether penned by Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine, is as elegant a jeremiad against tyranny as has been written. The relationship between the Declaration and the Constitution is the same as the one between the crucifix and the vampire. They stand as opposite documents embracing wholly different visions of freedom. One cannot be consonant with the other because their aspirations are antithetical to the other. As the brilliant Lysander Spooner would opine:

But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

CPT Parker commanded the militia this day for an idea that was smothered and crushed by the Federalist coup in 1787 culminating in the creation of the ratification of the most clever slave document of the age.

When you look around on this day in this time in the minimum security (for now) Club Fed that is America, ask yourself what Parker would think. Everything you see (and don’t see in the surveillance state that surrounds you) is a product of the glorious Constitutional Republic that Spooner described so splendidly.

As an Appleseed Instructor and Shoot Boss on extended sabbatical, part of the instruction in this extraordinary marksmanship program was gripping retelling of the Three Strikes of the Match that led to the divorce proceedings with George III and started the First American Revolution. While I don’t share all the goals of the program hence the extended leave of absence, the telling of this gripping yarn has no match. I regret you can’t hear this from a seasoned instructor but the reading can be compelling.

For those who wish further elucidation, I recommend Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty and Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride. The two books will lead to many more books to better understand the hoodwinking you have suffered through government schooling and the attendant media apparatchiks who reinforce the mewlings of the mind laundries. These books will lead to better understanding the modest but brilliant interregnum when the North American Confederation was free excepting the large number of indentured servants and chattel slaves. But the Constitution would remedy this by nationalizing the former and codifying the latter. The destruction of individual liberty would begin apace.

You can make sure Parker’s sacrifice, he would die in September of that year, was not in vain.

Reflect and remember this day should force you to think on the state of your chains, whether you acknowledge them or not. –BB

The First Strike of the Match

It’s 19 April, 1775. In Massachusetts Colony, the times were hard. The Colonial government had been abolished, and a military governor, General Thomas Gage, controlled Boston under martial law. Boston was practically a ghost town. The Port Act had seen to that, as the port had been closed to all traffic for months. The town slowly died without commerce, and many of those remaining in town relied on the kindness of outsiders to acquire food and necessities. Troops destroyed buildings and their contents for fire wood. Disease was rampant. The King was bent on breaking the radicals and bringing the colonies back in line, where they would pay dearly in taxes and subjugation to the motherland, and he was close to doing it.

The precedent had been set. In order to subjugate the colonies, England would have to disarm them. The colonies had a long standing custom for militia, and the militia was armed. The most expedient method of disarmament was to take their ammunition. Gunpowder was typically stored in a specially built powder house for safety and security and drawn for the militia when needed.

It was a simple matter to march in and take the colonists powder supply, and they had indeed done it before. In September of 1774, they had marched swiftly into Cambridge and carted off 250 half barrels of powder, hauling them back triumphantly to Boston.

This had so alarmed the colonist that with 24 hours there were nearly 30,000 men on the march to Boston, hearing rumors that the Brits intended to burn and shell the town. The incident ended without bloodshed, but General gage, penned up in Boston with barely 3,000 troops had been so frightened that he asked the crown for an additional 20,000 men.

Paul Revere swore that this would never happen again, that they would not be taken by surprise, and instituted the Committee of Observation, an elaborate spy network throughout the colony. Then they began to smuggle arms and powder and hide them in various remote locations. They had even stolen four brass cannon right out from under Gage’s nose, a theft not taken lightly by General Gage.

Then in December, Paul Revere had ridden more than 20 hours straight, through a blinding blizzard, to warn the colonist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that a British patrol was on the way by ship to confiscate their powder and ball. The Redcoats were met by a band of militia who raised the drawbridge across the river and simply taunted them. After a short skirmish, the Brits marched back to their ships empty handed this time. But the failure stung the pride of the British, and they yearned for revenge.

Now the stage was set for another such raid. This time to Concord where they would have the added honor of capturing not only the provincial government, which had been meeting there, illegally, but also perhaps the traitorous Sam Adams and John Hancock, who were destined, they thought, to swing from the gallows in England. There was also rumored to be quite a stockpile of war materiel stored there.

The Colonist had been forming an army, but as yet, it was only an “Army of Observation”, which was mostly sent out to shadow the British Regulars when they made forays into the countryside. This “Army” consisted of three groups: The main body was the Militia, mostly men from 16 to over 60 and able to fight. The second body was formed by taking 25% of the young men best suited from the militia to serve as “minute men”, who would drop what they were doing and report with musket and ammunition on a minute notice. Those not falling into either category made up the Alarm List, and were tasked with spreading the alarm and supporting the militia.

General Gage knew he had to operate in total secrecy, for the colonist had an early warning system in place, with spies in Boston and alarm companies throughout the countryside. He told no one of his plans to raid Concord, save his trusted General Smith, and of course, his American born wife. This was to be his undoing.


Publisher’s Note: It’s not a hundred days into the new circus in the Offal Office and the true colors are showing, as Trump gets comfortable with the Deep State and its bloodthirsty tendencies. National socialist healthcare remains firmly in place destroying whatever tattered remnants of free market medical modalities remain in the above ground economy.

The blood-spattered American foreign policy apparatus is now trying to expand its violence to get Western boots on the ground in Syria to complement the rest of the failed martial meddling in the Middle East and champion the Wahabbist ascendency and continuing pogrom against Shia influence. The amphibian is even claiming he has found newfound respect for the efficacy and usefulness f NATO. Will wonders never cease?

This will be the Bushevik’s fifth term in continuing to consolidate Deep State gains in the golden age of the internet. For the first time in history, the surveillance organs of the state may just be able to make every human transaction transparent to them and have an ex post facto capability of building a case against anyone they wish to harass or reduce to penury in the “just-us system”.

Just another step toward the future where the government has sufficient power and influence to simply murder with impunity whoever it considers a threat to national security. The notion of national security has never had anything to do with protecting the population so much as providing cover for unlimited expansion of the power of the government.

Trump is just another political apparatchik who will do what it takes to keep the leviathan alive.

Someday Americans will look through the barbed wired fence surrounding their pathetic lives and realize that the alleged protections offered by the state were simply a clever misdirection to surrender every scrap of moral agency and self-volition they had. There is no Left or Right, only parasitic plunderers and producers.

Most people are comfortable gazing on the delicious piece of steak on the fork in front of them and condemning their children to the future they are too cowardly to fight.

William N. Grigg died today and he will be sorely missed. His unique eloquence, intense investigation skills, documentarian tendencies and terrific writing were without peer. Will, thanks for everything you’ve done to make the world a more moral place and put the policeman where he belongs.

There is a way out of this but since this isn’t a free country and this is not an underground samizdat, the words can’t be spoken but the reflective man can grok what it is. -BB

The United Airlines incident where the unfortunate paying passenger was dragged from the airplane and later repatriated to the plane after being bloodied and mauled by a local government thug. New information on the passenger that was mauled has emerged that paints him in a bad light but remains moot to the incident at hand. While passengers murmured and feebly took photos with their electronic leashes, not one human being stood up to stop the dragging of the passenger off the plane.

Not one.

There are plenty of other pundits who can fill in the gory details of what happened and what the implications are.

This is a small pastiche of a larger phenomenon. Everyday, government agents in costume and plainclothes cajole, fine, kidnap, cage, maim and kill Americans across the country. They are merely the evil mediums that translate government into action. The muscle and sinew that makes totalitarianism work like a well-lubricated machine motoring on the lifeblood of the supplicant citizens trapped in the system.


Totalitarianism? In Lee Greenwood’s America? But how…

Is there any human activity not monitored, calibrated, regulated and taxed in America that has any connection to production? As I mentioned earlier, the government is colored rags and bad music disguising a mailed fist that has one sole task: to take. That is what government does. It robs from the productive and the innovative to give to the undeserving and well-armed thugs in the employ of the state.

But there’s sophistication to the kabuki theater of the state, the military industrial complex provisions a unique symbiosis with the forever war America has conducted against far-flung battlegrounds around the world.

That maligned and imperfect passenger is a simulacrum of America today. A medical practitioner who leveraged the prescription system for fun and profit. Yet another state created problem. He’s no hero or model citizen by any stretch but that is not germane to his savaging on the aircraft after he was seated as a paying passenger.

Not one of the passengers on that plane knew of his past transgressions, they were assuming a fellow American was being wronged but they had been programmed to yield to any excess so long as the malefactor had a badge and a government costume on.

Decius said this was the Flight 93 election for a variety of reasons, some fatuous. Like the notion that a new occupant in the Offal Office could possible make the nation right again. Wishing over and over again that if we got just the right man to wear the ring of power, all would be well.



“There exists a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.”

– Marcus Tulius Cicero

Publisher’s Note: This may be one of the longer essays published here at ZG but I think the screed is worth your time. T.E. Lawrence deserves careful study. I hope I am wrong and the silver spaceships drop from the sky and every child gets a unicorn of their own but it is much better to look at the landscape around you and measure the possibilities. Ecology is the study of consequences in closed and open systems; the ecology of conflict is real and bears examination.

Take the time you have to prepare for the coming Endarkenement. -BB

“Men have looked upon the desert as barren land, the free holding of whoever chose; but in fact each hill and valley in it had a man who was its acknowledged owner and would quickly assert the right of his family or clan to it, against aggression.”

– T. E. Lawrence

Vietnamese General Giap (who vanquished both the French and the Americans) was asked who his greatest influence was in conducting guerrilla campaigns in Vietnam in an interview with (soon to be infamous) French General Salan in 1946: “My fighting gospel is TE Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I am never without it.”

Nor am I and I keep a copy both at home and my office. My copy at home is my dog-eared and duct taped copy from my former days in the Army. I adore the book and have read it three times but it can be a hard slog for readers unfamiliar with the British idiom and not well acquainted with the history that led to the Arab Revolt.

For the best introduction I have found to the mess that is now the modern Middle East, read David Fromkin’s brilliant book: A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East.

For those who won’t take the time to read it, the distillate of his teaching can be found in his 27 Articles. Some are totally irrelevant to any fight we may be concerned with in North America such as 10 but some, such as 12 and 22, are timeless and effective combat multipliers. Lawrence, of course, was Arab-centric in his nostrums but many of these can be universally applied with a little intellectual effort.

The election of Trump has really drawn the curtain back on the Deep State for all to hear. This will lead to the hardest times America has known since the War of Northern Aggression tore the continent asunder in the nineteenth century. Hard times will be a subtle way to describe it. The US government will react in the same barbaric fashion it does in every crisis: it will wage war abroad and on its own citizens and systematically strangle every notion of freedom and liberty remaining across the fruited plain. It will clothe all of these noxious behaviors in the most patriotic tones and cries of threats to national security will scare the woolen-clad subjects into paroxysms of bleating and begging for coddling and protection from their masters.

There will be conflict on American soil again and the guerrilla style of conflict will soon be the only means of opposition for the few who fight for the right to be left alone. However one anticipates your personal involvement in the emerging crisis, Lawrence provides the basic building blocks for seeing how that fight may be conducted.


Do you have a smartphone? Get rid of it. Rationalize it all you want but it is robbing you of some of the best aspects of being alive and in the now and present. Reading doesn’t take place until your eyes are off the page. It disturbs mindfulness, ruins cognition and simply makes you distracted to advancing as a human being.

Those aren’t friends on the ‘net, those are distant acquaintances who behaves in a way distinctly different from their meatspace proclivities.

Once you’ve liberated yourself and gotten a dumb phone, buy a Faraday bag and you are set. Talk to people with your mouth, write letters, as a matter of fact, write. Writing makes you smarter, more contemplative and simply brighter in apprehending the world you.

You will relish the newfound return to “unavailability”.

I’m not a technophobe but I am one of a handful of humans who has never had a FaceBorg account and I am the better for it.

My editor told me to have a Twitter account and that constantly fights for my attention and may very well be my existential albatross to bear instead of FB or a smartphone.

You will discover that if you take the leap from smartphone to dumbphone, keep a careful eye on your provider bills. People have learned the hard way that when it comes to cell phones, it’s easier to get into the system than to get out of it.

You may become nomophobic. Fight it. Coined by researchers in the United Kingdom, nomophobia is defined as “the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.”

According to Nicholas Carr:

“It’s not only deep thinking that requires a calm, attentive mind. It’s also empathy and compassion. Psychologists have long studied how people experience fear and react to physical threats, but it’s only recently that they’ve begun researching the sources of our nobler instincts. What they’re finding is that, as Antonio Damasio, the director of USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute, explains, the higher emotions emerge from neural processes that are “inherently slow.”

Some very savvy tech folk don’t use smartphones for a variety of reasons. One of them is Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of Kaspersky lab, the most prominent antivirus software company. I  know a few regional business leaders who for security reasons prefer an old very basic Nokia. I happen to have three Nokia “candy-bars” sitting in my desk from my time overseas.

Your phone is rewiring the way you make human connections and not for the better. There are some smartphone researchers who are suggesting that the technology is physically altering brain wiring and activity.

You want a camera? Buy a camera and carry it in your EDC. Want to stay in touch? Buy a dumb phone. Want to be connected but not addicted? Get a pager. I carry an encrypted Spok T5.

And don’t forget your Faraday Bag.

And you do realize you are doing all the heavy lifting for the surveillance state to compile an incredibly detailed diary and archive of your life, who you are and who you associate with? You’re the battery they’ve been lusting after for millennia. You cooperate with own once and future enslavement.

Jenna Woginrich put it nicely:

“I got a landline and I got more sleep. I look people in the eye. I eat food instead of photographing it and am not driving half a ton of metal into oncoming traffic while looking down at a tiny screen. My business, social life, and personal safety have not evaporated overnight either. Turns out a basic internet connection and laptop is plenty of connectivity to keep friends informed, weekends fun and trains running on time. And while I might be missing out on being able to call 911 at any moment, it’s worth the sacrifice to me. Alcoholics can clean wounds with 100 proof vodka, but that doesn’t mean they should have it in their back pocket just in case.”

Embrace the unplugged life.

Next step, unplug from all cable and satellite services for your glass teat.

If you disconnect, do write me and tell me of the experience.

Publisher’s Note: There is no possible way to fix what the USSA has slouched into. Trump will not save it. The deep state is married to tyranny, absent the ability to regulate horizontally and vertically every taxable entity it tracks and the ability to expand their power. Absent that, it has no purpose.  The government and the country are now one indeterminate entity. Every Helot on the massive plantation mill about thinking they are free. They are wrong.

The next time you wonder at any of your freedoms abridged, extinguished or curtailed, thank a cop.

There is no political actor on Earth who can deny one freedom or abridge one scrap of individual freedom. They need the police. -BB

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The federal government apparatus in America has de facto and de jure federalized all police forces. All the cheap talk by the race hooligans of every pigmentation is fatuous and disingenuous at best.

There is no political actor in Washington who has even challenged the narrative and script that every government supremacist edict in America descends from the Feds. Trump will not change this.

All government is based on theft through taxation.The forcible transfer of your wealth or your friends and families from one pocket to that of the undeserving and unearned. Thousands of years of human barbarism posing as the state testify to this.

Don’t believe it? If overnight, all speeding infractions only garnered insurance points and no filthy loot for the road pirates to obediently collect for their political masters, what would highway patrols and cops do?

As a matter a fact, if all “illegal” drugs become decriminalized overnight, what would the 19,000 police departments strewn like landmines and unexploded ordnance across the fruited plain do.

If every law on the books whose sole victim was the state was removed and decriminalized over the next few days, what would these overfed and trigger-happy Leninists do?

Police forces don’t exist in a vacuum. They have one sole purpose: to enforce the bloody spear-point of the will of their political puppet-masters. Planet-wide, that is the one true function.

From the blunted secession movements like Vermont and Texas to the Drug War to the increasing militarization of the thin black and blue line, one thing becomes crystal clear: the police in the 19,000 departments across America are simply the pointy end (if not intellectually dull and diminished) of all politics. This isn’t simply an American phenomenon. It’s planet-wide and historically correct that absent these armed and uniformed thug forces, no political bad actor could deprive one human being of their liberty and individual volition.

The news and the interwebs are packed with stories and analysis on the emerging police state that is blanketing America. I have written extensively as has the brilliant William Grigg on the morbid details of the police state in all of its grotesque and totalitarian glory.

Now we hear the usual suspects in the government media complex mewling and writing in panic at a war on police. No such war exists, yet.

This is the world the “war on cops” has made; one in which police kill unarmed people regularly yet claim to be under attack themselves. Even as some high-profile commentators have proclaimed that Black Lives Matter, they still act as if police lives matter more. Pundits who lament the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile protest the “horrific murders” and “cold-blooded killings” of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Were Sterling and Castile’s deaths not horrific? Why is there no attention to the blood temperature of the officers who killed a 37-year-old man for selling CDs on a sidewalk or who pulled over a 32-year-old man for a broken taillight and a “wide-set nose” and ended up shooting him to death in front of his girlfriend and her four-year-old child?

As of this date, the cops have stacked up hundreds of corpses murdered this year in the streets (this number does not include what I suspect is much larger corpse-count in the vast Federal and satrap gulag system across the country). I have to make my standard disclaimer that I think this is highly suspect as a lower number due to mis-, under- and non-reporting by the authorities on these Helots murdered across the country. Of course, British newspaper has to provide the numbers because the fiscally strapped Feds can’t bother with maintaining such a database.


Publisher’s Note: Here is Part I and Part II of John’s series. Many thanks for his practical tactical advice for realistic training and accouterments in the coming Endarkenment.

 He and I have both considered the implications of the prepper/threeper obsession with showing up to the end of the world with thousands of dollars of kit and little practice to match the dance card we draw. There will be no mass armies fighting one another. This will be a fight that draws on Michael Collins, Paul Lettow-Vorbeck and TE Lawrence. Your cultural IQ for your AO will be just as valuable as the fire stick in your hand. And most likely it won’t be a rifle.

 In the fight ahead the pistol, the camera, the radio and the burner phone will be the weapons of war. The single man will have to channel the wasp in Eric Frank Russell’s classic tome.

Grunt math in the guerrilla fight will always prevail when the insurgent leverages the apparent strength of the better equipped foe against them. America has been defeated in the Middle East no matter how you service the pig.

Take a look at the insurgency life cycle in this document on page 22.

Look at the bright side, the more oppressive the American government becomes, the more exotic the insurgent orchids growing in the continental greenhouse. Rebellion and resistance has its own distinct ecology it flourishes in.

 Per PT, you don’t need a gym membership and the fatter you are the better your bodyweight isometric potential is. Want to get an effective exercise regime with no free weights in eleven minutes? Try this.

 There is no cavalry coming, you’re on your own. Make the best of a bad situation.

 “…but dust and shadows.” -BB

I hope Part III brings this series to a close, but I fear it could go on forever. We are currently seeing the Alt Right and Patriot factions of the Right going into seizures about the Leftist, Antifa and Black Lives Matter factions engaging in Direct Action, something the III have threatened for years. As Mosby has pointed out, the will to engage in violence is often more dangerous than playing Rambo or buying another $500 AR-15. (That probably doesn’t work just like their other 6) Mosby says it much better than me:

These “hapless morons” are off their fucking couches, engaging in the physical violence that the Right yammered about for the last eight years, without doing fuck all. I’m not condoning it… willingness to engage in violent direct-action is going to get a whole fuckton of “prepared militias” killed dead…”

Like Bill Buppert, I cannot disagree with any dismantling of the Fedgov by Trump, but I hold no illusions that it will actually shrink. These are the times to continue working on the skills, techniques and procedures to complete your mission in life.

Fine Motor Skills

 There is a common argument in the firearms world that we lose fine motor skills during the fight. I do not doubt there is truth to this. But there seems to be a level of Derp contained in some of these arguments.

The argument goes that we must power stroke the slide, i.e., use our hands to come over the top and physically run the slide on a handgun or run the charging handle on an AR-15 in order to perform a reload. Both of these weapons have slide/bolt releases and can be released without running the action of the weapon. The argument says that we have to do this, because we cannot physically hit such small buttons under stress. We must use fine motor skills to reload the gun, so it’s better to run the slide on a handgun than hit the slide stop.

The problem with this argument is shooters already are using many fine motor skills in the shooting process. For instance, if you shoot five rounds in a gunfight, you have to draw the pistol. Then you have to acquire your sights, which is a fine motor skill. You have to press the trigger, which is a fine motor skill. You do this five times and then acquire another sight picture after your last shot. 11 fine motor skill reps were just performed. If you shoot the gun dry and have to reload, you press the mag release, another fine motor skill. You have to insert the magazine, lining it up with the mag well and seating it, arguably another fine motor skill. So we can perform ALL of those fine motor skills, but in order to send the slide home, we have to rack the action vs. hitting the slide stop/release? (I don’t care what you call it, so please save the comments) You do the math.


Publisher’s Note: I can’t disagree with Trump on any reduction or nullification of any agency. Gut them all.

But his virtue signaling by embracing the coproach, wanting to increase the military industrial complex by enormous amounts and a war on recreational marijuana is no sign or harbinger of either fiscal sobriety nor recognition of the superiority of localized subsidiarity.

The most instructive lesson divined by the brief half-life of the Trump ascendency is the collectivists, the deep state and its media apologists have drawn the curtain and dropped the veil on their desires. The naked sublimation and destruction of individualliberty is job one for these creatures.

My fear was more of the same and I loathe being right.

Use your time wisely to prepare for the continuing Endarkenment because there is no stopping it. Consider this a pause to gather your family, increase your preps, continue training, refine your armory and get ready for the path ahead which will demand not only your life but will determine just how free your children may be. -BB

“All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”
– George Orwell

We all experience the world through the shared stories and anecdotes that illuminate who we are and where we come from.  Our educations, both formal and informal, drive the worldviews we develop over time.  These are influenced universally by the transmission mediums we listen to or read about.  Whether we are reading books (an increasingly uncommon practice), watching television, interacting on the internet or engaging in conversation with friends and family, all of these activities consistently and irrevocably develop and refine the way we view the world around us.  First and foremost, our language and employment thereof has the most significant impact on us.  I do not want to bother with the noxious collectivist apologias familiar to the deconstructionists like Chomsky and Foucault who profess that literary texts and contemporary conversation are freighted with the various Politically Correct bugbears like race, class and gender which to me is a neat but erroneous substitute for thinking things through.  But they do make an important point:  our language, in this case, English, informs and prejudices cogitation in an unconscious fashion that can short-circuit clear and conscious thinking.

For example, prior to 1860, the use of the phrase “the United States are” was far more common than the post-1865 notion of the “the United States is”.  Mark Twain “observed that the Civil War was fought over whether ‘United States’ was singular or plural”.  Some attribute this to Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, Professor of Greek at Johns Hopkins University, who wrote in 1909 that:

“[I]f I chose (sic), I might enlarge on the historical importance of grammar in general and Greek grammar in particular. It was a point of grammatical concord that was at the bottom of the Civil War – “United States are,” said one, “United States is,” said another.”

The genesis of a bloody and, in the end, inglorious conflict may have been a dispute over grammatical construction, which informed the consciousness of millions.


Publisher’s Note: The New Year brings a new monster to the Offal Office in Mordor. While I am relieved that Hil Jong-Un failed in its bid to seize the fulcrum of power in DC, we will see what happens.

I have to say I am a little encouraged so far and I will stand by my notion that there is nothing Trump will reduce or eliminate in the Federal government apparatus that disturbs me. Nothing. Burn it all.

Unfortunately, the most important tells for a President’s view of liberty is his notion of interventionism overseas and his joy d-vive at the mere mention of “law enforcement. If you enthuse about military intervention overseas or the concomitant support of occupation behavior at home, your notions of liberty are quite distorted if non-existent.

We wait and see, I make no predictions but I do think the prospect for unencumbered individual liberty in America remains absent and elusive.

I plan on ramping up some of my podcasting this year since I have been on sabbatical but will avoid most of the usual venues for libertarian content among the celebritarians since the liberty ‘verse is so full of folks who can’t seem to keep their ungentlemanly behavior at bay nor ply the critical thinking skills necessary to parse an argument or measure second -and third-order effects.

Sadomasochism is the unique relationship where the abused supplicant must love the one they fear, that is the essence od the state’s contract with humanity. -BB

Just a reminder that this end of the life of the Constitution with Trump in office will bear all the hallmarks of the original document’s intent: to create and expand the force of government crowd and render extinct all individual liberties inconvenient to the government. That is the sole “inconvenient truth.”

The United States Constitution provides that Congress “shall have the power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises … but all Duties, Imposts, and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”

So, why, pray tell, did the British colonials seek a divorce and violently so after Gage’s predations on arms and power in 1774-175?

So it begins:

Many causes emerged and these are certainly at the forefront:

 October 7, 1763 King George III proclaims a ban on westward migration in the colonies.

 April 5 and 9, 1763 Parliament passes the Sugar and Currency Acts

 March 22, 1765 Parliament passes the Stamp Act (even playing cards and dice)

 May 15, 1765 Parliament passes the Quartering Act of 1765

 March 18, 1766 Parliament repeals the Stamp Act and passes the Declaratory Act (asserting the authority of Parliament to legislate for the colonies “in all cases whatsoever.”)

 June 29, 1766 Parliament passes the Townshend Acts

 July, 1767 Parliament passes the New York Suspending Act

 April 21, 1768 The British Secretary of State for the colonies responds to the Massachusetts Circular Letter

 June 8, 1769 The British Secretary of State for the colonies orders General Thomas Gage to deploy forces to Boston

 March 5, 1770 The Boston Massacre leads to the death of five colonists

 November 2, 1772 The first Committee of Correspondence is formed in Boston, and produces Samuel Adams’ bold assertion of the “Rights of the Colonists,” and Dr. Joseph Warren’s “List of Infringements and Violations of Rights.”

 January 6, 1773 Massachusetts’ Governor Hutchinson argues the supremacy of Parliament before the General Court

 May 10, 1773 With the passage of the Tea Act, the East India Company is granted a virtual monopoly on the tea trade in the colonies

 March 31-June 2, 1774 The British Parliament passes the five Coercive Acts in order to punish Massachusetts for the Tea Party and regain control of the colony

 September 11, 1774 King George III commits Britain to a policy of intractable opposition to colonial claims.

I would urge everyone interested to read further on these precursors to American Revolution I.

This is not comprehensive by any stretch but space demands brevity for the purpose of showing that the Constitution was simply a redux and improved imitation of Imperial law making from the mother country. This is why the Anti-Federalists were so horrified by the political coup in Philadelphia crafting the monstrous Constitution.



Never get ketched.”

– Quill Rose.

The father of woodcraft in America, Horace Kephart, described the inhabitants of the Southern Appalachian chain, as the “most independent race on earth.” (527) One shining example of that very ideal is Quill Rose. He was a blockader, Confederate, fiddle player, farmer, logger, storyteller, hunter, blacksmith and freedomista writ large.

Aquilla Liam Rose, was born in 1841, on Anthony Creek at Cades Cove, Blount County, Tennessee. Quill was a picturesque 19th century mountaineer. Tall for the time at 6’1”, he sported a beard and was said to always have a rifle. In 1857, Quill married Lavisa Hyde who was half Cherokee and daughter of Qua-nee-gar-na-gar (otherwise known as Ben Hyde) from the North Carolina side of the Smoky’s. He affectionately referred to her as “Aunt Vicey.”

During the conflict of 1861-1865, he enlisted in the Confederate Army at Franklin, Macon County, North Carolina. He was a Private in Levi’s Battery Light Artillery, in the very unique Thomas Legion of Highlanders and Cherokee, which would be called the 69th North Carolina during a foray to the Virginia Valley later in the war. The Legion was composed local mountain people and approximately 400 outlaw Cherokee who resisted and evaded the slave patrols of Andrew Jackson on the Trail of Tears.

After the war, Quill returned to his normal life. He took up the art of illicit liquor making. The federal government had recently imposed another tax on distilled spirits in order to pay for the subjugation of the several southern states that attempted to CS-Exit from the Glorious Union. Quill was also a very active and legendary hunter.

Shortly after he returned home from the war, he was reported to have been on moonshine business on his way to Charleston, North Carolina, which is now present-day Bryson City, North Carolina. He got into an altercation with a man named Rhodes. After Rhodes threw verbal blows at Rose, he shot Quill through the body. Before Quill fell from the wound he managed to draw his knife and stab Rhodes. Quill lived, Rhodes bled out.

Though a fairly clear-cut case of self-defense, but given his natural aversion to government justice and his involvement in illicit liquor distillation, Quill fled to Texas for a few years until things cooled off. Rose returned to North Carolina. Quill had allegedly killed 2 other men in his time that aggressed upon him and escaped trial on all counts. The Quill Rose legend began to build.

Quill and his wife had decided to retreat even further into the mountains. This action was no different than the peoples of the geographic area known as Zomia, in the hills of south east Asia which James C Scott has written so eloquently about. The retreat to remote and inaccessible areas or “Non-State Space” is a form of escapism from the State. Historically governments have had trouble establishing and maintaining authority in challenging terrain, whether it was mountains or swamps. Add in a freedom culture and particularly one with self-defense as a chief plank, you end up with a pretty good recipe for maintaining at least some level of freedom even in a statist world. Quill made his home at the head of Eagle Creek, a very remote section of the Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee line, an area that Horace Kephart termed the “Back of Beyond.”



Author’s Note: The Donald was elected. As the cycle goes, the Patriots are slowly going from burgeoning revolutionaries and restorationists of the Original Constitutional Order to defenders of the new regime and falling back asleep because their team is at the helm. This happens every time a new CEO takes over the Racket in Mordor.

These are the Yo-Yo Patriots and Sunshine Soldiers. They only pay lip service to freedom when their party isn’t winning. When they are in control, they defend every tyrannical measure to the death and surely throw in a few ‘if you don’t love it, leave it’s!’ for good measure. As Pat Buchanan wrote years ago, the Right is doing nothing but preserving the last liberal victory.

I’ve heard it all. From it being legal to start shooting BLM protesters to Trump is currently repealing all gun laws.

I’m here to urge all of you to not develop a bias toward the New Normal. Now is the time to hone those skills and sharpen those hatchets. Let us remember Malcolm X’s talk on the House Negro and the Field Negro. Which one are you?

The previous installment of this series generated a number of comments. In an effort to help combat more Derp that is pervasive in the community, I offer part two. The purpose of this series is not to mock, but to educate. These tactical tidbits are an effort to save a lot of people time, money as well as mitigating lots bad habits and training scars. Lets get right into it. -JM

Israeli Carry

Often more hotly debated than 9 mike vs. 40sw vs. 357sig vs. 45acp vs. 46 vs. 10mm vs. 11 in some circles is whether it’s a good idea to actually carry a loaded gun. The gun has a full magazine inserted, but an empty chamber. This is often called ‘Israeli Carry’ (IC) because it was and to my knowledge still is the Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The story as to how the IDF adopted the empty chamber method as explained by Jeff Bloovman of Armed Dynamics is said to of dated back to a time when the nation-state of Israel formed in 1948. The rag tag, untrained army had only mismatched weapons at the time. Particularly pistols. With an amalgam of weapons ranging from Hi-Powers to 1911’s to Lugers and others, it was to hard to keep the guys from having Negligent Discharges (ND’s) and to teach all the myriad of different types of manipulations to work the safety’s on each different type of gun. So they came up with the idea of just having them run an empty chamber and having them rack the slide to load the gun upon engagement. While this SOP was developed for a specific reason, it’s lost on most modern practitioners. They believe themselves to be IDF operators, who upon contact will rack that slide, assume their half squat horse stance and get to work.

Entire YouTube video series exist about how a new concealed carrier can ease into working up to carrying a round in the chamber by using snap caps and other silliness. I could sum up this entire issue by simply saying, if you are not carrying a round in the chamber, you are WRONG, but lets talk about some draw backs to the method.

Children. It’s always the children. And Izzy Carry proponents waste no time in stating that carrying a loaded firearm in a quality holster around children lacks all sense. The argument is that a kid will rip the gun from the holster and shoot Tac-Dad in the head. This is merely a problem of not being in control of ones own gun, which is probably one of the most important principles of responsible concealed carry. This is a non-issue for a trained and responsible carrier. But lets talk children for just one second. Imagine that the fight breaks out in whatever scenario gets your heart racing and you have the time and opportunity to draw a weapon in condition Izzy. You have your flailing and hysterical toddler in your other arm. You begin to develop tunnel vision and auditory exclusion. You get an adrenaline dump. You have to clear your cover garment, and draw one handed. You cannot use your normal two-handed rack method. You are pressed against a wall so you cannot rack off your holster, one handed like you practiced at the range. Your front belt line is covered with your toddlers flailing leg. You are reduced to trying to bring your heel to your gun to rack that slide off of it. You lose your balance. You fall and are now completely at a disadvantage in the fight. Would you rather have your gun loaded or unloaded in this situation?

Let’s talk about malfunctions. Lots of malfunctions are caused when chambering rounds. If you carry without a round in the chamber, during your load-under-stress sequence, if you get a failure to chamber, you just caused a whole other problem. You are willingly making the probability of a problem occurring during the opening of a fight more possible.

Lets set up another scenario. The fight begins, and you being your Count Dracula draw stroke process, as soon as your gun hand indexes your holstered weapon, your strong side/weapon side arm gets shot. Your Brachial is nicked. Massive bleeding is occurring. That arm is useless. You cannot begin to work the MARCH protocol on yourself until you stop the guy from shooting at you. You must draw your weapon on your right side, with your left arm. You must then rack that weapon to chamber a round, and then get to work. In the mean time, the assailant’s buddy begins to beat the ever-loving snot out of you with an iron pipe from 4 feet away. Do you believe it would advantageous to have a loaded gun in this instance or an unloaded one?