The Royal Scam: Disease, Debt, Deficits and the Circus of Lies by Bill Buppert


Publisher’s Note: I just completed a two-day pistol & carbine course with Bob Keller at Gamut Resolutions, he is the real deal. Honest and substantive firearms training for the intermediate to advanced shooter. He came out here to southern Arizona the first week of April while many of us braved the wild to get together and break bread as shooters for an intense two days of challenging shooting instruction and drills. I saw real improvement in just two days on speed which is my primary training gap. I am dead-nuts accurate but once the pace increases naturally shot groups start to expand.

Just got finished at the range this morning here in AZ where, fortunately, my local club is still allowing members only to shoot, the local communist mayor and her frightened Bolshies on the city council have continued to shutter “non-essential” businesses.

The sole non-essential business in America is government.

The local bedwetters are still committing economic seppuku by forcing shuttered businesses to remain closed.

Again, this is a prime opportunity for a gaps analysis of your preparations and your will to be responsible for delivering a better world for your children.

Michael Z hits it out of the park.

And, yes, I am astonished that Comrade Slow Joe the Hair-sniffer is the heir apparent for the CP-USA. His gaffes are hilarious and I find it pathetic that his wife and the other psychopaths in the party drag him out of the memory facility every day to compete in the loose denture Olympics with Comrade Malig-Nancy Pelosi. I loved when she and her comrades wore their hoodless Klan robes at the State of the Union. Tired old dessicated Bolsheviks sleepwalking through the graveyard of their dreams to get the commie blood-crown.

Any COBOL coders out there to help the comrades in New Jersey fix their Soviet employment system?

When communist vermin in Calizuela try to buy guns and are hoisted on their own petards… Is it the San Andreas or Donald Trump’s Fault now? I wonder how many of the liberals have a gun free zone sign in front of their homes?

Fifteen percent of their theft is down. Poor coproaches!

Land of the free in MS!

Some folks who have been with me a long time know that I have said I need to know two things about a man that will reveal his entire moral compass to me: his position on private weapons ownership and infanticide. Comrade-Governor Northam (CPUSA-VA) just signed a murder protection act that is breathtaking in its scope and its counterpoint to the weapons prohibitions the new government supremacists placed against private weapons ownership this year in the Old Dominion. He may be the ultimate beta-male model of Homo Sovieticus for whom the watchwords “provide and protect” are mere proletarian vices..

Went to the range today and ran out of room on my target, so I fired five rounds from my Glock Roland Special at seven yards on the trademark. My shooting improves…


286 shopping days until the next human fungus slithers into the Awful Office! -BB


“Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

― Michael Crichton

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


Fuck the media both local and national, these scientifically illiterate chicken littles keep pumping a narrative that takes the worst parts of neo-Lysenkosim and the playbook from the climate alarmists to shutter an economy and hobble the productive class to the wishes of the parasite classes, which is the whole of government from the local to the Federal level. We even have an official snitch line here in Tucson, AZ for Comrade-Mayor Regina Romero to keep tabs on scofflaws who refuse to buckle to the idiotic diktats of statist monsters.

Please review my previous two essays on the politicized Peking Pox to get the assessment I reviewed before, the bottom line is that the absence of evidence on comorbidity in all ‘rona death certificates is perpetrating a fraud that is strangling the economy. Not since the War to Save Josef Stalin has such a wholesale industrial massacre taken place. It is hard enough to navigate the landscape of business in America with the regulatory horseshit and crushing taxes that greet most budding entrepreneurs. If you live in a state run by the CPUSA, the slipshod and naked gangsterism of the regulatory state is something to behold.

The Mango Emperor holds daily press conference with his two bureaucratic sidekicks in Comrades Fauci and Birx whose models and prognostications would make PeeWee Herman bewildered that he found someone more silly than him. I have yet to watch one of the briefings since I am better off mowing my lawn with my teeth. For all of Trump’s vaunted Machiavellian chutzpah, these two Soviet-era clowns have quite literally driven the country into a death spiral from which it may not recover along with the willingness of Cocaine Mitch and his Menshevik clown posse in the Senate spending money that won’t even be made whole by our great grandchildren assuming the country exists at all in two generations.

I don’t care about the Constitution because it has been used as the primary lever to create the largest government that has ever bestrode the Earth with all the noxious and deadly behaviors associated with Leviathan. In essence, the alleged “pandemic” has shown that the emperor wears no clothes and the Deep State’s default position in all things human is the aggregation of the power of life and death over its victim tax plantation populations. Just look at previous “pandemics” like H1N1 under America’s first female Black President.

“We shouldn’t be surprised that the numbers are inflated. In past epidemics, initial CFRs were floridly exaggerated. For example, in the 2009 H1N1 pandemic some early estimates were 10 times greater than the eventual CFR, of 1.28 percent. Epidemiologists think and quibble in terms of numerators and denominators—which patients were included when fractional estimates were calculated, which weren’t, were those decisions valid—and the results change a lot as a result. We are already seeing this. In the early days of the crisis in Wuhan, China, the CFR was more than 4 percent. As the virus spread to other parts of Hubei, the number fell to 2 percent. As it spread through China, the reported CFR dropped further, to 0.2 to 0.4 percent. As testing begins to include more asymptomatic and mild cases, more realistic numbers are starting to surface.”

Of course, the urinalists in the Deep State Propaganda Corps have been full press on this for two reasons:

Every attempt by the Deep State to delegitimize the Mango Emperor have ended in circular firing squad by the CPUSA apparatchiks as their half-baked coup attempts have come to naught.

Second, the economy has been superfluously successful and the usual suspects have not been able to employ their usual efforts to ensure that any private success is a direct result of the beneficence and genius of government action. Anyone not paralyzed from the neck up in a skiing accident knows that private entrepreneurs are the driving force of all free wealth creation and political entrepreneurs are the beneficiaries of remora nation. The bureaucratic state needs the CPUSA to win in November and this is yet another attempt to unseat the latest rogue in the Offal Office.

I am no champion of Republicans and find them to be the weak-kneed and simpering sister in the Deep State brotherhood. But keep in mind that historically since 1968, the CPUSA and its legion of urinalist nitwits have questioned the legitimacy of every GOP succession to the Offal Office.

Plenty of other worthies are crunching the numbers on this not-too-unusual flu season. I will not run the numbers except for the brilliant predictions made by one of my more unfortunate and gullible readers:

Desert Rat [291003MAR2020]:

By April 15th, the number infected in the US is expected to be 260 million.

The number of deaths is expected to be 305,000.

He has a few days for those numbers to catch up but I think he is spectacularly wrong as are so many dullards across the fruited plain in and out of political office. It goes to show that even the most liberty minded can be seduced by the poisonous swansong of the state.

According to the Chinese Broadcasting Service (CBS), we are now at 18,000 deaths due to the ‘rona. I call bullshit because of the attendant preexisting conditions and sinister incentives afforded hospitals for calling a stubbed toe or traffic accident fatality the ‘rona.

But the conflation between coincident, correlative and causative continues in the bizarro-world of the CDC and its scientific illiterati:

COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II. (See attached Guidance for Certifying COVID-19 Deaths…”

Of course, the government agencies have caused literal intellectual traffic jams as their clown cars have overwhelmed the solution sets:

“The CDC does not have a solution, but it also becomes the classic blocker to progress. Labs cannot act without a lengthy approval process from CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These government controls violate the principle of subsidiarity (that problems should be solved at the lowest level possible). Ultimately care is provided by local hospitals, care facilities, and labs.

South Korea’s rapid testing allowed for early treatment and containment of the virus. These test kits were created in three weeks. Many labs in the US could have solved the test kit problem but were restrained by the FDA and CDC. The South Koreans offered to help us, but was the CDC listening? Evidently not.”

I guess I have to be thankful that history’s largest clown posse is, indeed, a clown posse.

The ultimate solution to killing a virus is herd immunity and for our plantation masters, a bridge too far.

Who knows, for the first time in US history, maybe not a single elderly person will be reported as dying of old age!

You simply can’t make this shit up.

Call me a skeptic at anything the government claims to be true.


23 thoughts on “The Royal Scam: Disease, Debt, Deficits and the Circus of Lies by Bill Buppert”

  1. Hi, Bill. I have decided America deserves to be open for business. Americans deserve to have a party with their friends. Starting 19 April 2020 my meeting house will be open for worship and my yard for parties. It is a date that has history.
    1775 – Lexington & Concord
    1943 – Warsaw ghetto uprising
    1993 – Janet and Hillary killed children at Waco
    1995 – BATF blew up Murrah building to hide evidence from 1993

    To promote this idea of ending lockdown forever starting 19 April I built

    1. actually, only c. 300 Jews out of a then extent ghetto population of c. 50,000 played any active role in the so-called Wawsaw Ghetto “uprising”. Still, that’s 300 more than the number of ‘Murkans who’ve picked up a gun to oppose the current $10 trillion bail-out of (((Wall Street))) and the ongoing strangulation of (white) Main Street.

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  3. The old saying ” Location, Location, Location” is everything. Here on the mountain, we’ve seen little, official scrunity from any level of govt. a couple minor issues, in, one specific door, and out another, in a few businesses, nothing but an annoyance.

    Gas is 2.32 a gallon, I’ve had all the high mountain lakes, and streams to myself. I’m not shooting, right now, sitting on my ammo, have been adding to the mag count, of my oddball pistols. Did order a Glock 43, with nights, and five extra mags. And another Wilson Combat ar-10, 20 inch SS barrel in black. Preferred customer, only. 6 month wait!. O well.

    Haven’t watched the news literally since this creeping crud started, I just can’t handle the bullshit, lies, and hashing, rehashing the same story day in, day out. It’s a lie, is all I need to know. I did write my usual email to The Donald, suggesting SecNav, be fired for his actions in Guam. What a retard. I got my wish, that piece of show Ponies gone gone gone.

    Nothing has changed here on the mountain for us. Being retired certainly has its advantages, I seem to have excelled, in this new adventure. Do what I want, when I want. Zero oversite except from the lovely Mrs, Williams, who’s sometimes just not agreeable to my requirements/ demands!.

    Sounds like your shoot class was awesome, good on you. Were you shooting that red dot unit, we spoke of awhile back? I never did build one, my eyes for some reason just don’t pick up the dot, they go straight to the front sight. So I’ll stay with what I know.

    Great article, as usual.


  4. I’m a dinosaur, recognize the utility of the dot, on a hand gun, just not taken the time to make it work for me. All my m4s, run dots or low powered scopes now. After the 43, I’ll purchase a 19 glock, and eventually get to the Dot.

    My friends who are instructors at Clint Smiths, Thunder Ranch, keep pinging me, to make the switch. They’ve apparently been doing T&E, work for some of the dot makers. I’ve noticed like every firearm evolution, the pistol dots are getting smaller lighter, a more practical application, it seems.

    I’m not carrying daily anymore, frankly I just don’t want the responsibility of defending the retards in society. I know it’s no longer my duty, after 25 years it’s hard to unwire ones self. It is the nature of the sheepdog, the Hunter, to in fact step up to the plate, when perhaps it’s not required or nesassary, or specifically my fight.

    Most earthlings practice the third instinct, which is freeze, not fight, flight. I quit trying to understand that response in the 70s. It is, what it is.

    Thank you for the return response.


    1. If you do, Dirk, get a dot no larger than a 3.25. During the course, at 25yds, we did a pistol drill and I thought I’d be the smart guy with my G34 with amber dual illumination at 7 MOA; looked like a star cluster exploded in the sight in broad daylight. Non-starter.

      The secret to mastering red dot is perfect presentation from the holster every time.

    2. So, can’t un-wire yourself from the brainwashing you pigs all receive? Why should anyone believe anything you badged liars utter?
      Never trust any cop, they’ve already broken their oath at least once and are enemies to freedom everywhere just look around.

  5. Great essay. This might be the absurd zenith of the Safety First Culture. This is what happens when a whole society lives in total denial of human mortality. It’s oddly suicidal.

    Are these people really stupid enough to believe that killing the whole economy in order to save a few (or even a few million lives) was ever a “safe” choice? From the local to the federal level, the answer, the answer is clearly “Hell, yes, they’re that stucking fupid!” It does unfortunately appear that the Bill Gates class of globetrotting superstars might be a little further ahead of the curve on this. I get the idea that some people have plans, and that those plans don’t involve anything like freedom or privacy. Not, at least. for common serfs.

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  7. This country is in judgement. look who people have elected ans what we now think is ok. is there anything that is not ok? Oh yea being a racist. God is in control and He is going to act very shortly. And He does win.

  8. What are your thoughts on ‘Aesop’ who is suppose to be this bad ass uber-warrior / prepper / patriot that is currently sounding like an unhinged lefty sissy?

    He is still going on and on about how we are all doomed!1!! and to hide in your hole for the next year, etc etc.

    This guy is a fearless leader of the revolution? Raconteur Report is like reading Huffington Post these days, I’ve never seen such unhinged fearmongering and forgive the language, pussified cowering in a long time.

  9. Good afternoon Bill,

    Just wondering what your take on Aesop’s thoughts re: covid-19 are? Do you think he’s right or is he off the mark, and why?

    And no, Ann Margaret isn’t going to be available for the show.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. Northgunner and AP,

      Aesop and its opinions mean nothing to me and I will not engage in any rhetorical handbag fights with it or its apologists. If they think it is right, time will tell who is wrong. Rationalizing your slavery or an increase in others’ power over you doesn’t appeal to me.

      Howard Rourke sums up my opinion….


      1. Good Evening Bill,

        Thank you for answering that, definitely appreciate your candor and honesty.

        Wasn’t asking about him to start a dustup between you and him; just wondering in general. Everyone’s got opinions; helps mightily if they’re buttressed with facts and documentation.

        Yes, you’re right, time will be the it always will.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. NG,

          Modeling is entirely dependent on inputs that deliberate on forecasts or predictions, none can do better than the former (evidentiary bar for the latter too high for government science) and whenever three or more variables are used, the results are always skewed to the presuppositions of the modelers; in this case, the normal flu season is not out of the ordinary for the inputs and the modelers have been consistently wrong since they know no distinction between causation, correlation and poor data quality. The stooges in the guise of Birx and Fauci have been relying on data that is consistently under-performing and wrong when matched to reality; they assume that the same kind of global warming voodoo that has caused so many faux science advocates to fill their pants will do the same with this nonsense.

          Cui bono for exaggerating the numbers? Bigger government. Who benefits from a national lock-down and joblessness? Government.

          Plantation rules always prevail…

    2. Thanks for raising the question about Aesop. He deleted my comment. So did American Partisan when I suggested that they were fear mongering the virus and actually aiding the enemy in shutting down the economy. I’m banned. And I trusted these sites since learning of their existence through The Woodpile Report.

      Re: Aesop, California must have a herd immunity going, but reading Aesop (a woman?) I get the feeling she is a Left wing rube.

  10. The numbers don’t add up. Period.
    This is no more than 2.5 to 3 times worse than the regular flu. If you believe the fear mongers.
    In reality, this might not even be as bad as the regular flu, but there’s no way to tell unless we test everyone in the country. Where are those 5 minute tests? I have a feeling if everyone in the country was tested, we’d see a mortality rate around 1/3 of regular flu if even that.
    I’m quarantining out of respect for others until the end of the month but after that it’s party time.

  11. If the FUSA is stupid enough to elect gropin’ Joe Biden it will be the third term of Hussein Hopenchange.

    It couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of soft weak comfort whores.

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  13. Hi Jak, you,should heed your own words, NEVER talk to cops,EVER!. Yet your to stupid to follow your own advice.

    A lil TRUE story, yesterday, a brain surgeon drove around my town shooting at cops, ” Was” all tattooed up, is your brother perhaps missing.

    Anyway his head instantly took on the shape of a sea canoe, after he exited his car with his m4, a DPMS, no less, one shot, later one retard bites the dust. O yea, he was hiding behind a six year old he snatched. I’m not sure if the endangered child was his, or a friends.

    My point is, this gent had the eggs, to exercise his grievance with the poopoo. Unlike cowards like you sir.

    Jak, you got a issue, grow a set, show em what your made of. but you won’t,,cowards like you abound in this world, the worst kind of chicken shit.

    Make poor choices, receive even poor-ER prizes!.

    Hey, who am I to lecture you, my friend. A lot of life lessons above, all bundled into one easy lesson for you, your brothers. All free, no charge.

    Dirk Williams
    Klamath Falls Police Dept, Oregon. ret
    Modoc County Sheriffs Office California. ret.

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