Global Hocum: Watermelons on the March by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: Mrs. Beta gets destroyed on the Collectivist News Network of all places. He struggles with the simplest concepts and I do wish that more interviewers were this tough on following second- and third-order effects.

Just saw a great video with David Friedman and I highly recommend watching the whole thing. I’m paraphrasing but he is a self-affirmed anarchist and he was asked when the return of government in an anarchist society would become inevitable and he responds when the usual suspects decide that theft is the sole means of enriching themselves in an organized fashion.

In tragic news, a custody battle in Texas saw a judge declare that the transitioning of a seven-year-old boy to a girl through chemical and physical mutilation is the prerogative of the mother despite the protests of the father. What makes this even more disturbing is that a seated jury agreed to this. Read the article and the comments. I am sure that many an American Muslim believing that Sharia and genital mutilation of women will be able to use this as case law precedent in weaponizing their institutionalized physical assaults will smile upon this jurisprudence.

Pure insanity. These doctors and their government enablers are approaching Mengle-land; mutilating the mentally ill to try and validate their insanity. I am sure there are a variety of ways to approach gender dysphoria, and perhaps “transitioning” is the appropriate treatment in some cases (Iran agrees with this). However, those decisions should be made by patients and their mental health witch-doctors, not by rabid ideologues following the latest trend.

This boy will have permanent changes imposed by a mother who is insisting he do this, at seven. The implications are horrific. The “blockers,” supposed to be a “pause button,” affect both physical and cognitive maturation. Kids who are supposed to be laying down bone during puberty, and don’t do it then due to being “paused,” are not going to regain that bone when stopping blockers. There’s very little research on the use of these drugs off-label for gender reasons, and about zero on long-term effects. But this article, focused on long-term effects on kids who were given Lupron “on label” for precocious puberty, should make it clear that everything doesn’t go back to normal once a kid stops. (However, virtually 100% of kids who take the blockers go on to cross-sex hormones. It’s not a pause. It’s a roadmap.) But in the end, we may not know, puberty blockers are in the same league as cross-sex hormones because there are no long term studies on their use in this manner either.

The mother is a pediatrician. This is evil child abuse. Do no harm, indeed. This is moral madness.

Per the AGW alarmists: I am greatly enjoying the public reaction to the Extinction Rebellion loons. Take notes…

In other news, my youngest son is stationed in southern Calizuela right now and the enlightened government there insists that you fill out a very intrusive accredited victim group form when getting auto insurance. My solution was elegant, mark every single selection and mail it in. This may work for the census next year…

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“When an issue becomes a vital part of a political agenda, as is the case with climate, then the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research.”

“Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse. Consequently, lies about climate change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science that supposedly is their basis.”

“Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life.”

“Future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century’s developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly uncertain computer projections combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age.”

“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”

– Richard Lindzen

I am always astonished at the climate alarmist nonsense that has prevailed. And make no mistake, every government on Earth has a vested interest in peddling, promoting and funding this scientifically illiterate nonsense because the collectivists and government supremacists know this may be the only remaining entry virus for communism in modern societies.

Remember that Prince Charles of Englazuela, the retarded love child of centuries of inbreeding, predicted the world would have to be saved in 96 months from his pronouncements in July 2009. He was wrong of course. Like much of the Royal family, he probably has to be reminded to remove his clothing before stepping into the bathtub.

CEI did a wonderful compendium of failed envirus predictions.

Here’s a thought experiment (we love these in the scientific community): if it turns out that the AGW case of climate warming is actually the converse and the planet is entering a cooling phase per Milankovitch Cycles and projected Grand Solar Minimum extrapolations, will the watermelons recommedn against government doing everything?.

Will the rush to communism reverse and the alleged “smokestack” capitalism be stoked to moderate the weather?

Smart folks want to know….

And it’s not a 97% percent consensus (and Professors Nuticelli, John Cook, et al from Australia is Patient Zero for AGW manufactured consensus). Cook divined that number from 11,000 abstracts reviewed and discovered that one third of the abstracts to include non-scientific papers; he separated out of the two third that made no mention of climate change to achieve his twisted maths.

Here is a treatment here and here of the rather unscientific conclusions and the conceit of “settled science”.

It’s why my favorite sign to loft at an AGW alarmist protest reads:


AEI published this splendid list of failed and idiotic predictions to put this in perspective.

Actually, the point is that all the following dire predictions were made without any qualifiers like “unless we do something” or “if things continue”, and they were all spectacularly wrong.

To wit:

Here are 18 examples of the spectacularly wrong predictions made around 1970 when the “green holy day” (aka Earth Day) started:

  1. Harvard biologist George Wald estimated that “civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”


  1. “We are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human habitation,” wrote Washington University biologist Barry Commoner in the Earth Day issue of the scholarly journal Environment.


  1. The day after the first Earth Day, the New York Times editorial page warned, “Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.”


  1. “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make,” Paul Ehrlich confidently declared in the April 1970 issue of Mademoiselle. “The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.”


  1. “Most of the people who are going to die in the greatest cataclysm in the history of man have already been born,” wrote Paul Ehrlich in a 1969 essay titled “Eco-Catastrophe! “By…[1975] some experts feel that food shortages will have escalated the present level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievable proportions. Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimate food-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s.”


  1. Ehrlich sketched out his most alarmist scenario for the 1970 Earth Day issue of The Progressive, assuring readers that between 1980 and 1989, some 4 billion people, including 65 million Americans, would perish in the “Great Die-Off.”


  1. “It is already too late to avoid mass starvation,” declared Denis Hayes, the chief organizer for Earth Day, in the Spring 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness.


  1. Peter Gunter, a North Texas State University professor, wrote in 1970, “Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions….By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.”


  1. In January 1970, Life reported, “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support…the following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution…by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half….”


  1. Ecologist Kenneth Watt told Time that, “At the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it’s only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable.”


  1. Barry Commoner predicted that decaying organic pollutants would use up all of the oxygen in America’s rivers, causing freshwater fish to suffocate.


  1. Paul Ehrlich chimed in, predicting in 1970 that “air pollution…is certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone.” Ehrlich sketched a scenario in which 200,000 Americans would die in 1973 during “smog disasters” in New York and Los Angeles.


  1. Paul Ehrlich warned in the May 1970 issue of Audubon that DDT and other chlorinated hydrocarbons “may have substantially reduced the life expectancy of people born since 1945.” Ehrlich warned that Americans born since 1946…now had a life expectancy of only 49 years, and he predicted that if current patterns continued this expectancy would reach 42 years by 1980, when it might level out. (Note: According to the most recent CDC report, life expectancy in the US is 78.8 years).


  1. Ecologist Kenneth Watt declared, “By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate…that there won’t be any more crude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say, `Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say, `I am very sorry, there isn’t any.’”


  1. Harrison Brown, a scientist at the National Academy of Sciences, published a chart in Scientific American that looked at metal reserves and estimated the humanity would totally run out of copper shortly after 2000. Lead, zinc, tin, gold, and silver would be gone before 1990.


  1. Sen. Gaylord Nelson wrote in Look that, “Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.”


  1. In 1975, Paul Ehrlich predicted that “since more than nine-tenths of the original tropical rainforests will be removed in most areas within the next 30 years or so, it is expected that half of the organisms in these areas will vanish with it.”


  1. Kenneth Watt warned about a pending Ice Age in a speech. “The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years,” he declared. “If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”

Never bet on the end of the world. If you are wrong you will be in trouble, if you are right it won’t matter.


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  1. Stop Plate Tectonics NOW…

    Awesome, doubt the “Tards” will get it. I need a tee shirt to give my niece.

    Went to college to be a geologist, enjoy the study of our physical earth. I’m off to our nieces wedding in Bodega Bay, Ca in the morning, events this Sat, she has her PHd, in geology and oceanography. “University of Miami ” .

    If you make shirts let us know, I’ll buy a few.


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