Private Black Rifles Matter by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: The drama continues as the Deep State increases the pace of assaults on the Mango Mussolini time and again. While the present empty suit in the Offal Office has been a severe disappointment on the concepts of individual liberty, his ability to cause derangement, incoherence and lunacy on the collectivists left of center, I thank him for that.

You will note that when the Grand Old Politburo had control of the levers of power, they similarly ramped up the amperage on all government power grabs domestically and foreign mischief to maim and kill American lads.

In other news, the F-Troop boys are shitting their pants over having missed a bullet in this interesting case.

What will the nomenklatura do?

Milankovitch Cycles and the Grand Solar Minimum will end the AGW Hoax. The climate Marxists don’t protest China’s destruction of the environment and their CO2 emissions because China is already communist. Communism is their real goal.  -BB


“Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated”.
Buppert’s Law of Military Topography:
Or more simply: “Drive a rifle or ride a railcar.”

“The simple and terrifying reality, forbidden from discussion in America, was that despite spending $600 billion a year on the military, despite having the best fighting force the world had ever known, they were getting their asses kicked by illiterate peasants who made bombs out of manure and wood.”

Michael Hastings, The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan

Weapons of war!

Mrs. Beta O’Rourke, America’s first trans-sexual clown and Awful Office candidate,  has declared that all non-government employees/apparatchiks should be stripped of their weapons; she insists that the government will buy back what it doesn’t own to prevent the dozens [you heard that right] of people killed by evil black rifles domestically in the USSA. Hell yeah, she’ll take your private property but certainly won’t do so personally but in the tradition of limp-dick cowardly violence brokers planet-wide, send his armed government workers (with evil black rifles!) to pry it from the taxpayer’s dead hands.

I have always considered the GOP to be the weak and mealy-mouthed abused younger sister to the abusive bigger sister in the guise of the control freak Democrats. They have not let me down.

Whatever weapon prohibition nonsense comes across the desk for the Orange Oracle to sign, he will sign it. He is a NYC progressive who has no conception of the notion of unregulated private weapons ownership; it is an entirely alien concept to him.

He will sign anything his Santa’s little helpers or his communist daughter tell him to. If you expect anything else, well, you’re delusional.

Most cases of individual volition and virtuous agency meet moral and consequentialist arguments. In this case, unfettered private weapons ownership is not only the marker for ultimate self-ownership but the sheer astronomical insignificance statistically of weapons injuries and deaths in America is low by any mathematical standard.

Let’s examine the rifle data:

Clayton Cramer developed an extraordinary graphic tool to track mass shootings [the American Stasi puts this at four or more humans in an event] from 2006 to 2018. The chart shows spikes for the Pulse (2016) and Las Vegas (2017) events. Never more than 50 total corpses a year in separate incidents excepting the aforementioned spikes. The latest 2018 Stasi data shows that less than 300 people die a year due to rifles and one can’t definitively state that all the mass shootings which occurred from 2006 to 2018 were not inclusive of shotguns and handguns.

Less than 300.

It makes you scratch your head and wonder at the communist pearl clutching over these deaths and nary a word about handgun deaths. In the great socialist paradise of gun prohibitionist Chicago, the death toll by gunshot is 366 so far this year. Which happens to be 69 corpses more than the total of rifle deaths in 2018.

69 more corpses.

One more liberal necropolis ruled by Democrats for decades like so many of the other urban cesspits that are attracted to Democrat rule like stink on shit.

Yet the horror, righteous umbrage and fainting couches are reserved for rifle deaths. And by the way, we have no idea how many of those rifles are evil black rifles and not bolt guns or some other modality of getting the round to the chamber in a long arm [that is not a shotgun].


Here’s a thought experiment:

America has conducted a nasty and ultimately unsuccessful war against various asymmetric insurgencies in the 21st century in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, the horn of Africa and countless small brushfire conflicts swatting at a flame of rebellion that will not be extinguished anywhere the west raises a hand. Ironically, the west creates an insurgency-in-a-box labelled ISIS to defeat the inconvenient Shia (there’s a pattern) Syrian government and, of course being the CIA, loses complete control of their Frankenstein monster and looses the beast across the Middle East to include the American love-hate relationship with Al Qaeda.

Now we have lost approximately five thousand young lives snuffed and countless others injured both apparently and hundreds of thousands suffering the ghost ailment of traumatic brain rattling in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But many of these young warriors returned home and they have seen what the business end of a battle carbine can do. They have seen the efficacy of small and determined bands of fit young men defending their turf against hyper-military ambition can do.

Countless Americans have seen the manipulated news-feeds that inadvertently showed both the shock and awe of coalition conflicts and the endless quivers of armed resistance to imperial fever dreams of conquest from snipers to IEDs to booby=traps. Apparently, there is no Pashtun word for “quit”.

Seventeen years into the American armed windmill tilting in Afghanistan, the coalition forces have to take 45 second helicopter rides from base to base in the Green Zone.

The communists in America are scared to death of private weaponry, they look on with horror at historical lessons like the “plink-a-pinko” engagements of British police actions in 1775 when the obedient Regular went out to confiscate the privately held artillery, shells, guns and munitions of the British colonist who objected rather severely to imperial overreach and excessive taxation.

They know that ultimately you either force the entry of a communist death-ship in a country or vote your way into it as they are attempting now, but you will always have to shoot your way out of it.

Communism is a death and they fetishize the government ownership of all the means of violence. The government gun is a totem they smile upon and worship but the private weapon in the hands of disobedient serfs scares the shit out of them.

Hence the incessant news-feeds that spotlight the organized military violence on all sides in the middle east adventures has seared into the minds of the elites and their pet useful idiots in the population that the collectivist project will not see success as long as the victim populations have arms and especially arms that have effective distances that span city blocks and even greater advantages in rural areas where at the most problematic non-urban hicks reside.

The bottom line is that the usual suspects on the left through both massive ignorance and willful intent conflate fully automatics weapons like the M4/16 with the semi-automatic AR [Armalite Rifle]-15 as the same thing and see that the imposition of government is made very difficult by possession of such tools by a population they are trying to conquer and ultimately enslave. They have been watching the propaganda pablum on the glass teats and the radios in their electric cars that definitively show that military and more importantly, atomistic armed opposition to central government whether through domestic or imperial means makes the best laid plans of government supremacists, messy.

Mind you, they tend to be a little schizophrenic in their support of imperial misadventure, but I can count on one hand the number of government supremacist vermin who actively opposed the global military mayhem of the Obamugabe from 2008 to 2016.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia are among the countries bombed by his Holiness the Obamunist during his sacred regime.

All root causes have many cause vectors but I stand by my analysis that one of the reasons that informs the present hysterical fear-mongering on military-pattern rifles by the usual suspects is a utilitarian view that armed peasants make for uncooperative serfs. Whatever fairy tales you learned about politicians in the government education complexes or the 24-hour marathon of non-stop government supremacist propaganda on the glass teat, politicians do three things and from these emanate their every action: they ban, regulate and tax. They serve no other purpose and the full violence of the state is behind every one of these levies and edicts. Dirt simple: plantation overlords loathe armed Helots.

In the back of the mind of every communist aspirant on the campaign trail, in the liberal intelligentsia, in the academic gulags and the countless useful idiots across the fruited plain, private rifle ownership gives them the night sweats.

It’s that simple…

Do not comply.

Do it for the children.


20 thoughts on “Private Black Rifles Matter by Bill Buppert”

  1. Johnn Paratrooper

    Another article about how rifles will save us from the millions of muslims who openly pimp our women in the streets. And are currently being hired as Police.

    Yeah. Totally. Any day now the white nations of overweight idiots are going to save themselves from 50% taxes and Israel Mossad Agents pimping our women.

    1. Exactly True (so far) and you missed completely how the Sheeple happily Pay for their 24/7/365 Monitoring by the Beast, in the form of their Precious “I-Phone” that allows continuous Monitoring of their Location and Speech, even when ‘turned off’. You would likely have less Trouble taking a Gun away from most of them than their “Precious”.

    2. Rifles are about as basic as it gets, just like blades and hands.

      Sorry to hear your women are being pimped. Mine aren’t.

    3. The rule of law is dead and the “good guys” have not embraced that fully. God knows it can’t happen soon enough. But when it happens we’ll be forming those teams from our respective areas that everyone talks about, but they will look like the gangs we don’t want roaming the streets at night. We have to go to hell to fight the devil. We will be hunted like no other.

      The cartels will fear us or ally for ops near their territory, (capital cities). Wait, wait, what are we doing? What’s the plan again? There are a lot of wrinkles in the sheets still. Sure, it looks cool and it feels right when the sheet is trimmed tight and your ass is on a fast tack. But where are we sailing? Have you used these routes before? What’s the fishing like along the way? So we have a lot of planning to do. Keep your chin up. We cannot stop talking about just because we already know this shit.

      Sooner or later a “Punch List” will start to form. And then work starts in earnest. My advice to everyone… Start thinking like the fucking criminals we are about to be. Now find the dankest place in your apartment hit the stank ass floor and do 250 push-ups and 50 pull-up tonight and every night. They’re watching you. Start that punch list. Count the days on the wall.

      1. Really, rule of law is dead, yea right. Go shoot someone, or get caught driving drunk, or unlawfully entering someone else’s house.

        Hell don’t pay your taxes, or even mention, in jest, your going to slap the wife or kids around.

        Na, the rule of law IS alive and well.

        That anybody thinks a nation without laws is a good idea, is a fool. A nation with to many laws, is no longer a democratic republic, but a dictatorship, which we are fast approaching.

        Not saying I like it, just saying it’s the reality of the situation.


        1. you are correct dirt, the ROL is alive and well… but only when it pertains to the mundanes… the ruling and badged thug class? not so much

          silly cuck- rules are for the commoners

          1. Bill, Tee, no arguments the Judicial system is a two tiered system. It is in deed alive, my mistake was calling the system well, it’s not well,

            It’s a sick sombitch.

            SCOTUS, made the following definition of/ for law enforcement, mid 90’s.

            1. Investigate crimes.
            2. Make arrests for those crimes.
            3. Protect the Infastructure.

            The two tiered system becomes even more corrupt daily.

            A reckoning IS coming, this flaw isn’t anything that can be fixed in a court of law,

            No this is something We The People MUST address, there is no other solution.

            Bill I did read you article back in 15. Well done.

            Sadly, will take roughly 60/100 years from the correction only to need re addressed again.

            Tic Toc.


  2. John Jacob Jinglehiemer Smith

    Now there is one man I would agree with, someone who has no qualms about calling a Spade a Spade. Well done my friend.

  3. Do not FOOL yourself. Beto O Rorke is a deranged boy. He wants to disarm you so he can watch you die, your wife get waped, your daughters molested, and your house cleaned out.

    This boy is deranged, again, do not FOOL yourself. If I had my way I would SLAP the boy as a father would to an unruly son. He is not man enough for me to PUNCH him.

  4. “…conflate fully automatics weapons like the M4/16 with the semi-automatic AR”

    I’m sure you only need a faintest flash of reconsideration for the acquiescence there.

    Is a fire selector with more than two positions too much freedom?

    They care not if it takes clips or magazines, is single, semi or auto, They want you carried away in the cattle car to where someone else will plow you under with a roaring D9.

    1. No acquiescence, Alley. I am very specific in language and have written before on the need for zero Federal weapons laws.

  5. I generally avoid forums like this. I prefer to prepare and practice operational security. You don’t need the acronym.

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