Happy Dependence Day, Comrades by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note:  I took a stab at modifying the 1776 American Declaration of Independence to present standards of governance, moral malpractice and cowardice; I discovered that much would be left out on the cutting floor and severe alterations to verbiage would be necessary to keep the Homo Sovieticus Booboisie in America from filling their pants and gibbering in abject fear at the prospect of freedom with risks and costs not underwritten by their neighbors. I had to erase over half of it and wipe out any reference to any behavior absent government permission. So I had to move on to the more fitting document for human bondage and perpetual government, the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence continues to be a masterwork of brevity and directness in its promise to sever ties and formalize a divorce.  There is no sizable sector of America today that would even have the temerity to sign it much less live up to it. Well, maybe at an abolitionist meeting but I digress.

So I scrapped that project and found a document more in keeping with the modern 21st century American mood.

Now the Soviet Constitution is something that most Americans can cotton to with the slightest modification in verbiage.  I chose the latest of three variants from 1977.  I have included a link to the original text at the bottom.  All I changed were the descriptors and none of the prospective language.

On another note, in a nation that has institutionalized theft and torture and turned it into rule and color of law, I figured the Supremes would get around to the codification of taxing inactivity, which is the secret sauce in the recent ruling.  On page 193 of the infamous  decision, Thomas says the most important observation in all the pages of painful and obtuse totalitarian apologia for ObamugabeCare:

“As I have explained, the Court’s continued use of that test “has encouraged the Federal Government to persist in its view that the Commerce Clause has virtually no limits.” Morrison, supra, at 627. The Government’s unprecedented claim in this suit that it may regulate not only economic activity but also inactivity that substantially affects interstate commerce is a case in point.”

The latest Chief Justice Roberts Goebbels-gargling for the Offal Office to keep National Socialist healthcare afloat came out just a few weeks ago to make this 4th of July in 2015 even more ridiculous if anyone still believes this is a free country. When Roberts isn’t teaching creative writing to the Executive Branch, he’s lording over the finer details of totalitarian architecture at the Supremes’ monster factory.

In essence:

“In this instance, the context and structure of the act compel us to depart from what would otherwise be the most natural reading of the pertinent statutory phrase . . . Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. If at all possible, we must interpret the act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter.”

You can’t make this up.

Most of the ahistorical tax Helots automatically associate the 4th of July with the wretched Constitution anyway. Constitution Day is in September but why wait when the DI has been so famously and ingloriously betrayed in every aspect of its essence and message. The majority in that decision would applaud the Soviet Constitution not that the earlier American version was any shakes when it came to liberty.

The Fourth of July is the same day in 1863 that the defeats at Vicksburg and Gettysburg snuffed out any hope of the South prevailing in its divorce proceedings during the Second American Revolution and the Lincolnian juggernaut would take the Constitution to its final stages of expanding and securing a place for the leviathan state in North America.

Happy Dependence Day, comrades. -BB

PREAMBLE to the 1977 Soviet Constitution slightly modified to American standards:

The Great November Democratic Revolution, made by the workers and peasants of United States under the leadership of the US Government headed by its Presidents, overthrew capitalist and landowner rule, broke the fetters of oppression, established the dictatorship of the voter, and created the American state, a new type of state, the basic instrument for defending the gains of the revolution and for building government intervention and democracy. Humanity thereby began the epoch-making turn from capitalist to government intervention.

After achieving victory in the elections and repulsing free market intervention, the American government carried through far-reaching social and economic transformations, and put an end once and for all to exploitation of man by man, antagonisms between classes, and strive between nationalities. The unification of the American Republics in the Union of American Democratic Republics multiplied the forces and opportunities of the peoples of the country in the building of government intervention. Social ownership of the means of production and genuine democracy for the working masses were established. For the first time in the history of mankind a democratic society was created.

The strength of government intervention was vividly demonstrated by the immortal feat of the American people and their Armed Forces in achieving their historic victory in the Great Cold War. This victory consolidated the influence and international standing of the American Union and created new opportunities for growth of the forces of government intervention, national liberation, democracy, and peace throughout the world.

Continuing their creative endeavors, the working people of the American Union have ensured rapid, all-round development of the country and steady improvement of the democratic system. They have consolidated the alliance of the working class, collective-farm peasantry, and people’s intelligentsia, and friendship of the nations and nationalities of the US. Sociopolitical and ideological unity of American society, in which the middle class is the leading force, has been achieved. The aims of the dictatorship of the voter having been fulfilled, the American state has become a state of the whole people. The leading role of the US Government, the vanguard of all the people, has grown.

In the US a developed democratic society has been built. At this stage, when government intervention is developing on its own foundations, the creative forces of the new system and the advantages of the democratic way of life are becoming increasingly evident, and the working people are more and more widely enjoying the fruits of their great revolutionary gains.

It is a society in which powerful productive forces and progressive science and culture have been created, in which the well-being of the people is constantly rising, and more and more favorable conditions are being provided for the all-round development of the individual.

It is a society of mature democratic social relations, in which, on the basis of the drawing together of all classes and social strata and of the juridical and factual equality of all its nations and nationalities and their fraternal co-operation, a new historical community of people has been formed–the American people.

It is a society of high organizational capacity, ideological commitment, and consciousness of the working people, who are patriots and internationalists.

It is a society in which the law of life is concern of all for the good of each and concern of each for the good of all.

It is a society of true democracy, the political system of which ensures effective management of all public affairs, ever more active participation of the working people in running the state, and the combining of citizen’s real rights and freedoms with their obligations and responsibility to society.

Developed democratic society is a natural, logical stage on the road to democracy.

The supreme goal of the American state is the building of a classless democratic society in which there will be public, democratic self-government. The main aims of the people’s democratic state are: to lay the material and technical foundation of democracy, to perfect democratic social relations and transform them into democratic relations, to mold the citizen of democratic society, to raise the people’s living and cultural standards, to safeguard the country’s security, and to further the consolidation of peace and development of international co-operation.

The American people,

  • guided by the ideas of scientific democracy and true to their revolutionary traditions,
  • relying on the great social, economic, and political gains of government intervention,
  • striving for the further development of democratic democracy,
  • taking into account the international position of the US as part of the world system of government intervention, and conscious of their internationalist responsibility,
  • preserving continuity of the ideas and principles of the first American Constitution of 1791,

hereby affirm the principle so the social structure and policy of the US, and define the rights, freedoms and obligations of citizens, and the principles of the organization of the democratic state of the whole people, and its aims, and proclaim these in this Constitution.

See the original Soviet Constitution from 1977 for the remainder.

Preamble and Constitution.

1 thought on “Happy Dependence Day, Comrades by Bill Buppert”

  1. Bill, since the dissolution of the Fabien state may be close to hand as the law of unintended consequences and the circular nature of history shows us, it may be William Ayers was right, but not in the way he hoped for.

    Aka, TSHTF, the cabal who have an instinctive aversion to the truth of the DOI, will most likely end up in the dust in of history, because it sure looks like even these tyrants will end up with squat and a former enslaved culture of men of the west out in dirt people land are the ones most likely to survive in various numbers and defensible pockets, because that 25 million die off Ayers predicted was necessary to leave a population much easier to control.

    What Im saying here is two things, one a question, the other an observation based on my life of living in rural mountainous geography among like dirt people who live close to the Earth, faith in God, and from legacy long and hard won of kith, kin, tribe and small community. Some of which these future enclaves of local compact theory practicing people, could very well survive a large die off if they make treaty and mutual assistance together to ward off the probability of various marauders and criminal actors, ex state or plain old criminal gangs.

    If we do indeed face a collapse of the scope that produces two initial die offs, 1st being those who for a myriad of causes can not survive without just in time products or services of the current modern world, then the 2nd being most likely from the mass exodus from the urban/suburban centers which are wholly dependent also on a just in time supply of shipped in or piped in energy, water and food/medicine. This group can most likely make it at least to the fringes of rural dirt people land. Probably to at first out of natural generosity and good will be more or less given charity, until they become an invading horde, then its time for those rural enclaves capable of self defense to survive this second die off.

    I’m sure you understand what I’m saying with this.

    The question I have is What After?

    What if indeed various pockets of rural and mountainous agrarian people make it past the first two stages of die off’s, and proceed to not just survive, but build anti fragile communities, tribes, and precincts which then can spare the time and resources to make it possible to create a new kind of sovereign entity.

    What road map to successful small nation state, as Montenesque predicted is the most likely to be able to create a robust compact theory like nation state closely held by its people instead of the usual larger state of statist progressive tyranny, (as we have seen in the last century plus, as an unmitigated human disaster of biblical proportions, ending in the mass dissolution of the conglomerate state of trans-globalist totalitarianism, genocide on industrial scale, war and human trafficking as an instrument of controlling various unwashed and defiant peoples).

    Simply, what’s next Bill? Obviously, barring some human extinction level State committed atrocity, history shows rural and other self sufficient/determining peoples, can indeed survive where all others fail.

    What do such survivors do to rise above hand to mouth level survival, and create a system of governance that would be robust and anti-fragile, like its population itself?

    In an idealists world, it would be attractive for everyone to be like a tribal state of living, maybe feudal, or a potentate who reigns under the Chinese Mandate of Heaven, of course said small cooperating bodies of people are suitably armed and close enough to their representative system to be able to get at said selected persons for breach of liberty and sovereignty.

    What do you propose which would be ant-fragile and ideal organization of such independent self determining survivors in the rural/mountain areas most likely to come out the other side of the great final dissolution of the Republic? Good riddance aside if its worst crimes and usurpations.

    My reason for asking is exactly because I live and am self determining/sufficient acting and thinking dirt person in a rural agrarian mountainous place.

    I see my neighbors, friends, allies and possible enemies capable of suffering and surviving a dissolution level event of FUSA.
    Its a big ass place our country. The resources available in many of these rural places are riches and means of supporting such enclaves, at thriving level existence.

    No matter how terrible what happens to the people who have lived in areas wholly dependent on the said resources and incapable of self sufficiency. My point here is the likelihood in a reality of such survivors.

    What system of defense and structured governence would be most beneficial for the dangers and prosperity of said survivors?

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