Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part III) by Bill Buppert


Women have been ravaged and brutalized by cops in much the same way as children and others who tend to be less strong than men. They have been beat, tased, sexually assaulted, caged and maimed and killed in increasing numbers as the police ramp up their penchant for savagery on the streets against those who would dare disobey or resist.

In Part One, I spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals. In most cases, the cops, in the name of officer safety, maim or kill the canine (and feline) offenders.

In Part Two, I spoke to the cruelty of cops against children.

In Part Three, I address the growing acts of violence against women by cops in America.

It speaks to the sad state of masculine virtue in America today that the tens of thousands of women brutalized and victimized by police violence and misbehavior have not suffered a greater number of revenge incidents. This would be percolating from the husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles who have seen their female relatives savaged by out of control bullies in uniform but the future is an undiscovered country.

Among ladies, pregnant women appear to be an especially attractive target for the thin black and blue line. Here is one of many horror stories involving women with child.

The badged hero is Lucas Krull:

“The video shows the officer throwing the woman against a banister and hitting her head as she cries hysterically and screams, “I’m pregnant! Get off me. You’re going to kill my baby.” He even clubs her on the head and tackles her.”

“According to Krull’s boss, he is correct in his brutality against the woman.

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard told local media outlets that the officers showed “tremendous restraint” while subduing the teen and Hardaway, whose family said is six months pregnant. Krull used a distraction technique that officers are taught to employ to disorient someone who’s resisting arrest, Sheppard said.”

Read further and, as usual, Sheppard makes stuff up out of whole cloth like the use of pepper spray even though none was found.

The meme remains the same; police represent the kind of immoral initiated violence no normal man or woman possesses outside the magic exceptions of government “service”. They are exempt from moral and normal rules of conduct that the rest of society must abide by.

In a recent incident in Chicago, cops used disproportionate force apparently because the pregnant woman was not instantly obedient:

“Tiffany Rent is eight-months pregnant, but that didn’t stop a Chicago police officer from using a taser on her. The assault and arrest occurred Wednesday morning outside of a drug store on Chicago’s South Side.” The father attempted to intervene and suffered a dislocated elbow from the ensuing police thugscrum. “The Chicago Police Department, however says that their officers did nothing wrong. Rent, they said, had “attempted to take off” after parking in a handicap space outside of a Walgreens drug store.” And, of course, Rent was completely within his rights to assault a pregnant woman:

“Superintendent McCarthy said this is a matter of “upholding the law” and that Rent should have been tased for her comments: “Well, first of all, you can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant. So, you want to use it where you are overcoming assault or preventing escape. That’s what it boils down to.”

Imagine if the roles were reversed but that part of protect and serve is a one-way street.

Pregnant women are not unduly picked on by cops with thousands of incidents abounding of cops savaging woman in all manner of ways.

This quote needs no explanation because the department defended the behavior of the badged gentlemen:

“A Superior, Wisconsin police officer slammed an uncooperative woman against the hood of a squad car, slapped her and hit her twice in the face with his closed fist — and an attorney for his department said the brutal attack was “defensible.”

This young lady was mauled by four for jaywalking when she was out jogging:

“Suddenly, one of the cops shouts at an innocent girl jogging with her headphones on through West Campus. He wobbled after her and grabbed her by the arm. Startled, and not knowing it was a cop, she jerked her arm away. The cop viewed this as resisting arrest and proceeded to grab both arms tightly, placing her in handcuffs. She repeatedly pleaded with them saying that she was just exercising and to let her go. She repeatedly cried out, “I did not do anything wrong…just give me the ticket.” The other officer strolled over and now they were making a scene. She tried to get up. I doubt she was running away as she was in handcuffs, but the second cop pushed her back down to the ground. Because of the commotion, they walked her to the cop car in the alleyway next to Big Bite, where she, overcome with frustration, yelled loudly to gain attention. Because of that, the cops tightened their grip causing her to squirm and kick.”

You can see the heroes in blue in this video dealing out street justice to the young jogger.

Of course, they will get away with it when any decent group of men walking by should have immediately jaywalked across to the thugscrum and stopped the cops.

Another police officer mauled a young girl with his tools of the trade:

“Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she passed into a vegetative state (footage below).

She clearly posed no threat to the officer, but he Tased her anyway.

She was in handcuffs at the time. Once he Tased her in her back, she fell to the pavement and became paralyzed.

She said, “I can’t get up.” The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.” And of course: “The officer was cleared afterwards and was not convicted of murder.”

As I have noted in the previous two essays in this series, not only is the brutality gut-wrenching and barbaric but the psychopathy of the boys in blue really shines through when they are laughing or joking about the latest incident in which they maimed, tortured or killed someone in the “line of duty”.

“After Americans protested the beating death of Kelly Thomas, they were arrested and thrown into a police van. As they were transported to jail, cops could be heard laughing and saying “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.” Another cop added, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘Not Guilty,’” prompting the officers to laugh.”

I don’t know whether this is an exclusively American phenomenon in policing or simply the sadistic demeanor of modern cops but the sheer sociopathy of the remarks and behavior should give anyone pause to not shun all you come across.

Watch this video and you will see the cops have no humanity:

“Hear about them laughing and high-fiving each other after Tasing a teenage boy to death, finding pleasure in the fact that the boy’s “asshole tightened up” as they kept electrocuting him until he stopped breathing.”

This woman was tased and pummeled in a patrol car while handcuffed.

And, of course: “Springettsbury police: DA clears officers of brutality allegations.”

It gets worse.

One woman lost her arm due to police misconduct in jail:

“Needham was arrested on a warrant in April because she failed to appear at a preliminary hearing on charges of simple assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Her attorney told the Post-Gazette that the woman was using the bathroom when sheriff’s department officers broke down the door, shocked her with a taser and bound her in wrist and arm restraints that were too tight.

The rough treatment and confinement caused Needham’s left arm to develop compartment syndrome, a medical condition in which muscle tissue is injured and swells, cutting off circulation to a compartment of the muscle.”

The arm was amputated.

The police stations and jails are chambers of horrors where video and film footage of wrongdoing is much more difficult to obtain much like the malfunctioning camera in the patrol car where Jesus Huerta died mentioned in Part II. I suspect if one were to start hard investigative journalism delving into these modern Black Holes of Calcutta, the results would be disturbing and nauseating. If the mean streets see an abundance of police brutality, imagine how their private dungeons look. The same place where rape gets the wink and the nod from the constabulary.

This young woman was mauled and permanently disfigured by brutes who, of course, went on to lie about their wretched behavior.

“The shocking footage shows the woman being thrown, face first, into a bench inside a jail cell. After doing this to the woman, the police say reportedly false statements on camera to justify their brutal actions. In the video, the woman does nothing to provoke the cops and shows no aggression. Why they attacked is unclear at this time.”

These are not simply isolated incidents because they occur across the country and women are even be raped in custody by these supposed protectors.

LAPD officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols are under investigation for allegedly forcing women into performing sexual acts under threat of arrest, several times over the past five years. So far four women have made independent accusations against them, all involving a strikingly similar scenario.”

Please note the brief description of alleged misconduct in this next case and nothing was done:

“A San Antonio police officer has been arrested for cuffing and raping a 19-year-old woman over the weekend. The felony sexual assault charges are the third known accusation of sexual misconduct against Officer Jackie Len Neal.”

Of course: “His car’s backseat camera was not working.”

This should come as no surprise:

“Nationally, there are twice as many reports of sexual misconduct by police as there are by the general public. Officers also have a higher rate of sexual violence at home; an estimated 40 percent of police families suffer from domestic violence, compared with 10 percent of the general population.”

Government is evil and its servants even more so. It reinforces the notion that to be protected from a few bad people, we put the worst people in charge.

Some women are shot at by police and fortunately their traditionally poor marksmanship saves their lives like the two ladies who suffered a fusillade of 103 rounds into their pickup when the thin black and blue line was filling pants over the Dorner episode in California:

“In the early morning hours two women driving a light blue pick up truck were fired upon more than 100 times by six officers feared the two petite Latina women Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother Emma Hernandez who were delivering newspapers was the 6′ 4″ Christopher Dorner.”

These women were not so lucky:

“Well over the weekend, two women who were innocent bystanders in heavily populated, tourist laden Times Square were shot by officers in what was described as an over reaction to a chaotic scene.”

This is the same city where two cops shot a suspect but nine bystanders were also hit by police rounds. We realize that cops cuff, tase, assault and maim women, they also kill them.

The most infamous recent incident was the woman gunned down by police in streets of DC.

“At this point a thorough investigation is necessary,” he said. “… Obviously law enforcement should be trained to de-escalate a situation and to avoid lethal force if at all possible. This lady was unarmed. … She had a baby in the car. Her behavior was erratic. … It appeared this was likely someone who was suffering from mental illness, but the officers don’t have the luxury to know that. At the time the shots were fired, was she presenting a threat of serious bodily harm to the officers? Was she trying to flee? Or was she trying to injure or kill someone.”

Again, the disproportionate response was evident everywhere. One has to seriously question what measure of cowardice is built into officer safety where they will execute a person on the slightest perceived provocation. A response that un-badged civilians would be caged for.

This woman died in a thugscrum in LA from a number of injuries:

“The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating at least five officers after one of them allegedly stomped on a woman’s genitals and she later died of suffocation.”

An older disabled mentally ill woman named Emily Delafield was tasered to death in her wheelchair but “[t]en shocks from a police Taser were enough to kill a wheelchair-bound Green Cove Springs woman whose death in a confrontation with two officers in April has been ruled a homicide but, according to prosecutors, justified.”

These stories are horrific and reveal a culture of barbarity that is hard enough to countenance on men but the consistent motif of a savagery visited on women gives one true pause. It also seems very disturbing the trend line of all the “justifiable” barbarism that is underwritten by the police investigating themselves and the rubberstamping of injustice by the government legal system.

One can go on and on with the horror stories that are the real narrative of modern American policing. The 19,000 police departments (Marc Stevens tells me the real number is 86,000) in America are rotten to the core and if a good cop exists, he is being very quiet and laying low so he is not noticed.

I don’t want to reform departments, I want them all to go away and be replaced by a new model that does not give rights more equal than others and refuses to provide a framework of perverse incentives that create the nasty police state Americans labor under today.

There is a giant barbaric secret and untold story brewing in the background here, there is no active database maintained by any statist authority in America that tracks the total number of deaths by police on civilians in America. None. I would also suggest that maiming is not for lack of trying to murder people on the part of cops.

“I found out very quickly that the government doesn’t maintain a database on how many citizens the police kill every year and that struck me as really odd because the federal government has statistics on everything. I mean, you could probably find out how many tons of potatoes people over 50 eat every year in Wisconsin,” Fisher said.”

That is an accountability project worth pursuing that would blow the roof off the whole sordid enterprise.

When a society treats its most innocent and less strong members with such casual disregard with the approval of the state, it goes a long way to establish just what the government priority is. Which is a license to maim and kill the very people it supposedly represents and protects.

Police break the social contract everyday. Don’t ever call the police.

14 thoughts on “Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part III) by Bill Buppert”

    1. They are NOT going to like the judgement of We The People when the time comes. And for me, that time is getting much shorter the more I hear of this crap going on.

      The Other Bill

    1. And indeed Karma will be a Bitch Goddess with little room for clemency…many opportunities for going to Valhalla with the head proud and high.

  1. As law abiding Citizens it is not only our right but our duty to step in when we see a fellow Citizen being brutalized. Those who abuse our brothers and sisters under the color of law, those who have sworn to serve and protect but only choose to beat and maim- should now expect to be apprehended, placed in custody and held accountable by the Citizens.

    A citizens patrol established in every neighborhood in every city, specifically seeking to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.The powerful armed thugs who abuse the weak and powerless for their own sick pleasure will find a rude awakening- We wont take this anymore, we have had it, we can no longer accept our fellow brothers and sisters being beaten and killed by thugs.

    1. When someone does step in to stop the attackers, that Samaritan will be summarily killed in the name of “officer safety”.

      The murderers will then walk free.

  2. Lots of brave words here, but we’ve all empowered these outrages over the last 40 or so years by electing moronic ‘tough on crime’ politicians, the ‘war on drugs’, etc. Plus as a culture we are fed a steady diet of crime drama by Hollywood, which we all lap up. Next time you are on a jury, be the lone wolf who doesn’t eat out of the DA’s hand. If he can’t prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt then fuck with him by handing back a hung jury or a not guilty (unless the perp is a cop). Keep your head down and wait very quietly. The time of great upheavals is coming soon.

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