Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part II) by Bill Buppert

Children under but the rarest circumstances should be the last people on Earth to be victims of kidnapping and violence, yet the police in America and their confreres around the world continue to conduct a war on children in the schools and on the street. For the sake of this essay, we are speaking of boys and girls under the age of 18. Yet the government authorizes sexual assault by the TSA against minors and brutal punishments against children by its agents that would be criminal offenses by private citizens.

I am convinced that the police not only harbor serial killers but much like the regimes in China and the USSR they encourage a culture of barbarism that celebrates the maiming and killing of innocents.

Remember that allegedly in the US, one is innocent until proven guilty yet the punishments levied in street justice by the police are becoming much more the norm than the exception in how they execute their law enforcer duties.

In Part One, I spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals. In most cases, the cops, in the name of officer safety, maim or kill the canine (and feline) offenders.

In Part Two, I will speak to yet another level of cruelty that is emerging: police violence against children.

Arresting is a polite government euphemism for kidnapping and the police even handcuff six-year old girls. In one such case, “The officer stated in the report that he noticed damage to school property and tried numerous times to calm the girl, who eventually “pulled away and began actively resisting and fighting with me.” “The child was then placed in handcuffs for her safety and the officer proceeded to bring her down to the police station,” said Chief Dray Swicord.”

One overweight cop was caught on tape choking out a 13 year old boy.

“For those of you who don’t know, Officer Joey Williams of the Hot Springs Police department was caught red handed on video tape, and with a camera choking 13 year old- Jarrod Graham.

Jarrod Graham along with several other youths were illegally skateboarding on June 21st 2007 in down town Hot Springs, Arkansas. Jarrod Graham that day received a choking and arrest instead of a ticket, as the local city ordinance states is the fair and just punishment for such a violation. Many of the other of the “Hot Springs 6″ youths were chased, head-locked, harassed, and arrested.”

Six year old Salicia is not the only child harmed by police. She was formally charged with assault by the way.

In another incident, an eight year old girl was handcuffed and jailed in Illinois.

Think about that! Hundreds of millions of parents have experienced this kind of behavior with their own children in private and public and if they were to use the same means of restraint would be subject to public humiliation, sanction or arrest for abuse. Yet this is the bottom line of thinking about police violence. They are sanctioned by the state to do what NO decent or thoughtful human being would do: use violence as a first resort for resolving all problems.

Many folks are exposed to the seemingly endless video train of police brutality examples but a sizable portion of those are now emerging where the cops prey on the most innocent and helpless sectors of society.

There are numerous instances of the police “school resource officers” in the government schools mauling, sexually abusing and severely injuring minors in the conduct of their duties. This video is particularly disturbing and shows the absolute thuggery of the cop attitude against the innocent. The trend of having these police in government schools in and of itself has led to an outrageous number of maimings and even killings of children on school grounds by government agents.

The combination of the young school drug induced violence in government schools in the last two decades, coupled with the militaristic sea change in American policing, has resulted in a huge spate of excessive violence visited on children in America.

“Hard cases make bad laws. Policymakers’ overly punitive and police-centric response to high profile school shootings demonstrate this fact. But if you have doubts, ask the six-year-old child who was handcuffed to a chair as punishment after he got into a scuffle with another boy in the school cafeteria. If he doesn’t convince you, perhaps the scores of schoolchildren who police assaulted with pepper spray (while at school) will. Or talk to one of the 3.3 million public schoolchildren who are suspended from school each year, often as a consequence for minor rule breaking, such as talking back to teachers or fistfights.”

All of this is part of the police state mentality polluting the politics of mainstream America.

And it only gets worse.

A young man managed to shoot himself in the face with his hands cuffed behind his back after retrieving a large caliber firearm the arresting LEOs had overlooked.

“According to police, Huerta was found inside with his hands still cuffed behind his back, a gunshot wound to his head and a well-worn .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun at his side — the same large caliber as the service weapons issued to Durham police. A recording system inside the cruiser that could have captured video and audio from the event was not on at the time of the shooting, according to the police.”

And there is no doubt that once the police investigated themselves, all involved officers were cleared.

Even in the cases where police shoot children, we find that the police investigation of themselves inevitably justifies the violence against them.

A 17-year old young man named Christopher Roupe was just executed at his house by a female officer who then pointed the smoking gun at his sister who had come downstairs to see what had happened. He was holding a WII controller and the badged thug opened fire.

In the recent case of Vidal, we have yet another incident where a death sentence is handed to the young man is the only recourse.

The wanton injury and killing of children handed out by cops across the nation on a daily basis is emerging as a troubling pattern of behavior that is not only encouraged but defended.

In yet another incident in Santa Rosa, CA; a Sheriff’s Deputy gunned down a young man carrying a fake AK47 airsoft weapon. In this case, it was a junction of the officer safety mantra and the almost universal suspicion among cops concerning the wielding of any weapon by private citizens. The blood-lust is not new in Santa Rosa or the rest of the nation.

“In 2000, an advisory panel of the US Commission on Civil Rights urged Sonoma County, where Tuesday’s shooting took place, to create civilian review boards following eight fatal officer-involved shootings in less than three years, but that recommendation went unheeded, Reuters reported.”

The police in the great police state of New Mexico recently opened fire on a van with five children for a speeding citation.

Again, all of these incidents and hundreds if not thousands more show a trend to violence and the abhorrent application of this violence to children on the part of the armed agents of the state. In the abstract, the apparently casual use of violence to ensure compliance is more the rule than the exception. In the very same state of New Mexico where anal violation of drivers by cops screamed across the headlines, the chief of training is calling for relaxing the ability of cops to use deadly force.

Much like the casual government dismissal of the importance of life in abortion legislation and the institutionalization of torture after 911, this police brutality and culture of violence will not relent until the brakes are put on through societal pressure or even worse retaliation among the cops in America who behave far more like occupiers than peace officers.

Once children can be targeted in such a grisly fashion on such a consistent basis and the perpetrators of these offenses simply go unpunished, as so much cop crime does, the unintended consequences in the future will be unmistakable. A mere two generations ago, none of the described events in this essay would have happened with such frequency and easy dismissal by the authorities.

Erick Gelhaus, the child murderer of young Andy Lopez in Santa Rosa is still at large and on the job.

The police remain an existential threat to the liberty and freedom of every American and the children are, quite literally, under the gun also.


39 thoughts on “Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part II) by Bill Buppert”

  1. All the begging, pleadings and lawsuits will get one nowhere. Make the badged thugs pay for their tyranny. The only solution is to send the offending .gov enforcer to Valhalla.

    1. The lawsuits merely come out of our (tax fleeced) pockets… punishing us further for not fixing the problem. I prefer what Ambrose Bierce said, “There are four types of homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy.”

    1. Did he shoot a young teenager in Santa Rosa with an airsoft toy? Did he pump seven rounds in to his body?

      Would a civilian who did not have the magic badge be given the same benefit of the doubt?

      I would be happy to publish his personal affidavit explaining the murder here.

      I have no objections to COL Cooper nor Gunsite but my own acquaintance w/ COL Cooper’s daughter tells me he would not approve of Gelhaus shooting a child and Cooper would probably refer to Gelhaus as a “goblin”.

      1. Cops are civilians, government employees not in the military. People who aren’t on the government payroll are CITIZENS.

          1. You are in denial. Being armed in this country means nothing….just makes denail harder to overcome. They know all these law abiding citizens will never use their guns for anything more than sporting purposes.

    2. I cannot possibly argue whether or not he is who he is reported to be because I do not know him, but the facts in this case and many others around the country PROVE that LE has been trained and equipped as military to use deadly force in instances that a calmer mindset and critical thinking would have prevented the situation from escalating to the starting point of deadly force. We must remember that the military is trained to use deadly and overwhelming force against an ENEMY that intends to kill them. Police have a role of capture, for the justice system to meat out punishment, and they have the authority to use deadly force if it must be used, to stop the ACCUSED from causing harm to others. I realize they have the authority to use the force, but they have been trained for a number of years to use that option at the first clue that there might be trouble, which may or not have ended up in a force on force situation. Training and screening of officers needs to take a step back to change that mindset. They no longer realize that not every threat is a deadly one and they should not use deadly force unless the situation actually requires it.

      1. I’m sorry that I left out an important point, that not ALL L.E. have this mindset, but the trend is moving in that direction

    1. +1 to Paul. The government schools of the 21st Century are a continuation of the early 19th Century Orphanages and Mental Facilities… they’re awful.

      1. “Government schools” is a quaint term that fails to accurately describe those institutions as they are now.

        Vin Suprynowicz labeled them much more descriptively as Youth Propaganda Camps.

  2. Thank you Mr. Buppert, for these brilliant essays revealing that the transition from Peace Officers keeping the peace, to Law Enforcement Officers enforcing laws, no matter how ridiculous or unconstitutional, by means ever more brutal, is almost complete.

    One muses whether these despicable official ‘modern’ police behaviors worse than our toleration of them?

    1. “I do believe that where there is a choice only between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.” – Gandhi

  3. Quote: “Webb has been charged with battery, failure to render emergency medical care, unreasonable seizure and excessive force.”

    I have a question. Obviously Officer Webb is a sociopath and a THUG. But we keep hearing the Vast Majority of cops are super-duper good guys who are just like you and me. Shucks by golly, they are out there just trying to do the right thing, saving us from really really bad guys, making sure the streets are safe for our children.

    Since the Vast Majority are super-duper good guys, why wasn’t Officer Webb vigorously corrected, by his peers (you know, the vast majority?) for his actions? Why didn’t his peers immediately charge him with multiple crimes against the child? Why wasn’t he given some wall to wall counseling and encouraged on the spot to make a career change?

    The worst Officer Webb probably received was a comment in the squad car, something like, “Dude… that was kinda fucked up.”

    The truth is there are two camps in cop culture, Thugs and the cowards who facilitate them.

  4. As a former Police Officer and Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and United States Army, I can see that many of your just don’t seem understand where police initially receive their fear training. From an early stage in Law Enforcement training while at the academy, LE are taught that “they” are the most important thing, “they” must go home at the end of the day, “they” will use force to overcome perceived threats either real or rationalized in the officers mind.

    In my opinion this type of training does more to instill fear and terror into the officer then it does to provide the fundamental building blocks which allow a person to be brave in the face of danger. We see a trend that has the majority of police officers treating every call as nothing more than an ambush, every contact is a violent felon just waiting to murder the officer while asking for directions and all persons from 9 to 90 are dealt with the same.

    Knowing the lingo is half the puzzle. An officer can rationalize the use of force quickly, it is taught from an early stage in the academy’s I have attended. Scenario training, rationalization of what the officer was feeling at the time to include perceived danger that may truly not exist but can never be dis-proven to not have existed. Training officers will coach trainees with the appropriate verbiage and lines of thought which will stand the test of an internal review board. The average officer can come up with a use of force rationalization within a few seconds…key words such as furtive move, aggressive demeanor, agitated appearance, and disruptive outbursts are all indicators of creative report writing or keywords which allows the officer to establish physical responses to instances that are only perceived internally by that officer.

    Witnesses standing with perfect line of sight to the incident may have a differing view, but it doesn’t matter what the witnesses see or report, it will only matter what the officer can rationalize, articulate in the report and then be backed up by the departments training section which will testify that the officer used appropriate force for the situation and acted in accordance with his training and experience.

    LE today seem to think they are entitled to a sense of safety far exceeding that of the Citizens they took an oath to serve and protect. Coming from a Military and Law Enforcement background I and many other of my fellow officers felt we accepted the heightened risks of the job, it was no mystery that we may get cut, bit, beat on, spit at, et al. Officer more and more feel they have the right to proactively eliminate a so called threat with little more justification other than the officers mere feelings and no real evidence or proof ever existed.
    I have been in real combat zones where bad guys were trying to shoot us, blow us up and do really bad things on a daily basis, even with all of that going on I never had such a liberal Use of Force or Rules Of Engagement (ROE) as do citizen police officers in this day and age.

    On a side note, to my fellow police officers, do not lump yourself into this “us” and “them” category. Don’t call Citizens – civilians implying you are not a civilian as well. No matter how high speed low drag you appear, or think you are, as a police officer you are a citizen sworn to protect your brother and sister Citizens. Police does not equal Military, as much as most of you wish it would it won’t and never will. If you are a police officer you too are a Civilian but most importantly you are a Citizen.

    We as a nation should be more involved with our families, or neighbors and our community. We far too often feel we must not get involved and that the authorities are the best response. We are being trained to call for help, to remain helpless, if you can help yourself of a neighbor- then do so. Don’t stand idly by and wait for help to come. It won’t- well…unless you call for the Fire Department, then you might actually be helped.

    1. Suggested reading for anyone (including LEOs) is “You & the Police” by Kenneth W. Royce. He outlines the three different types of cops. Peace Officer, Intimidating Cop, and Rogue Cop. Every American needs to be able to identify these, smile and say “good afternoon” to the Peace Officer, avoid the IC, and respond to the Rogue Cop in a manner with which justice would be proud.
      To the LEOs, police the IC and Rogue Cops within your ranks or the people this nation will.

    2. Daybreak,

      Thanks for the great reply. Indeed the ROE for cops is much less restrictive than Western soldiers. I do beg to differ ont he danger police are in, it is one of the safest occupations in the US.


    3. Daybreak – that was one of the most incisive, articulate descriptions of what is going on in modern law enforcement that I have ready anywhere! Absolutely, inarguably brilliant summarization of the Thug Officer mindset. I know from first-hand experience as I was recently victimized by a Thug With A Badge using these exact rationalizations, creative writing and invented testi-lying!

  5. Bill,
    While I agree with your position, and am wholeheartedly against the militarization of our police, you damage our position by using examples with which you are not familiar, and get the “facts” wrong.
    The six year old girl Salicia was not just throwing a temper tantrum, and she was not man-handled at any time during the episode. This girl was the size of an 8th-9th grader. She was being raised by a jointly unemployed mother-grandmother team, who thought it normal to be called to the school every week to deal with another incident of violence from their child (dad was contacted by local media for a comment, after taking a few days to locate, but he hadn’t seen the girl in a couple of years). On the day of the incident, she had physically threatened the teacher, who then involved the principle. Together, they took the child to the principle’s office to deal with the problem (mainly to remove the child from other children). While in the office, the child attacked the principle, pushing her over, then pushing a bookcase over on her. The principle incurred a back injury (that is where the assault charge came from). Police were called, and an officer responded. The officer spent nearly an hour trying to calm the child and resolve the situation. Again, the child went ballistic, so the officer restrained her, and took her to the patrol car. While in the patrol car, the child kicked the interior and dented the roof. How she didn’t break the windows, no one knows.
    In short, this “child” was physically very large, and injured school officials. The officer went above and beyond to deal with this little monster (my words), and still didn’t injure the child in any fashion. If it were me, I would have knocked her little ass out, and then dealt with Momma and Grandmomma the same way (at the very least, they should have been charged with negligence and neglect). They are lucky my wife was not the one injured. I know nearly everyone involved with this incident, so yes, I am speaking from first hand knowledge.
    There are too many legitimate instances out there to get sucked in by an example of race baiting.


    1. Bill,

      Thanks for the insight and context means a lot but my challenge to you is we need to start treating people with respect and not immoral violence which appears to be the whole of the situation with police behavior today.

      You say you “would knock her ass out” – is this your position as a law enforcer or a parent? Would you be subject to laws differnet in each instance?

      Of course you would.


      1. Bill,
        As happens so many times when we get our dander up, my language was too harsh. I certainly was not speaking as a law enforcement officer (I’m not). I was speaking as a husband whose wife has been threatened by children such as this with little or nothing done about it.
        I agree with you completely concerning the use of immoral violence, especially when perpetrated by officials under the color of law. Again, my point was simply that we need to make sure we get our factual ducks in a row. Thanks for calling me out on the harsh language, and in answer to your last question…yes, the consequences would have been different.


  6. As long as the “brothers” of these “officers” do nothing about their breaches of the law then it will not stop until it becomes a national issue in which the people take it into their own hands to rectify the illegal actions being taken against them.

    When the law no longer applies equally to all people it no longer applies to any of the people.
    God forbid that day should ever come.

    Yank lll

    1. What? That day is already here. The same laws that apply to the “common” man do not apply to the police. That’s a reality right now.

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  8. Bill, I don’t know if you noticed it, but the in the first picture in your essay there is a skateboard just to the right of the pig brutalizing the kid. That picture could have just as well been me. I remember those days, and how I was violated by the cops for the horrific, terrible, non-voilent, non-crime of skateboarding. It was the pigs that made me into an anarchist….at a very young age.

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