Back in the USSA by Bill Buppert

I have returned from a year-long sojourn in the storied and legendary foothills of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan making good specie from the latest money laundering operation for the Western military industrial complex.  Afghanistan is the most recent victim of a long American tradition of meddling, maiming and killing women and children and providing proof of concept to iatrogenic effect at a galactic level.

I will be spending the holidays with all six of my children at home at the same time so this will be a particularly joyous Christmas for us. When I departed for the Lewis Carroll-inspired adventure in Kabul in January, I had assumed that things would be seriously awry and that the bureaucracy would be a sight to behold. I was not disappointed by a very expensive effort to fully embrace the axiom: to establish and defend mediocrity wherever it may be found and to institute where it is absent.

Not only was the fabled American Strategic Deficit Disorder on display for the world to see but the amount of money wasted on everything from infrastructure to troop levels and training and everything in between.  There is no strategic roadmap for getting the Afghan National Army and its ancillaries up to speed even after a dozen years and trillions of dollars slung down the rat-hole and into Karzai’s crony complex.

Nothing much has changed on my return to the USSA except the usual silliness involving the boobs in the TSA. Security was eminently less intrusive in Kabul, Dubai and Doha and then I enter the gilded security complex in the USSA urging the low grade intellect conducting my grope to please not touch my flashlight which usually starts an amusing conversation no matter which way it swings.

I live in southern Arizona where the badged thug presence is huge with a considerable number of FLEAs driving their very expensive conveyances (one-ton suspension most likely to haul the current gargantuan girth of the thin black and blue line).  The numbers of speeding and red light cameras have blossomed and the increased regulatory environment simply does not stop advancing hence our expat plans in the immediate future.

We will be relocating to the Deep Pacific to establish a beachhead and start exploring SE Asia in earnest to find a place to land. I hope to have two books completed in 2014 and if inertia does not defeat me, find a disciplined path to start podcasting. After a three decade marriage to my exotic military skill sets, I am taking the leap to escape to another method to procure filthy lucre and feed my existence.

I will return once the USSA starts dissolving and falling apart to lend a hand in the dismantling and moving to the best abolitionist dystopic experiment that emerges from the ashes.

I just got finished co-hosting FreedomFeens with the indispensable Michael Dean and we had a great time, my first broadcast from occupied America since my departure last year. I will be rejoining him on the show on 29 December so be sure to tune in.

You can find it here:

I will be speaking at the Free State Project Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH 20-23 February 2014 and hope to see some of you there. My topic will deal with the ecology of underground resistance.

Expect more frequent postings on my blog since I have now semi-retired and am no longer working six days a week 10-12 hours a day. If there are certain topics I have not entertained that may trip the fancy of my readership, just drop me a line at thirdgun AT hotmail DOT com.

Happy Holidays from the Circle A Ranch…

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