Government is Deception: Lies of History by Bill Buppert

Your entire canon of history you were taught in government schools and the incessant mewling from the government media complex is a tissue of lies and deception so deep you will take years to extricate yourself from it. From militarist triumphalism to economic illiteracy to civics mythology, the whole morass of so-called education and mass media serves one purpose: to champion the volition of government supremacism disguised as democratic rule and to demonize all private and individual moral agency.

A mere three years after the political coup known as the Constitution had been ratified by the Founding Lawyers, the father of the country is at the head of standing army invading a state to put down national tax evaders in the Whiskey Rebellion and four years later the Federal government outlaws seditious speech. It all goes directly downhill from there.

What government education will say:

Cops are heroes and private defense is vigilantism.

All wars are just and moral to include the invasion of Hawaii in 1893 and the Philippines and Cuba in 1898 and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2001 and everything in between.

War crimes are what the West says they are.

The USSR was a flawed but triumphant effort to better mankind or say so most of the modern accredited institutions of higher learning in the US. Don’t read this book if you think that is a correct assertion.

The Federal highway system is the only means to bridge the transportation gap.

Income taxes will never exceed the single digit impost levied in the Income Tax Amendment.

The acknowledged debt is 17 trillion and not 205 trillion dollars.

The list of deceit, disinformation and nonsense from the government supremacist organs across the fetid plain is tortuously long and taken as holy script by most of the tax cattle bellowing and grunting in the fields distracted by the endless litany of self-congratulatory bloviations issuing from the Offal Office and all its subsidiary political agents across the tax jurisdiction known as America.

It comes down to one simple axiom: the glorification of threats or initiations of force against innocents and non-combatants to meet political goals.

It appears that government cannot exist unless it violates all Ten Commandments.

In other words, all collectivist government is terrorism.

Yet I thought there was a War on Terror?

Knowledge is a powerful antidote to tyranny and reading is fundamental. Read the real history and get your history outside of the government classroom. The rulers have a vested interest in your ignorance. Defy their wishes.


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