Richard Wagner, Edward Snowden and the New World Order by J. Anthony Patrick


Richard Wagner, Edward Snowden and the New World Order J. Anthony Patrick Two centuries ago, Richard Wagner, arguably, the most influential composer ever, was born in Leipzig, Germany. Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen is considered by many, next to J.S. Bach’s B-Minor Mass, to be at the summit of Western music. The British poet/writer, W.H. Auden, once said, “Wagner may well have been the greatest artist who ever lived.” Bicentennial celebrations of Wagner’s birth have taken place throughout Europe, America and across the globe.

The Ring, however, may have never been made had the composer lived in contemporary times. Early in his career, Wagner became involved in revolutionary activities in Dresden where he was nearly captured by the authorities and would have most likely faced imprisonment, execution or both. Fortunately for Western culture, Wagner was able to escape and eventually made his way to Bavaria where he found a devoted patron in King Ludwig II to finance the production of his magnum opus.

King Ludwig II’s lavish support of Wagner was not uncommon for monarchy and royalty in general. Most of the prominent musicians – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven – were funded by the aristocracy as were artists, writers, philosophers, and architects. Without such patronage, most of the West’s cultural achievements would have never been made. Despite the condemnation of “kingly rule” in the modern age, the culture of that maligned era completely dwarfs the present decadent and debauched epoch. For a positive look at monarchy compared to democracy see the insightful works of Hans-Hermann Hoppe especially, Democracy: The God That Failed.

Wagner was able to elude his captors largely because central Europe and much of the world at the time and to a much larger extent in an earlier period were not politically “unified,” but were comprised of a number of sovereign states. The composer and other political dissidents could thus “vote with their feet” and find environments conducive to their political outlooks and individual creativity. Today, Wagner would have never found a “home” in Bavaria since it is now, ultimately, under the suzerainty of the German central government.

The heroic “whistle blower,” Edward Snowden, who exposed the criminal domestic spying of the NSA, has had far more difficulties than Wagner in his plight since the world has become politically more centralized. Snowden has had less opportunities and places to flee and had it not been for the savvy Russian president, Vladimir Putin, he may still be languishing in an airport or, worse, been brought back and caged in an American torture center.

It should be obvious from the life of Richard Wagner and the persecution of Edward Snowden, that for the future of freedom and the revitalization of Western civilization, all global centralization schemes must be opposed. This, of course, includes any attempt to form a unitary monetary order under the auspices of a world central bank.

Concomitant with opposition to the New World Order, any and all secessionist movements should be encouraged. Societal decentralization will most likely develop along ethnic, religious, racial, economic and political lines with overlapping among all such groupings.

Of course, inspiration for decentralization is readily available in history as America’s founding was in essence an act of secession from empire as was the Southern Confederacy’s courageous attempt to secede from the Union. More recent examples of secession have been seen after the collapse of the Soviet Union, where a number of independent nations emerged.

Ultimately, however, if the New World Order is to be stopped and decentralization to begin, its ideological justification must first be made. People must be convinced that centralization leads to tyranny, economic ruin, cultural de-civilization and the enrichment of the political elites at the impoverishment of everyone else. By studying the lives of Richard Wagner and supporting heroes like Edward Snowden, Western society may one day throw off the shackles of the New World Order and begin a revitalization of its once magnificent culture.

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