We Are All Federal Employees Now by Bill Buppert

Much like the silly Newsweek cover from 2009 that declared we are all socialists now nearly a generation after the death of the USSR, it becomes readily apparent that all the current US citizens are simply host animals to the Federal government as it attaches all manner of remora-like teeth to every aspect of human transaction in the former Land of the Free (prior to 1791).

I am hard-pressed to think of any aspect of the human condition that cannot be tracked down for a regulation in the massive government libraries where shelves are groaning under the weight of decades of psychopathic scribblings of the drones who comprise the Sovietized nanny-state we live in today. One could surmise that since the Age of the Lincoln, the state has proven the lie that is the limited government myth that has so permeated the fantasies of the Teabags, the Busheviks and neoconservatives in recent memory.

Obama’s centerpiece legislation in the “Affordable Care Act” has certainly been a monstrously clever scheme to collapse the private medical system and bring the dream of a single payer health care system dominated by the government to fruition. The presstitutes and their sharecroppers in the massive Free Shit Army will rush like terrified recently freed slaves to the government plantation owners to beg for more and they will get it good and hard to paraphrase the inimitable and eerily prescient HL Mencken.

Plenty of other scribblers in the blogosphere have commented endlessly of the terrifying and relentlessly stupid aspects of this scheme. Much like the usual suspects begging for the government to nationalize this or that, no such wholesale confiscation need occur if the entire tentacled apparatus of fascist regulation and taxation is firmly in place.

Let’s conduct a quick thought experiment: it is the 1930s and RedDR declares that food delivery during the Great Depression I is so critical, the government must nationalize all food production so from collectivized crops to government grocery stores and everything in between, Big Brother is the grocer.  The horror…Fast forward to today when a small but vocal group known as the Food Liberation Front insists that not only would privatized and free market food be more plentiful and cheaper, it would be far more healthy and offer more choices than the FDA provisioning of bread and beans and circuses.

You guessed it, the usual crowd of mewling and helpless intellectual handmaidens of the state would fill their pants over the food crisis they create and insist that with so many starving people in the most obese nation on Earth peppered with so many disease pathologies that the government…must do something. Why, we can’t allow the free market to provision food and the delivery thereof, it is the staff of life and only the government knows best.

The same logic applies to the current health care debate, which has nothing to do with health and disease and everything to do with control and government policing of behavior.

Remember the Roberts decision on the Supremes in 2011 where the robed government employees declared Obamacare to be a tax? Talk about accidental revelation where you get to see behind the curtain. Thomas (the only steady liberty hand on the court) makes a striking and deeply disturbing observation in addition to all the other flaws noted in the dissent to the decision in the last sentence of the last page of his dissent for National Federation of Independent Business et al.v. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al.

“The Government’s unprecedented claim in this suit that it may regulate not only economic  activity but also inactivity that substantially affects inter-state commerce is a case in point.”

Much like the outlandishly Communist decision by the Supremes in Wickard v. Filburn in 1942, the government seeks to tax and regulate all human activity with no boundaries on their intrusion. Not that the government needs legal imprimatur to behave in a clearly immoral, illegal and monstrous fashion but this latest decision simply codifies the addition of inactivity to Filburn’s activity; he had the audacity to grow wheat on his own land for his own consumption. If you think that is outrageous, read about the raisin farmer case coming before the Supremes.

Enough time wasted on the morally bankrupt Supremes and their child-like rubber-stamping of all Big Brother’s wishes. Checks and balances is quaint but misinterpreted, Thomas Woods has opined that the Supremes have not upheld individual liberty in eight decades of jurisprudence.  They are simply a nicely adorned palace of elders who know where their bread is buttered and it ain’t the rubes known as taxpayers.

The tax cattle do not matter because they are merely the help on the plantation.  If you have a job and it is in the above-ground economy, you are a Federal employee and if you don’t believe me, don’t pay your payroll taxes or Socialist Security or Medicare or the myriad other charges on your labor for daring to get a job in the open. Then, I dare you to hire another employee, even one because you are leasing that human from the Federal government labor pool. A friend of mine is a plumber and he pays fifty five to sixty cents of every dollar his business takes in the state of Arizona to a variety of taxing entities and is not even reimbursed for the bookkeeping nor safekeeping of the monies stolen from his business. Nor is he reimbursed for the copious amount of regulatory compliance he labors under daily.

Now mind you, this would not include his Federal income tax, state income tax, licensing fees, auto plating and renewal, gas taxes, excise taxes and, of course, the corporate income tax as high as 35% (one of the highest in the Western world) which is passed off to the consumer as a cost of doing business.

After all that, you start to wonder who is working for who.

Almost makes an honest day’s work seem foolish compared to being a member of the Free Shit Army.

Who is the real sucker indeed?

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  2. So sadly, far too many people think this is something new. I closed my small (unlicensed, untaxed) business in 1976, after researching what would be required to hire a helper. When I discovered how much it would cost me in taxes and regulations alone, I sold my entire stock and equipment to that would be helper instead. She had family members who could/would work “under the table,” and I did not. I have many ideas for small businesses, but they will never see the light of day unless they can be tried in a truly free market.

    The real miracle, as I see it, is that anyone today wants to start a small business, and even more so that any manage to succeed.

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