Let’s Focus on War by Kaiser Leib

“The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.”

-David Friedman

Anarchists, libertarians, socialists, environmentalists, monarchists, Democrats, democrats, Republicans, republicans, Flemish nationalists and Maori separatists can all see problems in the world. Any group of a hundred human beings selected at random might even be able to reach a consensus as to which problems are gravest; a group selected based on geography, ideology or age is likely to reach a stronger consensus much more quickly. Some such groups might even reach an accord as to the best solution to these problems.

Despite that, ideologically compatible groups seem to spend more time quibbling over minor disagreements than they do attempting to solve the problems they can both recognize. The anti-war Socialist Anarchist and anti-war Anarcho-Capitalist choose to spend time and effort arguing over private property while their tax dollars are used to purchase flying robots to murder Pakistanis. The Libertarian and the environmentalist are liable to start a cat fight over logging and mining rules, disregarding their near-complete agreement on US drug policy. The advocate of free markets and the advocate of free health-care almost certainly share an opposition to the Federal bailouts of large and powerful corporations, but they freely choose to argue with each other about doctor’s bills.

I make two assertions:

  1. That continuing wars of empire are the single greatest threat to human freedom and well-being; and
  2. That a concentrated effort by those who oppose war is more likely to be effective than half-hearted occasional lip service offered by those who spend most of their time arguing about political theater on the internet.

Based on these assertions, I conclude that the best thing a bright, active and motivated lover of humankind can do to improve the overall condition of our species is to loudly, publicly and peacefully take a stand against foreign wars.

Right now, people I respect and frequently agree with are up in arms over undeserved disability payments, appropriate vocabulary, and milk. Meanwhile, we edge ever closer to a declared war with Pakistan and continue to spend money we don’t have building sexy-looking fighter jets we don’t need.

I realize that universal agreement is neither practical nor desirable. But while these wars continue, aren’t they a bigger concern than big-screen televisions for the undeserving, or whether Ron Paul goes to church?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Focus on War by Kaiser Leib”

  1. Friend,

    I hear you loud and clear. I take the anti-war, pro-peaceful solution message to about 40 Christian contacts of mine. Only a few (3/4) have ears to hear. I am in Colombia S.A. (six months) and return to the US soon. I am taking the message of Jesus, to the streets i.e. “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Yes, there is much more, but I’m focusing on that and that and it is, IMO, a grave and grievous sin to vote for or support any candidate who is pro-war, which is about 98% of them. You do these things to the damage of your own soul and destroy the message of Jesus. He is life, not death, He is the Truth, not lies, He is the Way, and the way is straight and narrow and paved with love to your neighbor and to your enemy as well. Your actions in this regard are the proof your love for God is real and not just some emotion or wishful thinking. There is no room for equivocation. It is plain and simple. Go to the poor and the lost and bring life and peace and not death and destruction.

    Get OUT of all forms of government NOW! It is death to your soul and your own body as well, (think Jackboots in the street).

    I am taking this message to the streets, colleges, wherever.

    Fight the good fight my friend.

  2. My Friend,

    I hear you loud and clear. I have been living in Colombia, South America for the last six months and am returning soon (6 mo.’s in US and then off again to S.A. permanently). I put forth the anti-war message to many Christian friends via email. Only a few can hear.
    Pro-war and the support of pro-war candidates (98% of them) is to take the Anti-Christ (all actions of man and government that contain lying, stealing, and killing are against the message of Christ, hence, anti-Christ) into your heart/soul and you are responsible for the consequences, whether you are a voter, politician, war profiteer, or soldier etc.
    I will take the message to the streets in America. I hope that those in the street, college campus’s etc will have ears to hear.
    Stay strong and God bless you
    don lucas

  3. The sad thing is you can go visit web sites where military equipment are discussed about and you’ll see nitpicking going on that’ll boggle the mind. It’s not the fact that these obscenely expensive armaments are completely unnecessary and immoral but people will haggle over technical specifications and just how much more efficient brand x is over brand y in killing someone. The debate, and those engaged in it, are fundamentally evil.

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