What is a Collapsitarian? by Freerifleman

“Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.”

“Men have sacrificed and crippled themselves physically and emotionally to feed, house, and protect women and children. None of their pain or achievement is registered in feminist rhetoric, which portrays men as oppressive and callous exploiters.” 

“A woman simply is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from woman, and it is confirmed only by other men.”

“American feminism has a man problem. The beaming Betty Crockers, hangdog dowdies, and parochial prudes who call themselves feminists want men to be like women. They fear and despise the masculine. The academic feminists think their nerdy bookworm husbands are the ideal model of human manhood.”

“Modern liberalism suffers unresolved contradictions. It exalts individualism and freedom and, on its radical wing, condemns social orders as oppressive. On the other hand, it expects government to provide materially for all, a feat manageable only by an expansion of authority and a swollen bureaucracy. In other words, liberalism defines government as tyrant father but demands it behave as nurturant mother.”

Camille Paglia

Publisher’s Note: I think Paglia may be one of the most original thinkers on sex in out time.

The trans- phenomenon has gained plenty of traction in popular media and academia for a variety of reasons, the victimhood card is, of course, de jure and de facto, putting it at the front of the line. The other reason (among many, all root cause analysis discovers many vectors) is yet another assault on masculinity, no matter the destination of the gender dysmorphia even a transition to “male”; the feminine is always superior to the masculine. The reason is [blood] simple. The masculine impulse will always challenge authority whether government or private, the nature of masculine ambition distilled. This is a partial explanation for the sex deficit of women among libertarians and the all the components ecologies of the anti-state and anti-authoritarian. The dearth of female adherents to anti-statist philosophy may very well be determined by a natural inclination to security and the mistaken perception that only a coercive state can do this.

Hence the media swooning and pearl clutching over the plight and experience of trans folk. One can see that media portrayals of the feminine are shallow, worshipful and tilted in a confirmation bias that favors state violence and aggression to organize society while the media portrayal of men is mostly that of doddering, intellectually stunted sexual predators whose existence is merely guaranteed by female steering and moralizing.

“Toxic masculinity” is the glue that has held human civilization together since time immemorial. The war against men is real and the West is simply rending itself in paroxysms of idiotic indulgence and short-sighted pearl clutching at every vestige of victim-hood, perceived or real.

You see it everyday; in some chilling comments I read lately, the communist interlocutor claimed that both freedom and masculinity has lost and we simply don’t know it because the commanding hights of the media and academia have been collectivist hothouses that have captured the mind of the youth and therein lies the true generational power.

Teach your children well, especially your boys, Their entire future depends on it.

In other news, WRSA was kind enough to publish this PSA for future outlaws on liberty’s teeth.

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My prayers for the San Andreas fault continue.

The Freerifleman was kind enough to provide a short essay on collapsitarianism. Enjoy. -BB

“Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.”

– Marcus Aurelius

“It is always the adventurers who do great things, not the sovereigns of great empires.”

– Montesquieu

I was asked a good question today and thought it was worth mentioning here… along with my answer.

“Communists are clearly trying to destroy the US, what parallel to their effort is Collapsitarian?” This is a fair question, and deserves an in-depth answer.

The Communist Coup is clearly in full-view to anyone not reading braille or drooling tide-pods by now.

This has been their intention all along… to create authoritarian rule in the USSA.

It began in the compulsory indoctrination camps, and made its way through media, entertainment, local, state, and federal government… you cannot look anywhere without seeing minions with a child-like reverence for government. They want to be ruled.

This is happening.

It became apparent, that there was no un-doing the damage they have done… there was no solving this current trajectory towards chattel slavery by political means, or even by political memes (though we love them).

The only sensible action left was to accept the collapse and prepare for the next chapter, instead of losing all trying to protect what had already been corrupted with Utopian Collectivism.

The Communist Coup must disarm Americans to enact any further “progress”.

Whether you believe in a Cabal, the Deep State, BEPIGS or just the fact that powerful people you can’t reach want what you have left, it is happening. The plantation owners are restructuring.

This is your chance to change the future of your progeny. Do not comply with any further attempts at gun control. In fact… if you haven’t already, you need to learn to drive a rifle, or accept that you will be riding a railcar.

Train your loved ones, make your plans.

A failure to plan is a plan to fail…

The beauty of the 2A was that if kept regularly drilled & proficient, it would keep tyranny in check, but Americans have been complacent on a very large scale and have shirked that responsibility onto too small a number of people.

My intent of Collapsitarian as an ideology was to fight the fear… people become immobilized when they are fearful. Fear enables your masters to control you.

Set down your distractions, accept what is coming, and ready yourselves.

Form neighborhood alliances, mutual assistance groups, build your teams, but decentralize your efforts and seek only to lead yourselves.

It is apparent, Communists will not be appeased, as is playing out in Hong Kong right now.

In conclusion, Collapsitarian is the realization that no one is coming to save you. As they chop and attempt to divide this once great people, our home, and our liberties, give them no quarter.

Life, Liberty, & Property.

This We’ll Defend.

6 thoughts on “What is a Collapsitarian? by Freerifleman”

  1. “In conclusion, Collapsitarian is the realization that no one is coming to save you. As they chop and attempt to divide this once great people, our home, and our liberties, give them no quarter.”

    I think your conclusion bespeaks a deep, implicit truth. “Divide and conquer”, “by deceit shall ye prevail” (paraphrased), presumes success in SEPARATION). What is “divide and conquer” but the Hegelian dialectic, “problem – reaction – solution”? One can separate religious people from one another, a people with one religion from others of that people with a different religion. The PTB can separate “racial groups” defined as color of skin or “genetics”, one racial group in one’s country, the other racial group in one’s country, also happy — until made NOT so happy with each other. After all, both BLACK and WHITE LIVES MATTER, right? Or left? Or in-between?

    Based on educational experiences, some delivered by Mother Nature Herself, I think we had better get it together, remove the mote from our respective yes, then go looking for the beam in our neighbors’ eyes. If we succeed in putting our own house in order, all ways, then we might qualify to assist others, friends, family and fellow community members. I start out so late in life I can only hope GOD grants me a few freebies along this Way to contribute. The TRICK, I opine, is to resist further “dividing” maneuvers and proclaim solidarity with those like-minded enough to join in common cause.

    Thanks much to Bill for this post.. Provoked a whole array of positive thoughts., Nice to have a solid break from Doom & Glock (I meant, Gloom!).

  2. What FreeRifleman says is a quite uncomfortable truth, and the sportsball idol crowd should listen but cannot. We, as a population, are so entranced by the boob tube and the nightly lies of the propagandists in the faux news that in their reality everything is hunky dory, and there is really nothing to be said to change that.

    Unfortunately it will take a black swan event to breathe any life into them. By then it will be far too late.

    A clue as to just when events start will be when one notices local politicians under armored escort, along with 24/7 armed security at grocery stores, gas stations etc. Beat cops carrying rifles, armored convoys of cops AND military on public streets, low key, of course, and also noticeable drone activity, vs the activity now that is relatively invisible.

    And the target will be white supremacists, so a decent tan and some hair dye and brown contact lenses might not be a bad investment. Que?

    And a quality rifle! Do not forget a quality rifle!

  3. “…determined by a natural inclination to security”

    That’s putting it nicely. Others are simply born to be slaves — from the ones that won’t leave their abusive men, to the ones that actively seek out abusive men (e.g., NXIVM). The Ms at the S&M club aren’t there because they’re getting a paycheck to be there. Yes, there are men, too, but nowhere near as many..

  4. I noticed an absence of actual specific examples and a lot of generalities. So what, exactly is masculine? Dominance? Power? Beating the crap out of your wife and children because they do not obey? How about fighting to the death for your ideas — You know like the Nazis or the WWII Japanese did?

    And lets look at some “masculine” cultures, like say the Spanish. And compare them to more “feminine cultures, like most of northern Europe with their equality between the sexes. Oh, and did you know that female run businesses, including the 500 largest in the world, those with females in C-suites are 15% more profitable than their more “masculine” counterparts.

    And how about running corporations. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/02/why-companies-with-female-managers-make-more-money.html

    The Peterson Institute for International Economics completed a survey of 21,980 firms from 91 countries and found that having women at the C-Suite level significantly increases net margins.

    Males, cause they can beat up their competitors, and are focused on “winning”, do not do as well as women, because women tend to be co-operative, and are much better at networking.

    So you can take your “masculinity and shove it..

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