Vote Harder! Your Masters Approve by Bill Buppert


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
– Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
– H.L. Mencken

“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”

Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Publisher’s Note: Just watched Free Solo and it is one of the best climbing movies to come out in the least ten years. I love climbing and surfing movies if well done. I never liked team sports and I did both in my misspent youth. Men should only chase leather-bound objects if they are woman. Although I consider the Haka to be the single greatest contribution of team stadium sports to come out in the twentieth century.

Running a new Trij RMR on the G19 with the dual illumination and SOCOM endorsed amber reticle. Went to the range without a proper amount of dry fire practice and mission assurance on the aimpoint. Wasted 55 rds, back to the training drawing board.

Updating ancient handguards (2008) on the AR armory, modern technology gives me stronger and lighter weight M-LOK free float handguards at half the weight from Midwest Industries. The JP Enterprises .308 handguard is a bludgeon weapon by its lonesome.

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Looking forward to the campaign litter of the violence brokers choking the arterials to be cleared after the Helots choose their news masters in November. -BB

Voting is a primary tool for tyrants, they need the blame shifted from themselves to the willing accomplices in the population for the crimes they’ve committed and those uncommitted up to the time they resume their nefarious tasks of threatening, fining, kidnapping, maiming and killing selected Helots who happen to slide into the sight the government machine has focused on its latest rapine project.

I’ve explained in essays before the nuts and bolts of why voting is a declaration of war on your neighbors, friends and family. If a local gang flying colored rags and singing bad songs came to you and said we’re taking half of your shit and we’ll put a surcharge on your misbehavior if you object, some of the men may go to gun but most Americans would simply roll over, expose their bellies and trickle a small amount of urine on themselves to demonstrate agreement to the idea.

Voting is a failure of moral imagination.

You’ll notice a vote in this country is never about changing the system to one of zero theft and initiated aggression on the part of the state. It’s always about a nest of psychopaths offering a menu of the same violent and economically illiterate voodoo that is government bookkeeping and barbaric behavior on residents and non-residents alike. Clinton is a classic candidate in America in that she is a sanctioned crime family member whose obeisance to the law is more nuanced than the average human and she has a penchant to wage war against anyone opposed to her through both ideas and actual violence.

The Clintons and Busheviks have similar crime family DNA. The Republicans have yet to win the Offal Office without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket since 1952.

The last few years have been especially bad for the Wizard of Oz in America because the curtain has been pulled back to expose a rotting maximum government dynasty that seems to seamlessly trace its roots back to the Lincolnian Marxist overdrive applied to the Hamiltonian machine.

I’m not an acolyte of the Constitutional framework and the resulting monster unleashed against the victims in North America and the entire planet after 1893 after the aboriginal population had been mass murdered and reduced to manageable proportions on the continent for America’s imperial project. You are witnessing the apex accomplishment of the Hamiltonian Constitutional construct.

The usual suspects even among the vaunted threeper crowd that secession is legal in Texas and nowhere else always amuses me. I’ve given up on Constitutionalists of every stripe who have become nothing more than Menshevik apologists for a ballooning government. Let me set the record straight: with rare historical exceptions (the Czech-Slovak divorce), secession is never within the legal framework of ANY state.


If you think the BREXIT decision is safe, wait for it. The future portends some interesting wrinkles.

If Texas wants to leave, don’t vote it away. Walk away and cut off all ties. Take a week to secure the borders and establish diplomatic relations with countries abroad first and the American government last.

Yet history is replete with thousands of examples of countries that simply wrested their liberty by force of arms or wholesale refusal to comply with every facet of threats and promises by the losing government. I would daresay that ninety percent of all nation-states in history are born in secession. It wasn’t the US that came to the table in Paris in 1783 to fashion the peace after eight years of war, it was thirteen different nation-states that were formerly fleeced colonies of the Crown in London.

Secession is the natural orchid house for the evolution of new polities and breakaway entities.

Secession is the only vote that counts in history.

Look, nation-states are criminal enterprises dressed up to resemble legitimate storefronts with colored rags blowing in the breeze, bad music crackling on the loudspeaker and splendidly dressed psychopaths singing the odious song of their conquests, promises and future greatness. You’ll note the greatness is usually cloaked in a sacrifice that the violence brokers themselves never dirty themselves with. Your attendance in government schools was nothing more than a finishing process to make sure you as slave people think you’re free.

So what to do with the vote?

I have a suggestion. Never concede a vote.

I know, I know, the fashionable sociopaths coo their soothing words about the peaceful transition of power but what they leave out is there is nothing peaceful about the process. Don’t think so?

Stop obeying, stop complying, stop paying your taxes and refuse the lawful orders of the coproaches. When that patriotic red, white and blue is flashing your rear view mirror, don’t stop.

Yeah, I thought so.

Much of this could have been stopped in its tracks early. Local residents in Philadelphia could have barred the doors of the building the Founding Lawyers were plotting their coup in 1787 and started a bonfire for liberty. Aaron Burr could have shot Alexander Hamilton before the Constitutional ink dried, George Washington’s considerable corpse could have had its knees to the breeze decorating a tree at the end of a hemp rope in Pennsylvania during the Whiskey Rebellion and on and on.

But these are acts of violence! No, these are acts of self-defense.

Refusing concession to the fetid results of a government-sponsored plebiscite is an act of self-defense. I know we all hear the empirical rubbish of the implied social contract and other such paranormal nonsense. As Lysander Spooner would say today, I didn’t sign shit. I looked through all my legal paperwork in the house and failed to find any document that proves the government owns me and directs me as they wish that I agreed to.

 So I want to get this straight as a non-voter. I don’t participate in the criminal enterprise known as voting where my neighbor, family and friends (and complete strangers) are my property to dispose of as I wish if I win a majority. I see this as me showing up at your unjust execution and getting to elect which means they employ to dispose of you. That is morally wrong.

Majoritarian tyranny is morally wrong, bereft of virtue by any estimation. The very concept of participating in a contest in which I must abide by the results involuntarily when I don’t even consent to the results is akin to madness.

Barking mad.

As a matter of fact, who in their right mind can contend that voting has made them free? I am all ears for evidence that attends that conclusion.

I know, I know, this close to the election, I seem to be chattering on and on about it but voting is one of the cruxes of why slave people think they’re free thanks to the ballot box.

Years ago, I had a tilting at windmills moment and decided to run for State Senate so I registered in order to do so. The process was so repugnant and I had conversations with so many of the election illiterati in the local venues that I withdrew and thought better of it. I drafted a letter to the county registrar in 2008 asking to deregister him from the rolls and did the same for myself.

A quick review of why voting is tyrannical:

  • Voting is violence.
  • If voting could change things it would be illegal.
  • Candidates are behaving in the extraordinarily narrow constraints of both legal and government approved standards.
  • Two party systems incentivize monopoly.
  • Increased suffrage across sex lines and socioeconomic strata correlates to an increasing size in government.
  • Voting is an illusion of granting legitimacy.

Have you ever wondered why obviously tyrannical regimes like China, the USSR and Cuba hold elections even though the results are a foregone conclusion? There are only two likely answers: legitimacy and a “voice” in law enforcement. The former is obvious to the casual observer but the latter not so much.How many times have you heard the usual suspects crow on about the importance of a voice and that you may not like the behavior of the regime but you have a choice in which creature you select to “represent” you and they carry the philosophical water?

Strip any government of its policing and law enforcement function and no one will comply with the edicts issued by the elected mandarins and in the US, the venal and corrupt executive that lords over the land like an occupying force. Whether it is the land of the free or a Russian gulag or a Chinese labor camp, cops make governments work; they are the sociopathic pointy business end of all collectivist endeavors.

It then struck me, if no one voted, what excuse would the usual collectivist apologists proffer for the excesses of government?

In other words, how many times have you heard a friend or neighbor say either there ought to be a law or if you want to change it then vote a candidate in. Their a priori assumption is that a candidate must be selected to manage every aspect of their life.

This is why even totalitarian societies like the ones I described earlier do the kabuki dance of voting. It’s a sophisticated rationalization and cover for government abuse and mayhem through the simple shamanistic notion of blaming the victim because they approved the power in the first place. I’ve often described the US as a crazy patchwork quilt of the Milgram/Stanford experiment harnesses to a vast herd of Stockholm Syndrome patients.

No matter how ineffective and murderous the regime, the elected psychopaths and their nomenklatura simply point at the masses of duped participants and claim the holy writ of protection by majoritarian tyranny. Sort of like the serial killer standing over the bloody corpse of his latest prey, pointing at him and caterwauling the victim made him do it.

This is the same sordid excuse you hear from the government gang of thugs known as police and law enforcement. They consistently present the reverse defense of Nuremburg to absolve them of all the crimes and mayhem they have committed as the armed agents of the state.

So to simply add to the list of why voting in a government-sponsored contest is immoral, reprehensible and just plain stupid, you remain a slave who happily and blithely slips a suggestion in the box for your next plantation owner. By doing so, all the mandarins and rulers will look serenely on as they see the next dupe upon whom they place all the blame for their psychopathic behavior.

Remember that all collectivist act like toddlers with guns and a license to kill. Don’t be surprised if your vote has lethal consequences.

The creed of abolitionism is the opposition to all forms of slavery.

What forms of slavery do you support? If your answer is none and you vote, you are deluded.

Own yourself. Resist.

Friends don’t let friends vote. Period.

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others.”

– Lysander Spooner

21 thoughts on “Vote Harder! Your Masters Approve by Bill Buppert”

  1. Sadly I feel a moral and ethical need to vote. Actually nothing sad about it. It’s rare that I support those actually named on the ballot.

    I really want our system to work, for the sake of all of our children. For he sake of the idea referred to as The United States Of America. Life’s about choices, this is my choice.

    Thank you Bill.

  2. :”….peaceful transition of power”

    I absolutely cringe every time I read or hear how elections in America allow for the ‘peaceful transfer of power’.

    The so called winners of elections are guilty of knowingly receiving stolen property which is a crime. The last time I voted was in 1996. It’ll never happen again.

  3. Gents, I’m a flawed man, far from perfect. I voted the day my ballot arrived. Six initiatives wanted to amend the state constitution, as flawed as that doc is, I’m not interested in changing it up, to meet big businesses needs.

    I’ve created my own term limits, I don’t vote for an incumbent, who’s been there more the three terms.

    I recognize my irrational response to election/ politics, there are some good folks in politics, all their buying folks like me is Time.

    The election of DJT, bought us time. I’m grateful for that time.


  4. David: “The so called winners of elections are guilty of knowingly receiving stolen property which is a crime.”

    I never thought of that. That is absolutely true.

  5. Liberty won the great duel back in 1804. Sadly that duel was too late. Hamilton had already birthed his liberty-destroying monster.

    The good news is that Lincoln’s tyrannical republic is breaking up. That’s what happens to republics. Good riddance.

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  7. I’m with Bill. Any voting, or participation for any reason, in a system based on coercion and violence and one unable to tolerate non submission to its myriad malum prohibition laws is immoral and aggressing against your fellow man.

    It cannot be justified.

  8. The more people who vote, the more our “representatives” are empowered to rule over us.
    I dream of a day the government fears the people because the politicians were voted in by less than a few percent of the population.

  9. BB,

    Re: Trijicon RMR on G19.

    My three RMRs are the 2032 battery, adjustable models. Two are 3.25 MoA dot (RM06) on G19 & G19X. The oldest one is the 6.5 MoA dot (RM07) on a S&W M&P 9.

    I ceased shooting the M&P 9/6.5 RMR about 3 years ago. Only reason being my gravitation toward the G19/3.25 RMR. Recently, I started shooting the Smith with the 6.5 MoA RMR again. Was having trouble with both G19s. Decided to shoot the M&P while the G19s were being tended to. Glad I did. Reason being my 3.25 MoA have been giving me starburst-type dots. When I used the 6.5 MoA RMR I was pleasantly surprised that the red dot actually appeared circular ! Rather than the starburst, multi-dot pixelation of the 3.25 RMRs.

    While I would like to satisfy my curiosity as to why the 6.5 MoA is more sharp & circular than the 3.25 MoA RMRs, I will just be happy to enjoy the defined dot of the 6.5 MoA RMR RM07.

    Good luck with your RMR situation.

  10. Hey Bill, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones brother.

    Put together a few things for you, been meaning to send them. Here’s one of them, When you wrote it, I thought you put it about as sublime as it gets. It could be the motto of secession because it defines so much why secession is the only path to true liberty.

    if it doesn’t load, here’s the link where it is posted:

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  12. Posted this earlier, but I think it didn’t go thru. Its basic agitprop, but your quote is splendid. It defines aspects of TINVOWOOT quite well also. I admired it so much had to do something with it. The arrow signifies exit. To the right of course. Tried to make it sticker and T shirt compatible. Its yours to do anything with. I make all my agitprop, such as it is, free open source.

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