Code Blue: Setting the Conditions for Insurgency by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: There is no possible way to fix what the USSA has slouched into. Trump will not save it. The deep state is married to tyranny, absent the ability to regulate horizontally and vertically every taxable entity it tracks and the ability to expand their power. Absent that, it has no purpose.  The government and the country are now one indeterminate entity. Every Helot on the massive plantation mill about thinking they are free. They are wrong.

The next time you wonder at any of your freedoms abridged, extinguished or curtailed, thank a cop.

There is no political actor on Earth who can deny one freedom or abridge one scrap of individual freedom. They need the police. -BB

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The federal government apparatus in America has de facto and de jure federalized all police forces. All the cheap talk by the race hooligans of every pigmentation is fatuous and disingenuous at best.

There is no political actor in Washington who has even challenged the narrative and script that every government supremacist edict in America descends from the Feds. Trump will not change this.

All government is based on theft through taxation.The forcible transfer of your wealth or your friends and families from one pocket to that of the undeserving and unearned. Thousands of years of human barbarism posing as the state testify to this.

Don’t believe it? If overnight, all speeding infractions only garnered insurance points and no filthy loot for the road pirates to obediently collect for their political masters, what would highway patrols and cops do?

As a matter a fact, if all “illegal” drugs become decriminalized overnight, what would the 19,000 police departments strewn like landmines and unexploded ordnance across the fruited plain do.

If every law on the books whose sole victim was the state was removed and decriminalized over the next few days, what would these overfed and trigger-happy Leninists do?

Police forces don’t exist in a vacuum. They have one sole purpose: to enforce the bloody spear-point of the will of their political puppet-masters. Planet-wide, that is the one true function.

From the blunted secession movements like Vermont and Texas to the Drug War to the increasing militarization of the thin black and blue line, one thing becomes crystal clear: the police in the 19,000 departments across America are simply the pointy end (if not intellectually dull and diminished) of all politics. This isn’t simply an American phenomenon. It’s planet-wide and historically correct that absent these armed and uniformed thug forces, no political bad actor could deprive one human being of their liberty and individual volition.

The news and the interwebs are packed with stories and analysis on the emerging police state that is blanketing America. I have written extensively as has the brilliant William Grigg on the morbid details of the police state in all of its grotesque and totalitarian glory.

Now we hear the usual suspects in the government media complex mewling and writing in panic at a war on police. No such war exists, yet.

This is the world the “war on cops” has made; one in which police kill unarmed people regularly yet claim to be under attack themselves. Even as some high-profile commentators have proclaimed that Black Lives Matter, they still act as if police lives matter more. Pundits who lament the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile protest the “horrific murders” and “cold-blooded killings” of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Were Sterling and Castile’s deaths not horrific? Why is there no attention to the blood temperature of the officers who killed a 37-year-old man for selling CDs on a sidewalk or who pulled over a 32-year-old man for a broken taillight and a “wide-set nose” and ended up shooting him to death in front of his girlfriend and her four-year-old child?

As of this date, the cops have stacked up hundreds of corpses murdered this year in the streets (this number does not include what I suspect is much larger corpse-count in the vast Federal and satrap gulag system across the country). I have to make my standard disclaimer that I think this is highly suspect as a lower number due to mis-, under- and non-reporting by the authorities on these Helots murdered across the country. Of course, British newspaper has to provide the numbers because the fiscally strapped Feds can’t bother with maintaining such a database.

Be very careful combing these numbers, dozens of Helots were murdered by police wielding “less than lethal” tasers during this same year and that number just so happens to be a more than the number of line of duty deaths for cops in America for the year by their own admission. Very few cops have died as a result of criminal mayhem directed toward their person, the remaining figures have nothing to do with this to include 9/11 illnesses and vehicular pursuit. You should check out the number of officially protected K9s who die of asphyxiation every year at the hands of their bungling handlers.

Also keep in mind that the police will blame others for their own firearms mischief and apparent suicides will be ruled as “negligent discharge” to protect the insurance coverage of fallen officers.

How do you know a cop is lying? His mandibles are moving. So I take all of these numbers from the police with a grain of salt. It is in their interest to unnecessarily pump up their numbers. Remember, this is one of those curious lethal occupations where ALL investigations of misbehavior are investigated by the malefactors themselves in concert with a legal system that needs to protect the primary input vendor to keep the legal-incarceration complex running at peak capacity.

Many observers have been watching for a shift in perception of the presence of police officers and it appears more Americans are waking up to the fact that the obese buzz-cutted, military-clad Officer Friendly preying on communities nation–wide are not the legendary peace officers of old (which I would suggested never existed). That’s why the gear vendors make regular production tactical pants for badged Orcs that are 60″ at the waist. 60″!

Some are speculating egged on by the police community itself and its Leninist unions that a war on police is afoot. I would say that is not the case now but we are at the cusp of that becoming a reality.

The conditions for an insurgency to emerge are many but two of the primary ingredients are legitimacy of the government the perceived and real grievance by the mass base. One can suppose that the black community in the inner cities has been under siege for far longer than any of the other enclaves in America but ever since the national security state came into its own in 2001 in the War on Terror, US policing has taken on an even more savage offensive against all Americans with the increasingly militarized escalation-domination rubric that has informed every cop’s behavior in 19,000 police department occupying the country from stem to stern. You can go elsewhere for thousands of videos and same number of essays and articles explaining in fine detail the anecdotal and increasing evidence of the police being the singular existential threat to all human liberty.

I simply want to observe that Newton’s Third Law per action and reaction is ironclad in many societal frameworks and this is one of those. When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. I suspect we are nearing this point in America in reaction to the barbarous policing regime extant across the land.

The tipping point for random and deliberate acts of retaliation on police forces is real. There are seven million Americans presently on probation, parole and in a in a cage from the local to the Federal level, most for non-violent offenses and illegal vegetation. Now every one of those humans has extended families that are affected by the one person snared in the legal system. The cops are simply the violent concierges conducting a new-fangled fugitive slave patrol to keep the cages filled and the population cowed to obedience to the state.

As a student of irregular warfare, one finds astonishing parallels in history and contemporary conflicts where the policing mechanism of a dominant polity created the condition for the insurgencies to flourish. That is in motion in the US as we speak. Historically, the “iron fist” reaction has never slowed down an insurgency and simply swelled tis ranks. If the police in America do go “full retard” and get their war-face on to tackle this emerging phenomenon, there will be no retreat and the resistance will increase in size and the escalation-domination-kinetic complex that informs all American policing methodologies is going to lead to the emergence of some rather sporty activities for which they are not prepared.

The police may dress the part with all the gifts rained on the departments by the Federal government to be “dressed to kill” but a large part of successful military action depends on training that realistically clones the anticipated conditions. This has not been the case. Every cop in America today wants to get their “operator” on and be there when the rounds fly to defend Team America from the terrorist hordes but the glimmering realization is that I stand a far greater chance of being struck by lightning twice and consumed by a Great White shark than being involved in a foreign-borne “terrorist incident”. But then again, I stand a far greater chance of being maimed and killed by a cop than a criminal in America today because I carry a gun as a turd civilian.

There are currently approximately a million state badged enforcers in the thin [in name only] black and blue line and they have yet to encounter stiff resistance to their nation-wide terror campaigns. They even boast of a being a “wartime” department during the latest spate of police shootings where in turnabout they appear to be hunted by. And remember that if any of you have seen the movie “The Great Escape,” those fifty-murdered British/Dominion airman weren’t liquidated in cold blood by the Wehrmacht or the SS but the Gestapo and Kripo, German police organizations because the cops will do what their political masters order them to do. That is what all police forces are designed to do.

This is just the beginning.

When one peruses the historical case studies of insurgency, you discover that police forces were important trigger mechanism to create the conditions for resistance and rebellion. As the most visible and palpable representation of politics from on high, the police are proud in America to proclaim the Nuremberg Defense as sufficient cause for all action and behavior on their part. These aren’t simply reactions to military over-reach but most start with policing authorities weaponizing political will of the dominant statist faction which has been bifurcating government supremacist party since Lincoln’s consolidation of the American plantation in 1865.

Several years ago, one middling former government apparatchik of modest martial skills froze the entire state of California in fear and had the law enforcement apparatus wetting themselves in terror and opening fire on innocents who matched neither personal nor vehicle description of the alleged fugitive.

I can’t predict what the trigger mechanism is but the vaunted state media-education sycophancy project to put a smiley face on police brutality, Goebbels-gargle the hero worship meme and bow and scrape before the police union menace is wearing thin on large swaths of the target population. Why did Governor Scott Walker exempt police and firefighters from his union destroying law?

Lone wolves like Dorner et al is not the only threat looming on the horizon nor singular individuals or family members revenging for jailed, maimed and murdered family members. There are millions of veterans in this country who have seen the elephant unlike most of the self-entitled constabulary stalking the land. Much like the Irish Rising and hundreds of embryonic rebellions in history, the strike of the match may be lit by something completely unanticipated.

If the police raid the wrong house gunning down dogs, shoving naked women about or otherwise ravaging private property, they may spark a reaction they aren’t prepared by individuals who know what they are about.

I am hoping none of this materializes but I have never seen a starker tinderbox in America since 1860 than the perfect storm of maximum government, unaccountable police who murder at will and emerging economic calamity that can be traced directly to the state’s doorstep.

There’s a storm coming.

“Stop resisting” the impulse to do the right thing. Your children deserve better than any of us have done.

They hate you for your freedom and you can thank a cop for that.

18 thoughts on “Code Blue: Setting the Conditions for Insurgency by Bill Buppert”

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  2. Most of the cops I know (which isn’t many) are high school graduates and never spent a day in ‘higher education’. Why is that? Obviously (I know) because a person of lower intelligence and therefore limited opportunity is much easier to control and direct. (Look at the hoards of ghetto vermin as a parallel example.)

    Also, to the man, they have recent combat experience, an apparent prerequisite to joining ‘The Force’. Why is that I ask? Could it be, just rhetorically speaking, that TPTB want killers in their police forces? People who have already ‘legally killed’ other men and women and who won’t suffer any moral upheaval when told to wade into a line of protesters and start cracking skulls? Or shoot an unarmed mother in the head nursing her infant child? (Ruby Ridge)

    What do you actually own these days? Your home? Try not paying your tax bill and see how long you’re allowed to ‘own’ it.

    Your car? Try not paying the registration tax and see how long you can drive on public roads.

    Your estate. Nope! Try not paying federal extortion taxes and see what happens.

    Your children? Nope! Try not sending your kids to public indoctrination centers and refuse to inoculate your offspring against ailments they have about 1:billion chance of contracting.

    Know this: LEO is the bloody, dripping point of the spear that will come knocking at a no-knock raid at 0-dark-thirty to force you, at gun point, to comply….or else.

    There is no war on cops. Yet.

  3. I wonder how many have read that “Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn” and really pondered on it…The two things that stand out to me are I think each one thought maybe they aren’t coming for me and I will be left alone and two I don’t know or trust my neighbors to band together to waylay the security agents…So the state apparatus was able to round them up one by one…There was a quote by Brushbeater a while back about we don’t need more Liberty we need “the power” to make and then keep our Liberty which as Individuals we will never have…The last line of that quote says “We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” will apply to us as well because we were too stupid/blind to see what needs to be done…Sad That…

  4. “Several years ago, one middling former government apparatchik of modest martial skills froze the entire state of California in fear and had the law enforcement apparatus wetting themselves in terror and opening fire on innocents who matched neither personal nor vehicle description of the alleged fugitive.”

    Then the magic-blue-costumed ones knowingly attempted to burn alive said middling former government apparatchik.

    1. I always wonder where are the menfolk related by blood or marriage by these women mauled and murdered by coproaches?

  5. As soon as the community gets police, they stop being community. Used to be the elders of the community reared young boys as they went through their puberty years, knowing full well, the boys were going to act out, they either removed them to be taught, or set them off on a mission to become a man.

    Oh how. things have changed.

    First we send them to the mind laundry, then we teach them to tell on their friends.

    Then we tell them bullshit like, ‘you can’t take the law into your own hands’.

    Pretty soon we hear, ‘if you see something say something’.

    Of course if you see a cop violently attacking, maiming, kidnapping or raping your neighbor, and you say something……

    We are so fucked.

    I respect the petty thief who sticks a gun or a knife in my face more than any clown outfitted orc employed by any level of any government whatsoever anymore.

    Pray this whole thing burns to the ground ,it cannot happen soon enough.

    As always thank you BB.


  6. I may be mistaken, but I think the Solzhenitsyn quote is from The Gulag Archipelago. It’s a book that my parents had on their shelves, and a book I’ve read 3 times over the years. It is hard for us to imagine these things in “our” land; we have no experience with it. I believe that the key to being better prepared, is to start imagining.

  7. This global police state was all predicted long ago in George Orwell’s deliberately prophetic novel, “1984.” But few people understood what he was telling us over 75 years ago.

    What he didn’t tell us was that this has been predicted in the Bible for thousands of years as the perfect fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy. The Jewish global elites who are behind all this and ewho have hijacked our world and nation decades ago are Khazar impostors posing as Jews that Christ warned us about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 as being the synagogue of Satan, aka the Antichrist of these end times. But no one bothers to read the Bible and even fewer understand what it says. So we get what we deserve.

    The big story here is not the global police state. The big story is the second coming of Christ that will happen very soon and which almost no one dares to talk about out of fear of Jewish reprisals for their having the courage to do so. And so the playing pretend and denying objective reality continues on… Most people prefer it that way. Otherwise, this madness would have ended long ago. Morality doesn’t mean very much to most people. That’s how we got here.

  8. “There’s a storm coming.” Indeed!

    The people who answer “it’s the price we pay for a civilized society” are the same people who would speak positively of the necessity of cannibalism as they smacked their lips gnawing on their neighbor during a food shortage…

  9. I loved the irregular warfare podcasts you did with Prof CJ, and this raises the same question for me: who’s going to take part in this insurgency?

    The Right – the armed civilians, by and large – love Trump and adore the very police excesses Grigg so rightly deplores. They love big government – Big War, Big Police State, and even Trump’s rebranded Bernienomics – when he dishes it out to them.

    Meanwhile the Left is voluntarily disarmed; and when they say, “Resist,” they mean, “Let’s make a hashtag!”

    Who would be willing and able to rise up, given those circumstances?

    1. “The Right – the armed civilians, by and large – love Trump and adore the very police excesses Grigg so rightly deplores. They love big government – Big War, Big Police State, and even Trump’s rebranded Bernienomics – when he dishes it out to them.”

      Gotta ask man: What color is the sky in your world?

      The only people that “adore the very police excesses” are the police themselves, and the politicians they protect, in a one-hand-washes-the-other fashion.

      The rest of us see them as exactly the occupying army they’ve become.

      The right and alt-right didn’t elect Trump to perform the same rape of the Constitution we’ve watched for years going on decades, from both sides of the Uniparty; they elected him to blow it up.

      If you didn’t get that memo, you’re horribly misinformed, and way out of your depth.

      1. The only people that “adore the very police excesses” are the police themselves, and the politicians they protect, in a one-hand-washes-the-other fashion.


        Honored you would stop in, I enjoy your commentary. My canvassing of the right does show a disproportionate “Lee Greenwood” Goebbels-gargling of the coproach. The endless stream of hero worship, muh laws(!) and insistence on compliance is legion.

        The rest of us see them as exactly the occupying army they’ve become.

        You and I see that but I think you may be assuming too many folks who actually grok that.

    2. The Nevada and Oregon ranchers stood up and few cared enough to understand why. Then rancher LaVoy Finnicum was murdered by some special forces and almost no one even batted an eye. Now we have a good number of these resistor’s facing trumped up charges in federal court and fewer are watching these self important judges destroy the Constitution. Very tragic for our offspring.

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  11. There is a Legal way to restrict or abolish excessive government power/authority. It is called Jury Nullification! It is the legal ability of a Jury to ignore the law and deliver a verdict that clears the accused of the violation of that law. We the people are the members of that Jury. And we the people have the Legal right, the moral right, the Authority to negate (Nullify). Any law we consider to be wrong: morally or legally.

    1. That’s the problem, we the people don’t (nullify). People in general are so far removed from the principles of our founding that they can hardly tell which way is up. This has to do with our national rejection of the only paradigm in which freedom can exist–moral internal governance based on biblical principles. Moreover, the jury selection process is geared by both defense and prosecution colluding together, to excise any legitimate conscience from the panel.

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