Guest Post: Who Do We Blame? by Sean Hofhine

Publisher’s Note: I rarely have guest posts but I will make exceptions. I met Sean in Tucson when I moved here through a mutual friend and he is a tremendous intellect and a first-class weapons-man of the highest order. He offers his thoughts here on the tragedy in Orlando.

He hosts Brushfires of Freedom at 1300-1400 local (AZ) on Sundays here locally at KQTH (FM 104.1). -BB



Well of course in the aftermath of this weekend’s shooting in Orlando, (and the fact that we have way too many news outlets with nothing more to do than incite more fear in this country), there are going to be the usual cries from all corners of the known universe for more gun control, or the other side will call for some type of ban on ‘radical Islam’.

We will have people call this an act of terror, a hate crime, and of course we have the twenty-four hour news cycle with the well placed graphics for the next week,’ Terror in Orlando’, along with the rolling Alert across the bottom of the screen.  It’s seems ridiculous to a guy like me that there could be two ways to report this, but I have already seen that there can be a left-right paradigm for reporting a crime.

And then there’s a guy like me who has removed himself from left-right politics and has a different theory.

I call this a particularly evil act perpetrated on innocent people that had been effectively trained to subcontract their safety to their federal, state and local overlords.  In the world I live in, I have always known that my personal safety is the responsibility on only one person.


My life, liberty and property are not anyone else’s problem, and I would be stupid to think any other way.  I have complete understanding of the scope and sphere of my world, and what I can change within that scope and sphere.  Although I have actually tried to expand my sphere of influence through my radio show, I still understand that throughout the day, no matter what anyone thinks or says, my personal safety is my problem, and in fifty years I have been able to take that task seriously enough to have, other than normal scrapes, cuts and abrasions, (and the standard breakdown of the body from years of overuse) kept myself with all my fingers and toes in a pretty dangerous business.  There is no one at my job-site every day to keep me and my guys safe on a twenty-four hour basis.  I’m supervision and management, so my general theory is I must keep the interest of the company at heart, so as to keep myself employed, and protect the investment and capital of the owner.  But along with that I know that I must protect myself from injury at my job, every minute of every day.

No matter the amount of people employed by OSHA, MSHA, ADOSH or any other of the alphabet agencies that are ‘here to make the workplace safe for workers’, they cannot keep me safe, they are historical writers of fact and do nothing but generate revenue for a starving state under the guise of keeping your workplace safe.

Using logical thinking then, if there were any type of accident in any workplace whatsoever, the accident chasing lawyers would at first sign of the dust settling, furiously file lawsuit after lawsuit against the aforementioned alphabet agencies because they failed to do their job as they described it.

I’m sure you may actually be starting to understand where I’m going with this.  You know that we can’t hold government agencies accountable to do their stated purpose, and when they don’t do what they are tasked with, holding them civilly or criminally accountable for that is nearly impossible.

So we see the cars going by with the lights on top, that say things like ‘to protect and serve’, and yet there is no possible way they can protect you.   More importantly, if they don’t you cannot hold them accountable for not protecting you.

Look at the facts in the case in Orlando, and you see that when the police arrived on the scene, with overwhelming force, knowing for a fact that there was an active shooter inside, they held cover in the street for more than three hours, while victims inside died from loss of blood. This will not be widely reported, because if you know this you can start to come to terms with the facts that must be dealt with.

You and you only must be willing to be able to come to terms with the fact that your personal safety is no one’s responsibility but your own.  Period, end of story.

Now comes a little more uncomfortable fact, in Arizona, and with the consent of the governed, we are (necessarily THEY SAY) disarmed in a place that serves alcohol if the sign on the door says so, concealed weapons permit or not.   So the politicos that we elect, because we have decided to be emasculated by the state, have decided that places like the one in Orlando,( which has the same law as Arizona),are free fire zones.

I call them killing fields for the criminal type’s intent on doing the most damage possible with the least possible chance of resistance.

Politicians who decide this, the blood is on your hands if it happens here.  Although I know that is not something you’ll hear, (most likely anywhere else), it has to be said.  Crime is crime, I’m sick of pre-crime, thought crime, and imagined offenses that did no damage to person or property becoming a crime, and the fact that I live in a society where people can’t imagine normal people in a bar with guns, pick up a fucking newspaper, look at the headline and tell me why he walked into the bar with a gun. Not just a gun, but a rifle.


So why would you think any political entity could keep you safe?  The politicians wrote a law, it didn’t work.  They took your taxes and built a police force, that didn’t work.  The FBI has a background check, what we call the NICS system, that didn’t work.  That, (if you want to use logic and conform your mind to reality), leaves you to examine your belief system and hopefully come to one conclusion.

You and you only are responsible for your safety, and anyone who denies you every opportunity to do that is nothing but a fraud and should be called out publicly as such.

I read four words in the second amendment, Shall Not Be Infringed, and anyone who does, says or acts differently, (as far as infringing your rights), is nothing but a liar, a fraud or an aspiring tyrant.  Period.

I will call them out as such, and I will not associate with anyone that calls for any type of gun law whatsoever, while they call themselves ‘Constitutional conservatives’.  Their words, not mine, I conform to a different thought process.  At least be honest and call yourself what you are, a statist cowering for their protection while you claim to be free.

I have a different theory than most because I’m just plain honest.  And I realize that freedom is not what most people in this state, (and furthermore in this nation of states) want.  They want happiness.  They want a safety net, because they fear nearly every type of failure.

Fear is a choice, one I am trying very hard to remove from my life.

Freedom is dangerous, because first you must realize that your failure is not something we should socialize, it should have dire consequences.

Then you have to come to terms with the fact that the state, at any level, cannot be charged with your safety.

That is first and foremost your responsibility; any one that tells you different is a liar and a fraud.

I will as of now make my job calling them out at every opportunity.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Who Do We Blame? by Sean Hofhine”

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  2. I think if one doesn’t grasp the concept it all begins with each of us, specifically act on this truth, you are committing double jeopardy self imposed slavery on yourself. Self determination is the pivot pin of realizing true liberty, without it how can one anchor ones primal freedoms on this lynchpin of liberty?

    I know it isn’t so simple in practice, yet it is the basis of everything, that it all begins with self. Pluralism is like that, agrarianism, the spiritual, the paradox of the spirit, both self and the holy one and the connection to the dirt and the heavens, the spiritual, it is all connected or it isn’t. And that is all the difference. Secession and abolition begins with the heart, no matter what it is abolished. How can one undertake such the most profound action imaginable otherwise? And that is just it, it is action, that motive power of liberty.
    So much of tyranny involves destroying, denying, obfuscating, dissimulating, misleading, grifting, robbing, and eliminating the facets and sphere of self determination. The cultural marxists particularly adept at ruling souls. It is the instruments of the state as ruling souls. It is totalitarian. And those souls who are waylaid, whether by choice, submittance tacit or otherwise, ignorance, or as willing dupes, they become weapons of the state, proxies, against self determination. It is social peer pressure with a vengeance, attacking the vulnerable weakness of the heart and spirit for freedom and self determination. A wicked foil.

    I think even the stoutest of us, in mind and spirit, of heart and soul, our steadfastness is tried and tested to it’s utmost by the cunning meddling and manipulations of the state and its actors, for it is insidious if this state is nothing else. The administrative tyranny of the state is to eat out our existence. Yet, there is a paradigm of liberty underlying all this force of the state, for as it robs people of everything it free’s many of their reluctancies and fears of the state, because consent of all things is something the state can never take or force, it is unique in itself consent is something that only can be given, and that is the conundrum the state and its actors are faced with. That consent, it has as myriad of forms as there are individuals, and as there are ways of self determination, but the one unifying thing amongst all the forms of our individual consent, it manifests itself of in all thing’s, our arms, weapons, specifically the combat rifle.

    It is fascinating, that this inanimate object, which is the first thing, property, and both a very portable, and practical property it being, is a projection, literally, and figuratively, of our consent, a lethal representative of consent also. So keeping ones rifle, is both spiritual in the sense it is the true bulwark, both the symbol in defense of ones consent, and self determination, in the face of force otherwise, and like it all begins with each of us, the primal defense of that self defense is our arms, regardless of, in spite of, the reasons and causes notwithstanding, in absolute ultimate terms, the threat and foe of our consent. And there in lies the roots, and the actions, the spirituality and principles, the power of our individual, and our plural, our provincial, and our agrarian, our tribal and cultural freedom.
    The proof is self explanatory of these things of liberty. What is that the actors of the state wish to deny us, what are the focus of their actions, where do they appoint their greatest tyrannical resources, of above all else? Our Arms, and the will to use them against them, and in defense of, our self determination and consent, and the components of our liberty which are inextricably linked.

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