An Open Letter to Glenn Beck on His Adored Police State

Mr. Beck,

I’ve been both astonished and amused at your success. I think you have taken some courageous steps as a media personality, such as leaving the cesspool of the American northeast to strike your own media brand in Texas. You’ve established your own independent media outlet. You have plumbed history in a way for most folks that they weren’t accustomed to in school. This, in spite of your recent admiration for the historical quack and Evanjellyfish, David Barton who makes Michael Bellesiles look like a model historian.

You didn’t always arrive at the right conclusions, but asked important questions.

But now I suspect you have made a faux pas that puts any of your good works in the hazard.

You’ve become the police apologist that every lover of freedom and liberty in America dreads. Frankly, this is morally monstrous on your part because you’re rationalizing the very worst aspect of any government on Earth throughout history; the notion that you must take a bat or worse to anyone who dares to defy or disobey the state and its armed functionaries in ensuring all statist edicts are obeyed no matter how asinine, immoral or ineffective. You endorse the initiation of force against innocents. It’s much like cheer-leading the Cheka in the USSR. “We need to address a few bad apples on both sides of the line.”

The kind of person who buys the dissembling narrative of the thin black and blue line. You’ve gone so far as to call for a national day of prayer to stand up for the “besieged” police forces nationwide. All 19,000 departments, chock-full of unionized armed Leninists whose only loyalty is to the rulers, and whose only task is to be the pointy and bloody end of all laws across the fetid plain. Apparently, they’re a bloated and self-serving government union you can get behind. Next, you will be a champion for the NEA and AFT.

Cops hit, steal and kidnap for a living, by statist fiat. They employ the impossible moral calculus that immoral means will yield moral ends. They advance the absurd notion that the Nuremberg defense will cover everything they do.

The police are the standing army the Anti-Federalists warned us about.

Some cops get killed, everyone loses their minds and the police fill their pants in fear and fury. Yet for every cop killed in the US, thirty civilians perish at their hands.

Thirty to one. Forty one have died from “non-lethal” tasers alone this year. Forty one, almost twice the number of police dead so far in “criminal” encounters on the job. This nearly twice the number of cops fallen at the hands of “criminals”.

Because the cops have stacked up 787 corpses this year alone, as of now; mostly on pretenses that would put normal mundanes in the hazard in the judicial system. Their special status gives them a license to murder at will.

Mind you, I don’t trust the number and think it is low due to non-, under- and mis-reporting by the legal apparatchiks and their cheerleaders in the media. After all, the Feds don’t maintain a database of civilians killed by police. No, that task falls on a British newspaper and a few dedicated individuals nation-wide who try to track this. This certainly doesn’t include the vast  gulag (largest per capita on Earth) the US maintains in its many cage systems for human livestock, from the local to the Federal level.

Robert Higgs make the cogent case why good cops are merely a chimera and a mirage.

“The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

We need only consider the following:
(1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;
(2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;
(3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

There are no good cops.”

All laws.

All malum prohibitum laws that have no victim but the state, and no beneficiary except the government.

The rule of law is a myth, but you think otherwise. You think that there is some magic judicial bullet that always embraces liberty at the expense of government, thanks to the robed government employees who command the heights of the wretched legal enterprise in the US.

For instance, if rule of law works then how do you square the existence of the 1934 NFA, 1938 FFA, 1939 US v. Miller, 1968 GCA, 1986 FOPA and all the other firearms prohibitions since then with a clear and unambiguous reading of the Second Amendment by your beloved Constitutional judiciary?

You claim abjectly silly things like the following:

“He played video of Sharpton saying: “We need the Justice Department to step in and take over the policing in this country. In the 20th century they had to fight states’ rights to get the right to vote. We’re going to have to fight states’ rights in terms of closing down police cases…”

“It’s not about race,” Beck interpreted. “It’s about handing more power to the central government. The DOJ taking over policing — does that sound ridiculous? … The only chance it would ever gain traction is during a crisis. So Al Sharpton travels to Baltimore and cashes in on. the crisis!”

If you don’t think that all policing in the US is de facto and de jure Federalized, you have been asleep at the wheel. Here’s a pop quiz: name a recent case in which the Feds didn’t originate the law. Prohibition works? Illegal vegetation has been the most effective way, since the Feds weaponized it in 1972, to provide all the conditions necessary to make surveillance by the state the vast totalitarian success story it is today. With the Drug War, your beloved government was able to make transparent every human transaction, whether the use of cash or money structuring or using dogs to nullify the Fourth Amendment protections in every encounter with the police.

I could go on but the evidence is all around you but you are blind to it.

You can rationalize away my assumptions all you want but you have no desire to press for smaller government because you embrace, endorse and apparently love the police state otherwise your intellectual sobriety and moral compass would make you reconsider your endorsement of the police in toto.

Your Goebbels-gargling of the police state calls into question not only your present judgment but the entire corpus of history you have championed as a critic of Progressivism when in in truth you are a champion of bigger government and the leviathan state..

Sure, this country seceded from the British Empire for a number of reasons, among which were weapons and ammunition confiscation, obnoxious taxes and regulatory mistreatment of the North American colonists. These same colonials would not have been on Lexington Green if the precursor to police forces at the time, the British Regulars, had not marched out of Boston 19 April 1775 to seize weapons and ammunition among other declared contraband.

Listening to you now, I know you would have been among the King’s most virulent apologists as an unrepentant Loyalist Tory wanting to rain hell on the colonials for daring to rebel against mistreatment by the King’s armed men.

There have been many police apologists in history. The state can’t exist without the power of an armed band at their beck and call to apply the lash and wield the bat against the unwilling and uncooperative. Just try to grok this simple question: Absent police power, how could any man be stripped of his liberty and freedom by government?

Samuel Adams was speaking of you when he said:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

It turns out that you’re simply another government supremacist media fraud like Hannity and Limbaugh and all their confreres on the Left and Right who wish not for freedom, but simply more comfortable manacles and a quiet obeisance to your betters in Mordor on the Potomac.

I can only guess at your motivations; it may as crass as you’re seeking to curry favor so your police encounters will be more favorable . Who knows? But clearly you’ve picked a side.

For you, obedience to government trumps adherence to your moral framework. Otherwise, you may notice that the United States is too big to succeed at anything but tyranny.

Good luck with your unabashed faith in the cops to make you free.

I would say resist but you may consider that gauche in your treasured police state.


34 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Glenn Beck on His Adored Police State”

  1. Excellent points, Bill. I’ve taken note of some of them for my own benefit.

    It doesn’t change the content of your open letter but Beck’s motivations are much more rooted in his Mormonism that he’d ever publicly admit.

    1. tigerlily,
      I have run across your videos of police misconduct and fighting motorcycle helmet laws. Here in Mi, they relaxed the laws a few years ago, no blood running in the streets, as threatened, like they threatened when they passed concealed carry laws.

      Now, out of state insurance interests are trying to change the laws to save the ins. co’s. money. How predictable.

      Just wanted to say I know of you and am impressed by your work. Thank you from one who loves America to a true Patriot. People like you give hope to ordinary people like me that maybe it isn’t too late.

  2. My wife is an apologist for some of the police. We have a nephew who is a cop in a Northwest city and another in my wife’s bible study is a cop in California.

    Both are “Good Christian Men” so they would not do anything bad.

    1. I suspect they will do what they’re told no matter what and they can always plead Romans 13 even if they’re applying wood shampoos to pro-life protesters outside a government-approved infanticide factory.

  3. Cumberland Minuteman

    Beck is a libertarian only within his own claims. I have never ONCE heard that guy invoke the NAP. He is just trying to jump on the new philosophical express train.In fact he is a siren towards the cause. A fake and a phony. I hope he gets repeatedly tazed on the way home for not coming to a complete stop on a deserted road.

    I hope he reads my comments and it makes him cry.

  4. Bill,

    Since discovering your site about a year or so ago it has become one of my two favorite sites I read and digest. I found about 10 years ago and read daily and was responsible for setting me firmly on the path of Libertarianism, the NAP and anarcho-capitalism. Through LRC I discovered and read Mises, Hoppe, Hayek, Spooner. My curriculum is now complete with your site as it has clearly and logically made plain for all to see if they choose to open their eyes and minds that human society does not need the State to peacefully coexist.

    I continue to share links to both sites with family, friends and professional acquaintances and with them have actually succeeded in lifting the veil gradually from their sight. Keep up the tremendous work you do on behalf of individual liberty and freedom.

    Maybe, just maybe there’ll come a day when the institution of the State will be relegated to the trash bin of history as the abject and horrible failure it is.

  5. The men who followed through on the arrest warrant of Kim Davis and imprisonment diktat handed down by the black robed Nasgal’s of the Nomenklatura are not worthy of being considered men.

    Those cops put Kim Davis in jail, obeyed the directives of tyrants, to put Kim Davis in irons, for the “crime” of being Christian, until Kim Davis denies her belief in Christ and converts to being a statist slave.

    Because she refused to issue marriage licenses to sexual perverts.

    For “the crime of contempt of court”?

    The only contempt that exists is the contempt for Kim Davis’ and our Liberty.

    The crime that exists here is the unforgivable crime of denying Kim Davis of her rightful primal liberty, and all complicit in this heinous act of totalitarianism.

    1. “Sexual perverts”? So you’re aware that the police force are nothing more tyrant puppets but yet you consider being gay a perversion… Interesting

    2. Centurion_Cornelius

      That, Sir, could not have been said better!

      It used to be only 3 Stooges (and they were hilarious), but now it’s “thousands of stooges in black robes,” thugs and perverts, who make me cry.

      KIM DAVIS–her name will go down in annals of American liberty!

      1. Perhaps it is time for the state to get out of the business of issuing marriage licenses. then no ones religious belief will be involved. or did kim davis also make sure that the licenses she issued were only given to people who were both Christians, or who were not living in sin, etc., etc.?

        I am a Christian, but I find it upsetting when people wish to be two faced about their Christianity. Just like people who bomb abortion clinics. Hello? I hate abortion, but to murder abortion workers doesn’t seem like it really is, oh, I don’t know, the Christ like thing to do.

        Before someone starts saying I am a liberal troll who is not really a Christian, I have heard it before, and believe me you could not be further from the truth. I just prefer my walk with Christ to be genuine, based on truth, knowing that I fail, and not trying to be something to others, while inside I am someone else. I am just me, with God and with people. I speak truth. ALL truth. Not just that which is convenient.

        Kim Davis had a chance to do something that would have honored God. She could have resigned from her high paying post. She would have lost her media gig, but her conscience would have been clear. Her name will be known by the country now, but at what cost?

    3. Doug –

      Let me preface this by saying that I am a Christian and an abolitionist. You could not be more wrong about Kim Davis. Many Christians are making a fuss about her and how she is being persecuted.

      Let’s see. She got into bed with Caesar the moment she ran for elected office. And she is paid with money stolen from people who may or may not have elected her. She is the epitome of being a statist slave!

      She hides behind the fact that she is Christian yet I am curious if she applies the same moral standards to everyone who visits her kingdom. Does she query people about whether they have had extramarital relationships? Does she ask people about their past sexual history? Does she deny people marriage licenses who have been divorced? These are all things that fall within the scope of sin, right?

      To my Christian friends I have these very simple questions when it comes to marriage:

      Would you as a Christian recognize the validity of a marriage that is performed in church by a church official without a state license?

      Would you as a Christian recognize the validity of a marriage that is performed at city hall with a state license but not sanctified in a church by a church official?

      Would you as a Christian recognize the validity of a marriage that is performed by a lay person who is licensed by the state to perform marriage but who has no church affiliation?

      Would you as a Christian recognize the validity of a marriage that is performed in a non Christian church (Unitarian as an example) or environment with a state issued license?

      Would you as a Christian support legislation that strengthens the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by nullifying any government benefits for people who divorce?

      Should Christians recognize the legitimacy of a marriage between a male and female conducted by a civil authority not in a church? What if that civil authority is an atheist?

      Should Christians recognize the legitimacy of a marriage between a male and female conducted in a church by a Christian minister but not registered with the state via marriage license?

      Should the state / society recognize the legitimacy of a man and woman conducted in a church but unlicensed?

      Should Christians recognize the legitimacy of a marriage conducted by someone licensed through Universal Life Church or some other internet ordination entity?

      How these questions are answered goes a long ways into determining how a person feels about the state and government.

  6. Bill, here is a open missive to go along with what you published above.

    It’s not the exact wording of what Martin writes, but a plurality that is rejecting and refusing to comply with the state he is speaking of I believe is of such profound importance.
    It is only a small leap of comprehension and faith to abolition from here.

    I contend it is a simple leap of reason abolition of the state is not a matter of the right choice, it is the only logical path to true liberty. Where the obviousness of evolution of life lived in freedom unfettered by the state leads to the only conclusion, to abolish slavery of the state, there simply can not be a state.

    ‘To the Government’

    This is not a request that requires an answer, it does however require a response – by way of action on your part that demonstrates that you understand its substance and the seriousness of our intent. The national collective political establishment has betrayed the ‘People’ by hijacking our sovereignty and engaging in criminal activities in a subservient role to a foreign power without our consent. This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason. You do not need to know how many people we represent today, only how many we might represent tomorrow and you should know that our numbers grow daily. This letter thus serves as your window of opportunity to make amends and give remedy for the crimes committed against us.

    We will show compassion for those who recant and we will be ruthless with those who do not concede to the wishes of the people. Ignoring this letter is not an option… if you think it is, then this serves only to demonstrate that your intellect is subservient to your arrogance.

    You may feel that you can ignore it because you are too powerful, but to do so is to underestimate the seething resentment that the people feel for the political establishment in general.

    You have acted in contempt of the principles of democracy and shown total disregard for our right to govern ourselves. For the past several decades the ‘People’ have been treated with extraordinary and total contempt by the collective political establishment.

    It has not mattered which political party has been in office or “power” as you insist on calling it, nothing ever changes. We are continually subjected to the same global agenda.

    We have been used and abused like pawns in your game of supremacy in which a dynastic ruling class see themselves as ordained to rule as masters – with impunity, whilst we the people, as virtual slaves, are supposedly destined to obey – without question.

    You have persistently and consistently undermined our democracy by agreeing to treaties with foreign political elites who have no business in our affairs. You have rewarded yourselves with the trappings of office – high salaries, luxuries denied most of us, privileges, bonuses, pensions, prestige and benefits that we can only dream of… whilst burdening us with ever-higher taxes, derisory pensions and declining standards of public services.

    It is we who pay the price for your malfeasance. The story of our ‘People’ over the past several decades that will be told in the history books of tomorrow is the story of betrayal, greed, corruption, nepotism, treason and modern-day fascism – the latter of which manifests itself in the global agenda being imposed upon us against our will.

    The United Nations – a step process towards TOTAL global governance is now fully exposed. Built on lies and deceit is being hoisted by its own petard – the edifice is crumbling but still the political elite like demented fools, continue to feed on their own delusions. The docile masses, mesmerized by trivia, propaganda, complacency and ignorance have still somehow managed to grasp some basic elements of the truth, alerted almost certainly by the blatant and arrogant refusal of the political elite to tell the truth even when it stands proud in the rubble of political deceit and betrayal.

    The political classes are discredited at every level. They rant about the benefits of our subjugation to a foreign enterprise, peace, prosperity and democracy where in reality chaos, dictatorship and corruption reign supreme.
    Western economies are on the brink of collapse because of the corrupt banking cartels, there is visible resistance on the streets and people call for lawful rebellion. But less known, there is clandestine resistance behind closed doors.

    Whilst the majorities advocate a peaceful uprising, the extremes will always be in the mix and when passion and anger are fused and those aggrieved can find no remedy… violent resistance is as understandable as the passion for life itself.

    The police and militia that you currently rely on to defend yourselves against the people’s retribution… are made up of our own, they are not your people – and when they learn about your betrayal and your intent… AND THEY WILL – they will turn against you.

    Their awakening, which you cannot stop, is your Achilles heel. Your greatest fear must be that we will impose upon you the regimes and repression that you had planned for us. People are meeting in groups across the country, talking across oceans… they are disparate, disorganized and without an effective plan to repel the global agenda…as yet.

    BUT a leadership is emerging… organizers are coordinating and small groups are linking to form larger groups. The dichotomies of left v right, Christian v Muslim, black v white, Catholic v Protestant, which have been used to great effect to divide and conquer in the past, will find no favour in this war.

    The call to arms that will unite us will be ‘the people v the global elite’ – the cry will cascade street to street and find easy passage and universal support – for our common purpose has greater value and strength than yours.
    We have a constitution – which you ignore. We have been denied our democratic rights, regardless, we have clearly expressed our wishes, in one opinion poll after another, that we do not want to be governed by a foreign un-elected officialdom, but still you disregard us. We are promised a referendum on our future, but then you ignore the results or recant.

    You speak in support of our views when in opposition, but act to the contrary when we elect you. You consult with corporate executives, international bankers, non-government organizations, international charities, academia, foreign dignitaries, political elites, think tanks and lobbyist – collectively a tiny minority, who do not represent us.

    These groups all emanate from the same social strata, with their own agendas to satisfy and all funded by the same cartel. You take note of their every whim, but you care not a jot for what we think or what we want. Your children are given jobs, with big salaries fresh from university and then rapidly climb the corporate ladder as a reward by the same corporate bodies who you have favoured with your decisions. Our children must make their own way in an increasingly desperate world.

    Your corporatism suppresses our freedoms with deliberate and malicious intent. You accommodate tyrants, dictators, arms dealers and all manner of dubious characters, with whom you are happy to keep company. You turn a blind eye when the smell of money wafts your nostrils… it suppresses the stink of corruption and evil.

    Your moral compasses are defunct… your values deplorable and motives despicable. Our soldiers die to service your corporate agenda – their blood is on your hands. You are educated at the same elite schools and members of the same elite clubs and you allow these influences to override the consideration which should be paramount in service of the people. You have adopted the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” philosophy… because you have learnt from your predecessors that corruption and deception do indeed pay.

    The United Nations Security Council is awash with it and you have determined to get your snout in the same trough. You take comfort from the fact that you control those who have the authority to indict you for your riminality… because they too have fallen prey to the corruption.

    You have sold off our national resources to your friends, divided communities, deprived villages and towns, undermined, destroyed and bulldozed indigenous communities. You have laid waste where once prosperity was enjoyed. But you have not suffered… you have remained aloof, disengaged, uninvolved – removed from the debris and the misery that you have wreaked upon the rest of us.

    Our farms no longer feed us with the nutrients we require to sustain healthy lives, crippled by regulations, supranational mining contracts made to favour foreign farmers or ‘Coal Seam Gas Fracking’ that is destroying the once fertile soils of our landscape. Our armed forces are forced to commit crimes against humanity by the requirement to adhere to the unlawful and communist manifesto of the United Nations Charter and we see foreign troops being trained on our own soil on the pretence that they may be needed to protect us… when the reality is they are being trained to subdue us… to protect you from our vengeance.

    Our children are victims of social engineering in the schools and declining standards of education. They are being sexualized by explicit exposures before they have the emotional maturity to be able to cope. You are destroying their minds and their childhoods.

    You have engineered a police state with legislation that empowers you at our expense and you have been blatant in your contempt for our democratic and constitution rights and our common law, which have been known to us for centuries. You deny us our rights and our freedoms and contemptuously imply that you can provide us with a Bill of Rights.

    Would we seriously trust a thief with our wallets? You have corrupted our courts by appointing judges who are contemptuous of our common law and installed a law society that disperses Maritime/Admiralty Law through the people’s courts. You have dissected our nation and sold off our infrastructure.

    We are forced to buy our own water from foreign corporations which grow rich on the back of our suffering. You are then rewarded by them with lucrative directorships when you slip quietly from office with your bulging pensions. You remain oblivious, unconcerned… disconnected.

    We will no longer be ignored as you go about your globalist agenda. We will resist your controlling and petty rules and regulations… we will resist your fines and penalty charges and challenge your corrupt and biased judges, we will defy the over-zealous police, and your oppressive and unlawful taxes.

    It is our intention to govern ourselves… we do not seek your permission – this is our right. You have had your opportunity and you have failed. We will take control of our own lives in stages, as and when it suits us.
    Our numbers will grow as we show by example that prosperity is the natural consequence of honest and fair governance. We will expose you for the parasites you are. This country has a constitution – which you ignore.
    We have Magna Carta, we have trial by jury and
    habeas corpus. We have our customs, traditions and common law. We have the right of petition, free speech, and free movement and above all… we have the right to govern ourselves. These are our inalienable rights – they are not privileges granted to us by you or your ilk. They cannot be taken away or extinguished at the whim of political diktat or through corrupt judicial process and certainly not at the behest of foreign undemocratic institutions.

    You have no authority to dictate… your duty is to serve. We are a sovereign nation… a proud people. We have watched our country slowly destroyed… by you – we now see clearly what you have done… your purpose and your betrayal. We will honour our inheritance – the freedoms fought for and secured for us, and we will ensure that we will pass this on to the next generation, to our children and theirs. You have been sent this letter by a constituent. On sending a copy to you, they have also registered your name with our coordinators. This will remain with us as evidence for your trial… for treason, when necessary. It’s your choice. We The People – WE ARE SOVEREIGN

    Martin Luis
    August 28 at 3:24am · Public

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  8. Beck is wrong on many things but his biggest flaw is embracing MLK Jr. as a hero and applying 60’s values to modern culture (yes, calling it that is a stretch). But I digress, yes- some cops are dangerous, but why is that? What phenomenon caused that? Did they just wake up one day and decide to strap on body armor, kevlar helmets & hop into an MRAP? Of course not.

    I’ll give you a clue; integration. I know, it’s one of those PC words that we’re not supposed to use anymore but I did, sorry. Was Detroit always a third world shithole inhabited by 90% africans? No. It was once called the “Paris of the West”. Similarly Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, St. Louis and many others have fallen into wretched, crime filled kill boxes. Did the police cause this? No. Negroes did, by their own hand over five decades.

    If cops are so dangerous, then how come I can virtually guarantee my wife’s safety if she dares walk through the nearest Police Convention? Could she do the same on a city street in Ferguson Missouri at 9pm? No thanks, not going to get within 500 miles of that African safari. But Glenn Beck lives in a compound in Texas, surrounded by a fence, armed guards & his attack dogs. Glenn’s son Raphe doesn’t sit in a public school classroom in Chicago or St. Louis or Atlanta, surrounded by violent, feral blacks that are programmed to hate him. Glenn probably has a few IKAGO (I Know A Good One) friends. Glenn should move to Ferguson MO. and expose Raphe to some diversity, you know get to know some REAL “Content of Character” ala,

    The solution you seek is one that will not be discussed (yet). Because people aren’t ready for the truth yet. But after the Black Lives Matter crowd murders a few more lawmen by ambushing them from behind like I’m sure they will, people will come around to discussing a real solution to the Police State.

    1. You hit 90% of it. You missed: the loss of Judaeo-christian morality and teaching since…drumroll…. the 60’s.

      If all of us remaining christian men would just shoot the feral dogs in the streets and carry on ala 19th century mind your manners and be a gentleman or else…we’d have far less need for cops other than to deal with traffic accidents.

      1. As a deist, I will let your point stand as the source of your moral compass and that of those you think have it.

        Let’s also remember that some of the greatest cheerleaders of the American police-state are self-avowed Christians, Evanjellyfish, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and all manner of Romans 13 fetishists who misread God’s law. These are the same people who fly national flags in their churches and champion the planetary warfare of the USSA.

        These are the same people who rationalize their tax dollars supporting the infanticide factories nation-wide, the killing of women and children overseas and supporting the horror-states abroad with the same tax dollars.

        A splendid libertarian reading of Romans 13:

        BTW, please read Romans 12 as a great preamble to Romans 13.

        I would also suggest that cops aren’t necessary for traffic accidents but simply insurance adjusters and claims personnel. As a matter of fact, except for ensuring government power over individuals, cops aren’t necessary at all.

  9. the 60’s MAN , wow , what a soup sandwich,Glen Beck is a pussy,x-drunk,and a Mormon, SO WHAT ? 70,000 drugged Hippy’s left the Nevada desert and will go home,from the BLM sponsored PARTY. WHO wrote that law Johnny? , this is the shit hole 3rd world country we NOW live in. The 60’s man. I have no qualms with what is coming , it’s going to be a free for all and the New Ore leans cop kinda guy is gone, stealing his way to safety. Let’s let it fail, wait, then see what floats to the top. Glen Beck is a hand puppet, so what , Hey you can do the same shit, Its america, get off your ass and get some too. satanist play ground, so what, Hey you FOIA people Q: what did the BIA spend last year for the Indian in america ? Also and a little secret… there are no roof racks on a herst. getsumtoo. get off your ass and find somthing to do than listen to Glen Beck, (sweep your own porch ) if you do not know this then your a shit talker like beck and the rest of the 4hrs radio shit like NPR and the Right wing crap that has no power, like sex shooting pool with a rope. Get on with your own shit , quit pulling hair and talking shit.

  10. So you think you have the system pegged, now tells us what the solution is. How would Bill fix this.


    1. I think the government police need to be fired and never pay-rolled again. But the ultimate answer does not lie in the present configuration of the USSA but one sundered, divided, dissolved, devolved and separated and seceded into thousands of constituent parts and pieces.

      I can’t possibly have the answer for everyone but acknowledging that a system based on hitting and stealing to sustain itself is simply immoral is a good start.

    2. I’m sticking my nose right in this.

      The hard way is how WE fix it.

      Get that?



      It is going to take guts, and trial, most likely a river of blood, tribulations of epic proportions.

      But most of all, it begins with each of us, and things change when we become a plurality of people who refuse our consent to the state and its slavery.

      When we become brothers in abolition. That is when we win our true liberty.

      When we do that, we become something, we attain something we don’t possess as isolated and scattered souls.

      A Legitimacy which nothing our nobody can deny, or stand against.

      And because of that, we evolve into people who have no need of police, or “rule of law”, or any form of official sanction or permission. It is where we become truly civilized people, people who are capable of governing our own affairs, thank you very much.

      That is how we do it.

      That is no shit right there.

      We almost had it. We where so close.

      We screwed up.

      But we get another shot at it. A real chance to make it happen.

      A once in a million opportunity.

      I think events are such that the time that comes to us is ripe, rich with the motive power of abolishing this curse of the state upon us. 400 hundreds years we have suffered the predations of the state. It has been a nonstop genocidal economic bloodbath of slavery and war to fulfill the hubris and savagery of the actors of the state.

      400 years, they have preyed on us!

      For 400 years the state has sent their armed leg breakers against us. Lied, thieved, murdered, coerced, enslaved us.

      Here is the thing, we who believe in abolition, we are not afraid. It is our consent we hold as like the whole armor of God. It can only be given, never taken. It is rebellion, resistance, refusal to comply. It is the mouse that roared.

      The state functions to survive its own illegitimacy. It is weak, rotten to its core. For all its size, this leviathan is ripe to fall.

      And all it requires is refusing that one thing. The thing we all own.

      The one thing the state needs, craves above all else, more than gold, all the riches on earth can not substitute this thing, no wealth is as valuable as what we have which the state is utterly dependent upon for its survival:

  11. Beck is “pro-Big-State” because he’s Mormon? You know how stupid this sounds, and how clear it is that you don’t know much (if anything) about the Mormon church? Here’s something to consider: 1) Mormons were hunted and killed from Illinois to Missouri (see Missouri governor Lilburn W. Boggs Executive Order 44 “Extermination Order” from 1838), and finally left the boundaries of the United States to escape state-sanctioned persecution. 2) in 1857-1858, Col. Johnston, U.S. Army, led troops into the Utah Territory in what became known as the “Utah War”, which looked a LOT like Federally sponsored persecution of a people due to religious beliefs, 3) It is Mormon doctrine that the Constitution of the United States is/was an “Inspired document”, but that isn’t a Big State document – despite the current state of ignoring the law of the land, and 4) Mormons teach and believe that Big State Criminals have in the past, and will again in the future (now?) gain control of the government here. Mormons believe that they will have to fight to protect themselves, their children, and their neighbors from that threat.

    Now how does all that square with the “…[because of Mormonism] …he loves the State” stuff I just read? Yep – it doesn’t. I’m not defending Beck; I’ve never heard his show or seen his productions – ever. He can fall off a cliff, and I won’t know the difference. He did, however, leave Catholicism to join the Mormon church; from what little I know, that seems to be a Big State structure if ever there was one.

    Might be a good idea to educate yourselves before assigning motive or influence where there is very little, if any. Alternately, you can keep repeating stuff you heard that doesn’t square with history, reality, or common sense.

  12. Glenn Beck, much like Alex Jones, knows which side his bread is buttered on. He will NEVER rebel against the fascist police state which he knows rules over him and every peace-loving, law-abiding citizen.

  13. Kim Davis is probably a hypocrite: twice in the New Testament Jesus says that if you divorce and re-marry you are an adulterer. If she has issued marriage licenses to couples seeking re-marriage after divorce, she is in fact a hypocrite. Adultery is against one of the commandments.

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