Why Does Anarchy Make Everyone Fill Their Pants in Fear? by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: Please read Paul’s brilliant post on Peak Obedience at his site. It dovetails nicely with the screed below.

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“But this theory of our government is wholly different from the practical fact. The fact is that the government, like a highwayman, says to a man: Your money, or your life. And many, if not most, taxes are paid under the compulsion of that threat.

“The government does not, indeed, waylay a man in a lonely place, spring upon him from the road side, and, holding a pistol to his head, proceed to rifle his pockets. But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful.”

– Lysander Spooner

Don’t hit and don’t steal. Absent these two things, no government on Earth could exist for an hour much less centuries. Once the state has secured the means to threaten or initiate violence, this prerogative becomes the exclusive preserve of the monopolistic state. Political science is not about elegant ways for humanity to co-exist

an·ar·chy ˈanərkē/ noun noun: anarchy absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

The definition means that rulers don’t exist but rules do. This is not paradoxical but makes perfect sense.

I am the first to admit I embrace a dystopic vision in which human society will be rife with failures, mistakes and foibles, we’re only human after all. And freedom will yield results not endorsed by everyone. But this barking mad idea of taking the worst of humanity and giving them the reigns of power over millions when they can’t even govern their own misbehavior. Th is is insanity.

But the notion of anarchy scares the shit out of Americans across the fetid plain. The notion of not having legions of armed busybodies ready with the bat to apply the wood shampoo or worse at the behest of the ruler de jure makes most American men shiver in terror.

I know the A-word makes most humans quiver in fear and loathing so I employ a less charged word – abolition. I am an abolitionist and opposed to all forms of human slavery whether it be chattel, bondage, indentured, taxation or regulatory.

All of it.

It’s a bit disconcerting to think that one would have to defend the notion of abolition in polite conversation but that is the American salon today. Quivering women of both sexes shaking in trepidation at the thought of not having a master across the political spectrum. Fortunately, I have no place on that spectrum since politician is a nice colloquialism for violence broker and I will not participate in selecting the latest psychotic kakocrat to parade into the Offal Office or its subsidiary satraps.

Think about that.

Absent he FAA, would corporations go out of their way to ensure that their aircraft plummet out of the sky to attract customers?

So if government didn’t exist, no market actors would step in to build roads? Here’s a pop quiz for you: name one government-held paving company in the United States. Just one.

So people would die of food poisoning because the state wouldn’t police restaurants? Food interests would go out of their way to drive customers from favorite brands by doing shoddy business?

Every time private security is used instead of state police forces, violence goes down and individual liberty thrives.

The sickening trend for all of this is the increasingly brutal and Third World nature of statist policing on US soil. The cops kill with impunity and sustain laws that have no victim save the state. Government roads and arterials are simply a locus for high-grade banditry where speedometer readings don’t happen to coincide with random numbers on signs leading to a pretext to further ensnare the populace in searches and seizures of possessions and freedom and even life.

Those trillions of dollars wasted in the past, today and surely tomorrow never had to leave the pockets of a single human being to make the world more civilized. The government is nothing more than a criminal gang with flags and exceedingly bad music.

There is not a single government enterprise that couldn’t be done better by the private sector and free market actors save one. War. But this is the exclusive province of the state because it is the primary vector for growth and strangulation of its host populations and the legions of victims abroad.

Absent the Pentagram and the Department of Offense, America may be a peaceful player on the world stage instead of the barbarous bully that has plowed a blood-red path planet-wide since the first abortive and amateurish action in Korea in 1871. Unfortunately, this was merely the prelude to meddling around the Earth once the aboriginal problem had been solved per the interests in DC through the remainder of the 19th century.

Many of the usual suspects mewl about the absence of government turning the world into chaos. Why, who would build the roads, who would feed the people, who would protect us from the bad people?

Ironically, these same people happily assent to a mystical implied social contract and participate in the largest Stockholm Syndrome passion play in the history of mankind by voting for a new psychopath every few years to ensure that huge government apparatus remains in place with no accountability whatsoever demanded of the rulers but unlimited accountability demanded of the hapless ruled who consent to the nonsense through acceptance, acquiescence and fear.

Fear mostly. For fear and obedience are the brick and mortar of the state and the collectivists and freedom assassins who run the government are the stonemasons.

Absent obedience, how could any state function?

The totality of the obedience baffles me but clearly many people are in a moral hazard. They are Helots in a tax jurisdiction that effectively taxes them in excess of 100 percent and use a fiat currently employing their unborn as implied collateral for the funded debt.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Imagine if you will that RedDR in the 1930s opines that food is so important the entire production apparatus must be nationalized to ensure that the food gets to the table. From farm to table, everything isn’t only regulated but owned lock, stock and barrel by the extraordinarily effective Federal government.

Fast forward to today where the government farms as efficiently as Robert Mugabe’s agricultural geniuses, place the brilliance of government management into the whole process and you have a hybrid of the DMV and USPS in charge of distributing the food at government supermarkets (the horror!). The entire process is dragooned in a macabre variation of the US Postal Service marrying a Soviet-style collectivization process.

Malnourished American kulaks would be grousing today about the opulent dining habits of government apparatchiks and the stupendous waste and abuse of a government cartel in food delivery. Imagine eating in a restaurant the government runs, not through contractors but genuine Government Service employees complete with incredibly high salaries, wealthy pension plans and the usual attitude for customer service one finds universally at government facilities.

Some worthies propose that the free market may be able to better provision the entire food manufacturing and delivery process with possibly quaint names like Albertsons, Safeway or Publix. Liberals and so-called conservatives alike would clamor to defend the government program or at least just modestly reduce. Why, people would starve!

The voluntaryists, anarchists and abolitionists would be accused of the cruelest conspiracies and roundly condemned for suggesting such a thing. The clamor and din would match that of the national ripostes to abolitionist conceit in the 19th century when the usual political hostages would exclaim in high and tender voices but who will pick the cotton? Who will build the roads? Who will take care of us? Millennia back the Greeks and Romans raised the same hue and cry whenever the rulers were questioned in their wisdom.

You, dear reader, practice anarchy every day. You don’t murder or maim your friends and family because the law would bring you to justice but because your moral compass is far higher than that of the politician and their cronies. You rear your children, take up hobbies and work for your families not because of the lash but your own decency.

If not, you should run for office, you’re a perfect fit.

Otherwise, don’t hit and don’t steal, the government will resent you for it.


19 thoughts on “Why Does Anarchy Make Everyone Fill Their Pants in Fear? by Bill Buppert”

  1. Not even that Bill as to why the fear and derangement about abolition, but how has things been working out for everyone who supplicates their sovereign dignity to the power of the state?

    When you are a voluntary slave it is probably very difficult to grok you don’t have to be a slave if you don’t want to be one.

    It is even harder when you cannot see you are a slave to begin with.

      1. Sooner or later, easy or hard, many are going to realize there is only one path to take to true liberty.

        The many are half way to the truth of it.

        The paradigm exists that it is that leap of faith in their own sovereignty, that their consent is everything, that they simply do not need the state, that the state needs them, that the state exists to enslave them, that they do not need to be slaves to the state, that life without the state is a reality which can be chosen, that self determination is a just and honorable part of being free.

  2. Slavery in the form of unresisting compliance and consent to and for the state is an incredible tragedy of the absence of free human spirit.

    It is no wonder why this is so. It is a terrifying thing to face the truth the state would not be there for you if you rejected its poisonous embrace and the comfort it provides.
    What the state provides is illusionary security at its best.

    Delusion-ary may be a better term.

    It is pretty simple really when you look behind the curtain. The entire function of government now is essentially the regimes which control the various factions constituting the federal government exist to survive their illegitimate existence. The state governments are not much different. They are extension field agents of the larger leviathan.

    What else are they there for other than to extort your personal wealth, extract tribute based on decreed value of your personal property, and redistribute that wealth and prosperity to their associates according to political and criminal requirements to keep the state functioning, so it can continue this theft.

    The only way the state can survive its is to enslave or kill as many as is useful to its continued existence. It is that inflection point we have crossed over where the corporate corporate slave class, aka the Nomenklaturer, as the administrative arm of the state is to eat out the existence of the productive, and bread and circus the willing idiots to keep them happy.

    I think this serfdom doesn’t end with useful dupes. It can’t if the state is to survive. This tyranny doesn’t suffer anything it can’t control with a entitlement, a bribe, a jack boot or an iron fist.

    And this is the leviathans existential conundrum. There are too many Kulaks with guns. It is a real problem for those running things. Guns aren’t like money, or jobs, or traditions, or cultural norms, or industrial/agricultural prosperity, or centers of thinking and reason, or social construct, or “laws” or founding documents.

    Guns are real things that a simple man can hold in his hand. Guns are portable sovereignty. Guns are an extension of a mans liberty. Guns are unique in the entire sphere of human activity. To take a gun from a freeman who refuses to comply in order to make him defenseless, you have to kill him, the hard way. Freemen with guns are not malleable to dissimulations of the state and its actors, nor can you manipulate him with cunning, guile or use of fear or threat of violence, or application of force. It is why a freeman has a gun in the first place, because of those things. People who are free in their hearts who have guns are not afraid of tyrants and their tyranny.

    It is the tyrants who are afraid.

    More importantly, it isn’t guns that are so dangerous to tyrants, it is the consent that is inherent, refused by those with guns. That is the extension of a freeman with a gun.

    It is said consent, withdrawal of consent, is the most powerful weapon ever devised against tyranny.

    Like the gun, consent is something which can only be given. It can’t be taken.

    There is really only one way out of this quagmire of slavery and totalitarianism. Its secession. Abolition of the state. By that I’m saying it is people who have to secede from the clutches of the state. The state can not exist without consent, tacit or otherwise. It needs slaves and serfs to exist. Abolition is first in all things an idea. Just as is consent. Just as is choosing not to be a slave.

    The state creates nothing, produces nothing, to support its existence. It requires masses of willing dupes to satisfy its insatiable appetite for others productivity and wealth.

    Just try putting the leviathan on a diet. Talk about an exodus of biblical proportions. The state has painted itself into a corner. It is trapped in a catch 22 of its own creation. The state isn’t a perpetual extortion machine. The greater it’s illegitimacy the more it depends on a slave system the more it’s requirement for robbing the wealth of the productive of ever more of its prosperity. It has tried to create a closed loop of fiat to put off the reality it is inevitable it can not survive its circular system of theft and slavery which nourishes this tyranny.

    A soul search for a panacea to the state is underway. An answer to our problems created by the state.

    When the answer is staring us all right in the face when we look in the mirror.

    It is us. We are the answer. We always have been our own savings grace. The states power, its tyranny profoundly not withstanding.

    It simply and beautifully begins with each of us. Always has. It is the only way out and the only way to break the chain of tyranny. The creation of the state never changed that. It is us who changed that. And it is us who have the power to change that. Nobody or nothing else.

    We are the state because we make the state possible, or not possible. The crux of that distills down to that thing called consent.

    Only we can give or take our consent.

    All arguments aside and endless discussion of the nuances and symptoms of what’s breathing down our throats at some point ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit. What matters, what is going to change things, the world around us, begins with only one thing.

    It all begins with each of us.

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  6. “…Peak Obedience Is Brittle”

    Through the 20th century, the people of the West built up a very high compliance inertia. They complied with the demands of authority and taught their children to do the same, until it became automatic. People obeyed simply because they had obeyed in the past.

    Authority quickly became addicted to this situation, basing their plans on receiving every benefit of the doubt.

    Automatic obedience, however, is a brittle thing. Economies of scale are failing, the money cartel has been exposed, government schools have lost respect, mass media is fading away, and the game continues because the populace is distracted and afraid. And that will not last forever.

    The ‘walls’ of reflexive compliance are growing thinner. Any serious break may ruin the structure.

    And Then?

    It has long been understood that complex systems breed more complexity, and eventually break themselves. As central authorities try to solve each problem they face, they inevitably create others. Eventually the system becomes so complex, and its costs so much, that new challenges cannot be solved. Then the system and its authority fail, as they did recently in the Soviet Union.

    Sooner or later, this is going to happen here. (If that seems impossible to you, please reflect on the current state of the mighty Roman Empire.) But again, that’s not my primary point. Obedience matters to you right now: today and every other day.

    Obedience turns the best parts of you off. It degrades and kills your creativity; it undercuts your effectiveness and especially your sense of satisfaction.

    Don’t sign away your life, no matter how many others do. Live consciously.”

    -from https://www.freemansperspective.com/peak-obedience/

  7. Anarchism- a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

    Unfortunately, this is all people see when they read anarchism. Also, we are taught as a people to fear life without big government “protection”. Continue educating people Bill and people will eventually see the light. See John W Whitehead as well. Tyranny of the State.

  8. Among other things I am a member of the local atheist meetup. Many atheists rail that religion serves no purpose. Of course if that were true then religion would not be ubiquitous. There are very few clusters of people that do not have some form of religion.

    Yes, anarchist societies exist. But only for relatively small low density societies. I know of no large anarchist society with the density of a small city that has ever existed.
    There are many reasons for this. For example, this article never even uses the words commons, as in aquifer or air or large rivers or the oceans, let alone discusses how those resources would be managed sans government.

    And when the mean nasty gov next door decides that they want your resources, how, exactly, do you deal with them without a government? Who, exactly, supplies the common sewage system?

    We have a mostly free food market, with some gov oversight. Yet we still have over 3K deaths a year from food-borne illnesses, in part because of regulatory capture. And of course there is the poisoning of the oceans from farm runoff. This is a problem that we are just beginning to appreciate. How would an anarchist system address what farmers can put onto their own private lands? Did private power plants control the toxins that they dumped into the air? And of course no one could show that their particular case of cancer or asthma was caused by FUCKU coal a Chinese power plant build in empty nv so there is no cause of action. There was almost no regulation in China regarding power plant emissions. Look how well that worked out. You are a farmer, and the mega-farm up stream owned by gargantuan foods is contaminating your stream. Good luck fighting them in court.

    How, specifically would address all of these real world problems.

    And in case you think that I am a statist, I ran for office in 1978 as a libertarian.

    1. As a libertarian, I’d recommend checking out some literature by Murray Rothbard. His book Man, Economy, and State is a good one and addresses much of what you’re talking about by getting down to the basics of property right theory.

      In an anarchist society where all property is private, there is no concept of a ‘commons’ to discuss. Air is not addressed as a resource because it is not scarce – it is abundant and free for everyone. Issues may arise if you’re responsible for polluting the air within the bounds of my property however.

      Farmers want to pollute their own land? That’s their business, although you’d be hard pressed to provide an incentive for them to do so. Gargantuan Foods, Inc. wants to pollute my property? Now it’s time to hire a private firm that specializes in resolving disputes rather than counting on a monopoly of force that more times than not has already handed a license to Gargantuan Foods, Inc. giving them special privilege to do precisely what you’re complaining about.

      Examine this example of yours:

      “You are a farmer, and the mega-farm up stream owned by Gargantuan Foods Inc. is contaminating your stream. Good luck fighting them in court.”

      You’ve just explained your situation in the statist reality you already live in. If you’re the little guy, ninety-nine times out of one hundred, appealing to the state for a redress of your small-time grievance is fruitless.

      You might (and I do mean might) luck out and Gargantuan Foods, Inc. will agree to cut you a check in return for dismissing your lawsuit, but as far as your stream is concerned?

      You’re fucked.

      Worried about the nasty government next door to you in an anarchist society? Don’t be. Governments don’t want to annihilate you for access to your resources; they want to enslave you so that you’ll hand your resources over. Governments don’t know how to extract natural resources and put them to use. That’s what private individuals and firms do. The only thing governments are good at is theft and war.

      How does this keep you safe from the nasty government next door? Quite simply, because the bully will pick on an easier target.

      If the nasty government wants to conquer an anarchist society, it will have to engage in door to door genocide because there is no central power to overthrow. Much easier to pick a society with a government of its own because all you have to do is conquer the nation’s capital, and the people there are already trained in the ways of subservience (as they already acquiesce personal sovereignty to their own rulers) so you’ll get far less resistance.

      Less work, bigger payout.

      So just to reiterate, without public property there are no ‘commons’, and that’s a good thing; it eliminates the tragedy of the commons. So who provides the sewage system? People who we pay voluntarily; people who compete for our business to haul off our shit water because they’re really good at it and want to get rich doing so, that’s who. Who owns the property you call the ‘commons’ in this example? The sewer guys do, and we respect their property because we really like not being troubled with the burden of personal shit water disposal solutions day in and day out.

      And nobody had to use a gun for this solution to emerge. It’s a beautiful thing.

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  11. We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document. However, the reality we must come to terms with in the post 9/11 America we live in today is that the government does whatever it wants, freedom be damned, and “we the people” are seen as little more than cattle to be branded and eventually led to the slaughterhouse.

    Our individual freedoms have been eviscerated so that the government’s powers could be expanded, while reducing us to a system of slavery disguised as a democracy. Totalitarian governments such as our own exploit fear and use mass surveillance, censorship, terrorism, and militarized tactics to control, oppress and enslave.

    Consider the state of our freedoms, and judge for yourself whether Osama Bin Laden was right when he warned that “freedom and human rights in America are doomed,” and that the “U.S. government will lead the American people in — and the West in general — into an unbearable hell and a choking life.”

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