America: Dead Man Walking by Bill Buppert

The Occupy Wall Street protesters continue to cling to life despite the occupant of the Offal Office doing everything in its power to see their twisted Soviet vision of humanity wrested from imagination into life. The OWS economic illiterates and Marxoid drones are products of the statist school system who can’t get enough big government. Their pet 1% is simply slightly off-target. There is no doubt that the richest in America have the path to wealth wired for sound and these top earners exist in every country and region. Even the beloved Soviet nomenklatura of the OWS intelligentsia found a way to make money off the backs of workers but they used a political spoils system instead of the active provisioning of goods and services.

The total Federal “workforce” (I use the term charitably since they produce nothing and command everything) has hovered around 4.3-5.3 million drones since 1962 including the military.

State and local government numbers are approximately 15 million so the total DIRECT employment by government for SLAVFOR is approximately 20 million. This does not include the contractor population retained and employed by various government entities. One could then posit that about 10 percent works directly for the government and that the remainder are indirect employees. If you don’t believe you are a Federal employee, stop paying your income tax, your “real” employers will make your life miserable if not worse.

Add another million and a half for the 19,000 LEO departments polluting the fetid plain (I did not make up the last word in the link, how appropriate). These are the actual badged thuggery and not the hundreds of thousands of support ancillaries employed by every village, county and state to support the contagion that is American policing. I have spoken at length on the existential threat cops pose to humanity and will not belabor the point here.

Nor can we get a good number on how many contractors the US intelligence community employs much less the rest of the government:

Out of hundreds of agency records, for example, GAO found that almost a fifth lacked enough paperwork to prove how much a contractor was paid. Another fifth of the records were found to have either over-reported or under-reported the actual cost of the contract work.

Good luck on getting an accurate figure on the number of contractors but if one were conservative one could guess that another five million of the American working population is acting as contractors provisioning government services. This brings our grand total to nearly twenty five million adults and their families drawing from the government teat. This of course does not include the tens of millions on EBT, Socialist Security and the entire web of redistribution schemes to rich and poor alike.

Add to all of this the 2.5 trillion dollars in redistribution to pensions, national socialist healthcare, education and welfare in the coming FY in 2015. These forced redistributions go to rich and poor alike and doesn’t even account for the offense spending at the Pentagram.

I think OWS conflates private wealth with government control which is a marriage; but the real power is who sock-puppets the regulatory agencies and their police drones? The debate isn’t about wealth but government, once the latter is erased, the former is problematic. Government weaponizes the misdirection and misallocation of wealth for a living. The entire infrastructure is based on the theft of one person’s income and assets to repatriate to politically connected recipients. That is it in a nutshell. No more complicated than that.

Another sub-strata of the progressive unintelligentsia, the enviruses pride themselves on their altruistic notions of saving the planet from humans but in the end it is all about the money. Failed alternative energy programs bleeding billions, the climate circus and the Endarkenment of millions of minds shuttered from logic and common sense. Look at the gross distortion of pure science after being tainted with government funding. The freed* market could deliver far better than any government funding program without the enormous overhead and bureaucracy. The enviruses like so many other progressive and conservative supplicants to the state would much rather sacrifice economic prudence for the present rapacious rewards of the trifecta of taxes, government funded debt and imposing debt without consent on the unborn.

Historically, the US is trending toward the same collapse and sclerotic paroxysms of self-destructive growth at the expense of the private sector that all fascist economies emulate in history and time. Japan is simply a bellwether of the far more catastrophic collapse the US will suffer once the can will no longer be kicked down the road.

The notion of fascism is not merely hyperbole; fascism is the vertical and horizontal control of private firms and wealth through taxation, regulation and whatever transparent or not so transparent regimes of power employed by the national government and its vassals in the provinces.

The American economy is impossible to sustain, long live the illusion of the American Dream.

The impossible dream.

* I despise the term “free market” because like concealed carry it has the baggage of permissions by a political entity built into the assumptions. Therefore, I employ the terms freed markets and discreet carry.

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  2. Boon Vickerson is out there

    That Bill, in itself is a leviathan on its own.

    Explained as you just did, it is a beast. The inertia it possesses alone is formidable. All those bloodsuckers leeching out our existence will never give up their rice bowl.

    The question is what is it which will cause it to collapse due to its own immensity. It really is its own worse enemy, though it perceives every one and every thing outside its exclusivity as an enemy to its existence.

    That profound line in the Declaration of Independence, about swarms sent out hither eating out their existence was written exactly for this. Except now, they don’t bother to swarm, in their incredible hubris we are extorted from afar, our wealth is taken under the ultimate threat of gunpoint before we even hold the fruits of our labor in our callused hands. There is no negotiation in what tribute is extracted, we have no voice if we choose not to defy or resist such larceny.

    And we are domestic terrorists?

    It is we who create and produce the tangible largess and prosperity of an entire nation whom are terrorized every moment just because we exist, by these, these self absorbed thieves.

    We are forced to pay these people who create nothing, but more extortion, just because we are lucky they allow us to keep what is left after their tribute is extracted. It is the grandest of shakedown rackets. Caesars would blush at the omnipotence and gall of the amerikan nomenklatura, not because of the greed and avarice of such an oligarchy, but because the sums of wealth extracted are so large to be almost incomprehensibly. And even then the greed is not satiated, their lust so immense, they leverage through the ponzi scheme of future worth entire generations of serfdom and slavery.

    Slavery of the state?

    In their smuggery and arrogance they have erected an edifice of their hubris in the form generational indenture.

    And our noses are rubbed in it daily lest we forget our places.

    In all that hubris, lays the seeds of its own destruction. For they test and push the very limits of a tolerance of a civilized productive plurality which in its very tolerance makes such theft on such a scale possible. But even that civil composure has limits. And once this tolerance has been pushed to its ends, the retribution which replaces this tolerance no longer possesses no limits, it has no mercy. It is best to remember, these slaves are all that holds everything together, civil society and all its prosperity and happiness, all the wealth transfers and squandered, that is where that greatness is derived, its capacity of industry and creativity, one day it becomes ruthlessly undeniable comeuppance against its enemy.

    And the greatest crime is it didn’t have to be this way.

    There was more for everyone than anyone could ever imagine.

    1. Boon,

      I really enjoy your screeds here and I simply don’t have much to add except that history has its own inevitability when it comes to destroying the hubristic.


      1. Boon Vickerson is out there

        The part about making them mad?

        They are beyond that stage. I don’t think there are words to convey the insanity of these fools.

        But as you imply, the benefits of insane psychotic ruling class as its own worst enemy.

        Yup! 🙂

  3. Fascism has been the endemic disease of American political economy since the days of Alexander Hamilton. Henry Clay with his “American System” and Abraham Lincoln with his advocacy of high tariffs were simply disciples of Hamilton.

    1. Boon Vickerson is out there

      Man I admire that statement of truth:

      Fascism has been the endemic disease of American political economy since the days of Alexander Hamilton. Henry Clay with his “American System” and Abraham Lincoln with his advocacy of high tariffs were simply disciples of Hamilton.”

      Doc you write some gems. But I think the first chapter of your book Resistance To Tyranny is a superb piece of writing. If you read it and grok its import it is sublimely transformative.

  4. Boon Vickerson is out there

    Bill, a very interesting and telling event took place in regards to the publication on Wikipedia of the Nomenklaturer. I witnessed a most sinister form of regime censorship shortly after the usurper occupied the seat of power of the state.

    In early 2009, the first paragraph on Wikipedia it stated the Nomenklaturer where a subset of the ruling class whoes purpose is to control every facet of the sphere of peoples lives not of the ruling class.
    I’m going from memory here, but there was also a number of other definitions of the Nomenklaturer’s form of powers and how and why they were employed to enslave and subjugate the little people. The prose and wording left little doubt as to the nature of this system and the totalitarian structure of its absolute power.

    The whitewashing and softening of the evilness of this system, to me, was a serious commission of changing and controlling the truth.
    I think looking at it through the lens of time, and at the time I noticed this rewrite, the full scope of just how heinous and evil the red diaper baby regime was/is became apparent.
    That right there is the stuff of psychopaths who plan on never relinquishing their power. Tyrants who only through efforts of great courage and acts of absolute defiance and resistance can a people throw off the chains of slavery and win their liberty.

    For me, it is abolition of the state and its actors that is the only remedy for rightful freedom. It is a question of absolutes. Not one shred, not a single spore of this insidious malaise can be left to smolder and regenerate, for it is of such a malignant nature it will rise within a generation to spread its poison.

    1. Fascinating stuff, thanks. I wonder if there’s an archive or screenshot of the old wikipedia entry. That’s pretty big IMO, as is the likely truth of your last paragraph, Tall order, that one.

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