Life is Hard Now: It’s Worse Once You’re a Real Helot by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: For those who bother to watch the news, all the usual suspects are aflutter at the latest nonsense issued by the First Flatulence in the Offal Office concerning the false premise of illegal immigration. Much ado about nothing and I want to offer advance condolences to every illegal who becomes an authentic branded tax cattle of the US when they get their citizenship and legal status.

Just spent a delightful weekend with Ernie Hancock and great evening with Boston T. Party at Ernie’s villa in Arizona. I spent the morning with Ernie and we recorded five hours of conversation.

I have had a great time in the media lately having been a guest on the Feens, Marc Stevens show, Ernie Hancock’s show and Brett V at School Sucks Project just in the last month. I have uploaded all of these to the Media and Interviews tab. -BB

I have zero respect for the president but not simply because it is Obama, who may be history’s greatest example of the Peter Principle but he simply follows in a long train of liberty destroyers and freedom usurpers who have worked in the Offal Office tirelessly since the political coup in 1787.

This is Bush’s fourth term after all.

The latest nonsense issuing forth from the presumed imperial residence in Mordor on the Potomac grants temporary legal status and work permits to nearly five million illegal immigrants. The number is irrelevant because the Federal government can’t possibly know the precise number of “illegals” in the country otherwise they would have fixed it long ago. It is impossible to know the number if the central government behavior in the drug war is to be used as a measure. The Grand Old Politburo is responding in predictable fashion by filling their pants and playing at righteous indignation while winking at their secret ingénue in the White House.

All the usual suspects in the brain-dead media are aflutter with studied despair and shock at the changing of the guard at the House and Senate in 2015; if the behavior of the freedom destroying nascent plantation owners from 2000-2006 when they had control of all three wretched branches of the US totalitarian enterprise is any indication, stand by for more nonsense that will make life worse for everyone but the nomeklatura.

The GOP is upbraiding the White House pied piper and his moronic Democrat rodents on the amnesty issue but the argument comes down to one clarion point: the alleged illegals aren’t paying their “fair share”. The alleged unregistered illegal residents and their families are using government services but not paying their share of the burden through taxes. Please remember that America, much like North Korea, taxes its subjects on citizenship and not location. In other words, wherever the American citizen is on Earth or otherwise (I’m certain even the NASA astronauts are taxed in suborbital space), he will be taxed as if he has the misfortune of being on ‘merikan turf. Even the national socialists in the United Kingdom haven’t done this yet.

Funny because when the top 20% of income earners in the US pay 70% of the tax burden and the lower 50% pay very close to zero, these illegals are usually at the bottom of the bracket so even if they are legalized, they still get a significant rebate on the alleged tax burden they will suffer as legitimate citizens of the empire (Gods help them). So if all five million (a silly and unsupported number, no one knows) of these aliens are granted legal rights, this is simply a means to register more tax cattle on the plantation who contribute little taxes to the farm. It affords a tremendous boost to the myriad of Federal bureaucracies and their concomitant state agencies the onus to plea for more money from the actual producers scalped for more funds to pour into the trough in DC. Sure, there are the catcalls from the intellectually-stunted sods in the Republican Party that these are simply Democratic voters but the concern for the sanctity and security of the ballot box in America is way past caring about since the very act of voting is a form of proxy violence.

Much ado about nothing.

In the end, once these “illegals” get full accreditation into the noxious and liberty –destroying enterprise that is the USA and become fully subject to every law and whim of the Federal apparatus and the monstrous police forces, they will regret ever having stepped foot on American soil.

Is Obama wrong in this decision? Of course he is but every decision he makes in the Offal Office short of resigning and setting the edifice on fire after he turns off the lights and vacates the building is wrong.

The Emperor has no clothes but they’ve all been naked since 1791. To paraphrase the great Josef Stalin, an inspiration to every American politician since FDR: “How many police armies does the American citizen command? That’s what I thought.”

Move along, citizen unless you want a wood shampoo. No questions, please.


8 thoughts on “Life is Hard Now: It’s Worse Once You’re a Real Helot by Bill Buppert”

  1. The only benefit to this new immigrant status… and I mean the only benefit to the overlords, is the fact that it will be easier to track and control these folks. That is exactly what all politics and government boils down to.

    I really want to cry sometimes when people I like and trust are so misguided about all this. They’re screaming that all these people will “vote Democrat”…

    As if it matters…

  2. Bill –

    Another great essay. The other morning I was at my weekly breakfast with some folks, the majority of who are republicans. Typically I bite my tongue when politics comes up but I sort of went off this week. Someone said something about “these illegals will just be part of the 47% like Romney warned us about”. I went ballistic. I asked the person who made that comment just exactly who the 47% was? He said something about those that don’t pay taxes. So I had to school them a bit. I told them that it’s likely that the waitress who was serving our breakfast was part of the 47% and then I asked if any of them would raise her taxes. I said that the guy who cleans the bathrooms was part of the 47% and asked them if they would raise his taxes. I went on to explain how in America there is a progressive income tax system just like that advocated by Marx and Engels in their “Communist Manifesto”. I had to explain that the 47% do in fact pay taxes, that payroll withholding is paying taxes but it’s likely that at the end of the year they get most if not all of it back. Just like they did when they were younger. I then told them I was part of the 47% and happy about it, that I’d positioned myself to avoid taxes as much as possible. That I was sick and tired of propping up Social Security and Medicare – which all of them receive – and paying for immoral wars and the soldiers that prosecute them. The subject was quickly changed but not before people were looking at me like I was a leper.

    It amazes me just how ignorant and gullible people are. They take everything the media say and swallow it whole. They let others do there thinking for them without questioning what is said.


    1. Boon Vickerson is out there

      Ya, and then there are the ones who cry out we have this constitutional crisis or that constitutional crisis. Like all of a sudden things are so dire, where the rule of law no longer exists, where government is out of control, etc etc.

      I’m guilty as charged.

      And whose fault is it really?

      All of ours.

      Because none of us has really done anything, since the war of northern aggression against people who desired to secede from administrative madness, we are all like the frog in the pot of boiling water.

      Thing is, the constitution, its creation, is a constitutional crisis. One long premeditated crisis as a means to supplant a people and their liberty with totalitarian rule. It was with malice and foresight those with malice could not tolerate little people whom they could not control and rob them of their prosperity and the fruits of their freedom, who cunningly crafted that foul document understood that once begun it was a system of power which never relinquished an iota of its control over every facet of the sphere of liberty.

      Oh it began slowly, this road to serfdom, ever so gently, and it attacked this small group of freemen, and that demographic, laying the chains of tyranny upon them under an illusion of legitimate need, and everyone not caught up in this dragnet of administrative diktat where glad it was not them, that they accepted these tribulations and piecemeal nibbles on their existence as aberrations of what had to be a greater good as excusable.

      But before long it became such common practice of the baby leviathan, a long slow practice they hardly saw it other than the norm of long away distant agents of an entity which because of time and distance could never have total control over everyone. Incremental. Piecemeal. And carefully applied to never rule enough of a plurality to threaten this accumulation of power over every facet of our lives. But what really happened is every facet of liberty is supplanted with a soft system of gentle tyranny.

      And most of us never even see it.

      There are two facets to this story.

      The long road to serfdom has been traveled to its end.

      Other than freedom to speak ones mind, and the right to bear arms, both of which are properties intellectual and physical, which constitute the most fundamental facets of liberty, there is nothing left which those who constitute the power of the state have been unable to apply their meddling to and banish them in entirety.
      It is therefore we all come to the great crossroads of biblical choice. Where the state and its actors have nothing for it but to commit overt egregious acts of tyrannical nature, lay in stasis, (an impossible state of accumulative/administrative power), or relinquish its stranglehold on the very existence of its subjects.

      The other facet is a great unknown. Nobody, and I say Nobody, knows the the threshold of tolerance of people and how far they will go to avoid waging war on behalf of their liberty and freedoms.
      And that’s the thing right there. No one even knows what could precipitate an uprising of liberty which knows no limits in its retribution against this tyranny. It is not even known if it is possible within the framework of this society, what is it which is culture upstream of the mountain of wrongs crushing everything that is good and free.

      I think the trip wire though has always been connection between freedom to speak ones mind openly in the forum of public discourse, and the possession of arms suitable to kill tyrants and defend against marauders. These two fundamental facets of everyman’s liberty are inextricably linked, that not only are they the pen and the sword of freedom which mutually support each other philosophically, do so within the framework of dignity of liberty, they are the crux of not only liberty, its very existence in the minds of the free, they are all that keeps things from falling apart, essential components of our civilized society. And to remove one or the other is the straw which breaks the camels back.

      It must be noted that it is those who value and cherish both freedom of speaking out and bearing their arms, are the filaments of civility that is all which holds everything together right now. These are the things which created abolition and secession and true liberty to begin with.
      And I think we have come full circle in this war of tug, the ebb and flow between tyranny and liberty.

      In the scheme of lies and war of dissimulation laid upon us, it is understandable people have in general little faith in the possibility of liberty prevailing against the state and its actors.

      But I beg to differ.

      It is because of this war against our character, our essence as people who do know what liberty is, unique in history, who have lived it and tasted its fruits, that a plurality exists who once they understand they are a plurality of the sum of its whole, become the most powerful entity of culture imaginable.
      That power is aligning itself, it is a nebulous process of preference, which at a certain point becomes a cascade, and that is the point where a paradigm of liberty and its self awareness is formed.

      In a profound manner, it could not happen any other way.

      It is the nature of people and such things.

      It is inevitable secession from and abolition of the state will be grasped by this plurality as the logical choice. The only viable sustaining choice for liberty. Existential war between tyranny and liberty has a way of distilling life down to its essence.

      But it all, everything I’ve written here speaks to the crux of the matter, the truth which tyrants can not brook, and the fearful are blinded to, the reluctant fear because it will take away immediate comfort and the illusion of security traded for a little bit of freedom, it is legitimacy.

      Legitimacy as in it is something which must be wrested from the clutches of tyrants and their state. It is how their system of slavery disintegrates upon the forge of legitimacy, and the hammer which smites these slave masters is a simple plurality of people who themselves brook no further trespasses against them.
      Because when people begin to grok their primal individual liberty is the only legitimate form of power which exists on this Gods green Earth, the tyrants are done. For all illusions of legitimacy of tyrants have no power over people not afraid of them. They can not survive their own illegitimacy without the illusion of legitimacy of use of force and violence they desperately require to project power which does not exist.

      Especially people who stand up to them in abolition of their illegitimate system of slavery and tribute.

      1. Because when people begin to grok their primal individual liberty is the only legitimate form of power which exists on this Gods green Earth, the tyrants are done. For all illusions of legitimacy of tyrants have no power over people not afraid of them. They can not survive their own illegitimacy without the illusion of legitimacy of use of force and violence they desperately require to project power which does not exist.

        Boon, if I had a masthead, that would be there. Huzzah!

        1. Boon Vickerson is out there

          Huzzah! and up their arses too.

          I’m tellin’ ya I’m done with their bullshit.

          50 some odd years of this tyrant crap is too much, the thievin’ lyin’ greedy bastards, sticking their elitist noses in everything, meddling in every affair, diktatin’ from on high, thinkin’ they are special snowflakes who have special untouchable power over me, who the fuck do these sonsofabitches think they are, gods or something?

          I don’t think so. I had enough.

          This is war.

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