American Policing and the Coming Civil War by Bill Buppert

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

Publisher’s Note: The Canadian War Memorial and Parliament were attacked by gunmen this morning and ample evidence of the evolution of the police state in the north was on display as cops in full military regalia stomped about. No matter the cause, the usual suspects in the warden’s office known as government will further erode if not exterminate the gun rights of the Helots in Canada. Standby for news.

A number of readers have written to quibble on the notion of Civil War and I do think the USSA has been waging a “soft” CW since 1791 with the ratification of the primary plantation Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) in the Constitution. My observations here are a scratch speculation on the “hard” CW to come authored not by conspiracy but government malevolence and incompetence.

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Eric Frein may be the latest installment of a tradition in the American story of outlaws like Eric Rudolph, Troy James Knapp, Jason McVean, and Robert William Fisher, who were able to elude government and its police for years in rural and urban environments. No one is calling them heroes for their misdeeds or misadventures simply Exhibit A of why the over-funded police in America tend to be a lethal clown posse in rural America. “Popcorn” Sutton provides a memorable vignette on how to make the rural trade prosper. I will leave to others to assess what the mindset of Frein may be and the various theories about why he did what he did. I suspect that Frein may be part of a growing subculture in America that despises and loathes the state of American policing today. This small subculture is not comprised of criminals per se but folks who are simply tired of living in the emerging Stasi state that is the USA.

The PSP has issued a shoot on sight now on a suspect for whom the whole story has yet to be revealed; much like the Dorner episode, innocent until proven guilt is quaint but no longer applicable. Think about that: the authorities admit the suspect will not be taken alive. The future effect of this will incentivize the “nothing to lose” proposition that American copdom is unprepared to face. Solzhenitsyn provides more instruction here that the American police state will ignore at its peril.“You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.”

Is Frein a cold-blooded killer or murderous thug? Who knows and the way the system works, we may never find out. Very few people die by the rifle in America which makes this stand out but I suspect that statistic will increase in frequency instead of decrease in the future. The rifle tends to be a tool of insurrection and not mere crime.

The American police state has always been a savage enterprise enforcing unpopular or simply bad laws for decades. Try Woodrow Wilson’s infamous American Protective League on for size for a dollop of where this madness descends from. Whether the nasty business of alcohol prohibition in the early twentieth century or the other drug prohibition campaigns that succeeded it to grow the size of government, uniformed cops in all 19,000 department today from the local to the Federal level have created a formidable gulag state nicely accelerated by the strike on New York and DC in 2001.

While I think the numbers of civilians, especially innocents, murdered by the police in America is far greater than the official numbers, there is no government database (surprise!) that collates all the incidents. Those numbers are at least four times the purported 500 per annum killed since 9/11. I suspect one reason this is not done is the sheer number of corpses piled up yearly by the cops would cause a revolution that would find many lamp posts straining under the weight of hanged policeman in local burgs much like the collaborators in Vichy France after the country was liberated from the Nazi police state.

Like Frein, Dorner in California demonstrated for all to see that one determined man gunning for the cops can paralyze an entire state’s law enforcement apparatus and have them running for cover. Two incidents after the during the Dorner caper come to mind to show just how ill-advised and frightened the constabulary were of tackling an armed suspect who knew what he was about. In the case of the Dorner fiasco, the frightened police opened fire on a man driving to surf and two women delivering newspapers.

Much like the strike by al Qaeda on 9/11 in 2001, these events intentionally or accidentally set into train a cavalcade of unintended consequences and self-immolation on the part of the state. The US has formally driven itself into bankruptcy since 9/11 and the police state has helped to apply the gas to the process.

Imagine a dozen or a hundred Dorners in one state hunting the police population. Picture the confusion and fear sown among the ranks that are accustomed to mauling and thug-scrumming unarmed individuals and quite literally getting away with criminal violence and murder on a daily basis.

With few exceptions, even the vaunted thousands of SWAT teams, American police do not encounter talented armed resistance to their predations. For every Dorner incident, there are thousands of Americans savaged and mauled by the cops who offer no resistance whatsoever. Some of these unfortunates go to the hospital for non-crimes like obstructing and resisting arrest.

Tens of thousands of veterans have returned who have seen the elephant and been under either direct or indirect fire. Some of these veterans have gone to the dark side and signed up to be cops but many others have simply found other work that does not provide a clear and present danger to their friends, family and neighbors.

Here is a snapshot of the future: the present vector of violence by the police state will increase and they will start pushing the wrong folks the wrong way or more significantly the tens of thousands of woman and children ravaged by frightened cops will have male relatives who discover a pair and decide to remedy the dishonor visited on their family by the cold institution of restitution of blood. Frein is simply a symptom of a broader future trend.

The Non-Aggression Principle presents a formidable obstacle to many who would justify such protection against police but even those inhibitions are being shattered every day as more and more Americans don’t feel consoled by the presence of police but frightened and concerned for their well-being and physical safety. In the end, the police are the existential threat to human liberty; no political bad actor could deny a single human being liberty or freedom if the enforcer class didn’t exist. None.

As the legal system becomes more and more voracious in the number of people it cages in the largest per capita prison population on planet earth in the next few years, more and more of these potential guests will elect for an alternate means of reaching Valhalla instead of a long stretch in incarceration.

Some of those wronged men will be combat veterans or guys who know their way around a weapon. This will be the dawn of a new age in American policing because the days of cheap thuggery where they literally have a license to kill and a docile population to push around will vanish. The victims of the police state will discover what Dorner did; once you kill the first cop, the rest are free because you won’t see the inside of a patrol car much less a court room.

Erik Frein knows this whether he is a white supremacist, a child pornographer or choirboy, or whatever the state-fellating media complex splatters him with; he will not be taken alive in the new America. The police in this country are so emboldened by the evil trifecta of officer safety, qualified immunity and police unions nothing will prevent them from doing their worse.

Remember the teenager gunned down by the Sheriff’s Deputy, Erick Gelhaus, in California who had bragged on the internet about getting your war-face on. He, of course, faces no charges for the cold-blooded murder of a child. That is the level of maturity and professionalism in the ranks today. The Feds are even worse and they have a sordid track record of maiming, murdering and incinerating men, woman and children in the pursuit of their brand of justice.

The common thread through all these incidents is that while the cops dress up in military regalia, they are not trained to combat standards nor accustomed to what it takes to operate in teams against a trained and armed combatant enemy. With 80% of them overweight, there is no great fear of them getting close to combat standards. As an aside, some of these worthies claim the obesity is due to the stress of the job. If that is the case, why aren’t all combat soldiers overweight? Obviously, because they have discipline and can control input to the bottom of their face.

If they do wish to train up like that, liberty is dead and gone in America even worse than when you woke up this morning. If they wish to avoid the need for these, cops needs to stop their viscous and aggressive behavior against everyone they encounter.

But this won’t happen.

American police declared war on common Americans long ago and the war has progressed nicely for them as they literally get away with murder every day. Future historians may find the causes of the inevitable civil war brewing in America to have partial roots in the police state. Time will tell.

In the words of the sage, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

But the times, they are a’changin’.

Frein is an early warning indicator of storm clouds on the horizon.

“There is something about the state putting the power to bully into the hands of subnormal, sadistic apes that makes my blood boil.”
– Gore Vidal, Death in the Fifth Position

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  1. Don’t ever forget the women… Remember what the Apache and other native American women did to the soldiers who murdered and mutilated their children, the elderly and anyone else they could find. Attitude first… then guns, or whatever weapon comes to hand.

    Even when expressed imperfectly, I’m seeing more and more of that attitude as you said. This is the good news.

  2. You left out part II of the police thuggery-the “defendant” is charged based on the short work of fiction known as police report. The prosecutor gets the report, creates a longer work of fiction which is then sent to a “Grand Jury”, who create an even longer work of fiction, based on the two works of fiction they received from officer safety and the prosecutor. This work of fiction is known as an indictment.

    The indictment will read like the defendant is a combination of Genghis Kahn, Atilla the Hun, and is such a danger to society that he is charged with 42 felony offenses.

    After going bankrupt paying attorney’s fess – the defendant now has a court-appointed attorney – otherwise known as a public pretender – who advises him to plead guilty to the lowest level charge to avoid spending 50 years in the state prison system.

    The cop,the prosecutor and the judge all work for team .gov – unless a person is either very wealthy or very well connected – they go to prison; maybe, if they are lucky, they get probation.

    Problem is – the person then has a felony conviction-and is tagged for life as a felon.

    That’s more rights and freedom lost.

    There are so many obscure laws and regs on the books that any prosecutor, in any city or county in the USA – can charge you with a felony offense – and win a conviction.

    When everything is a crime-everyone is a criminal-except those who know the “right” people,or have the $$$ to hire an attorney who does know the ‘right” people.

    1. sounds like you read about my family, Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoat? please google . Nov. 5 is sentencing @ 1:30 w/Judge Brack in Las Cruces N.M. Appreciate your prayers and letters
      rick and family

      1. Rick,

        I did read about your family re; F&F.

        I discovered the truths about our “justice” system the hard way-by personal experience.

        That’s why I’m now only allowed to hunt with bow and arrow,or old school muzzleloader…
        no choice but to plead-no funds left for defense.

        Try getting your story out on all the gun rights blogs-it may help-you still have a couple weeks before sentencing.

        Obama,Holder,everyone BATFE supervisor from the Phoenix field office all the way up the chain should be the ones attending a sentencing hearing.

    2. No greater truth than what you just said, the USSA is NOT a free country and never has been wherever the Constitution held sway and dominance.

      We had a similar education process on the Amerikan legal system in our family.

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  4. Charles LaPiene

    It sounds like Unintended Consequences, by John Ross is not too far off. Unfortunately, the sheeple will give a dignified sneer to the “unwashed masses” and haughtily look down their noses until the boxcar to FEMA slams shut.

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  6. Boon Vickerson is out there

    I believe what Bill wrote is far more true than most are prepared for. Not out of ignorance or cowardliness, but this is the time of the last honeymoon with the idea of the rule of law and the fallacy a piece of parchment with fancy words on it somehow stops a police state thugs bullet from penetrating your skin.
    The rule of law only applies to those who are ruled.

    Parchment makes for a poor ballistic vest.

    When it is a matter of a convenient act of fiction by any cop or badged arm thug, to turn anybody they select, into a criminal, when employing violence as a means to justify the fiction to begin with, there are no limits, civility is lost, and because it is the living breathing walking cognitive organs of the state itself solely responsible for their acts of actual monopoly of force and it’s natural ally violence, there exists no methods of checking it.

    Except violent relentless merciless defense of ones rightful liberty.

    All civil restraints come off in just resistance to such tyranny in the face of such violent threats to life and liberty.

    The only difference between my loved ones and myself, and Frein, any possible “crimes” not withstanding, is the police state has not got around to try and kill me. Yet.

    To not face these truths head on, a man is already half way to death by government thug.

    But accepting the reality, one is half way to not suffering the consequences of this ugly nasty brutal truth.

    I think when a man has to stand on his porch with his rifle, when he is running through the woods with his fellows training in small unit infantry tactics, pondering his ultimate duty to his family, his body, his property happiness and liberty, it is the pinnacle of watching over his shoulder for a threat so heinous, so wrong, by men who constitute the worst humans on Gods green Earth, that never say die and live free, yes, give me liberty, or I will fight even to my possible death, you become free in ways unimaginable.

    It is dignity of liberty.

    Ya can beat me, ya can stab me, ya can shoot me, but ya better kill me, cause I don’t give up.

    I think the thugs are enjoying a holiday. They can not comprehend how lucky they are a people they terrorize and bully are not only of such tolerance that these thugs can get away with murder. And that applies to the actors they enable with their employing their assumed monopoly of violence. But it is the good character and moral fiber of the tolerant, and make no mistake not everyone is a sheep or free shit zombies, this tolerance is which is all that stands in the way of a blood letting that will tear us all apart.

    Hard as it may be to grok, bloodthirsty as it may appear, sometimes events go past a point of no return, and ends up there is nothing for it but to fight. Fight to win.

    So many thoughtful and caring people write and have much to say, with good and genuine intentions on this encroaching police state. In truth it is a commonality shared more than almost aspect of liberty and just resistance to tyranny. You can just feel their concern and worry, it is honest, it is rightful, it matters far beyond words. It is reluctant gestalt too. And that speaks to the great quiet character and civility of those, who are concerned. Which makes the truth of how awfully evil those with a badge and a gun who have lost their civility really are. These psychopaths make no one safe. They disrupt two and a half centuries of culture, they insinuate their madness into the very fiber of our lives, and believe this wanton power to run free and create mayhem is some kind of privilege justified by their unique status as enforcers of diktat and administrative rule. And we are extorted of our prosperity to pay for that special privilege of being incarcerated or murdered by these thugs, a tithe to the religion of corruption, determined at will by the psychopaths and criminals running things whom the psychopaths with badges and guns enforce extract and kill us to makes us afraid to withdraw consent and fight against this madness disguised as government.
    Nothing could be as illegitimate as a system of government as this, as ripe to be resisted by any means, under these truths, using tyranny and violence as a tool in such cunning and insidious, such odious fashion, to enslave such an entire people born like no others in all of human history, into rightful liberty.

    And there are our brothers who scoff at and deride the thought leaders of our day who espouse the wisdom and cultural imperative of secession and abolition of the state. They are of a ironic double standard, they have lost the very crux of liberty, it’s very essence, something we must all return to or we are toast. They forget it does not begin with words on a piece of parchment or administrative law disguised as rule of law, it never began with constitutional concepts, no, it began with each of us, and it must again begin with each of us.
    They belittle the idea of total liberty, but yet they believe in their parchment idol, of retaining just a little power over people, for their own good.

    Sound familiar?

    Is just a little bit of slavery OK?

    Um, explain to me why we have a governing document which is so special, better and above a mans primal self determination, so sacrosanct, has so much magic powers of protecting people from tyranny to the exclusion of any other ideas, that we have a police state utterly out of control? Smells like cargo cult to me.

    I was demanded to provide answers for my apostasy to the constitution.

    Well, I consider this my best thought out answer: And is funny how it is all connected to reality, and facing reality. How it all comes full circle, and what matters most was always what mattered most.

    How is a piece of idolized parchment going to protect me, my loved ones, from a badged thug putting a bullet through our heads, today, tomorrow, as I sleep in my bed next my beautiful wife, tonight, next week?


      1. Boon Vickerson is out there

        Thanks Dr. Martino, read it, passed it around too.

        You know the timeless axiom of the truth as revolutionary idea in times of universal deceit?

        Your book opened some eyes let me tell you.

  7. The PSP has publicly announced their intention to summarily execute Frein on sight.

    The die is cast. He will die if they are presented with an opportunity to kill him.

    Even the pretense of Justice and the rule of law has gone out the window.

  8. Well-written article. Thank you. As I read it, I remembered an article I read a week or so ago pertaining to intelligence tests and hiring new police officers. The point of that article was that police departments are hiring new cops that exhibit diminished intelligence levels. They want non-thinking reactionaries. And that fits the profile of what I see in the news these days. The “police” are out of control and have been for years. It is no surprise that someone is taking the fight to the police, either. The surprise is that so few do.

    So we have an obese (wow these guys are porkers), dumbed-down police force with MRAP’s literally in every neighborhood in America, and a Federal government creating false-flag events like Sandy Hook in order to sway the blind, deaf and dumb masses to hate “guns”.

    It’s all an attempt to eliminate resistance to the global dictatorship that is planned. But what these diabolical slavers forget is that GOD dominates every aspect of existence. As the Holy Bible says, “Not a bird falls to the ground except that it be the will of GOD.”

    You mark these words: As the satanists strike a very weak public, God will exercise His Will and tremendous events will take place in the earth. The government will have its hands full just trying to keep its own lights on. Their plans will bear little fruit, and chaos will reign.

    This will be a political/social spectacle unlike anything ever seen, and it will turn very ugly. The BEST plan of action is to draw close to the Lord God, and to prepare by stocking food, medicine, water, energy and defense supplies. Prepare. Get stronger, healthier. Buy paper books that can help you later, and plan on living with no civil infrastructure in place to keep you comfortable. That does mean no air-conditioning 🙂

    And regardless of the outcome, it’s all a major win for Christians. Whether we live or die is no matter, because ours is the Kingdom of Heaven.

    And one other thing. The NSA does compile data from this website, including IP’s of visitors. Just sayin’.

    1. Everything in the electronic sphere is a postcard to the NSA including this site and a message to the watchers listening in their taxpayer-subsidized Stasi pods: Fuck You.

      1. Is killing Satanists, that is the .fedfuks and their subordinates, and assuredly dying myself in the process my atonement for past sins when I finally lock my heels on my Fathers carpet? I can only pray that it is.

  9. By staffing police forces with the less intelligent, and therefore less likely to give any thought to their actions, our masters have condemned themselves to ultimate failure. I recall the police candidate who sued because with a 120+ IQ, he was deemed too intelligent to be a cop. I have watched a SWAT operation, carefully analyzing what I watched. The younger cops were pathetically emulating what they must watch on TV. No OpSec to the rear, anyone willing to put their life on the line could have approached and decimated those in the operation. 20 robocops to apprehend two unarmed youths who had stolen liquor. It was the old vets with their doggies that apprehended the robbers, and those policeman never unshouldered their arms. When the mentally ungifted face someone with a 120+ IQ, who is also a warrior, I would wager on the outcome.

    1. Andre,

      No doubt the IQ of these robodrones will work against them and the only reason they succeed now is because of the use of swarm techniques on relatively benign & defenseless victims. All of this will change as the nature of the evolving conflict between government and the Helots evolves from a soft civil war to a mass insurrectionist conflict.


  10. I wonder what would happen if someone were to pop a pig about a mile or so outside the area where the Pennsylvania pigs are doing their thing? Don’t have to be particular. Any pig will do. Make sure you leave nothing at the scene. Then someone else pop another elsewhere in the same area? How long before lone wolf operations such as that would convince the Only Ones that they have chosen the wrong career?

    As for me, I’m deciding whether to take care of the Habersham swill for what they did to that child, or deal with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office swill for their cold-blooded murder of Andrew Lee Scott…

    1. Attention, Cretinous NSA.

      Mark is sharing speculation for his novel in conference with me. We are both writing crime spree novels that take a slightly different perspective on the ordinary police procedural that fellates the state.

      Spontaneous order has a way of rebalancing the books.

  11. I’m a cop whose Oath has never expired. I take it seriously and have since being commissioned in the USAF in 1967.

    That being said, if the facts as presented in Wikipedia (for example) are correct, I probably would have shot Andy Lopez as did Gelhaus.

    Was Lopez turning around and in the process bringing the muzzle of what looked like an AK battle carbine to bear on Gelhaus? If so, Gelhaus was justified in shooting him and he (Lopez) probably would have been shot by any other policeman in any other jurisdiction under the same circumstances.

    I’m sorry he’s dead. However, actions do have consequences- a fact that so many people in our Nanny State have never been taught. It’s a shame this was the first time that Lopez was introduced to that concept.

    I’ve corresponded with Gelhaus a time or two and can assure you that he was (and is) crushed by the incident. His life simply is no longer the same. He is forever changed and that is as it should be after one has taken a life- whether it was justified or not. In my opinion, that’s the kind of man we want in the police forces. I believe him to be a caring, moral man.

    The word ‘tragedy’ has been overused to the point of being trivialized. But, here’s another meaning: ‘a drama or literary work in which the main character( Lopez) is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw…’

    Andy’s parents did not teach him well. That was his tragic flaw and as a result, this incident ended horribly for all concerned.

    1. JR,

      Thanks for commenting but, respectfully, I don’t actually care what oath you refer to, that oath is most likely a pledge to obey your government employers. Per Gelhaus, he executed that child because he was carrying a gun in Kalifornia. No crime that threatened anyone except the lawmakers and coproaches of that sordid state.

      I hope Gelhaus has a long and miserable life steeped in regret over his murderous reaction to a child with a toy. I know he was not charged which is not unusual for the Only Ones. Officer safety is government supremacist nonsense that makes the cop’s life superior to the value of the taxpayers that he preys upon and like a remora suckles his salary and over generous pension for a job that is not dangerous from.

      Want to be righteous cop? Resign and go on an apology tour of your local “beat”.

    2. JR –

      I have a very simple question for you and how you are compensated.

      Is your pay and / or benefits derived from sources that are voluntary or involuntary in nature?

      All government people, indeed everyone in society should ask themselves this one basic question. If you are paid with money or given benefits that are stolen by way of immoral taxation, direct or otherwise, then you are essentially an accessory after the fact and a thief. Regardless of how you or others view your job as a “protector” or “defender” or whatever, if you are paid with stolen money then you are a thief. Period.


      1. David,

        That question is a little more nuanced b/c if one owns a restaurant or plumbing business in AZ, 55-62 cents of every dollar that comes through the door is surrendered to a state entity through involuntary taxation making everyone a de facto and de jure government employee. It is a vexing question b/c the voluntary surrender of tribute to the state makes it commensurately stronger.


        1. Bill –

          I understand that. However, it’s only “voluntary” because of the threat of the use of force behind your “voluntary contribution”. If you didn’t voluntarily send the state tribute its wrath would pour down on you and your assets would be seized. Doesn’t seem very voluntary to me.

          I’ve had this debate with my father for sometime. He maintains that he “contributed to social security” and “paid in” his entire life so deserves to get it back. I say that nobody contributes a dime. At least I haven’t. What has happened is that a portion of the fruits of my labor have been stolen. The only logical case that could be made for taking social security is that it is in part restitution for money stolen from me.

          In any case, I have very little regard for JR or any other cop. They are paid with stolen money and to be honest most policing is a failure. I once asked a cop what percentage of his calls were in response to a crime versus actually preventing a crime. He told me that in excess of 95% were after the fact. That’s a pretty dismal record of failure in my opinion. I’m glad those that build bridges or fly airliners are held to a higher standard.


    3. “…he was (and is) crushed by the incident.”

      It’s called guilt. It’s what happens when you know you’ve done something evil.

      Tell me, cops are aware there are such things as toy guns, right? And that kids sometimes carry toys, right? And even assuming a gun, turning around with one is not the same as aiming one – cops know that too, right? And if someone who was not been a cop did the same thing, he’d be in jail, right?

      Your defense of Gelhaus is a perfect example of what is being hashed over here. When the time comes, and the war is on, such sloppy reasoning as you make here is going to be turned back on you and your ilk. It’s just the nature of war; one does not worry about the niceties of presumed innocence. You cops are making your bed and soon will have to sleep in it.

  12. Bill –

    Let’s get one thing straight: the constitution is a feckless screed. Its crafting was a coup d’etat by a group of statists who wanted to centralize power and debase individual liberty.

    Here’s an interesting exercise I went through a few years ago. It’s a good one for those that still worship the document. Find an electronic version online and cut-and-paste it into a word processor. Then highlight the words devoted to what government can, shall and must do. Count those words and you will find that 95% of the words in the constitution are devoted to the power of government. A mere 5% are devoted to the rights of the individual and those are mostly conditional. Just article 1, section 8 alone should scare the hell out of any reasonably sane person. It places no constraints on what government can do.

    Don’t count on the constitution protecting you from law enforcement because it will not. In fact it will be used against anyone who the state doesn’t approve of. American history is replete with countless examples of that.


    1. David,

      That is a brilliant idea. BTW, I hope you are aiming your broadside at someone else. Boston T. Party and I have conducted a lonesome jeremiad against the Constitution for a long time.

      I would ask you to consider this:

      Isn’t it fascinating that the BoR (which the Federalists HATED) comprises 95% of all defenses in the legal system against government prosecution of groups and individuals?

      Just article 1, section 8 alone should scare the hell out of any reasonably sane person. It places no constraints on what government can do.

      Grover Cleveland’s championing of the ICC in 1880s and the wickedly evil Wickard v. Filburn (1942) prove that out.


      1. Bill –

        Yeah, I was aiming my broadside at anyone – present company excluded – that still reveres the constitution. Although new to the site I suspect we have a lot in common based on what I’ve read so far. I would characterize myself as a Christian anarchist. There’s a few of us around.

        I’ve read Buppert and am a regular visitor to LRC. Laurence Vance and I correspond regularly, he and I think a lot alike about the military. No fan and yes, I’m a vet of the Vietnam debacle. Went back in 1999-2000 and what I saw was shocking. Promptly came home and put my DD-214 and (not so) honorable discharge through the shredder.

        I have an area of my website devoted to politics and would like to reprint / repost some of your work from time to time. That okay?


  13. I judge most things via my own experiences, and until recently would have disagreed with Buppert re the Policia. Then this happened:

    Sunday. I’m sitting quietly in my cab in an empty DMV parking lot, waiting for a call. Suddenly, a CHP motorcyclist comes wheeling off the highway ramp; into the lot and tells me to get out. I expostulate, he says “get out we’ve had complaints”. It suddenly occurred to me that this guy is actively seeking a confrontation and then a quick kill. All he has to do is shoot me, then drop that second gun he carries – the one with the taped handle – on the floor of my car, and he’s got 3 weeks paid vacation fly-fishing in Oregon. I now agree with Buppert and if, say, I get the no-knock at 3 AM, am prepared to resist lethal force with lethal force. Frein? No sympathy for the hare or the hound.

  14. The most important thing to remember is that they work for us, we don’t work for them. Vote out the people who hired them, and vote in people who will keep them in check. If that doesn’t work, then further steps have to be taken. I don’t need to be more specific.

    1. Joseph,

      I recommend your book to everyone but simply disagree on the utility of voting for freedom, sort of like fornicating for virginity. Like limited government, there is no historical evidence for it. Your prognostications on actual resistance methodologies bear study and emulation.

      I also recommend the Field Manual FM 3-21.8 (FM 7-8) The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad March 2007 and SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook 2011.

      And, of course, practice your skills and spend time at the range.

      1. Boon Vickerson is out there

        There is something almost heart warming in Billy Becks comment about there being no voting our way out of this, how that is as it should be.

        Yes, indeed. It is important to change one’s thinking in this respect, how one must become manifold in that destiny.

        It is far far from impossible to change one’s mind, thinking, and that is the thing. All this, all we talk about, it is all possible. All it takes is changing your mind. Pretty simple, huh? That is the conundrum, isn’t it. Free your mind. Free your mind.

        Like Myob! Right Bill?

    2. I also question whether we can vote our way out of e current slide to tyranny. The tyrants have too much control over the election process and have established a nearly majority of constituents on the dole (what some refer to as the “Free Shit Army.”

      How do you respond to that problem?

      I have your book by the way. Started reading it, got sidetracked, and have started again from the beginning.

      Thanks for reminding me of it … Maybe there’s an answer there, but a “cliff notes” version here might be beneficial to many.

      1. Carl,

        Please review some of the essays I published in the last month which addresses some of the voter nonsense. Bottom line: voting for freedom is like fornicating for virginity.


      2. “How do you respond to that problem?”

        Yeah, that’s the question everyone asks. “What civil means are available to me, to stop this insane growth of Tyranny?”

        IMO it’s grossly overthought. Strip away the fluff and it reduces to, “If a thug is attacking me, what’s the civil way to respond to that?” Sure, we want to be civil and as rational people, it’s far preferable to appeal to logic and persuasion.

        But very few thugs will respond to logic or persuasion and then change their minds. That’s what’s different this time; otherwise civil people are FINALLY understanding the concept of self-defense and especially WHY it’s a rational–and yes civil–way to proceed. Because when all is said and done, with a thug who refuses to change his mind, it’s a NECESSARY action.

        So it is and so it shall be, until this sad stage of human history is behind us.

        1. Boon Vickerson is out there

          Look at in X instead of Y Jim.

          You said it yourself, it begins with each of us.

          You may one day have to face the choice of what to do if your person is in mortal peril from the state. No doubt it is a moral pickle. A bridge you have to cross if it shows up on your path through life.

          But it can’t be something that is permitted to define us.

          It is we who have a duty to ourselves singularly, individually to define who we are and what we will not do. That is the line in the sand.

    3. “The most important thing to remember is that they work for us”

      Sorry to be blunt, but that is the biggest load of crap I have read in quite a while.

      You may wish it were so, and the Ministry of Propaganda may tell you it is so, but that does not make it so. Every once in a while one needs to make a consistency check between their worldview and reality.

      The reality is that the ruling class works for themselves, and we peons can go suck the hind tit. And the minions definitely work for the ruling class, as well as for themselves. Do try to leave your fantasy world.

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  16. Bill, don’t judge a person you don’t know. I am THE cop you want to respond should you need a cop. The Constitution is still the law of the land. I know that. I remember that on every call I take. You said, “Per Gelhaus, he executed that child because he was carrying a gun in Kalifornia.” Really? Gelhaus actually said that he “executed” Lopez? Probably not.

    Bill. I have a question for you and any keyboard commando out there, “Have you ever had a firearm (or even a very realistic-looking toy gun) pointed at you, by an unknown person, in dim light whose intentions were unknown’? If not, you simply cannot Monday-morning quarterback the situation.

    If you find someone in your house at night and he points something that looks like a gun at you, are you going to have an internal debate” “Gee, is that a gun or a toy?” “Gee, is he a kid or an adult?” “Gee, if he’s a kid, he probably won’t shoot me with that thing that looks like a gun, right?” “Gee, I wonder why he wants to hurt me? “Gee, I wonder if he’s the product of a broken home?” Probably not.

    Are there psycho cops out there who are simply salivating over the prospect of “executing” some hapless civilian? Probably. Are 95-99% of the rest of them honest people trying to ‘serve and protect’? Absolutely. Our mission is to weed the psychos out while keeping the good ones. Our mission is to weed out the administrators and public ‘officials’ who encourage and reward bad behavior. When a cop got a slap on the hand for egregious behavior have YOU protested? Have YOU pounded on the Mayor’s desk? the Police Chief’s desk? the DA’s desk? Have you then actively tried to have those people removed from office or indicted? Or are you content to piss and moan on an online comments section about all those horribly mean cops?

    But I’ve got news for all of you; if one acts like an asshole in public or in an encounter with a cop, he’s going to be treated like one. If a person is civil to me, and doesn’t try to hit me, or spit on me, or kick me in the groin, or repeatedly M-F me, or try to stab me when I’m trying to arrest the SOB husband who’s been beating her and which SHE reported to the cops, I’m going to treat him like a fellow citizen and try to get the situation resolved (as will most other cops that I know and respect).

    How about you all out there? How do you react when gotten into a disagreement with someone who acts and speaks reasonably? What if he tries to hit you because he thinks you took ‘his’ parking space? Do you interact with him the same as you did with the reasonable person?

    David, nobody ‘pays’ me. I’m a fully-certified Peace Officer and a Reserve. I receive no compensation, no money for expenses, no money for follow-on continuation training I take, and have bought most of my duty gear. I’m one of the ‘militia’ as envisioned by The Founders and have been since 1996. Retired USAF fighter pilot before that. How about you? How do you serve your community, your friends and family?

    Here’s a point for all keyboard commandos out there. While I know and understand that ultimately each of us is responsible for his and his family’s safety and security, there are times when people need a cop. Y’all know it too. When your teen-aged daughter is being groomed and seduced by some online pervert, are YOU going to find him and make him stop? When thugs have robbed your house, are YOU going to hunt them down and try to retrieve your property? When someone murders your wife, are YOU going to find him and bring him to (at least what passes now for) justice? When the 80 yoa woman your neighborhood is being terrorized by thugs who’ve been repeatedly trying to kick in her door at night, are YOU going to drive by her house regularly to try to catch them before the rob/rape/murder (take your pick) her?

    Been there. Done that. But this post is not about what a “hero” I am. Big whoop. I’m not.

    Here’s the takeaway point: John Adams said it best, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (Letter to the Massachusetts Militia 11 October 1798).

    True then. True now.

    1. JR,

      Thanks for the thoughtful response. You are a rare specie among the cops I have encountered who doesn’t resort to ad hominem and shoddy argumentation. First of all, you must have mistaken me for a Constitutionalist which I am not. And, no, I am retired too (from the US Army), I will not thank you for your service because the only service you and I rendered was to make Amerika lass safe from blowback and imperialist over-reach. The military-industrialist complex in concert with the welfare excesses of big government have the USSA more vulnerable than ever. But that is a different topic.

      I explain that here: And dozen of other examinations I’ve made on the blog and my book.

      Per your question:

      Bill. I have a question for you and any keyboard commando out there, “Have you ever had a firearm (or even a very realistic-looking toy gun) pointed at you, by an unknown person, in dim light whose intentions were unknown’? If not, you simply cannot Monday-morning quarterback the situation.

      I can only answer for myself and the answer is yes. Those firearms were discharged at me.

      AS I mentioned, this legendary oath has no relevance to me. The Anti-Federalists warned us about a standing army in their letters and that is what the police are in Amerika today.

      Full disclosure: I was a Reserve Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Deputy in Humboldt County CA in the 1980s. The BS and misbehavior I saw then still chills me today and the events occurring today in departments (all 19,000) across the fetid plain is exponentially worse.

      If I may, keyboard commandos appear to be anyone who think the police today are brutal, expensive, excessive, incapable of context of steeped in a legal system that prosecutes malum prohibitum laws that have nothing to do with peace and safety.

      Per Gelhaus, if he is just a loose and frightened gun out there that ends up making bad decisions that devastate a family, he is a poster child for one of the many maladies that make cops such a clear and present danger to everybody. Pop quiz: what makes a coproaches’ life so much more sacred than the mundanes they murder on a annual basis? A friendly wager: I’ll bet far more people with toy guns have been gunned down by frightened and most like overfed cops than any civilian incidents of the same. Why? Because American cops know full well they can get away with murder like the wretch who murdered my friend Bill Scott’s son, Erik, in Costco in Las Vegas in 2010.

      Are there psycho cops out there who are simply salivating over the prospect of “executing” some hapless civilian? Probably. Are 95-99% of the rest of them honest people trying to ‘serve and protect’? Absolutely. Our mission is to weed the psychos out while keeping the good ones. Our mission is to weed out the administrators and public ‘officials’ who encourage and reward bad behavior. When a cop got a slap on the hand for egregious behavior have YOU protested? Have YOU pounded on the Mayor’s desk? the Police Chief’s desk? the DA’s desk? Have you then actively tried to have those people removed from office or indicted? Or are you content to piss and moan on an online comments section about all those horribly mean cops?

      JR, I have to call BS because the entire legal system depends on coddling & excusing the horrific over-the-top behavior of ALL cops. Want to be a good cop? Emulate Serpico. Yeah, I thought so.

      Want to see how private policing would handle this:

      This is the future, not the occupation army known as American copdom.

      The key difference between my vision and that of ALL trained cops in America is that I know immoral means cannot possibly yield moral ends.

      Again, we severely disagree but I really appreciate your comments.


    2. Boon Vickerson is out there


      I think you miss something important here, free people, rightful liberty lived, doesn’t require Praetorian Guards, only those who presume power and authority over others need a police state to enforce their will and diktat, extract tribute.
      Maybe you haven’t figured that out yet, maybe you are, and that is why you are here. That is a good thing.

      You understand people who are truly free, not slaves to the leviathan, they do not need police. They are their own police. It is built in. It is culture empowered and responsible in its action. That is as it should be. It is self actualizing in nature.
      As a freeman, why am I going to put up with being robbed or assaulted by a stranger anymore than by a badged armed “law” officer?

      Who needs either?

      Cops ain’t the answer.

      Somebody says we need cops or society breaks down. Anarchy will reign, the streets will be filled with rioters and looters.

      Honestly, how has that been working?

      Sure, without cops, it would be mayhem, but it really already is, just the mayhem wears Brooks Brothers suits, robs America to the tune of trillions, commits crimes you as a cop would automatically put us little people in jail for, wages armed bloody destruction across the globe, and uses you my good fellow as a symbol of violent retribution if we little people ultimately refuse to comply with even the littlest of edicts.

      That oath is a component of the ruse of legitimacy of the state. Like that parchment, it was a great con of men.

  17. >don’t judge a person you don’t know. I am THE cop you want to respond should you need a cop.

    What if we don’t “need a cop?” We don’t usually get any choce in the matter. And we certainly don’t get any choice in what sort of “cop” might respond. Could be ok, could be a flashbang into the baby’s crib. We don’t get to choose.

    >“Have you ever had a firearm (or even a very realistic-looking toy gun) pointed at you, by an unknown person, in dim light whose intentions were unknown’?

    If someone breakes into my house, what they have in their hands is immaterial – they ARE a threat, just by being there. The child who was shot holding a toy gun was not in someone’s home and was not in poor light. I use all kinds of simulators and “toy guns” in my training classes, under many different conditions. It is not usually difficult to tell them from actual guns.

    The actual problem with more and more cops is the growing fear they have of everything and everyone. Unintended consequences of their deteriorating reputation as reasonable, moral beings. In addition, the mere presence of a real gun is not any logical or rational reason for a cop to take action. Absent any obvious proof that the child was threatening anyone, he should have been ignored.

    >Are 95-99% of the rest of them honest people trying to ‘serve and protect’? Absolutely. Our mission is to weed the psychos out while keeping the good ones.

    No, and the proof is daily growing that this is not so. And cops are not psychiatrists, so they can’t tell the psychos from anyone else. Their opinion is not relevant. And no, that’s not the cops “mission,” by any means. Their actual mission is to protect and serve the government entity that issues their orders. Period.

    >Our mission is to weed out the administrators and public ‘officials’ who encourage and reward bad behavior.

    No proof of that. Please supply documentation if this has ever actually happened.
    Here is one small example of where that is not happening, and the cop who blows the whistle is the one abused, charged with crimes and tossed out.

    >When a cop got a slap on the hand for egregious behavior have YOU protested?

    Happens often. The “internal affairs” and courts dismiss it out of hand, even when it rises to the level of riots and mass demonstrations.

    >But I’ve got news for all of you; if one acts like an asshole in public or in an encounter with a cop, he’s going to be treated like one.

    Oh brother… total submission. subservience, groveling and instant compliance… even from people who are deaf or developmentally disadvantaged… yep, that’s what you consider appropriate. Failure can easily result in immediate execution. It happens frequently. The “officer safety” hysteria is used to justify every kind of abuse and murder all over the country.

    >How about you all out there? How do you react when gotten into a disagreement with someone who acts and speaks reasonably? What if he tries to hit you because he thinks you took ‘his’ parking space? Do you interact with him the same as you did with the reasonable person?

    I have to let him have the parking spot, walk away, refuse to interact… I have to avoid any situation where the problem may go from words to aggressive actions. I have to deal with people who act unreasonably almost every day. That is the rational option, especially for people who do not have any “authority” over others.

    >nobody ‘pays’ me. I’m a fully-certified Peace Officer and a Reserve.

    Bully for you. So you are going around imposing your ideas and enforcing “prohibition” nonsense at your own expense? Amazing.

    >How about you? How do you serve your community, your friends and family?

    Let’s see… I mind my own business. Earn a living by providing goods and services others want and are willing to pay for. I pay for the goods and services I need and want. I do not aggress against anyone, and am prepared to defend myself and my community as needed from actual attack. I teach all comers how to shoot safely, how to defend themselves as well.

    >When your teen-aged daughter is being groomed and seduced by some online pervert, are YOU going to find him and make him stop?

    No. I will take steps to remove the daughter from the situation. There are many thousands of actual and potential threats. Children must learn to avoid the dangers and protect themselves. But, at some point, especially if I have not done my parenting job well, if that teen aged daughter chooses to be seduced anyway… then it is her responsibility to live with the consequences.

    >When thugs have robbed your house, are YOU going to hunt them down and try to retrieve your property?

    It is my responsibility to make it very difficult to impossible for someone the rob my house. If I happen to be in the house, it is my responsibility to stop them. I won’t need to hunt for my stuff…

    >When someone murders your wife, are YOU going to find him and bring him to (at least what passes now for) justice?

    She should certainly be defending herself. Her life is her responsibility. And yes, there are times when things get out of hand and self defense is not effective. The sheriff, posse and jury of peers is the answer to that failure. Very, very little similarity to the current set up.

    >When the 80 yoa woman your neighborhood is being terrorized by thugs who’ve been repeatedly trying to kick in her door at night, are YOU going to drive by her house regularly to try to catch them before the rob/rape/murder (take your pick) her?

    I’m going to teach her to defend herself first, and yes… my neighbors and I do keep watch on the few truly elderly and disabled. Every neighborhood used to do this as a matter of course. The cops, on the other hand, have ZERO obligation to defend any individual, of course. If they happen to be in the right place at the right time, maybe they can help… but that is rare as hen’s teeth.

    Lysander Spooner – No Treason

    Inasmuch as the Constitution was never signed, nor agreed to, by anybody, as a contract, and therefore never bound anybody, and is now binding upon nobody; and is, moreover, such an one as no people can ever hereafter be expected to consent to, except as they may be forced to do so at the point of the bayonet, it is perhaps of no importance what its true legal meaning, as a contract, is. Nevertheless, the writer thinks it proper to say that, in his opinion, the Constitution is no such instrument as it has generally been assumed to be; but that by false interpretations, and naked usurpations, the government has been made in practice a very widely, and almost wholly, different thing from what the Constitution itself purports to authorize. He has heretofore written much, and could write much more, to prove that such is the truth. But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.

    1. Boon Vickerson is out there

      Well said for sure ML. I hope JR reads it with an open mind. He owes it to himself to see things from the perspective of others.

  18. Boon Vickerson is out there

    One aspect of a police state that employs violence as a means is it eventually leads to violence as the means to solving everything.
    Like reaping what you sow.

    If Erick Frein’s motive was to use violence to solve something, which I have no idea if that is what he did, (or is even the person who shot two PSP officers, or even if it really even happened ), but let’s for the sake of argument suppose Erick did do what he is accused of doing is true, the monopoly of violence and illegitimacy of the state’s chickens have come home to roost. Ole’ Erick stirred up a hornets nest.

    Here is a double standard in spades in living color. Where it is permissible for “law” enforcement to use violence to solve every social condition, use the threat of violence as de facto policy, to the level even where people in a myriad of events are literally murdered willy nilly by “mistaken” identity, literal highway robbery by cop is a standing operating procedure, where it has not only become accepted policy within “law enforcement” culture, but those who perpetrate such acts upon the citizenry are excused of any responsibility or culpability for any conceivable crime.

    Now I can’t speak for anybody, but in my book there is something very very bad in this. Call it what you want, legitimacy of the state it is not.

    Back to the PSP. They are outraged two of theirs where bushwhacked in cold blood. Honestly, what do they expect?

    Because they wear shiny badges they have special rights and powers? What is good for them is not good for others? How many people of Pennsylvania have been executed by official decree over the years? How many have had retribution laid upon them in the form of payback for some slight or act of defiance to their “power”.
    Now we have a public proclamation no less of execution on sight of Erick Frein.

    This shit didn’t just start. It is a characteristic of a culture of violent tyranny long in the making. Once you murder in cold blood, the rest is easy. And you get paid handsomely for doing it. You might even get a medal and a promotion for it. And those you terrorize maime rob and kill are forced by the same guns, justified under the same banner of “legitimacy”, threatened with the same retribution if refusal to comply is detected, to pay for all of it to begin with.

    And they are outraged somebody had the gall to visit the same violence on them and the media and politicians back them up.

    I don’t think Erick is going to go away you guys. I think he is not even the tip of the iceberg of the reaping for what the state has sowed.

    The question is not if, but when?

    Secession from this insanity, abolition of this insanity, becomes mighty attractive, ever more so with each passing trespass upon liberty and life. At some point a defining moment comes along, where the balance of the equation tips in another direction. We balance on the tipping point. We are at the moment where the lever of tyranny is overpowered by the fulcrum of liberty.

    1. Well said, Doug, as usual; I find it outrageous that the PSP has issued a shoot to kill order on a man who has not even been proven guilty because he apparently struck at the ONLY ONES.

    2. “One aspect of a police state that employs violence as a means is it eventually leads to violence as the means to solving everything.”

      Turns out that’s the main aspect, the sine qua non of Tyranny. For without that–the institutionalization of violence across all of society–there wouldn’t be even the hint of “legitimacy” or “authority” that we see all around us now, that most sheeple never even question.

      That’s why the schools were so important, and the place where the Dastardly Deed was done. Eliminate critical thinking and instead fill the brain with supposedly feel-good mush about morality, higher causes and the public good, and before too long, two generations IMO…well, here we are.

      It’s also why Tyranny is dead in the long run. The active human mind will always out-produce the zombie/thug mind, and it’s only a matter of time until enough active minds wake up. This is not speculation, because that’s what active minds DO. They might’ve killed a lot of ’em, maybe even most in the worst-case scenario, but they didn’t come close to killing them all. Their bad, our good.

      All relevant philosophical tipping points are past. It’s an either-or now, extinction or liberty. On that, every individual WILL vote, whether they want to or not.

  19. Don’t be stupid. A fight to restore American freedoms requires an energized electorate. America will not react to a loss of freedoms until Joe six pack is nudged from his easy chair when purchase of a six pack is banned.

    A civil war in America cannot happen until the white puke is disenfranchised. Not likely that will happen…….Incrementalism will ensure the white man dies in a drug-induced stupor before he can even think about restoring American freedoms..

    1. Boon Vickerson is out there

      Doesn’t require an electorate. We all know how energized it is already, it voted itself into this mess to begin with.

      All it requires is Myob! And I won’t.

      You might be pleasantly surprised how effective withdrawal of consent is and its inherent existential threat to those running it is. No need to foment civil war, no need to shoot the sonofabitches. They only have power when you, and I mean you and I as absolute self determining individuals, permit them to have power over you or I. Seems simple and impossible?

      It is and it isn’t.

      Look, it all begins with each of us. Really does. Slavery in our system of the leviathan is voluntary no matter how it is sliced. Nobody whipped out a rifle, put it to our heads and said submit or die. Did that happen?

      It is like plucking feathers from a goose one feather at a time. The goose, that’s us, hardly notices, till one day it looks at itself in the mirror, and notices it is buck naked featherless. Well lordy lordy! How in the blazes did that happen?

      Little at a time. And the goose went along with a little pain with each feather thinking well, its only one feather, I’ll just vote in the next election for the most promising bullshit artist and he will go by his oath of office and what it says on a piece of parchment and make a law to stop this bothersome feather plucking, before it gets out of hand, and I have to rely on a thing called the 2nd amendment to make the feather plucking stop, at least there is hope and a chance things will change cause I’m a law abiding kind of goose.

      Funny thing is plucking one feather at a time is a two way street. The goose is just as capable of returning the favor on the pluckers. Thing is, and wrapping your head around this is the greatest single thing a goose can do, there a lot more gooses than pluckers, a shit load more, hundreds of millions more. Many more gooses than feathers to be plucked from the pluckers. How long do you think the pluckers can withstand thousands of gooses, millions of gooses who decide they have had enough of being plucked?

      Go on, tell me it ain’t possible, and Ill tell you if that is what you believe you go right ahead and let the bastards pluck you naked. I’ll tell you you are missing out on the greatest secret non secret in the world. That if you don’t believe in that not so secret secret that secret is your key to your slavery, or ticket to freedom. And it is all your choice. That’s freedom right there. Either way.

      Do you want to know the greatest weapon ever created?
      Its not a gun
      Not a bomb
      It doesn’t have a trigger
      It has no moving parts
      It is lighter than a feather
      Anyone can have one
      Don’t need a license to own it
      Our enemy can’t use it against us
      It never runs out of ammo
      It costs next to nothing to own one
      Each one is like no other
      But they all do the same thing

      Know what this weapon is?

      It is called….I Won’t.

      And it’s all yours.

      1. My buddy felt empowered to have participated in a Democrat party caucus yesterday.

        His opinion, is that this separation of powers method We The People supposedly use to degrade the ability of the war lords to prey on us, is the least bad possible and that therefore he was helping himself by participating in the political process.

        He doesn’t believe in “I won’t.” So how does “I won’t” help? You think you or I are going to change his opinion?

  20. Boon Vickerson is out there

    Bind them with the shackles of the constitution and you can literally get away with anything, including public death sentences of whomever is politically expedient at the time and place of your choosing.

  21. 9-11 was not Al Qaeda. It was the US gov and collaborators, from the minimal evidence available those were Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    9-11 has a correct answer for anyone who can understand evidence and logic, it is not just a matter of opinion. Unless the laws of the universe were suspended that day in Manhattan, explosives brought down those buildings.

    My opinion of you is not enhanced by your false claim

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