An Intrusion of Coproaches: Sheriff Andy is Shown the Door by Bill Buppert

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The days of Mayberry RFD are long over and done with. The police serve and protect the rulers and no one else.

Frequent visitors to my site know that cops are a favorite topic here. No political bad actor can possibly deny the freedom of one human being absent the police enforcement mechanism to do so. Police have been and remain the primary existential threat to human liberty; all on display in the latest clown posse shenanigans in Missouri. The huge statist police occupation of America is Exhibit A of how important that maxim seems to be to the powers that be. The latest mischief by the law enforcers in Ferguson, MO point to some systematic and oft-repeated concerns about police brutality, quickness to violence and secure blanket immunity to ensure that bad cops (is there any other?) evade punishment for crimes that would put the taxpaying proles in the hoosegow.

Like a raft of turkeys or a murder of crows, the city of Ferguson, MO is suffering an intrusion of coproaches and the qualifier appears to be quite accurate.

There is a silver lining to this event. Much like the Boston bombing episode where the cops overreacted and crushed rights and created police victims out of whole cloth, the Missouri episode demonstrates a very important observation. Even though the cops are kitted for war with all their fancy equipment, they have no clue how to use it. Now this is married to the fact that the cops will become increasingly savage over time but a tipping point may be reached where reaction may not be as pleasant as the “black and blue line” anticipated.

For the old infantry hands in the readership like myself, Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad in FM 7-8 or the coffee table book variety in FM 3-21.8 in addition to the Ranger Handbook (SH 21-76) have plenty of information and guidance to fight the coming Endarkenment the Feds have planned for America. Even the SWAT clown posses across the land rarely if ever come up against seasoned lone wolves or fire teams that are trained in the warfare they pretend at like overgrown adolescent boys playing at soldier unfit to actually fight in the Legions.

Modern policing depends on a posture of domination that demands immediate submission and in most cases, the coproaches thugscrum an unfortunate human who hesitates a second or two in compliance. One can on one hand count the incidents in the last decade in which the police have battled a hardened and savvy dismounted light infantry foe toe to toe. They will not fare well.

Fitness is a key component of success in a fight and the natural slothfulness of government employees and police unions have worked to underwrite obesity and lack of fighting trim in the ranks. Fitness also speaks to discipline and the ability to face adversity, fat cops speak to neither but also dim their chances of ramping up the militaristic occupation of American streets they presently envision.

Take a look at the clown on top of the armored vehicle that has been such an iconic photo from the police antics in Ferguson, MO. Brian Merchant does a terrific analysis here.

A few observations. He is sporting a large scope that may be ideal for 300 meters and beyond but certainly not the anticipated 100 meter minus shooting customarily used by police overwatch for hostage or barricaded suspects. The weapon is an expensive .308 caliber AR platform replete with tac-latch for the charging handle and all the goodies one would find bedecked on the hardware of a gun hobbyist or competitive shooter. Indeed, he is wearing Marine Pattern camo (MARPAT). You will also note there are no backup iron sights (BUIS) mounted on the weapon. See a better picture here. This additional picture helped to clarify my confusion at the placement of the RMR for a right-handed shooter. The biggest question is why dress like a soldier in the first place if you don’t plan on going to war?

Also, black is a tricky camouflage to use in environments that lack any natural shadows. In the heat of a summer day, a black helmet is problematic. There is a reason military forces rarely wear black in vanilla combat operations. The human eye detects movement. The US Army banned the carry of black umbrellas because the sudden opening of the device would startle horses. I suspect the department just likes the sexiness of the color since it is the universal color of death in modern times.

One could conservatively estimate that if that is quality glass on the rifle, it is about five thousand dollars sitting in front of the poorly placed cop on the “command” vehicle. Where does all this money come from to finance this occupation army?

You do remember you live in a country that is by all measurements bankrupt? Yet the ruler’s Praetorians are decked out in all the tactical chic they can manage and arrive in style in a variety of vehicles of war.

By the way, one of the reasons you see so many cops clinging (desperately, I might add) to the outside of armored vehicles is the tremendous obesity problem that plagues American policing. I do find it ironic to see this kind of means used to travel in or on mine resistant vehicles (please go to 7:10). Some observers have chalked up the fat American cop to stress, yet if this were the case why aren’t combat soldiers the size of small blimps? Please note that many of the pants offered at LA Police Gear have production sizes up to 60” in the waist, that is a five-foot human wrapped securely around your low IQ law enforcer’s garden of guts. Of course, the police unions will rush to make this a disability to increase the potential and lucrative monetary gravy train for the tax eaters known as cops.

By the way, one of the primary reasons you will hear these departments justify the military kit is for those very situations just mentioned; yet they are as rare as hen’s teeth. Most of the reported 80,000 SWAT warrants served annually by the 19,000 (!) police departments in America do not involve critical response scenarios but simply a reason to dress like soldiers and cower in body armor while gunning down a seven year old girls. The news is filled with the legion of incidents in which the cops have maimed and killed innocents on practically a daily basis.

What the state doesn’t realize is that they can continue pressing the big brother envelope and push and push and they simply expect no blowback but government behavior overseas has shown otherwise and this domestic predation on the citizenry by the government will be no different.

Ferguson is a microcosm of things to come. The government is conducting an undeclared civil war against any Americans who resist the leviathan state.

Get your seat-belt on and not because the cops want you to.

Train your mind and body better than your opponent. He is corpulent, lazy and short-sighted.

America is in for a wild ride.



10 thoughts on “An Intrusion of Coproaches: Sheriff Andy is Shown the Door by Bill Buppert”

  1. All these pigs and not even one pound of bacon… Just a bunch of lard.
    What a waste. 😉

    This is a very well written piece.

    Thank you…

  2. That last photo: did The 3 Stooges’ Curly reincarnate as a porcine praetorian crud? Just a rhetorical question . . . Curly would not do that!

      1. an XY? fooled me, thought it an XX. Anyway, a significant percentage of the Fat Blue Line is now being recruited from female sodomites. Their combat performance remains indeterminate, tho I expect a quick ditching of weapons and shedding of uniforms

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  4. politically you are completely right but you are clueless when it comes to modern firearms tactics.

    that optic you incorrectly assessed as being set up for a left hand shooter is properly placed.

    The concept is that you roll the rifle over to use that sight. it is in the EXACT right position for someone who will use the RMR for quick close in shots. the further out the faster it is to pick up.

    stick to what you know, firearms manipulations are clearly not it.

    1. I agree with Chris, you’re half correct. I looked at other pics and his backup optic is mounted on the right at 45 degrees, just like it should be. But Chris, your criticism is still valid.

      The pictured police guy is playing the role of “designated marksman” in his group. Examples: free floated handguard, longer stainless steel barrel, bipod, scope with knobs to quick adjust for windage and elevation, low capacity mag probably with match grade ammo. It’s all very tacticool.

      But his posture says the opposite: badly silhouetted, mismatched camoflauge causing the opposite effect, sitting instead of prone, using a wierd cheap tripod, no eye protection, no apparent ear protection, and a first gen vietnam style flash hider that means he either spent all his money on his scope or thought it looked super fierce for bayonet charges or securing in door frames for super dynamic cqb building entries.

      If his training matches his posture instead of his gear then why do we trust this guy to be shooting around a populated area? Whose house is down range of his “targets”?

      And ambiguousfrog, you’re wrong. A 45 degree backup sight is normal and a slight cant when one hand pistol shooting is also acceptable.

    2. Chris,

      Sorry but you are incorrect, a right handed shooter should have the RMR at literally 45 degrees off the clock of the line of sight for the scope to rotate inward toward sternum. Left handed shooter would be correct for your orientation. No question or debate on location along axis for RMR, long or short, shooter’s choice. The method you espouse would ask an experienced shooter to rotate left and bring the elbow in and possibly block the sight in a C-clamp hold on the free float.

      I look forward to the case you make for twisting toward your chin in combat instead of away for RMR close-in use for a RH shooter and 315 degree orientation of RMR on rifle. No dispute on distance on axis and I did not mention that..

      Per pistol shooting as amateur says, a one-handed strong hand grip canted 5-15 degrees inward (toward shooter centerline) is a steadier platform in wounded defender drill. I would urge you to try your configuration in the prone position and watch what happen to your grounded support elbow.

      So here is what I said: He is obviously a right-handed shooter and the optical device you see mounted on the Viking Tactical forend of the weapon is configured for a left-handed shooter.

      Edit Update: The RMR is indeed on the right side and correct for a right handed shooter.

      Are we having a miscommunication?


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