D-Day 1944: The Expiration Date for Western Individual Liberty and Freedom by Bill Buppert

Today is the 70tht anniversary of D-Day. My father soldiered in WWII toward the end of the conflict and with the advent of VE Day in April 1945, was getting ready to ship to the Pacific to invade mainland Japan. Fortunately, that got turned off and he instead exercised Patton’s horses in Germany and returned to the states in one piece. Almost. The experience rippled through his life until he died in 2013.

On reflection, despite the nonsense about the Greatest Generation and other such self-congratulatory back slapping, the end of the war quickly devolved into a bipolar world which would eventually find hundreds of millions living in slave states in the East and slave state aspirants in the West vying to see who could outdo the USSR in economic illiteracy and the adoption of socialism as the formative building block of government and society. WWII supported the grand illusion that immoral means could yield moral ends, an impossible moral equation.

The American political world after WWII or the War to Save Josef Stalin to more accurately identify why the conflict took place, used the “Communist menace” to buttress the incredible growth of the American and Western European state. At least the French, British and Italians were honest enough to have significant voting blocs of self-avowed communists in their countries while the same were hounded in America despite the child-like reverence for the power of the state demonstrated by both major parties in America. Ironic that the Soviets had penetrated the Roosevelt White House so thoroughly in WWII. As the Democrat party started to evolve into the Socialist International after 1968 and the Grand Old Politburo stumbled behind with its incoherent statist/progressive agenda, the US became the Olympic Gold winner in the new era after the USSR simply just fell apart in 1989-91 getting the Silver Medal to build the bigger state.

The US was a hairs-breadth away from staying out of what was essentially the next phase of WWI if Lindbergh had defeated the odious and bloody-minded FDR in 1940. The America First Committee boasted almost a million members and wielded considerable influence on the dissenting voices. After eight years of clownish performance and a slobbering devotion to socialist and fascist ideas, FDR still secured the majority of the vote from the American booboisee and quickly set the groundwork to get the US involved in the European war and the Pacific war in the larger sense.

One can see that if WWI had not been entered by the US, the whole sordid chain of events that led to the advent of WWII may have been avoided. The sealed train to Russia to inaugurate the conflicts of the Red and White armies that would fight until 1923 would not have transpired and the ambitions of Hitler would have been crushed before they even started by the limited victories of the Central Powers and the absence of a Versailles Treaty that cruelly set the conditions for future slaughter and mayhem.

The subsequent seizure of the White House by avowed socialist revolutionaries in 1933 would march hand in hand with the rise of Hitler and Mussolini learning at the knee of Josef Stalin and his more murderous but frankly more honest campaign to enslave his nation and others.

The entry of America in WWII in concert with the Communist menace in the USSR, married at the hip, to make the world safe for the savage collectivism that was the joint vision of the Allies to include Churchill and De Gaulle was a prophecy fulfilled. At the time of the landings at Normandy celebrated on this day, it was a mere sideshow compared to the gargantuan land-borne fights that had savaged the Germans and Soviets alike since the launch of Operation Barbarossa in 1941. While the Allies diddled in the Kasserine Pass being schooled in failure and loss and mounted glacially-paced campaigns on the Italian peninsula, the Germans and Russians schooled each other in the crushing of armies of men, hundreds of thousands of soldiers locked in mortal combat that would see plenty killed and millions injured and wounded away from the small sideshow at Normandy.

Not one American should have ever stepped foot on the European continent unless on a tourist passport. The rippling effects of the foothold and the eventual “liberation” of Europe from the National Socialists would merely usher in Hitler’s vision absent the liquidation of certain undesirable groups such as Jews, gays and Slavs. That liquidation would continue apace in the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. One would be hard pressed to look at the NSDAP platform of the Third Reich and not find most of its ambitions accomplished in the European states after the war and then rocketing to prominence in the modern socialist entity of the European Union.

From the civilian bombing campaigns to repatriation of Soviet émigrés to Operation Keelhaul and its analogs (like the Blaiburg Repatriations) to the savage Allied occupation of Germany in the aftermath, WWII put the final stamp of approval on the maximum state and its evolution on post-WWII Earth. Niall Ferguson calls it a “war of the world” but more accurately it was a war to snuff out individual autonomy and liberty.

WWII gave America the withholding tax, rationing, perceived legitimacy of Keystone Keynesian economics, price controls, imprisonment for biology and genetics and the nationalization of the economy. It provided the gargantuan life support to the brutal and homicidal regime in the USSR and the means to use that regime’s post-WWII ambitions to start building a welfare/warfare state in the West that would outlive the foe that gave it life.

The aftermath of the war would on the one hand insist orders weren’t enough to absolve crimes against humanity for the losers but pardon the murderous bombing crews and give a blank check to Allied barbarity against the Europeans after April 1945.

This is not to say Hitler was an admirable man; he was a sullen and existentially cruel psychopath who provides the clarion example of just how bad democracy can be. Had the US not stepped in, the collectivist forces of the National Socialists and the Communists would have battered each other senseless without giving one advantage over the other but Stalin’s assisted victory made the world safe for Communism in the Eurasian sphere and collectivism planet-wide. The Nazis killed millions of innocents and the Soviets did the same; the serial killers club had simply gone to war with itself.

One need only look at the numbers to see that the entry of the Allies in the Western theater in Europe was merely a slight feint compared to the gargantuan enterprises in the east. The Soviet-Japanese war in August 1945 would reveal just how lop-sided a contest it was for Russian victory. But the USSR could not have had any of that if not subsidized substantially by the West.

In essence, on this day in 1944 70 years ago, a sizable Allied force was securing a beachhead to race the Russians to victory in Berlin to see who could get the most spoils. Roosevelt’s intimate relationship with Stalin should leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth but Churchill was no better in his manipulation and flirtation with the Soviet premier.

I would suggest that we can take a moment to reflect on the losses (some say sacrifice) of the tens of thousands of young Americans who died during the conflict and especially during the near-fatal Allied general officer malpractice that would be Arnhem and Ardennes in the next six months of the war. In the end, the war simply accelerated the socialist evolutionary turn in the American state and allowed the USSR to have a new lease on life after nearly expiring in 1940.

June 6th is not a day of memorial or celebration but the anniversary of a wake to pinpoint yet another fork in the road to create the maximum state in the West and give a new lease on life for dictators yet unborn.


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  1. With all due respect “progressivism” was in full swing since the 1890s. WW2 in no way caused it nor enshrined it. The cold war did that. We helped create the cold war by following FDR’s demand that the colonial empires be destroyed, reducing Britain and France to zombie states.

    In the military sphere your ignorance shows. The Luftwaffe was engaged by western powers after 1942 and kept withdrawing from the east as the war went on, allowing the horrible Russian air force to gain air superiority through sheer numbers. Over a million Germans manned the flak defenses of the Reich, and an equal number were engaged repairing the bombing raid damage, mere facts that never seem to make it in the number of divisions engaged, or the fact that the western air offensive required 80% of Germans electronic output, because the Reds just didn’t factor in as a threat of even a microscopic amount compared to the strategic bombing aramdas of the west.

    You keep making the point that the majority of the German land forces were in the east. This is true, because there was simply no real front prior to 1944. Despite this after 1941 between 30-45% of German military units were defending against the Western threat, be it in BNorth Africa, the Med, Norway, Western Europe or even the Balkans. Had these forces been available to the Germans, the forces in the West were equal to two German Army groups in Russia and were far better equipped, all but one of the SS Panzer divisions were engaged in the West not Russia in 1944. I guess Hitler had to use his elite against the West because of the West’s insignificant threat.

    The entire weight of the German navy was aimed at the west not the Russians, causing immense losses and delays. The effort to defeat this involved the combined resources of the west and yet it was a very close run thing.

    Your highlighting of Arhem and the Battle of the Bulge signify what? What nation or military does not suffer setbacks or defeats? In the last days of the war a Polish army was mauled by the Germans. In Samland the Germans luanched surprise tactical attacks that delayed the Russian timetables for months.

    Was the conduct of the end of the war a horror? Yes. But perhaps if you wished to discredit the West you might have asked or examined why the French and British were willing to go to war over the German invasion of Poland yet avoided war with Russia while the Soviets were invading with their Nazi allies.

    Perhaps FDR did wage war to assist Stalin, certainly the communist party did a 180 once the Germans attacked mother Russia. But Americans didn’t declare war on Germany, Hitler declared war on the USA. Again, an examination of FDR’s efforts to forcce the Japanese into war might have been useful.

    You are on the mark that the USA had no business in either war. But Americans love, or at least the self annointed, love to send someone else’s son off to war for some sort of magical thinking be it Europe or the Middle East.

    A centralized state was created by Lincoln when he choose to trample on the Constitution and subdue fellow Americans by armed force. Blaming WW! or WW2 simply ignores the trends that were all ready in existence and had been since Hamilton.

    1. Veritas,

      Thanks for the thoughtful riposte. You and I agree on much more than we differ and in no way did I posit that Progressivism started in WWII nor speak of Lincoln b/c irrelevant to the conversation at hand but I have certainly acknowledged the Lincolnian communards in past writing.

      No doubt the Western bombing campaigns got German attention but the lend-lease deals to kill the Luftwaffe in the East by giving the Russians thousands of aircraft superior to the garbage they flew in took its toll along with the German penchant to use their top pilots until they were killed instead of reassignment to training wings to pass valuable skills and knowledge. Not only did they man flak defenses but performed the most effective aerial ambush techniques from ground units in the war.

      I will gladly yield on your 35-40% number of OB engaged against the West if you will produce the evidence, Erickson and Glantz disagree with that notion.

      The entire weight of the German Navy was primarily U-boats for offensive means while the shipborne fleet was locked out of the fight except for spectacular acts of naval seppuku in the north Atlantic.

      I highlght Arnhem and Ardennes to prove out van Creveld’s and Muth’s point that up unitl the month of German defeat, numerically even forces (in the West ETO) in a martial match with the Wehrmacht tended to be defeated by the Germans at the tactical and operational level. This was not the case in the last months of the German-Russian contest. I suggest Dan Carlin’s Ghosts of the Ostfront podcasts to get an idea of just how mature the Russian forces were becoming militarily in the last year of the war.

      You are surprisingly coy in your assessment of the Brits and French in Poland, after all, the Russian met the Germans in the middle in Poland and we didn’t hear the West bemoaning the Soviet encroachment even during the German Russian rapprochement. You make my point for me.

      So a German declaration of war on the US is the only precondition for entry? Would WWI not be instructive to the American public per the 80% of the US that did not want to get involved. I agree on Pearl Harbor and that’s why I hyperlinked Jane Shaw’s excellent overview of the literature and I also recommend Stinnet’s Day of Deceit.

      Thanks for your thoughts, always appreciated.

  2. Yes…the Second World War was unnecessary and was caused by England ala Churchill vainly trying to hold the British Empire together. Without our entry into it, Germany would most likely have become the dominant European world power with Japan and Italy in tow. This Churchill could not allow. He got the U.S. involved even though this meant that we would take England’s place which Churchill assumed would be better than the other options. By the way, I always though it ironic that by fighting and defeating Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan we became much like them to this day.

  3. Roosevelt saved Stalin and the soviet union from financial collapse in 1935, I believe, when he recognized the USSR being the first country to do so, thus giving them some legitimacy. Mr. Buppert is absolutely right when he writes that our entry into
    world war I was responsible for all the bad that happened in the 30s & 40s. We didn’t declare war on Germany to “save the world for democracy” but, rather, to save the investments of our banks who had backed England. Those same banks
    financed the Russian revolution setting up the murderous red regime.

  4. Maybe because I am elderly, and maybe because I was taught a little different history, I see we are in another 100 years war. WWII was caused in great part and was a continuation of WWI. And we are still in a world-wide war. If we don’t come out on top someone else will. I prefer it to be USA as the greatest world power.

    I remember Pearl Harbor vividly; I remember D Day, I remember VE and VJ days.

    Many knew right away FDR has given too much power to USSR, Stalin, even those who revered FDR.

  5. Mr. Buppert and all who commented:

    This is a very valuable lesson in history to discover the reason “we” ended up “here” in a post constitutional state of government. As an individual that enjoys learning as much as possible about our history in order to understand the present and what it portends for the future; I am constantly wondering “where” did the unraveling of the fabric of Liberty first start? All of you have provided very illuminated insight if not interest in just how far back in our American history the fabric of liberty first started showing the signs of wear and tear. And how it manifested in the turns of historical direction to the place the world as we know exists today.

    NOW, the BIG QUESTION: Knowing what we know in reference to what has been presented here in this article and the comments elicited; how does this get corrected in such a way that America can be governed like it was prior to the election of our 8th President Martin Van Buren?? Who I hold responsible for the first expansion in national government paving the way for further government largess!!

    1. Mark,

      Here is the bad news, I like Van Buren and Cleveland but that is the extent of it but even they practiced under the false pretenses that the Constitution is a government limiting document. The Constitution has been an engine and accelerator for big government since it was ratified in 1791.

      See: https://archive.lewrockwell.com/buppert/buppert29.1.html

      This all started with the political coup that set out to amend the Articles of Confederation.

  6. If there had been no Hitler, we would all be living under communism today. Hitler saved us! Germany’s ferocious determination to fight communism and even perish heroically in the process made the difference.

    In May of 1941 Rudolf Hess committed a Christ-like act by flying alone to Britain to make peace with Britain and return ALL territory in western Europe that had been occupied by German forces–if Britain would agree to not simply turn those lands into bases for a continuing war against Germany. Hess’ proposal came from Hitler.

    The “Good Guys” really were the Nazis. Shame on America! Even if the “holocaust” were true (it is not because no one was ever killed in Nazi gas chambers), the war crimes and atrocities committed by the Allies, especially the US, were far worse than anything the Nazis are even accused of committing. The USA turned entire cities into incinerators in which women, children and babies (as many as possible) were deliberately r-o-a-s-t-e-d to death. Gas chambers would have been humane by comparison. If the numbers r-o-a-s-t-e-d to death by the US and Britain did not reach”six million,” it was not for lack of trying.The horrors of America’s and Britain’s crimes grew in intensity as the war approached its inevitable end and long after there was any real danger to the US, or even Britain. The good news for America is that there really is no God otherwise he would have surely destroyed America thousands of time over by now.

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Go to my website and learn everything!

    1. Mr. Berg,

      I disagree with your notion that Nazis were the good guys because that is an impossibility for government to do so but in the interest of sacred cows make the best burgers, I will leave the comment up.

      National Socialism and communism are simply kissing cousins in government supremacism.

  7. Bill:

    Interesting take on things. Not being American I count WWII as starting in September 1939, not when the US entered the war. In ’39 (pick your day depending on whose declaration of war you want to go with) the USSR were not official combatants (as I write that I’m self editing: can you really say they weren’t “in” the war in ’39?).

    Anyway, it’s tough for me to say WWII was the war to save Joseph Stalin when he was allied with Germany at the time it started. Its much easier for me to say that bad management brought the war, and worse management expanded it (of course, I generally don’t like giving government much credit for planning any long term thing. Like wolves, I don’t think they conspire very much, they just do what they do).

    What do you make of the ’39-May ’41 period and how do you square that circle?

    1. Rob,

      Thank you for the considerate riposte. One can even suppose this war started in September 1914 when the necessary condition for WWII were set to music and fanfare. Please recall that when the USSR pact with Germany soured, who ever is to blame, aid and support to the Communist USSR skyrocketed and the entire Western alliance of the big two (US and UK) pulled out all the stops to ensure that the USSR remained alive and viable. The Germans did themselves no favors in the conduct of the offensive but absent material support from the West, Stalin would have ate his gun in 1941.

      One can look at the mercurial alliances between the USSR and Germany thesame as the late addition of the Free Italians and Free French to the allied order of battle.

      I recommend a thorough reading of the Venona transcripts and the long unclassified list of materiel sent his way.

  8. Roosevelt’s intimate relationship with Stalin should leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth but Churchill was no better in his manipulation and flirtation with the Soviet premier.

    The guy who wanted an offensive against the USSR in July of 1945 and actually had his general staff draw up plans for that?

    1. Robert,

      Please be sure to look at Operation Unthinkable closely which apparently you are referring to. Even the British Chiefs of Staff claimed it was “militarily unfeasible due to a three-to-one superiority of Soviet land forces”.

      Much like the US war-plans against Canada and the UK in the 1930s (see War Plan Red), it may have been a perfunctory staff action but who knows. Yet Churchill is the same man who approved Operation Keelhaul to forcibly repatriate tens of thousands of Soviets to the USSR after the war between August 1946 and May 1947. I highly recommend you read the four books I recommended in the essay, three on the Allied post-war occupation and the fourth on Churchill’s artful and deceptive penning of his six volume history of the conflict.

      The Soviets always knew, however, that British dollops of flattery masked a fundamental hostility to their objectives. ‘Our guards compared Churchill to a poodle wagging its tail to please Stalin,’ wrote Sergo Beria, the son of Stalin’s sinister and sadistic secret police chief, Lavrenti Beria.

      The cynic in me finds it provocative that Churchill did this a month before he lost the election to the Labour Party in July 1945. Maybe he was trying to gently (if not cynically) alter public perception that he had been supporting the communists in the USSR since the beginning of Barbarossa in June 1941. I am surprised he didn’t hold hands with Stalin at Yalta, frankly.


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