Be Patient by Hunter Riggins

Publishers Note:  Hunter is a young man I have had occasion to meet only in the ether on the Interweb. He is a bright and enthusiastic abolitionist who came to it at an early age. He is yet another budding guest author who has offered me an essay to publish to help lessen my writing burden. I am crafting two more books this year and time is a harsh disciplinarian. In the following effort, he offers a simple but vital remedy to what ails most of us in these tempestuous times in the Endarkenment in the USSA. Enjoy. -BB 

The world is indeed waking up. I’ve noticed this reoccurring theme of cynicism throughout individuals I talk to who are actually intelligent enough in the first place to understand the puppet show right in front of our eyes, see it as though it will never change. Being somewhat of a pessimist myself, I can definitely understand this but if you can force yourself for just one moment to look at it all objectively, you may come to understand the situation from a different perspective.

Throughout history, there have been two types of people: those like us (you that are reading this right now) who are proactive and are the first to seek out the issues within society and the world itself in order to “keep the ball rolling” in an evolutionary sense. We are Progressives, but not as the State or many common folk would describe. Instead, we are progressive in that we simply want to create a world that is desirable to live in. one that is free of oppression from the State or our blinded brother and sister.

Then, there are those who simply follow along. They (understandably so) only do what is necessary to get from point A to point B without questioning why they have made the journey in the first place. We’ve given them more names than I can even think of, we like to call them “asleep” or “sheeple”. I don’t mean to speak of them in a demeaning or negative tone, because “The mind only sees what the eye’s allow”, therefore you should not look down upon them, pity them, or even be ashamed. In fact, by calling them the names I referenced earlier, we have done what the State has done to us:  it lowers their status from fellow man, to lesser-than human.

Is that now what our fight is against in the first place? I’m not here to just call you anyone out or take the route of “holier than thou”, but to point out a problem and pose a solution. Instead, be patient. Likely, unless you were born into a family that was by nature already aware of the evil that is the State, you were asleep once too. Be willing to compromise in order to reach the goal that is true freedom. Being an anarchist, libertarian, or even someone who just wants smaller government means you may find yourself conflicted when someone proposes an idea that reduces the size of the State without destroying it… This is still a step forward. Understand that they are the same as you, and whether they realize it or not, the only desire they have is to live free, be happy, make mistakes, and face the consequences themselves in order to learn.

Unfortunately, with the existence of these people who are less inclined to seek truth, they will not evolve as we do. It’s not something they seek and so they require a stimulus, something that will “prod” them into questioning the entire ordeal. Those of us who are awake look around and see people who don’t care and don’t question. It’s easy to become pessimistic, cynical, even somewhat arrogant and claim “things will never change…”. I’m here to ask you to be patient.

I’ve noticed within my generation (I’m young, only 19) a massive change in the way things are done. I am among those who are ambitious, and I thank my parents for that. Many get stuck in the route of wanting handouts and waiting for the world to align itself to their will. Personally, I’m still working within the system. I work between 20 and 60 hours a week while going to university on scholarship in order to get a job that will sustain me and a family. Even before I was put through the amount of stress I’ve come to experience, I was asking questions. Since then I’ve done quite a lot of questioning and research within not just my group of friends, but acquaintances I meet every day or through social networking and there is always a reoccurring theme… People are getting sick and tired of it all. They may not understand what “it” is, but they all agree something is indeed wrong and needs to change. My generation specifically is tired of doing what is asked of them and even going above and beyond, only to be put in debt and beaten down regardless. We are chasing the “American Dream” still as many others are, and even those who are working the hardest aren’t being rewarded. Now I know many of you will read this and say, “well why are you wasting your time?” and that isn’t the point. The point is that it’s all reaching a tipping point now. Those people who are asleep, the ones who live in this world and society we have created without asking questions are receiving a stimulus that forces them not out of desire, but out of nature to ask “Why am I doing this?”. My point in telling you all this, which you probably already know and understand, is to ask you to be patient. Be patient with those whom you find unintelligent. Be patient with those who you find distracted. Be patient with the youth and with your fellow man in general because now society is hitting a wall…one that forces the evolution of society to no longer depend on the proactive people like us, but on the very direction of the world as a whole. Be patient in order to give yourself peace which will only manifest itself in a clear mind and make you a more effective and integral part in the revolution against the State.

It may take the entire system as a whole collapsing before we have the opportunity to bring about the end of the State as a whole…but until then we must function within it. Being patient and optimistic will only keep your mind focused and improve the chances of less destruction and death being necessary in order for a free world to prosper in the end.


10 thoughts on “Be Patient by Hunter Riggins”

  1. That was a great essay, Hunter…excellent analysis IMO and optimistic. One thing I learned in my challenging life is that when faced with alternatives which weigh out absolutely equal–IOW all the logic in the world doesn’t seem to value one over the other–the correct choice is inevitably the same: Patience.

    OTOH another thing I’ve learned is something Rand noted. When good compromises with evil, only evil benefits. It took me half a century to fully grasp the truth in that, so no compromising for me any longer. OTOOH it’s no secret that I suck at Pragmatism, not a particularly great attribute in War.

    OT, but do you happen to be from Kansas? Wherever you’re from, your level-headedness will take you far.

    1. Hunter Riggins

      Thanks Jim for taking the time to read my essay, and for the reply!

      I’m not going to doubt that could be true, about compromising with evil. Personally i’m seeing it sort of like this:
      Lets say we have the opportunity through legislation to limit the activity of the Federal Reserve Bank. This is really analogous and just coming off the top of my head so bear with me. What if this particular piece of theoretical legislation could, in one or more ways, restrict the power the Federal Reserve Bank to manipulate the money supply or interest rates… Would it be better to just take the stance of “No, we won’t accept this because the people want money to be coined only by congress.” (or whatever your view, i’m just guessing what the average person would say) or to accept the legislation as a step towards total abolition of the Fed Bank? This isn’t the best example but I hope it poses my point clearly.

      I actually currently live in South Carolina. Thank you my friend! My interest in these topics and my passion for Anarchism/Libertarianism tends to sort of scare people away around here I believe hahaha. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest though. It’s just a part of living in a small city in the south I suppose!

  2. Nice job, Hunter. I threw a cliche at you and you threw one right back at me—“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

  3. While we libertarians/theoretical anarchists like to hang out reading blogs such as this one, the powers of this world are relentlessly scheming, planning for an ever more unipolar, singular global government. Or ‘global governance’ if you prefer. They know the beast they ride very well. Mission creep is an imperative of a dying sick society, like a great white shark it must continue to grow or it will die.

    The greatest likelihood IMHO is for a punctuated equilibrium (theory formulated by J. Wilson, biologist, to explain mass extinction events) type of dissolution at the molecular level of society. In other words, money and banking. This might quickly spread out the supply chain for food, energy, etc., and the next thing you know its saiyonara american happy motoring culture.

    Also be careful about using the term anarchy or anarchist. In a catastrophic meltdown people will be pissed and looking for scapegoats. Look at the history of the ‘wobblies’ in the northwest a hundred years ago.

    1. Hunter Riggins

      Although I remain optimistic and advocate patience, I know that the only event that will force people to change on a dime is something like an economic crash, martial law (when its too late) or a World War 3 like scenario, assuming other methods don’t succeed.

      With that being said, there is a big gap between my optimism and the way my family and I have come to understand the world. We prepare for the worst and hope for the best so-to-speak.

      When it really comes down to it i’m working hard day to day in order to just live life in the best way I know how, and that isn’t an easy thing to do anymore. While doing that, I don’t let my optimism blind me from preparing for what could possibly happen.

      I guess what i’m trying to say really is that my positive and optimistic mindset does not affect my day-to-day preparation for the possibility of both outcomes. I am equally prepared for both a complete collapse, and for a situation in which everything takes a positive turn and the issues resolve themselves.

  4. The nice thing about being 19 is you’ve got plenty of time to be patient, Hunter. I wonder how you’ll feel about 40 years from now if things are even worse than they are now. That’s pretty much where I am now. My patience is wearing a little thin. Optimism is for youth, as it should be.

    1. Hunter Riggins

      I understand what you mean, and personally the idea of dying doesn’t scare me in the slightest. Especially not if it means growing old and dying.. It only scares me that I may die and not bring any significant change to the world or even someone’s life.
      I don’t mean to sound like I’m depressed or don’t care about my life. I love my life! I love the challenges, I love my friends and family, I love my job and the idea of being around to see the world reach a turning point one day, but i’m not afraid to die at any moment. That could very easily change when I get older, seeing as i’m still young, but until then I’ll live life without that fear. I’ll remain optimistic because I still have time.

      Thanks for the reply my friend!

  5. I really enjoyed your essay Hunter. You’re not alone whether at 19, or at 56 either young man. Your thoughts on this matter of virtue are timeless.

    And I believe that is the thing right there. You, we, us, are not alone, we may be separated by geography and culture, but we are a plurality. It is knowing we are a plurality, becoming conscious culturally, economically, politically of this truth of ourselves where the payoff lies for your very well sated virtue of patience.

    In other words it only takes a plurality of people to change the world.

    I appreciate you for what you wrote in part because I think what has happened to ourselves, our Liberty, could not have happened much differently.

    But what is far more important is what we as freemen as a plurality, do with the time that comes to us. Sure we can wave our rifles in the tyrants faces, we can go system D, hunker down in our redoubts and run over the hills with our bugout bags, or build our tribes for the coming festivities. If we are to win the day, it is as a plurality that we do so.

    The point I wish to convey to you is this, somehow it ties into the virtues you spoke of, that we have an opportunity which comes only once in an age to freemen, and just as things could not have happened any other way, so to we have before us a chance to correct the mistakes and come out the other side of this tyranny and it’s psychopaths far better for it.

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