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The police in Egypt maimed and killed hundreds if not thousands and we will never know the true toll. Armored cars, tanks and all sorts of equipment normally reserved for warfare were used against the civilian population. This is the ultimate mission of all police forces, they are not beholden nor obligated to protect the population they are allegedly there to serve and protect. Police and law enforcement entities are creatures of the state and their first allegiance and loyalty is always to the ruling class that pays their salaries and demands their fealty and obeisance. There is no surprise or mystery here; absent the constabulary, no state can abuse and shred the individual liberties that remain few and far between today.

The military in Egypt has famously never been used to defend the state from external invaders for literally decades.  The primary purpose of the treads on every tank in the Egyptian security force bought and paid for with American taxpayer funds is the lubrication of said machinery with the crushed bodies of the population.

The converse and ultimately obscene notion of officer safety as enshrined in the American police state was on display during the riots in Egypt and the literal evisceration of human beings to ensure that the political machine remains in the hands of those in power. The cops pick a fight with protesters and exercise deadly force to protect themselves from any display of self-defense by their intended victims.

Egypt remains a harbinger of things to come in the United States as police forces become more militarized and bolder in their everyday war on normal citizens day by day. My friend, Carla Gericke, has launched a potent campaign to embarrass the shameless authorities in New Hampshire who seek to have a tank granted to their department to Concord, NH.

Here is a direct quote from the grant request:

“Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges. Outside of officially organized groups, several homegrown clusters that are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.” 

Not only is it the ultimate irony that the namesake of the Massachusetts town that was the battleground for the divorce from the United Kingdom in 1775 would request such a line item but the very nature of thinking that “law enforcers” should need such military hardware strikes at the heart of the problem.  Not only is the grant request yet another excessive demand on taxpayers but it clearly demonstrates the attitude of the police state today. They will stop at nothing to have the firepower necessary to address contingencies that more rare than being struck by lightning twice on the same day or eaten by a Great White Shark.  As far as probability, they might as well request large domes to protect the population from alien invaders.

Surprisingly, all this came to public attention as a result of an inquiry by the normally state-adoring ACLU through a transparency program to shed light on the government roaches that ply their trade in the dark hoping that no one notices their efforts to further armor the fortress of the state and equip the constabulary with the latest and greatest in military hardware to bring them to a peer capability with other guiding lights of advanced policing like the Israelis and the Egyptians.

Nothing good will come with advancing the capabilities of cops to inflict harms on their potential victims in the energetically advancing American police state. Years ago when tasers started to become the vogue in law enforcement, many apologists were ringing in the new dawn of “non-lethal” means to subdue or capture alleged criminals and we have since seen the legions of abuse and deaths resulting form the use of this technology.  The infamous assaults on Waco and Ruby Ridge where armed agents of the government fired through the walls of a dwelling known to have children absent positive identification did so nonetheless or executed a 14 years boy in the woods of northern Idaho for the supposed sins of his father walk away scott-free.  For every police agent held to account for what are essentially crimes against humanity, scores quite literally get away with murder, most in the name of the criminally obscene “officer safety” drone-phrase that the populace has come to accept as holy writ. Think about that: if a statist officer of the one million plus fraternity in government uniform feels threatened or his life is in jeopardy, he may execute the miscreant on the spot and will most likely get away with it.  You will notice the standard for mundanes in the same situation will require a far higher evidentiary bar to prove such righteous behavior than the uniformed agent of the State. You will also note that the larger number of private security agents employed in the US rarely if ever find themselves in the same predicament and their penchant for this sate sanctioned murder racket is far less prolific.

It bears repeating, the state cannot deny a single right nor deprive a single liberty absent a statist police force to do its violent bidding.  The state is based on initiated violence and coercion whether through threat or actual employment to support its very existence much less the day-by-day conduct of all the harsh and ultimately violent behavior.  The state is a psychopath and the police its means to terrorize. Domestic terrorism is already codified and enshrined everyday by American policing practices all over the country.

It appears absurd if not ultimately ironic that the state seeks to fight “terrorism” by employing that very means much like trying to stop cannibalism by eating people. Both the President and the eminent historian Caleb Carr agree that terrorism is the use of politically motivated violence against non-combatants which when extended in the most favorable circumstances is a thumbnail sketch of government behavior on a daily basis.

The Free State Project in New Hampshire is fighting the good fight to ensure that the pathetic and gratuitous attempts by the Concord, New Hampshire Police Department are thwarted and embarrassed into rejecting the grant and settle on more conventional means of transportation.

I realize that the armor envy of the constabulary in New Hampshire must be at critical levels after seeing all the toys and military nonsense deployed during the Boston Bombing as the rather well-fed cops in Boston violated as many paper-thin Bill of Rights standards as they could in the brief period they could terrorize the local population in the Keystone Kops dragnet acting as if they were in Beirut or occupied Palestine.

The tank is a harbinger and the guarantor of more malicious mischief by a profession that already shames the heritage of America and makes a mockery of justice on a daily basis.

Fight the tank and in turn, fight for what’s left of the shredded American republic under the boots of the burgeoning police state.

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  2. The best way for the people of New Hampshire (or anywhere) to counter the police state, and reduce the number of people eager to participate… is to shun them. The police and their supporters must eat, buy gas, and so forth. Their children go to school, and their spouses have jobs.

    If nobody was willing to do business with them, talk to them, sit next to them…
    Far more effective and rational than marching in “protests,” or writing letters to whomever. The “protests” and letters simply assume that the ones being addressed actually have the legitimate authority to do whatever it is they do, and therefore might be pursuaded not to do it.

    Eventually, people will have to learn that they own their lives and are the only ones with legitimate authority over them.

  3. Thanks for this, Bill. The military mentality that has been adopted for every global problem faced by the US is now (not surprisingly) being used domestically. The brutality that Iraqi and Afghan civilians have experienced is now coming home to US civilians. The closer we get to total economic collapse the more the State will rely on these goons to crack the heads of the people who realize they’ve been lied to for decades and want some sort of justice.

    MamaLiberty, your suggestion is excellent. The power of ostracism is massive and it’s peaceful and voluntary. If helping the State kill, injure and coerce people carried the risk of shame and ostracism it would be a much less popular career choice. It’s no accident the big defense contractors spend millions on “support our brave, glorious troops” propaganda since they need public support to keep funding cluster bombs and surveillance tech. Talk about boot licking.

  4. I agree with your comments about military equipment being used by the police in America, but disagree on your blanket use of what is happening in Egypt as a direct parallel.

    The Egyptian military government is trying to get rid of the Muslim brotherhood (in my mind at least, a good thing, good being a value judgement). There are too many things happening in this world that get distilled to sound bite sized descriptions that lose meaning in the process.

    I suggest reading this:


    Thanks for listening

    1. Tao,

      I appreciate the input but I think the wholesale maiming and killing of protesters under any circumstances is abhorrent. Look at the treatment of the Bonus Marchers in America in 1932, the British slaughter of protesters in India and the incident at Kent State. I think the OWS movement in America is chcok-full of economically illiterate bonehead government supremacist but I would not brook their mistreatment at the hands of govenrnment.

      Very kind of you to take the time to comment.


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