The Fourth Strike of the Match by Bill Buppert

“Dad, how did America die?”

“The actual murder of the idea of freedom and liberty in America was dealt its greatest blow on 19 April 2013 in Boston.  It lasted 238 years but the cracks and fissures that would destroy the country started to become apparent shortly after the Constitution was ratified in 1791. The same day that America was born in 1775 just outside of the same town at Lexington Green when the King’s forces marched out to enforce weapons and armaments prohibition laws.”

“Why did the King wish to disarm the British colonials?  Weren’t they British too?”

“Indeed they were but the King and his political agents in America were concerned that the natives were getting restless and their objections to the British tax regime imposed upon them was causing severe disruption to the ”good tidings of government” at the time.”

“Well, Dad, what does that have to do with what happened in Boston years ago in 2013?”

“Over the generations that followed, America became intellectually flabby and the increasing size of the voter pool started to coalesce into a majority of parasites and looters on whom the political class depended for sustenance and maintenance of their office.  Eventually, the productive remnant of society was numerically outmatched by the voters who simply used the ballot box to hijack the wealth of the folks who worked for a living.”

“But shouldn’t the voter be the king in the final decision-making process?”

“Democracy and voting works in the marketplace but it is a terrible way to politically organize a society.”


“There are certain moral decisions that simply cannot be subject to the ballot box such as the ownership of your property of any type; if you were to work hard for a new motorcycle and finally get it, should your friends be able to vote it out of your possession?  Should they also be able to come into your room and take 30% of your belongings from your room every month and charge you a severe penalty if you refused? Should they then be able to make it illegal for you to resist the theft?”

“I would not let them!”

“But what if they insisted that they had taken a vote and your rights to the property were forfeit because they say so?  And, worse yet, what if they were in charge of the courts that would determine whether you were right or wrong?”

“But that is not fair…”

“Why do you think the civil war started within six months of the events in Boston?”

“Come on, Dad, the civil war did not start because of voting?”

“You’re right, Keegan, it did not but it is connected in a significant way to the war-like behavior of America especially after Lincoln consolidated Federal power in 1865 in addition to where voting would take the nation.  By this time, most of the country from coast to coast was uncontested except for pockets of aboriginals the settlers and Federal armies had failed to vanquish.  But by 1893, the US government had its eye on emulating the colonial powers at the time and set their sights on Hawaii and the Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and the Pacific.  By the time the US military got its blood up in those conflicts, there was no stopping the military juggernaut the US would loose on the world. This fatal combination of unbridled militancy, unlimited taxing power and an electorate that could forcibly redistribute the resources of its neighbors, the path was set. Like Britain before us, America set out to allegedly free the world and in the end enslaved ourselves.”

“Alright, Dad, but what does this have to do with Boston in 2013 and the civil war that followed?”

“Patience, Keegan, the answer is just around the corner and we still have some time before we get to the range to fire your new rifle. Remember…if you don’t know where you have been, you can’t possibly know where you are.

Cops, it all comes down to cops.

Remember the pictures of the police dressed in their full military regalia complete with weapons and combat vehicles cruising the streets of Boston?  Here’s the rub; the bombers claimed the reason for their grievance was America’s wars in the Middle East.  The bombers were US citizens but Chechens by extraction.  One can safely speculate that no bombing would have taken place if the multi-trillion dollar wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had never taken place.  As a result of the wars, the creeping militarization of police forces on the ground in America had advanced at an exponential rate and the absolutely ravenous appetite for tax revenue by an increasingly desperate and bankrupt national government led to increasing abuses and desires to show power.  The opportunity came on that fated day in April in 2013, they rolled out ten thousand praetorians to forcibly lock down an entire city and involuntarily roust thousands of citizens out of their homes as they rampaged through them looking for two bombing suspects.”

“Dad, put it together for me, how did that start the revolution?”

“After the Federalized invasion of Boston, the usual suspects in power saw an opportunity and in the name of “public safety” started a crackdown on weapons ownership through direct and indirect means by passing prohibition legislation starting on the Eastern seaboard, severely regulating powder for reloading which was one of the components for the bombs used in the Boston marathon incident and went after ammunition in a big way. The weapons prohibitionists had finally broken the code on a backdoor way to strip the people of their guns – choke out all the ammunition; it was one the reasons the Homeland Security bureaucrats had been buying billions of rounds for years.  In combination with the need to feed the military overseas and the domestic consumption by cops, ammo got very precious. It takes a lot of rounds to feed a law enforcement machine of nineteen thousand departments across the land. “

“Nineteen thousand police departments!”

“Indeed, folks had always feared the military would be brought home for the final disarmament campaign but that turned out to be unnecessary because the cops would always do as they are told no matter how heinous the task.  I think Mom and I have shown you enough police brutality videos at home to show you why we never want you talking to them nor calling 911…ever.”

“So the revolution started because of ammo restrictions?”

“No, the revolution started when the Feds demanded that all firearms be registered and then turned in for ballistic fingerprinting and returned once the owners had fulfilled the background checks and registration fees imposed on them ex post facto. The amount of non-compliance in the intermountain West and most southern states was massive so the Boston precedent of door-to-door house searches was instituted with catastrophic results.  There were cases in Idaho and Montana where entire police departments simply ceased to exist and all the Federal agents simply disappeared. It got to the point where surviving police simply resigned or could not stomach the institutionalized shunning that was visited upon them.  The last straw was what happened in Menotomy, MT.”

“What happened?”

“The local cops in concert with the Federal agents supporting them had used drone footage to locate a cache of weapons that had been consolidated by some local ranchers at a warehouse next to a daycare facility.  The cops were trigger-happy because of the increasing national resistance to the confiscation efforts or what the Feds referred to as “temporary registration and ballistic testing custody” of weapons “turned in”.  This time, the officer safety madness got the best of them and they managed to “accidentally” firebomb the daycare facility instead of the warehouse killing 54 children and maiming 112 others.   It was the last straw and states started seceding overnight and the expected federal over-reaction caused a stampede for the exits. You know the rest because you read the accounts in your homeschool texts.”

“Dad, well, I’m glad you came out okay.  So it all ends and begins with Boston?”

“Freedom was born there twice. Once in 1775 and when the match was struck again in 2013. Alright, Keegan, now let’s get to the range and break in your new rifle.”

13 thoughts on “The Fourth Strike of the Match by Bill Buppert”

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  2. I see Bill share my feelings that things must be coming to a head over non-sense that has been going for over a century.

    There seem to be far too many statists, even in the rural states, that condones or make excuses for a governemnt that kills children. It seems the freedom fighters will be using forms of use irregular warfare this next “civil war”.

    “I think Mom and I have shown you enough police brutality videos at home to show you why we never want you talking to them nor calling 911…ever.”

    Even if someone has vandalized anything of mine, stolen anything, threatened me or my family harm, etc… Any situation can be taken care of without government intervention. Though, the government has convinced everyone differently and will punish anyone who doesn’t use their monopolized services. That is, if they find out.

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    1. ML,

      You are very kind and indeed I have been waiting for Absolved forever. If you recommend Spungen’s book, I will get it.


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  5. Actually, I wrote one myself. It’s called “Consequences.” The theme is actually how people might work together to form voluntary communities and societies afer a “crash,” and how those very different communities might manage to work together to make freedom a reality. I’ll send you the book in email if you like. 🙂

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  8. I’d rather work with people than fight them, any old time. Problem is, an awful lot of people would rather control, dominate and aggress instead of cooperate as equals.

    I’ll be happy to work with those who want to work and talk with those who want to talk, but I’m not interested in living as someone else’s property. Those I will fight, as necessary.

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  11. Enjoyed the article, I was disgusted at the para-military display, and the sheep-like response to it.

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