(D)ear Leade(R) by Chris Dates

Note: I use the term (D)ear Leade(R) in reference to both of the parties in this short essay. It’s not meant to be confusing, rather it’s meant to only reflect reality. A pox on both of their houses.

The state is a gang of thieves writ large.”
-Murray Rothbard

I can’t wait until this election cycle is over. I don’t have cable TV, but yet my senses are punctured with a plethora of propaganda. I just can’t escape it; it pervades the air like pungent flatulence, and it smells just as putrid. The waft is whipped up into a whirlwind when The Unwashed propagate the propaganda by continuing to conspire in the contest that will ultimately conclude with a winner; (D)ear Leade(R).

On my way out to hunt, to help feed my family with healthier, antibiotic and hormone-free meat, I flipped on the FM band to fish for foul weather. This brought on a bout of bad behavior because I began barking, and banging my fist. I heard (D)ear Leade(R) blathering on about how his jobs plan is better.

The claim was (D)ear Leade(R) merely has a “one-part” jobs-plan, and this could no way create the climate that is crucial for employment demand. (D)ear Leade(R) continually claims that the correct amount of confiscation is the cornerstone of creation. (D)ear Leade(R) exclaims that enforced extraction is essential for employment enrollment. How can we argue? The experts endorse it.

As a fella who finds a fundamental flaw in that fatal philosophy, I fully reject the flagrantly fallacious findings flossed and fielded by the experts. You see, the truth is (D)ear Leade(R) has only one “fix” they can flex, so here’s the facts: (D)ear Lead(R) has only ever had a one-part jobs plan, and that fetid fix should be found false on its face, for this fact remains: the fix must be forced.

You might be pondering what that one-part jobs plan could possibly be. Well, allow me to pontificate. In a word, it’s theft, and (D)ear Leade(R) only varies in vein; but of body, the same. But please, Dear Reader, don’t doubt the declaration, that is the jewel of the “jobs plan” of both of these jokers. The gist is just how much jacking will be justified by the jackboots.

In a propaganda blitz that would bring Orwell himself to blush, (D)ear Leade(R) has the people persuaded that private property procurement promotes production. Indeed, these con-men have the constituency convinced that destruction delivers creation. Another blunt blow in the battle to brainwash the conglomeratic cattle into believing that B is not B.

Any attempt to translate the Newspeak that is pimped by these Presidential panderers of political power into plain English would point to pure plunder. Clearly, these criminals can’t coherently claim they carry voluntary collar. The demagogic (D)ear Leade(R) demands whatever (D)ear Leade(R) deems decent; it’s your democratic duty, don’t you know.

Removing and routing the rhetoric from the (R) reduces to the same recurring principle as when the data from the (D) is destructed and detangled. The (R) totes token lingo, “lower taxation equals new job creation!” Now, here’s the non-statist translation: “The less I steal from you, the better you do!” The (R) may proclaim that proud, but it’s pretty far from profound.

The (D) describes and delivers a slightly different dialect, “Increased taxation leads to employment inflation!” Again, the non-statist translation:  “To see my vision enacted, your property must be extracted!” The only dissension between the (R) and the (D) is only the distance between the degree.

If it’s true that lower taxation leads to prosperity propagation, (D)ear Leade(R) is leery that the lemmings will lead that to its logical destination. Hmmm..perhaps freedom unfettered is the factual and and favored finale…

“That thought is nonsense!” (D)ear Leade(R) cries in retort. “Life without us would be nasty, brutish, and short!”

(D)ear Leade(R) continues, “Remember, we stand for truth and justice for all!” But how can this be? A leader that leads with lead is no leader at all!

Many millions of ‘merikans are mesmerized by these marauders of the mind, anticipating they’ll mend the misaligned markets; more by the minute. All the while not even mumbling that maybe this monolithic, morbid, immoral, and wicked midwifery has managed the birth of most of their misfortune, and misery. The people plainly do not realize that their plans are premised on the promise of property confiscation at the point of a pistol. Pleads from the productive plebs to pause this pointless and petty plundering will not go unpunished.

The fact of this force is forever spit-shined by in-the-loop, and in-the-know intellectuals with their sophisticated socialist solutions, and a steady stream of statist scribblings; providing cover and concealment to the con-men of so-called constitutional government. The rationalization of this reprehensible rhetoric is the reigning problem. Recourse and redress is to be realized through reeducation, with the only real tool that we really have; real education.

As the drones drive on with the demented deification of (D)ear Leade(R) with a devotion that Dear Father doesn’t dare dream of, I’ll be high; dozens of feet off the deck in a deer stand, swaying and swinging from side to side; moving with the motions of Mother Nature; waving without will in the wind; blowing back and forth on even the briefest of breezes.

Most regrettably, my movements will be mocking and mirroring the morality of most of the men on this land mass.

I’ll climb down when it’s over.

Ideas are bulletproof


11 thoughts on “(D)ear Leade(R) by Chris Dates”

  1. Outstanding… and a chuckle or two included, which is difficult under the circumstances.

    Hoping you bring home a nice, big, tender and juicy one… 🙂

  2. Thanks Mama! I’m glad it gave you a laugh. That’s what I was going for. Besides, it’s a nice change from my usual writing.

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  4. “The rationalization of this reprehensible rhetoric is the reigning problem.”

    Damn, don’t that say it all? See Mama, it IS the blame of the intellectuals!
    Helluva post, Chris…a veritable volume of alliteration, with veracity to boot.

  5. Very virtuous verbiage Jim, I’m vivacious you viewed value in it. I ventured valiantly not to veer it vacuous and vapid. Verily, our viewpoints on voting are virtually vapors while these vermin verge upon vanquishing voluntary volition!

  6. Not yet Mama. I’m going out again this afternoon. It’s usually slim pickings before the rut; especially when only using a bow. Right when you think you’ve got their movement patterns down, they change it up. Pre-rut can be a tough time to try and establish patterns. It’s particularly tough this season, because the food is so abundant this year. Here in VA, the prime time is the first and second week in November. Hopefully, I’ll be able to harvest at least 5 deer in between November and December.

  7. I had to laugh because I was being reminded of “V” throughout it all. Substitute Dear Leader for High Chancellor and the picture is complete.

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