It’s 1989 All Over Again by Bill Buppert


“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”
-Thomas Jefferson

In six months or six years, the nation known as the United States is going to dissolve roughly along the same lines that the other Soviet republic, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), died with a whimper in 1989-1991.  Like the ersatz Russian experiment in economic stupidity and incompetence, the American variant of the collectivist experiment shares some parallels.  The main structural difference was the fascistic approach to wealth expropriation the Americans adopted versus the more direct exsanguinations of the populace that took place in the USSR.  The Communists are simply more forward in the robbing and enslavement of its subject population.  The American model was a bit more forward-looking in seeing that when the subject population is bombarded with the concept that they are sovereign individuals who may pursue what they wish, they tend to be more productive.  During the twentieth century, America’s prosperity was a hollow ideal built on the fundamentals of war, debt, heavy taxation and universal regulation of everything  (that which could not be effectively regulated like  drugs became illegal, creating yet another expansionist opportunity for more government employment of bureaucrats and increases in power).

When one is able to grasp that your government school civics classes were nothing more than cheerleading events for bigger and bigger government and the very institution of government schools supercharged the collectivist enthusiasm in every young mind, careful reflection demonstrates that the government media-education complex is nothing more than a sophisticated propaganda mechanism to make the cattle feel good about the feed lot they are on; all the pieces start to fall into place.

Many, including myself, have visited the laundry list of items that have produced the economic super-storm that is the American meltdown in front of us; the debt, the deficit, the spending, the promises and the endless ideological wholesaling of other people’s money and resources as if none of it belonged to the original owners.

Like the USSR, we live in a one-party state whose sole ideology is a wicked combination of Mussolini-style state corporatism, mercantilism and national socialism.  The United States is too big to fail only in the minds of the political and chattering classes but increasingly its dissolution is becoming evident as the only resolution to the biggest problem of all:  central planning does not and never has worked. Period.  Divorce that conceit from the rulers on Mordor on the Potomac and they have no solutions whatsoever.  When was the last time the Federal government surrendered any of its power to its political subsidiaries in the States after the Coolidge administration?  The warfare/welfare state is the more honest explanation for what America is.  Fortunately, war is also the the greatest slayer of nation-states, so Afghanistan may be the bellwether for defeat as it was for the other hapless nations that invaded it.

We even have our own gulag system in the US with different prison populations scattered from the continental US to Guantanamo to CIA “black sites”.  We have even become the Torture nexus of the Western world.  Homeland Security has even given us many Soviet artifacts and cultural residuals like the TSA and other internal security apparatuses that mimic the KGB and Stasi.  We are even asked to inform on our neighbors much like the block committees in the Communist world.  We have mirrored our former Cold War enemy even before our formal alliance with them in WWII (the War to Save Josef Stalin).

Many will say the biggest difference is that we don’t have rationing and standing in lines.  True to a large extent but the reason for high fuel prices is a combination of regulation, fiat currency and wars around the globe.  The high prices for fuels are a result of government not the market.  Go to any government agency ranging from the post office to local Department of Motor Vehicles to the Socialist Security Administration and you will have lines.  Try running a business and walking away from the regulatory process with a smile on your face.

You can count on Obama in fulfilling the promise of Bush’s third term:  to man the chariot with other blind men with a group of lemmings under chases rocketing over the edge of the cliff to their economic doom.  Obama is going to be a tragic historic figure in much the same way as Gorbachev was:  a helmsman who was hired to right a ship but proceeded to sink it.  The USA is a dead man walking economically and the zombie simply simply needs to be put down before it does more damage to its people and Earth.

Der Spiegel revealed the following conversation between German President Helmut Kohl and Mikhail Gorbachev during the last months of the Soviet republic in September-December 1991:

Kohl sent Köhler to Moscow. Gorbachev, who was already predicting horrific scenarios in light of the hesitant support from the West, met with Köhler on Sept. 12.

Gorbachev:What is happening with the assistance for the USSR? We are negotiating, weighing the options and doing the calculations. This is simply inexcusable. It’s reminiscent of the Weimar Republic in Germany. While the democrats argued with each other, Hitler came to power without any particular effort. Foreign countries owe us about $86 billion, which is roughly the sum we need now. I hope you will draw the necessary conclusions from what I have said.

Köhler: The chancellor has authorized me to inform you that we have approved the first request, namely to provide a billion deutschmarks. As far as the request for the second billion is concerned, we have no choice but to involve our partners in the European Union and the G-7. The search for options is complicated by the rather steep financial expectations on your side.

Gorbachev: Couldn’t you find a way to provide loans at more favorable terms? Perhaps even interest-free loans?

Köhler: That’s very difficult. I will try to convince my partners (in the G-7) that your country is still creditworthy. To that end, however, I need details on your foreign debt and the possibilities of selling your gold reserves.

Gorbachev: The harvest figures are not good. I spoke with (Kazakh President Nursultan) Nazarbayev just before your arrival. He told me that the harvest in the area of newly reclaimed land is worse than even the most modest estimates had predicted.

Köhler: According to American agencies, the harvest in your country will amount to 190 million tons of grain this year, compared with 230 million last year. A massive difference.

Gorbachev: It would be nice if we could bring in 180 million tons… During the Gulf War (following Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait ), everyone got together and collected huge sums of money to support the effort, close to $100 billion. But when it comes to supporting this historic process in a huge country, one that everything in the world depends on, we start to haggle.

Köhler: The Americans won that war without investing a single dollar of their own.

Gorbachev: And what about all the things the Soviet Union has done for the world? Who is tallying up those figures? How much have our perestroika and our new way of thinking saved? Hundreds of billions of dollars for the rest of the world!

Köhler: There is no time to lose. It’s a matter of weeks, even days. One of the miscalculations in your perestroika was to underestimate the economic side of this issue.”

The amounts seem quaint by comparison to the modern travails our politicians have inflicted on us.

There is no such entity with the assets to bail out America.  No one.

Wait for it.

“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
-Henry Ford


7 thoughts on “It’s 1989 All Over Again by Bill Buppert”

  1. I would argue that central planning doesn’t even work for the nuclear family unit. If we consider the stereotypical 4 person family (Father, Mother, 2 children), we have a two-person leader (the Father & Mother forming a sort of voluntary democratic command structure) and two dependents.

    When the leaders try to enforce arbitrary whims such as what field their children should study or what activities their children should enage in, there are often negative consequences. Children can become stressed or depressed when engaging in activities they find displeasing. If violence or yelling is used to guide the children, there are additional consequences.

    Instead I would argue that the leaders serve as simply a resource and safety for the children. They prevent the children from engaging in activities which may harm the children or others. They offer reason and discussion when needed. The naturally curious nature of children will lead them down their own path. They do not need to be centrally planned.

  2. Bill, I would only say that I have more respect for Gorbachev than Obama. Why? Because the former didn’t lie about who he was. The later, in my mind, reminds me more of the late Romanian dictator who didn’t give a damn, nor believed his imminent end was at hand, up until the very end.

    1. MoT,

      You are correct. At least Gorbachev admitted he was a communist unlike the present occupant who shows all the classic symptoms of that intellectual disorder. Yes, Nicolae Ceaușescu, was a piece of work and received his just desserts.

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  5. Dear Ma’at: K’A’to (the Courageous and Cautious, famed wielder of my club Slayer, also known as the Neanderthal Conservative) think you right. Like Vlad’mir Put’in, my selfs. Not nice mans, but got guts to say what means. K’A’to been watch world since tribal elders not listen that hunting-gathering best life. (You know you name Egyptian word for “truth/justice?” When die, Egyptians think you deeds weighed against feather of ma’at.)

    After you world collapse, find my cave, we fish, talk, drink beer. Got spare aurox’ horn. K’A’to tell you how live civilized life.

    “Civilized?” You call this world CIVILIZED? Not even know basics. You not herd goats and raise yams, you not civilized. You peoples weakling slaves not even able to find/raise food. Told Council school started by Har and Vard bad idea. “Teach children to fight, to hunt, brew beer, keep cave clean, protect borders, not pick fights with neighbors–but win if others start war–dry fish, love mate and small ones.” They not listen. See? I told them so.

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