Free Your Mind By Chris Dates

“Ideas are bulletproof”

The resistance is growing. The revolution taking place between the ears is beginning to swallow up more of the market share. Millions of humans have begun to shake off the sheep of their Statist slumbers, and more wake up by the  minute. They are beginning to see Politicians for who they are;  paper tigers who point to pieces of parchment as proof of their perverse powers. They are beginning to see governments for what they are; nothing more than  dens full of these pitiful, petty paper tigers who promise peace,  prosperity, and progress,  but only deliver debt, destruction, and death.  For these reasons the light of liberty is blinding for such starving eyes, and too bright for some, but there are those who stand ready to usher in this dawn long overdue.

Ideas have been the weapon of choice in the struggle for freedom, but the common man has stumbled upon something else to compliment his weapon; the Internet.  Now, information is passed around in the cyber world faster than ammo  was passed around to those brainwashed boys in the Government trenches of any given needless war.  The Pandora’s Box that used to harbor the ideas of freedom and liberty has been flung open like so many double doors on the last day of school. It is too late to stop the virtual stampede. Governments around the world now find themselves in a catch-22. If the internet is shutdown, governments risk immediate revolution. If the free flow of information is allowed to continue unfettered, revolution will eventually come. Humans have gotten a taste of the truth, and they seem to like it.

The stranglehold that was placed on truth and information is slipping away. State propaganda and disinformation is being rendered useless. Tyrants are like children who hold clay in their hands, the harder they squeeze, the more they lose. This is what every government has failed to understand throughout their tragic and horrible 10,000 year history. Pure tyranny brings with it pure liberty. As awful as it sounds, my desire is that the grip of tyranny continues. Coercive, violent governments have proven to be the best recruiting tool for those who long for liberty, and if liberty is what lies on the other side of this tyranny, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

I write this partially for my friends who live in Northern California, who I know will read this. You are already living like there is no government; you live like you are free. You stand on the edge of mental emancipation, all you need to do is take that last step. I know thinking about Anarchy is frightening at first, but this is only your mental falling back on the years of indoctrination that was spoon fed to you in government school. We were all taught that Anarchy is chaos, and only government can deliver law and order. The fear is always the same; the other guy will turn into a monster. Just stop for a second and examine what YOU would do. Stop worrying about what the other guy would do. This is the source of your mental slavery. The government has us so scared of our neighbors, that we now are to the point where we beg for coercive government. Ask yourself this question; would you turn into a murderer without the State? Try this one; would your mother be a whore without the State? Government has robbed us of our humanity, and if there is one thing this wretched institution has been successful at it’s pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Centralized power is the midwife of chaos. If this body dies wrapped in chains and shackles, my mind will not.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.”

~Bob Marley


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  2. Maybe everyone in Northern California could get along without government. How about Philly? Or Detroit. Or, how’s it working out in Somalia?

    Unanswered is how war-lordism is prevented by anarchy. We have countless existence proofs of men forming gangs of various sizes and terrorizing those around them throughout history. At best government is a benevolent gang, I will agree with this. But if the alternative is merely war-lords and strong men then we have to stick with government.

    If 90 out of 100 people would not behave badly without government you still have to have a plan for the 10 who will, and keep in mind they are probably more savage and ruthless than the 90 good people.

    I’m happy to see some experiments to validate your philosophy. As far as a I know the only attempt at a big-A Anarchist society was in Spain, it ended with 40 years of Franco’s fascism.

    I’ll be more interested in these ideas when I see some proof. Northern California has some of the largest prisons in the world in it to allow all the tree-huggers to live without the rapists, gang-bangers and theives in their redwood utopia.

  3. dr0:
    “Unanswered is how war-lordism is prevented by anarchy.”

    “The government has us so scared of our neighbors, that we now are to the point where we beg for coercive government. Ask yourself this question; would you turn into a murderer without the State?”

    Try again.

  4. Arm the civilian populace of Somalia… a rifle and handgun and ammunition behind every door? How long do you think those ‘warlords’ will last? One reason people are free is they can defend themselves. Remove the means to defense and they’ve become servants and serf to the U-N.

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback, folks! The part about Northern California was primarily about/for some friends of mine who are tettering on the ideas of anarchy, who I know read

    That was a great article!

    Unanswered is how war-lordism is prevented by Statism. You are absolutely right we do have proof of men forming gangs of various sizes and terrorizing people; they are called governments. The HUGE difference here is when governments do it it’s “legal”. I guess you are ok with this. If you think governments are a benevolent gangs, you are not paying attention, or naive, or both. Your alternate choice of government over strong men, or war-lords is redundant. Let me ask you this; did you form this government? No? Then you live under the rule of men who are stronger than you. Wake up.

    Your statistic of 10% bad people is high, I believe. It’s probably more like 1%. This arguement is a perfect argument for government, THE BIGGEST MASS MURDERERS IN HISTORY. I’ll take my chances with the murderer who kills tens of people over the murderer who kills millions. The reality is there are bad people on this earth who will do bad things, let’s not give them the authority to do it… our name.

    I should not have caplitalzed anarchy. I am a market anarchist.

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  7. I’m in Northern California, and indeed, I’m living as if there is no state: I’m prepared to defend myself and my loved ones, I steal nothing from others and condone no theft by others.

    Now, if only I can convince the State to stop believing in itself. And if only the ‘citizens’ and voters of California to stop believing. Sadly, there are a few things I am compelled to do because of those lingering believers.

    I suppose it’s only a matter of time.

  8. How did the “warlords” of ancient times manage to take over a town and begin to plunder the inhabitants who outnumbered them by a considerable margin? They promised to “protect” the people from OTHER warlords. And the people foolishly believed them.

    The joke told of the “police” on the Grand Trunk Road of India so many years ago was that, in spite of their legendary greed and corruption, they suffered no rivals.

    Unfortunately, our parasites can’t even say that anymore. They have metastasized like cancer cells into every corner of our lives and mostly cooperate to suck as much life out of us as possible.

    Give me a good, honest warlord any day. I know what to do with them… just say, “No thanks. I’ll protect myself and my neighbors.”

  9. Should the USA dissolve all of its state, federal and local, foreign fleets would very soon be introducing THEIR government troops and administrators into the territory. You would resist? Sure. Good luck.

    1. Hank,

      What blue water fleet are you referring to that has the capability to ferry and supply troops across the Atlantic or Pacific with the concomitant forces to establish the beachhead and sustain the invasion? I am very interested.


  10. Bill –

    My use of ships was more of a literary convenience rather than a well thought out order of battle. I’m not a military tactician, but based on your question I suppose air would be a better transport mode, unless the troops could be prepositioned in Mexico or Venezuela or Cuba.

    My main assumption is that any invasion would be preceeded by a generous application of one or more NBC weapons. Environmentally friendly WMDs exist that have short half lives and leave the target area suitable for human habitation not long after their application. These are things most easily developed and used by governments.

    A beach head would be established, and the area under foreign control would be slowly expanded – there would be no rush. Those who collaborated with the invaders would be treated with tolerance. Those who resisted would be eliminated.

    Too far-fetched?

    1. Hank,

      I do find a military invasion far-fetched because the use of aircraft is even more restricted for establishing an airhead, securing a lodgement, supplying that nexus and then defending and expanding from that. I do think WMDs are a possibility and most of those will be visited on the National Capital Region in DC/VA if employed. There are two Russian professors who prophecy the same thing yet foreign invasion and occupation of the USSR did not occur after their downfall in 1989-91 nor to the Argentines or the South Africans when their respective states collapsed.

      My greatest fear is DC’s reaction to states breaking away from their sinking ship. I think the government in DC is so rank and evil that they would stoop to all kinds of barbaric behavior to maintain Cheney’s beloved “continuity of government”, a neocon wet dream for ages. You won’t have to fear a military reaction, you will see the cops behave in the worst fashion possible if federalized.

  11. Bill –

    Regarding the desirability of anarchism, let’s agree to disagree.

    In closing, may I suggest that you examine your assumptions about the dissolution of the USSR and the fall of Russian Communism. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that the fall of Russian Communism, the opening of the Berlin Wall and the liberation of the satellite countries was a carefully planned and pretested piece of theatre. This may sound outlandish to you, but I will suggest some reading material that may change your mind.

    “Hole in the Flag: A Romanian Exile’s Story of Return and Revolution”, by Andrei Codrescu

    “Spy Wars”, by Tennent Bagley

    “Origins of the Fourth World War”, by Jeffrey Nyquist

    “Deception – The Invisible War Between the KGB and the CIA”, by Edward Jay Epstein

    These titles are all several years old; most can be found at Amazon or purchased used ( for a few dollars. They will help you to keep your guard up. Or I’m a dinosaur from the colwarzoic era.

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  14. Gen.SilverSpider


    Well, well, well, if it ain’t Mr.Salad…

    Im with ya brother!!! well spoken sir…

    It’s ever so difficult pulling the heads of so many mislead sheeple, from the poisonous teet of this nazi govt. we somehow still call America…

    “We all have a moral obligation to ourselves, to defy unjust laws…”

  15. Hey Ernie!

    Thanks man! Stick around, you might learn somethin’!

    It’s almost bow season back here is Virginia. Wish you were here! Is that even “legal” in California?


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