Enemies Foreign and Domesticated: The Feminization of American Males By Bill Buppert


Publisher’s Note: So Trump is the nominee, I had my money on Cthulhu in a just universe but Trump will do. This is the same government supremacist party that nominates such worthies as Dole, McCain and Romney and elects Democrat analogs like the Busheviks. If it destroys the GOP, the party had a good run for hundred and fifty years helping to create the largest government the planet has ever had the misfortune of hosting.

I am still convinced that Bernie Sander is every one of these scoundrels on truth serum, they just don’t have the stones of that totalitarian gasbag.

Moving and unpacking continues apace along with all the attendant relocation time distractions that interrupt normal life. I am hoping to be done in the next thirty days so I can get back to a more frequent writing schedule. –BB

The difference between males and men is accountability, responsibility and honor. The latter is possessed of these qualities while the former flees from it. Like all complex problems, a number of vectors inform the root causes and consequences.

Men tend to take their responsibilities and accountability pretty seriously even to the point of a moral hazard that forces them into failure. Consequences aren’t always good but honor should always be intact.

One of the frequent questions I am asked in speeches and interviews is the cosmic question of what is to be done as if a shooting war or revolution will set everything right for which the historical precedent process the opposite. The few humans who accept abolition as the right philosophical perspective with their fellow man are often expected to give some sage wisdom that strikes the sword to dash the Gordian knot that is the ubiquitous human chattel system called politics.

It all begins at the atomistic level and if you have children and they attend a government school, you have failed fundamentally. I realize that convenience and the conventional wisdom informs so many of these decisions but a cursory examination of first principles would reveal that statist reeducation camps are the mainstay of creating and sustaining the global gulag systems that go by other names whether towns, counties states or nations.

Here in Arizona, we have yet another initiative on the ballot for dolts dim enough to believe the government-media complex drumbeat to give more money to these wretched school systems that miraculously turn formerly human individuals into brain-deadened chattel with the critical thinking skills of a cactus and political followership traits that would put a smile even on the dour Josef Stalin. I find that conservatives are just as bad as liberals in thinking that government is the best and brightest for delivering the most fundamental services.

Imagine if you will that in the 1930s, RedDR had considered food so important, he nationalized all food production from farm to grocer. Fast forward to today and one is buying rotting and diminished quantities of food from the local Venezuela Vittles or Collectivist Co-op government grocery store staffed by DMV trained customer service representatives after you’ve waited in lines for three hours for a stale loaf of bread, cat/dog food and birdseed (to attract the extra meat staple to augment your ration card losses).

A wet dream for Bernie Sanders.

Again, first principles.

The empirical history of state-run schooling is a direct relationship to more dollars equating to an even greater instupidation of the students and the increasingly intellectual imbecility of the esteemed teacher caste. The moral case would demonstrate to most thinking parents that surrendering their progeny to the care of a government facility for most of the child’s waking hours staffed by union-led dimwits in the classroom would alarm even the most jaded and lazy mothers and fathers. No government school ever in North America has improved scholarship and erudition with more money pumped into the abyss.


With rare exception, K-12 teachers tend to be no more than their analogs in Hollywood who are simply bipedal budgies that parrot much of the nonsense they manage to remember from the substandard and wholly unnecessary education undergraduate degrees that are worse than useless much like the notion of four years being required to become a journalist; “journalists” who simply become state-fellating stenographers for violence brokers and government apologists who put a happy face on totalitarian excess for a living. Of course, that screed is the subject of another essay at another time. I digress.

Nice work if you can get it.

Yet, left and right in America seem to have a consensus that government schools must exist and don’t question the flawed fundamental proposition that the government has a vested interest in molding these young and impressionable minds from the beginning to groom and nurture the government supremacist paradigm and create Hitlerjugend and Young Pioneers who worship state primacy and fidelity to violent institutions that actively subvert the very essence of familial relations and blood kinship.

If you live in the house in Amityville or send your precious ones to a government school, I have two words for you:

Get out!

There is no more fundamental obligation you have as a parent than to rear (you raise vegetables and collectivists) your own children and educate them yourself. Even the true believing apparatchiks in the political class and their mouth-breathing mandarins send their urchins to private schools and tutors.

Can’t afford to home educate? BS, cut where you have to and hire tutors if necessary.

You can afford it but don’t? Sell your new cars, cut back on consumption and spend the surplus on books, museums and feeding your kid’s passion.

You’re wealthy with no children or they’ve left already? Help families in need. Subsidize tutors, pass on your expertise and buy rounds for the families so they can get their kids range qualified.

Not only are the government schools harmful to a child’s brain, they are infinitely more harmful to boys with their jihad against masculinity in all of its manifestations. Historically, all political ecologies demand obedience, which they win through warfare, violent compliance regimes and gender-norming to estrogen nation. As Iceland has demonstrated, there is terrific danger to governments that don’t savage the very notion of masculinity.

Job one in the American education system beside instupidation and surgical removal of critical thinking faculties is the absolute supremacy of the feminine mindset and concomitant pursuit of security above all else and absolute risk aversion and mitigation. This is not a jeremiad against the fairer sex but a simple affirmation that both happen to be genetically and psychologically wired differently for very good reasons when combined in a cooperative union.

There is a reason there is gender gap in liberty and libertarian circles. Guaranteed and assured security with out risk is impossible in a market economy and a libertarian society. This may be the single largest contributor to this gender chasm.

So if you have boys, that is all the more reason to drive to the local mind laundry where you confidently deposited them this morning, march directly to the classroom he is trapped in and get him out of there.


And then on your way home, apologize to him profusely and promise you will never allow such harm to occur again as long as you are alive. Then take the time to admit that your moral cowardice and the sheer inconvenience of rebellion has made his prospects in the future that much worse and would you care to discuss what we do about that.

Please stop at the house to get your guns and get your son to the range that afternoon. Because as men, not males, we have a duty and obligation to protect our kith and kin from all enemies, foreign and domesticated.

Resist the temptation not to do the right thing.

Be this guy instead…

20 thoughts on “Enemies Foreign and Domesticated: The Feminization of American Males By Bill Buppert”

  1. The false “feminism” is every bit as devastating and destructive to females as it is to males… of any age. As was the male dominance of preceding ages.

    It is all built on the psychopathic addiction to control, of everyone and everything, by whatever means come to hand. This lust for control is not unique to either (or any) “gender” or generation. It manifests in different ways, but is the same basic evil as it always has been.

    1. Redneck Anon

      Let’s say you have two dogs. One you never discipline, you let it get fat and demanding. You spoil it, and let it jump on people, climb on furniture, tear things up, and you even praise and reward it when it attacks the other dog. You call this one Princess and tell it everything it does is perfect.

      That other dog is a breed that usually needs more room to run, but you keep it inside with the first, and sometimes in a little cage. And you beat it both randomly and whenever it acts like it wants to defend itself. Other times you completely deprive it of attention so that it hurts itself. You don’t get it castrated, but the way you feed it and treat it often makes it hard to tell. You don’t call this one anything because it is a non-entity. Unless break out and become completely feral.

      While both are destructive, they aren’t the same thing. There is no equivalent split in young women to equal the nu-male/pajamaboy vs. the wild animal that attacks everything. That is what you get when they are raised by single moms, the media, and peers.

      And I don’t know if it’s just feminist propaganda, but I can’t find a time where there was patriarchy (male dominance) in the West that is as destructive as what we have now. I can’t even look this stuff up and see past the feminism, because they control the language and everything is couched in their terms.

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  4. Yes, almost all the teachers are women and they want the boys to act like little girls – even when they don’t actively hate them. Thus they teach them that all conflict is wrong, including self defense. It take two they say. Only men can raise boys into men. If we do manage to come out of this, we must never again let women teach our boys.

    1. Lugh… Why not consider a far more realistic and useful action… take responsibility for teaching your own children, however you choose to do so. Raising children requires both parents, and often the input of the extended family… of both sexes wherever possible.

      I raised boys. I taught them to be self owners, responsible for themselves. My husband and I taught them to shoot, to fight honorably when necessary… and to cook. The idea of segregating the sexes is a sure way to even more dysfunction.

      Such sweeping generalizations as you have made here are truly counterproductive.

      1. Redneck Anon

        Yes some boys have dads active in their lives. Some are homeschooled. His generalisation is true though. Boys have almost no men teachers, and those are almost entirely when the boys are older.

        They are taught by women, babysat by women, around their mothers who probably visit other women, and many raised by single moms or with a revolving door of dads. Pointing it out is not counter-productive. It is absolutely necessary.

        And it’s not a sweeping generalisation to say that a woman cannot raise a man.

        It may not be what you meant, but if kids were in a traditional school, segregating the sexes as they get older may not be necessary, but I would certainly choose. With so few jobs where women aren’t involved, most guys never know what it is like to function in a group of only men.

  5. Your comments are music to my ears !!!!!!

    You really have clarity and VERY VERY few people have any clarity – they are so brain washed
    from schools, media, robotic parents and SOCIAL MEDIA

    Josh in NEVADA age 72

  6. Richard Raymond

    Why the hell does no one ever talk in depth about the masculinizing of females.

    I am sick of seeing adult men pictured with their daughters decked out in hunting garb, rifle and all in the field. Where’s their sons?

    Must be the result of the feminization of the adult male.

    1. What’s wrong with daughters who shoot and hunt? I have two daughters who can skin and butcher deer, field strip an AR and put hits on steel at 500 yards iron sighted with same. Why didn’t I teach my sons to do these things?……..Because I don’t have any fucking sons! And I give no shits if that sickens you. A little insecure in your own masculinity are you?

  7. ” I can’t find a time where there was patriarchy (male dominance) in the West that is as destructive as what we have now.”

    Oh really? Just where in the heck do you think the whole kings/subjects, politics thing came from through the first 20 centuries? The women (and most men) who lived then were no better than slaves, or cattle, to be traded around and abused at a controller’s whim. But if you look at it honestly, the actual dominance in both cases was by the ruling men. And that, of course, does not excuse the feminazis trying to control everything now.

    Both sexes have, at various times and many ways, sought to control the other, and everything else. There are no innocent parties here among the controllers, male or female.

    The problem isn’t with their “gender,” it is with their lust for dominance…

    1. Redneck Anon

      You picked out the very least point of what I wrote to argue with. Do you agree about the rest? I only ask because ‘it hurts women as much’ and ‘male dominance’ are both typical feminist responses. (I’ve seen you around liberty stuff for a decade, I’m not saying you are one)

      >Just where in the heck do you think the whole kings/subjects, politics thing came from through the first 20 centuries?

      I don’t think it has much to do with a patriarchy. But I don’t really want to argue in feminist terms, in the same way I don’t want to argue in marxist terms.

      1. Well, I don’t know how to talk to you if you reject all the terms… but it is pretty easy to understand that both men and women have undertaken to dominate others over the long history of the human race. And it doesn’t matter much what anyone calls it. I really can’t help it if some people hijack words about that history to attempt the justification of their aggression and desire for dominance.

        The answer isn’t to fight with each other or find someone to take the blame, but to abandon aggression and the desire to control others. And that’s the gist of what I said. If you want to argue on other terms, you’ll need to be far more specific.

        If you really just want to blame women for all the rotten history of dominance and control over the centuries, I really don’t have anything more to say to you. 🙂

        1. redneck anon

          You started off saying that women are hurt just as bad by feminism, then deflected with ‘male dominance in the past.’ You’ve avoided every point I made and said we need to abandon aggression, which I completely agree with. When people say things that even look critical of women, you try to deflect it.

          And then you suggest that I blame women for everything.

          These are exactly the tactics of feminists.

          I have seen your name for around a decade. I know you care about liberty. So I don’t know why you are doing this.

  8. It gets really old listening to people like you call people like me a “failure” because we couldn’t afford private schools for our kids.

    Being a single father on a blue-collar salary, it didn’t matter where I cut back. I couldn’t afford it. Period. I drove a 20 year old SUV and lived in a modest house. I have very little debt, other than my mortgage.

    Are people like me not welcome in your version of Conservatism? You sound exactly like the Liberals who look down their noses at “hicks” like me. Disgusting.

    The funny thing is, my daughter is now 17 years old and has been in college for a year. While she may not be a “right-wing-extremist” like me, she understands the evil that is big government and why the Left does what it does (Power and Corruption of the culture). She did a book report on George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” in 4th grade. Her Lefty teacher had no choice but to give her an “A”.

    And all of that because I taught her that her teachers were full of shit. That she should think past the point that she felt good about her ideas and see if they really made any sense in the long run. That was all of the homeschooling that she needed.

    And you need to think past the point where people send their kids to government schools only because they’re lazy and materialistic. You’re stereotyping Americans every bit as much as the Left does. It is disgusting snobbery, nothing more.

    1. And all of that because I taught her that her teachers were full of shit. That she should think past the point that she felt good about her ideas and see if they really made any sense in the long run. That was all of the homeschooling that she needed.

      Congratulations and I am no kind of conservative or liberal. Both are bundles of contradictions that a tornado couldn’t unfuck.

      We’ve been a one income family even on a blue collar income and did so we could keep our children out of their clutches. I do not look down on you but suggest a way to keep your children. You apparently succeeded and good on you.

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  10. Redneck… And I don’t know why you keep putting words in my mouth… sigh Or why you can’t seem to understand that aggressive, domination driven “feminism” _is_ just as destructive to women as it is to men – in the long run. And aggressive male dominance is JUST as destructive to men as it is to women – in the long run. Because it destroys peace, liberty and prosperity on every hand.

    I have tried to make it very clear that it is the aggression, the dominance, the destruction of the lives and liberty of ALL people, at whatever time or location, that is the problem. So I am obviously not defending feminism in any way, shape or form. I am an individual, an abolitionist who refuses to accept slavery or dominance of anyone over anyone else.

    My goal is individual liberty, voluntary association and cooperation with all who wish to work together without aggression or the desire to control others by either physical or emotional means. I measure each word and deed in my life by those principles.

    1. >>>…aggressive, domination driven “feminism” _is_ just as destructive to women as it is to men – in the long run. And aggressive male dominance is JUST as destructive to men as it is to women – in the long run.<<<

      More, technically. Swann: "All action is first BY the self, UPON the self."

  11. “Can’t afford to home educate? BS, cut where you have to and hire tutors if necessary.

    You can afford it but don’t? Sell your new cars, cut back on consumption and spend the surplus on books, museums and feeding your kid’s passion.”

    Actually Bill, the monetary outlay for homeschoolers is on average very low (about $500 per kid) and can be much lower than that, if need be. As to the various sacrifices and difficulties, these are more an image derived from the propagandistic state portrayal of homeschooling than of reality. As it turns out, when you actually ask, homeschooling is even easier than using the government indoctrination centers:


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