Never Surrender Your Guns by Jim Davidson

Publisher’s Note: Civil wars are always a suicide pact between the usually unwitting proponents before the war gets hot. All civil wars, as all wars in history, are conflicts over self-determination. Most wars are fought between rival plantation combines. That may be the hard truth but it doesn’t mean it ain’t coming.

Communism is a human software virus based on greed, envy and a conviction that Darwinian violence is the sole arbiter of how human societies are regulated. Like all such economically illiterate and morally depraved creeds, they fail.

They always fail; hence, it must spread to the next victim-host to be devoured, driven into the stone-age and stack piles of corpses.

Rinse and repeat.

Have you discovered that a political opponent is ALWAYS someone who wishes to employ cajoling, fining, threatening, bullying, kidnapping, caging, maiming and killing to render your obedience to their most heart-felt desires? Politics is dead simple.

It calls to mind the words of William Pitt the Younger in a November 1783 speech to the House of Commons: Necessity is “the plea for every infringement of human freedom,” he said.  “It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

There is nothing commies will do that praises free markets. Seen and unseen: Every Amazon van may take 25 vehicles off the road – saving lives, saving time, saving energy, saving money. If you ignore gains and count only losses, the universe is truly tragic. Grownups can see the whole story, not just the grisly and boring parts.

I am a Lovecraft fan since my youth and thought this examination of the collectivist singularity is quite compelling.

Cthulhu pursues a globalist schedule that would bring all humanity under his dominion.  He works by bribery on the basis of psychotic resentment, offering to his minions the prospect of sexual abandon without consequence and the license to murder.  The four hundred foot tall squid-faced monster advertises his dark docket as a radiant future.  His followers will need to break a few eggs, but the omelet will justify itself deliciously.  It is in the nature of a fantastic imagination such as Lovecraft’s to penetrate into the remote spaces of the human condition and therefore to be applicable and relevant beyond its historical limitations.  The author of The Call only infrequently celebrated the higher or transcendent propensities of Homo sapiens, but as a student of baseness and cultural regression, he knew well of what he wrote.  The sheaf of documents inherited by Professor Angell’s nephew has a counterpart in the contemporary world.  Any Internet news-portal such as, say, the Drudge Report, will open through its hyperlinks a window on the Maenadism, entirely out of bounds, of the prevailing cultural, social, and political scenes.  That the hysteria and malice of the times stylize themselves as “Wokeness,” as the equivalent of an accession to consciousness, is all the more ironic given the Left’s actual lockstep ideological conformism and its actual restriction of expression to a rigorously limited set of accusations and denouncements.  Cthulhu only awakens to the degree that he can change humanity into a sleepwalking horde that has ceded its mental and moral independence to the calendar of its own servitude.  So-called comedienne Kathy Griffin presaged these (for the lack of a better term) developments back in May of 2017 when she appeared in photographs and a video clip carrying a simulacrum of the severed head of Donald Trump.  Euripides’ tragedy The Bacchae undoubtedly lies beyond Griffin’s ken, but she might have been auditioning for the role of Agave who in a fever of religious inebriation rips the head of her own son from its body – all under the inspiration of that god of lynching, Dionysus.  But no – not auditioning for the role; rather, reverting under a self-granted license to the savage behavior of the original Dionysus Cult, of which the Cthulhu Cult is a literary representation.

Th government supremacists now embrace “the savage behavior of the original Dionysus Cult, of which the Cthulhu Cult is a literary representation”.

Read the rest; read the whole thing. R’lyeh rising indeed…

Guns, who doesn’t want to discuss guns? I had a brain zephyr the other day and thought that one of the reasons the communists are so frightened by suppressors isn’t simply the wicked image the media has promulgated but it short-circuits stealth training on rifles if the usual suspects manage to deny private long arms to Helots on the plantation.

If you aren’t stocking up on 80% lowers and associated lower parts kits (LPK), you are missing out on a terrific opportunity to make sure your children and grandchildren have the tools in the future.

A Finnish truck driver is kind enough to make his truck a mobile history lesson.

In other news, another badged sadist gets away with maiming an infant, again. The robed cross-dressers gave yet another pass to violent mischief by their coproach enforcers.

We’ll see more of this as the Flaming 20’s begin.

On to Jim’s splendid essay. -BB


“Participating in a gun buyback program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.”

– Clint Eastwood

“Being disarmed, among the other harm it brings you, causes you to be despised.”

~ Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513

The current flavour of gun control that seems to impress the socialists, communists, and leftists is “red flag laws.”  Taking away the right to keep and bear arms appears to meet with the approval of President Trump, numerous politicians, and even various federal judges.  In response to a question about red flag laws, I recently posted these thoughts on Twitter: Violates privacy, free speech, free press, remain silent, confront witnesses, due process, counsel, privacy, requirements for warrants to issue, and that’s off the top of my head.

A few minutes later, I noted that it violates privacy twice.  You’ll be able to supply the amendments in the Bill of Rights yourself if you wish.  Clearly, to me, red flag laws are a terrible evil.

Been SWATted

One of the many reasons I feel that way is because a neighbour of mine decided it was her privilege to call the sheriff’s department, for which she worked in an administrative capacity (and for whom, I gather, her husband worked as as confidential informant), misreport a number of things and have a SWAT team show up outside my home.  When I walked out of my house about 9 pm that evening in April 2017, there were three laser range finder dots on my chest.  One error on my part or one exclamation or even perhaps a sneeze on the part of the watch commander, and my heart would have been blown out the back of my chest.

After some time in jail, hiring a bail bondsman, hiring an attorney, selling my house to pay for the legal expenses involved, and a number of hearings, the prosecutor moved to dismiss the case.  Subsequently, the prosecutor also moved to expunge the arrest record.  There are parts of the world where it is still possible to find people in the law enforcement community who can experience embarrassment when they are misled by their noses to do mistaken things.

Nevertheless, I cannot recommend the experience.  Being arrested was amongst the many reasons I stopped voting after February 1991, it was among the many reasons I searched the world for a free country, it was one of the reasons I re-located, briefly, to Somalia.  The United States has not been a free country in a very long time.

Your Guns

Why shouldn’t you ever surrender your guns?  Quite simple, really.  They are the main line of defence for individual liberty in the world.  Anyone who wants to take away your guns wants you to be a victim of crime, either by street criminals or by the government or by both.  Victim disarmament is inexcusable, unjustiable, and despicable.  No one who ever says anything in favour of disarming people has any good intentions, and such people should be, at least, ostracised.

Here, in graphical terms, is why:

Those who pretend that they want gun control for some good reason are either fools or liars, and neither one recommends close further contact with them.  Every government, from the United States which disarmed Native Americans to Turkey before World War One, to Germany and Russia before World War Two, to China after World War Two, and on and on, every government which has disarmed its people has then rounded people up and put them in camps.  You cannot trust people in government, so you had best keep your hands on your weapons.

Which Guns?

My friend Bill Buppert runs which is a great site for information on the topic.  A person to follow on Twitter who is the “village armourer” for Bill and others, is Skip.  You can also get a lot of good information on guns from Boston’s Gun Bible.  Anything I say here derives from my own experiences, or from reading Boston’s book, or from discussions and reading of Bill and Skip’s thoughts on the topic.  Any errors are exclusively my own.

You want a rifle.  If you have only one gun, if you have not yet bought any and you want to go get a gun, go get a rifle.  Get a semi-auto rifle with an adequate calibre with which you can hit a target at 100 yards or greater.  Get a rifle with the capacity to hold a magazine with more than ten rounds because rate of fire and time before empty are critical issues in you surviving in a firefight.  And get ten or more magazines, and plenty of ammo for your rifle.

Why?  Your rifle is your main weapon for self-defence.  It should be the one you practice with the most.  It should be familiar to you.  You should fire it weekly or more often, whenever you can get to a gun range.  You should be highly trained with it.  You should know how to clean it, and maintain it.  There are many rifles, but your rifle is your own.  It is your best friend.  It can save your life.

A handgun, as Boston says in his gun bible, is a tool for getting you back to your rifle.  I myself have said that a knife is a tool for getting you to your handgun.  These are things you should have with you, I believe, and not ever be far from.

What sort of rifle is best?  I think the rifle you are familiar with is always best.  But, I also agree with Skip and Bill, who point out that the main weapon likely to be brought against Americans by the police, the military, and other forces of oppression, is the AR-15 or M-16.  Therefore it makes sense to be able to use the identical calibre of bullet and the same magazines, as well as be able to pick up discarded weapons from a battlefield to continue fighting.

For similar reasons, a good calibre of handgun is the 9mm.  And a good style of 9mm semi-auto handgun is the Glock.  Again, why? Because it is very frequently carried by police and other minions of the state, because being able to use the same calibre of ammo and the same magazines, or pick up a weapon from a battlefield to continue fighting is potentially going to save your life.  These are serious considerations, and you don’t want to be unarmed. Ever.

Swallwell’s Nukes

A recent (and I gather now former) candidate for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020, Eric Swallwell, is a gun grabber from some jurisdiction in California.  Not long ago, he said on Twitter that in the event of a confrontation with American gun owners, the national government would use nuclear weapons.  Here is that post:

But, keep in mind, the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Kosovo, Mali, Yemen, and Syria involving USA military forces have been largely free of nuclear weapons.  Yes, “depleted uranium” rounds were used for their greater density and additional danger.  Yes, the USA government knowingly allowed radioactive fallout from nuclear tests in the Western desert to fall on civilian populations in, e.g., Utah, and did not warn those people they were being irradiated.  Yes, the USA government did nuke Aleutian islanders.  Yes, the USA nuked two cities in Japan in 1945, and remains the only national government to have used nuclear weapons against civilian populations during war.  Nevertheless, it is very unlikely that even Swallwell would be able to deploy nuclear weapons against American cities.

Nor would the use of nukes cause Americans to surrender, especially not Americans in any of the mountain states in Appalachia, the Ozarks, or the Rockies.  In order to hold territory, infantry is required, not strategic bombing.  In order to hold territory, the will of the enemy to resist must be eliminated.  And, with about 200 million American homes having one or more guns within them, the number of people likely to resist is very, very high.

In past essays, I’ve estimated that as many as 110 to 125 million Americans do not vote, do not file income tax paperwork, and do not answer the census, among other ways in which they have withdrawn from participating in the system which oppresses them and robs them on a daily basis with taxes, regulations, and evil machinations.  I believe that approximately that number would resist, or give support to those in resistance.

In order for an occupied territory to be “pacified” various strategists, dating back to Clausewitz, have suggested that as many as 20 soldiers are required for every person in resistance to the occupation.  Examples of very successful resistance groups include the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the revolt at the death camp Sobibor, and the aforementioned wars in Lebanon, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Mali, Somalia, etc.

Is it possible to find two billion troops to set against 100 million resisting Americans?  Almost certainly yes, though only at great expense and with considerable difficulty.  Nor would the presence of occupying troops from foreign countries reduce the number of Americans in resistance.  Not more than 80 million Americans are committed to the communist-socialist doctrines and even some of these might find circumstances persuasive reasons to change their ideology.

Moving, say, 100 million Chinese troops to the United States would be costly, and would arguably destabilise China which is not exactly a bastion of stability right now, as evidenced in Hong Kong.  The people of Hong Kong know that they are going to be harvested for organs, as were the Falun Gong, if they give up their protests.


I believe the places where Americans are most free to own guns, the bright green or “constitutional carry” states are the best places to be in or near when things come to a head.  Your mileage may vary.  The deep blue states are “shall issue” though concealed carry permits are not much honoured in, say, Chicago.

You’ll have the greatest difficulty in Hawai’i and New Jersey, which have other difficulties.  Islands are very difficult logistically.  And extremely urban environments are where one goes to locate large numbers of communists and socialists (but I repeat myself).  The red and yellow locations on the map above impose the most against gun owners.

Are you safe in the rest of the country? Very clearly not.  Those in power have a psychotic desire to destroy freedom and imprison the population to their dark designs.

If you are going to do one thing this year that you haven’t done in the past, find a few friends and neighbours and train with them.  Train to get to each other’s homes quickly.  Train to be in communication in the face of a cell phone disruption, which can be imposed on any location by law enforcement.  Train to be in communication and train to help one another.  The lives you save may be your own.

Can the American people win against those who seek to disarm, imprison, and enslave us?  Yes.

Besides, do you have any rational choice?  If you give up your guns, or if you stop resisting, you too will be sent to a death camp.  You would become a supply of organs for medical tourists to the United States.  So, never surrender.

Never surrender your guns.

Jim Davidson is an author, actor, entrepreneur, and gun owner.  You can find him online.

37 thoughts on “Never Surrender Your Guns by Jim Davidson”

  1. Another ” on point article”. Frankly I’ve been at the point of no return for thirty years. While the subject matter is relevant, this isn’t a subject I’m talking about at all, why. My minds been made up for that stated thirty years.

    We’re talking this shit to death. I’ve got stuff I want to accomplish in my last 30 years on the planet. in fact articles such as this ” free speech” are a sliver of the weapon the govt will use, to seize personal property.

    We don’t do Facebook, Twitter for a reason, why would our side knowingly arm their side. As for moving to a ” free-er” place. Fuck that I was born here, I will die here, these people will not run me out, not now, not ever.

    Their are a lot of things worse then death, number one, living the life of a coward, Not standing your ground.

    My personal favorite is being brow beat into changing ones oppinion to coalesce and make peace, even though it’s contrary to your core values. Wow, that literally is living the life of a coward.

    Jim, seems to me we all get by using the tools we’ve learned in life. We are different, yet we are the same in our core beliefs. I am aware that each of our lines in the sand is different. But I see that when the over creep of govt, get to a point we will all stand tall, even understanding the enemy is a giant corporation with limitless resources.

    My war, God forbid will be a ” war of the flea” .

    Govt realizes, in fact their counting on We The People feeding on each other. As is pointed out over on WRSA, the folks within five miles of your casa, are your primary concern. As for owning a rifle, well, I heard a rumor that a few folks here own many many many rifles. I see that as a good thing.

    Great overview, Jim.



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  4. The key to this whole mess is that the centers of political power are cities which are not self self supporting. Shutting off their access to electrical power, gas and water would collapse most within a month. This can be accomplished with ordinary hand tools. Hacksaws and wrenches will be far more damaging than any rifle. Judicious rifle fire directed at large electrical transformers will be equally damaging. They’ve lost the battle when the lights go out in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, DC, Portland and other large cities.

    1. We need take no action to be confident that their civilisation will collapse, as it has been for many years. As a confirmed #collapsitarian I know the collapse is soon.

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    1. Found this site by accident, and what a find it was. So far I have only read “Never give up your guns”. First part was kind of like reading Oswald Chambers on the Bible. Eloquent but have to read it slow to comprehend it all. Last part was more in my neighborhood. Appreciate your attitude and your article. Looking forward to more.

  6. It was Oregon’s Red Flag Law that was dropped upon the ex-Marine but it were the FBI that took his guns. This bypasses all those sheriffs and police chiefs and their funny notions about the Bill of Rights!

    1. What’s interesting about Oregon’s Red Flag laws are this. The law is an administrative rule, or an OAR, not ORS. So there is no “built-in” standard

      How does a federal agency effect State Law? They have zero constitutional authority to do so. Keep in mind, this is State Law, NOT Federal Law.

      Yet, here we are. I’ve asked a couple of my old partners how this works, all three are scratching their heads. They have asked for an opinion from Oregon DOJ.

      I’ve got a call in to my counties DA. An old friend, we used to whitewater kayak often back in the day. SHE will get back to me. I’ll share her answer when I hear from her.

      Anyway, even local law enforcement are asking the correct questions.


      1. Finicum’s blood is on all their hands, the coproaches merely obeyed their political masters. Badged Orcs will do as they’re told…

          1. DMV Gringo,

            Per my comments policy on comity and rational discourse, your two previous comments are in the trash. That kind of ill-mannered vitriol is best delivered face to face with the intended recipient and that way you can pay the consequences for your rudeness and lack of manners.

            The Management

        1. Bill,

          I’m still outraged by Lavoy’s Murder. The OSP LT who shot him in the back was promoted to Captain and now manages the OSP station in Albany, Oregon.

          Upon reviewing this turd’s history I’ve discovered that this was the second murder of an Oregonian by shooting them in the back.

          Documentedin the Oregonian News Papers, Archives.


  7. Libertarians cry endlessly about tyranny but never organise to fight it because, heaven forfend, organisation is tyranny. Sometimes the machine guns have to be advanced on. Who wants to lead that herd of cats when the going gets tough?

    Volunteers for the high risk mission?


    Libertarians are on some level children who refuse to accept the reality that you either enforce your cultural codes or someone else will enforce theirs on you, and the majority of people will fall in with the person who has the biggest balls and is willing to be the man.

    But no. Best to keep complaining that humankind is reading the instruction manual upside-down then keep wondering why the commies keep rolling you. The proles want leadership. They want an us and a them. They want orders and an enemy. And if you can’t be bothered to give it to them then someone else with no morals or conscience will step into that void.

    This is the world. Jettison your foolish delusions about how it SHOULD work and accept how it DOES work.

    1. General-Marshal Lenny,

      You be Spartacus, not my plot.

      Libertarians, of whom I am a single digit dissenter in their single digit population on Earth, cracked the code on the difference between should and does work. We describe the world in terms of violence and power instead of the illusions of class, race and gender. Austrian economics poses the single most accurate picture and description of human action. Hence the positive versus normative tendency of Austrian economics. Is there a normative tendency to describe optimized moral frameworks? Sure, a happy enterprise of the economic school in this case. Not only do the Austrians describe the rational sensibilities of markets but the concomitant moral and consequentialist superiority to any statist economic witchcraft.

      We Heathens know that wrong in the world can by distilled to oath-breaking, adultery and murder. Christians can coddle their conceit that sin is the first and foremost concern.

      As Jean-Paul Sartre once observed, “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

      And you are correct; I cannot be bothered to tell others how to live their lives.

      1. Aww, come on Bill. If you looked at the 10 Commandments (which were His covenant with [the original] Israel, you might happen to note that STEALING is the 8th, and COVETING is the 10th! Theft is so clearly wrong, but it is the covetous heart that tends to precede theft.

        I love sending people to read 1 Samuel 8 where God tells Samuel that the people are not rejecting him (Samuel) by wanting a king, but rejecting Him (God). He goes on to list MANY negative consequences that speak loudly to governmental tyranny! I also laugh when it says that the king will take 10% of their production. 10% taxation is a DREAM!

        As I repeatedly remind certain people online, we have our morality from God. There is no other ground for an objective system of moral beliefs (and by saying that I am aware that those same people will then offer their own idiosyncratic definition of “objective”)

        I have watched humanity for a great many years at this point. I realize that we only get worse and worse over time. God will ultimately bring this stage to an end … and it can not happen too soon in my view.

        1. I admire the Ten Commandments, hard to disagree with them, AD.

          There is a reason thousands of Christian sects have the corner on the imbecilic “literal interpretation” trope.

          Bara Dada: “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians, you are not like him.”

          As a Heathen, I have no problems with the beliefs of Christians as long as I don’t have to subscribe. That goes for any superstitious creed or tribe.

          I wish you peace and prosperity.

    2. This guy moved to Somalia for a “short” while. What a complete Nimrod. It’s this kind of ideological nutcase who dooms us. If he is that far gone, how can he be trusted with anything?

      1. Miss Renny,

        Is that the government in 2011 or after in Somalia?

        You may have mistaken this for MaxGov!, Red,White&BlueGov!, ConserveMyGov! or some other government supremacist blog to give aid and comfort to your confirmation bias.

        I am honored that you think this tiny blog “dooms” you.

        “The measure of the state’s success is that the word anarchy frightens people, while the word state does not.” – Joseph Sobran

      2. Non-Player-Character, maybe you ought to consider his story. Dude already experienced f’real what you will get to experience shortly. How “far-gone ” will you get before the State has it’s way with you?

        You are there, imho. Sucks to be u!

    3. Thanks Lenny. I’ll get the machine gun nest, brother, but do lend some suppressing fire to the cause, would you? The political libertarian, like the sunshine soldier will soon fade into the hedges. Now is the winter of our discontent…

  8. ⭐️⭐️ Turning in Firearms Will Not Stop Mass shootings. and here is why.

    Quoting Bill Cooper in his book “Behold A Pale Horse”:

    “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity which would lead to the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms.”

    Catch up with me on YouTube. News Article. “Never Give Up Your Guns” Click my name.

  9. Never forget that women for the great majority have two things in common:

    They support communism, especially all the ‘support/free gibs’ that they’ve been given.

    They hate and fear guns and want them only in the hands of mil./police (if even there).

    This is what the fruit of granting them a wholly un-earned privilege of ‘voting’ has
    brought America to since August 20, 1920. Women ARE the overwhelming majority
    of voters in America btw.

    So, are you ready to do the following:

    Take women’s right to vote away.
    End ALL welfare, domestic and international across the board?

    Time is running short….


    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. Clownworld. Welcome home folks. At least we still have our Consteetushun!

    Like Brushfire Sean sez;
    Yep, we’re fucked!

  11. And this,

    The enemies of man, Godless communists, have now told you what they plan to do. AOC has critisized another congressweasel o his choice to arm a friend. No background check, no nothing. No assault anything for you prole. Well, except for the wood shampoo assault in the FEMA camp.

    On a less serious note, one surely to garner a smile from even the most fearful among us, ponder this; When the Bolsheviks gained power after the 1917 revo, one of the first things they did was to kill all the uppity fuckers that were their soldiers!! Bolshies don’t like troublemakers, it seems. Hence the term “useful idiot” -Antifa- anyone?

    More serious. It will have to get REAL bad before anyone picks up a rifle. Normies be way too comfy in front of the tube with the sportsball on, the 401(k) cooking nicely, and the ol’ ladys virtue not being sold to put crumbs on the table for the surviving chilluns. Read FerFal. His anecdotes speak volumes of mans evil towards other men. Humans are capable of some real fucked up shit. Here in FUSA, we have been innocently isolated from that since Uncle Joe’s war, and since they do not teach history anymore, well, you know.

    Anyway, maybe we just relocate to Greenland. Oh, wait…???

    1. Tom, I admit it, I’m guilty as charged. I’m just not looking forward to killing a bunch of Americans. The thought disgusts me, saddens me, breaks my heart.

      I recognize once we are there, we have all failed!

      Fortunately, I understand that task for the utility which has to be addressed. It’s just taking care of business. Ain’t nothing personal.


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