The High Altitude Graveyard of Imperial Hubris by Bill Buppert

He seemed more dead than alive but, when asked ‘Where is the Army?’, Assistant Surgeon William Brydon managed to reply: ‘I am the Army.’

Publisher’s Note: For those of you who haven’t noticed, socialism is here already and has been the lifeblood of US governance since the middle of the nineteenth century. All of the SJWs, Democratic Socialists and all the other government enthusiasts are late to the party. The only difference between socialism and fascism in practice is the name on the asset seized or controlled. Just because Nabisco and General Electric aren’t US Foods and US General Electric doesn’t mean they aren’t controlled by the government. Fascism uses taxation and regulation to vertically and horizontally control every aspect of a firm’s behavior.

 If you contest this notion, name one single component in the American provision of goods and services in the above-ground economy that isn’t regulated, just one.

 For the longest time, certain collectivists in the American intelligentsia figured out that if you give producers an illusion of freedom and keeping their investments, they will produce better and under an open socialist or communist regime, the riches reaped through theft and confiscation by the government is always considerably less.

 The universities didn’t get the memo though and the K-PhD programming factories started to go off-message and press for more direct forms of theft that are less elegant and in the end, less lucrative than the current fascist framework.

If you aren’t paying attention to the slow motion holocaust in South Africa, you are missing a global canary that is signalling an unpleasant future.

 Another public service announcement: the cops are not your friends, they are armed Leninists and the fascinating tale of deep-state badged Orcs doing their political masters’ bidding in the attempt by the Deep State to dethrone the Mango Emperor so Pantsuit Negan could mount her royal edifice in the Offal Office. -BB

I have the greatest respect for T.X. Hammes as an asymmetric warfare observer and he has spoken aloud that which for some reason has escaped most of the irregular warfare commentariat when discussing overseas adventures.

He just so happens to riff unknowingly with something I have shared with readers since 2003: Buppert’s Law of Military Topography: “Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated”.

He contends that historically mountain people have been hard to defeat.


“Yet terrain only explains part of the difficulty of “pacifying” mountain people—and the least significant part. Culture is a much greater problem. Mountain people tend to be clannish, inwardly focused, belligerent toward outsiders and tough. Constant infighting among clans and families insures their fighting skills and toughness are continually honed.”

He makes no mention of Zomia in Southeast Asia, over 2,500,000 square km (970,000 sq mi) over the Southeast Asian Massif and comprises nearly one hundred million marginal people. What Dr. James C. Scott delightfully calls a “state-resistant territory”. Buffeted by conflict for three thousand years, it has weathered invasions and fended off centuries of incursions.

This is one reason among many why Holland fell so quickly in the War to Save Josef Stalin and the pesky mountain states of Switzerland, Finland and the Yugoslavian enclaves proved troublesome for the invading armies.

Much like Jared Diamond’s thesis that colder climes force the function to genetically favor intelligence, the mountainous terrains force the function of self-sufficiency. The polar opposite of modernity’s urban enclaves in the West that pride themselves on their lack of self-sufficiency by keeping bare cupboards and proudly submitting themselves to statist inspection and restrictions on behavior at every turn.

The estimable John Meyers has done a great job on this blog investigating the “state-resistance” exhibited naturally by mountain people in the Appalachians. The IRS and Treasury thugs had a tough time keeping their king’s agents alive when sent into the hollers to pry into other people’s business.

I suspect that mountain folk have a naturally libertarian predisposition and a constant suspicion of the state in their blood due not only to region but martial aptitude in taking care of their own and seeing no profit in shoving their neighbors about for long-term gain.

When one combines the Islamic codes with a desert people in mountains, the pacification problem becomes even more impossible. There is a reason the USSR calved off the “Muslim underbelly” of greater Russia in its southwestern provinces when it fell in 1989.

I am happy that Hammes has elucidated on what all of us know already.

Fucking with mountain folks can be hazardous to your well-being.

I’ve got another idea, the US should stop militarily fucking with the planet no matter what the terrain is.

T.X. Hammes: “Thus, the first rule in dealing with mountain people should be to leave them alone. If a nation decides it is a strategic imperative to fight them, it should not attempt to impose centralized government and especially not try to force outside officials on them. Historically, mountain peoples govern themselves locally. Any larger government was usually achieved only after centuries of often bloody effort.”



15 thoughts on “The High Altitude Graveyard of Imperial Hubris by Bill Buppert”

  1. Bill,

    Good article.

    Since my own layman’s version of the history of asymmetrical warfare generally agrees with you and others on this topic
    I only have one response,
    albeit from one of my cinematic alter egos, Fox Mulder of the X-Files,

    “I Want to Believe”.

    Please add any links to the specific T .X Hammes article and any links to your own works on this subject ,
    Also any detailed extrapolation of your concept of the “Endarkment”. would be helpful Thanks.

    Your books are now on the Fascist Fire Tablet and I look forward to reading them.

    I would encourage others to consolidate your libraries as well as your critical stocks and do so post FUSA haste.
    The Digital book burning has begun.
    They didn’t even have to get the Bonfire of the Inhumanities up to 451 degrees.
    Now its easy, just a Couple of clicks from some rainbow haired almond eyed chicks at Google’s Chinese Pagodas Ministries of Truth.
    Burn,Babies,Burn…….the Delta Force’s satanic chant at Waco.

    Working at our Prepper Fair this weekend,
    We hope Dweezil the Wonderful Weasel and any other awake locals can make the event.
    Cupcakes on me at the Pistol training booth.

    I will be wearing our traditional black T-shirt of my own design,
    Perfect for any Anarchists or Mountain Guerillas in your family.

    “We Live Free
    They Die”

    Available in Apocalyptic Black, Digital grey or Mountain Camo.
    Like voting , order early and often.

    Strength and Honor,


    P.S– I have taken Bill’s advice and purchased a new 30.06 rifle, scope and am learning how to drive it.
    Watch those learning curves!
    Also a 8 in,. thick Websters library reference dictionary.
    Getting ready for the War of the Words and the Woods, whichever comes first.

  2. Great post, Bill.

    “The universities didn’t get the memo though and the K-PhD programming factories started to go off-message”. I am a student at a small engineering college in the Rocky mountain West. From an insider’s view, there are no places for young people to get an education – even in the hard sciences.

    “Thus, the first rule in dealing with mountain people should be to leave them alone.”
    … What if Hallmark cards had things like this, instead?

  3. Bill/Jeremy,

    We sold out of the T-shirts at the Prepper Fair this weekend but will be tweaking the graphics and have the next batch ready for the holidays.

    I need to find a new computer graphics guy to come up with a variation of the image and text.
    Next ones will be much better and colorful.

    No hard price yet but figure between $22-24 plus shipping.
    100% cotton, made in usa of course.,

    As soon as I have the first one I will photograph it and send it out to Bill.
    All proceeds go to our next event fund after costs are covered. Just let me know the sizes amounts you need when I have the prototype photos.
    Even trade for Bill’s shirts.
    XXl’s for me, men’s medium for the wife.

    Stay vigilant!!
    the coup de atat is going full tilt boogie…
    –PayPal controlling interest bought by George Soros last week
    .and immediately they cancelled Alex Jones’ Pay Pal 20 year services.


  4. Great article, hits home. Especially like” don’t fuck with the mountain people” not interested in starting the party, have every intention of guarding vigilantly my mountain.

    3006, lol, what know 6.5 credmoor. While I don’t have an 06 sniper rifle, I hunt with one. My builders over at NorthWest Rifles, here in Southern Oregon. are building A custom rig for me. The best parts equal a fine hardy accurate rifle.

    The 6.5 credmoore comment was a joke, if I have another young buck ” gamer” tell me how bitchen the 6.5 is, I’m gonna throttle em. I concur the BC is sweet, it’s just not my idea of a effective man stopper, at distance.

    Hats off to you for going with the 3006, a dam fine missle, with a ton of load dope to mix and match with.


  5. Dirk,

    I’m just a rookie on a tight budget.

    The .06 was purchased to train a little more affordably and also knowing that that ammo is much more plentiful when the counters at North Forty or Black Sheep ( large local gun and fishing stores) are closed someday.

    Also the Ruger 77 300 Win Mag, next to it in the rack, kicks like a mule even with a Limbsaver added.

    I found out that one of the most famous Vietnam era army snipers lives in town.

    No shortage of pro shooters here but most are low profile and don’t give lessons at the range.

    Why I live here in the last vestiges of America:

    An tall, attractive, appprox. 32 year old, “horse” rancher type woman walks up to the gun counter at North Forty with her husband
    and says to him in a sweet pleading, promising, tone:

    “Honey I don’t need a new pickup truck for Christmas but that Barrett rifle with a nice piece of glass would be..

    I’m not going to tell you that there was a flutter of eyelashes, a definite thrust of the chest and just a little bit of tongue darting with the delivery.


  6. Eagle, was sincere, the 3006 has much oppertunity. Bullet building for these classics is simple, reasonably priced, and is a very solid round. My ” build” with come with a #9 Krieger, 26 OAL, barrel, I’m more concerned about optimum powder burn then short sexy. I’m looking for performance out to 2k.

    I own many sniper grade rifles, what I lack is the 06, Im remedy -ing that, the round is capable of dropping the biggest animals on the planet.

    The round is a very ” practical application” round, you did good.

    My poking fun regarding the 6.5 C, was an attempt at humor. The 6.5 when pushed at distance is creditable, good on the folks shooting them,, when my crew went out and built the 65s, I just couldn’t do it, I went .243, shooting the DTAC, bullets.

    Wicked accurate. It just would not be my first choice to take to a gun fight, at long distances.

    Have a good one.


  7. I can name one, Me. I’m an American, and I produce many things for our use, and to become as self sufficient as we are capable of being.

    I joined The Honorable Resistance, Like many across this country, and we become more Legion every day. If we become a people who are self sufficient, who create “System D”, a local local local orientated culture of self created supply and demand, by even the smallest humble effort, we become independent of the globalist/marxist/statist extortion racket. To be free is to resist.

    For years my family and I, and tribe members I am proud to say, have strived to produce as many things we need as possible ourselves. From food to articles of clothing. Electric power independent of the national grid, heat with wood from our land, home raised meat which we cure, make dry, fermented and cased delicacies, a range of metal fabrication/welding/machined products, repair, modification, and invention from our home based shop, from which we trade, barter and sell.

    The beauty of this is it is an iterative process, where as you become more self reliant and employ “System D’ type economy, you begin to discover and are motivated in the sense the whole process becomes self supportive increasing your self reliance. All it really requires is some courage to step outside the statist/tyrannical envelop, elbow grease, perseverance and a healthy dose of motive power.

    There is historical precedence, an inspiring way of life of our Colonial rebellious ancestor’s who created an entire industry of home based industry. And I may add, a most creative and aesthetic industry it is.

    Two examples, one strives to require the industry and art of the Colonial’s and one is a present day example, both are inherently defiant of the State. Both are inherently a withdrawal of Consent by people of the State.

    To be self reliant, it isn’t necessary, currently, a very sublime point, to bear arms and exercise our primal right, but to reject the “Modern World”, to be self reliant, is to resist naturally, therefore if one is disposed, if required and or necessary, violent resistance becomes a matter of legitimacy of the God given right to resist tyranny in all its forms, an extension of the culture of self reliance and determination. Its all resistance. Its why it is reviled by the despicable. Just watch, this missive will be attacked. The ideas here are dangerous, they can cause people to be free, and that can not be permitted. It is outside the proscribed activity of the Statist-Quo and it’s State of its slaves..

    It becomes relevant in the process of self reliance, a tribal or community communion of like minded and like acting people, solidarity, a plurality if you will, becomes the natural progression of co-operation in numbers. Iterative, and self increasing in its characteristics within a body of people working towards increasing their self sufficiency, The simplest way to describe it is the more the merrier, and the more powerful such a plurality becomes. Again it is that Motive power & Audacity. Those outside this “demographic” can find it unfathomable, reject it out of fear of the unknown, or because it breeches normalcy bias.
    It’s not for everybody. It requires self starting and persevering attitude. A willingness to step outside convention and norms, especially in this age of identity tactics, the natural enemies and little totalitarians among us, who are anathema in every sense to self determining Freemen who are seen as existential threat to ideology dogma and the brain washed useful dupes, the free shit army.

    Because it is defiant of all that, it is rejection, thus it rips away the fig leaf, the illusion of legitimacy of the State and its sycophants, causing irrelevancy, a crisis or legitimacy. Very Dangerous. It must be crushed by the jackboot. It can not be permitted to grow and flourish, and anything justifies crushing that defiance. Using any instrument to enforce this raw naked power is deemed legitimate to tyrants.

    Freedom in all its forms threatens the entire construct of the hive mind dystopian ideal.

    Its not long upon joining The Honorable Resistance one can see clearly the revolutionary state of mind and action such choices are to most of our society. That’s a two way sword in every sense of the matter, by the way.

    When the cabal seeks to outlaw all forms of defiance of their power over us they make everything absolutely legitimate as to the whole purpose: Self reliance/determination IS to be resistance, IS to be defiance, Is to be, think, act, live Free.

    And the best weapon and tool in this is whats between our ears, everything follows naturally, one is no longer a willing or unwilling subject. And if there is a more dangerous American than that, I’m at a total loss to say.

    Its not really all that hard.

    It comes down to choice.

    Get busy being Free or get busy being a slave.

    Change your thinking.

    If you want Liberty, be willing to do what others won’t.


    The moment one has taken action, is the moment Liberty goes from being an idea to something lived.

    It is the Act.

    All else follows. Its not some secret process or rare goal. Millions, regardless, in fact notwithstanding the traitors to the whole idea of self determining representative small governance, of self determination, the idea in the least the Colonial Patriots wished for was to be left to their own business and devices of Liberty. Unfettered economic activity is #1. With out this Liberty can not be Liberty. It is so integral, it can not be separated, and be called Liberty. The statist dichotomy is the con, the BIG lie, it can be separated from Liberty. Illusions, plausible deniability on cosmic scale, in fact plausible deniability is the prime operating procedure of all the usurpers of all size and station in the hierarchy of the State and its minions. To rob you of any fruits of your labor and happiness, IS the whole idea behind the tyranny and its tyrants breathing down our throats. Follow The Money. You find what it is all about. Raw. Naked. Power.

    1. Forge, I’ve come back to this single post at least 14 times now. Their are many truths, this for me resonates absolute truth.

      At the risk on sounding like a fan boy, I enjoy your writings, like Bills, their are so many Frank honest, truths, it’s hard to not chew on the content for days on end, so many possibilities, so many directions from single well intended, well written ” minds eye” reflections.

      No secret I’m not their yet, close, I seem to spend more and more time sharpening my knives, and polishing my skills sets. I see what you see, I smell what you smell, is that a drop of blood in the water, or a cascade of blood from a gaping chest wound. I don’t know the answer, I do know my heart, and what’s written on/in the wind. It’s not good!

      The trumpster said it best, recently”These Left wingers are becoming too, much to manage, with the common tools on our belts.

      Hmm what o what is he suggesting.

      I had a incident on my other web site recently, with a lady who’s supposed to,be our right leaning Intel guru. I challenged KitPerez’s, school purchased credentials, couple weeks ago. She’s an amateur, in a world of sheep,dipped pros. I like what she trying to achieve, those without tools need to start somewhere.

      Imagine my surprise when our very own Kit, used the tools of her sworn enemy to silence me. Rather then communicate, find common ground, she just silenced my objections by firing my subscription. No worries, eventually those on the left, whom advocate for the right, always eventually tip,their hat.

      Frankly I don’t know that I’ll ever achieve the level of cognitive understanding, regarding what’s going on, that most here on ZG, have, which is why I find myself coming back, the oppertunity, the Frank honesty are refreshing.

      Forge, ill,never have the individual skill,sets you speak of and demonstrate, I’m amazed regarding just how well,rounded yours are. I continue to be impressed.


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