Tenth Anniversary of Secession Tales by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: For those of you silly enough to have watched the collectivists in the media melt down in the past 18 months over the reign of the Mango Emperor, this is nothing new. The deep state urinalists have been doing this discrediting of Grand Old Politburo Rezidents in the Offal Office since the first Nixon regime. Ted Kennedy tried to enlist his Soviet contacts and handlers in the 1980s to destabilize Raygun’s proceedings.

I say again, please stop watching any media outlet on TV, the internets or whatever portal you employ. Only read opinion pieces. This gives you the distinct advantage of establishing and calibrating a single most accurate picture by knowing your bias filters arrayed against the stated bias filters of the opinion piece. Then use Mortimer Adler’s syntopical mode of reading by analyzing three or more related essays or long form journalism from a source whose bias you can identify. I used to love to read Alexander Cockburn’s Beat the Devil column in The Nation because he would engage in savaging his own lefty colleagues just as adroitly as his attacks on the individualists. I loved Christopher Hitchens’ brutal and eloquent “Hitch-slapping” of his opponents both collectivist and individualist.

Now they’re both dead and I mourn their passing.

Glenn Greenwald comes close to the mantle but he is far too well mannered.

In addition, cut the cable and satellite. Yesterday. You are funding your own cultural suicide. Stop giving money to your hangmen. All communists want you dead.

Don’t read newspapers. I celebrate every death of a newspaper.

Don’t read any ‘net sites that have locked out comments. Fuck. Them.

When I transferred providers for my blog, my Simple Machines forum disappeared without a trace sort of like the CRU climate data in London. Gone.

I always had a low-density membership there and wonder now at resuscitating the forum corpse and simply using the comments on the blog for the rhetorical sparring. Let me know what you think as the readership here.

My site is also having access problems on Sprint and Verizon unless you use WiFi, my cyber-ninja tells me he has ninety sites he maintains and mine is the only one “blacklisted” like this.

Go to the range, get your kit in order, make peace with your creator[s] and use the time the Mango Emperor has afforded you to get ready for the coming Endarkenment.

My lovely younger daughter has started a T-shirt business and offered some custom T-shirt for ZG we are designing, and I wanted to test the waters for demand. I will only produce the premium shirts at about 22 each. My email is on the site if you search so send me your inclinations on those.

Yes, it does seem like a vanity project of sorts. But I always go above and beyond when my children start some kind of entrepreneurial enterprise.

This is the tenth anniversary of my popular Secession Tales series on LewRockwell before I was excommunicated in 2008. Please be advised I have nothing whatsoever to say out of sorts about Lew, his site, his rules. I still visit there and thank him for what he has dome for abolition and anarchy.

Enjoy. -BB

“Power attracts the corruptible and absolute power attracts even worse”.  

Buppert’s Corollary to Acton’s Axiom


“Good Morning, Governor, how might we…”

“Mr. President, I realize you are a busy man so let’s get down to brass tacks…we are calling the ball and withdrawing our support of your Administration and the Federal government in DC. Effective immediately, we have coordinated to place all outgoing receipts to the IRS in a caged account here in Boise…”

“Governor, you can’t do that…”

“Please don’t interrupt while I am speaking as we are from this point onward peers in the family of nations. I hope you have reviewed the diplomatic instruments we sent by courier last night to Department of State which delineates the terms of our divorce.”

“I did receive those and you have no earthly idea the can of whoop-…”

“Please, sir, maintain the decorum of these proceedings so we can move forward to an amicable separation. I give you my personal assurance on the safety and well-being of all Federal personnel we have detained for immediate repatriation to the remainder of these United States. Any non-law enforcement Federal personnel who wish to remain behind will be permitted to do so.”

“I hope you have thought through the consequences of what you are embarking on.”

“Mr. President, we have had over two hundred years to give the rulers on the Potomac a chance but that time has expired. Effective immediately, all so-called Federal lands now belong to the nation of Idaho and we will dispose of these lands at our leisure. In the interest of burying the hatchet, we will not seek compensation for the seizure, abuse and tenure of Federal practices on the aforementioned land and call the balance even.”

“Those are my lands, Governor…”

“In actuality, they belong to neither of us, sir. On to other business, I have alerted my National Guard forces to establish checkpoints at all the main arterials in and out of Idaho. All National Guard forces deployed overseas will return home in the next 48 hours. I would also caution you on the use of military force to convince Idaho and its citizens to forcibly return to the yoke of the Union. Idaho has a well-deserved reputation as a rather well-equipped state in firearms possession and use. As Yamamoto said, you may find a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

“Are you threatening the president of the United States?”

“No, sir, I am simply making an observation about the hazards of one country invading another.”

“You are land-locked, Governor and wholly dependent on federal subsidy for a great deal of employment and infrastructure in Idaho.”

“No longer, the tremendous tax burden across the spectrum formally imposed in our nation as a subject State in your country is now effectively terminated and we are going to unleash the free market to address all of our former shortcomings as a result of the overarching government supremacism practiced here before. In telephone conversations with my neighboring governors, we are on the verge of Confederation negotiations that will pave the way for Idaho embassies in British Columbia, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. We do intend on opening a consular office in DC as soon as we can ensure the diplomatic baggage containing sufficient weapons assures our safety in the greater DC metropolitan area for our diplomatic personnel.”

“Governor, what Constitutional right do you have to secede from the US?”

“Mr. President, the behavior you have exhibited toward the Constitution has been at best characterized by active neglect and abhorrence for the restraint on governance in the Bill of Rights. I am rather surprised you would resort to assuming the document in any way has weight in Washington, DC. I would suggest my rights extend as far as our ability to throw off what has become a government of occupation instead of cooperation. We resign, sir and wish to go in peace.”

“I will use every measure in my arsenal to force you back into the fold.”

“Mr. President, thank you for the heads-up but we have taken certain precautions to ensure that any rash measures on your part have a disproportionate impact in the DC/Virginia corridor. Please don’t press us on the issue. I would like to offer one more rather moderate important proposal to our future business. These United States as administered by DC are now essentially bankrupt. War on the world, out of control spending and borrowing, debt and deficit, non-funded future liabilities in the tens of trillions and a banking infrastructure rotten at every level has pushed the US to an economic abyss from which it cannot shrink. We will provide you a demonstration project of tiny government, free banking and a formerly enslaved citizenry unleashed to realize their potential with no government interference. We simply wish to go our own way untethered from the Remora Nation DC came to symbolize.”

“Governor, this conversation is over.”

“Good day, Mr. President.”

August 9, 2008

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22 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary of Secession Tales by Bill Buppert”

  1. Awesome, had not read your piece before,, If only it were that easy. If I want ever
    Lasting peace in my home, the local” rag will land loudly every morning at 5:30, promptly.

    I’m a weak man, we still have cable, I tell myself it’s because of sports, Go Giants, Go Ducks, and Beavers.sadly both sports are more politics then sport anymore.

    We are seeing progress at casa de Williams, since retirement, my wife is learning the value of the written word, from multiple,sources, for clarity and validation. I’m proud of her.

    Currently in the middle of three books actually four, your suggestion, “Counterinsurgeny, “Smiling thru the Cultural Catastrophe, Stradegy, by Hart. And a tactical Manual penned by Max Velocity. Tactical.

    Have considered Mosbys, tactical stuff, would,like to,support his efforts,

    Lastly earlier this,week the OSP Trooper who murdered LaVoy Finnicum was accidentally named in the federal. Court proceeding of FBI HRT member aistratia? I’ve spelled the FBI agents name wrong, sorry.

    Anyway OSP trooper Casey Codding actually newly promoted Capt. Casey Codding has been identified as the trigger man to LaVoys murder. I did not support the take over of the Refuge, outside,of Burns Oregon. Poorly thought out,

    But lessons should have been learned, by all.

    Perhaps the number one lesson is “three can keep a secret, if two are dead.” If your in an orginized group and a potential threat to the Govt, they will penetrate your orginization as Malhur should,have taught us all. Their were more GMen and Women then alledged patriots.


  2. Blogs and forums are different beasts; they serve different purposes. Blogs push one person’s agenda. Forums, especially ones as uncensored as yours was, are essentially a free market of information and opinions.

    I guess the only relevant question is which, if not both, do you want to provide?

    You say to get all of your news from opinion pieces. I’ll do you one better…I get all of my news from forums. If you know where to look, they contain all sides of the arguments, and all levels of expertise/research into the topic, and from multiple sources. Not even your best suggested opinion pieces can can come near that.

    There is a reason multiple people have now asked you to copy your blog posts into the forum. That’s because some of us were raised on and/or prefer forums, and hate blogs…and for very good reason.

    1. Interesting view, I’ve never given any thought to the differences, blogs forums, are effective, but it seems to ,e, that most folks go to the source they identify with.

      My small example is I tried Bills ZeroGov, and after a few months decided it just wasn’t for me, appreciated the hospitality, I did learn a lot, perhaps the biggest lesson is that haters gotta hate. Doesn’t matter if your left or right.

      Hate accomplishes zero. It’s a detractor. In fact it diminishes our ability to learn. I still read Bill weekly, his is a sharp mind, and an analytical thinker. I don’t always agree, but then as Bill has pointed out often, if we all thought alike what’s the point of a blog.

      I read for detail , many EU papers, Drudge, Breitbart, ZeroHedge, SGT report, Small Wars Journal, many of the reading list provided by Peter over on WRSA.

      And I try and read the same story via multiple sources for clarification and better understanding.

      I spend pretty much the first two hours of every day reading about local and world events, but mostly about events that have a direct impact on my world.

      AND I try and read from the left’s play book as well. It pays to study one’s enemy.

      Sadly our side is getting as bad regarding propaganda, I don’t like to read the news, and then have that writer try and lead me to his/her conclusion.

      I like the ” We report, You decide ” model far more. It’s objective, not subjective, by its very style.

      Another form/ blog I like is ” ArmstrongEconomics and OfTwo Minds”.

      Armstrong s timing on world events is uncanny, he uses past and present predictors to formulate a dated time line. Example, Armstrong called 2015.75 as the tipping point. Didn’t waver on that time span, and nailed it, he formulated this date using metadata, and algorithms.

      His computer is impressive. I’ve semi followed his stuff for several years now. Like everything else, he provided a glimpse into our future.

      I’ll close with this, the left have mastered weaponizing the written word. They’re the masters of changing one word covertly, to change the definition, of the meaning.

      Change the definition, change the narrative, pretty fucking slick. I collect books, ” my wife says I hoard books, theirs a reason for my collecting. EVERY second or third addition is changed, in simple ways. Many say for the better.

      I’ve learned that critical writers with a point to be made, are dam certain to,get their point across in the first version.

      My wife was a public school teacher for 35 years, we started collecting some of her K-6 books back in the early 80s. For the most part those books are far more Informative then later years, say late 90s, early 20s.

      It’s obvious that public education is purposely being dumbed down to the lowest denominator, that being our minority’s ” generally” , I can’t help but note the communist Manufesto parallel to what’s going on in our children’s classrooms.

      Our written history is being rewritten, and shoved down our youths throat. Of course who’s to say what our real history is, when the winners get to write that history.

      Most of us are older white, and lived interesting lives. Most of us didn’t get the tricks, the political bullshit going on in our ” providing years” the years we worked to,support our families.

      I can only speak for myself, but sadly I always knew so,etching was wrong, I just didn’t make the time to sit down and learn exactly what was the problem, what was the big lie. Until I retired.

      Now I’m Addicted to the truth, I need the truth, good or bad, I’ll decide how to respond after I have a clearer picture of the problems.

      Solutions are always better when one makes informed choices based on a complete set of facts, not half truths and innuendo.


  3. That’s well composed Bill. It reads exactly as such a leader of a new small nation state should conduct such a formal verbal declaration of secession. Figure you out a lot of thought into it by any standard of measure.

    It certainly is what I would care to happen, in no uncertain terms.

    Its funny how at certain stages in a zeitgeist people begun to think alike. That is when proper anarchy and audacity begins to take on a solidarity among the dirt people, and they are manifest in their destiny, and liberty. Legion if you will.

    I’m going to throw a brief rant if you will, of an outlier concept that’s been like a splinter in my mind for some time.

    It involves a rather different approach on how to get “there” than you wrote about. Though the desired end results are the same. After all, there is a kind of middle to where we are no, and the conclusion of a state of acquired secession and sovereignty.

    As brief as I can, knowing most of us can fill in many of the obvious “blanks” for the sake of brevity, and a more thorough essay of my idea at a later date. There are some details I need to fit into the entire consideration, in this outlier path to abolition of the leviathan state.


    Now don’t everyone he in an uproar right off the bat, give it a good think, there’s a lot of pragmatic and practical political aspects that are easily attained if certain event go thru a process.

    Here goes:

    Trump has to declare Martial Law, the imperatives are manifold, if he I to take full power, and Trump is the so called dissident right’s God Emperor, there are some very useful possibilities that go past the obvious Realpolitik. Set aside the obvious benefits for Trump and his MAGA, the power Martial law gives him to disband all the various factions of the deep state, the banksters regimes, the centralized regulatory tyranny of the Amerikan executive Nomenklatura, essentially any or all current branches of the federal leviathan and its oligarchy.

    So lets say Ol’ Trump de doodle pulls the chain and flushes the swamp and everything else hindering his acquisition of full power, never mind the palace coup underway against him, there’s some real possibilities which open up for abbreviated paths to secession here.

    Remember, this is Martial Law, as in US .mil playing a big part. Now we all know how poorly the .mil is at waging COIN and citizen waged 4th Generation War, especially the small unit infantry aspect, and winning the hearts and minds. Personally, I think they truly suck at it.
    Which is a big plus for us secessionists and abolitionists.

    Then take into consideration this republic is one fucking big ass geological land mass, and the imperative of all insurgency campaigns fighting for tribal or small nation state land mass, is you have to have and hold territory to become a legitimate sovereign entity, people State, what have you. Notwithstanding their ideology, ISIS is a perfect example of this truth. The second they where denied territory, they began to fold like a cheap suit. Think Afghanistan during the old Soviet incursion, the forerunners of the Taliban, they held vast territory, which the combined arms might of the Soviet military never came close to winning. Its no different with the US .mil now in the Mideast.

    So back to good Ol’ America, and we are talking about an entirely different breed of cat the .mil would possibly be set out T pacify. Not for nothing, we are the most industrious, inventive, ingenious back yard shade tree mom and pop shop industrialists in human history, with incredible wealth of resources, technology, tooling, plant, and raw materials at our finger tips. Shit, I have a two car garage, I’m turning custom barrels, fabricating titanium tube frame road racing motorcycle chassis, building my own weapons in my fab shop, custom built my own stand alone solar cell/wind-turbine electrical system, all sorts of stuff in not going to get into, and I’m a retired 60 year old aerospace welder/fabricator, one guy, and I know there’s a million guys like me out there in flyover nation, rugged individualists who got way better ideas or skills than me.

    So, my point here, is that in the process of Trump going ML on the leviathan, we all get a golden opportunity to do things we could never have any other way. And not have T wade through the mass destruction of a nation wide redo of the war of northern agression, because, the .mil, in a time of Martial Law, does not have the man power, and worst comes to worse, the COIN resources and institutional thinking, nor the man power to defend everywhere to keep secession from happening.

    Now I mean no disrespect, because I’m as guilty and more so than most in this movement of secession, but to get there today, with the tyrannical death grip the sonofafuckingbastards running the swamp and deepstate, the globalizt faction etc., is one serious difficult job. And to be frank, we don’t have the numbers of coordinated courageous numbers in the right place with the right resources with the right timing and the spontaneous populist support to pull off secession right now today. I’m in no way knocking anything or anybody, I’m trying T be dead nuts honest with myself and my understanding of how tho works. Maybe I’m dead nuts wrong, and there’s a grass roots movement gearing up and got enough ducks in a row to go for it. COUNT ME IN GUYS!!!

    What I’m saying, providence happens in mysterious ways.

    I truly think from what Im seeing, if the bullshit deep state horse shit isn’t quashed with extreme prejudice, but soon, a point will be passed where Trump is going to have to do the deed and go Martial Law, because right now, he hasn’t taken close to full power as POTUS, which is paramount in the scheme of things.

    In dimples terms, that takes place, we wont get a better opportunity, and we may end up in such a pickle of tyranny, it will take everything we got to survive a deep state that takes Trump out. No matter what you may think of the guy, he is a world of opportunity, that had been just about closed off but for very violent armed 4th Gen war of survival. That’s how dicey shit is.

    I think parts of WV, NH, regardless of the Marxist statist usurpers who have invaded the state, Parts of the northern rocky mtn states, maybe Texas, or part of it, and spots along the Appalachian-Alleghany mtns, and north eastern AZ in the Rim, probably couple places I’m not knowing, under Martial Law could go Abolition.
    A great treatise on this is William S. Lind’s VICTORIA! which tells it in a tale of present contemporary terms.

    Anything’s possible, just something’s more so. And this Martial Law scenario is one.

    The other, and it probably would happen, is the deep state pulls a coup, they right of get real tyrant shit on us, and we simply begin to give them The Great Fuck You, and because of that universal resistance, forms a secessionist movement which grabs a big chunk of flyover geography and digs in to wage siege warfare with 4th G features. That’s a real possibility in my book. Everyone in their own WA not an idiot or useful dupe has had enough of those motherfuckers. That a fact Jack.

    And we all ain’t been buying and building fine small unit infantry rifles like M4orgery’s and mountains of rounds, because we like to have with mil spec optics, to the tune of fifteen grand all done to have safe queens to fondle once a year.

    Just saying here.

    Know what I mean my fellow Men of The West?

  4. There’s a couple of pretty profound events in the making, which I suspect are close in future history to becoming a defining paradigm.

    Looking at the inevitable collapse of globalism, and the large nation state, that each construct is facing existential failure, exactly because they are unmitigated and unparalleled disasters they explicitly represent, both political, and most importantly upstream of those politics, culturally, as an organic grass roots movement of nationalism and identity of the dirt peoples cultures and traditions of the West is rising.

    We see this in the form of the amazing color revolution of 11-9-2016, where 65 million, an incredible spontaneous plurality of people wholesale withdrew consent and defied the deep state and its instruments of tyranny.

    The promise of possible escalating insurgency by at least a substantial plurality within that 65 million plurality is potentially on the cusp of outright insurrection and a burgeoning revolution for a secession from the State, is evident, it is in a word inevitable, regardless of what ever else transpires in this time of grass roots withdrawal of Consent by millions from the statist quo.

    I also glimpse the inevitability that everything going down, along with the dire political and social upheavals we are on the threshold of experiencing, are inevitable because of the circular history of both the Marxian ideology of the human extinction movement, and the birth of the world Marxism and its system of structured Genocide with the advent of Lincoln and his cabal of Marxist, their war of centralized totalitarian aggression against the dirt people of the South, was never “Won”, that it went into deep state mode, has been a continuous line of treason & tyranny right to this moment. The inevitability is rooted in the truth all this bullshit going down could not have happened another way. And within this statist Ragnorak of the State and all things integral to it, the opportunity for secession exists.

    Look at it this way, the power of the State as it currently stands is extremely vulnerable to secession and its abolition. It is the existential thing, the one only dangerous thing it truly fears and knows it may not if secession reaches the size of a plurality as the color revolution that made Trump POTUS, an insurgency of peaceful 4th G war, can not stop once it gains that unique motive power of indomitable spirit, that is at the crux of the revolution for secession against the British empires statist hold on Colonial America.

    Doesn’t mean the State is powerless to use its foundational means of power, terrible violence, it also means it does not have the power to stop a determined plurality from seceding. It still can wreak terrible destruction and employ genocidal tactics. It also is like a drowning man, it will thrash out in the extreme to survive, but it is only capable of essentially thrashing out to survive its own illegitimacy, as we currently witness in its early desperate throes of surviving its absolute illegitimacy.

    It’s a highly volatile situation. There is no telling which way the arrow of history ends up pointing, but that it will be pointing to a dire outcome, is about the only sure certainty.

    Regardless, my point here is the possibilities which present themselves conducive to an actual act of abolition and or secession from The State.

    There is actual momentum now among the dirt people, an awareness of individual sovereignty of the Freeman, which only existed in a tiny plurality, this awakened and awakening plurality has gone thru a number of stages since its birth of core resistors beginning with The Tea Party. Don’t laugh or lay scorn on that movement, because it not only exists still, having been stacked by all the usual suspects, actors, agent provocateurs, and weaponized deep state agencies, such as the 2010 IRS extortion upon its public non profit fronts and their officers. Not to forget the Orwellian/Alynski/Ayer’s police state efforts to hunt down any possible leaders, such as Andrew Breitbart, and a number of lesser known but potential leadership of the resistance who have ended up dead or incarcerated under banana republic show or secret trials, or simply disappeared. Then there is the many of us spied on, or delivered a message by the regimes legbreakers, who dared to openly question the usurpers and their usurpation. Of which I can be counted in those who where visited by the regimes operatives for purposes of intimidation and a clear message to desist our publishing the truth. Indeed what Im saying here is, did not only was the state unable to put down the insurgencies peaceful insurrection, it failed utterly, in the scope that it actually created a larger more determined insurgency, a plurality that defied every instrument of vote fraud, gerrymander, institutionalized corporatised cronyism, rebelled against the 1world order designs of completing the weaponization of the federal Nomenklatura class, it gave the fuckers The Great Fuck You.

    So it happens, that this tribe of “Deplorable’s” utterly turned the statist quo in its head, peacefully. Not too shabby for its mainstream, Normie beginnings as The Tea Party. Which in actuality is the motive power of the will and consent of Freemen among us in action.

    What I’m driving at is the golden opportunity here, because that plurality is no going away, it is beginning T become aware it is a plurality, and when that transformation reaches fruition, then, the idea and act of secession and abolition becomes a very viable realistic remedy and form of redress by substantial numbers within the plurality.

    Everything, could not happen any other way.

    That in some ways, it is our legacy, as Freemen, us Men of The West, that it not only could not happen any other way, that it is the way, maybe the only way, we win. That it is a stage in the 5000 year leap of liberty, that it is how we become more indomitable, realize more, or all of our primal freedoms, that tho is our becoming adults of liberty, that this is all a direct line back to that 5000 year leap, from the discovery of living liberty during the French Indian War, the birth of the 13 small nation states of the Compact of Confederation, that the USC was an instrument to stop our liberty, tht the war of 1812 was another attempt of the Fabien’s to stop our liberty, that Jackson’s war against the Banksters, and Lincolns Marxists war of genocide is another logical stage, that Wilson and his globalist treason against our liberty, two world wars, the red diaper baby radical chic pf the 60’s, the grooming of certain actors from that stage, later come into the equation, creating the next and current stage, that thru all this the spirit of Abolition, secession, defiance, insurgency, plurality, revolution peaceful and violent, are not individual crisis or events, but fully connected not only by consequence, not only by ideology and succession of regime. Not only the world order of the transglobalists, but, BUT, it is also our journey on the path to having uncontested by a State our tyranny on our sovereign land below our feet, Liberty.

    That it isn’t a terrible circumstances we find ourselves in, but the total opposite.

    Our time. That the time of our Liberty and al it entails from unfettered economic activity, to the culture of liberty for me liberty for thee, and it all begins with each of us before it is all of us. Indeed indeed, for to reach abolition and attain secession, to keep it and guard it, we need these fundamental precepts of liberty to be known, grasped in their intrinsic value, and practiced first, and to get there together, an act by a plurality of millions like who voted for Donald Trump, is what we require for success.

    And if there is one person in all of what passed for “our” government, it may be Trump, who could grasp and understand our vast desire to be done with The State and self determine our lives. If there is one man with power, who could understand that unfettered economic activity is not only economy unequaled in its wealth and productivity, its invention and creativity, it is also only possible if we abolish the monstrosity of free and avarice, the swamp of treason and unspeakable crimes against humanity.

    I’m not bullshitting around here on this.

    Regardless what any of us think or believe of Trump, this guy, with the blessing of 65 million of us, no small matter in itself that, has been able in ways none of us thought of, or possible in some aspects, to put a serious hurt on the actors and their tyranny breathing down our throats. That the Overton window wasn’t moved aside to some degree, but that Trump took a fucking wrecking ball to the wall it was framed in.

    That the deep state Nomenklatura is like a nest of timber hornets because somebody wacked it with a baseball bat.

    And regardless of who or what the guy is, 65 million Americans chose him because they wanted a wrecking ball.

    And in that 65 million, nobody can bullshit me there ain’t a plurality of Abolitionists and secessionist.

    Anyone with a functioning brain, and a bit of faith, could see this guy was our last peaceful means of redress before dying time gets here.

    And at that stage, we wont be just fighting for our liberty, we will be fighting each other, “Divide and Conquer”, exactly what no self respecting dictator, tyrant, what have you, fails to employ to obtain control and power over their subjects.
    And if Ol Trump was even remotely like them, or was another brand of control or totalitarianism, the deep state would not be attempting a palace coup, or maybe if all else fails an assassination, and then we are all back to into the same pickle and most likely worse because the motherfuckers are not going to waste one New York minute coming for us who defied them.

    Not that im afraid of them or fighting them, nor are this great movement of abolition, but that we got a really complicated situation to contend with which by all logic would consume our time resources and will, never mind our very lives, before we can get on to the job of liberty for our sovereign interests.

    This I say is what we got to be thinking. That there is opportunity for the determined, that we have to look precisely at the events and developments, strive to see opportunity that at least gets us 1, two, 8 steps, stages closer to secession from the state or whatever. I think we wont get any other chance if it all drops in the pot. These fuckers out to rule all of us Men of The West, will if history is observed, will if they oust Trump and abolish MAGA, employ total genocide against us. We are a terrible thorn in their side, we are the most heavily armed dirt people in human history, probably more so than all of combined people in history prior. That the various globalist acts of disarmament of the last few decades thru the instrument called The UN, have been structured as diktat directly aimed specifically at disarming the dirt people in America. Which speaks volumes of how dangerous we are to them. That it is time to think seriously like the most dangerous feared people on Earth we are to the tyrant and his power. But more so, as the living breathing armory and army of Liberty and Abolition we certainly are.

    In doing so, by changing our thinking, we then become a force to be reckons with.

    This is no fantasy or pie in the sky, this is the unvarnished simple truth of us, and we must begin to take any opportunity for ourselves to advance our cause of freedom, for as history also teaches us, what is coming is something which only comes once in an age.


  5. Abolition Is Inevitable.
    Secession is the logical, cultural, natural reflex of the race of men of the west to the massive nation state. It can not be denied because as time moves forward secessions value becomes the universal standard of defiance to the tyranny of the medium and large size state, and eventually secession prevails. The imperatives which make Abolition inevitable have their roots in our history as the only western people who have consistantly fought for the character and size of the system of self governance we wish to enjoy and live with. Each age of our history we experience natural organic rebellion against the eventual corruption and usurpation of our system of government. There is a “next” cycle, or turning which is overdue, its eventuality is only eclipsed by its motive power and ferocity which is reasonable expectation, by dint of the pent up overdue resistance to and defeat of the current state of the State.
    The generational memory of the previous act of secession, and the added dynamic of lack of success in obtaining legitimate secession from the monstrosity which has increased its administrative tyranny logarithmically since 1860, is equal to the motive power and audacity of the inevitable war of Abolition due to begin as the State thrashes and doubles down in its efforts to retain power as it fights to survive its irrelevance and illegitimacy to a growing plurality who have had quite enough of its greed corruption and crimes against we who comprise the productive and core of our Western Christian Grecco/Roman culture and civilization.

    The axiom “The center can not hold” is a day in coming whose time may have well been written in stone.
    The center is already in a state of a series of internal emergencies and events, consequences beginning to have the signs and earmarks of cascade failure of an empire ripe for collapse.
    All it needs is the right push at the right time and its a beached Leviathan the tide of Freemen resistance to tyranny leaves stranded to die the death it so richly has earned.
    Notice, of all the problems and issues of legitimacy and its insatiable hunger of wealth transfer, the weaponization of open sovereign borders, fiat debt of a magnitude of incomprehensible financial Ragnorak, notice how its energies are increasingly and desperately directed to suppressing the insurgence of the common dirt peoples liberty and freedoms.
    Which in its own this grass roots resistance is the growing plurality of secession of hearts and minds, the first critical stage mass of motive power and solidarity of a plurality that is becoming cognizant of it being a plurality of a natural primal power the State fears as its true and only existential threw outside its own inherent flaws and unintended consequences.

    There is a nexus of events, power, people, history, culture, politics, liberty, tyranny, and destiny coming to a point of implosion prior to explosion of mass revolt and revolution against the State as we know it and live in it to this time in our history since the jump of The 5000 Year Leap 250 or so years ago.

    I think it is a natural stage, struggle, between tyranny and Liberty. I think too, the Leviathan State has reached the end of its cycles, it is proven beyond any rational doubt an abject unmitigated fucking disaster of truly leviathan size.
    What we are also going thru in this amazing confluence of events is the leviathans last gasps of survival. It is why it has become such an ugly gross despicable ravenous greedy heinous beast with absolutely no redeeming values left from its conspiratorial centralized instrument of parchment tyranny other than the lessons of our history the State must be given the dirt nap in totality. Like its cabal who runs it, we can not leave any component part of the leviathan standing or it will come back to bite us on the arse again.

    It will not be missed by those of us who defy it and fight for our primal God given freedoms and Liberty.
    All else can have a free helicopter ride for the rest of their lives or sent back to where they came and change their leviathan to suit them. No exceptions. Or we end up right back where we just all fought against, as our founders did in Philadelphia, conned and extorted into signing our rights and Liberty away to a cabal bent on ruling everything, again after the most successful revolution in history. Only to end up as we are today right now.

    Secession is the struggle to get to the point where Abolition of the State is possible.

    Abolition is the act of ending and giving the circular nature of history of the State the dirt nap first.

    1. “Abolition Is Inevitable.”

      “Secession is the logical, cultural, natural reflex of the race of men of the west to the massive nation state. ”
      Neither of these statements is true. While I agree that secession (at every granularity) is logical; man is not an overly logical creature. Nor is abolition or secession part of his culture or nature. An anarchistic society will involve nothing less than humanity transcending both our own nature, and culture.

      Your imagining that western civ contains within it a force for throwing off its chains is complete fantasy. In many ways, there has never been a more intrusive government, with tendrils extending so far into every aspect of people’s lives. Alongside that, you have the vast majority of the population that embrace at least the necessity of government like never before.

      Folks like us are outliers in the extreme minority. Your vision is nice to think about…it just doesn’t marry up with reality.

      1. Ash! The mewling agitprop of the agent provocateur, posing as the resistance is futile crowd. You idiots are like flies on a fresh dog turd. One things certain. Exactly because you say secession isn’t possible, secession without any doubt will happen in spite of you. Something you will never understand.
        Besides, your full of shit. You can’t even come up with an alternative way freedom from the State can be attained. Our land is full of cowards and lickspittles like you. Of course it wouldn’t occur to you it is the stinking hateful attitude of people like your self surpasses any politics in regards to motivation to not only secceed from the State but to be free of the hate which drips from your every word. Your kind is exactly why secession is necessary. Impossible you say?

        The impossible is only the beginning.

        1. Support your claim. Feel free to quote where I said secession isn’t possible. I do maintain that it will involve more than you realize…transcending our nature.

          Transcending our nature is not unprecedented, and therefore not impossible. However, It will never be accomplished with guns. It will never just occur due to economic collapse. And it will never just happen because you mistakenly believe the Western man is a freedom lover.
          Just as always, forceful centralization will immediately reoccur because a critical mass of people want it.

          Transcending our nature can only be accomplished by challenging and changing the minds of those that support slavery.

          It’s not an easy task. There are many of them, and few of us. They are unwilling, and oftentimes meet challenges of their worldview with more initiated violence.

          To think that freedom will naturally be born from that situation is not coherent, much like your response.

          1. You’re a coward. Spiritually, politically, culturally, and physically.

            Only a man who has surrendered before he has even tried to win can come up with a lame excuse like that.

            Honestly you are disgusting.

            No conflating our back pedaling will change the truth you are a perfect example of the little totalitarian among us who make the larger totalitarians possible thru your tacit consent to give up before you have even tried to stand up for something other than failure to resist.


  6. If I where you Bill, I wouldn’t worry about not having a forum. The advent of commenting is a profound event. Actual comments from genuine people have incredible effect on the approved thought and narrative. For the first time since the arrival of one way media, radio, fishwrap, TV, which is called programming for a reason ), the public has a forum and a world spanning electronic grapevine in which they can express their genuine spontaneous thoughts concerns and opinion, which like no other medium except for maybe the pamphlet campaign of Colonial America, has enabled the fairly unfettered exchange of ideas and information like never before because it is unlimited in its reach in physical distance on an instantaneous basis.

    The proof of the viability and effect of enlightenment to the truths of our time along with the past has outstripped the enormous investment in agitprop, false narratives and most important the revision of history, to control the information highway.

    Sure there is no lack of thought control and brainwashing, but anyone open to new ideas, alternative history, simply the honest truth, can now like never before in the “information age” form their own perceptions, discover truth from lies, and find common ground in thinking with like minded people.
    All we have to do is look at the highly controlled marxist propaganda platforms such as Faceborg and twitter, CNN, the NewYork Times, and the 5th column and its intelligentsia controlling our education systems.

    Comment threads are as grass roots as it gets in an information technology dominated age.
    We can also look toward the shit stirrers, trolls, agent provocutuers, such as the one who attempted to discredit me and my observations in a previous post on this thread above. They really stick out like a sore thumb, work from a standard of doctrine intended do divert outright, discredit people and ideas, disrupt intelligent reasoned discussion and dangerous truths discovered thru the comment system Alt-Media and blogs enable.

    Personally I have from the inception of comment sections believed they would become instrumental sources of alternate information and exchange of ideas. Their effect erosive and corrosive to the forces of evil whom are dependent almost exclusively on raw naked power over and control of the Truth.

    If comment threads and those of us utilizing this amazing resource where not such a danger and threat to the approved thought and their controllers, there would not be the corps of State funded and dedicated marxist trolls shitstirers and provocateurs.

    The truth, access to it, is a funny critter. It can’t be controlled, only hidden, most honest folk and genuine commenters’ have no trouble recognizing the truth in an uncontrolled public forum that comment threads are in all their variety and people who participate.

    There is a definitive correlation between being an informed self determining individual and the power of Consent, the withdrawal of ones Consent especially, in terms of the indomitable nature of resistance to tyranny.
    I know this very well, as I have made it my duty and you could say mission, to become I enlightened, and thus try with all my heart in return to enlighten my fellow dirt people others in the pay it forward thinking of solidarity in this age of malicious division of Americans.

    In no uncertain terms, if for no other reason, the action of planting the tiny seeds of truth into fertile minds, eventually leads to a plurality who can not be controlled, will not submit to false narratives, reject the lie of agitprop, renounce the propagandists as phonies and destructive to our Freedoms.
    That is the profound crux of the comment thread.
    The added effect of Alt-Media and blogs of insights with their truths plain to see for all, is both insurgent and revolutionary. If there exists talking truth to power, there you go. A most dangerous instrument of Liberty and the fight against tyranny.

    1. “If I where you Bill, I wouldn’t worry about not having a FORUM.”

      “The advent of commenting is a profound event. Actual comments from genuine people have incredible effect on the approved thought and narrative. For the first time since the arrival of one way media, radio, fishwrap, TV, which is called programming for a reason ), the public has a FORUM…”
      Do you even read what you write? Do you know what a forum is? Do you realize that forums offer degrees of authentication, non-repudiation, and integrity checking, where this blog does not? Do you realize this discussion is extremely inefficient because this is NOT taking place on a forum?

      1. You represent every reason why secession and abolition is valid. Your afraid of such freedom and liberty because you could not survive living in freedom and liberty. Your words drip with fear of being free. Of the responsibility of individualism and self determination.

        Mark coined people like you useful dupes. For excellent reasons. You do the enemies of liberty’s dirty work for them.

        If you had an ounce of honesty with yourself you would be mortally ashamed for the hate and envy that motivates your foul spirit.

        Your scared to death of freedom, and will do or say anything to cling to your bitter comfort of the chain you yourself placed around your own wrists.

        It must be a consuming struggle to every day rationalize and make excuses for the surrender of your soul to the Marxist siren of hate and envy.

  7. Bill, heads up man, somebody is fucking with your blog. This comment above wasn’t posted by me.

    Probably anarchon and his pals.

    They are getting desperate to stop any discourse about the truth and free people.

    1. “Actual comments from genuine people have incredible effect on the approved thought and narrative. ”
      Sometimes a demonstration is more relevant than words. It wouldn’t have happened on a forum (without much more work).

      In a manner of seconds, I’ve proven you wrong again. You poo-pooing on forums (without knowing anything about them, it seems), and pretending that blog comment sections are some sort of panacea are just as unsupportable as the rest of your nonsense.

      Also, I’m curious…do you always react this way when someone shows you’ve made a mistake in something you’ve said? Do you always immediately make wild, unsupportable claims and bandy insults instead of considering what was said?

      For a change, at least try backing up your claims with logic and/or evidence, instead of just spewing incoherent walls of text.

  8. From such planters of seeds of sea change in thinking, from Patrick Henry to Bill Buppert, everything has a beginning. The Zeitgeist of Abolition interestingly is beginning to embrace the inevitable logic of the Alt-Right, thru reason again, all logic points to secession from and abolition of the state. For very honorable and long established hard won reasons. The birth of The White Party, as it was inevitable in light of the Marxists white genocide, constitutes a stage in the insurgency of this new and growing source of liberty.
    Every age in the history of America has its sudden seeming paradigm from the statist -quo power of that point in time. Nothing new there. But what’s transformative, is the seeds of thinking are bearing fruit and from a myriad of seem in unrelated or unconnected sources. But that’s the thing with such gestalts, they are of diminutive organic beginnings, which grow undetected, below the statists radar, that such things are preposterous, the ultimate hubris of not invented here.

    This audacity is so outlandish, it is settled political science that it is impossible, but staring the statist mind right in the eye is the truth it is real, because somebody just pointed it out as something which is shared by others. It is inherent in the make-up, the cultural history and source of audacity of the Men of The West already, in history and present.

    It is inevitable.

    Because it exists.

    It can not be stopped.

    The birth of the White American Party, if it is attacked till armed self defence is its only remaining option, will create an insurgent Abolitionist movement the likes of which its enemy will be lucky to survive.

    What you have to grok is all around us every day Abolition is validated.

    All the stamping of feet, temper tantrums, circular logic, crafty dissimulation, plain old bullshitting ourselves doesn’t change the reality an ever growing number of people are sick and fucking tired, fed up being a subject and cash cow for the state.

    All the denials and personal attacks of those who violate accepted convention and accepted dogma, doesn’t change the simple truth, we who will be free from the state have had enough, and all that remains what we are going to do about it. Which I find a very uplifting and inspiring thing indeed.

    Lot of things people movement and seeming unrelated zeitgeists will end up coalescing into a greater power of change than the sum of their parts.

    The evidence is all around us.

    Its a great time to be alive.

    To think, to be a part of an event which will redefine the western hemisphere in ways thought impossible.

    1. Yes, lots of people are sick of specific aspects of government that doesn’t marry up with what they want. However, the vast majority of those very same people still claim that government is necessary. They want government to exist to force others to do as they will.

      Until you and I teach these people that the force is what is bad, and not what specifically is being forced, abolition cannot happen. Until the critical mass of people that believe government is necessary change their mind, abolition cannot happen. You explicitly state that “abolition is inevitable.” It most certainly is not.

  9. Sundance of The Last Refuge coined the term Cold Anger previous to Mr. Trump running for the offal office. It is an excellent insight into what I believe is safe to say is the state of mind of the dirt people. You dont have to understand Abolition of slavery of the state to have this Cold Anger Sundance speaks of.

    I think its safe to say we are all a little bit Abolitionists when the imposition of the state systematically enslaves us to its tyranny of control.

    That’s the thing, there are those who choose to for starters, rebel in our minds and hearts and become slaves no more in our thinking, our spirit, our perceptions.

    Sundance refers to Mr. Trump regarding this Cold Anger, but I think it is not the person such as Mr. Trump, it is the rejection of the state manifesting itself the form of Trump I see as the groundwork, the foundation of the next stages of Abolition. And looking at the revelations of indeed the utter evil the State is for even the tiniest person to see, laid bare before us, the seeds of a growing insurgency which goes past just Voting for Mr. Trump in the form of a A Great Fuck You to the cabal and its tyranny. Among the 65 million who voted for Trump, there is a motivated number of Americans who very well may be open to the idea of Abolition, now that it can be seen and first hand experienced in contemporary terms.

    I not saying this to knock the great prescient thought leaders and secessionists of times passed, what Im thinking here is practical, lot of people will never read or study the political science of Abolition. For all sorts of reasons, but they do understand these ideas thru first hand experience, and the idea is to make believers out of them, enough to create enough believers where the idea can spread, like how Alt-Right has, how the Dissident Right is an even more viable zeitgeist, with rapidly expanding consensus.

    The various “Rights” share many commonalities in philosophy, reason, intent, and goals.

    There must be something which draws all of these “dissidents” together to form a larger movement. The idea movements become a plurality at a certain point, that the more grass roots and leaderless such a plurality, the more powerful it becomes, is, because it is a plurality of regular people, its strength is like what Sundance points out about Cold Anger. All I can describe it as is Audacity and motive power. Its “not a movement let say”, its a sea change in thinking which grows across a body of people, organically.

    If there ever was a time for secession from slavery of the state, I think that time is upon us.

    But read Sundance’s Cold Anger. Its a beaut. He has an amazing commentariat, numbers in the thousands, with a great range of ideas and politicks, open minded, hardly any disparaging words or infighting. He has created a positive following.

    There’s a lot of people who could appreciate what Abolition is about and receptive to its idea, over there.


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